This is a work of fiction. No one was exploited in the creation of this fable. In some locales, even reading about fictional teenagers having imaginary sex is prohibited. Local laws apply.

This story explicitly depicts young men forming erotic bonds with each other. Generally they are between the ages of 14 to 17, and they "generally" agree that peer relationships are best. However, among this particular group of youths, there are some who consider scoring some hot older fellow a coup, while there are others who remain enchanted by younger lads. These liaisons appear as dangerous edges, and the author has attempted to depict such outlawish trysts in a realistic way. Also, some of the fellows depicted here do other "bad boy" things like experiment with drugs and get in terrible fights. Last, being sexually versatile, as jocks typically are, they occasionally even have sex with girls. Ultimately, many are the spirits of the young who, in these pages, simply say, "Fuck the rules."

There is plenty of raunchy sex in this tale, but if all you are looking for is pure fapping material utterly devoted to some precise specialty, you might want to look elsewhere. In publisher's lingo, this is a "Coming of Age" novel.

Author's Note: Ricky and Nicky are a genuine couple now. They even have their first argument. Nicky likes those little dudes. Ricky likes more developed guys. Of course, they resolve this by having mad sex. Finally, our beloved and much missed Joshua makes an appearance, even if only by means of a video chat.

Boys of a Thousand Kisses

The next day, Nicky did not see much of Roan or Mason.

In the morning, after that wild night with those two horny boys, he went home to shower and change into clean clothes. He then sought out Ricky, whom he found at his cabin working with his little brother on their fishing gear. Ricky, strangely, did not inquire about Nicky's adventure, so Nicky did not offer.

Ricky told him he needed a break from the sun. His shoulders and thighs were sunburned. He and Collin were planning on hunting. He went along with them. Ricky wore long pants and his cute "shooting hat" that was like a cowboy hat but with one side flipped up.

He looked so dashing! He was like someone from an adventure magazine going on a safari! Nicky was madly in love with his kalos, film star, kind of boyfriend.

They went to large meadow near The Spot. This was where the oak trees grew the most, so that was where the squirrels were. That's, what Ricky and Collin said.

"But squirrels eat pine cones too! I have seen them many times," Nicky said.

They told him that was true, but this area had a larger squirrel population, "Plus," Ricky added, "acorn fed squirrels are fat and tasty."

They let Nicky fire a few "rounds," as they called the bullets, after teaching him how to hold the rifle and aim at certain spot on a tree, keeping both eyes open but looking with the right eye. It took practice! They wanted him to shoot a squirrel, but when Nicky tried to shoot one, he could not! Every time he saw one and had the little creature in his sights, he could not bear to pull the trigger!

On the last one, he handed the rifle back to Ricky. Looking down, he quietly told him, "I can't do it."

Collin and Ricky exchanged what was meant to be a private look between them, but Nicky saw the glance. Ricky seemed to understand. He did not express any derision, but Collin snorted, "Well, you missed the shot! Now we gotta wait again while the little fuckers settle down!"

It was strange. Nicky had whacked many rabbits in the head with the killing club; he had cut the heads off many chickens; and, he had killed countless fish and other aquatic animals. He explained, "I simply do not feel confident with the rifle. I do not want to graze it. I have heard them screech in pain. I could not bear it!"

Collin looked at him and nodded sympathetically. He understood that, at least. His friends had no desire to torture God's creatures.

Nicky watched them carefully. Neither Ricky and Collin hesitated when they had a shot! It was always, "One shot, one kill." They never fired unless they were sure!

These guys! What manly man-boys they are!

They were so quick about it. It was not unlike spear-fishing, Nicky saw. He felt that given time to practice "riflery," as Ricky called it, he would be able to shoot well. But not that day.

Nicky was, however, able to show them both that he was useful on a hunt. He saw that cleaning squirrels was almost the same as rabbits. The skins did not peel off quite as easily, but he was still able to do the work, impressing them both. He was not squeamish about blood and guts.

And all that afternoon, they did not have sex at all. They did not even talk about it. They may as well have been three straight boys. It was just guys doing guy stuff. The funny thing was? That was fine! Nicky, though he did not want to admit it, had been oversexed. He was actually a bit raw and sore. His balls ached. He needed a break.

It was a fine day. Even a little skinny dipping at the place where they cleaned their kills by the river brought no sexy stuff with it.

Finally, back at Ricky's cabin, he helped Ricky smash the heads of the squirrels to scrape out their little pea brains. Collin, meanwhile, went off to "scope babes."

Nicky knew all about treating hides using brains. This pleased Ricky. He even knew the "brains joke."

"Did you know Ricky, that all animals have just enough brains to preserve their own skin, wether dead, or alive?"

"Heh. You know that joke!"

While they were soaking the skins in the brain mash, Nicky tried to tell Ricky about all the "gay sex" he had done with Roan and Mason. But Ricky continued to be indifferent. He was always saying things like, "Yeah? Hm. So I think we need to let these soak. How long do you think?"

