This is a work of fiction. No one was exploited in the creation of this fable. In some locales, even reading about fictional teenagers having imaginary sex is prohibited. Local laws apply.

This story explicitly depicts young men forming erotic bonds with each other. Generally they are between the ages of 14 to 17, and they "generally" agree that peer relationships are best. However, among this particular group of youths, there are some who consider scoring some hot older fellow a coup, while there are others who remain enchanted by younger lads. These liaisons appear as dangerous edges, and the author has attempted to depict such outlawish trysts in a realistic way. Also, some of the fellows depicted here do other "bad boy" things like experiment with drugs and get in terrible fights. Last, being sexually versatile, as jocks typically are, they occasionally even have sex with girls. Ultimately, many are the spirits of the young who, in these pages, simply say, "Fuck the rules."

There is plenty of raunchy sex in this tale, but if all you are looking for is pure fapping material utterly devoted to some precise specialty, you might want to look elsewhere. In publisher's lingo, this is a "Coming of Age" novel.

Author's Note: It took us a while to get here, but here it is.

Scars Are Tattoos for the Brave

Ricky did not know it was possible to be as aroused as he was. He knew he was making silly noises, but the little giggles, sighs, and moans simply came unbidden.

His cock was so hard, it hurt.

Collin talked. Ricky listened. He was willing to talk. Ricky would not stop him. It was joy to hear him. Collin was a "deeds, not words" sort of guy, but when he chose to speak, he spoke well.

All of that day's sadness was replaced by delirious giddiness. Collin was letting him touch him anywhere he wanted, and this was rapture.

The time for talk, Ricky knew, would soon be over.

Ricky had always loved the way Collin looked in his white briefs. To be able to kneel naked between his legs as he sat on the bench, play his lips over his big, beautiful boy mound, slide his hands around the waistband, lingering at the hips or digging a finger under the seam at his upper legs, was ecstacy.

"First of all, Ricky, and I want you to know this; actually, I think you do know it: I thought it was wrong to exclude you, OK? But you wouldn't believe how many times I jacked off to the idea of me as the meat in girl sandwich!"

"Actually, Collin," Ricky said, once again with one hand on Collin's perfect balls with the other sliding on Collin's perfect penis, "I would. I knew you were so turned on!"

"And that was cool of you, and that made it OK, but it nagged at me, and I kept thinking that the way we were doing it was not cool. And then I saw you at the bridge. I went outside then, you know, sort of to pull the girls away from those asshats and their bitches, and I watched you fish. I'd see you go, that one, and bang you had that one, pulling fish out of the water at will, and I knew then that you could have any girl and probably most guys, and I just could not live with burning you.

"It was then that I was thinking, that I was gonna get them all excited, then reject them!"

"Really?" Ricky stared at him. He leaned back to play with Collin's knees. Even his knees were beautiful. Ricky's long, strong piano player's fingers probed the regions surrounding Collins's kneecaps, and Collin, whose body spoke one language while his mouth spoke another, straightened his legs, allowing Ricky to move the kneecaps around.

"Ah, Ricky, that feels really good!" Collin's tone was surprised. "But, anyway, really. I told you. We are toys to them. We don't have power in this world. We don't have leverage. We don't have rank. We're boys! You get it?"

"I'll take your word for it." Ricky was surprised by the vehemence In Collin's voice. He looked up at him then.

He had tensed up and his dick had softened a little.

Collin appeared to accept Ricky's words. His hands moved behind Collin's knees. The way all the tendons, ligaments, and muscles joined there felt fascinating.

He continued, "So it was gnawing at me and gnawing at me; it was, even then, but I was still, 'Oh fuck! This is so hot!' So even though I had those angry thoughts, I was working it out, like, 'I'll use them too. Then I'll make it up to Ricky. He'll be cool. He'll understand.'"

"I would have, too." Ricky agreed.

"Yeah. You would have! Even so. You would be hurt, and the thing is, a few days ago? Oh, fuck, I wanted to hurt you, but then... Well, you know what happened! And then I was thinking, 'Why's it have to be the way they said it had to be?' Why couldn't you be there? You would have given us privacy! And then, as we were walking upstairs, it hit me! They wanted to cut you down! They wanted to cut you down to size. They wanted you to know that they had power over you because they had power over me!"

Ricky said nothing. He scooted up and laid the side of his cheek on Collin's warm belly, the skin was still behind Collin's tight tank top. It was thrill to feel Collin breathe. It was splendid to feel the way his muscles pulsed when Collin talked. He kissed his belly and looked up at him.

He continued unabated, petting Ricky's hair again. "So when we got up there, they were all, 'How about you just watch first?' And they were being all cute. But I had decided already. They got undressed. I kept my clothes on, sitting in the chair. They started going at it. I drank my beer, my one beer I used to make them shut up with all that, 'You need a drink, have a drink' shit, and I sat in the chair, and when they said, 'Come on, hot boy! Jump on in!' I stood up and said, 'Fuck you bitches. You burned my friend! I'm outta here!'"

Collin laughed loudly and longly, making Ricky's head bounce on his abdomen.

"You shoulda' seen their faces, Ricky! But I wasn't gonna stick around to listen to them explain how right they were and how wrong I was. It was all I could do to keep from running down the stairs. I was shaking. One of them, I think it was Susan, tried to run after me. Then I heard them arguing, and as I walked out the door, they were already yelling at each other."

