This is a work of fiction. No one was exploited in the creation of this fable. In some locales, even reading about fictional teenagers having imaginary sex is prohibited. Local laws apply.

This story explicitly depicts young men forming erotic bonds with each other. Generally they are between the ages of 14 to 17, and they "generally" agree that peer relationships are best. However, among this particular group of youths, there are some who consider scoring some hot older fellow a coup, while there are others who remain enchanted by younger lads. These liaisons appear as dangerous edges, and the author has attempted to depict such outlawish trysts in a realistic way. Also, some of the fellows depicted here do other "bad boy" things like experiment with drugs and get in terrible fights. Last, being sexually versatile, as jocks typically are, they occasionally even have sex with girls. Ultimately, many are the spirits of the young who, in these pages, simply say, "Fuck the rules."

There is plenty of raunchy sex in this tale, but if all you are looking for is pure fapping material utterly devoted to some precise specialty, you might want to look elsewhere. In publisher's lingo, this is a "Coming of Age" novel.

Author's Note: Our story takes a new spin here. First, we get to see the world from Collin's point of view, and that means looking at girls, despite what we have just seen, or, maybe, because of it.

Next, we have a hetero scene, and we get to see Ricky from a girl's point of view. Don't fret. This is not really "bi lit." It's just part of growing up gay. Boys, after all, experiment. Didn't you?

Even Gay Boys Fuck Girls. Sometimes

Collin was really surprised with himself. When he woke up that morning in terrible pain from the ass-whooping Ricky had given him, he was NOT thinking, Boy Howdy! I sure would like to fuck me a dude!

He was really surprised with Ricky too.

Collin studied him as Ricky licked Collin's cock clean. No girl would do that — at least no girl he knew.

What a fucking slut!

Collin had also been surprised to feel his dick getting hard again as Ricky licked it. He was awfully good at it, and he obviously liked it. He had several times fucked girls twice in one session, but not a third. He could probably go again right then! Those were extremely intense orgasms! This new version of Ricky pleased Collin greatly.

"And speaking of 'bitches,'" Collin added, as they dressed, still feeling some suppressed anger at Ricky for whomping on him so badly, "that's what paybacks are, you cunt, for beating my face."

Ricky looked up at Collin as he laced his boots. He said, "I overreacted. You should spank me. I can lay naked across your thighs when you do it. I'm a bad boy!"

"'Overreacted!' There's the fucking understatement of the fucking century! You pounded me into unconsciousness! Damn right, pussy boy," Collin said, using the exact same voice tone he would have used to hatefully ridicule.

Collin had to admit, Ricky was a good piece of ass. He had never gotten a girl to let him shoot on her face either. Ricky would probably be happy to lick his ass. He'd have him do that!


"Anyway, let's get going. I wanna see if I can get another girl interested today. You said you'd help me. Will you? Did you mean it? Or was that some gay trick of yours to get me to do you?"

They had talked about that. They had talked about everything! They had talked and talked. Ricky was a talker. Collin, not so much.

Up on the road above this place, before they had finally found squirrels, since there was no game and the walk was boring, Ricky and him had discussed the "girl network." Ricky knew all the girls, and, with the exception of Susie, they all seemed to like him. But he never seemed to pick up their hints. Collin knew why now, of course.

But Ricky did seem to have real insights into females.

He had said to him, as they trudged along, "Well, dude, get on the fucking girl net and get me another one. Besides, I'm thinking Susie's kinda shallow. She was turned off by my beat up face. That's the real reason. I don't need a chick like that, man."

"Susie's all right, Collin."

Collin disagreed, he said, "Susie needs to learn that when she dumps the best dude in the place, she doesn't get him back. Don't you get it, Ricky?"

Then Ricky had told him something touching.

"I get it. I'm glad to hear that you think highly of yourself. You always had this dignity, you know. Did I ever tell you that?"

"No. 'Dignity?'"

"Uh, huh. You remember when you first came to the junior high, and we had gym together, and you had those shoes with "Jesus Saves" written all over 'em?"

Collin chuckled. "I remember those shoes. I had to write real small to get John 14:6 to fit on 'em. I had to wear them in gym and in school! I didn't have another pair. I sure got shit about those shoes!"

Ricky smiled. "I noticed that. I noticed you just had that one pair of shoes. Your step-dad was just getting his printing business going, and shit was tight, and you were a little guy, but just cute as fuck! And I noticed the way you just stood up to them, not fighting, not arguing — and when I say 'stood up' I mean you stood up! — like this!"

Ricky had imitated his posture. He had stood in the way he must have seen him, straight, but not puffed up, his chin up, but not looking down his nose, but proud, "Like a Christian before circling lions ready to die, unafraid."

Ricky could just amaze him with the way he said things.

Collin had been bemused. "Is that how I looked to you? Wow."

Ricky had said, sitting beneath that tree when they had taken that break, "I kinda fell in love with you, and when they chortled at you, you said, 'I love Jesus, and Jesus loves me.'

"They pretty much shut the fuck up then, Collin. You really represented. I thought it was beautiful."

Collin lost in the memory of a memory, had nodded. Up on the the mountain, there had been this hot breeze from the south then. It smelled of lower California, all dusty and agricultural, not upper California where it was piney and sharp. "I remember you were the first one to approach me and ask me man--to--man about those shoes. You didn't ridicule them. You told me you thought I was braver than you, but you know the real reason I wore those shoes?"

"I thought I did, but I'm guessing you're gonna tell me?"

"Yeah. I was flying my "Jesus flag." I hoped I would draw a brother in Christ, and it worked. I was new. I had no friends, and I was not gonna lie. I didn't care if people thought I was weird."

"But," Collin had added, "you know what happened. I kinda drifted away from all that preachy bullshit. So did you. My parents changed. They had an upset with the church. They were phonies, you know?"

"I never knew what quite happened, actually, Collin. I did ask your mom about it one time. She said that she and her family had 'evolved.'"

"You like my mom, don't you, Ricky?"

"Yes. I love her artwork too. She is a great painter. So free and fresh and bright. And she's smart!"

"Yeah. My mom is cool."

Then Collin had said, remembering those days, but also still lingering on Ricky's literally terrifying fighting skills, "But there was that one kid, Phil something or other..."

