This is a work of fiction. No one was exploited in the creation of this fable. In some locales, even reading about fictional teenagers having imaginary sex is prohibited. Local laws apply.

This story explicitly depicts young men forming erotic bonds with each other. Generally they are between the ages of 14 to 17, and they "generally" agree that peer relationships are best. However, among this particular group of youths, there are some who consider scoring some hot older fellow a coup, while there are others who remain enchanted by younger lads. These liaisons appear as dangerous edges, and the author has attempted to depict such outlawish trysts in a realistic way. Also, some of the fellows depicted here do other "bad boy" things like experiment with drugs and get in terrible fights. Last, being sexually versatile, as jocks typically are, they occasionally even have sex with girls. Ultimately, many are the spirits of the young who, in these pages, simply say, "Fuck the rules."

There is plenty of raunchy sex in this tale, but if all you are looking for is pure fapping material utterly devoted to some precise specialty, you might want to look elsewhere. In publisher's lingo, this is a "Coming of Age" novel.

Author's Note: In the last chapter, we saw the story through Ricky's eyes. You might have noticed how Ricky sees and feels things in a dreamy, ethereal way. In this chapter we get to see things from Joshua's point of view, so we get to look at Ricky via Joshua's vivid perceptions.

Also, the action, when it inevitably heats up, is transformative.

No, That's Not Something a Straight Guy Would Do

In darkness, on the bench above Ricky, Joshua reclined sideways on a comfortable pad and pillow. He looked at his new friend, sleeping shirtless in his long, shiny, dark boxers. Joshua's sleeping bag, like Ricky's, was fully unzipped. He tossed it open a little. It was a warm night. No wonder Ricky threw his extremities out from his covers. Ricky's bare leg stuck out, and he lay with his head across an outstretched arm. He used no pillow, and he did not even lay on a sleeping pad.

He is gorgeous! This guy is a perfect "Ten."

Joshua smoothly slipped one leg out of his red briefs. He reached down, and using his fingertips, fiddled with the head of his penis. He would play with it a bit. He would imagine all the things he and Ricky could do, would do. Together! As he stroked his pleasantly firm dick and whacked it absentmindedly against a slender thigh, he stared at the enchanting form of Ricky, sleeping so peacefully.

Joshua's mind whirled with a thousand thoughts.

He was pretty sure then that Ricky was gay. He was not absolutely sure, but he was pretty sure. The way he dressed with those short shorts with the slit up the side? That was not quite something a straight boy would wear. It was pretty revealing. Even when they were first on the rocks, earlier that day, he'd seen the side of Ricky's balls and the tip of his dick when Ricky raised a leg and hugged a knee. It was like he was showing Joshua.

Very coy.

Or, maybe, he did not know, or, even if he did, he did not care. Ricky was shy, but he was not shy about his body.

When Ricky had ejaculated in front of him, he had obviously come hard! And he had totally checked him out while he jacked off!

But Josh knew there were plenty of straight guys who worked the edge a little.

But then he had said he thought Joshua was "cute!"

That was not a thing that a one hundred percent straight guy would say.

Well, no, actually, a straight guy could totally say that!

Joshua squeezed one of his balls hard enough to hurt a little; he suppressed a gasp even as he considered that Ricky was bi.

That would make sense. Joshua could tell that Ricky genuinely liked girls.

He was seeing that Ricky was a very sweet, very shy guy. He had no idea how beautiful he was. Joshua would show him. He would teach him.

What a stud! The way he explodes off the diving block and shoots out, like, sixteen feet, and hits the water like a bullet! Whoosh! Two seconds later, he swims under the far rapids all the way across the river, underwater!

Joshua had earlier noted all the little scars Ricky had on his body, particularly his legs, where, Ricky had told him, he had been kicked and kicked playing soccer. His shins had little dents in them. Then there were all these little marks of cuts and scrapes. So butch!

He has fucking knife marks on him!

In Joshua's mind, these only enhanced his beauty.

Ricky would find out that gay guys liked him a lot. The guy could have any action he wanted with just about any gay guy.

Yes, he would show him!