Even in the shower together, washing the blood and gore off themselves, Ricky was clearly not in the mood for sex. He was "all business." And then he was making food, talking to his dad, getting on the computer to update his Facebook, checking his texts, and Nicky felt peaceful. It was OK. He liked just being with Ricky. He liked just living with him. Ricky had this serious side, and Nicky enjoyed seeing it. Ricky liked to just work, work, work! This was gratifying and deeply satisfying to Nicky.

One thing Ricky kept doing was try to text his friend Joshua. He had told Nicky all about him. They had an "intense" relationship, and Ricky clearly loved him. It was very important to Ricky that they all had "v-chat." Nicky was interested in that. But Joshua only texted back short messages. He was not at his house. He was "out."

So Ricky just worked at his computer. He was learning how to really use one, and he studied this intently. Sometimes Ricky would concentrate so hard that he would not even hear him! Nicky had been trying to talk about boatbuilding and how the old harbormaster at his island liked to let him help out in the yard doing repairs and how it was difficult to find good wood in Greece but how in California in the north, it was a land of trees, and he wanted to build a boat!

In his gazebo, Ricky, while putting up some pictures on Facebook showing the squirrels they shot, looked up at Nicky and said, "Huh?"

"Boatbuilding! I was talking about building wooden boats, Ricky!"

"Oh! Sorry! Yes. That would be great. Don't you need lots of tools?"

"Well, in Berkeley, there is a library where you can check out tools like books!"


That got Ricky's attention!

"Yes! And my house has a back yard! I think I shall make a boat! I need a boat. It is making me crazy, not being able to sail, and the bay is right there! I can tell from the wind and the water that it's a crazy place to sail, just like the Mediterranean, with the winds leaping up falling down, always swirling from all directions!"

Ricky cocked his head and stared at him the way he would when he was thinking hard. Nicky waited. Finally he said, "Hmm. You are giving me ideas!"

Ricky's phone buzzed. Ricky told him Collin texted to see if he could have the gazebo that night. He laughed, "Looks like Collin scored again! Let's call your mom, huh?"

So they had gone to his cabin and had a nice meal with his mother. Mama just loved Ricky so much! They played a little music until Ricky's fingers were hurting. Then Ricky taught Nicky a card game called "cribbage." It was a good numbers game, and it lasted a long time, but Ricky kept winning, so Nicky taught Ricky the Greek alphabet, singing the "alpha beta" song the way it was taught in Greek. They practiced that until Ricky had it memorized. Ricky was learning Greek! He even was starting to get a pleasant accent! But he could not say his "Rho's" properly. Nicky kept trying to teach him how to trill his "R's," but that sound was not in English.

They made his mother laugh and laugh, and they sang together on the big rug near her feet as she read in her chair.

Mama and her books! Nicky never saw anyone read so many books! He knew for a fact that his mother could read more than one book in a day, and her books were thick and full of big words with long sentences in small print! She made the pages go flick, flick while her eyes went zip, zip back and forth over the pages! That day, they had received two boxes of books from the UPS driver. She also had boxes she shipped back. She had people she called "grad students" who would handle these big boxes of books. They called "Dr. Theophilos!" She was amazing!

She even helped Ricky with his accent, saying, "The 'R' of English is a fairly rare sounding of the form, Ricky. It is a 'middle R' with the tongue formed as in the letter 'L,' linguistically uncommon. It is equally difficult for Romance language speakers to master the English 'R.' You might also have observed, for example, that Japanese, Mandarin, and Cantonese speakers famously remain befuddled with this. Additionally, many Greek, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese children learn to trill properly only as a late stage of their development, and some with speech impediments, never! Simply persist. It is merely a matter of practice. I have not the slightest doubt that a strong-willed and intelligent youth such as yourself will achieve nothing less than excellence in any matter you patiently put your mind to."

Nicky noticed that his mother spoke to Ricky using the same language she used with adults. She respected him!

Soon, Nicky was making big, exaggerated, yawns, hinting to Ricky that he wanted to be in bed with him.

Ricky saw this and said to Nicky's mother, "Mrs. Theophilos? I think our Nicky is sleepy."

"Our" Nicky!

They went into Nicky's room and into his bathroom to brush their teeth and change into their sleeping clothes, Ricky in his long, sheer, "b-ball" shorts and he into his long t-shirt. When Nicky went out to kiss his mother tonight, she did a sweet thing for his Ricky, she offered her cheek to him with a tap of her fingers.

The moment his door closed behind him, Nicky whispered to him with one hand on his chest, "She loves you, Ricky."

Ricky smiled and moved to turn back the covers, but Nicky prevented this by hopping on the bed. He looked at Ricky and laughed as he hiked up his t-shirt, under which he wore nothing. He was already growing hard. Quietly, for his mother was in the next room, he said, "Suck my dick, Ricky, and then? Fuck me! I need a big cock in me!"