"Phil Vasquez, yeah."

"He would not give it up. He kept teasing me and teasing me! He was the most evil kid in that school. What a bully! I always wondered how it was that kids like him attracted really big, strong thugs around them. He was just a little shit! And then you kicked his ass!"

"It wasn't over you though, let's be honest. You didn't really need defending. I wasn't gonna insult you by jumping in."

"Yeah. I get that. What was it he did that ticked you off?"

"He hit a girl."

"That's right. I remember now. Melanie something..."

"Linda Black."

"Yeah. She was so ugly! Big glasses. Fat. Zits on her chest! A lisp! Poor fucking girl! She was so tormented!"

"Yeah, I guess Phil thought he was safe in that no one would defend her."

"How did it happen again?" Collin asked.

"I was on my way to class, and I saw this crowd. There were those evil sniggering laughs. When I got closer, I saw her cringing against the lockers, and Phil was talking his usual shit, and he, Richard Martin and Steve Larson with him. Remember those guys? Those were his goons."

"I remember. Those guys were like six feet tall! Man--sized eight graders! How do you remember everyone's names?"

"I dunno, but I saw him reach up an slap her! Her glasses flew off, and the other kids were laughing. I just attacked. I grabbed him by the back of the shirt and yanked him out into that garden area between the classrooms. His shirt ripped. So I grabbed him by the arm and used what I call 'cop takedown.' Except, I also, quite unintentionally, popped his arm out of its socket!

Ricky had laughed in that way he had. It was pretty evil. Ricky had this one laugh, that when you heard it? You better watch out!

He had just kept describing the fight, chuckling, "And while I was choking him with with his own arm, I turned him over on top of me, and when Richard and Steve tried to kick me, I used his body as armor, rolling from side to side, and they kicked the shit out him. Literally! He shit himself! He pissed himself!"

Collin laughed. "It's funny. I heard all this before, but I like hearing it. You remember what I started calling you?"

"Yeah, 'Sword of the Lord Boone.'"

"When you got suspended, all your teachers were so happy to give me your homework and tell me what you missed. No one was really mad at you. They had to suspend you, but everyone knew that Phil was truly evil. That was the end of Phil What's-His-Name."

"Linda's dad still gives me an occasional call, you know? He gives me work. I do little jobs for him on his various properties, and Linda, while not pretty, has learned how to look better. She ended up getting this much older guy as a boyfriend. He had a car. Big fat guy, but he was cool. I talked to him. He loved her, and he knew about me."



"I couldn't fucking believe it when Phil's family tried to sue you and the school."

"My step--dad was so fucking pissed at me! He whupped the shit out of me with his belt! I still have a scar! You ever notice this line on my lower back?"

Ricky had pulled up his shirt to show him the faint stripe there. Collin had never really noticed it before.

Ricky had continued, "That's when I stopped going to church. I started thinking that I had to see if I could talk to God on my own. Did you know that?"

"I didn't know that. What a hypocrite! I remember I had to sneak up to your window and hand you your homework because you were basically locked in your room for a month."


"But what happened with the lawsuits?"

"No one knew that Linda's dad was rich. She was rich! He 'took care of it.' That's all he said. Who knows? He hired a lawyer? He hired goons himself? The Vasquez family left town — after Phil was out of the hospital, that is!"

They had laughed together at the shared memory from eighth grade. They talked no more of that. They had walked along in silence, looking and listening for squirrels. It was all pines up on that hill. No oaks. Only pine cones for food, not acorns.

Collin had broken that silence with a sudden sigh, "You warned me," he had said, quietly.

All Ricky had said, with his eyes watering up, "You really hurt my feelings."

"Yeah. I know. I'm pretty fucked up now, man. My chest hurts when I breath deep."

"I'm really, sorry, Collin. There's a Balrog in me, and when He comes out, it's pretty ugly."

Collin had shrugged. "There's a Balrog in everyone Ricky! Let's stop apologizing to each other, now, huh?"

"Yeah! Is that a path through all this fucking brush right there? What do you think?

"Let's check it out!"

And then they had hunted, cleaned the game, and had gay sex.

Collin considered these things as they dressed. Ricky was then wiping off his face and chest with the still damp towel. Collin laughed at him. "You missed a spot."


"Yeah, you still have dirt on your neck where it's sticking to my come!"

"Aw, fuck! Maybe we should rinse in the river."

"Nah. I wanna get back to the swimming hole before everyone leaves. We gotta book it. Here, I'll wipe you off."

Collin even made a point of cleaning Ricky's cool necklace. It was odd, doing something like that for another guy. But it was OK.

He said to Ricky, "You'll really wing man for me? You're not just saying that? I mean, if you cock block me? We won't be friends!"

Ricky said, sounding a little hurt, said, "I wasn't lying. I'll help you. But, fuck I need a shower!"

Collin, in his best Butt-Head imitation said, "Hnnngh! You said 'buttfuck!' Hnnngh! Hnnngh!"

Ricky cracked up. It was fun making Ricky laugh.

They walked back. They were both in a fairly quiet mood. Had anything really changed? Collin wondered.

Ricky said, smiling, "Damn, but my asshole is zinging, Collin! That was a serious fucking you gave me!"

Yes. Things had changed.

Collin said, "Don't be thinking you can talk all faggy all the time now. It'll piss me off."

That subdued Ricky for a moment, but he recovered quickly. He asked as he fished in his pocket, "Hey, you want a mint?"

"Nah. I'm not the one with penis breath!"

Ricky chuckled and popped a mint in his mouth. He countered, "You could use a mint, Collin. Jus' sayin.'"

"Fine! Gimme one, asshat!"

A certain part of him had always been a little intimidated by Ricky. He was bigger, a little more muscular, maybe even a little smarter. He was an insane fighter. Collin could easily admit to himself that Ricky was a great looking guy. If a girl asked him, not having seen Ricky, but wanting to hear about him, he would even say it out loud. But he wouldn't say it to Ricky.

Collin was also of the opinion that, he, Collin, was the hotter of the two.