He felt a pang of guilt.

Not about the way he got Ricky to jack off with him.

No, it was the videos he took of the whole scene from two angles, one with his stealth cam on the table casually hidden in a bunch of cables and the other with his laptop's onboard camera.

He tossed around. He tried to justify it. He thought, That was before I really knew him. It was just for kicks.

Then Ricky had opened up to him, telling his secrets, revealing his soul. Ricky was not just a trick. Secretly videoing him was kinda shitty. Maybe, Joshua thought, once we really do it, I'll tell him. Yeah!

He would see if Ricky would be into actually making a video with him, knowing he was getting filmed!

In his heart, he doubted that though. Ricky did not seem the type. On the other hand, if Ricky didn't know, then he would have no reason to feel guilty.

No, Joshua thought, I won't tell him.

He had completely lost his hard-on.

Joshua had a lot of secrets. It was not easy being so young and so gay!

And then there was Ricky. He was so pure! Honest, kind, strong, brave, calm... He was a dream boy!

Joshua pinched the head of his cock hard enough to sting.

It's real all right.

In his opinion, he was doing Ricky a great favor by bringing him out. He would be careful. He would be very, very careful. This was a virgin! Ricky would remember him!

Once again, he felt shitty about catching Ricky on camera. Maybe he should just delete the file!


But he would like to look at it first, at least.

It's gotta be SO hot!

He could not sleep. He tossed and turned, but Ricky lay there in the dark, sleeping serenely. One arm was tossed up then, revealing a graceful armpit. Ricky was not really very hairy. His pubic hair and his pit hair were like his eyebrows, just a touch darker than his golden hair.

And what a body! He looked like Greek god! Broad shoulders, narrow hips, perfect ass, long, shapely legs, hard, flat belly, and rippling muscles everywhere.

And the way he just blew up the stairs to their cabin! Like, thirty feet, WHOOSH!

Oh no. I have got to film this guy. Yeah! Let's just make a film! Let's see what happens! I'll just get him used to the camera!

Joshua could not see Ricky's cock in those big boxers he wore. Almost basketball shorts, but super light. This shiny gray... Silk?

He reached down a hand and petted a loose fold of the material.

Ricky remained oblivious.

He could not tell. It felt like silk, but it could be one of those new synthetics. That would be like Ricky. Some material jocks used.

And then there is his cock!

Ricky's dick was perfectly straight, and it stuck straight out. It wasn't all veiny, and the pink head of it came to a wicked point. It was a beautiful dick! Ricky had nice, big balls too. They did not hang sloppily; rather, they were "high riders" as Josh called them. It gave Ricky a hot taint. His pubic hair was lush around the top of the cock at the base, but his balls were smooth, and, from the one glimpse Joshua had seen, Ricky's ass appeared to be not hairy at all. Perfect. Perfect!

Joshua's own cock needed little assistance rising up then, and it was thoughts of Ricky's high, powerful ass that made it brutally hard.

A Ten. A total ten! The hottest guy ever!

Joshua regarded himself a freak with his skinny little body, head too big, a chest too small, with arms too bony, and that big, giant dick. He'd probably be one of those rare men with a genuine nine inch dick by the time he was full grown. Joshua did not like his almost hairless body with his little butt, bony knees, and small feet. His chest looked like a little boy's with tiny pink, baby nipples.

Unlike Ricky. Gawd! The aureola was not big and dark, but those nipples! The way they stuck out when he was excited or fresh from the water and the breeze blew on them!

But Ricky had said he thought Joshua was "cute!" He had said that. Did Ricky really like the way he looked?

He sighed.

Ricky had gone on and on about their plans for the next day. It was fun to watch him pace around in giant strides, gesturing with his hands and arms, and grinning?

Joshua remembered a line from a book he had about that old band Nirvana and how that singer, Kurt Cobain, had a "smile to light up the world."

Ricky had that smile.

Why film in secret? What was I thinking? This guy was made for the camera. If he does not love it, I will make him love it.

He will love it.

