This is a work of fiction. No one was exploited in the creation of this fable. In some locales, even reading about fictional teenagers having imaginary sex is prohibited. Local laws apply.

This story explicitly depicts young men forming erotic bonds with each other. Generally they are between the ages of 14 to 17, and they "generally" agree that peer relationships are best. However, among this particular group of youths, there are some who consider scoring some hot older fellow a coup, while there are others who remain enchanted by younger lads. These liaisons appear as dangerous edges, and the author has attempted to depict such outlawish trysts in a realistic way. Also, some of the fellows depicted here do other "bad boy" things like experiment with drugs and get in terrible fights. Last, being sexually versatile, as jocks typically are, they occasionally even have sex with girls. Ultimately, many are the spirits of the young who, in these pages, simply say, "Fuck the rules."

There is plenty of raunchy sex in this tale, but if all you are looking for is pure fapping material utterly devoted to some precise specialty, you might want to look elsewhere. In publisher's lingo, this is a "Coming of Age" novel.

Author's Note: Warning: More hetero sex. We will return to our regularly scheduled features soon enough. But these guys had to go through this to get to that. Also, there is an interesting development: Some of you have been asking about those videos Ricky and Joshua made; well, read on...

Pussy Crushing

The phone call could not have come at a worse time.

Susan could not believe it when Ricky's cell phone began to buzz from his shirt pocket, laying on the floor by the bed.

Ricky looked up at her with a stricken look.

"Let it ring," she whispered.

"I can't! It might be an emergency!"

He flopped across the bed, his beautiful butt whitely contrasting his beautiful tan, and he reached down to the floor to pick up his phone.

He returned to her, his head by hers, and threw an arm and a leg across her protectively as he worked the touch screen with a thumb.

It was his father.

"Yes Dad?"

She only heard one side of the conversation.

"Uh, Dad? This is a really bad time."

"No. I understand. But seriously. This is a bad time."

Ricky looked at her as he listened. She could just barely hear a tiny voice in the speaker.

Then Ricky said, looking at her, "Dad. Listen to me. It can wait. I am naked in bed with a beautiful, beautiful girl. She needs me more than you do right now, and I need her. Please."

Then, a few seconds later, "I'll be up before you. We'll talk then."

He hung up.

He looked at her again. "Sorry. Where were we?"

She had to smile. The things he said! And to his father?

She said, "As much as I hate to ask, I have to. What was that about?"

"There was kind of a blow up at our place. Big scene. Nasty business. But really? My dad already handled it. He just wants to talk to me. There's not really anything I could do. It's OK... Well, it'll be OK."

"Ricky, I want you, but I'm concerned now."

Ricky carefully turned the ringer of his phone off and set it face down on the nightstand. He kissed her. He was already kissing her differently. He had learned. He had learned already!

How strange! A gay boy proving to be one of the better lovers of her life. She ran a hand down one of his arms. He had all these little scars on his body. So tough looking!

He said, "I like that you are concerned, and thank you, but trust me, I want to be with you, right here, right now. I can talk later with Dad."

"There is one thing I do want to ask, Ricky."

"Uh huh," he said, snuggling next to her. She liked this about him, the way he would get himself in full contact.

"Would you mind if I told Christine?"

"About what?" he asked, innocently.

"About what you said, you know, boys versus girls?"

"You know her better than me. If you think she'd be cool, and, uh..."

Susan finished for him, saying, "Be discreet?"


"She's cool. She'll think it's cool. You said Collin knew."

Ricky explained that a bit more. "Yes, and he knows that you and me wouldn't be here, now, unless I told you because when he said, 'Let's see if we can hook up with some girls!' I told him I'd try, but I wouldn't pretend to be straight because that's a shitty thing to do to a girl.'"

She was satisfied by his answer, and he was done talking.

He kissed her again, and those lovely strong, calloused hands of his started roving. She got into it. Soon, they were rolling around. She was wet. He was hard.

"Do it!" She said. "Now!"

He reached over to the side table and grabbed the rubber, but she took it from his hand, saying, "Let me! I like to do it."

She showed him one of her favorite tricks. She ripped the package just enough to get the rubber out; it was neater that way. The rubber was a standard latex condom, unlubricated, a classic Trojan. After examining it briefly to make sure it would unroll properly, she popped it in her mouth and put it on him with her mouth, unrolling it with her lips, first, before finishing with her hand, making him laugh with joy.

