This is a work of fiction. No one was exploited in the creation of this fable. In some locales, even reading about fictional teenagers having imaginary sex is prohibited. Local laws apply.

This story explicitly depicts young men forming erotic bonds with each other. Generally they are between the ages of 14 to 17, and they "generally" agree that peer relationships are best. However, among this particular group of youths, there are some who consider scoring some hot older fellow a coup, while there are others who remain enchanted by younger lads. These liaisons appear as dangerous edges, and the author has attempted to depict such outlawish trysts in a realistic way. Also, some of the fellows depicted here do other "bad boy" things like experiment with drugs and get in terrible fights. Last, being sexually versatile, as jocks typically are, they occasionally even have sex with girls. Ultimately, many are the spirits of the young who, in these pages, simply say, "Fuck the rules."

There is plenty of raunchy sex in this tale, but if all you are looking for is pure fapping material utterly devoted to some precise specialty, you might want to look elsewhere. In publisher's lingo, this is a "Coming of Age" novel.

Author's Note: At last, we meet Nicky. This whole book so far has been an javelin flying to him.

Part Four: Nicky

Love at First Sight


Ricky was on his usual throne on the rocks, glorying in the sun, glistening wet from a recent swim. Collin was behind him, chatting with his latest girlfriend. Their light laughter and banter was a kind of abstract music. Ricky did not listen to the words. There were a number of other teenagers around, younger and older, but Ricky was in a world of his own. His senses were tuned to sights, sounds, and smells from the distant horizon while they saw and heard only those things in their immediate vicinity.

Unusually, the wind came from upstream rather than downstream. Ricky could smell the dry region to the north of the volcano. It was a "flinty" smell. Such a wind often presaged storms. A nice lightning storm would be a wonderful thing!

Ricky was in a benign mood.

His aunt Michele would soon be leaving, and with her, horrid cousin Susie. His aunt Mary would be arriving, and with her, wonderful cousin Jimmy. Soon, his beloved grand uncles on the Boone side of the family would be coming up with some dozen descendants. Collin was being kind and attentive. His father and he were getting along better than ever.

Even his little brother Patrick was a pleasure.

Ricky's brother was playing on the beach with Roan and Mason, who had become, from what Roan had indicated, "close." Roan was sketchy in the details. Ricky figured he was protective of Mason and would not violate the younger boy's privacy. That was fine and good in Ricky's opinion; he did not pester Roan for explicit information.

His father had come down to the beach for one of his rare visits. Like Ricky, he liked to swim round and around the swimming hole. Over the course of a day, they might swim a couple miles by the lap count. Both he and his father, it seemed to Ricky, had a constant craving for strenuous physical action. It was what kept their bodies in strong shape.

It was a fine, wonderful, clear, hot, late July summer day at Sweetwater Falls. Life was good.

It was about to get better.

It seemed that the beautiful black haired boy in the white Speedo simply materialized on the other side of the river.

One moment there was no one there in the shadows of the dense trees and foliage that grew on that side, and then, suddenly, he was standing there.

He was wearing brief, white racing trunks. Anyone wearing those who was not at a swim meet was either not an American or they were gay.

The boy with the tousled head of shiny black hair had skin of an interestingly unique bronze cast. He was standing on a submerged stone ankle deep in the in the water and was, perhaps, and inch shorter than Collin, who was an inch or so shorter than Ricky. His age was hard to determine. He had a square, friendly face that looked young, but his physique had none of the skinny, undeveloped look of younger teenagers. He was all squared off and muscular with a big, strong chest, wide shoulders with hips that were not as narrow as his lovely Collin, but like Collin, he was all rippling muscle.

The guy looked sculpted to Ricky's eyes. He was perfect.

As the boy shifted the weight on his legs, trying, Ricky guessed, to get a good stance for a dive into the water, Ricky saw his Speedo had blue stripes on its sides. One of Ricky's pairs was exactly the same. That type had a two layers in the front, a useful feature for white trunks. He also noted that this fellow had nothing to be shy about with regard to his jewels. He looked young, but he was not too young. Not a little dicker.

As Ricky studied him, he got a little electric shock when he suddenly saw that the beautiful boy was looking right back at him!

Ricky gave him a friendly, welcoming grin and a cheerful wave, and the boy waved cheerily right back, and then, with an expert, splashless dive, he disappeared into in the water, swimming under the rapids, and continuing to swim deep underwater toward him, his elegant form barely visible in the dark pool.

