This is a work of fiction. No one was exploited in the creation of this fable. In some locales, even reading about fictional teenagers having imaginary sex is prohibited. Local laws apply.

This story explicitly depicts young men forming erotic bonds with each other. Generally they are between the ages of 14 to 17, and they "generally" agree that peer relationships are best. However, among this particular group of youths, there are some who consider scoring some hot older fellow a coup, while there are others who remain enchanted by younger lads. These liaisons appear as dangerous edges, and the author has attempted to depict such outlawish trysts in a realistic way. Also, some of the fellows depicted here do other "bad boy" things like experiment with drugs and get in terrible fights. Last, being sexually versatile, as jocks typically are, they occasionally even have sex with girls. Ultimately, many are the spirits of the young who, in these pages, simply say, "Fuck the rules."

There is plenty of raunchy sex in this tale, but if all you are looking for is pure fapping material utterly devoted to some precise specialty, you might want to look elsewhere. In publisher's lingo, this is a "Coming of Age" novel.

Author's Note: In this chapter, our intrepid heroes crack the local gay teen network, and so begins the first rumblings on the horizon of the perfect storm of sex to come.

The Boys in the Band

There were a couple of vehicles next to the side of the barn near the open, wide, sliding door — a dark blue van, and an old, yet well cared for, white Lexus sedan.

The music, which Ricky thought of as "thrash metal," was crashing through the doors. It was not that good, but then, they were probably practicing, so Ricky — knowing he was a snob about music at best — forwent final judgement.

Walking in through the big opening on the side of the building near the vehicles, they took a moment to let their eyes adjust to the darkness. The musicians did not stop playing on their arrival. There were two guitarists, a bassist, and a drummer. They were all pretty cute. They looked to be the same age, more or less, as he and Nicky. No. Older. But not too much. Then, as his eyes adjusted to the gloom, he spotted two girls about the same age, a blond and a brown-haired girl, both also cute. They were sitting on a beat up old couch set up near the front of the low stage. Ricky supposed they were girlfriends or groupies. He did not consider that there was much difference. The only question in his mind was to whom were they attached.

They walked up to them and noticed the band members noticing them. Ricky said, loudly, "We were driving by on the way to the hatchery, and we heard music. We just wanted to check it out."

One of the girls, a blond, held out her hand. Not all girls offered to shake. Ricky's manner training had taught him to never insist on shaking hands with a female, but when offered, to accept. He shook her hand. "Clarice," she said, "and this," tossing her head, "is Jessica."

"Ricky." He looked at Nicky, getting ready to introduce him, but Nicky came forward and said "Nicky."

Jessica, a small, dark-haired girl, did not offer to shake, but she smiled nicely enough. "Ricky and Nicky. Cute!"

She did not say it unkindly. Both girls were very pretty. They did not seem like the slutty types with gauchely revealing, cheap clothes and lower class manners. They seemed like upper middle-class females in expensive clothes — designer jeans and tasteful blouses.

"We get that," Ricky admitted.

"Well, sit down!" Clarice told them, making way.

Ricky sat next to her, but Nicky, adorably and coyly only leaned on the big, round, overstuffed arm of the couch with his hard, round and eminently stuff-able butt right near Ricky's head.

Jessica explained, "Jim, that tall one on bass? He's my boyfriend, and the guitarist, Sam? That's Clarice's boyfriend."

So that answers that.

Ricky was always amused by how quickly girls would indicate they had boyfriends. He looked at the other two, a blond on drums, no shirt, on the short side, but super hot in a tough boy way. He had dark eyes and eyebrows. Quite handsome! The other guitarist was, tall, taller than Ricky, with long, dark brown brown hair. He had a young, almost feminine face with soft, pretty eyes.

The girls could have their boyfriends, the other two were much better!

"You getting ready for the dance?" Ricky asked.

"Yeah. The bands have these practice times. My uncle owns this place."

Ricky nodded. He said, "They are pretty good!"

"No they are not!" Jessica laughed. They suck and they know it. Listen to them all off in time and key with each other.

Nicky offered, "We were just listening to Italian opera this morning. I translated the words!"

"Ah ha!" Clarice laughed, "connoisseurs!"

"It was Enrico Caruso," Ricky explained, "These old 78s of my great-grandmother's we found in the attic. We played them on an old Victorola. He slays me, Caruso does."

The girls thought that was pretty cool.

The band finished the song, and Sam, one of the guitarists, said into the microphone. "Hey! We are just practicing. Don't talk shit! You guys can hang if you want, but we got stuff to work out."

Jessica told them that the other guitarist was Justin, and the drummer was Mark. They had just joined the band after their old one broke up. She said they were "good," but they knew totally different songs.

The band was conferring, then they broke into the strained pathos of an old Nirvana tune, "About a Girl", if Ricky remembered. This time it was Justin, the tall, pretty guy, who sang.

Fuck! He's gorgeous!