Ricky sat up then on his knees, straight backed. He stared at Collin.

He thought he understood him, but then Collin surprised him yet again.

He says, "And now I want to kiss you, Ricky."

Collin is a complicated guy!

Thus, in the middle of Ricky's surprise and confusion, Collin hops off the bench and lands on Ricky's lap with his thighs spread across Ricky's. He lays his arms over Ricky's shoulders and leans in to plant him with a wet and wild kiss!

Gasping, Ricky feels his mouth entered by Collin's tongue. It is a manly and forceful kiss, not sweet and delicate at all. Not receptive. Ricky is penetrated!

He wraps his arms around Collin to receive him, yet, in a strangely counter-poised contrariness, it is Ricky's cock that pops up behind Collin's balls with Collin's package grinding down on top.

He is purposely heating me up, just like he would a girl, but doing the things he knows I would like!

He reaches down and grabs Collin's powerful and perfect bubble butt, but Collin, true to form, suddenly scoots his rear back, allowing Ricky's cock to pop up into empty space, making no contact with him. Collin leans back with straight arms, his hands on Ricky's shoulders and he looked at him with that impassive, enigmatic, and completely unreadable expression of his.

The kissing is over.

"Take my shirt off," Collin commands.

He raises his arms, exposing his pretty armpit hair, to make this easy for Ricky, who does as he is commanded. Collin's brown, small nipples are tiny pools in the dark against his skin.

Then Collin is standing. "Now my underwear," he orders.

Ricky does as he is ordered, thrilled to see Collin's wonderful penis pop out, not quite hard, above his big, smooth, and snug balls.

"Now suck my dick!"

Collin steps forward with his feet on either side of Ricky's thighs and grabs Ricky's head as though to thrust himself into his mouth, but Ricky, has other ideas.



"You smell like piss, and my hands are dirty from your feet. Also, your breath stinks. I have my kit here with water and disinfecting soap. I need to wash you first.

"Also," Ricky adds, "the smell of that girly perfume on your neck is disgusting."

Collin's tone is amused."You don't like my cologne?"

Ricky merely looks up at him. He despises perfumes of any kind. The smell of a clean and healthy human mingled with the scents of fresh and wild outdoors can not be transcended by any manufactured product. He is adamant in this opinion.

"Fine!" Collin snorts. "But you're right. I am feeling a bit rank. OK! Wash me!"

Ricky knew he could rely on Collin's fastidiousness.

Though he was Collin's slave for the night, even slaves have control. Collin, he knew, had been enjoying sensual, patient foreplay. Ricky could continue that by lovingly washing his lovely lover.

First, he gave Collin a mint, taking one for himself as well. He had Collin sit down again on towel towel. He got busy with a sponge bath, using little water. Working from the cleanest parts to the dirtiest parts. He made it erotic, of course, by tasting Collin's skin with little licks and kisses, teasing him, flirting with him, making him horny, making him wait, making him lust for Ricky.

Almost last, he washed Collin's cock and balls, saving the very last scrubbing left in his rag for the crack of Collin's ass, which could have used a better wipe than Collin had evidently given it. He did not inform Collin this. Collin was a bright fellow. He could figure that out on his own.

He leaned over to sniff Collin's pubic hair. That part was fine, but the rest was not quite good enough, so he took a fresh hand towel and washed his genitals and ass yet again. Finally, he gave Collin's feet a wipe down.

To test, he lifts one of Collin's feet with both hands and kisses the top while sniffing. Satisfied, he kisses his toes before teasingly sucking on the second toe. This toe, in Ricky's opinion, is Collin's prettiest toe.

Collin is shaking his head in wonder. "No one has ever done that with me, Ricky. You really are a good fucking lay, man!"

"Oooh! Say it again! No one says it like you!"

"Fuck you, Ricky."

"Several times, I hope. Kiss me, Collin!"

"Oh, you and your kissy kissy shit, Ricky! Get over it. Will you? Besides, I'm not kissing you after my toe's been in there!"

Collin is not being bossy. He is cheerful. This is fun!

Ricky takes a gulp of water and swishes it around in his mouth before spitting it into his wash water bucket. He still has his mint.

"No, Collin. I will not get over it. 'No' because after I suck your dick, you won't kiss me again all night. This is my last chance, and I need it; besides, if I were a girl, you'd do it."

"GRRR!" Collin actually growls! He shoves Ricky away, knocking him back against the bench behind him, hurting him a little.

This is part of sex with Collin. He is a rough boy. He has come Ricky's way, but now he is asserting himself again. Ricky gets the "message."

It is a game. It is only a game. The fun thing is that they both know it, and they both know they both know it.

Collin hops down and pushes Ricky over on his side so that his head was to the east, away from the door. He then drops down beside Ricky so they are stretched out side by side. Ricky lays on his left side and Collin lays on his right. This was the way they slept as well.

Long, long before, as little guys, Collin the left hander, explained he liked to sleep with his "fighting hand" free.

Even in the middle of this action, Ricky has a curious thought about him. Collin, though a lefty, shoots right-handed and claims he is "cross-dominant," for he is "right-eyed." It is another piece of the puzzle that Collin is, an amazingly complex young man with many facets and unrevealed depths.