Ricky happily obliged him on the first request. He hopped on the bed and pushed him back, grabbed his balls and stroked his shaft while nibbling delicately on his foreskin.

Nicky, as always, was amazed by Ricky's blow job. He always seemed to find new things to do! This time, he laid his cheek on Nicky's thigh, stuck out his tongue, and used his fingers to flick his dick against it. It made Nicky's dick very hard to watch him. He was so beautiful!

Ricky evidently was not ready to fuck him, for instead of doing that, he put a rubber on Nicky and straddled him. Nicky had the feeling that Ricky was using his dick to fuck himself! Then sitting across his lap facing him, at the top of his stroke, Ricky's cock reached Nicky's face, so he grabbed it and tried to suck it! Ricky helped him by holding his head and pulling it down while he held the tip of Nicky's prick in his ass. They had not done that move before.

Nicky's ability to suck his dick while he fucked him pleased Ricky. He wanted to try it! So they switched it up. One nice thing about condoms, Nicky observed, was they did keep skatá off your snake!

It was a fun way to fuck for a while, but Nicky really wanted a good pounding, so after a some of that, they moved to the floor beside Nicky's bed on top of Nicky's comforter. That way, Ricky could hump him well without making the bed creak.

There, beside the sliding glass doors in their little nest, while Nicky lay on his back with a couple of pillows, Ricky fucked him long and well. It was always divine to get a good "Ricky fucking." He managed to be loving kind and powerful at the same time, making Nicky feel like he was really fucked and was most beloved both. It was "brilliant," as the English said.

Ricky did not simply fuck him hard. He cradled Nicky in his arms and kissed him with laughing eyes while his cock found that tingly place inside him and managed to keep finding it until he felt a long, slow beautiful orgasm rising in him that lasted in wave after wave, making Nicky feel like sloppily splayed octopus with all the fight knocked out of him.

It was only then that Ricky fucked him like a giant piston in a big ship's diesel motor until he himself came with a sweet sigh, kissing him deeply in the last instant.

Ricky was right. There was nothing like sex with a big, strong guy — a big strong guy who was just then wiping Nicky off with Nicky's come rag, telling him how beautiful he was, saying what a wonder he was, and speaking the words in his gentle hypnotic voice, so eerily like Ricky's father, Nicky noticed for the first time. "Oh, Nicky," he said, "I could kiss you a thousand times."

"Did you know you sound like your dad? Your voice! It is like your father's. Peaceful and kind."

"My mother says that too," Ricky agreed.

Nicky sighed, "Kiss me a thousand times, my Ricky!"

Finally, as they were laying in Nicky's big, soft, warm bed, just snuggling, Ricky's father called, and Ricky talked with him a while. Nicky did not pay much attention. He just burrowed up into Ricky's strong body.

When he hung up, Ricky said, "My dad says he's going to have to leave tomorrow! He got this gig in the Caribbean..."


"Job. But it's a special word for a short job. Musicians use it, mainly, but my dad uses that word for photo shoots."

"Oh. So what does that mean?"

"It means he's taking Collin and Patrick back tomorrow! I can't fucking believe it! Oh, damn. Collin is going to be so bummed. This is fucked! I hate this. He's leaving me here alone!"

"Oh." Then Nicky thought about that. "OH! That means we will have the place to ourselves!

"Yes, I'll have the place to myself until Friday afternoon, when my grand aunts and uncles come up with their families."

"But what day is it?"

"It is Sunday. Tomorrow is Monday."

"They trust you that much?" Nicky cried, amazed.

"Yeah. I know. They shouldn't but they do. Anyway, I always take care of the place. There's plenty of food. It'll be fine, but I'm thinking, let's take the truck up to the city! If we get busted, I'll just say I needed to get food. Dad will leave me an ATM card."

Nicky loved that idea, but he was concerned about Collin. "No, Collin won't like it. He loves it here."

Then, saying something that had been on his mind, "But I was wondering, I have seen boys feel all guilty after fooling around with me. Then they come back for more. But who was Collin with tonight?"

"Cousin Susie, of all people. Collin said it was 'mercy.' He's gonna give her a mercy fuck."

"Collin has a little devil in him, does he not?"

Ricky only laughed and said, "What I really want to do is just play together you, alone. We can fuck all day, just you and me alone, together."

Nicky did like that idea, but he really wanted to introduce his new, young friends into the mix.

Earlier, when Nicky had kept trying to tell Ricky about his adventures with Roan and Mason, a secret part of him had hoped Ricky was jealous. But Ricky remained distant and cool. He was always changing the subject.

Nicky asked him about it again. "Honestly, Ricky? Are you jealous that I spent time with those guys?"


"Well, the idea was to get you involved! I was only hitting on them because of The Challenge!"

"But Nicky! Damn it! You never asked! I never even agreed! You just took off! It was not even my challenge to you! It was your idea! And it is my turn! Besides. Honestly, Nicky? I'm really just not turned on by little dicks."

