This is a work of fiction. No one was exploited in the creation of this fable. In some locales, even reading about fictional teenagers having imaginary sex is prohibited. Local laws apply.

This story explicitly depicts young men forming erotic bonds with each other. Generally they are between the ages of 14 to 17, and they "generally" agree that peer relationships are best. However, among this particular group of youths, there are some who consider scoring some hot older fellow a coup, while there are others who remain enchanted by younger lads. These liaisons appear as dangerous edges, and the author has attempted to depict such outlawish trysts in a realistic way. Also, some of the fellows depicted here do other "bad boy" things like experiment with drugs and get in terrible fights. Last, being sexually versatile, as jocks typically are, they occasionally even have sex with girls. Ultimately, many are the spirits of the young who, in these pages, simply say, "Fuck the rules."

There is plenty of raunchy sex in this tale, but if all you are looking for is pure fapping material utterly devoted to some precise specialty, you might want to look elsewhere. In publisher's lingo, this is a "Coming of Age" novel.

Authors Note: You have now seen that Joshua has secrets. Ricky, too, has his secrets. Let's see how honest they are with each other...

Natural Born Cocksucker

Ricky studied his new friend. That laugh! There was something so impish in it. Joshua was a bad boy.

Ricky liked his elven bad boy.

He liked the action they just had, and he liked that he liked it.


Time to play it cool.

"We should wash up," he suggested.

"D'ya think?" Joshua sneered and laughed gaily at the same time.

Ricky looked down again at his semen splattered chest. He looked at Joshua who was then slipping on his long shorts, actually dripping come!

He laughed triumphantly.

Ricky picked up his inner tube and shorts. He went nude to the river. Joshua followed. Once in the shallows, he used his hands to scrub himself down. On the tracks beyond the west side of the river, a train went by. Anyone watching from the train would have seen him. He didn't care. What could they do? Stop the train and shout, "Look at the naked boy?"

He laughed.

That was great! He had finally found a guy to do stuff with! He looked at Joshua. He was not a big guy. Ricky could probably pick him up and run around with him on his shoulders.

But Joshua exuded power! Ricky had nothing on him. In fact, Joshua had a... what was it? A strange aura?

He watched his friend scrub his slender frame. Ricky could not place it. Joshua was younger. A little. He was small. Smart? Sure. But something else... What was it? Somehow, he knew things.

His thoughts then veered to other topics. The particular pitch of river they were on was a long stretch of calm, slow water. As fun as rushing rapids were, such peaceful waters had their own charm.

Ricky said, completely diverting all attention from the intense experience they had just shared, "This stretch is slow. I like to just lay back and look at the sky. Sometimes I even close my eyes."

Joshua said, "Sounds like a good after sex kind of way for two guys to just get lazy."

Ricky smiled. He realized that was how it was. He had just had sex with a guy. That was definitely sex. It wasn't just jacking off. Joshua had just reminded him of that.

"Yeah," Ricky agreed suavely. "Just the perfect thing."

He added, "I'll bet that when we get back to the swimming hole, you'll wish we walked further. You think we went far? We didn't. You'll see. It'll be a short run."

"So?" Joshua asked, looking upstream, "Let's keep walking! I'm down. I'm an 'any action kind of guy.'" He looked at Ricky with that saucy expression of his.

Ricky chuckled at both the double entendre and Josh's expression of cheerful willingness. He also was amused that gay innuendo now made him laugh rather than cringe.

Can I handle this guy?

He said, "Fine, Little Mr. Butch, let's keep walking. We'll have to walk along the tracks once we pass the little town coming up, and we may have to ditch it into blackberry bushes if a train comes. Are you down?"

"I'm down. But let's not get stupid."

"I get you. We'll go maybe a mile. Up to this neat old bridge. There's some good rapids there."

It was a test. Ricky wanted to see if Joshua would whine. He had complained on the way up how far it was. But would he bitch again? Ricky detested complainers. It was particularly irksome when the going was not that tough nor the distance far.

But Joshua did not whine. Trudging along a beating hot stretch of train track on unevenly spaced heavy, wooden railroad ties, he did say, "Wow! This is kinda hard going!"

They had crossed the river and had made their way through the little town above Sweetwater Falls. Ricky had warned him about the strange step and pace when walking on railroad ties. Until you got the randomized rhythm, it was exhausting. "Yeah, it is hard going. I warned you about these tracks, but it's not far!"