Collin is using his sneering voice as he props his head up on an elbow to stare at him with a cruel expression. "Gee Ricky! You don't look like a girl! In fact, I'd say, for a girl you have an awfully big cock! And I notice that your big cock is NOT in need of much encouragement!"

To punctuate this remark, he reaches down and grips Ricky's balls hard enough to hurt, making Ricky gasp, and he rudely pummels them in such a way that Ricky's big cock banged against his belly.

"Fuck, Collin! You're squeezing too hard!"

"Oh, fuck you, Ricky, with your hissy, dipshit, la, la, kaka! You like it rough, don't you? Admit it!"

Ricky reaches down and pulls Collin's hand away from his balls.

"Oh, there's a first!" Collin chortles. "I grab your balls and you flick my hand away!"

Ricky stares him down. He says nothing. He waits.

Eventually, Collin smirks. He scoots over closer to Ricky, and he brings his face close. He lifts a thigh up over Ricky's side, and he runs a hand down Ricky's arm. His expression changes to one of sultry seduction. He holds Ricky's forearm and guides his hand to his junk. Ricky rolls a little bit to free up his left hand. In this way he can use both to play with Collin's cock and balls.

"Theeere," Collin coos. "Is that better, Ricky Boy?"

It is better. But Ricky still wants to be kissed.

Collin obliges him. But he does it his way. Leaning on his right elbow, he moves his right hand under Ricky's left cheek, commanding him to turn and lift his head up, and with his left hand, Collin, sweeps back Ricky's hair on the side of his head. He leans his head down and gives Ricky a gentle kiss on his lips. Both pairs of eyes are wide open. While he kisses Ricky this way, he smooths his hair ever so gently. Once again, Collin is kissing Ricky the way he might kiss a girl he wanted to get horny.

It is working, of course.

Collin kisses him long and well. There is, however, to Ricky's perception, something dispassionate to Collin's kiss. Ricky understands! Collin tries; he genuinely tries, but kissing is really — merely — not Collin's thing!

This realization comes as a relief to Ricky. He lets Collin be Collin.

When Collin pauses to study Ricky, and that, Ricky knows, is what he is doing, Ricky tells him, "I'm cool, man. I'm all yours. Do what you whatever you want. Have me do whatever you want."

Collin grins mischievously. "'Whatever' I want?"

Ricky has a sinking feeling, but he answers, "Whatever you want."

The change in Collin's demeanor is sensational. He springs into action.

Gone is the smirking Collin, the sneering Collin, the reluctant Collin. Dramatically present is the joyful Collin. He pulls his legs up and bounces to his knees. He thrills Ricky by thrusting his hips and making his cock bounce in front of Ricky's face!

"You ever had a 'Roman helmet?'"

"No, but I think I am going to find out what that is!"

"Hooyah!" Collin almost shouts it.

He clambers back behind Ricky's head and plops his balls on Ricky's eyes with his dick running down Ricky's nose, almost but not quite brushing Ricky's lips. He swished his hips delightfully. He is enjoying himself now, Collin is. He is in control.

Ricky tries to catch the tip of Collin's cock with his mouth, but Collin playfully keeps it moving out of reach, making Ricky laugh.

"You like that, huh, Ricky?"

Ricky likes that.

"How about this?" He asks as he suddenly sits on Ricky's face, holding his butt cheeks apart with his hands, and wiping his ass on Ricky's nose and mouth!

"Oh, you are a nasty one, huh, Ricky? I can see you like this!"

He is, no doubt referring to the way Ricky was bucking his hips with his stiff dick dancing excitedly. Collin's anus is powerfully tight and firm. It would have taken a hammer and chisel to penetrate that hole! Ricky presses it with his tongue with all the force he could deliver, and it merely clenches more. He is not hairy there at all, Collin's pucker is as small as Roan's!

Holding his cheeks and hopping up and down on Ricky's mouth, Collin laughs and laughs.

Ricky wants to ask him if a girl ever did that for him, but he could ask later. He pretends he is the nastiest girl Collin ever has had. He will show them who the ass eating champion is!

Collin soon flips around the other way and sits on Ricky's belly.

This is exuberant sex!

Ricky is able to lean up on his elbows then to admire the view of Collin's hard belly with it's one, thin wrinkle and little button navel above his gorgeous pubes surmounting his raging hard-on over his high riding balls above a tantalizing glimpse of Collin's cute little asshole, winking secretly in its crack. All this is made insane by Collin rocking his hips.

He is showing off! Ricky loves it when Collin showed off.

"You like what you see, gay boy?"

"I like what I see, straight boy!"

Collin tips his head to the side and smiles a slight smile. He wiggles his hips "You really think I'm straight?"

He asked this with an endearingly honest curiosity to his tone, like a small child.

This is not the time to talk about the Kinsey scale with Collin. Ricky only says, "Compared to me you are."

"Ah," Collin says as he rises up to kneel above him so Ricky is looking up at his cock and balls, "compared to you!

"But then," he adds, as he falls forward to rest his hands on the bench behind Ricky, "you are really, really gay!"

This last remark is not something Ricky can respond to, for Collin is rubbing his fat shaft back and forth across Ricky's face, and Ricky is gibbering in his crazed desire to get it in his mouth. This makes Collin laugh.