Ricky was going to take him "inner tubing." Even little kids would go through rapids in inner tubes. Ricky said it was "huge fun." He said he would teach him. He said it was "perfectly safe." He said he would show him. He said he would like it.

He would try. He was more afraid than he would admit, but he had seen a couple young girls go down the rapids above the swimming hole, so he knew that Ricky wasn't lying. It had to be safe or the grown-ups would never allow it. But Josh had seen that all the kids here were more outdoorsy than he was used to. It was a different world than L.A. No matter where they all lived, these were these people's "real" homes

Finally, he pulled his underwear back on and fell into a restless sleep. He dreamed of Ricky on his back, and he was fucking him hard, and Ricky liked it, moaning like a girl, begging for him to make it last and last!

Joshua awoke with a raging hard-on.

And there was Ricky with a plate of hot buttered muffins and pitcher of orange juice.

"Oh good! You are awake! I brought us some food."

"Oooh, I gotta piss!" Joshua said.

Ricky said, "I dug us a piss hole behind the gazebo. Kick dirt over it when you're done. Otherwise we'll stink the place up."

A piss hole? Joshua wondered, but out loud he said, "I got me a big, nasty, piss hard-on. Do you mind?"

Ricky got the idea. He turned his back. Joshua got out of his sleeping bag, wearing only his underwear. His big cock stuck up and to the side. He glanced back to see if Ricky would steal a glance. He hoped he would, but he did not.

Then, happily, Ricky, in that quiet, zoomy way of his, appeared beside Joshua and joined him in pissing together into the hole. He even crossed Joshua's stream playfully.

Ricky grinned, "Shit, Josh, it's not like we gotta be shy about our dicks, you know?"

"Yeah," Joshua agreed. His hard-on was no longer a piss hard-on. It was a gay hard-on. Ricky's, Joshua noted, was not quite soft either.

Is this a pass? Or maybe this is just Ricky's way of showing he is not going to get weird about the stuff we did?

Ricky buttoned up his cut-offs and kicked dirt over the hole with his bare feet, careful, Joshua noted, to not get any wet dirt of himself.

Joshua's beast managed to relax. He tucked it back into his briefs. He slipped on his shorts and his t-shirt.

They ate.

Ricky was chattering about inner tubing again. Joshua barely listened. He had already heard this. Ricky was repeating himself. They would first practice in the rapids above the swimming hole without a tube. He had to know how to handle himself in the fast water in case he lost his tube because that could easily happen and often did. Then they would go upstream to another rapid so famous it had a name, "Thorson's rapids," after the family that had their cabin there. That was the real test. It would look scary but was actually fun. Once Joshua was comfortable with that, they would carry their inner tubes as far upstream as Joshua wanted, and then they would drift back lazily.

However, Ricky was not pleased by Joshua's sandals. He said they would come off too easily. Ricky insisted that he wear either deck shoes or different sandals, ones with straps at the heels. Either that, or go barefoot, but the road upstream was rough, so Ricky did not recommend that.

This was a problem. Joshua had no suitable footgear, and Ricky's feet were too big, so his "water shoes," as he called them, would not fit.

"Hmmm..." Ricky murmured, "I bet Patrick's sandals would fit. He never wears them; except, getting him to agree will be a bitch, but unlike him, I won't borrow them without his permission.

He finally got to meet Ricky's little brother then. Patrick was eleven. He would be twelve next month. He was a little guy, still very childish. Joshua could see the resemblance, but Ricky was definitely the butch one. Patrick, though not feminine in appearance, had a much more slender face and a small mouth. He had those same pretty eyes though. He was actually quite cute, but he was snotty and whiny.

"No way!" He complained through a mouthful of cereal. Ricky had told Joshua that one of his little brother's more disgusting habits was that he talked with his mouth full of food all the time.

Joshua had not told Ricky that by such complaints, Ricky was actually revealing more about himself than he was about his little brother.

"Why you gotta be so stingy, Pat? It's just for the afternoon. You never wear them, and you borrow my stuff all the time!"

"Do not! You never let me!"