The One

Nicky was ready for action the exact instant he laid eyes on Ricky!

Nicky was particular. Given his Mediterranean good looks, he could afford to be particular. All his boys had to be beautiful. And they had to be nice. Nicky preferred blondes. This tan boy on the rocks was a blonde. Nicky liked studly dudes. This guy was very studly. Nicky like nice guys. This guy seemed friendly and welcoming already. Nicky, however, was not a tremendous lover of big dicks. He considered them bestial and grotesque, and, at that stage of his life, he preferred fellows that were not too hairy. Even from that distance, Nicky could see from the shape of the other boy's sexy shorts in the front, that this guy was not small, but he was not too hairy.

So far, so good!

When his mom had told him that her cousin Foster had offered them the use of his cabin for the whole month of August, he had been thrilled. It was perfect. He did not have to worry about getting another "reputation" like he did at his last school. The very worst that could happen was that he would get a reputation at a place he was not likely ever to see again. He could have a summer thing, and tra la, tra la, come what may, he was scoring cock!

His mother had said there would be a lot of kids his age, boys and girls. It was a family place.


His mother had also said the cabin was "rustic," but when they arrived, he saw that it had a kitchen with a sink, a gas stove, a refrigerator with a freezer, two bedrooms, with beds, each with a bathroom — one with a bath and a shower, the other, smaller, opposite the main room with a shower, a toilet and a sink. The cabin had a big fireplace and a heater, and, even, air conditioning!

He wondered about his mother sometimes. Even though she had lived in Greece with his father all those years, and before that, Lebanon, she still did not know "rustic."

"Rustic" was one room, no beds, no water, no heater, no electricity, no internet, no television, and certainly no air conditioning!

The cabin looked, to him, like a story book cabin from German legends, all wood, with carved decorations in the eaves of the high pitched roof. Except, the roof was fake! There was no attic! When he found the little hatch in his mother's room above the closet, it was just a web of thin beams and insulation and ducts. Americans! First, imitation pizza, then, imitation crab, now? Imitation houses!

Once they had hauled their bags in, her, with many — so many books! — he with just one bag, she said she wanted to unpack. Her cousin had said there was a great, big swimming hole, and the kids would be there. They were used to new people coming. All he need do was show up. They would be curious and friendly. They spent their summers there. Nicky and his mother would be welcomed and invited over to other's cabins for feasts and drinking.

That was how Nicky thought of it. Cousin Foster even told him that these Americans knew hospitality like Greeks knew hospitality. Nicky doubted that, but he understood that he was not to worry. They were not like the fearful, uptight city people who were everywhere in America.

His mother wanted to "settle in." She suggested he go down to the swimming hole. Cousin Foster said that these kids were usually good swimmers, so he'd fit in right away.

Nicky wasn't worried about that. He was curious. He knew how to make friends. He had travelled much. He knew how to be the "new kid."

One thing Nicky knew that helped. It helped if you could make a grand entrance! You had to get the attention! His dad, the mariner and the merchant had taught him this, "Come into the harbor with your flags waving and the whistle blowing! They will be begging to see you wares before your ship even docks!"

His father also mentioned that customs inspectors were less suspicious of one who did not look like he was trying to evade notice.

The problem: How to make a grand entrance?

He walked down the road, barefoot. He wore only his skimpy bikini of a swimsuit, just like any European boy. He would show them his flag!

He came to the crossing where they had come in across the train tracks, then, on his left. He was lucky! There was a train! He heard the whistle!

He dashed over to watch. There it was, coming up from the south. He loved these big, loud, creaking American trains on their old, groaning tracks with graffiti on almost every car!

Nicky watched the whole train go by.

This was a great day!

He turned around then and ran down the road towards the bridge. It was one of those old iron bridges with high silver painted beams. Amazed, he saw that almost every surface had the names of people scratched in it! Usually it had the year marked too. He could see even older names that had been painted over, and under that, even older names.

He felt at home. This was an old place for America — where they thought a hundred year-old house was a very old house.

He looked upstream from the bridge. There was the swimming hole! There must have been at least fifty people there! Yes. The long beach was upstream on the right, and slightly beyond that, a rocky outcropping with the beautiful forms of teenage boys and girls.

Among them, the sun flashed brightly on several blondes! He was too far away to make out faces, but from what he could see, they were young and beautiful. He would have a choice! He could find a nice one!

But how to get the attention?