"I love that whore face you make, Ricky! You really do turn me on! I do not think I am quite as straight as you think!"

Ricky does not care. Gay or straight, Collin gives Ricky great sex.

Ever mercurial, his tricky Collin is off him in a flash and sitting on the bench behind him with his legs out before him, ankles crossed, feet rocking from side to side.

Ricky rolls to his side and sits halfway up, leaning on and arm with his legs drawn up. He looks at Collin who is now leaning back on his arms. A frown crosses his face. "I wish they'd turn that damn deck light off!"

"They leave it on all the time," Ricky tells him. "Even when they are gone. I shot it out one time, and I let them think it was Patrick. That was mean of me, huh?"

Collin chuckles and shrugs. It did not strike him as mean at all, apparently. "We should hop the fence and unscrew it," he suggests.

His cock, Ricky sees, is starting to droop slightly.

Even though they are in shadow, and the light is not directly upon them, by the refractive glow, he can see Collin's face well, already much healed. His eyes are enigmatic. His lips are still. His expression is only one of outward looking serenity.

"Right now?"

"No. Not now. Later. Right now, I will let you suck my dick."

His skin, in that light, seems to be more pale than it is. Yet Ricky can see the tan line of his surfing shorts. Collin always has had a golden glow to his skin, even in his pale winter coat. Ricky always envied people with that kind of skin, unlike his, which became so ghostly without sunlight.

Ricky kneels there so long, staring at him, Collin asked, "What are you doing, Ricky?"

His voice is kind and curious.

"I was admiring you, Collin. You are so very beautiful. I have only had sneaking glances for years, and now you let me really look at you."

Collin leans back against the back railing. He raises his arms behind his head and rests his head on his hands. He smiles that slight smile he has, that Collin smile, hardly a smile at all — unless you know him, and then you see it was Collin's true smile, not for show, but his genuine smile.

Collin will permit himself to be admired.

"Well?" Collin asks, pretending to ignore Ricky's last comment and bucking his hips a little to indicate what Ricky is to do.

Sensuously, catlike, Ricky straddles Collin's crossed thighs and slides forward with his hands running up Collin's legs, over his gens, only lightly brushing them, up his belly until they finally rest on Collin's chest. In this position, his engorged penis rested between Collin's thighs. Collin, he knows, did not like Ricky touching any part of his body with his dick, so Ricky is always trying to sneak those gay moves in on him.

Collin looked down at him serenely. He says, "I want you to blow me slowly, Ricky. Make it last. I do not want to come in your mouth, I want to come in your ass, so don't try to make me come. Take your time. How about that? Would you like that?"

Collin's tone was not teasing or even flirtatious. He is perfectly matter-of-fact.

"I really get a kick out of you, Collin."

"I will take that as a 'Yes,'"

He bucks his knees then under Ricky, indicating Ricky is to get off of him. Ricky does that, and Collin parts his thighs.

With a free hand then, he does something that Ricky will remember forever: He snaps his fingers and points at his dick!

Collin is a bossy boy!

He stares at Ricky and raised his eyebrows.

Collin had posed him a challenge.

Always before, he has striven to rapidly excite any man or boy with the art of felatio. Collin wants something new!

Getting in between Collin's legs and snuggling up close to Collin's enticing boy stuff, Ricky begins by simply taking Collin's fleshy cock in hand and flipping it around. He looks up at Collin and giggles. He cannot help himself. He feels so delirious!

Collin has resumed his previous position with his hands behind his head. He looks at Ricky through half-lidded eyes, his face, except for his tiny smile, is unreadable.

He strokes Collin's cock and pets Collin's balls. He delicately kisses them. The skin is so soft. The tiny hairs there are so delicate. He brushes his lips as lightly as if he were using a rose petal. Collin has grown slightly sweaty, but the sweat is fresh and therefore deliciously scented.

Ever so lightly, he stroked Collin's almost hard shaft. He marvels at the beauty of its shape, the way it thickens in the middle of its length then tapers to an elegant point. The head had a wicked flare, and the scar of the circumcision is almost invisible. Collin has leaked slightly. Ricky sucks this up with pursed lips, and with pursed lips kissed him there. The musky taste of the tiny bumps of the glans, like tiny pimples, enchant him.

With his fist wrapped around Collin's fat fuck muscle, Ricky gives the slit a lingering lick, forcing as best he could to slip the tip of his tongue in. Rather than wet the dick with spit to swallow it whole in a single gulp, Ricky only sucks on the head, demurely, effeminately, and he looks up at Collin while he does that.

That brings first a gasp, and then, a long, contented sigh from Collin.

Taking that as the cue that he is doing it right, he continues to slowly make love to Collins's cock. Changing tactics, he brushes his lips up and down the sides of it, licking it slightly with the tip of his tongue, then pushing it down to kiss the top at the base. He took a few pubic hairs in his teeth and tugs on them, looking up at Collin cutely.

This makes Collin groan happily as his penis throbs against his chin.

Ricky's handsome companion is becoming extremely aroused. Ricky is in for a wild ride. He knows it.

He tells Collin, giggling like a child, "If they made a perfume called, 'Collin's Pubic Hair,' I'd spray it on my upper lip!"

Collin laughs at him. "Well, you are wearing that perfume right now!"

Ricky then returns to the flaring head of Collin's penis, but he sucks it a touch harder, drawing from it another delicious sip of pre-come before plunging down on it a few times.