Ricky looked at Joshua and said right in front of his brother, "You see what I mean? And did you see him actually spitting semi-chewed food out of his mouth? He's disgusting! And you can't teach him. He's like an animal. Like a rat. He learns how to do something one particular way and then never learns anything more, so he still eats like a baby."

Joshua, pointedly ignoring Ricky, said, "I'll let you borrow my Game Boy."

Ricky shook his head in warning. His eyes grew dark.

Patrick, after hastily swallowing his food, said, "You got a Game Boy?"

"Uh huh. And I got lot's of cool games. For the whole time I have your sandals, you can use it!"

"BAD idea!" Ricky almost shouted it. "He'll break it. He'll 'lose' it. It will be an 'accident.' It won't be 'his fault!' It is never his fault. He's like a zombie. He can't control his actions! Bad, BAD idea!"

Joshua was seeing a side of Ricky that he did not like very much.


In a certain, strange, way, it gratified him. Ricky was not perfect after all.

He ignored Ricky. To Patrick he said, "You won't break it, will you?"

"I won't break it."

"You won't lose it, will you?"

"I'll give it to Mom if I'm not using it so no one steals it."

"I'll trust you. We gotta go to my house to get it. You wanna come? I'll let you pick three games!"


Ricky was shaking his head. He did not like this idea. Joshua just turned and stared at Ricky until Ricky faced him and returned the look with eerily flat, gray eyes. It was a fleeting instant, and then? The light changed? Reflection? Ricky's eyes were once again a pleasant blue, the color of a peaceful part of the sky.

Joshua stared him down. "It's cool Ricky. Chill. Huh?"

Ricky smiled. The dark cloud had passed.

"Sure," Ricky said, "Pat? Why don't we do that? Why not? It's too early anyway. The water's too cold still anyway. Can we take your sandals now?"

"I don't mind," Patrick agreed.

On the way to Joshua's cabin, he studied Ricky's walk again. Joshua loved the way he moved. It was not a swagger; it was better than swagger! It was subtle strut. He was a guy who was absolutely not to be fucked with. It was beyond confidence. How was it phrased in that film the other night, in French? Yeah! "Ne plus ultra" confidence. There was this pumping action to his walk, a snap like the unleashing of a spring, in a fast rhythm. And he walked fast.

And at any time, even while walking fast like that, Ricky would sometimes shoot an imaginary rifle at a squirrel in one of the trees along road, all without missing a beat in his pace.

In an aside to Joshua, Ricky said, "I think you have a new fan. But don't be surprised if he fucks up your Game Boy."

Joshua tossed his head in as jaunty a way as he could muster. Quietly, he said, "It's my Game Boy, Ricky."

To that comment, Ricky only nodded agreeably. He appeared to drop the subject. He looked back at Patrick who was following far behind. He muttered, "He does that. He makes you wait for him."

The funny thing was, Joshua had himself been lagging behind. That blazing stride had a way of making Ricky's big butt muscles flex in those short, tight shorts of his, and it was driving Josh wild.

However, he merely commented, "You and your brother have issues, huh?"

Ricky chuckled darkly. His whole mien changed. That dark shadow again. "You could say that. I tried to kill him once."

The way Ricky said it did not inspire laughter. Joshua looked at him puzzled, but Ricky offered no more information. Joshua said, "And here I was thinking you were some kind of angel."

"I'm not. I have a mean streak."

"I guess so!"

Once more, in his secret heart, Joshua was strangely glad. Ricky's stock had just risen. To Ricky, he said, "Remind me not to get on your bad side."

"Don't get on my bad side." Ricky smiled benignly as he said it.

"That was so fun!" Joshua shouted after his first time down Thorson's rapids.

Ricky laughed. "I told you! It's like bungee jumping. The first time, you are, like, 'No. Fucking. Way.'

"And then you do it! And you are like, 'I wanna do that again!'"

Joshua thought, And you're gonna find that out too, Doll Boy, once I show you what I got planned for your virgin ass!"

But all he said was, "I wanna do it again!"

They had to shout over the tumult of the rapids. The entire river narrowed to a roaring flux hardly more than eight feet across. The rapids were pure white, frothing waves. The "pitch," as Ricky called it, was perhaps forty feet long, but it was a fun forty feet! The highest wave was four? no, five feet high from trough to crest.