He looked right at Ricky as he began to do a pretty passable imitation of Kurt Cobain's sad, almost indecipherable crooning. Mark, the drummer, had just the right limping gait for the beat. Ricky was moved by the song.

Nicky offered, "That seems like a keeper, huh?"

The girls agreed it was great, but Jessica said, "It's not a dance tune though."

As though reading their minds, the drummer, Mark, in a surprisingly deep voice said, "Guys? Let's just jam, huh? I got this chug thing I worked out last night. You wanna?"

Jim, the bassist said, "Lay it down, man. I'll pick it up, and the guitars can jump in."

Mark then started in on a beat that reminded Ricky of some early Pink Floyd, but he couldn't place it. Jim found a bass groove right away, slow, dark, moody. Sam then started striking some semi-random dissonant, eerie chords. Finally, Justin entered in with some haunting high notes, playing lead.

It was quite a change from the earlier thrash. They played with that tune for a long time. It was superb.

Finally, they stopped.

"What do you think?" Sam asked into the mic.

Their little audience erupted in clapping, whistles, and cheers!

Still in the mic, but looking back at the others, Sam said, "I think we have a hit. Let's do more like that!"

That afternoon, though they tried many different songs and moods, they were never able to follow up the last with anything as good. Finally, Jessica stood up, saying, "We gotta bounce. You guys can hang with Mark and Justin if you want though. They know how to lock up."

It was only then that Nicky and Ricky formally met the band members. The two with the girlfriends just put their guitars in cases and left with those, leaving everything else, but Mark and Justin made no move to leave. They wanted to play some more.

Ricky wanted to play with them also, but not music.

Justin's tight, tight pants showed off his big, big dick, and Mark's shirtless torso rippled with lean muscle. He had those kinds of lines at his hips that pointed to his dick, and his sagging shorts were held up by a rope! He did not appear to be wearing any underwear.

Ricky did not particularly try to hide that he was checking them out. Truly, if he was not mistaken, the other two were looking over he and Nicky, and not trying hard to hide it either.

Nicky, to Ricky's consternation said, happily, "Ricky plays piano! I see you have a keyboard up there?"

"Aw, Nicky, I don't know, man!"

Justin grinned, "Come jam with us!"

"I'm classics geek, man. I don't play rock. I don't know any songs!"

Mark said, "Well you and Justin should get along just fine then!"

"Fuck you, Mark," Justin told him with a smile.

But Mark's comment made Ricky feel welcome. He hopped onto the stage and flicked the switch on the keyboard. He hit a few notes, played a few scales, then adjusted the sound for something more ballsy. "You guys know 'The Hall of the Mountain King?'"

"By Strauss?" Justin asked.

"No, a Norwegian guy, Grieg. It goes faster and faster, louder and louder. I can play it in A or E minor if you want. How do I adjust the volume of this thing as I play?"

Justin showed him the foot switch, saying to Mark, "See? Fucking keyboardists, they always know theory!"

It was a catchy tune. It always was. Mark was able to get the beat, and Justin was soon crashing in when the music got crashy.

Nicky clapped. They all laughed. Then Ricky said, "But Strauss? How about the Gypsy Baron? The 'March' lends itself to rock, once you cut the effeminate fuckin' violins out."

Ricky had never liked violins, finding them cloying and screechy. He liked horns and the stringed instruments in the deeper registers.

"Lay it on us, man," Mark said.

The section Ricky played was one of the first pieces Ricky ever had taught himself. He had many, many variations. He played one such that a beat could be kept.

The two musicians seemed to be quite enjoying themselves.

Ricky followed that with something he considered "pop music": the theme from Phantom of the Opera. He explained, "It's a bitch on guitar. It starts in G minor, then changes and changes. It's 'modal.' It's all barre chords."

"Play it, dude!" Mark insisted.

After fiddling with the controls to try to get a properly "church organ" sound, it ended up being a keyboard solo, for Justin kept struggling with the chords, and Mark could not quite find a rock beat. Neither was happy, so Ricky suggested that Mark lead with the beat while Justin skipped trying to find chords and instead just played long, drawn out, melodic lead. That sounded much better.

They took a break. It was then that little devil Nicky asked, "So you two guys ever like to get your dicks sucked by gay boys?"

Ricky looked at him, flabbergasted. But Mark and Justin burst into uproarious laughter. Mark had to actually wipe tears from his eyes. He said, "See? Justin? What was I saying about keyboardists?"

Justin, still laughing, confessed, "Me and Mark were trying to figure out how to hit on you guys!"

"Really?" Ricky asked.

"Ser-ye-ous-ly," Mark quipped back.


"There's a storage room in the back," Justin added, coyly.

Ricky was learning that in the gay tribe, sex came fast and hot, talk after. Hitting his stride, said, "Dudes! I have a whole cabin to myself. You wanna come down to Sweetwater? I'll make dinner too. It's nice to have a big bed and a shower and all, doncha' think? What do you like to eat? You aren't vegetarians are you?"