Ricky chuckled when Nicky frowned at him. He could see his Ricky's mind whirling. Ricky, in Nicky's opinion, thought too much. Finally, Nicky said, "Yes. OK. But it is so hot! Is your dick not hard? Will it not be fun?"

"No, Nicky. Oh, well fuck. You got your hands down there. Am I hard?"


"So? See? Those little guys. I can't even fuck them. I like the idea of a four way, but they are not a challenge to me! I'm thinking we need to score some older guys together."

Nicky liked that idea. "But still," he complained, "I think you are being too picky! Those guys are really cool! I like them. We should all hook up... on principle!"

"What fucking 'principle?'"

Nicky had answered without hesitation, "The principle of, 'You do what turns me on and I do what turns you on!'"

Ricky shook his head. He did actually not agree, but he did admit, "That's a good principle, but this challenge is yours not mine. It is my turn, and I am not interested. Sorry. Anyhow, like I said, it is my turn, damn it!"

Bemused, Nicky said, "Are we having an argument?"

Ricky was quiet in his arms for a minute. Nicky let his words hang. Finally, Ricky answered, "I guess so. We disagree on this. I was thinking of a challenge for you!"


"I was thinking you should fuck a girl!"

Nicky did not agree with that at all. He changed the topic. "Why didn't you tell me about Roan? Why didn't you tell him about me? I thought you trusted me! I know you trust Roan. He and I talked about you, you know."

Nicky had him there. He knew it. He watched Ricky think about that. Finally he answered, "Fine! I was jealous. I guess. I want you all to myself. I did not want to share you with him, let alone some fucking eleven year-old!"

Nicky sighed. "Funny, but Roan said something like that. But, anyway, he is twelve. That's a big difference!"

"No, he is not twelve, Nicky. His birthday is later this week. Did he say he was twelve?"

"Yes. Hmmm... Well, maybe he is just thinking of himself that way, for practice! To get used to the idea, but for me a twelve year-old is not too young.

Ricky grew silent again.

Nicky, despite his outward aplomb, asked, "What is it, Ricky?"

"It is just that I have never loved anyone so much. I was thinking, "You are mine, and mine only."

Nicky was happy to hear Ricky say it. "I can understand that, but you will do them with me?"

He waited for Ricky to say something, but Ricky only grunted.

He waited.

He waited longer.

Finally, "Ricky?"



"'Well,' No."


"You heard me."

Surprised, Nicky asked, "but what about turning each other on?"

"Yes, Nicky, what about it? The whole point of me and Roan was to help him discover himself. Then, when he found a kid his own age, I considered my duty finished. I had found you! I do not want to go backwards. I want to go forwards. We'll find another couple. Older, with bigger dicks, and holes I can fuck the shit out of."

Nicky pondered that. "OK. We could do that too. Is that a Challenge?"

"No. We do that already. It's what we do."

This made Nicky smile. They dropped the topic. The next agown could wait. Without exactly agreeing, the idea of trying a girl did intrigue Nicky.

When Nicky awoke, Ricky was already gone. He had tossed and turned a lot in the night, waking Nicky up again and again. Nicky would settle into Ricky, fall asleep, and Ricky would get restless again. Finally, awake together in the dark of the early morning, Ricky told him that he was already missing his father, his brother, and Collin. He would leave early and make them all a big breakfast, and he would stay with them until they left. Nicky was welcome to come over anytime he wanted.

Nicky would give him some time. Both of them agreed that they would not mention to Nicky's mother that Ricky was at the cabin alone. That might curtail the sleepovers. Ricky's father rarely made a public appearance, so not seeing him around would be no object of curiosity.

Nicky was looking forward to the delirious freedom. Even though he had no driver's license, Ricky said he knew how to drive. His grandfather had started teaching him when he was extremely young, he said, and he had driven all over the mountains. It was the same in Greece, in the country it was farm equipment, and by the sea, it was watercraft. Kids learned how to handle big, powerful machines from a very young age.

There was always an old work truck with a camper shell parked at Ricky's cabin. Nicky had never seen it used. But Nicky would take Ricky's word for it that it ran just fine. He guessed that Ricky knew where the keys were.

Nicky had some ideas of his own for ways that two gay boys could play. He was excited himself.

So Ricky wants to play with the big boys? Hah!

None of that stopped him from falling back to sleep. He did not awake again until late.

When Nicky finally went to the Boone cabin, he saw the old green truck in the carport, but Ricky's father's BMW was not there. Ricky had washed the truck, Nicky could see. Nicky just walked in without knocking. He found Ricky inside in the kitchen. He was making bread! Nicky could smell it in the oven.

Ricky ran to him! He swooped him in his arms, lifting him up, and he kissed him and kissed him!

Ricky said, his voice excited, "You wanna check out the attic? I know there's all kinds of neat stuff here! I was waiting for you!"