It looked very fucking scary! Pure whitewater, and the ROAR!

It was like riding a wet roller coaster at fifty miles an hour!

Joshua had been well trained by Ricky. He was amazed at how easy it was. You just had to stay in the middle and balance. He had been astonished by how simple it was to go down rapids without a tube. All those stupid scenes in all those movies where the guy thrashed around in the rough water of rivers were completely fucking retarded! You just kept your feet downstream and used your arms to steer by back paddling. If you hit a rock, it was with your feet, and you just bent your knees and pushed off. The trick, Ricky kept saying was to just relax and enjoy the ride.

Joshua had commented, "Now I see where you got those strong arms and legs!"

Ricky had just shrugged and smiled.

Joshua wanted to run Thorson's over and over. Ricky, showing off, had gone down without a tube and on a tube, he had gone down on his hands and knees with his hot ass and big junk swinging in his skimpy shorts.

He was pleased that Ricky was showing off. It meant he was trying to impress him.

Joshua was impressed, but he did not try Ricky's tricks.

He had his own tricks to impress Ricky with.

He had been thinking and thinking about how to play it. He was, he knew, seducing Ricky. It was a delicate business! Ricky was a "trembling bird" in his hands. It had to be handled ever so carefully!

After that wild test run, they carried their tubes in the hot sun up the dirt road. Ricky had insisted that Joshua "water up," as he called it. He had made Joshua drink from a tiny feeder rivulet along the way, saying, "This is the last pure water. I can drink from the river. I never get sick. But most people get the shits. Patrick gets them every summer. Drink! Drink until you can't drink any more, then drink more!"

Joshua had made himself drink. He thought it was cute the way Ricky bragged about being able to drink the water. He wasn't even thirsty, but he drank until his belly stuck out, along with Ricky's.

He has big belly muscles!

About the water, he understood a little later. The sun pounded them. The air was dry. Joshua was glad he had "watered up."

It seemed to Joshua that they walked a long time. When they passed the ruins of an old stone building near the river, he asked Ricky about it.

Ricky said, "It's just an old cabin. This little stretch is Forest Service land. That was a cabin that built when they were putting in the railroad. It was built by Chinese railway workers for the bosses. My great, great, grand uncles stayed there. That's part of how we got all this land. It was part of their pay, but the border changed. It was all divided up into railroad land and federal land. Southern Pacific then used the land to pay their top brass. Land rich, cash poor. Same old story."

Ricky was always tossing out these little tidbits of history. He was always so nonchalant about it. "But Josh! I've been looking forward to showing you one of my favorite spots!"

The terrain flattened and broadened. They were in a wide area; it was grassy, and instead of pines, there were only those other kind of trees. Ricky probably knew the names of every one. Joshua noticed that ground there was sandy. The road had diverged from the river, which was then far to their left.

Ricky, after tantalizing Joshua with the promise of something special, launched into another of his extended explanations. He would do that, Joshua had seen. Once you got this guy talking, he would not shut up! Joshua listened out of politeness. Ricky explained that before they put the dam in, this area would flood, and that was why the soil was so sandy, and that was why that old cabin was abandoned. It was a bad spot. Ricky pointed out the round stones, saying that the presence of round stones always meant river action. This was something miners looked for. They called it "tertiary layers." They looked for gold in tertiary layers, and they followed it upstream until they found where the river, even an ancient river, had cut through a vein. Then they dug sideways in a full on mining operation.

Joshua got it. Ricky was smart. He seemed to remember everything he read or heard.

But Joshua was getting kind of tired of all the explanations. He said, "How do you know all this shit?"

Ricky laughed. "Remember when I asked you how you knew that dudes who make porn pretty much fuck their chances in Hollywood?"


"And I asked you how you knew that?"


"And you answered, basically, that L.A. was your home, so you knew shit. Well, same answer! This is MY country!"

To illustrate the point, Ricky threw down his inner tube and spread his arms wide, looking up at the sky. What a pose!