He was also not about to admit to Ricky that he had always known he had a little streak of gay in him. It was something that tormented him. He had been steeped in a culture that declared it the utmost of evils, so when those little twinges of erections happened at the touch of another guy or the picture of a studly dude or the way, sometimes, the girl he was fucking in his imagination while he jacked off would sometimes not be a girl at all, he walled off the thoughts and tried to brutally suppress all memory of them.

But as his mother liked to say, "The truth will out."

And speaking of "out," it was not until Ricky had come out to him that Collin, for utterly the first time in his life, had an opportunity to explore this part of himself with a guy whom he knew — absolutely knew — would not tell on him! Ricky could be perfectly counted on to keep this secret.

But there was no fucking way he was going to skip along beside him, singing gay songs, throwing gay flowers, sucking each other's cocks, and fucking each other's asses.

Collin also knew he liked girls. He liked everything about their bodies. He like the way they felt, the way they talked, the way the smelled, the way they tasted, and he liked fucking them. He liked "the hunt" in particular. He loved the way they teased him and tantalized him, making him "work" for it — up to a point — and he loved it when they gave themselves over to him, and he revealed that it was he — all along — who had the power!"

And then? Ricky was pulling that same shit that girls pulled! Walking along, almost to their destination in that shady lane with his gay buddy, Collin laughed out loud.

"What are you laughing about, Collin?"

"I was laughing about the girly noises you made when I did you."

Ricky tried to act all cool then. He pretended to ignore that. Collin saw right through him.

Ricky had thought he was playing him, but it was the other way around. It was quite the triumph. He chuckled again.

He had sensed that Ricky had some slight suspicion that he was not quite honest about his indifference to a walk on the wild side, but that was OK. No, he wasn't intimidated by Ricky any more. Not at all. He had — at last! — found the chink in Ricky's armor. He had found his weakness!

He did not feel guilty about anything. It was a relief. He was relieved! But he wanted to test Ricky. He wanted to see if Ricky really could use the girl network. He had seen that this was a new idea to Ricky. Also, he needed Ricky to understand that he was going to be fucking bitches, and Ricky was not going to interfere out of some faggy jealousy. Yes, he was testing Ricky.

He had another idea. It had been digesting in his mind for some time. He would spring it on Ricky right then. He said, as they neared the swimming hole from the far side, the upstream side, "Hey Ricky. Would you be interested in trying to have sex with girl?"

Ricky's answer pleased Collin.

"Yeah. I wanna try it. But I won't do it if I have to lie. That's where I am on this, in life, in general! No more lying!"

Collin nodded, he said, "But that means you have to come out to more people. Once that hits the girl net, they'll all know."

Ricky agreed, but he said, "That's the problem."

"I hear you, but you should really try a girl. Maybe you're not as gay as you think."

Ricky asked, "Have you ever eaten pussy?"

"Uh huh. I like it. That first girl? Jennifer? She got me to try it, and she kinda helped me learn how to do it. You wanna know how?"


One nice thing about this new openness, Collin saw then, was that Ricky no longer pretended to know things he did not about sex, nor did he pretend experiences he did not have. Collin liked being in this new, upper position.

He asked Ricky, "Have you ever seen a clit?"

Ricky said, "My twin sisters both showed me their insides. Little girls do stuff like that. It's like a little pink ridge above their hole?"

Collin laughed. He would have liked to have sisters like that! "Yeah," he said, "In a way, it's like a little tiny dick. It even gets hard! Well, sort of. I'm thinking, if you treated it like a dick... uh, I mean you, Ricky, you'd be able to figure out how to turn 'em on."

Ricky said, "How about I stick out my tongue, and you pretend it's a clit, and lick it the way you would a clit!"

There was that kissing thing again. He had to get Ricky off that track. "Will you stop it with that shit, man?"

Ricky got subdued again.

Yeah. Things had changed.

Collin however, just to tantalize Ricky, held up a fist, and teased a knuckle with his tongue in the lightning quick way he knew worked. "Like that," he said.

When they neared the swimming hole. They both looked through the leaves to see who was there. There were a lot of girls. The girls outnumbered the boys. Collin liked it that way. The guys all competing and then getting two or three of the girls ignoring the boys and all competing over him!

Collin had asked Ricky about that. He had said that happened sometimes, but as the summer rolled on, it could change the other way. It depended on which families were vacationing that week or month.

Ricky asked, "You wanna go show off our kills? We'll look all alpha male with our guns and shit. The 'Mighty Hunters,' ya' know?"

Ricky was talking Collin's language. He said, "I was thinking of playing hard to get, but now I'm thinking that I need to show them that I'm hard to get. Let's do it! But let's be all, 'Whatever, bitches,' Also, I need a shower bad."

"I know, Collin. I did not see the rush. Look! We had plenty of time to rinse!"

"Aw, fuck it, Ricky. It is what it is. Let's go show off our kills!"

They went down and happily disgusted the girls with the red, fresh, rodent meat. Susie and Jackie were not bothered. They came from a hunting family. Collin noted a new girl, a slender blonde with small breasts in a yellow bikini. She had a shapely figure, not skinny hipped. Very feminine! But Ricky, the asshole, beat him to her!


Ricky is playing The Game.

He listened to them. Ricky was gallant and friendly. He said, "I never saw you before! What's your name? I'm Ricky Boone."

Collin knew when a girl liked a boy. This girl liked Ricky.

Ah well, he thought.

The pretty blond answered Ricky, "Susan Landars. I'm staying with the Hansons. I've been here before, when I was little. I think I may have seen you before when you were, like, eight or something?"

Great, Collin thought, another "Susan."

Ricky blithely continued. "Well, I'm sixteen now. How old are you?"


Ricky nodded. He said, "This is my buddy Collin. We just got back from hunting. We got seven squirrels!"

She said, "Hi," to Collin then asked Ricky, "How many did you get?"

"I got three. He got four. Collin's a good shot."

Collin explained that it did not always go that way. Ricky was a good shot too.

She said, "I see you already cleaned them."

"You're not all grossed out?"

"No. I go deer hunting with my dad," she said.

Ricky laughed, "That is so cool. If I ever have a daughter, I'll ask her to go hunting with me too!"

Collin had to admit that the way Ricky said that was very slick. He didn't say, "Cool, a girl who hunts!"