All that sounded great, but first Nicky asked, "Did you cut your hair, Ricky? When did you do that? It looks good! It's like a young lion's mane!"

"I trimmed it this morning after they all left. This style is based on a cut that the great singer for 'The Doors,' Jim Morrison, wore, but I did not perm it. It was called, 'The Young Lion!' Hah! You are perceptive!"

Nicky laughed inside. He even cuts hair! My Ricky is so skillful!

The attic was well lit by dormer windows. It had many old artifacts, chests, and pieces of furniture that looked like they came from a movie set.

Seven generations of Boones had left their marks. Even the fire of 1941 had not done its work, for there were clothes that looked like they could have come from the turn of the century in the attic. Best of all, they found an old, wind up Victorola and a box of old, old records. Ricky made Nicky laugh when he found a set of Enrico Caruso recordings, the great Italian singer, for he hugged them to his chest and rocked himself happily.

This guy is crazy about music!

Ricky was ecstatic. He insisted they clean up the old unit and set it up in a place of honor downstairs. They would get it working, and when his uncles, Doug and Paul, came, they would be thrilled.

But what caught Nicky's attention were the dresses from the earlier era. Ricky said, "Those are from the thirties. You can tell because they cover up the body more and are loose. In the twenties, they were sexier, and in the forties, they got tight again."

Nicky laughed. "I did not know you knew so much about women's fashion!"

"My mom told me. She works at the theater part time. She does costumes, make up, and sets. She's very artistic!"

Nicky pondered this new information. He said, "I never hear you talk about your mother much."

Ricky looked up from the pile of "78s." He frowned. Then he said, "That's weird! But I guess you are right. She and I are close. I came out to her before anyone else. I totally love my mother. She is, like, my very best friend. Sometimes, I think, I might hold her so close to my heart that I preserve her from others. She makes me mad though. She does not know how to pick men!"

Ricky looked down then, suddenly appearing flustered.

Ricky would do that, Nicky had noticed. He would talk a lot, then suddenly shut up. Nicky smiled. He said in a soft voice, "It is OK, Ricky, I love my mother too."

Nicky wanted to dress in women's clothes. He giggled. "Let's shave our legs and our pits! Let's go for the full monty!"

"You sure use funny expressions sometimes, Nicky," Ricky commented kindly.

"You sure use funny expressions sometimes, Ricky," Nicky shot back. He noticed Ricky had not agreed with the shaving idea.

Nicky was used to the fact that he had ways of using words that were the ways one used words in Greek — different words in a different order. He was used to the funny looks he would get sometimes. He often had a hard time with the sloppy drawl that Californians used.

Nicky, to change the subject, said, "Did you know that in Greek there are myriad ways to say 'sex'?"

"That does not surprise me," Ricky said, "But, like, give me some examples!"

"Like, 'You want cinnamon on your toast?' Or, 'I know how to change a tire!' like that!"

"That is really funny, Nicky! Let's play game! What you do is: Every once in a while you use on of those expressions, and see if I get it!"

"OK! Here's one! like, we often call a dick a 'snake.' But we will say, 'I snaked him,' or, 'he snaked me.'"

"I get it. You make a noun into a verb."

"Yes. But Greek has forms for that. It is more complicated; like, you can tell who is doing the action and who is receiving it. It is called 'active' or 'passive' voice. That is how you say it in English. In Greek, the grammar words make more sense. They define themselves. English grammar uses complicated words!"

Ricky looked at Nicky for a long time. Then he said, "Maybe you could teach me Greek grammar."

"Sure! In Greece, we learn all those things when we are small. It is an old fashioned country, you know. Do they not teach you grammar here?"

"They do, but the way they teach it always pisses me off, so I don't listen. I did not really learn grammar until I studied Latin and Spanish."

"Well, I will teach you then!"

"You will show me how read a book?"

"Hah! Yes! From me you will learn how to cross your taus and dot your iotas!"

They laughed and laughed.

"Except," Nicky added, "in Greek, iotas have no dot. But sometimes they have 'dieresis.'"

"What are 'dieresis?'"

"They are those little double dots to show that the vowel is pronounced as a separate sound."

"Oh! Is that what those marks are called? I thought that was an 'umlaut!'"

"No! That is something different! That means the vowel has a different pronunciation than the ordinary one! Greek does not have those. That is a Germanikos thing."

Nicky was delighted. One of the many things he liked about Ricky was that he always admitted when he did not know something. But the funny thing was that Ricky always knew so much! It was always a surprise when Nicky would discover that Ricky had a big hole in his knowledge. But Nicky was not surprised about the grammar. In America, they taught grammar in a crazy way. All these big words with little meaning! Nicky was amazed that high school kids in the U.S. knew less than third graders in Greece when it came to language skills.

Nicky held this knowledge in reserve. He had no wish to shame Ricky. Far from it!