He had his back arched and his head tilted far back as he spread his arms. His legs were planted in the middle of a stride, not spread wide. And just for an instant, there was a flash of light from above.

Yes. It has to be natural light. I gotta dig the way you get the right FLASHES from the sunlight through the leaves!

Later in his life, Joshua would often look back on that image of Ricky, glorious, in his mind.

He had not known it was even possible feel what he was feeling for Ricky.

But at the time, he only said, "I get it! So? You were gonna show me one of your favorite spots? I'm getting fucking tired! How far are we going?"

Ricky looked back at him and said, quietly, his voice pitched in a way that was meant to sooth, "We're almost there."

He picked up his inner tube and walked along quietly, then he blurted out, "I know. I talk too fucking much sometimes!"

Joshua was not going to let him off the hook. He fucked with him a little. "No. First I can't get hardly more than a grunt out of you. Then you talk too much! You need to get out more, dude. You spend too much time in your country and not enough time with people!"

For a few seconds, Ricky looked like his feelings had been hurt, but he covered it up quickly. What he said next surprised Joshua. "That's what I like about you, Josh. You don't bullshit around. It's cool, man, totally cool."

His feelings were hurt, though. Joshua could see it. He was just trying to ride over it. He decided then that the next time Ricky wanted to talk and talk, he would let him, for Ricky then grew too silent. He would look like he was going to say something, and then he wouldn't say anything.

Joshua prompted him. "What? What were you going to say?"

Ricky stopped. He looked at him. Joshua could tell he deliberating whether to say what he had in mind, so Joshua made his face friendly and curious. He arched his eyebrows in a way that he knew was cute. This encouraged his shy and insecure companion.

Ricky said, "I was going to tell you how to find secret spots!"

"How do you find them?" Joshua asked, drawing Ricky out. God, but he is a sensitive one!

"Well, first you have to study the paths; that is, the worn trails. You will see that people always take the easy way. Along the river, along the road. Then you look to the side! You look for lines of trees, clumps of brush. Then you circle! You don't want to leave a trail! People follow trails! You don't want to leave them clues!"

Ricky stared at Joshua. He waited. He was expecting a response.

"Yeah," Joshua said. "I get it. And then?"

Ricky's eyes grew excited, He said, almost whispering, "And then you penetrate the hidden secrets of the world!

"Leaving no trail. Never following a straight line, and you find things! You find a bear's den, a mountain lion's place where she rears her cubs, the places where coyotes take their kills, the places where deer sleep. And every time! It is beautiful! People do not think animals have souls! Why then, do they find the most beautiful places?"

Ricky was very excited.

Joshua laughed. He could not resist the temptation to mess with Ricky. "Well, after that build up, this 'secret spot' had better be good!"

Ricky grinned. "Try not to step on the brown grass. That leaves footprints."

By a roundabout path, Ricky led Joshua into a shady grove. They were surrounded by trees and brush. They could hear but not see the river. The road was out of view. Unlike the rest of the little valley, the grass was green there, and there were flowers and butterflies. Ricky led him to giant, fallen tree, silver with age and without bark. By the tree was a soft, bare patch of fine, clean sand. He said, "It is totally private. I camp here sometimes."

Joshua thought, Thank you, Ricky, for taking us to a perfect spot for sex.

Aloud, he said, "Nice! I can see why you like this spot. It even seems cooler!"

Ricky tossed down his inner tube and leaned against the fallen tree. Typically, he had his legs spread and braced in that tough way of his. Joshua could see a tantalizing hint of Ricky's genitals in the loose legs of Ricky's sexy shorts.

Indifferent to his exposure, Ricky said, "Yes. In spring, there is even running water here. See the little path it made? We stand next to the source. It is dry now. But see how the earth to the north is moist and the grass green? Things grow here. It feels peaceful to me."

Joshua looked carefully at all the things Ricky pointed out. At the same time, he knew it was time to go for it.

He was close enough to say it quietly. "I'll bet you jack off here."


"So? You wanna?" Joshua did not know how Ricky would respond, but he had an informed guess.

Without hesitation, Ricky answered, "Yes."