Nicky, who had been silent, suggested, "That is, if you guys aren't just these total, boring, one-hundred-percent tops."

Once again, he made them all laugh.

Mark said, "Uh, no. I don't think that will be a problem." Looking at Justin he said, "What do you think, J?"


The whole time, all four were looking each other over in the way that only gay guys will.

"So we'll meet you there? Hamburgers OK?"

Hamburgers were OK. Ricky gave them directions. He told them the he was going to see the fish hatchery first, then stop by the store. They'd be back at the cabin by four.

"So it's a date?" Nicky asked.

It was a date. A gay date. A gay sex date. They exchanged numbers.


Once in the car, Ricky had to "slap palms." This was better than a "high-five."

As he fired up the truck, he laughed. "Dude! I can't believe the way you hit on those guys! I would never have done that!"

Nicky grinned, "That's how it done, Ricky. Either they would go, 'Eww! Disgusting!' And we would just leave them, or, well, you saw what happened. Besides, did you not see their eyes looking us up and down and looking at each other a certain way?"

"No. Well, maybe a little, yes."

"You have to watch the eyes, Ricky. And the gay boys will be watching yours. They both saw the way you kept looking at Justin's pants. He has a big one, I think!"

"Yes, I think so too!"

Nicky was ebullient. "Who do you think is cutest, Justin or Mark?"

"Justin, or, maybe Mark! Who do you think? Did you see those abs?"

"Uh, Mark! Or maybe Justin. I think Justin is more your type. Did you notice how he has hair on his chin? But he can't really grow a beard. We will fuck them both!"

Laughing, they drove to the fish hatchery, only a mile or so away. Nicky did enjoy that. It was a huge, open place behind a shady park with many long, shallow ponds that separated fish by size. In one of the ponds, they saw two men wading among the fish. They did see a Native looking guy with long hair. He seemed kind of grumpy, working in one of the long ponds, picking up fish and throwing them on the bank. They had pink spots on them. Ricky asked, "Are these fish sick?"

"Yeah," the man grunted. "We have to cull them sometimes."

Then Ricky said, "I have a friend Roan who has an uncle who works here, are you Roan's uncle?"

The man squinted up at them. "Yeah. I am, why?"

"Just asking. I see a family resemblance."

The man straightened up and said, "So are you guys Ricky and Nicky?"


"Roan told me he met some 'White Indians.' That's what he calls you guys. Mason, that's my boy, said one of you catches fish with his hands?"

"That's me!" Nicky beamed. "I learned how to do that hunting octopus with my grandfather in Greece!"

"Impressive. And Roan said Ricky could outfish him."

To Nicky's ears, this was high praise. Roan's uncle evidently held Roan's fishing skills in great esteem.

"We really like fish," Ricky said. "I'm glad there's a hatchery. It keeps the tourists from catching all the wild trout."

The man nodded. "That's the idea. That's the idea. My name's Thomas. I'd shake your hands, but I really shouldn't touch anything with these hands right now. But if you guys can wait, I'll give you the family tour."

"Uh, actually, Thomas, we are meeting some friends in Sweetwater, but we'll see you at Mason's birthday party?"

"I will be there. Nice to meet you guys."

The excitement over hooking up with Mark and Justin had driven most other thoughts from their minds, but as they returned to the truck, Nicky said, "I really want to get to get Mason a present for his birthday!"

"Of course. Yes! Why didn't I think of that? Shit! But we do not have time for that today. We still have to get to the grocery store. We can come back tomorrow and shop. I wish we had thought of that earlier. But we have a date!"

"Yeah, a gay date! And it would be great getting a present, but you know? We never asked those guys how old there were?"

"Who cares? They are old enough."

"Yeah. We'll show those guys how to skin snakes!"

Ricky laughed at Nicky's Greek expression.

Pairing Off

The funny thing was, as soon as Justin and Mark pulled into the driveway of Ricky's cabin in the old Lexus, which Justin drove, and as Ricky greeted them, they brought up the same subject.

It was Justin who said, as Ricky led them inside, "You know, we never asked you how old you guys were."

"We are too young," Ricky answered.

"I thought so," Mark smirked.

Ricky laughed. "Come on inside! You can't be seen getting your dicks sucked right out here by the road!"

Nicky asked, "So how old are you guys?"

"Justin is eighteen. I'm seventeen. He's going to college in a month, I'm finishing high school here."

They went inside via the side door of the carport. In the small kitchen, Ricky got the oil heating for the French fries and offered them cold drinks. They all remained in the there, standing, acting a bit nervous. Ricky asked, "Is it hard finding other gay guys in these small towns?"

"You'd be surprised," Justin answered. "We have our own little club. There's, like ten of us that I know of, all near the same age, and then, well, there's some others coming up that some of us know about."