Collin then peremptorily pulls Ricky's head back by grabbing his hair, a little painfully. Making Ricky protest with a slight grunt. "I changed my mind," Collin announces, "I do want to come in your mouth. After that, I'll fuck you. I want to fuck you for a long time, but if I do it now, I'll come too soon."

He pushes Ricky bossily back with a foot and dropped down in front of him. Ricky got on his hands and knees.

"I wanna fuck you in the mouth."

Collin then does exactly that, making his balls slap Ricky's chin as he long--cocked Ricky in the mouth.

The foreplay had been long, so Collin's eruption came quickly.

Ricky felt like he was getting blasted by a fire hose. Collin came and came in ever more spasmodic thrusts.

Finally, he pulled out. He flopped to the side, alongside Ricky, as far to the edge of Ricky's bedding as he could get. He had one leg lifted, and his still mostly hard cock flopped on a pale thigh, oozing a bit.

Ricky sat up on his haunches and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. His cock was as stiff as a steel girder. It was so stiff, it ached. It was all Ricky could do to keep from whimpering.

"Wash your mouth." Collin ordered him.

Ricky had no idea what was going to come next. Collin seemed to want a little distance. Ricky washed his mouth out.

Collin said, "I want to rest a little. That was intense."

Ricky rinsed his mouth out. He popped a mint into his mouth and offered one to Collin, who took it and sucked on it in a way that teased Ricky because he flipped it around on his tongue with his mouth open a lot, making Ricky stare, as he in turn, looked Ricky in the eyes.

Ryan had told Ricky about guys who would promise they would do you after you did them, but as soon as they popped, they were done and gone.

Ricky was wondering if Collin was going to live up to his promise of more action.

Collin then said, "Don't just kneel there staring at me! Lay down here, man! Shit!"

He patted the bed beside him.

Ricky, happy at this gesture, lay down.

Collin said, "Look how hard you are! You are so fucking hot for me!"

"You are the most beautiful boy in the world, Collin."

"Not 'one of the most?'"

"No. You are he."

Collin chuckled. He said, "You know, I've always been kinda jealous of you, Ricky.'

This was OK. Collin wanted to talk. Ricky would talk.

"That's funny you say that, Collin, because I've always been kinda jealous of you."

Collin looked at him curiously. He asked, "How so?"

"Well, first of all, your beauty. And then, that free spirited confidence. Everyone always seemed to like you more than they did me, too, especially girls who seemed to just melt. I liked your constant cheerfulness. Nothing ever got you down. You were always optimistic, and if someone fucked with you, you never took it personally. And you always seemed to have insight into others. You could always see the other guy's point of view, and then, you were so expert at hunting and camping and tracking, like just natural and easy about it. You just amazed me. I couldn't believe I was so lucky to have friend like you!"

Collin stared at him for some time before he said, "Wow. I never really knew you thought those things because I envied this... this serenity of yours, and it's not true people didn't like you, and the fact is, I was always making enemies because of my smart mouth. And as far as girls go, I heard the talk. They were crazy about you, but you were like, whatever. But at the same time, I saw that, actually, you scared them. No one was ever scared of me. You were, and are, like, the most bad ass dude I've ever met."

"Who likes it up the ass?" Ricky reminded him.

Collin chuckled. "Then there's that! Go figure! Maybe those things go together. That's what I'm thinking."

"I like it when you boss me, Collin. It's exciting." Ricky said. He leaned close, and Collin let him. He ran a gentle hand along the length of Collin's side, who smiled benignly.

"I want to get you off, Ricky."


"I know you love to rub your dick against me. You are always trying to do that. I'll let you."

Ricky's head by that time scooted in next to Collin. He had full body contact. He lay on his arm again. Collin kissed him. It was a quick peck. He said, "The things I do for you, man. Don't you fucking forget it!"

"Never, Collin." Ricky raised himself up to look down at his friend, who stared back at him with a certain... look! What was it? Did he look vulnerable?"

Collin made a kissy face at him, covering it up. He said, "Make me want you. Do your thing, gay boy."

Ricky writhed against him like a cat, growling.

Collin laughed at this as Ricky was taking his body in his arms to scoot him away from the side. Ricky felt his chest pulse with the laughter.

Collin said, "Did you just meow?"

"I was trying to growl," Ricky said, as he spread his legs across Collin's waist.

"Dude, you gotta work on your growl," Collin said, as Ricky with his knees drawn up high brought his pelvis down against Collin's.

"Do I?" Ricky asked, using his girly voice. He arched his back and grazed Collin's stiffening prick with his own. Their balls brushed together as Ricky reached up and held Collin's biceps. He pressed his body into his friend's body as they lay on their sides. They were kissing.

Collin ground his hips into Ricky as he kissed him. This was a new move for Collin. It was a gay move.

Briefly, Ricky wondered about all this, then he realized that it didn't matter. What mattered was that Collin was coming his way. He would expect something in return. With Collin, it was always tit for tat.

Collin's arms were around him. His hands were caressing. His lips were on him, his tongue in him. His body was pressed into him, and his hard cock churned against him. Collin was heating up.

This was not a straight guy using a gay guy to get off. This was a guy who was into doing it with a guy. Collin was making love with him, and he knew it.