Susie, Ricky's cousin, was pointedly ignoring Collin, but Collin greeted her politely. Collin was not such a cad that he would snub a girl who he had sex with, just because she was mad. There were rules.

Also, the other girls would see that he was being kind to her. They would know that when he fucked them they didn't have to worry about him hurting their reputation.

Another girl, seeing them from the beach, came up. This was Christine Hanson, Susan's cousin, eighteen, this one had light brown hair and slightly more curves. Collin thought she was even prettier than Susan, and Christine gravitated toward him!

Game on! Motherfucker!

The next step was to agree on another meeting place, later. Collin said, "So Ricky tells me that all the teenagers gather in Doc Jameson's Lot and play that kid's game, 'kick the can?' You know? But it's a chance to hang out in the evenings, right?"

"Yeah," Christine said. "It's a tradition. Mainly the kids play."

"So you come up here every summer?"

"Yeah. Ever since I was little. And your friend Ricky ignores me every summer."

Ricky turned his head then. He had been happily talking with Susan. He said, "I heard that. That proves you wrong!"

Christine laughed and turned to Collin with "fuck me" eyes. She said, "I stand corrected."

Susie chose this moment to move in, she said to Collin, touching his shoulder possessively, "I see you're not wasting any time."

Collin looked at her with an expression that said, Don't cock block me, bitch, but his tone was sad and resigned when he said, "I'm sorry, Susie. I really liked you, but you dumped me!"

That was a lie. Collin had tricked her into that. He knew she would never admit that it was not really her choice.

He said it loud enough for everyone to hear, and there were a number of twitters. Susie, Collin could see, had enemies. She flounced off. Not one guy was paying any attention to her.

Christine smiled at Collin and tossed her head.

He was tapping that action. He was as good as in!

Collin was glad he didn't let Ricky blow him for a third ejaculation. He'd have plenty of juice again by nightfall.

The later rendezvous arranged, Collin's sense of playing "He Who Is The Prize" told him it was time to bounce. He said, "We gotta chill this game and shower, and we gotta have dinner. I'll see you later?"

She smiled, saying, "Maybe," in a typically girly way, like she thought she held the best cards and he was supposed to seek her approval.

Inwardly laughing at her vanity, Collin got Ricky's attention and told him, "Let's roll."

Ricky said to Susan, "We gotta go. We gotta get cleaned up and everything. Will you be coming over to Doc Jameson's Lot?"

"I'm looking forward to it," Susan said, a little less volute than her cousin.

As they made their way up the path, it occurred to Collin that Christine had not asked him about his beat up face. He said this to Ricky.

Ricky said, "They knew already. She was being polite. Susan was funny. You know what she said?"

"What'd she say?"

"She said, 'I think it's so awesome the way guys have these terrible fights, and then five minutes later they are best buddies!' And she also said, 'Girls'll have a feud that lasts ten thousand years!'"

Collin laughed. He said, "As much as I like girls, I'm sure glad I'm not a girl!"

Ricky said, laughing, "Me too!"

Collin did not know if Ricky meant the he was happy he, Ricky, was not a girl or if he was happy he, Collin, was not a girl. He did not pursue it. Collin was developing his own theory about Ricky's sexuality. He would ponder it more.

Ricky wanted to start work on the skins right away. He was all excited to practice the brain tanning technique he had learned, and he wanted to show Collin, but Collin dissuaded him, saying, "There's no time. You said you'd hang with me and check into the chicks, man. Don't back out!"

Ricky said, "Yeah. OK. Well, I'll just get the skins soaking so they'll be easy to scrape for tomorrow. And we can freeze the meat. I'll bet Dad's already got us a meal."

What a change in Ricky!

Collin had been trying to get Ricky to play "The Game," for over a year. That was what he called it. He had even read a book about that.

But Ricky? Ricky always had a "reason" as to why he could not or would not participate in some activity that involved hitting on chicks. Always some "excuse." He had never told Ricky that this was why he had stopped hanging out with him. It had driven them apart. Collin had sought other friends. He had only come up out there out of respect for their previous friendship. He had thought, before, it was probably time to say goodbye to Ricky.

It was very odd. Ricky comes out, and, in a dramatic way, he demonstrates that he really is queer, and then, he's playing The Game!

They used the shower on the back porch in full view of the two little boys.

Let the little dickers look!

Ricky said, "Rinse, soap, rinse?"

Collin knew that drill. They would do that at his house's barn shower after the chores around the ranch. One guy first rinsed, then stepped out of the shower to soap himself while the other guy got wet. Then, when he came out, the first guy rinsed. It was an efficient system by which many guys could clean themselves quickly with only one shower. Collin used to be so shy about his body before it started developing, but they would still do that. He could not remember Ricky ever really staring at him, however.

Collin saw Patrick and Jason through the open door of the tent cabin. They stole furtive glances at them. He was sympathetic. That stage where your body got big but your dick and balls stayed small and hairless was awkward. It wasn't until Jennifer had convinced him that he had a truly beautiful body that Collin had finally overcome his own shyness, and then his previous bashfulness seemed silly.

Dinner was hamburgers on fresh bread with French fries. It was Ricky's dad's favorite meal. "Bachelor food" he called it. Over the meal, Mr. Boone suggested they that they bag some more squirrels and invite a bunch of people over for a barbecue in a few days.

After dinner, he and Collin changed into some nice clothes. Just before they left to meet the girls, Ricky said he wanted to check his email. Collin was impatient. He told Ricky he was making "excuses," so Ricky just shut his laptop and put it away.

With still a of couple hours before left before dusk, they made their way over to "Doc Jameson's Lot." Collin got a kick out of all the names for every place in the community. Ricky told him that the names were over a hundred years old for people long since dead. Collin smiled at that. He was really glad he came. He was really enjoying Ricky.

Ricky, sauntering in that bold way of his, as they walked over, looking stylish in his tight jeans and a shiny shirt, said, "I'm gonna come out to Susan."

Collin had been wondering what Ricky's plan was. He was playing The Game, but he "was not going to lie."

Collin was impressed. He said, "I like this new version of you, Ricky Boone."

Ricky said, "It's the true version of me! Nice to meet you too, Collin Thomkins!"