He saw that the road to the swimming hole was across the bridge and down the road to the left, but then, he had seen that the road he had come from also continued upstream to more cabins. He would take that road! Then, he would find a way to get to the river. He would be in front of everybody! He would swim across, not walk in behind them.

It was only with difficulty that he found a way to get to the river from that side. The first path he found came out too far downstream. He would have to thrash his way upstream or wade across in the current. He would look foolish. Not good! Arrgh! But there was too much brush by the river to walk upstream, so he dashed back up the path before anyone noticed him.

He did have a chance to look at the boys through the trees. He saw one in particular who looked really good. At that moment, he was standing on that big rocky area. He had this way of standing on one leg with the other bent, like a kouros in Greek temple. His had to toss his longish, messy bright hair from his eyes as he talked to several girls; he was very tan and muscular, wearing short, cut-off blue jeans; his legs were splendid; he had a big, hot butt!

The kind.

Oh. Yes!

In the water, by the beach, he saw two others he admired. They were younger and smaller, but they were nice and brown. Both had black hair, but the hair of one was very long, braided all the way down his back! They were beautiful! The way they played in the water was affectionate. The long haired one was helping the one who appeared younger to swim. They were always touching each other.

He walked up the sunlight dappled path, looking through the trees. There was a cabin in the way, and it looked like no one was there. He studied the terrain. If he had a cabin in that spot, there would be a path to the river.

Ha! There is one!

He trotted down the path. To his left, below the next cabin, he saw a teepee! It was well placed in the trees as to be almost invisible, yet it was tall and broad. Interesting!

The trail he walked was not much used, for his bare feet trod old leaves and pine needles, making crunching noises. Then it merged with a path parallel the the river in the direction of the teepee, Nicky could see recent footprints. Small feet. His "boydar" pinged.

Looking through the foliage, before he presented himself, he saw the handsome blond boy sit down on the rocks with his head tipped back and his eyes closed.

Already, he was calculating his assault.

Nicky had two basic techniques for openings: "Do you like the way I look?" Or, "I like the way you look." The first, he usually used on older guys; the second, he usually used on younger guys. His father called it, "establishing interest." His father was always talking about selling things, but Nicky applied his father's sales techniques to flirting. It was not different.

He chose his moment. When he emerged, he saw that he was in a great spot. Right in front of him, the current flowed hard and fast, the water deep and dark, but looking up, he saw that it circled around back the other way. An eddy! Formed by the way the rocks across the stream jutted out into the water.

Nicky knew water. He could see why they picked this spot of the river to build cabins around. This was a great swimming hole.

But the best part was the blonde boy! The exact instant Nicky appeared at the river's edge, the boy was looking at him! Nicky felt he had been hit by one of Apollo's magic arrows! The blond had his legs up to brace himself on the rock, for it angled into the water. This strong and beautiful Apollo boy was looking right at him! He grinned a great grin at Nicky. He had a huge smile! He waved at Nicky. Nicky waved back. What radiance that boy had! The girls were still there, but they were behind the blonde boy, talking among themselves and with another handsome blond.

This blond nearest had a great tan. His teeth flashed white in his strong, manly face. He was so very good looking! Such wide shoulders! Such a strong chest and such sexy belly muscles. And those legs! Long, long, strong, muscular legs.

And then, to make things just crazy, the boy adjusted his penis in his shorts in that way boys do without even knowing they are doing it.


Nicky knew he had better jump in the water before the boy saw that he, Nicky, was already getting a erection.

The Most Beautiful Boy in the World

Seeing this new guy swim underwater with such fluid ease was pure joy to Ricky. This kid was a real swimmer! That might explain the swim trunks; he raced competitively and had long since gotten over the stares. Ricky had never had quite the courage to wear his racing trunks to the beach.

Ricky's dick throbbed in his wet shorts. Usually Ricky could control that, but this guy was lighting him of fire! Since he slit the sides to free his legs for swimming, his cock and balls had the bad habit of popping out occasionally. To compensate, he was usually careful in the way he sat.

He would have to replace these shorts soon, he knew. They were wearing in the butt from sitting on the rocks all summer. Pretty soon the white patches would become holes, and then, he would either have to start wearing underwear — not an option — or, he would have to cut some new shorts from his one pair of Levis he had brought with him.

For some reason, this new boy was making him self-conscious about those shorts!

Ricky watched his form deep under the water curving around, swimming in the way of expert swimmers, with that graceful, elegant economy of motion, catching the back current in front of him and popping up out of the water immediately below his feet!

It was a splendidly show-offy move!