Ricky had a lovely penis. Definitely a "plus seven," but ever so slightly on the slender side, with a tip that came to a pretty point. It was perfectly straight and smooth rather than veiny.

Gorgeous. He is a gorgeous boy in every detail!

She had another funny thought, I'll bet you can't wait to show some guy how you can put on a condom with your mouth, huh, Ricky? But she didn't say that.

She flopped on her back and spread her legs.

Ricky knew what to do next. He did not hold himself up by his arms. He wanted to lay on her, skin against skin. But he did prop himself up a bit. She like that. He liked that. He was heavy!

He slipped in with a sigh.

"Nice, huh?" She asked.


He did not immediately begin pummeling her. He had his eyes closed. He was absorbing the sensation, relishing the moment.

He may have thought he wasn't really a virgin before, but he really was not then.

She said, "You want to know the secret of making a girl come when you fuck her?"


She took that as a, "Yes."

"Put it all the way in. Press the soft part above your cock into the soft part above my hole. Press it hard! Yeah! Now wriggle around. Try and work that spot. Once you got me going? You can bang away, but smack that spot!"

Ricky did it. He lasted a surprisingly long time. He also had quite a bit of variation to his rhythms. Without any coaching, he even urged her into various positions.

He made her come twice!

He was a natural! He was strong and manly yet sweet and affectionate.

When he came, it was splendid. His whole body shuddered, and he stared into her eyes with a surprised and sweetly innocent look. He hardly made a sound, but his long, gasping sigh showed how deeply satisfied he was.


He pulled out before he softened. She watched him take the rubber off and tie it. He looked around for the trash. She told him to flush it down the toilet, but he said that it was a septic system, and they shouldn't do that.

Ricky. Always with these tidbits of man lore!

She got up and threw it in the trash, which was hidden in the closet. Susan hated the sight of trash cans anywhere in a room. She went to the bathroom. Ricky followed her.

"You're not coming in the bathroom with me!"

They were not yet at that stage. They were hardly a couple, and many people who were couples remained diffident about such things. Ricky, she saw, was not the sort of fellow who would be bothered by that, he covered his mistake well.

Ricky said, "I just wanted to see where it was."

"There's another downstairs."

When she came out. She saw Christine's door was open, and Ricky was not in her room, though most of his clothes were. She heard the voices of the guys downstairs.

She put on her panties and bra, then went in to chat with Christine. It was time to talk with her about how to play these pretty boys.

Collin was in his briefs at the kitchen table with an icepack over his eyes when he heard the bathroom door open and close. He lifted the icepack up and glanced at his friend, who was barefoot and shirtless, wearing only his jeans. He was looking down and his cellphone and appeared to be texting.

Ricky, he noticed, was a slow, methodical user of text messaging. Always, he used perfect grammar. It was endearing, actually cute, but he'd never tell Ricky that.

Collin dropped his icepack back over his eyes when he saw Ricky walking toward him, and when Ricky started to massage his shoulders, Collin sighed. It felt great. Ricky had strong hands. He knew how to massage!

"How'd it go, Ricky?" He murmured.

"Well, I am officially no longer a virgin; uh, with girls! And I liked it. And I want to do it again. So that makes me an official member of the 'Bi Tribe!'"

"Welcome to The Team, Brother," Collin chuckled, realizing that he had just admitted he was bi!

But Ricky seemed not to notice. Either that, or he was distracted about what he told Collin next. "Trouble at home, man. Jason tried to get me in trouble, but my dad was having none of it, and he and James got into it. He called when I was right in the middle of things with Susan! I'm worried!"

"Well, dude, I'll tell you what. If the chicks come down here all dressed sexy, that means more action. If they come down all covered up, that means no more nooky tonight!"

"You're saying that you might wanna bail?"

"I might."

"Well, I'll look for your cues then."

"You are a good wingman, Ricky."

It was as Collin had thought. The women came downstairs in long flannels with their hair tied up and their faces glistening with some female facial shit.

"Aw, look at them!" Christine commented to Susan behind them on the stairs. "Ricky's massaging Collin's neck!"

"Cute!" Susan agreed.