Next to the lot was a smallish cabin with redwood siding. That was the Jameson cabin, but it was usually just called "Doc Jameson's." This was very cabin that River had stayed at. They were one of the oldest families. The "Doc" in question was a dentist. He had worked on Teddy Roosevelt's teeth! He was a colleague of Ricky's great, great, great grandfather, who was also a dentist. But Doc Boone, since he was the first, was just called "Doc." The other dentist needed the modifier when referring to his name.

There was no one at the Jameson cabin at the moment, and the porch swing and benches there — as always — were prime hangout turf. Ricky had wanted to arrive early to claim a spot. He had no intention of playing kick the can. It had lost its charm several years ago; that is, unless he had small children to entertain or watch over. Then he enjoyed the game vicariously through their fresh joy.

They were early. The game had not started. The girls they were interested in had not arrived. Ricky had a fleeting moment of anger when he saw that the swing was occupied by his brother Patrick and James's little shit of a son, Jason.

He got clever. He had a devilish thought, This could work!

He told Collin, "I'm gonna see if I can claim the porch swing from the little dickers; you wanna scope the babes?"

He saw Collin take in the scene and consider the alternative, he said, "I'll leave you to it. I'll go be sweet to the little girls."

Ricky went up on the deck. He would be nice.

"Hey Pat. Hey Jason. How you guys doing?"

Patrick said they were bored.

"Yeah. No one's here yet." He was curious as to how Patrick was able to extract Jason from his monomaniac obsession with video games, but Jason answered that for him.

"My dad said I couldn't play games until tomorrow. This is so fucked up!"

Ricky nodded as if he agreed, thinking, If you were my son, you wouldn't get to play them at all, you useless waste of oxygen.

But he just shrugged, trying to think of anything, anything at all that would get them to converse.

To Patrick he said, "You know, we need to get more meat. Maybe dad would take us hunting? Like for rabbits above the mountain? Or quail?"

Patrick, of course, was not even allowed to even spring action BB guns without an adult, even though he was eleven. Ricky got his first air rifle when he was ten and his first 22 when he was twelve. Patrick was "different." He was strangely infantile.

That got his brother's attention. "We could ask him!"

"Yeah. Let's ask! I haven't shot my shotgun yet. Dad might let you, if you let him hold it with you. It's a rush! One time me and Collin stole a bunch of melons and we set 'em up on fence posts and blew 'em away! It was like they just exploded. We pretended we were blowing people's heads off!"

Patrick grinned. He was just about to say something when Jason said in his irritating way, like he was the smartest guy in the room, "A sniper rifle is better than a shotgun. Even at close range. That's what I use."

Ricky looked him like he was a poisonous, alien life form.

"A sniper rifle? What are you talking about?"

"It's totally better than a shotgun. With a shotgun, you always have to get close, and the reload is slow. But with a sniper rifle, if you don't get them with the first shot — which I usually do — I always get them with the second shot, and I can always shoot at least twice when a shotgun can shoot only once."

"Dude, are you crazy? Have you ever shot a shotgun?"

Jason had no idea that Ricky had just asked him a serious question.

Patrick explained, "He's talking about Call of Duty. It's a game."

Ricky said, "Dude. I'm talking about real guns. In the real world. Outside. In the sun and the rain. In the dirt. In the mud."

But Jason still did not get it! "I know. I've used plenty of shotguns. But a sniper rifle is better! It's totally an exploit! And I know all about weather. You have to check your instruments for temperature and windage."

He looked at Ricky and sneered, like Ricky was an idiot.

In a pleasant voice, Ricky said, "Have you ever had your ass kicked for being so stupid?"

Jason said, snottily, "You can't talk to me that way. I'll tell my dad and he will kick your ass."

Ricky ignored that. He said, "Well here's a news flash. I see your future. One day, probably very soon, you are going to fire off that big mouth of yours, and you are going to get stomped."

"I'm totally telling now!" Jason triumphantly announced.

"You want to use my phone?" Ricky offered pulling the phone out.

Jason got up. He said, "That's it. You're getting in trouble. Come on Pat. Let's go!"

But Patrick, bless his heart, said, "No. I want to play outside. You go."

He looked at Ricky to see if Ricky would back him. Ricky said, "Cool. It's nice to see you back to your usual self. Having fun with real people, outside."

Jason, in a snit, ran off.

Patrick said, "You shouldn't have talked to him that way. He'll make his dad really mad at you."

"I believe it. So it's a good thing you were here as a witness, so at least our dad will know the truth."

Patrick grinned. He said, "I'm getting sick of him. He only wants to play video games. I mean, only. He thinks he's the best, and he's totally bossy and selfish."

Ricky sat down on the porch swing with Patrick. He said, "I'm always glad when we are with our dad. We get along then."

He had talked about this before with Patrick. It was something he occasionally repeated. Patrick kicked his feet, making the swing rock he looked at Ricky with sad eyes. He said, "Is it true Dad is a homo?"

"Jason said that, huh?"

"Yeah. He said our dad and his dad stick each other's dicks in each other's butts 'cause that's what homos do."

Patrick was almost crying.

Ricky saw another future. In this future, James packs his bags and with his son, leaves. Ricky felt sad for both his father and James.

One thing Ricky knew his father would not tolerate, and that was cruelty to children. Jason was "anathema."

This was too big for Ricky to handle. To Patrick he said, "I'll call Dad. I'm telling on him."

The phone rang for a long time before his dad answered. Even then, his father wanted to know what he had said to Jason, but Ricky said, "We got bigger fish to fry. You need to talk to Patrick. Right now. Dad. I'm serious. You have to."

He handed the phone to Patrick. Ricky said, "Tell him what Jason said."

Patrick did so. He started crying. Finally, he was sniffing and nodding.

He handed the phone back to Ricky. He said, "He wants me to stay here and play. He said that you and me and him would do something really fun tomorrow, and he said I didn't need to worry about anything Jason said or did. He said Jason was a mean boy, and he was saying things he knew would hurt me, and he said to just play."

Ricky nodded. His father would take care of it. He noticed that a bunch of kids had arrived, and that excited Patrick. Patrick actually asked permission, "Can I go? You don't mind?"

"Nah, Dude."

"Are you gonna play?"