Ricky reached down with his left hand to grip his bossy boyfriend's perfect ass, and with one of his hands, Collin did the same.

Ricky pulled a wrestler move on Collin then. Suddenly, he was on top!

Before Collin realized he was in a pin, Ricky kissed him, licking the insides of Collin's lips in a circle. He paused, and still using his girly voice again, Ricky went, "Me-OW-ee-ow!"

As he did this, he rocked, rolled, and swished his hips, making his cock slide, flop, and dance against Collin's. Collin's cock was getting stiff.

As Ricky's balls bounced on Collin's, Collin said, "That's your 'Pink Cowboy' voice. I recognize it from those stupid jokes you used to tell."

Collin was not trying to break the pin, Ricky noted. He was heating up, but he was completely relaxed under Ricky. Ricky got it. Collin was still 'ping, but he was doing it from the bottom.

"You mean 'The little pink cowboy walks into a saloon...?'" Ricky asked, stating you standard opening line.

Collin was starting to push back. He wouldn't tolerate the pin for much longer, Ricky knew, so Ricky let go of Collin's arms and put his hands on the bedding at Collin's sides.

Ricky kissed Collin's neck by the jawline, and Collin said, "Those are the ones. I always thought you were too good at that voice."

"Mmm..." Ricky murmured as he and Collin frottaged. "You've figured me out. How clever of you!"

Ricky also remembered that Collin laughed hard at those jokes. He remembered that as he scooted down to suck on one of Collin's nipples. The little nub stuck out far. He blew gently on the wet aureola, and Collin's body surged underneath him. The head of Ricky's dick was at the base of Collin's then.

Suddenly, he scooted up again so that his cock slid alongside Collin's cock. Collin was actually enjoying this. It was, in Ricky's opinion, like his buddy Joshua's opinion particularly gay way for two guys to turn each other on. So Collin really was not-quite-straight.

Ricky made his cock swing back and forth over Collin's, keeping his weight off of him. Their two chests skimmed against each other.

Collin was starting to get frisky. He would want an active role soon, but Ricky wanted to extend what was for him one of his favorite actions.

Collin laughed his high laugh. It was not quite a giggle. He said, "You really like this, huh?"

As Ricky answered, he suddenly picked up a knee and placed it between Collin's thighs, "I do. It's called 'frottage' by the way."

Picking up his other knee, he used it to gently nudge Collin's other leg to the side. Collin's eyes narrowed a bit, so Ricky said, "Shhh... Don't fret. This is another style of the same."

Once he was between Collin's legs, he reached down and picked up Collin by his hips, making Collin's back arch, with wide eyes and open mouth, like he was going to say something, but he didn't. However, his look said, "Watch yourself!"

Collin, like Ricky, was heavy for his size. Like Ricky, he had big muscles and low body fat. It was not easy to toss Collin onto his lap, but Ricky did it. Collin's torso continued to lay back. It was a submissive pose.

Collin wouldn't allow it for long. Ricky knew that.

Therefore, he used the moments he had to good effect. Ricky had been on the edge of an orgasm for a while. He had felt like he was going to come several times. He ground himself into Collin then, fucking Collin's cock with his own, mashing Collin's heavy balls with his own heavy balls.

Collin's cock remained very stiff.

Gripping Collin's hips, he also ground Collin against him. He was being very aggressive with Collin, really man handling him. Just as he was about to come, Ricky lifted Collin's upper body up, and clasped him close. He then gushed between them, sighing. Collin even rocked his hips to encourage this.

Ricky confessed, "I was afraid I'd shoot you right in the face, and as sweet as you have been, I figured you would not like that."

"No. I wouldn't! Now lick me off! You got come all over me!"

Collin, the bossy top, was back. He'd come Ricky's way, but that was done with.

Ricky licked him clean and wiped them both with his damp towel. There was a lot of semen in Collin's pubic hair. Ricky wanted to suck it out before it got cold, but he was too late, so he had to wipe it clean.

Ricky had another trick he wanted to show Collin before Collin tossed him into a fuck position. Once he got Collin's cock all slippery wet with spit, and still, a little come, he straddled Collin again and reached behind him to grab Collin's cock and slip it into his ass.

Collin gasped with surprise. Ricky said, "I know you don't like being on the bottom, Collin, and really, you can fuck me any way you want, but I wanted to show you something. I think you'll like it."

Ricky reached over to grab the water bottle. He needed to rinse his mouth. But even as he did that, he was using his anus to squeeze Collin's cock.

Collin looked up at him curiously, even as he stirred underneath him.

"I call this 'ass jacking!' Feel that? It's like I'm jacking you off with my ring!"

Collin grinned. He could feel it. Ricky popped a mint into his mouth, and as he sucked the mint, he worked Collin's cock, keeping the head just inside, not letting Collin drive it deep.

Ryan and Joshua both had taught Ricky that. They had said it was a good technique for handling a guy with a really big dick. It took practice, but, Ryan said, it also kept your ass from getting all sloppy loose like a "fucked out whore".

Ricky leaned over so his face was in Collin's. His breath all minty and voice teasing he said, "You like it?"

"I like it," Collin said. He did not pant or grunt, but he kept trying to buck up into Ricky.

Ricky held his mint between his teeth. He said, "Sthuck my mint!"