Collin had by that time dropped the ice pack, for it was making his eyes and nose ache. He tipped back his head, and Ricky, in his strong yet precise way, worked the cords of the muscles on either side of his throat. Collin was enjoying letting Ricky touch him. He was the sexual Alpha, and Ricky was his ferocious Beta. A strong Alpha will let his Beta groom him.

It was, in Ricky's terms, "mutual."

Seeing the girls dressed like that, and hearing their "matronizing" talk told him what he needed to know. He gave Ricky a cue. "Has your dad texted you back?"

"Let me check. Shit! I had the ringer off! He called twice! Wait! There's a text! Shit! Oh, I gotta go!"

Collin smiled to himself. Ricky was sensitive to cues.

Susan said, "We were just going to maybe make some popcorn and watch some Netflix. It would be great if you stayed, but Ricky told me a little about what's going on."

Christine, who had evidently been filled in, added, "You can snuggle up with us if you want Collin, but you might want to hang with your bro'?"

It was a mixed message. There was a hint there of maybe a little more action? Collin could not quite read it. Before he could say anything, Ricky said, "Well, I gotta go! I'm going upstairs to dress."

Collin did not wish to appear indecisive, so he merely said, "Well, I'm just wearing underwear, and I'm getting cold, so the thought of snuggling up with you two beauties sounds great, but I'm kinda worried about Ricky."

Susan shrugged her shoulders as she walked into the open kitchen behind her. "It's up to you and Ricky, Collin."

Christine then came over and looked at Collin's face as he stood up. She said, "It looks like the swelling is just about gone, but you really fucked this guy up, Ricky! You made it so he could hardly kiss!"

"I overreacted," Ricky agreed, repeating his pathetic excuse, as he was poised on the stairs, ready, obviously, to dash up there.

Collin was waved his hand at her. The gesture said, "Leave it be!"

She said, her tone musing, "Boys. As much as you seemed to understand them, they have their own secret worlds."

Girls, Collin knew, had their secrets too. He decided to go upstairs with Ricky and at least put a shirt on.

Ricky suggested to Collin that he stay. He could see Collin was torn. He let him off the hook, glad to be in a position to do so, for he was touched by Collin's loyalty. There was little he could do, and by staying there he might have a chance to work his charm on them.

Collin nodded. He kept his voice low. "I gotta admit, Ricky, the prospect of sleeping between those two is pretty appealing!"

Ricky nodded. He said, "I bet you wanna ask me how it went?"

"Every detail! And I bet you're curious too?"

"Definitely, but we'll talk about that later." He was distracted. He had not told Collin what was really going on at all.

Collin said, "I think these girls might be into each other. Wouldn't that be hawwt? The four of us?"

"It would be! I'd love to see you fucking those girls! But I'm thinking you should not pass up a chance at a three-way — right now — dude. You and them? How about you see if they are down for some group sex tomorrow? You don't need a wingman right now. Your in the zone, dude."

"OK, Ricky. I am seeing how to play it."

Downstairs, Ricky once again played "wing." He asked the girls if Collin could stay with them that night. "It would actually help. Collin doesn't need to be in the middle of an ugly scene."

Ricky knew Collin really did want to stay, but he did not tell them that.

It was agreed. The women would "help out."

Ricky did not walk home; he ran!

What he had not told Collin was that it was not his dad who had called the second time, but Joshua!

Joshua, ever the porn lover, had been browsing his favorite free, gay, twink "amateur," video site, and he had discovered a video of he and Ricky fucking the shit out of each other! It was the exact video that Josh had sent Ricky! The "only" copy, Josh had sworn, based on Ricky's wishes.

Josh was furious! There was no question in Joshua's mind that the "leak" had to have happened on Ricky's end. Ricky could not see how that was possible. No one had access to his Mac, but at the same time, he could not doubt Josh.

Ricky had none of Joshua's confidence and knowledge of computing. He knew that he had unencrypted the file and left it on his "Desktop."

Joshua's messages were all-caps diatribes of, "YOU GOT HACKED YOU DUMB FUCK! I WARNED YOU! YOU FUCKED UP!"

The last message was to tell him that he had used on of his "shadow accounts" to "report the video." It had already been taken down.

But the damage was done. Joshua said that the video had probably already been downloaded and saved hundreds if not thousands of times, and it would "probably reappear again and again. We fucking EXPLODED the internet YOU ASSHOLE!"

Ricky knew that there was one and only one suspect: Jason.