"I was meeting some girls, actually."

"OK!" he yelled as he ran off.

Ricky had the deck triumphantly to himself then.

Ricky had not exactly planned to insult Jason just to get him to leave. He had almost been trying be nice, but the kid's inability to understand the difference between a computer game and reality was frankly disturbing and creepy. He thought Jason needed a shock to awaken him. The kid needed, in Ricky's opinion, a "bitch slapping." But Ricky had not truly threatened him. Later, he would talk to his dad. His dad would understand.

In the meantime, he was very nervous. When Collin joined him on the deck, he told him this, and Collin told him to not show it under any conditions. He told Ricky to just be his usual, chatty, friendly self.

The girls found Ricky and Collin on the Jameson deck. Ricky had claimed the best spot. They both jumped up when they saw the girls walking through the side entrance to the lot.

In Susan's opinion, Ricky looked great! He had cleaned up, obviously going to some effort to appear dashing. He had on a dark patterned button up silk shirt and 501s. His shirt was tucked in and he wore a belt with a silver buckle He had on an interesting pair of heavy sandals that were cut rather like short boots, and he wore some kind of wooden bead thing of a necklace, the same she had seen earlier. He had washed his hair, and as Susan took a seat, she noted he smelled good, though he was not wearing any cologne.

Collin looked dashing himself, even with his two black eyes and cut lips. He had on a white tank top, showing off his beautiful shoulders and nice chest. He wore long, dark shorts and flip flops. He had a necklace too, but his was of shells.

They both managed to look very beautiful and very butch at the same time in the same breath. Just like good boys should, they offered the girls a seat and remained standing, strutting around like little roosters.

It was the cutest thing.

Ricky sure looked delicious in 501s. Not many guys did, but he did, and from the looks of things, the boy was packing!

He did not appear nervous. He was pleasant and chatty. He was curious about Susan, asking her all the regular questions, not as a act, but seemingly genuine.

It was easy to draw him out, but he was not like most boys, where you got them talking, and they would happily run on and on about themselves. She couldn't get him to brag, and he would immediately turn the question around, often asking her the same thing. Usually guys his age were pretty easy to manipulate.

This pleased her. It was a test.

It was too bad there were not more chairs though. Susan was not quite ready to invite them over to their place. She would need a cue from Christine, and when Christine asked Collin if he wanted to walk down to the beach with her, she understood that Christine was not done with her "interview" either.

Ricky did not hesitate to sit down next to Susan, and he did not hesitate to say what was on his mind.

"You're very pretty, Susan. You have a really nice figure. You're pretty much making me sweat all over."

Susan was pleased to hear him talk that way, she smiled her thanks and leaned over to sniff, suggesting closer contact would be acceptable. She said, "That's funny! You don't smell all sweaty!"

Ricky laughed. Then he intrigued her again by what he said. "There's something really bothering me though, and I have to tell you."

"Sure Ricky," she said, sidling a little closer, resting an arm on the back of the wide swing chair, actually using a boy's move.

He did not scoot away, but he did not mover closer. What he said astonished her. "A pretty girl like you? Nice? Smart? She deserves better than me. I'm actually more interested in guys than I am in girls. I only came here because Collin thought I should, even though I think you're hot and I like you, but I told him I was not a fucking liar, and I wasn't going to fake it just to look cool."

Susan blinked. She chose her words carefully. "Ricky, at this moment, I think you are the coolest guy in a thousand miles."

Ricky looked at her with big, surprised eyes. "I was not expecting you to say that."

"I was not expecting you to be so grown up. I was thinking, 'Oh, he's a cute sixteen year--old, but he's just a baby.' Instead, I meet a man. It's great."

Ricky stared at her for a few moments. He had such pretty blue eyes! And that jawline, so square and manly! He appeared flustered, for he blinked worriedly. Looking around as if to emphasize his point, he said, "What I told you? It's not generally known. My mom and dad know. Collin knows. But no one else around here."

"Well, I guess I should be honored that you decided to tell me. Can I asked you what made you talk to me in particular and see if I in particular would be here?"

"I don't know. You're a little older, maybe? You just seemed cool, really. It was an instinct, but it was a risk. There's always that risk someone will freak and then run around telling everyone. But also, I see you are interested in me, even if only for my beauty..." Ricky laughed then, his eyes twinkling at the joke, playing on a role reversal.

He continued on without pause, "But it's like I said. I really like you. I won't play you that way. It's a shitty thing to do, to lead a girl on just to make others think I'm straight, so this is your chance to..., uh?"

"Get another guy?"

"Yeah, but I think my instinct is right. You're not the type to out me, huh?"

"I'm glad I don't appear to be that type, and no, pretty boy. Your secret is safe with me."

Despite her outer poise, Susan's mind was reeling. Within a few seconds, Ricky had gone from beautiful stranger to a fascinating... friend?

But she was curious. She asked, "Ricky, honestly? Have you ever even been with a woman?"


"And when you think of it, are you, uh, repulsed?"

"No. Not at all. I think girls are beautiful. I'm not, er, afraid of their bodies, if that's what you mean?"

"Something like that, I guess, but that answers that, but really? Would you like to explore that a little more?"

Ricky looked at her astonished again. He was so old in his manner, and then, suddenly, such a cute boy! What a smile! This guy had one of those "Light up the World" smiles!

He said, then, calmly, "I would." He had been looking shy and boyish. She saw then a little hint of aggressive masculinity, and it excited her. He was not an effeminate guy. He was all male.

"You could kiss me if you wanted, Ricky."

He moved closer to her. The way he did it was cute. He did not sweep in regally. He scooted over, making the swing creak sideways.

He did not then immediately kiss her. He... collected her. He slid one arm over her left shoulder behind her neck, and he rested his hand on her right shoulder. He twisted a little, turning his back to the lot and the kids running around, hiding her from view, in effect giving them privacy, ignoring everyone and everything but her.

He was into it! His look was excited.

With his other hand he took her right shoulder and turned her to him. He moved his head closer then, judging the distance and the angle, his eyes flicking all over here face.

He said, "You have the most delicate lips, Susie!"

She smiled. He was tantalizing her. She teased him. She said, "Oh, I bet you say that to all your boy friends!"