Nicky asked, "So do you guys all get together and have sex parties?"

"It has been known to happen," Mark answered.

So far, they had not touched each other. It had all been very cool. Ricky figured that would change rather quickly.


"Yes, Ricky?"

"Would you show our guests around, make sure they are comfortable, and ensure that their drinks are refilled?

Leave it to Nicky to break the ice as he and took them over to the kitchen table nook. "Well, what I want to know is who has the biggest dick!"

From the kitchen, Ricky hollered, "Can't you wait until we eat, man? I need to finish cooking!" Nicky seemed to get the message. He told them, "You gotta see this old Victorola. We found this Caruso record, and it made Ricky cry!"

He said it like he was bragging, and he was very proud of Ricky.

They paired off then. Mark went with Nicky into the living room, but Justin hovered near Ricky. He asked, "So he is pretty young, huh?"

"Yeah. He's fifteen. He's actually more experienced than me though. I only started getting, uh, you know, active? this summer."

Justin smiled. God. Those eyes! He has the longest lashes!

Justin asked, "Are you out with any of your family?"

"Yeah, my mom, my dad. A couple girls. My best friend from high school. He's straight, but he did stuff with me. I bottomed for him, basically. That was trippy and not totally my thing, but it was still hot. I prefer to mix it up. How about you? Are you out with anyone? You ever get into straight guys?"

"Oh yeah. Of course. It's kinda part of being gay, you know? Those straight guys, huh? Mark was like that at first, but he got into it, and uh, what were you asking?"

They laughed. "I was asking if you were out with anyone."

"Only my sister."

"That's cool. I just found I could no longer lie. I just couldn't. I was tired of playing along with my butch friends about girls, but you know what is funny?"


"The first girl I came out to? She wanted to let me try sex with her, and honestly, I liked it!"

Justin laughed, "So you are actually bi?"

"I guess so! But mainly queer. I found that out. I had to know. I knew it then. I liked it, but my straight buddy? Way sexier!"

"I get it. Straights usually don't know that about us — that most gay guys have tried chicks. They think we are all out of a San Francisco Pride parade or something, and we all talk like girls, but in truth, we aren't much different from them in almost every way."

Ricky truly enjoyed the warm honesty he received from other gay guys. He almost went over to Justin to lay an affectionate and relieved hug on him, but his native shyness kept him working at the task at hand. Instead, he simply nodded at Justin and smiled happily.

After dumping the frozen fries in the hot oil and seeing that they were frothing nicely, Ricky started forming the ground beef, chopped onions and his special mix of "herbs and spices" into balls for the hamburgers. "It's funny how girls are easier to talk to about that kind of stuff."

"Yeah. My sister was completely cool. We even talk about the sex we have with guys! Say? Can I help?"

"Nah. I got this. It's almost done, uh, well, when we fire the burgers? You could keep an eye on them. Nicky gets distracted. I'm making a lot of fries, so I'd be back and forth, and," Ricky added, saying what was really on his mind, "I'm pretty horny, you know?"

"I know. You're fucking hot Ricky!"

"So are you, Justin! I love those long lashed eyes of yours, and you still have freckles!"

"Cute, huh?" Justin agreed, "And you probably get this, but you look like a Greek God."

Ricky tossed his head, "No, I don't get that. I think people are shy about praise. Only one other person said that to me, and that was an old girlfriend."

"Well, she had good taste," Justin said amicably "and I know what you mean about being shy that way. 'Tens' like you are kind of intimidating."

"Says a fucking 'ten' himself!"

They laughed together then. Ricky liked how gays could bond over beauty alone, without a single touch. He was going to mention this to Justin when, just then, they heard the sound of some funky old gospel blues playing from the Victorola, and Justin chose that moment to nestle in behind Ricky and bring his hands around and in front of his waist. His hot breath was on his neck as he felt Ricky's belly. "Mmmm, hard abs. And speaking of 'hard,' that's what you make me, Doll Boy!"

"I can tell," Ricky chuckled as he wriggled his butt back into the taller guy. "Can't really play now though, man! Got hamburger meat all over my hands!"

Justin kissed Ricky's neck and slid a hand down the front of his jeans. "I got some meat in my hands too! Mmm! Nice! We might have a little contest going here!"

"I was hoping for that," Ricky sighed. He turned his head so Justin could kiss him, and the young man did so, elegantly, but not lasciviously.

Into his neck Justin murmured, "Mark and I will have to leave before dark. We promised his mom we would play some music at some party one of his sister's is at. But that's a few hours away. Is that cool?"

"Of course."

Ricky loved this. He loved being the object of desire. He loved it when the other guy worked at turning him on.

He smelled burning barbecue fluid then. Good. Nicky and Mark are busy.

He turned around in Justin's arms while raising his arms. He kept his hands and arms spread out then, while Justin played with his chest and kissed him in sweet little pecks, all the while pressing his hard gens into Ricky.