He did it so gracefully that when his torso came out of the water, he spun and landed on his butt on the slightly submerged shelf just below Ricky. It was a move he had seen otters do as they emerged from the river. They would shoot straight up, spin, and land in a comfortable position.

Even from the first, Ricky thought of him as "The Otter Boy."

Ricky almost clapped his hands. The kid looked up at him and beamed.

"My name is Nicky!" He said, reaching up to shake. He had an exotic accent. "NEE-kee," he pronounced it, but with a hint of musical pitch variation.

Ricky couldn't place the accent.

Ricky laughed. He said, "My name is Ricky! Our names rhyme! That is funny!"

They shook. "Nicky and Ricky," said the boy in his beautiful, exotic accent. He looked amused. His square, strong face was... merry! His huge dark eyes were big and long lashed. His lush eyebrows were high and slightly arched, giving him a curious, open, friendly expression. While his face was square and strong, his nose was cute in a boyish way while still looking strong and broad. His crimson lips were positively sumptuous. A golden earring sparkled in his left ear, and, at his ankle, Ricky saw a bit of woven cord, it reminded him on the types of thin cords backpackers or climber's used.

Nicky had a fantastic body. Looking at the details, Ricky saw that his legs had short, dark hair. He clipped his leg hair? Ricky had seen a flash of dark armpit hair, not much, not a gauche patch, but intensely masculine. Ricky had liked Joshua, and later, little Mason despite their relative hairlessness. The manly attributes he was seeing on Nicky were more to his tastes. In fact, his whole squared off, crisp, and manly frame was making him feel a bit crazed. He was smallish, but he had the look of a future muscle stud. No one got muscles like that without constant and intense physical activity.

Nicky's tan also showed the kind one got from action, outside. Much darker on the back and the fronts of the legs, lighter on the belly and under the arms. He had also the little nicks, scratches, and scars that active boys always had.

The cold water had done it's work on the lovely bulge in the boy's Speedo. This only added to the boy's charm, that, and his complete indifference to displaying himself.

Ricky was entranced. He could not take his eyes off him. But rather than sit there, staring, he managed to say, "You're a good swimmer! Most people can't read the current. They get blown downstream. I guess you know rivers?"

Ricky still had little in the way of seduction skill. He had found it easy with Ryan because Ryan was so obviously gay and so much older. Guys near his own age were tricky. One could not know which way they would jump if you hit on them. It was much riskier! It was entirely possible that one gay pass could result in them suddenly yelling, "Get away from me, you fag!"

He had seen that happen a couple of times, and he had heard of many more times.

But he was getting bolder and less concerned with negative reactions.

As Ricky considered how to hit on Nicky, the boy answered his question, "Not so much rivers," he said, waving his hand cutely, but not effeminately, "but I'm from Greece. My father is a sailor. My mother is Lebanese. That makes me half Greek and half Phoenician! So I was born for the water. My mother says I was born in the water, I mean, really, actually, in a bath!"

Ricky was delighted by the boy's enthusiastic rush of words. He had heard of a birthing technique that used a bath of warm water to bring forth a baby.

"How old are you, Nicky?"

"I'm fifteen. My birthday is Christmas Day! My last name is 'Theophilos'. That means 'Lover of God' in Greek. How old are you?"

Ricky, continuing the equal exchange of information said, "I'm sixteen. My birthday is in April. My last name is 'Boone.' I don't think it means anything."

"Like Daniel Boone?"

"Uh huh. No relation though, as far as I know."

"Cool!" Nicky said brightly as he clambered up, giving Ricky another view of his cute package. He settled down beside and a little below Ricky, facing the river.

Ricky said, "Well, the fact that you're European explains the Speedo. Around here, well, Americans are shy that way, you know?"

Nicky shook his head. "I know! You fucking Americans with your silly ideas!"

Nicky happily announced, "I'm cold from the water! Look how my balls are all shrunk up!"

Damn. You meet twenty guys. Not a single ping on your gaydar, then, suddenly, you're pegging the needle!

Then, amusingly, Nicky leaned forward quickly, glancing down the beach, and quickly looked behind him, saying, "I hate the way my dick flips up and sticks out when I swim! I need to adjust it!"

Then, oblivious to Ricky's examination, he reached down and pulled the top of his trunks open and quickly stuffed his penis down with a rapid dart of his fingers. Ricky caught a glimpse of dark pubic hair. He looked up at Ricky and smiled. "That's better!" He exclaimed.