Then, Ricky added devilishly, "I see bears here sometimes."


"Yeah." Ricky told Joshua an old joke. He said, "I got chased by a bear once!"

"You did?" Joshua cried, taking the bait.

"Yeah, but he couldn't catch me 'cause he kept slipping in my shit!"

"Ha ha, very funny. But really, are there bears here?" Joshua asked this with a voice that was a bit high-pitched.

Ricky told the simple truth. "Yeah. There are bears here. Mountain lions too. No wolves though, but every once in a while, a mountain lion will kill someone, and even though these are just black bears, they kill people too. Not often, but sometimes."

"You're not shitting me, are you?"

Ricky was enjoying this. "No, I'm not shitting you, and we are right in the middle of their territory. Right now."

Joshua looked around nervously. He observed, "Those woods between us and the river look like they are full of hiding spots."

Ricky told him, "I never heard of a bear or a mountain lion ever attacking two guys together around here, and we pretty much would have to fuck with them before they would fuck with us. We are out in the open. They will see us or hear us long before we will know they are there. So we are not surprising them or threatening them."

"Well, I'm not planning on fucking with them, are you?"

"Fuck no! But hey! We are almost to the bridge! And speaking of 'fucking,' I'm getting fucking hot, are you?"

He made Joshua chuckle with his word play. He smiled at Ricky and appeared less nervous. "Yeah."

"So let's drop in here, huh?"


It was a fun trip back down the river. As usual, it was over too soon. After all that time walking with their inner tubes in the baking sun, even going the extra distance, the trip back was still surprisingly short. One highlight was passing through a hippie commune with a lot of nudists swimming or basking in the sun. Ricky had forgotten to tell Joshua about that.

He almost asked Joshua if he thought any of the guys were cute, but he changed his mind. Already, he was feeling shy again.

They passed through several regions which Ricky knew would be good make out spots, but he said nothing and did not stop. Joshua only fell out of his tube once, but he swam and caught it, needing no help.

When they got back to the swimming hole, both of them greeted their respective mothers. Ricky's sisters were all over them both, so Ricky played with them.

Patrick, to Ricky's surprise, had been very careful with Joshua's Game Boy. He was hunched over playing with it in the shadows near the beach. Joshua told him that if he wanted, he could keep borrowing it all day.

Ricky made an effort to be nice to his brother. He did not call him "Patty." He even asked how he was doing on the game he was playing. Patrick was guardedly polite in return.

For the rest of the afternoon, they just hung out at he swimming hole. Finally Joshua said he had had enough sun. He was going to burn, so he wanted to get into the shade.

"You wanna go to my place or yours?" Ricky asked.

"Well, I need to change into long pants," Joshua answered, "so that means my place; besides, it's your turn to spend the night at my cabin."

Ricky loved that idea. But he also wanted to go to his cabin first. He told Joshua why. "Uh, Hmmm... You oughta' put on some aloe vera on the hotspots. I brought some from our garden at home. I've been burned pretty bad before. Why don't you come to my cabin? First. Then we can go to yours."

"Sure, Ricky. That sounds good."

Once on the road, carrying their inner tubes, Ricky decided to confide something he had been thinking about. He worked up the courage to say, "Remember how after you shot come on my face, Josh? Right after that? That moment?"

Josh guffawed!

"Sure, Ricky. I remember that quite well. Your point?"

Ricky looked over at him and grinned, he said, "If instead of licking me and sticky kissing me? If you would have wiped your cock in the come, I would have licked it off. Right then."

Joshua then chortled, "Boy, Ricky! When you come out? You come out kicking!"

Ricky just smiled benignly, "I love the way you kiss me, Josh."

He confessed, "I actually did one time have one guy who would get naked with me, and we would lay on top of each other and swish our dicks against each other. We were twelve. I wanted to kiss him so bad! But he got really, really weird on me about it, so I stopped trying to get him to do stuff, and I hid that away. Even from myself."

Joshua just nodded. It was, to Ricky, a terrible secret, but Joshua hardly noticed. To him, something like that was not unusual.

When they arrived at Ricky's cabin, Ricky led Josh to the small kitchen and placed him on a bar-stool there. Joshua leaned an elbow on the bar and glanced out across it to the massive stone wall and fireplace on the far side of the main room.

Ricky studied him studying the scene. That piercing look!