He sighed, "I really need to finish these burgers, man."

"Yeah. I know, but I wanted to get something else cooking too."

"You succeeded."

Justin released him then. Looking down, Ricky noted with delight that Justin's cock was quite long and thick. As big as Joshua's. Maybe bigger!

"You like big cocks, Ricky Boy?" Justin asked.

"Yeah, Justin, I like big cocks."

It had all been only a pleasant tease, an interlude, for both quickly reverted to pleasant chatter about schools and plans, keeping it light, but the sexual tension remained palpable.

Getting Things Cooking

Mark was fascinated by the Victorola, and Nicky was fascinated by Mark.

Reaching over, he stroked Mark's rich, wavy hair. Blonds have such fine hair!

"You like blonds? Nicky?"

"Yes. I wish my Ricky would grow his longer. It was longer, but he cut it. He says it gets in the way. He's a jock, you know. He's on the wrestling team. You are really buff too! Do you work out?"

"Yeah. Oh! Blind Lemon! We gotta play this, man. I loooooove old blues!"

Musicians, Nicky had many times observed, had deep and wide taste in music. They liked more things more intensely than non-musicians.

Nicky showed Mark the details of operating the player, not cranking it too much, holding the arm a little away from the head, delicately. "It's like stroking a cock when a guy's just about to come, you just barely touch it to make it last, you know?"

Mark said it huskily. "You can stroke my cock anytime you want, Nicky."

But Nicky did not touch him then. He wanted to tease him, flirt with him, and make him crazy with lust.

"Do you think I'm cute?" He asked as he headed for the door. They had it planned, Ricky and he. As soon as Ricky started the fries, Nicky was to start the barbecue. Nicky thought Americans were crazy the way they bought stuff to make fires instead of collecting aromatic wood and making coals.

Mark dutifully followed him outside, saying, "You are beyond cute, Nicky. You look like a fucking movie star!"

He had his hands in the pockets of his baggy cargo shorts. Nicky knew that trick. He was hiding his erection.

After Nicky tossed a match on the pile of fuel soaked briquettes and watched it roar up in flames, he looked back at Mark, and said, "Don't do that. Don't hide your dick. I want to see it."

Mark complied. Nicky could see the outline of the head of Mark's cock.

Another circumcised American boy! About as big as Collin's!

Looking at it tenting those cute shorts made Nicky's anus itch. He loved the way fat cocks stretched him out.

"Nice," he said, adding, "I hope you are planning on fucking me with that fat cock; that is, after I suck it?"

"I was hoping for that," Mark panted moving closer.

"Well, speaking of 'hope,'" Nicky teased, skipped away, off to the back porch as Mark followed, "I was hoping you like to flip-flop fuck and suck!"

"It's a deal," the hot blond said, closing in.

Nicky let himself be cornered by the back door, hidden by the shower stall.

And then Mark was on him! Pressing in on him hard! Aggressive! Kissing Nicky fiercely, hugging him strongly, grinding into him powerfully!

Nicky let him.

For a while.

Then, pushing at his chest and scooting out from Mark's grasp, he said, "We need to check on the record player."

Inside, Ricky and Justin were standing apart, talking quietly, cool as chilled cucumbers in yogurt. It did not look to Nicky like they had started yet. He might need to encourage them.

Ricky told them all that they needed to wait for the coals to be ready. Everything else was done. He had put the fries in the oven to stay warm, and he had made a salad. Nicky saw that the table was set as well, so they went into the living room and played the Victorola, continuing to find rare and beautiful records from the pre WWII era, many of which reflected even older tastes. Justin and Ricky sat on the big couch, while he and Mark sat on the rug, looking through the records.

It was all very un-sexy in Nicky's opinion, so he decided to ramp things up, saying, "Mark and I already got a little busy, are you two going to just sit around like ladies at a tea party forever? We need to get this started!"

Ricky and Justin laughed, and Justin said, "Well I got a little busy with your boyfriend too, Nicky, but you can sit on my lap if you want."

Nicky, hopping immediately to that, liked that idea. He looked at Ricky tauntingly as he nuzzled Justin's neck. He liked the way Mark then scooted up to Ricky, laid a gentle hand on his knee, and looked up at him. There was something sweet about the way he did it. Ricky then petted his hair for a few seconds. He then slipped down and slid an arm around Mark's waist. They kissed then. And they did it in a sexy way.


They made out like that for a while until Ricky announced, "Time to fire the burgers! Justin?"

Nicky figured they had worked out a plan, so he let them do that while he took Ricky's place with Mark. This time Mark kissed him much better.

"Shouldn't we help them?" Mark gasped between kisses.

"No. Ricky rules the kitchen. He always has it under control. If he wants help, he will ask. You can stick you hands down my pants if you want."

Mark wanted. With a hand down Nicky's slacks, we looked up and smiled.

Nicky chided him, "You were worried I was a little boy?"

"I had wondered."