He was the the only one who might have the hacking skills. He had the motive, and, Ricky figured out, the opportunity.

Just before going over to Doc Jameson's to meet the girls, Ricky remembered he had checked his email while Collin dressed. His laptop would ordinarily require a password whenever it went into its screensaver or when it resumed from sleep mode, but he had changed the setting to an hour because he was annoyed with the computer always putting itself to sleep too soon. It was not uncommon for him to sit there, staring at the screen, and ponder something for more than fifteen minutes, particularly if he was reading music, and there was no half-hour setting.

He remembered he had just closed the lid and put his Mac in it's zippered, neoprene case. This, he tucked away in one of the benches with his comic books, and he had done that just before he and Collin had left. He had only spoken with Jason and Patrick for a few minutes before Jason ran off in a snit.

Then there was the real fuckup. He had never set up the encryption software Josh had wanted him to install. As he understood it, the email was secure, but once he entered his password, he had access to the file. He had simply saved it to his "Desktop."

Ricky thought it was really stupid to call it a "Desktop." He would have named it something more accurate like "home screen," but part of learning computers was learning the silly words.

So the file was saved right on his desktop. Joshua had named the file using their "stage names," "jordan-tommy_montage.mp4" All Jason would have had to do was click on it, and it would open and play.

But, would he have an account on the video site? He'd need one! Ricky was not sure. So that meant he was even more of a liar than they thought... Or? Hah! He probably had his dad's account information! His dad might use the site. Joshua said it was very popular.

All these thoughts were rushing through his head as he ran home. On the way, Joshua called again.

Ricky, breathless, panted, "Stop yelling, J-Bird!" This was Ricky's latest nickname for Josh. "I'm almost home! I'll call you! Yes! You can walk me through it!"

He hung up. He was torn. Should he rush in and talk to his dad? He could see him and James sitting in the nook with the corner windows even as he ran by.

No! Gather evidence!

He dashed to his gazebo. He flicked on the lamp. Everything seemed to be as he left it. No! A pillow was moved! He opened the top of the bench with the books and the laptop. Yep. It was in the wrong spot and sitting at an angle!

Ricky was not always meticulous about everything, but he did have certain habits, and he was very careful with his laptop. It was a precious piece of valuable property.

He unzipped the case. It had been put in upside down and backwards. This ruled out Patrick. That boy was crafty. He had even bragged how he knew how to study the placement of objects before he sneaked into shit or stole anything. Pat would have put the laptop away perfectly.

He pulled the laptop out, set it down, plugged it in, and opened the lid. Yes. The battery meter showed drain. Ricky would ordinarily use the laptop plugged in when he had power available. Whoever had used it had used it on battery power. It was half-charged.

He called Josh, but as usual, the connection was bad at his gazebo; frustrated, he brought up the secure video chat service Josh had him use. For some reason, it ran in Firefox but not Safari. Ricky did not have the technical skill to understand why. Regardless, in that way they could use the wifi connection rather than the cellular network.

Josh was online, as usual. He was in his room, and typically, was not wearing a shirt. He was always doing online hookups and flirting with guys.

He did not seem to be too pissed any more. Also typical Josh. He did not hold grudges once he got to say what he had to say. Ricky relayed all the information he had so far. Ricky had not, as Joshua suggested installed an anonymous browser. He liked Safari, the one that came with any Mac, because he thought it was "the prettiest." He had no Firefox icon on the part of a Mac called the "dock." One had to go into "Applications Folder" for that.

"First, check your browsing history," Josh told him. He did that the way Josh said.

He checked, "It's been cleared in Safari but not Firefox. I never clear it in Safari! And Firefox shows that the last time I used it, it was with you."

"Well, that proves it!" Josh announced.

Someone had used Safari. There was only one unencrypted video of them. It was about five minutes long.

Josh was even laughing then. "We were a big hit, Ricky. You should have seen the comments! All this old queers screaming for more, saying they busted seven nuts watching us!"

"Oh, this is so fucked, Josh! I gotta tell my dad!"


"Because he's talking with James right now! They had a blow up about Jason outing them to everyone! They are talking right now!" Ricky was freaked out. He was repeating himself.

"What good would it do?"

"I need to get that kid gone Josh! If I do not, I will likely beat his ass to death!"

"Your call, bro'. Leave me out of it."