He then rolled over, bracing his toes in a little ridge, and lay on the warm rocks, face down. Nicky's ass was fantastic! A perfect bubble butt, high, strong, and powerful. His butt muscles quivered as Nicky tried to find a comfortable resting niche. Ricky knew it was hard to find a comfortable position on the rocks. Nicky was in a constant state of making little adjustments. His suit had come down a little, and the glow of his tan line tantalized Ricky.

Ricky, testing, said, "Man, I have a problem with my dick too. I'm always horny all the time, and I get these fucking hard-ons at the worst times."

It was a bold move, but Ricky doubted this boy would make a point of ridiculing him in front of everyone.

Sighing, Nicky said, as he rested his cheek on his hands and stared enigmatically at Ricky, "Like right now, Ricky?"

Nicky grinned in a friendly, conspiratorial, mischievous way.

Ricky knew those eyes. Those were, "Fuck me," eyes. Ricky's cock, which he had managed, so he thought, to hide, would not go down!

He was thinking he was going to have to dive in the water before someone else saw it. It was running up his thigh then, tenting his shorts. He hunched over a bit and laid a forearm there. "Yes," He answered Nicky, looking at him, "Like right now. It's embarrassing!"

Feeling boldly flirtatious, he dropped his right leg so Nicky could see the bulge. His left leg hid it from the crowd on the beach. He turned to look that way.

He heard Nicky laugh lightly. It was not quite a giggle. Ricky looked over at him. Nicky rolled a bit to his side, exposing himself to only Ricky's view. He had a nice erection of his own tenting his tight swimsuit. It was not a skinny little dick..

OK! It's official. We got it going on!

Nicky announced, "I have the same problem as you, it looks like!" And then, his tone jocular, almost singing, he said, "My, oh my, Ricky, what shall we do about this mutual problem?" Nicky laughed at what was evidently a great, big joke.

This was the moment.

Ricky did not hesitate. He asked, "Hey Nicky? You wanna go somewhere with me?"

"'Go somewhere?'" Nicky repeated.

"Yes. I know a great spot on the other side of the river. It's a secret spot. You can see the swimming hole, but no one can see you, and no one can approach without you seeing or hearing them first. It's a great spot. I can show you... uh, if you promise not to give away the secret?"

"I would like to see this 'secret spot,'" Nicky answered, smiling.

It happened just like that, and it happened just that fast. From the time they first laid eyes on each other to the time they had agreed to fool around was, perhaps, five minutes.

Later, Ricky and Nicky would argue over who picked up who. Finally, they decided it had been a tie. They both picked each other at the same time.

Ricky cried out, "Follow me!"

He instantly dove into the water. He swam as far upstream as he could before cutting across. On the other side, Ricky stood high up at the top of the hole in the shallow part of the rough water. Nicky imitated the Apollo boy's path through the water.

After they had crossed the stream, Nicky followed in the shady, cool shallows. Ricky kept working his way up. To their right was a long stretch of rapids. Further upstream, Nicky could see another swimming hole, and above that, another stretch of rapids. The footing here was treacherous. Even with tough feet, the round stones had a way of making one's feet ache, and the slipperiness of the rocks would cause one foot or the other to slide and then get mashed into an uncomfortable spot.

Nicky asked, "Is it just me? Or is this tough going?"

Ricky looked back at him and nodded, "It is tough going. Try to step on the largest rock you can, and step in the center. Sometimes they roll on you, and a fall can be painful."

Nicky believed what Ricky said. He took his time. Ricky, ahead of him, had a dashing, catlike way of hopping, collecting himself, and hopping again, some times with a long leap, sometimes with a short jump. He was elegant in his movements. Nicky did not try it that way. He went slower. That was fine. He could watch this strong, pretty, American boy.

Finally, Ricky must have reached a spot he had in mind, for stopped, peered to his left, looked around, and waited for Nicky. Arriving close then, the presence of Ricky's powerful body next to him — but not touching — sent electric fire over his skin. Ricky had small nipples, Nicky noticed. The hard, but tiny, nubs of them teased Nicky. He had beautiful goosebumps all over his skin.

Ricky explained, gesturing with his hands and arms. "When the river rises, it makes a path through here. We call this part here the "Island." Between the Island and the bank there is an old river bed, sandy, and private. It is a good spot! Follow me!"

He disappeared into the brush. Whoosh! Yes. He was like a lion!