"Justin has the biggest, I saw."

"Yeah. Looks like."

"It doesn't matter though, does it?"

"No, it doesn't matter."

Getting Stuffed

Over their feast in the dining nook, Ricky made them all laugh when he announced, "I don't know about you guys, but I'm one of those guys who pretty much has to shit about twenty minutes after a meal, so this is a bit of an issue when it comes to guy on guy sex! So let's plan on a little time to get clean?"

Nicky agreed. "Ricky and I usually like to, as you say in California, 'chill,' for a while. I like my boys clean too."

Justin smiled slyly. He said, "You know, when you invited us here, I wasn't sure what but I came prepared!"

"Yeah?" Nicky and Ricky said together.

Mark answered, "He brought weed! That'll help you have nice poop. Let's break out the bong, get stoned, clean the dishes, and chill then."

"And let's put on some fuck music," Justin added. "I got tons of chill music on my mp3 player."

As it happened, by the time they were all buzzed, in the way of athletes with fast metabolisms, Ricky and Nicky did need to evacuate their bowels. They went to the bathroom while Mark and Justin kept hitting the pipe. Both he and Nicky were plenty high already.

"That stuff is making me woozy, Ricky! It is much stronger than the hashish Cici was always getting!"

"I know. Me too. It makes me feel goofy and stupid. But it's fun to fuck while stoned. Your dick stays hard, and you can fuck a long time."

They groomed each other then in a way that only gay boys could relate too. While Ricky was cleaning Nicky's bottom, he asked, "So how do you read these guys, Nicky? What's their thing?"

"I think Mark is a total top, and Justin seems a little malakós."


"Yes. 'Soft plowed.' A bottom."

"Good," was all Ricky had to say. He looked at Nicky in the mirror as Nicky grinned back at him. Just for fun, he stuck a finger in his boyfriend's round little bottom, making Nicky yip cutely and making Ricky laugh evilly.

They came out wrapped in towels. Some gentle trance music was playing on the stereo in the living room. Ricky was delighted to see Justin and Mark kissing beautifully on the big bed to which they had moved. Though it was still light out, the cabin was dark inside, Justin and Mark looked up dreamily and both gasped at the sight of their two young lovers. "Fucking gorgeous! Huh, Mark?"

"Yes!" Mark agreed, getting up.

It was their turn to wash.

Ricky and Nicky, then flopped onto the bed and began to make out while they waited. Their sweet kisses turned into hot sixty-nine, and then Nicky gasped and caught his breath, saying, "Let's have them fuck us while we do this, yes Ricky?"

"Mmm, maybe," was all Ricky said.

Their new friends had their own ideas. At least at first.

Ricky had asked Ryan about how it was that gay guys determined what form the sex might take in a some kind of pre-sex negotiation ritual. Ryan had told him that there were some guys with extremely specific tastes, and they would let you know right away if you hit on them or they hit on you, but a lot of guys liked to simply roll with it and "just see what happened."

Ricky liked that idea best. Joshua had told him all about "specialists," and Ricky had been repulsed by men and boys who were so inflexible and specific about what turned them on and who were incapable of being aroused by anything else.

So it was with some excitement that he waited for the other two to emerge. He liked the mystery. He knew what he wanted. He wanted to fuck the shit out of Justin after he sucked his big cock. But he did not know if it would happen that way, and that pleased him — the not knowing, and, the challenge!

Soon enough, they heard the bathroom door open, then felt themselves parted by strong hands and rearranged into a four-way sixty-nine. Ricky had Justin's big, veiny, uncut, purple headed, and truly giant cock in his mouth while Mark sucked his. Nicky sucked Mark, and Justin sucked Nicky. It happend faster than the sentence describing it could have ben spoken. Their new boyfriends had their own ideas!

This is fucking hot!

Justin had an almost hairless body. He was naturally smooth. His dark bush was in startling contrast to that. He was, as Nicky observed, "soft." Though not weak, his muscles did not reveal themselves in the ripped form he and Nicky had. He seemed to have a silky under layer between his skin and muscle. On his pale bottom, he had the cutest little red spots, like pimples or an almost healed rash. Ricky enjoyed the texture of these little bumps. In fact, he noticed, Justin had many little imperfections to his otherwise, smooth, soft skin. It made him even more beautiful in Ricky's opinion. It made him a guy, just a regular guy, and not a fantasy doll.

He had nice, long, dark, but downy hair on his arms. He did not shave his big, dangling balls. He was hairy down there while his chest was lean and smooth. He was boyish up top and manly below. It was, for Ricky, a delirious combination. And... Justin's cock was, indeed, a monster!

It was the biggest he had ever seen, a genuine nine-incher!

Almost as fat as a beer bottle, uncut, it had an interesting down curve to it, like it could not even support it's own weight! Also, his dick, despite Ricky's best efforts, did not achieve the rigid hardness that he and Nicky could always get and maintain. Ryan had been like that too. Nicky had told him that guys who were cut often had stiffer hard-ons, but not always.