Collin's amusement at this new game kept him under Ricky for a few more seconds as he reached up with his lips and tongue to get the mint. Ricky, after they had a kiss with a shared mint, spit it into Collin's mouth. Collin liked this game too, and they spit it back and forth until Ricky said, "Let's do this in another position! You get on your haunches, and I'll sit on you again!"

They did that. Collin was more than playing along. He liked it. Ricky knew the new position would make him feel more in command because he could easily push Ricky back and fuck him hard anytime he wanted.

He whispered in Collin's ear, "I'm fucking you! I'm fucking your cock with my ass! This is called 'bottoming from the top!'"

He was not expecting Collin to come then, But he did, gasping and shuddering.

He was thrilled when Collin, after a long sigh, got his evil face on again and said, "And now the fucking really begins!"

Ricky's ass is loose from the "ass jacking," and it is slimy wet with semen. Collin pushes Ricky back so hard, that Ricky bangs his head on the bare boards by the doorway. It hurts a little.

But Collin does not say, "Oh! Gee! Are you OK?" He just lifts Ricky's legs in the crooks of his arms and pounds into him savagely. His belly hammers Ricky's balls so powerfully, they feel bruised. Collin let go of Ricky's legs and holds himself up on straight arms, looking down at Ricky with his lips curled and his eyes fierce.

"You like that? Ricky? Huh? You like that?" His voice is taunting.

Ricky likes it. He can only grunt, "Unh, Unh!"

Collin is a stud. He can fuck and fuck. He has already come twice, and he is not done! He even fucked Ricky in the shower earlier that day!

"You should hear yourself, Ricky. You make the cutest little girly sounds when I fuck you!"

Collin now lifts up Ricky by the small of his back so he can thrash into him in thudding, short strokes. Collin's finger tips tear into the flesh of Ricky's backside. Ricky can feel a searing sensation, painful, dangerous!

Collin, has had enough of that position. He slips out and yanks on Ricky's arm. Ricky doesn't know what he wants. Collin, impatient, slaps Ricky's thigh, and hisses, "Get on your knees!"

Ricky clambers over Collin and assumes the position with his back once more to the doorway. Collin gives him another bombardment, gripping Ricky by the hips while he lights into him, and, adding a new trick to his repertoire of surprises, starts pulling his dick completely out then tearing into Ricky again and again. This makes Ricky cry out loudly.

Ricky is not usually a noisemaker, his own whimpers and gasps surprise him. He hears his own cries after they have already happened, and Collin, evidently displeased that Ricky is revealing their activity with so much noise, must have grabbed his belt nearby, and he gives Ricky a couple of good whacks with it and whispers hoarsely, "Shut the fuck up!"

A part of Ricky thinks, Knowing him, he planned to use the belt on me the whole time!

He tries to "shut the fuck up," but he guesses he hasn't when suddenly the belt is in his teeth! Collin is yanking back on it so hard it hurts his cheeks!

Ricky thought he had been receiving an ass bashing before, but Collin reaches a new crescendo, pitching into Ricky so hard that tears came into Ricky's eyes, and he arches back, throwing himself back into Collin to break the hold the belt had, and to ease the searing pain.

Ricky snatches the belt from his mouth gagging a little, gasping. He has had enough of that!

Ricky has reached his limit on the painful stuff. If he had a "safe word" he would use it then. He is just about to say something get Collin to calm down and start being gentle again.

Collin has taken him right to the bleeding edge. Ricky is ready to fight. He does not like this!

But Collin's voice is calm! He is soothing, warm, and affectionate, "Ah, Ricky Boy, you are such a good sport!" He says this as he pulls Ricky back in a kneeling reverse cowboy. He fucks up into Ricky on his haunches. Ricky knows that this is a favorite position for Collin.

"I think I've almost paid you back for that beating you gave me, you bastard," Collin grunts.

His Collin can hold a grudge!

He fucks him cruelly, but his hands! His hands are so kind!

Collin reaches around Ricky's front. Under the last assault, Ricky's hard on died. Collin takes care of that. He strokes Ricky's cock with one hand and fondles Ricky's balls with the other. "Like that?" he chirps. "Is that how you do it?"

"Uh huh," Ricky whimpers, soothed.

It is epic.

"Let's come together, huh?"

Ricky can only moan in agreement and nod quickly. Collin's cock, the perfect length and thickness was hitting his spot!

Collin must feel it in the throbbing of Ricky's cock and the rising of his balls, for Collin then begins fucking Ricky more intently, punching into him in long strokes until their quiet cries came in unison.

Ricky felt a wet spot on his neck. Reaching up, and touching it with his fingers, he sniffed. He tasted it. Blood?

"You fucking bit me again! Collin! Damn it!"

"I marked you, Ricky, yeah," Collin said, without the slightest remorse.

"Fuck, dude!" Ricky complained, pulling away, shoving Collin over, and making him laugh.

Ricky dug out his first aid kit. He started to tear into it, then he had another thought. "You do it, you shithead! Clean it, put some Neosporin on it, and put a bandage on it you dick!"

Collin obliged, saying, "Haven't you heard the old expression? 'Scars are tattoos for the brave?'

"Anyhow, consider us even. Now, we are even!"

Remorseful Girls, Too Bad, So Sad, Too Late

Ricky looked out over the dark, slowly eddying water of the swimming hole as he perched on his favorite spot on the rocks.