Nicky saw the tall river grass rustle up ahead. He followed. After a bit, they emerged into what liked like a dry river bed, just as Ricky had described. It was full of dry, old debris. Obviously, the river had not run there in years.

Ricky zig-zagged back downstream until the finally came to a giant log jam barring the way ahead. They stood in an empty sandy area with high banks on either side and overhanging branches above. Nicky estimated the log jam was was some three meters tall, and the banks were at least seven meters high. Ricky showed him a hole in the log jam he could look through.

Nicky had to climb up a bit on one of the old logs and lean on his braced hands to see through the gap Ricky had indicated, but when Nicky looked, he saw that they were not three meters from the spot he had dove in! He remembered seeing this mass of old, silvered river logs from the other side. He had no idea that behind it was a secret garden with soft, white, clean sand in a deep declivity, hidden from the view of the entire world.

It was a great spot.

Ricky was just behind him and slightly to the side. They were so close that Nicky could feel the heat radiating from his body. He told Ricky that he had seen a teepee on the very bank above him. Ricky told him that he knew the boys who built that and stayed there, and that they were real 'Native Americans' who were very beautiful and kind. One of them, he said, even gave him the necklace he was wearing, and he had given them some squirrel hides which would be good for moccasins.

They were at the second stage — "Qualifying the buyer."

That was when one found out what the other guy was interested in. Nicky would pretty much always have sex once with any guy who had passed the mutual interest stage. Whether they did it again depended on how it went the first time. Ricky seemed pretty aggressive. He was not shy. So Nicky decided to see what he would do without much encouragement.

He leaned forward to peer through the spot Ricky had indicated, brushing against Ricky's young Viking of a beautiful body. Ricky was tipped to the side, bracing himself on an arm. It was impossible to get one's feet up close, So Nicky had to brace himself on his arms as well as he leaned forward. He could clearly see the beach and the rocks. He looked at the people on the beach. He could no longer see the pretty brown boys he had seen earlier.

What Ricky did next pleased Nicky very much.

He stood up tall behind Nicky, out of his sight while Nicky looked through the crack in the logjam toward the swimming hole. Nicky heard a wet plop, and before he could turn, the boy's arms wrapped around his chest, pulling him back, and he felt a big, thick dick slide up under his cold balls between his thighs.

Nicky was able only to turn his head to look. He smiled at Ricky, who smiled back. He stood up, still with his back to Ricky with his arms around Nicky's torso and crossing his chest, holding his palms flat against and nuzzling his neck.

Ricky made a noise. It sounded like, like, a purr!

Nicky felt Ricky's pelvis push into him and ride up from behind. He felt the powerful pole of the other boy's big cock sexily sliding around down below.

This was not just hugging.

It had started! Just like that! That fast! Wow! A guy could go days and weeks without any action, and then, suddenly, a hot one comes in!

Nicky did not try to spin around. Instead, he raised his chin and turned his head. Will he kiss me?

He kissed him. Ah. Beautiful! This boy is a kisser!

Already, they were going at it! Nicky knew that come what may, with this one, there would not be just one time.

He let the boy kiss him, and he kissed back. This was perfect. His hands were all over his chest, and he could feel his dick against his his wet swimsuit encased balls. His own cock got very, very hard.

He guided the other's hand down there and let him feel him out. He heard the boy moan, and he heard himself sigh.

Nicky spun around in Ricky's arms and stumbled awkwardly against him, making them both laugh, for he had to step down off the branch he had been standing on. He pressed his hard dick against the other's hard dick; or rather, he tried, for he was too short! He stood on tiptoes to kiss Ricky, opening his mouth wide and tipping his head, but Ricky bent his own knees and he spread his feet so they were even, almost even. He grabbed Nicky's butt! Hard! He pressed Nicky into him and ground his hips!

And he kissed so beautifully!

Nicky had kissed lots of guys. Nicky liked kissing. It was not always easy finding guys who liked to kiss as much as Nicky did. This guy liked to kiss!

Nicky after a little of that, said teasingly in Ricky's ear, "Do you want to have gay sex with me?"

He knew the answer, of course, but Nicky liked silly, sexy talk.

Ricky laughed. It was a light, happy laugh. He said, nuzzling Nicky's neck, and sliding down the back of Nicky's swimsuit, "We are already having gay sex."

Nicky panted, "I need to see your big snake!"

He pushed Ricky back to look down at it.