Then, Joshua was looking at him with his bright-blue, long-lashed eyes. Ricky had it then. A raptor's gaze. An eagle or a hawk!

Ricky, seeing he was was watched, made a show of the aloe preparation process. He removed a fat, succulent leaf from the plastic container in the refrigerator, placed it on the cutting board next to the refrigerator, and picked up his favorite knife

Joshua said, "You weren't kidding when you said that you brought some from your garden! I was wondering how you might have made aloe vera juice."

Ricky smiled. "My grand aunt Wilma showed me this. She lives in L.A. This stuff grows all over there. It's hard to tell from the spots alone, but the shape? Here!"

He sliced across the leaf and held it up so Josh could see the fat, old-timey, mustache shape. "There's other kinds that work, but these kind are the best. I grow them in our yard at home."

"How do get the juice out?" Joshua asked.

"I'll show you," Ricky said.

Ricky first trimmed the edges of the leaf. Then he ran the knife through the thick leaf separating it into two, flat slabs. "One for me, and one for you!" he said.

He took the slabs and sliced them into two-inch, wide strips. He showed Joshua the oozing meat inside. "You can eat it, actually," he said, taking a bite.


"You want some?" Ricky asked, handing Joshua the very one he had eaton from.

"Sure." Joshua tried it.

"It kinda tastes like cucumber!"

"My mom says it's really good for you. But here's how you put it on, so, like, where do you think you will burn the most?"

"My shoulders. Maybe my neck," Joshua answered.

"It's cold," Ricky warned as he moved behind Joshua and applied the wet side of one of the leaves to the back of Joshua's neck.

"Ahhh! That feels great!" Joshua sighed.

"Yeah," Ricky agreed. He used up all the juice he could squeeze from the piece he had; then reached across the front of Joshua to get another to chunk to really saturate his friend's pretty shoulders. He handed Joshua a piece. He purposely did not tease Josh. This was medicine.

When he finished the parts Josh couldn't reach, he moved in front of him.

"I do you; you do me. Right?"

Joshua grinned. He got that devil elf look.

Standing very close, facing each other, they rubbed the, cool, healing juice on each other's upper bodies. This was all done with their loins grinding together pleasantly, turning semi-erections into painfully wrong pointed erections, and this of course required more busy work with the hands.

Joshua laughed lightly.

Ricky was delirious to find that Josh delighted in his every advance. He was enjoying the game.

Moving apart, then, suddenly, Ricky pushed Josh gently back against the bar-stool, took more of the cool, oozing cactus and applied a generous amount to the tops of Joshua's thighs. His skin was so fair and soft!

Ricky said, "This is a spot you really get nailed from tubing and sitting on the rocks."

All this done with a high fire in their gaze.

Ricky applied the aloe vera very tenderly, leaning over and brushing Joshua's nose with his.

Then, he wiped his hands on Joshua's chest before he reached up and lightly stroked Josh's big meat as it lay beneath the slender blond's surfing shorts angling up into that sexy, sexy line where the upper thigh joined the torso.

Ricky spread Joshua's legs and knelt between them. He then began playing with Joshua's magnificence more enthusiastically, with both hands.

Grinning, he looked up at Joshua. He said, "I sure would like to suck your big dick, Josh!"

It just came out. Ricky was not even surprised with himself.

But his heart was pounding.

The way Josh was looking at him! The way he laughed!

And then, a classic "Joshua taunt": "Sure Ricky, I'll let you suck my dick, if you let me fuck your ass!"

Ricky chuckled lightly and stood up, adjusting his shorts. "Well, whatever we do, we had best find a good place."

Ricky had seized the moment. He felt pleased with himself.

"Agreed," Joshua said as he adjusted his penis in his shorts. He smiled pleasantly and commented brightly, "That was very stylish pickup, Ricky. You give me good vibrations."

"Thank you, Josh," Ricky said pleasantly back to him. Keeping it light, he added, "You have such nice ways of saying things. But I do not think the 'arrangement' you propose is a fair deal."

"Well, you've never had your ass fucked by me, then have you? It is, I am told, quite the joy ride!"

Ricky laughed good naturedly over his shoulder as he put everything away. So, he thought, we are negotiating!

And leaving so much left unsaid...

As they went towards Ricky's gazebo to gather his bedroll, change of clothes, toothbrush, and comb, Joshua said brightly, "Let's trade fantasies, Ricky."

"Yeah?" Ricky was curious.