"Yeah. And anyway, James needs to know that Jason has his passwords."

"Like I said, man."

"But Josh? Oh! Man!?"


"I fucking fucked a girl! That's where I was when you called."

Joshua was very interested in this news. He leaned forward. "You gotta tell me all about this shit."

"I'll call you tomorrow, J-Bird! I'm sorry! I'm SO sorry! I fucking love you."

"Yeah, Ricky, you do! And you fucking remember that! And now you know why I'm so paranoid about security. You'll do what I say now, won't you?"

"Yes! Talk to you soon, man."

He disconnected. He changed his password settings to a safer mode, making a new password while he was at it. He would change all his passwords. He would install a secure browser. He would do all that Josh asked. He would install the encryption software Joshua had suggested. In the meantime, he hid the video in an innocuously named folder in his "Documents."

He had not told Joshua a word about Collin. Ricky may have been ignorant of technology, but Collin's privacy was sacred. He would ask Collin about that. They actually could trust Josh, but Collin did not know that, so it was his call, not Ricky's.

He made his way over to the Boone cabin then. He was dreading the scene, but he knew there was no avoiding it.

He found his dad at the computer in the living room. He heard noises coming from the bedroom. He presumed it was James.

He went straight to his father and said, "Dad? Something terrible has happened, and I need to tell you everything I know about it."

That got his attention!

"What's going on, Ricky?'

"Well, me and this friend of mine, we were just fooling around with videos, and we recorded ourselves doing stuff with each other. I had the only copy of the file. It was on my laptop. But my buddy called me and told me that someone had uploaded it to the 'boy's tube channel' or something like that."

His dad stared at him in silence for some seconds before he said one of his favorite profane phrases, "Fuck. Jesus. Sideways."

Ricky waited, his head down.

"I presume you have some more information?"

It was then that James came out of the bedroom, moving as though to go to the kitchen, when his dad told him, "James? We might have another problem."

His dad told James what Ricky had told him, and James' immediate response was, "You think Jason did this? Why? Why do you think that? For all I know it was you or Patrick!"

His father said, "Let's hear him out, James. But, first, if it was him, why would he tell me?"

"To pin it on Jason! These two clearly have issues!"

Ricky looked at his father for a cue. He was in charge. To James, his father said, "OK. Let's consider that is possible. Still, I would like to hear what he has to say. Do you?"

James seemed to consider this. Ricky like the way his dad had done that. Without starting a new argument, he had simply gotten James willing to listen.

Ricky then repeated in summary form a sequential unfolding of events as he learned them.

When he had finished, James simply walked over to the kitchen table put his elbows up, and placed his head in his hands. His father walked over and sat across from him. He asked, in his gentle voice, "I take it you believe him?"

"Yes. He's never even heard of gayboystube. I'm the one with the account. This is my fuck up. I am so terribly sorry, Richard!"

He actually started to weep.

His dad said, "We both have angry sons, James."

"Well," James answered, "Regardless. I am returning him to his mother's tomorrow. It is time we engaged in counseling. Is it over with us?"

"It does not have to be. My sons like you, and I do to. You are a good man. Let us make no big decisions while we are grieving. Yes?"

He nodded.

Ricky was thinking then of the walls of books at his father's house, all those Alcoholic's Anonymous books, all those books on negotiations, deal making, and public speaking. He had just seen those skills in action. The Master at work. Ricky was deeply impressed.

"I'm sorry, Dad. Are you mad at me?"

"I'd like to tan your hide, Ricky, but the time for that has passed. We will talk more about this, but for now, please do keep your distance from Jason. Yes?"

"Yes, Daddy, I promise." Ricky rarely called him that. It was an honorific given only in moments when he wished to show the ultimate in obedience.

"That's a good boy. You did well to bring this straight to me. Thank you. Now, will you leave James and I to talk?"

"Yes." Then Ricky had a noble, big brotherly thought. He suddenly added, "But I would prefer it if Pat sleeps with me tonight."

His father looked at him oddly. Surprised! "Yes, ah, hmmm. Well, I don't want you going in the tent cabin to tell Patrick. I should tell him to go sleep with you."

James looked up and said, "I'll take care of it. I should be the one to talk to Jason."

His father said, "We will both go."

It was the first time since Ricky was six years old that he willingly slept in the same place with his brother. The bad blood between them had been that horrible.