He helped Ricky haul the Victorola and the records downstairs. It did not take long for Ricky to get it cleaned and working. "I remember," he said, "listening to this with my great grandmother when I was very small. She let me wind it up and change the needles, and she taught me how to be careful with the records. I hope there are some needles that are not too bad. They wear out quickly, these kind. There used to be a store in town that sold the needles. They smell like hot fingernails!"

Nicky laughed at Ricky's description, he asked, "When could you learn how fingernails smell when hot? How?"

"I took some trimmings and heated them in a pan. It was an experiment. I heard they were made of protein."

Typical Ricky!

Ricky who had been overjoyed to find that "Caruso" recording, continued on, "I'm just crazy for Italian folk tenors. My great grandma Bernie loved Caruso. I remember listening to these very ones when I stayed with her as a small boy. Maybe that's why I love them so. She would hold me and hum while they played. Let's play that record! You can tell me what the words say?"

"I will try."

Nicky listened closely to the lyrics of the scratchy old record. He was amazed at how good the Victorola sounded when one put one's head in just the right spot by the big horn.

Ricky, meanwhile, as the great singer belted, lay on the floor on the big oval rug. He tossed an arm over his eyes, and he was... moaning?

The music? It was making him cry?

Ricky leaning up, wiping his eyes, wanted to know the words to one song, in particular, "Core 'ngrato."

But the accent was very old fashioned. It reminded Nicky of the way some old people talked around Neopolis. He told Ricky, "It is hard to hear, but he is saying, 'Catari, Catari,' but I think that means 'Catarina, Catarina,' you say 'Catherine' in English? Like your sister? He says, 'Why do you give me torment?' He goes to a church, and the priest says, 'Forget her, forget her.'

"There is more. We can listen again. But he is in torment over this woman, who does not love him as he does."

Ricky sighed. "So I did already understand!"

"Well," Nicky said, restarting the player, for it was similar to one his grandfather had at the hotel, "We do not have this problem of unreturned love!"

He joined Ricky on the floor, sliding up along side him and wrapping himself into him. He was not as moved by the singing as Ricky, but the way his boyfriend shuddered and trembled was thrilling. It was like the music gave him orgasms.

When the record was done, Nicky hopped up and stopped it. Ricky leaned up on his elbows and gave him that look.

That "look" meant he wanted to fuck. Nicky stored away the fact that certain music made Ricky horny even as he hopped over to his beautiful boyfriend and sat on his hard belly with his legs to either side. For a moment, they stared at each other.

Ricky reached up and drew him to him, and they kissed. They did a fun, new thing — Ricky nibbled on Nicky's lower lip while Nicky ran his tongue under Ricky's upper lip.

They were happily engaged in that new and joyful variant of one of their many kissing styles when Ricky's phone made a noise that sounded like the cry of an eagle.

"Joshua!" Ricky announced. "That's his ringtone."

"What's mine, Ricky?"

"It's the sound of rushing water, but, anyway?"

Nicky listened as Ricky grabbed his phone. All he heard was: "Yeah? Ah. I wondered how come you didn't return texts. Sure!"

He hung up. To Nicky, he said, "Josh is back home. He was in the mountains up by Big Bear, camping. He's down for a v-chat. You wanna?"

"Naked?" Nicky asked.

"Inevitably, Nicky." Ricky smiled his sexy smile.

Nicky's penis began to harden.

Ricky set his laptop on the coffee table, and Nicky flopped onto the couch in front of it. It did not take long to bring up a video looking screen, and there, Tra la, was the pretty blond boy Nicky had seen pictures of! He was sitting in a chair in what looked like a bedroom, for there was a bed behind him and a buch of film posters on the wall.

The voice from the little computer speakers was thin and small, but his words were joyful. "Ah!" The boy exclaimed, "So you are the great Nicholas Theophilos!"

Nicky starred open mouthed at the gorgeous blond on the screen. His eyes were of the palest blue, and his long hair was so bright, it was white! He had the cutest freckles and the reddest lips! He was not wearing a shirt. His shoulders looked light, but he was not frail looking. He was sunburned, and his nipples were small. They were almost invisible. Before Nicky could could say anything, Ricky was beside him with an arm over his shoulder, and he was kissing Nicky's cheek, saying, "Isn't he magnificent? Josh?"

"Extraordinary!" Joshua agreed. "I've always loved that blond, brunette; big, small combo. You guys are stars! Take your shirts off, dudes!"

Nicky laughed, "Nice to meet you too, Joshua Morgan! Ricky talks about you a lot. He loves you!"

Joshua grinned. He had a great smile! "Our Ricky has a lot of love in him. Take off you shirts!"

As Ricky pulled off Nicky's shirt, he said to Nicky, "Joshua is kind of bossy. You get used to it."

Joshua, obviously ignoring that, for Nicky immediately understood thet Joshua and Ricky fucked with each other, just as Ricky and Collin fucked with each other, asked Ricky, "Did you show him that clip of us, Ricky?"