He smiled, "No, I've never said that to anyone."

He got the angle right, tipping his head and he kissed her sweetly and lightly. He was warming up, she knew.

His breath smelled minty. Nice! She liked her guys clean.

He backed his head up, and looked at her again, adjusting his whole body, like he was getting cocked for his next move.

She parted her lips and closed her eyes. Hint, hint!

She felt his lips on hers, very sweet, very gentle. He brushed his lips against hers, still tantalizing her and knowing he was doing so, for she squirmed.

His arms were around her then, a complete embrace, and his tongue was seeking hers. She parted her lips wide and gave him a serious kiss back, working her whole head, tonguing him back. The kiss she gave him was the one she called her "fuck me" kiss. They kissed that way for perhaps a minute.

When he parted from the kiss, he gasped, "Wow! You are a good kisser!"

She looked down at his jeans and laughed lightly, reaching over to run her fingers down the long, thick length of the outline of his big, hard cock sticking down along his left thigh in his tight, blue jeans.

She said, "I guess that answers that huh?"

He looked down. He looked up. He said, "I really like to kiss, but I gotta adjust myself. It actually hurts! Do you mind?"

"How about I do it for you?"

He looked around nervously. The railing hid them somewhat, but she could see that they were being glanced at. She did not wait for his consent. She reached in his pants with her slender hands and flipped his penis up. It was plenty big, not scary big, but big.

Susan knew how to handle a guy's dick. As she adjusted it, she confirmed her earlier suspicion. She said, "So you ride bareback, huh?"

She thought this was very butch.

He grinned at that, and his eyes studied her lips. He wanted to kiss her more, she could see, and he did.

He did not seek her breasts with his hands. He did not try to cop a feel for what lay between her thighs. She did not know if that was because he was shy, a gentleman, or not interested, but from what she was seeing and feeling, she doubted it was the latter.

After quite a bit more necking, she said, "Would you like to come over to our place? We have beer, food, our own rooms, and it's just Chrissy and me. No nosy adults, no sneaking around!"

"Oh yeah! Where's Collin and Christine?"

"They went down to the beach."

She got up, taking his hand, and he stood up with her. He looked down and looked around then reached in and gave himself another adjustment, glancing at her sheepishly.

She said, "It's not that noticeable. Come on!"

They held hands as they walked.

Susan was in heaven. Come what may, the whole community would know that Ricky had kissed her, and she had taken him home with her!

She had reached a famously unreachable boy. Christine had told her Ricky was the biggest tease on the river. Many had tried and failed. It was quite a coup. She was happy for him, actually. The silly chatter of the others would end. Ricky's reputation would soar along with hers.

They found Collin and Christine making out on the beach.

Susan whistled. She had a loud whistle.

That got their attention. She didn't need to say anything. Christine would see her holding Ricky's hand.

She saw Christine say something to Collin, and Collin got the message, for he almost jumped up, pulling Christine up with him.

Susan laughed. That boy was on fire. She could easily see what Chrissy saw in him.

Collin kept glancing at Ricky as they walked to Susan's and Christine's cabin. His look said to Ricky, OH yeah! Uh HUH!

It reminded Ricky of the look Collin had when he was fucking him. It was a sexy look. It was a look Collin got when he was scoring. Ricky was so happy that Collin was pleased with him. He was doing this for him, after all.

But Susan was a good kisser. She was a better kisser than Debbie, and Debbie was a better kisser than Joshua or Ryan... No. Ryan was pretty good, maybe better than Debbie. No, Little Roan, once he warmed up? Aww... fuck it!

But Susan was the best kisser so far. Well, except for Roan...

It was enough. Ricky liked to kiss. Susan was good enough at it that she could probably make him come just from kissing. So it was all good.

When she had touched his cock, he had been really surprised. He liked it. He was not surprised that he liked it. He hand was so fine and delicate! He was surprised that she had been so forward. He had never experienced a girl who was so sexually agressive. She was like a guy that way. He would not complain!

He was thinking he would use that trick himself on some guy, maybe even Collin, who, he hoped, would be willing to work a few more edges with him after this. Maybe they could all be in the same bed together! This thought gave him another erection. The thought of watching Collin fuck anyone gave Ricky an erection.

The Hanson cabin was right next to the bridge on the other side of the river. It was one of the larger cabins — two stories with an enclosure under the house, and a huge, huge deck. It was also the gathering place for one of the largest, oldest clans. Very few of tho old families had cabins on the other side of the river, but the Hansons were one of them.

Ricky had been floored to hear that the girls had come up without adults. They had driven up for the weekend from San Diego in Susan's car. On Sunday, they would be driving to Portland to see Christine's brother and his family.

Ricky had been very surprised by Susan's ready acceptance of his sexuality. He did not know what to make of her plan, but he would try. He had told the truth, and she had liked him better. He would keep on telling the truth.

Ricky had never been inside the Hanson cabin. It was one, giant, open space below with a tall ceiling on the river side with the bedrooms to the back, over the kitchen and the dining room.

There was a piano!

In his mind, Ricky was already play Handel's "Hallelujah."

As the girls got some beers for the boys, Ricky sat down at the piano. They had one at home, and Ricky played almost every day. He played for them various riffs from Rachmaninov piano concertos, then some Dvořák themes. They were properly impressed.

Ricky had little interest in popular music. Usually, he had not even heard of the musicians or the bands his peers knew and liked. Ryan knew a lot of old folk songs and he knew the stories behind them. He also knew a lot of sixties songs. He had intrigued Ricky with his music, and Ricky was becoming interested in using music the way folk songs moved people, so he was not a complete classics geek.

Susan sat down beside him, her soft thigh next to his, and wrapped an arm around his shoulder. She said, "Now that you've succeeded in blowing us all away, how about we go upstairs? Collin and Chrissy already did."

"I'm kinda nervous. I don't know what to do," he answered.

"Let's just go with the flow, bro'."

Ricky could do that.

She led him upstairs to a room that looked like it was in a hotel in an old western movie: cedar board siding, paintings of horses, old fashioned furniture, and a big brass bed. It was not dark yet, but the light from the dormer window was dim. Susan flipped on a bedside lamp.