His "big snake" stuck almost straight out like a lot of guys with big ones. He was huge! Possibly eighteen centimeters! He was circumcised. Nicky liked cocks that were cut that way. That was one thing about Americans that he did like. Cut cocks, in Nicky's opinion were sleek and elegant, and they seemed to get harder than uncut ones. Also, there was never any of that stinky stuff that dirty boys would get in their foreskins. He grabbed Ricky's big phallus with his hands, both hands, and squeezed it.

He was going to have to make an exception to his big cock rule. He thought Ricky's penis was shapely, and the size matched the blond's big, strong body.

All he said was, "It is so big!" Looking down, liking the golden brown hair above this boy's dick, enjoying the sight of Ricky's big belly muscles.

They were talking in hot, excited whispers.=

Then Ricky knelt down and ripped down Nicky's trunks and rubbed his face in Nicky's meat. It was great! Nicky spread his feet and bent his knees. He grabbed Ricky's head and happily pumped his hips.

Only in his dreams — of which he had many — did Nicky expect to score so easily with such a perfect guy so quickly.

But this is real!

He pushed Ricky back. He pushed him so hard that the other boy fell with his big dick bouncing around!

Nicky jumped on top of him then, and they rolled around kissing in the soft warm sand, and just like that he could feel himself ready to spray.

"Hey Ricky?" he asked, pausing, pushing him away, "You want to have a contest?"

"A 'contest?'"

"That's what I call it. It's like a game, but in English, 'game' means too many things. In Greek, we say agówn. Well, that's one of the words. That's the old fashioned word that I like. There are many words for 'game' in Greek. But an agówn is not always fun. It can be painful. It is not merely amusement. Life, work, sports, these are agównai, like 'agonies,' It means a 'struggle,' a 'challenge!' You see, here? We battle in the sand, like in the arenas of the ancients! That is what the word means! It means 'the sand.'"

"Hah! That is what 'arena' means! I understand! You want to wrestle? OK! You look like a wrestler. We can do that! And the loser has to suck the other guy's dick?"

"No!" Nicky laughed, sitting down his lap, straddling him, grinding himself against this pretty, so very strong boy, and kissing him, for he had said something so cute. "Besides, even if we did that, should it not be the winner who gets to suck cock?

"No, I was thinking of something much sexier than that. You see, the last few fellows I have been with have only wanted to fuck me and fuck me and fuck me. But I want to fuck you!"

Ricky laughed. "I have the same problem!"

"Perfect!" Nicky agreed. "So let us do the 'Pisces,' ah... the 'fishes,' how do you say in English? Eh... Ha! 'Sixty-nine!' We will try and make each other come! Whoever is the best giver of blow jobs gets to fuck the other guy! Would that not be fun?"


Nicky liked this expression Ricky made. He laughed. Buyer qualified! He kisses! He sucks cock! He fucks! He gets fucked! Best, he is agreeable to challenges and he enjoys agównai!

Ricky spun around on top of him, into over and under sixty-nine position. He immediately dove on him, licking him down and sucking him deep! He was a good cocksucker!

Nicky loved Ricky's big, cut dick. He noticed right away that Ricky shaved his balls and taint. He had big balls too! Nicky brought his hands up to spread Ricky's ass cheeks and play with his balls.

They were warm now, but still right up on the thick shaft. He could not quite swallow all of Ricky's snake, but Ricky had no problem with his! It wasn't fair! He tried to wriggle his butt and pull it out, but that just made Ricky grab his behind.

It was funny; they actually rolled around over and over in the sand! And then, Ricky's sucking was working too well! Nicky laughed. He knew he would lose! Instead of fighting it, he rolled them over so he was on top, lifted up, and totally fucked the blonde boy in the mouth as hard as he could!

Nicky thought the back of his head was going to blow off from the intensity of the orgasm. Great Zeus, but he felt it in his feet!

It was the gayest sex Nicky ever had. It was ferocious! This boy was made for him! Nicky hopped around so he was between Ricky's legs, kneeling in the sand, and grabbing his big cock in both hands, he started to suck on the pointed head. Ricky's cock had a great shape! It was not a round, fat knob at the tip, but more like a rocket shaped cock!

Ricky was gasping, but, strangely, he made Nicky stop! He did not want Nicky to suck him?


"Oh, no," Nicky told him, "you are not fucking me yet. I am drinking your sperm fish, first! Then, when you are ready, you can fuck me. I am fair that way. You won, but I am sucking this fine cock now!"

"I want to go somewhere else."

"Yes. You can fuck me somewhere else. You won the game! You can pick! But, I really want to blow you now."