"How did you get those marks on your back, Ricky?"

It was Susan's voice. She was behind him. He hadn't heard her come up. He did not turn.

He said, pointedly ignoring the question, "I thought you were leaving this morning."

"We are," she said, sitting down beside him, wearing short, cut--off blue jeans — displaying her long, slender legs, and a frilly, short peasant blouse — framing her beautiful neckline. She had not asked to sit.

Ricky turned to look at her, his face blank.

"Where's Collin?" She asked.

Ricky thought, You ask a lot of questions. But he didn't say that. It was a fair enough question, and here she was, talking to him.

Ricky pointed downstream to the shallows. "He's helping Patrick make a fish trap. Patrick can catch fish with his hands. It amazes me. I never can."

She nodded, "That's cool... Him and Patrick, you know, bonding."

"Yeah. Cool," Ricky said, his voice dead flat. He agreed with her completely, but he wasn't going to say that.

She said what was on her mind. "I came to apologize."

Without the slightest quiver of hesitation, Ricky said, "You really hurt my feelings."

She clutched her knees and sighed. She lay her head sideways on them, looking at Ricky. She did not say anything. Her expression was one of gentle sympathy.

Ricky looked back. He made his face soft. He would accept the apology. She needed a cue. He said, "I'm glad you came to see me before you left. It would have been sad to leave things the way they were. That was manly of you."

She grinned. She said, "I will take that as a compliment!"

Ricky smiled. He meant it as the highest compliment.

She said, "You and Collin taught me a lesson. I envy you guys. This loyalty you have. I don't know what we were thinking... Just getting our kicks, you know, without thought of consequences. You're a good guy — a great lover, by the way. Thank you, Ricky. Would you kiss me good bye?"

Ricky, unlike Collin, was not a grudge holder. "Sure," he said.

Ricky leaned over and kissed her. She kissed him back very sweetly. They took their time. It was a lover's kiss.

It was also a visibly public kiss, and it not go unnoticed by the other teens on the rocks or the adults on the beach.

As she stood, Ricky stood also. He asked, "And Christine?"

"She couldn't face Collin. Or you. She's trying to be insulted, but it's not working for her. Could we stay in touch, you beautiful guy?"

"Sure." Ricky gave her his cell number, and she entered it in her phone.

"And Ricky?"


"What did happen to your back?"

"Collin happened to my back," Ricky answered, smiling.

She shook her head. "You guys. Just when you think you have them figured out, they surprise you."

"Tell me about it!" Ricky cheerfully agreed.

That very day, Collin found still yet another girlfriend. A young one, fifteen, also coincidentally named Susan. So many "Susans!" They called her "Susie Q." She was a virgin. Not Collin's type, usually. He liked girls who put out, and fast. But she was extremely sexy, with lovely hips and perky breasts. She had much of his cousin Susie's look, but she was shorter than Collin.

Little Susie Q had charmed him. She came up that very day, Sunday, and Collin swooped in on her.

That night, Collin said, after he'd returned from "kick the can," and before he and Ricky started fooling around, "She said she's a virgin. You know what that means?"

"That she's a virgin?" Ricky guessed.

"No! Dummy!" Collin laughed, "It means she has picked you!"

"Me? I thought she liked you!" Ricky kidded.

"You're funny, Ricky. Did I ever tell you that?"

"Yes," Ricky said, "But you can tell me again."

"Except," Collin quipped, "looks aren't everything."

Ricky laughed, "You never get tired of that dumb joke!"

Collin returned the laugh, "Except you always laugh! You wanna fuck?"

Collin had put on his evil face. Ricky said, "I thought you'd never ask.

"But no biting," Ricky added.

"I promise I won't leave marks."

Collin, Ricky thought, was not likely to ever suck a guy's dick, and Ricky doubted that Collin would ever let his ass be penetrated, but Collin had his ways, and Ricky liked them. As Collin slowly worked his way into Susie Q's panties, he never left Ricky out of his grasp. Any time Collin felt too much sexual tension or frustration, he would turn to Ricky.

His manic cruelty softened as well. He had needed, Ricky felt, to get it out of his system. He started to show Ricky his sweet, shy, funny, vulnerable side again. Ricky was happy with Collin. They had renewed the bond they had begun with, and they had added a deeper emotional connection. His Collin was usually the pleasant, chatty Collin.


Collin would always be complicated and unpredictable. He had even admitted that he had the most intense orgasms with Ricky. They decided between themselves that Ricky was seventy percent gay and thirty percent straight while Collin was seventy percent straight and thirty percent gay. Collin was a Kinsey "Two" while Ricky was a Kinsey "Four."

Or something like that.

It really did not matter. What mattered to Ricky was that Collin was no longer tortured by his own desires, just as Ricky had awoken to new happiness and confidence.

Ricky did not bother with any more girls that summer. The word had gone out on the "girlnet" that Ricky liked older women with education and money. He was a genius musician, a total stud, out of their reach, and in a class of his own. Susan, Ricky soon figured out after talking with a few of the teens his age, had spread this word.

It was her best, most lasting, apology, and a lasting gift. Ricky had earned a beard before he could actually grow one.

Collin's frustration with his latest girlfriend served Ricky's advantage for a week, but by the middle of July, another boy exploded Ricky's life.

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