"No," Ricky answered, pulling off his shirt. "I was so paranoid, I deleted the file."

"Well, you can re-download the encrypted attachment from the original email; you should show him, now that you have the software setup to re-encrypt the file, but, anyway, I was thinking, you guys wanna see how I can suck my own dick?"

Nicky did not much understand the technical talk, but he did understand Joshua's last question. Cheerfully, he told him, "Ricky and I discovered we can such each other's dicks while we are fucking!"

"Hah!" Joshua cried as he grinned brightly, "So we can put on a show for each other!"

Ricky giggled in that silly way he could. He could sound like a little kid sometimes. It was one of Nicky's favorite things about Ricky. Nicky saw that Joshua was not waiting. He was off the screen and he saw the camera he used was moved and zoomed to the bed behind where he had been sitting. Joshua appeared on the bed. He was wearing only red briefs, and Nicky saw his monster bulge for the first time. Joshua asked, "Can you hear me OK?"

"No," Ricky answered. "I can just barely hear you."

"OK. Let me turn up the gain. It might get staticky and you might hear some traffic though. Fuck, but I have to get me a better mic!"

Joshua hopped off the bed and disappeared from view. Nicky heard some microphone noises. When Joshua returned to the bed, and checked again, he was much louder.

Ricky continued to pet and kiss Nicky. He whispered, "This is fun huh?"

Nicky agreed.

Ricky said, "Wait until you see his cock! Joshua has the most awesome dick!"

Joshua slipped off his briefs and revealed his almost hairless pubes above a cock that though not hard yet, was still as large as a man's erection. As Ricky said, it was beautiful. So smooth and shapely! Like so many American boys, he was circumcised, and the hot pink head, rather like Ricky's, was pointy. It was an exciting penis!

Joshua was saying in that commanding way of his, "Give me a sex show, boys! Show me how you do it!"

Ricky was already ripping his shorts off as Nicky excitedly caught up. In an instant, they were kissing and playing with each other's cocks while happily glancing at the monitor to watch Joshua slowly stroke his beautiful monster. It was fun sex!

Nicky always liked doing it before an audience, and from Ricky's silly giggles and heavy breathing, he was liking it too.

He flopped over to give Ricky's cock the gayest sucking he could muster, making cooing noises while he looked up at Joshua, onscreen, who was staring at them, grinning. Joshua was saying, "Oh, that's great, Nicky. That's some fine cock sucking!"

Nicky wanted Ricky's dick in his ass. His anus twinged with the thought of it. Once he had Ricky's wonderful phallus well licked and dripping with slimy saliva, he hopped on top of Ricky's lap, facing the screen, and sat down hard on him, taking Ricky's big dick full length with only spit for lube. It made him squeal a little, for it hurt a bit. It was not their usual style to get anal so soon and so roughly, but Nicky wanted Joshua to see what a slut he was.

Joshua, Nicky could see, enjoyed the show. His bright blue eyes were laughing as his marvelous big cock grew even bigger. "Fuck him hard, Ricky!" He commanded.

Ricky, into his part, started thrusting up into him hard and fast, really "jack-hammering" as Ricky called that kind of fast, hard fucking. It made Nicky bounce around and screech a little! This was a strong ass-thumping!

It actually hurt a little though, and Ricky, ever sensitive, perceived Nicky's need. He changed rhythm, and gripping Nicky's butt cheeks from underneath, held him up to slowly massage Nicky's g-spot with the head of his dick inside him.

It drove Nicky wild. Twisting, he kissed Ricky ferociously. He felt a rising orgasm, and he let it go, squirting spontaneously all over his belly. Ricky came inside his ass at just about the same time.

It was a fast fuck. Over in a minute. When Nicky lifted up, his butthole made the sound of a wet fart as Ricky's ever copious discharge burbled out of his hole. This made them all laugh! And, to Nicky's great satisfaction, he was tossed to the side as Ricky knelt down in front of the couch to lick it all up with loud, happy slurps.

"Oh!" Joshua called out, "You guys are nasty!"

"Yes!" Nicky agreed as Ricky made his way up his belly, and, imitating one of Ricky's expressions, added, "We put the 'Way' in 'Gay!'"

To prove this, Nicky sucked Ricky's semen drenched tongue, enjoying the sharp taste of a little ass juice mixed into the savory flavor.

They cuddled together then, feeling warm and content while Josh gave them his own show.

"I told you how I could suck my own dick?"

Nicky remembered that Ricky had mentioned that Josh claimed he could do that. Ricky had said that he had never seen it. But they were seeing it then!

Nicky had known only one other guy who could do that, and that guy did not have a particularly long penis. He had himself tried many times, but his back was simply not bendy enough.

Joshua appeared to have no problem. He bent over and blew himself, showing no sign of strain or discomfort. It was spectacular! He was able to take his dick in his mouth by several centimeters, really giving it a good, luscious, wet suck past the head! Occasionally, he glanced up at them with the most devilish look in his eyes.