The shape of his dick made sixty-nine a bit tricky, but Ricky imagined that from a better angle it would slip down his throat very nicely indeed.

After a little while, Justin announced, "Switch!"

Ricky, not sure what was happening, felt himself spun around. Then he had Mark's thick cock in his mouth while Justin sucked him. Nicky was then sucking Justin, and Mark sucked Nicky.

Mark was hairier than his friend. Really butch and hairy legs while his rich, dark bush formed a nice trail to his cute nub of a belly button. His big muscles were powerful and sexy. His cock was circumcised and thick, and he had large, firm balls. He moaned when Ricky played with them. Ricky felt like he was ready to come already!

They all laughed when Nicky raised his head to gush, "Oh this is the gayest gay sex ever!"

Then Mark was panting, "Justin, let's fuck these guys!"

Ricky, gasping, protested, "Oh, is that what you think is going to happen? I don't think so! He said it playfully, but he did establish that there might be a bit of competition.

Nicky came to the rescue. "You can fuck, me, Mark! I know I've been making you crazy!"

Justin then rolled to the side, and Ricky laid down to face him, their bodies laying against he other. Ricky kissed his pretty lips and returned to caressing his soft skin. He told him, "You are a beautiful, beautiful guy, Justin. I love the feel of your skin. I love your lovely eyes. I love your big cock!"

"You are no slouch yourself, pretty boy, in that department." he said this as he stroked Ricky's prick with both hands.

Behind Ricky, on the other side of the bed, Ricky could hear Nicky make the cute noises he made when he was getting fucked, and by the rhythm, he was already getting fucked hard.

He told Justin, "I wanna see how deep I can swallow that mondo cock of yours, dude!"

Without waiting for consent, Ricky bounded up onto all fours towards the end of the bed, facing Justin, whose long legs were then between Ricky's hands. Ricky said, as he petted Justin's thighs, "I think if I tip my head way back, you could really give it to me!"

Justin's long lashed, dark eyes lit up as he looked at Ricky. His big dick throbbed up and down to the fast beat of what was an obviously excited heart. He got on his knees in front of Ricky and petted his head as he swished his hips, making his epic man meat bang against the sides of Ricky's face. He made Ricky laugh when he grabbed his dick and whacked his face with it — not gently!

Ricky kept his hands away at first, letting Justin handle his own cock while Ricky licked it.

He teased Ricky a little. "You like that big cock? You want some of this? What are you, a fag or something? Yeah? Suck this dick, gay boy! That's right!"

But that teasing chatter changed when Ricky reached up and took hold. His fingers could not even encircle it! He had to stretch his jaw wide and use every amount of skill he had to lift the back of his throat to receive, but receive it he did, balls deep in one, smooth dive!

Ricky's cock sucking skill became the object of Mark's admiration. "Fuuuuuck! That's some balls deep action!"

But Ricky was only able to hold the position for a few seconds before his gag reflex kicked in. But he did it.

Justin was groaning, "Oh, Fuck Jesus! I can't fucking believe it!"

Then he heard Nicky laughing. He was saying, "Oh, we have to watch this!"

Justin did not try and force his way in. He let Ricky control it, and control it Ricky did, twisting his head from side to side, making "yummy" noises and looking up at Justin the way he knew drove the boys crazy. As he got that Titan's cock wetter and wetter, he was more easily able to swallow it longer, his gag reflex quieted, and he held it deep, longer with his nose buried in Justin's lovely pubic hair while saliva dripping balls slopped against his wet chin.

He heard Nicky coo in his saucy, naughty way, "Let's fuck him while he does that!"

Suddenly, in Nicky's crazy and assertive style, his boyfriend was behind him and him and up his ass! Nicky thrust into him so hard and fast, it hurt!

This business of fucking each other with little preparation and without lube or condoms was a new aspect to their skillset. Ricky liked it. It was super gay. He and Nicky were getting a little rough and tough with each other. That was guy on guy action because guys are rough and tough, so sex with them must be the same. Collin understood that. Only then did Ricky get it. He had liked it before, but in that instant, he knew why.

His mad and passionate lover gripped Ricky's hips and fucked him in that same, fast, powerful, ball-slapping way Nicky fucked him their very first time. It was fantastic. Ricky loved having a dick in his ass and a dick in his mouth at the same time.

Both guys were giving it to him good, too.

He felt Justin's balls begin to ride up, and Justin's cock throbbed in his mouth as he felt Nicky pull out and drop to the side while Nicky's perfect penis was rudely replaced by Mark's thick one. Ricky felt really fucked then.

Mark, controlling the action, slammed Ricky's whole body forward into Justin, and Ricky had to brace his hand around Justin's pulsing beast of a fuck muscle to keep from gagging on it. Ricky felt like the perfect little homosexual boy then, and this he loved. He loved it when sex gave him that slutty, no limits, super faggy feeling.