Ricky was looking at him seductively. He did one of those stretches of his; he brought his legs together and pointed the toes of both feet, and floating straight-legged, leaned back, keeping his belly sucked in and displaying big, powerful abs not often seen on a sixteen year-old.

This pose also did a splendid job of displaying Ricky's generous endowment.

His head remained in a comfortable position to stare at Joshua, which he did with burning blue eyes behind tousled, sun-beached, long golden bangs.

If Ricky is beaming me with a thought, it is, "Let's not play straight any more, huh?"

These thoughts whirling, he said, innocuously enough, moving in closer to Ricky, fiddling with the drawstring of his swimming shorts, "You ever heard of "MM?"

"The rapper? Of course. He's irritating to me."

"No! Not MnM!" Joshua laughed. He finished untying the front of his shorts. He slipped down his trunks. He had planned that display. He had chosen to leave his jock strap behind. He had wanted Ricky to see his dick in his shorts. His hardening cock popped out. He stepped out of his trunks and gave his dick a couple of shameless tugs. Ricky openly looked up and down between Joshua's face and Joshua's dick, and if his smile and the glittering twinkle in his eyes were any indication, he enjoyed the sight.

Joshua teased him, "C'mon, big guy! Let's see what you got! I showed you mine! You show me yours!"

Ricky laughed and shucked out of his shorts in another of those "leonine" movements of his. His cock was not quite stiff. He grinned.

Ricky was into it. He slid to the ground and flopped back against the tree with his legs spread.

Joshua needed no touch at all on his dick to get and keep a hard erection.

Ricky, play-acting, made his voice sound silly, like a little kid. He camped it up, "Gee whiz! If anyone saw us like this? They'd say we were a couple of queers!"

"Oh," Joshua chided, "who gives a shit?"

This is the moment!

He kneeled between Ricky's legs and placed his hands on Ricky's knees. Gently, he ran them down the outsides of the bigger guy's thighs. Ricky did not shirk away.

"You're into it, huh? Ricky?"

"I'm into it. Yeah."

"You like what you see, huh." It was not a question.

"Yeah," Ricky breathed.

"So," Joshua said, as he moved forward to press against him, "if anyone saw us?"


"And thought it was gay?" His smaller form pressed into Ricky's hard body, whose cock had already risen to meet his.


"They'd be right."

Ricky encased his slight torso in his strong arms, and he nuzzled Joshua's neck, his breath hot upon him.

Blithely carrying on with a vocal conversation running oddly askew to the conversation their bodies were having, Joshua, murmured, "'MM' means 'Mutual Masturbation.' You do me. I do you. You are SO down for that, aren't you."

This also was not a question.

Ricky just laughed against Joshua's neck and rubbed his hands on his back.

It felt great.

Joshua reached down with his hands and caressed both of their towering erections and man-sized balls. In a moment, Ricky's hands joined him. His exploring was fresh, curious, and strong.

Feeling free, knowing Ricky had green-lighted him with his every seductive and receptive gesture, Joshua leaned back on his knees and ran his hands up and down the insides of Ricky's strong, tan thighs.

Ricky got the idea.

With his face looking cherubic, he moved to kneel in front of Josh. He reached over, his face close, and gripped the base of his cock with one hand while lightly teasing the head, making a ring with his fingers.

He is using my technique on me!

Joshua returned the precise favor, grabbing Ricky's big balls with one hand and pulling them to tighten the skin of Ricky's long cock, and he stroked Ricky's beautiful stiffy with the other hand, slowly and luxuriously, his fingers but a tingling touch.

Ricky's breath remained hot upon him.

Joshua looked up into his laughing eyes.

But the position was a little awkward. Joshua wanted more closeness.

He placed a hand on Ricky's shoulder to guide him. They fell to the ground on their sides. They could reach each other more easily and press together more fully.

Their faces were very close. Ricky's breath smelled like, like... cinnamon! Joshua wanted to kiss him, but he was still afraid. So often, guys would do anything! Until you kissed them! Then they would be all, "Eww, you fag!"

Ricky's hands on him were powerful!