It was fairly late in the morning when he awoke with his little brother sleeping peacefully on the bench beside him. He left him there to go get something to eat. His father was up. He was talking on the phone in the living room with one of his friends from AA. James, Ricky saw, was gone.

As Ricky rummaged around, thinking of making a big breakfast for everyone, his father caught his eye and held up a finger. That meant, "Don't take off. I need to talk to you."

Ricky decided on not merely sausage, eggs, and fried potatoes, but pancakes too! Patrick would love it. He'd even eat toast with butter and jam, milk, and orange juice. He was a big eater just like Ricky.

As Ricky sliced the potatoes, for those took the longest, his father came in.

"So James left early this morning as you may have surmised."

"Yes. I saw his car was gone. Anyway, I'm making the Famous Ricky Slam! I hope you are hungry!"

His dad chuckled at that. "That would be great. But I must tell you, I am very proud of you. I thought you handled the whole situation well last night. Also, I was thinking of taking you and Patrick out hiking and doing some shooting out in the desert to the north of the Mountain. Would you like that?"

"Actually, dad, I need to tan my hides, and speaking of 'tanning hides,' didn't you say you wanted to tan mine? But now you are happy with me?"

"Well, you know what they say in the navy, anyone can handle a Situation Normal. It's when shit goes south that the real soldiers stand out. Shit went south. You handled it all as well as anyone could have, better, even, and besides, that is all in the past."

Ricky was reaching down to light the old gas burner. It required a match. He wanted to get the oil for the potatoes hot. "Maybe not, Dad. My computer smart buddy says that once a video gets uploaded, copies get made, and they tend to reappear."

"This would be your fellow porn star?"

"That would be he, yes."

"Well, you just fucked yourself that way, Ricky, and serves you fucking right! It's James that could get in trouble. It was, indeed, uploaded from his account. We checked. His account has already been disabled for violation of the user agreement. But he is an attorney, and he said that unless someone were to actively pursue legal action requiring time, counsel, and funds, it will result in negligible repercussions."

Ricky nodded. He had just finished chopping the potatoes. "So it was Jason. That is concrete proof."

"Of course, but we knew that, anyway, you say you want to tan hides? Really? Is that all?"

"No. I told you when you called that I was with a girl. We might have something going on today. Funny, but it turns out I'm bi! But you want to hear something really interesting?"

He said this as he dropped the potatoes into the hot oil. They sizzled in a satisfying way. Next, he would mix up the pancake batter. There was a big electric skillet for cooking them.

"Yes, Ricky?"

"Well, this girl. She's cool. I told her that I was just playing along with Collin, you know, 'wingman?' but that I hated being a liar, and she was very pretty and seemed really cool, and I told I thought it would shitty of me to not tell her I was gay, and she said that really made her like me! Can you believe it?"

"Yes. I can believe it. So?"

"So she asked me if I wanted to experiment, and I told her, 'Well sure!' And we did! I liked it, Dad!"

His father actually came over and rubbed his neck and kissed his cheek. "Parents," he said, "dream that their children will exceed them. Your stock just keeps going up, Ricky."

"Well, Dad, we kids sometimes learn more from our parents' bad examples than we do their good examples."

His father rubbed the back of his neck affectionately. "It never ends with you, huh?"

Ricky only smiled triumphantly and shrugged.

Then, perhaps feeling a little too mushy, his father changed his tone. "Well, OK then. I'll take Patty. We'll do what he wants. I'll ask him."

"He'll like that. He has never had as much time with you as I have."

Ricky was working with his squirrel hides when Colin called him. He and the girls had gone to town. They wanted to go to the health food store, and then they wanted to walk along the main street, and then they had to go into "half the fucking shops in town."

"I'm bored out of my fucking mind, Ricky! Shit. I thought it would be just a quick trip! Anyhow, they are looking to hook up again tonight. More of a party, you know?"

"As in 'orgy?'"

"That would be the plan. You down?"

"Fuck yeah!"

"OK. I'll tell 'em."

Ricky suggested that Collin could go into one of the outdoors shops there, for they were pretty interesting. Also, he knew of a little park where teenagers gathered. Collin agreed that pretending to ditch the girls would give them the hint they needed. He hung up then.

Ricky went back to his hides. He had invented this technique where he would stretch the hides by stapling them to sheets of scrap plywood then put them in the sun. It did not allow full air circulation, but it seemed to work in this climate with dry air and hot sunlight.