Yet, all the while, Justin's hands were petting his head so gently! He had control of his passion. His touch was sweet and kind. It was beautiful! It enhanced the experience greatly for Ricky. He felt loved. Even as it was harsh and powerful, it was yet affectionate sex. These two dudes made no secret of the pleasure he gave them.

Then, suddenly, Justin was pushing him off and Mark pulled out. Ricky looked up at him questioningly. "I hope you like fucking, Ricky boy, because I could use a good fucking right now!"

Ricky was definitely down for fucking the shit out of a big cocked dude who happily wanted to bottom. It was, in fact, Ricky's "thing."

He had earned the prize.

He claimed it.

Ricky took control then.

He wanted to do him from the top, face to face. That way he could kiss him while rolling onto his massive cock. Nicky must have foreseen this action, for he handed Ricky a rubber. Ricky put it on while Justin leaned back against the headboard and lubed his hole with from a tube that Mark handed him.

Ricky had a fleeting thought that these two were much used to group sex and had highly refined, cooperative moves.

Ricky wanted to fuck and fuck and fuck Justin that way for an hour. He forgot all about the other two, who had, by then, disappeared into the bathroom. He mixed it up occasionally by lifting Justin's hips up and kneeling underneath him, allowing him to fuck up into his ass and lusciously suck the mighty head head of that fantastic cock. This was too much for Justin, for he moaned as he came, shooting all on Ricky's face and neck. The come was so profuse, Ricky could not swallow it all fast enough!

His adorable Nicky magically reappeared was laughingly licking it off as he continued to pound Justin for few minutes before pulling out to snick off his condom and rub his cock against Justin's still semi-hard fiend of a man pounder. Grabbing them together, he used Justin's cock as a dildo against his own, and gushed all over Justin's smooth, soft belly.

It was an intense orgasm. Another fleeting thought Ricky had was how pathetic hetero sex was compared to gay sex. There was no doubt about it. Guys ruled. Cock was better than pussy.

"Next, time," Nicky laughed, "it's my turn to be in the middle!"

Ricky sighed. That had been some great sex! His attention turned to his beloved, who was looking at him intently.

Never Mind Them

"You guys wanna clean up?" Justin asked, picking up his pants.

"What? Are you guys done?" Nicky complained.

"Sorry, but we have a little gig," Justin said. "I told Ricky."

"Ricky? Why did you not tell me?"

"It didn't come up, Nicky, sorry. I forgot anyway." Ricky more moaned it than said it. He was interested in Nicky, not talking. Nicky was fine with that. He knew how this story went. He and Ricky would use those other boys, and then he an Ricky would have the best sex together.

"But don't worry, Nicky," Mark pledged. "We'll introduce you to some friends of ours. That's a promise! The fun has just begun!"

This pleased Nicky. He knew that once you cracked the gay network, you got plenty of cock!

And we have definitely cracked the gay net!

He and Ricky would be scoring lots of guys together. Nicky knew it. Ricky, he also knew, was clueless. He would show him!

It was a tremendous relief. They would not have to worry about mean, nasty, cruel, straight boys ruining their lives with evil chatter or boring them with their insistence on immediate release.

Looking at his perfect boyfriend, Nicky became deeply aroused. He was glad to see the others go because then he and his one special one could be together. He moved to him, laying there on his back, one arm across his eyes. He lay down on top of his lover and scooted around, raising Ricky's dick, and this he reached for to insert in his bottom, sitting astraddle his hot boyfriend, and staring into Ricky's eyes.

As Mark and Justin dressed, he heard Mark say, "I think we just got these two started."

Ricky, getting his cock fucked by Nicky's divine ass, said to them, "You guys can see your own way out?"

When they were gone, it was still light out, not yet eight o'clock. They made love for another hour, not even trying to come, just keeping each other hard. Nicky really wanted to get fucked and fucked and fucked, and Ricky was in just the right mood to do it slowly, kissing him, petting him, making him feel beloved.

Finally, after that most satisfying round, and finally, dark, Ricky suggested they go to the swimming hole for a swim. It would feel good, he said.

They threw on their shorts and went to the swimming hole with their big towels for a cold, dark swim, and after the frigid swim, they both wanted to cuddle together, so back in the big bed, they did exactly that.

Yes. He is perfect.

Laying there together with his Nicky, Ricky finally figured it out. He was in love. He had never known quite what love was. He thought he had known, but he had not. He thought he knew that Nicky was his other half before, but he had not.

He felt a "shift." He would need to be careful. His Nicky was as good as it would get. He must honor him. Always and forever. In his secret heart, he felt fear.

He hugged and kissed his beautiful boyfriend.

"What is it, Ricky?" Nicky, ever intuitive, had sensed something.

"I love you, Nicky," was all Ricky could say.

This was acceptable to Nicky, who merely laughed lightly.

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