Joshua had learned that there was a trick to jacking another guy off. You had him show you how he did it, then you copied him. But Ricky did not need that prompt!

So you were watching me closely, huh?

He's a natural! Joshua thought, thinking also, Dude, you are so fucking gay!

He did not say any of that. He ramped it up. He said, "Hey, you wanna play a game?"

"A game?"

"Uh Huh. I call it 'cockfighting.' We slap each other's cocks with each other's. We try and make the other dude come, and whoever comes first gets a prize!"

"A prize? I like prizes!"

Joshua laughed, Ricky was actually camping it up, acting like a dumb, effeminate, twink.

It was hilarious.

"Oh, yes!" Josh played along, using an exaggeratedly fast-paced and excited voice, "It can be anything, but how would you like to shoot it on my face?"

Ricky's eyes got big and excited. His cock, Joshua noted, became extremely hard. "Oh, fuck yeah!" Ricky laughed, adding, "but it can go either way, right?"

Speaking casually, with dramatically half-lidded eyes, "That's how the game works. Yeah."

"Game on, then!"

Ricky let his hands roam. He ran his hands along Joshua's side and back ever so delicately, just skimming the fine hairs, giving Josh goosebumps. Ricky's strong hands also squeezed his ass cheeks. Their faces were very close.

His hands on Ricky's dick, doing it his way, Josh commented with mock innocence, "You're not playing the game, Ricky."

"Yes I am."

"Nuh, uhh! You're supposed to be trying to get me off first!"

Their faces were really close.

"I am trying to get you off first! I'm letting you get off on getting me off! Hah!"

Joshua smiled serenely.

Without a word, he brushed his lips against Ricky's lips. He kept his eyes open, and he looked at Ricky as he did it.

Seeing Ricky's eyes get wide and wonderful, he moved in closer, and kissed him again, lightly still, but he added a delicate lick to the other boy's lips, and then, they were truly kissing. Eyes closed.

Ricky was rough and unpracticed, at first.

Only at first.

Joshua tongue lashed him until he relaxed and flashed back his tongue while their faces rocked and rolled against each other.

It did not take long for Ricky to come. Josh loved the feel of his powerful body arching and shuddering against him.

Once again Ricky blasted out a bucket of come, spraying Joshua's cock, belly, and chest with hot waves of spunk. He splattered Joshua's whole front, moaning as he did it. It was the first sound he had made.

Joshua immediately rolled Ricky onto his back and straddled his chest, laughing excitedly, almost giggling. He jacked himself off hard and fast, giving Ricky a great view, and soon, soon, he was shooting hot, wet arcs of come on Ricky's neck and jaw.

Joshua chuckled. He swiped a bit of Ricky's come off his belly with his fingers. He said, "You ever taste your own come?"

"No," Ricky said.

"Liar!" Joshua cried as he stuck his fingers in Ricky's mouth!

Ricky turned his head away and spit. "You little shit!" he exclaimed even as he did the same trick — wiping his neck, and sticking his come soaked fingers in Joshua's mouth!

But Joshua, feeling very gay, grabbed Ricky's hand in both of his and sucked Ricky's fingers while making yummy noises. Not done, he brought the sexiness to a fevered pitch. He leaned down and sweetly licked his come off Ricky's face!

And then they were kissing again, only this time, their tongues tasted like all the sticky, salty, fishy effluvia that had exploded from their dicks.

They kissed that way for a long time.

Finally, panting for breath, Ricky pushed Joshua off of him, rolling him to the side. He leaned up on his elbows, and observed as he looked down at his semen smeared chest and belly, "That was really gay, Josh!"

Joshua laughed raucously. Ricky said it with such innocent surprise!

He said, "And you liked it, huh?"

He turned his head and grinned at Josh. "I fucking loved it, man. You don't know how long I've wanted to fool around with another guy."

Joshua laughed triumphantly.

He hopped to his knees and tipped his head. He smiled sweetly. "Actually, Ricky, I probably do know!"

He would be popping Ricky's cherry many different ways. The game, as Ricky said, was "on!"

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Cheers, Dorian

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