She went to the door to close it, but Ricky said, "You can leave it open. It lets in the sound of the river, and I'll bet you and Christine have few secrets."

She looked at him oddly for a moment, then smiled mischievously. She left the door open.

While Ricky unlaced his Roman sandals, Susan kicked off hers and lay on the bed waiting for him. Finally, Ricky joined her. They rolled into each other's arms and began to kiss. Ricky got heated up, and when he touched her breast, through her blouse she said, "Not so rough."

Ricky said, "How about you touch my chest the way you like to be touched?"

She smiled at that. He took off his shirt, and when she did it, he could barely even feel it.

He tried it that way, and she liked it. She liked a light, light touch!

He told her, "I really want to try cunni... cunnilenguas?"

She laughed. "Cunnilingus," She corrected. "But you needn't be so proper! You could say, 'I really want to eat your pussy!'"

"I really do. That's not very gay of me, is it?"

"Actually, it's very gay, for a lesbian!"

They were laughing then. Ricky liked to laugh when he had sex. She was relaxing him. He said, "I really want to look at your body too. Are you embarrassed? Can I really check you out?"

"Would you do me the same favor?"


They undressed. Susan lay demurely on her side, resting on an elbow. Her legs were closed, and the upper knee was forward. It was an enchantingly beautiful pose.

Ricky had a very nice view of her Venus area. The hair was light brown, rather like his. She was not a hairy girl, but the dark triangle there was an enchanting contrast to her fair skin with blonde hairs on her legs and arms.

Susan was slender. She was not voluptuous. Her breasts were small; but her hips were wide. He was attracted to the deep bend at her waist. That was uniquely feminine. Her shoulders were wide for a girl. Her face, though very pretty, had a fairly strong nose, not a pert little button. Ricky had to admit that she had a boyish look, and he liked that.

She asked, "You like what you see?"

Ricky, nude, said, "My body betrays me!"

She smiled at his cock. He asked, "You like my dick?"

"It's nice. Now come over here and let's make out skin on skin. I like that."


"What do you want me to say? Yes, you have a fucking nice cock! Big deal! Now get over here!"

Ricky complied. He liked it. This part of hetero sex was hardly different than gay sex, but her skin was so soft and smooth!

He said so, with wonder in his voice.

She asked, "And your muscles are like iron! How much do you weigh?"

"One seventy-five, one eighty."

"And you are what, five ten?"

"Five ten and a-half. I'm always matched with much bigger guys in wrestling. I'm heavy for my size. I sink in water."

"Wow. What a fucking stud you are!"

"Are you making fun of me?" Ricky asked as he circled a nipple with a finger.

"A little. I was trying to get you brag, earlier. It's cute when boys do that, but you wouldn't take the bait."

"My dad and my coaches taught me not to brag. They say, 'deeds, not words.'"

"Well I say 'deeds and words!'"

Ricky smiled. He said, "I could, like, totally pick you up and hold you over my head with my arms! I'm strong!"

"Now we're talking, hotshot!"

"Except you have to make your body stiff, and you have to hang on too! Do you know how to do that?"

"I'm a dancer. I know how!"

Ricky picked her up in his arms, hopped off the bed, placed her down, bent deeply at the knees, took her by the waist, and tossed her in the air! As she shrieked, he caught her and held above his head!

He made her laugh and laugh. Giggling, she said, "Toss me on the bed, eat my pussy, then fuck the shit of me, you stud muffin!"

Ricky did not exactly "toss" her on the bed. He knew better, and before he joined her again, he picked up his jeans and pulled out a rubber. He set in on the bed stand, so it would be ready.

She was watching the whole time. She said, "You had rubbers. You were expecting to score."

"No. I always carry them. I never know when I might need them."

She said, "I have an IUD. It's taken care of."

Ricky was about to say that she really would not want a dick in her that had been up a guy's ass, but thinking that crass, answered, "Let's be safe."

She did not disagree.

They kissed some more. She liked to kiss. He liked to kiss. This lover was a kisser, and Ricky loved that about her.

Then she asked, "How did you get this bite mark on your trapezius?"

Ricky went, "Eh?"

She rubbed it. It was right near his neck. Ricky remembered that was where Collin bit him!

"Oh," Ricky said, "Collin and I were wrestling around."

She appeared to accept that, but she said, "It looks fresh. Do you and Collin have a thing?"

He answered with the part of the truth that he could, "Oh, I'm obsessed by him, but he likes girls, and I really want to check out you pussy. I'm freaking out with nervousness, but I want to. And I want to get a good look."

She grinned. "I have an idea. I'll show you how I masturbate. And you can show me how you do it. Then, we can do each other."


Ricky had been absolutely certain that he had no interest in girls, sexually, and then, suddenly, he was completely enjoying hetero sex. He decided that he needed to stop making decisions about his sexuality and let himself go.

He got between her legs, which she spread, and watched her use her hands. The way her arms made her breasts squeeze together was insanely hot. Ricky kept looking up at them and her face as she showed him. She pulled back the soft folds and revealed the hot pink intricacies within.

She said, "Because we've been fooling around, I'm wet, see? But I often need to start with a little lube by licking my fingers. You see my clit?"

Ricky was masturbating in his customary way, holding his balls with one hand and stroking his cock with the other. "Yes," he said.

He watched her fingers dance on it. It was like a little dick! Up and down, side to side, but so delicate! This girl liked a delicate touch!

"I want to lick it!"

"Go ahead, doll boy!"

She tasted tangy. Ricky liked the taste. It was not too different from the taste of a mouth. A little saltier, a little more... vinegary? He couldn't place it, but he liked the flavor. His tongue danced on her clitoris. He imitated the way Collin had tongued his knuckle, then, in a flash of inspiration, he pretended he was licking the glans of a guy's cock! But he kept more delicate than he would have with a guy. It was different.

He felt her clit grow firmer and larger, like a boner! Collin was right, and she seemed to like it.

Soon, she was arching her back and moaning! Was she coming? As she did that, he slowed down. He used his whole mouth, especially his lips. She seemed to come and come and come! She got really wet!

She was gasping. With her hands, she forced his head up, lifting her head, looking down with great favor in her eyes, she said, "I am so ready to be fucked now!"

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