"Fine! But it means I'll end up fucking you for a long time. Are you down for that?"

That was one of those funny California expressions: "'Down. Down for that.'" It meant, "Yes. I want to."

"Yes, I am 'down' for that!"

Grinning happily, without another word, Nicky then gave Ricky the finest blow job he could. Alternately sucking and stroking while laughing happily. It did not take long before this hot blond was growling and squirting!

There was so much! Nicky could not swallow it fast enough! It leaked out his mouth and flowed down his chin! We he stopped to catch his breath and laugh, Ricky shot more on his face and his neck! It kept blasting out!

Nicky then, as a test, scooted up on tip of Ricky to give him a gay-nasty, come-flavored kiss.

Ricky was "down". He even licked off Nicky's face and neck!

Ricky relaxed then, panting, "Wow! That was great!"

Nicky sighed. "Look at us! We are covered in sand! See how the sand sticks to the sperma? Are we not nasty boys?"

Ricky laughs in his giggly, light way. He is just as gay as Nicky! They simply lie there for a few minutes, covered in sand and spunk, catching their breaths, and staring into each other's happy eyes.

Without a word, Ricky springs up, grabs his shorts, and tosses Nicky his swimsuit. They dress. when they come out up stream, Ricky shows how to go down the rapids on one's butt, feet forward, arms wide. Nicky gets it. It is easy! It is a fun new sport. "Butt riding the river," Ricky calls it. Ricky makes him laugh the way he enjoys everything so much. He feels like an old friend, Ricky does.

After that, Ricky wanted to warm up on the rocks. Nicky did too. The river water was cold! One could only swim for fifteen or twenty minutes before the chill penetrated the body. They sat together.

Then! Another boy came up! He was beautiful like Ricky. Nicky had seen him before, but only briefly, surrounded by girls. But he had brown eyes! A brown eyed blonde! He was a little smaller than Ricky, but tough looking, even though his face was pretty. Like Ricky, he had all these little marks and scratches. They were friends, these two!

"Hey Ricky," said the other boy. "Who's this?"

"Hey Collin," Ricky said, "Allow me to introduce Nicholas Theophilos. He's from Greece."

To Nicky he said, "This is my friend Collin Thomkins. We live near each other, in the country where there are vineyards, orchards, ranches, and farms."

Nicky stood up to shake, looking over this boy, who was so hot. Almost as hot as his Ricky, and that said a lot! He said, "People call me 'Nicky.'"

Collin chatted politely for a few minutes, asking the usual things about his accent and where he was staying; then, he sat down next to Ricky and said to him quietly, "Hey buddy, I hate to do this, but could me and Susie Q borrow the gazebo tonight?"

Nicky watched Ricky grin and hold up his hand for a "high five", as they said in America.

Nicky gathered that Ricky's friend Collin needed a place to take a girl, so he said, "Ricky can stay at my house tonight!"

He saw Collin look at him curiously. Then he looked at Ricky, who looked over at Nicky and winked. Then Ricky held his hand so Collin could "high five" Ricky back!

Ha! These guys have no secrets from each other!

Then Ricky said to Nicky, "I have a great idea, Nicky! First, let's go to my place. I want to get my gear together; second, I want to lend you some short jeans for inner tubing.

"Inner tubing?"

"Yeah. That is the third thing! It is a fun 'agówn' we do here. We go down the rapids in them. You know, in car tire tubes? Uh, actually they come from tractor tires, but, anyway, it's a little dangerous, but since I saw how you went down the rapids, I know you will be fine, and you will love it! But when your butt falls down through the hole in the tube, it can get banged on rocks pretty hard, so you need better armor than racing trunks, and!" he added happily, "I know a great spot to fool around!"

He said this big rush of words right in front of Collin, and Collin just laughed. He said, "I'll see you guys around then?"

Ricky said, "Yeah, catch you later."

When Collin left, Nicky asked, "So does he 'fool around' with guys?"

Ricky said, "Collin is girl crazy. But we are friends. He knows I am boy crazy. You do not mind that he knows?"

"No. Does he let you suck his dick?"

"You ask a lot of questions, Nicky. You are curious! I like that. I like you!" Ricky said, smiling.

Nicky took that as a "Yes," delighted to find a friend who was happy to praise and show such instant love.

Nicky looked at Collin as he walked off. He wore those tacky surfing shorts that all the American boys usually wore, but the way they hung from his narrow waist and that strutty walk he had looked good!

Hmmm... he thought.

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Cheers, Dorian

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