Collin finally returned at just around lunchtime. Ricky had decided that it would serve no purpose telling Collin about the full details of Jason's crimes, for that would require telling Collin about Joshua, and he was not ready to do that.

Collin, however had some stories and musings of his own.

First, he had seen no further action with the girls. They had snuggled up on the couch and watched a couple movies, but that was all.

"I woke up on the couch, and they came downstairs in the morning already dressed, and they invited me along, which was a mistake — going with them, I mean. I pretty much had half a semi all morning, and they knew it and liked that or didn't care, and that's when I realized we are toys to them!

"We're only sixteen. We don't have money. We don't have cars. We don't have 'authority.' We don't have power. In order to keep them, we have to show them that we are worth it."

"But Collin," Ricky said, "We have beauty, and we are good at sex with them, and we charm them."

"Yeah Ricky. And that counts, but I'm just saying, dude. Trust me. We could be dumped by noon."

"Well," Ricky said, "Let's do something about that. I mean, what were you saying about 'social value?' Aren't we the hottest boys in town?"

"That's what I'm saying, Ricky. They picked us because we have that rep, so they are sort of leveraging that to outshine the other girls. Besides, I know they are into each other."

"How do you 'know,' Collin?"

"Because I smelled pussy on them both in the morning, and speaking of bad breath, I need to brush my teeth, and I need a shower!"

"I need one too," Ricky agreed.

As they were brushing their teeth together on the back porch of Ricky's cabin, Collin knew that Ricky lusted for him, and Collin enjoyed having this power.

Ricky then got the shower going for him. It was according to Ricky, "sensitive" to adjust. Collin could not see what was so "sensitive" about it. "It's a fucking shower, dude! Shit!"

"Well, I like to save the hot water."

"Why? There's no one here but us!"

Ricky pondered that, and laughed. He grinned. "Habit I guess. I used to stay here with the old ones as a small boy. It was important to them. I guess I honor their wishes still."

Leave it to Ricky to actually have a good answer!

Their swimming shorts were hanging on a line on the back porch, by the shower. They would change there after they themselves showered.

Collin needed to show Ricky who was boss, so instead of stepping out to soap himself down while Ricky stepped in to get wet, he said, looking back over his shoulder, "How about you soap me down, Ricky?"

Ricky required no further persuasion. He started to get hard.

"And keep that big prick of yours away from me while you do it!" Collin admonished him, knowing Ricky would try to rub up against him.

He wanted to tease Ricky. He did not really mind Ricky's gay little moves, but he enjoyed fucking with him.

Ricky tried to hug him and kiss him, but Collin shrugged him off. "Dude! Just get the soap!" Ricky then soaped down. Collin had to admit, it felt great. It felt great to be so admired. Ricky used his big, strong hands all over him, but he paid special attention to the sweaty parts where the hair grew. Soon, Collin had a raging erection.

Once they were rinsed, Ricky knelt. With the water coursing over him, he sucked Collin's cock in his deep and amazing way, often looking up at him. It was, as always, a great BJ. So far, Ricky was better than any girl. Chicks always seemed to think they were doing you a huge favor, but Ricky clearly liked it. It was, as Ricky would say, "mutual." When Collin started to come, Ricky stooped, stood, and handed him the hair conditioner. "It's better than soap; it doesn't burn."

He turned around and Collin let him have it.

Collin, being a little shorter, was just the right altitude for a standing rear entry. He loved Ricky's big ass. He loved fucking him. He ground his teeth into Ricky's neck as he blew his load in him.

Ricky, jacking himself off, ordered, "Don't leave any marks this time!"

Collin laughed throatily and said, "You are such a bitch!"

"Yeah, but I'm your bitch!"

Collin did not came with anywhere near the intensity of yesterday's adventure with him. It was a quickie. A good orgasm required a lot of build up. But having a guy like Ricky around was great when you just needed to get off! All the sexual tension he had experienced by being teased by the girls all day was shot into Ricky's hot ass. Fucking his friend was way better than jerking off, but just as fast. He'd be able to relax around the bitches later.

Questions? Comments? Critiques? Don't be shy. Let me know. All feedback is useful. Your letters have been helpful and encouraging. Heck, I'll even write you back. I like to do that.

Cheers, Dorian

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