"Fuck, Nicky," Ricky panted, "I'm ready to go again! Isn't that fuck hot?"

"Fuck hot," Nicky agreed, noticing Ricky's big boy, fuck muscle stand up again. His Ricky was such a stud!

It did not take Joshua long to get himself off. He did it in silence with a sly smile, licking and sucking his come up and smacking his lips. Joshua explained, "I already fucked a dude this morning, so there's not a lot of jizz."

It looked like plenty of "jizz" to Nicky, however. Some of is clung to Joshua's pretty chin. Nicky commented, "We three must get together. Do you not agree, Ricky?"

"I agree."

Joshua had produced a towel and was wiping himself up. His comment was directed at Ricky when he said, "I've written a few scripts, Ricky. I'll send 'em too you. If you guys can make it to Venice, we can make some fuck hot cinema. I'd like to begin with some scenes on the boardwalk by the beach. Real genuine stories with plots and everything."

"And lots of hot, gay, sex?" Nicky asked, cutely.

"Lots and lots! You guys will need to meet Vasili. He's fifteen, but he looks like he's twelve or something. Except for his cock. He's all man down there!"

As he and Ricky also cleaned themselves, Nicky asked, "Vasili is a Russian name? I think that means 'Basil' in Greek."

"His family is from the Ukraine, but he says he is Russian, yeah." Joshua answered. "I will ask him about the name. But he was born here. I'll send Ricky some pics. He's hot. Anyhow, I gotta go! Thanks the the virtual sex, bros, and nice to meet you, Nicky! Ricky said you were amazing.You two are a natural couple. I love it! Bye!"

And just like that, the screen went blank.

Ricky chuckled. "He does that, Nicky. Joshua is always on a mission."

"He's beautiful, Ricky."

"Yes. And he's talented. When his emails arrive, I'll show you him and me in action."

"That will be fun."

"Yes. Let us now continue on with our plans for the day, Nicky."

Nicky liked it when Ricky took command and spoke so clearly and formally.

And — of course — they kissed a thousand times. As always, boys of a thousand kisses.

The smooth flow of their plan had only a slight hiccup in that Nicky felt underdressed compared to Ricky. He concluded this as Ricky laid out his ensemble. Nicky was only wearing shorts and a tank top, so they walked back to Nicky's house to get some nicer clothes. Nicky had brought with him only one dressy set — black slacks and a red, print, shiny shirt. His woven black sandals, when cleaned up and worn with black socks looked dressy enough, however.

They returned then. Ricky insisted on ironing Nicky's clothes, saying, "You really must hang them up, Nicky. If you leave them stuffed in your backpack, they get all wrinkled like this!"

Nicky considered that. Maybe he is right.

Ricky looked studly in his 501s, big belt with a silver buckle, snakeskin boots, a silvery dress shirt, and a string tie with a turquoise clasp — a gift from Collin. Nicky was looking forward to being seen with him. He decided it would not a bad thing to let Ricky's fashion sense be of influence.

After driving up the ten miles to the city beneath the volcano, they went to a Chinese restaurant for the lunch buffet, and after that, they went to the movie house. Looking at the movie times, Nicky said, "We must wait until the last minute. This way we can find an empty row."

"An empty row?"

"Yes, you know, for fun stuff?"


So they walked over to the hardware store nearby to look at fishing gear. Ricky was looking for some small lures. He wanted to try a technique he had learned from Roan, he had said.

Then, they walked down the main street. There was an old music store that sold many kinds of things, instruments, sheet music, rare records, and to Ricky's perfect joy, they still did sell Victorola needles. As always, Ricky charmed the proprietor, a very, very old man who remembered him as a small boy coming into the store with his great grandmother.

Nicky blew his charismatic and beautiful boyfriend in the theater. He always wanted to do that! But he did not make him come. Also, he wanted to watch the movie — one of the rare times he'd found Japanese anime in an American theater that was not dubbed but was in Japanese with subtitles.

Nicky laughed, "Is it not fun for us to be so gay together?"

"Yes, Nicky. It is fun to be gay together! And have you noticed that the Japanese still believe humans can be like gods?"

"Yes. That is what I like about anime. They still believe in heroes!"

A little later, in the truck, in the big parking lot, Ricky returned the favor. Again, they refrained from release.

Ricky suggested they visit the fish hatchery. One of Roan's uncles, Mason's father, worked there. Ricky wanted to see if he could spot him.

However, before arriving at the hatchery, following the empty road in that old pick up with the windows down, Ricky commented, "See that old barn next to the feed store?"


"They have teen dances there. There is one coming up. It's the hottest pick up scene in the county for young guys like us!"

"I can hear music, Ricky!"

"Let's check it out!" Ricky exclaimed as they pulled in.

Music meant musicians, and musicians meant probably young and probably hot.

Nicky grew excited. What a day!

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