"Uh huh! Say, for example, I have this way I'd like to fuck you, and you have this way you'd like to suck my dick?"

"And," Ricky snapped back, determined to dish it out on equal terms, "you have this 'way' you'd like me to fuck you, but for that to happen you need to make sure we have at least a couple of hours, correct? What with that deep throat technique you've been wanting to try on me so bad? Sure, Josh, let's play out each other's fantasies!"

Josh looked at him with wonderful wonder in his pretty blue eyes. "I think I have created a monster."

Ricky cast that away with a nonchalant toss of his roll to his shoulder by its strap. "You didn't create a monster, Josh; you just woke me up is all."

As they left the shady driveway and turned left down the tree-lined road towards the bridge, Ricky had a bright idea. He turned on the charm.

"Hey Josh," he asked sunnily, "have I ever told you all the ways I think you are beautiful?"

That got Joshua's attention, he even skipped a bit, his light feet crunching on the gravel road, as he hopped to catch up to Ricky. "Why, no! Ricky," he panted, "I do not believe you have!"

Josh was always so funny when he used that campy, effeminate voice.

Blithely, Ricky said, "I was noticing today this particular look you get when you examine something closely. It's aquiline, like an eagle, this gaze in your eyes, and, then it hits me! This light weight frame you call a 'rat body?' No! You are like a bird!"

Ricky paused in his speech and looked at Josh, pacing along beside him, looking pleased.

Ricky slowed down a little then, he made the pace a casual saunter. Joshua's arm was bumping into him warmly as they walked. Quietly, Ricky said, looking ahead, "You're actually rather delicate, aren't you? Josh?"

Glancing sideways, he saw sparkles in his friends eyes when he flashed back a glance to see if Ricky saw he was teared up. Ricky smiled and chuckled.

"Yeah Ricky, I am kinda delicate."

"Well, my friend, I don't want to hear another self-depreciating word out of you! I think you are beautiful. You are a beautiful guy."

Joshua chuckled, "You sound like my therapist."

"Is that a good thing?"

"Yeah, pretty much. She likes me and says nice things to me."

Joshua had not expected Ricky to transform so much and so quickly. He guessed that his big, strong friend had much pent up frustration. He could understand that. It would be interesting to see what Ricky would say or do, but one thing was sure, he felt safe with him. It was like having his own, pet lion.

It was much sunnier once across the bridge. Ricky had pulled ahead of him again. Joshua had been musing anyway.

Ricky had put on a long-sleeved, white, button up dress shirt made in an unusual style — a pirate shirt! It was extremely long and overly big and loose on Ricky. In his short, shorts, he looked like he was wearing nothing underneath. The cloth billowed around him as he walked, alternately revealing and hiding his stunning physique. Once again, Ricky had put on a look that had nothing in common with the usual styles of any teenager.

He looked ravishing.

On the walk back, with Ricky hauling his sleeping roll tied by a clever shoulder strap, his shirt rode up, and with Ricky always tending to move ahead of him in that fast pace of his, Josh kept getting glimpses of that hot butt.

He was going to fuck that ass. If not tonight, then soon.

"You're looking at my butt again, Josh!"

"Oh, there you have it. I am so busted!"

Ricky stopped, turned, and waited for him. It was always fun to watch Ricky. God, is there ever a time when he's not moving? Even when he stands still, he starts stretching, standing on one leg, then the other, always in this sinuous... hah! Catlike!

"Hah!" Joshua hollered, "I have it, Ricky!"

They were near the cabin, then. Josh put a gentle hand on Ricky's shoulder and said, happily, "If I'm a bird, then you're a cat!"

Ricky grinned, then made a scrunched up silly face, "What kind of cat, Joshua? A widdle biddy pussy cat?"

"Maybe. Sometimes. Yeah. Now that you say so? Hah!" Joshua laughed brightly before continuing, "but no, you are too leonine. That is the word. I need to film you, Ricky. Say, 'yes!'"


That was easy.

Their many and varied plans were interrupted, for when they arrived at Joshua's cabin, Joshua's mom was there!

She had elected to come back, evidently, rather than socialize. She was on the phone when they arrived, and she waved.

Out on the deck, Joshua said, "We'd better cool it. My mom will keep checking on us, and now, if we leave, she'll think we are avoiding her."

Ricky said, "Yeah, I get it. So let's hang with your mom. Fine."

This answer gratified Joshua. He told Ricky, "I need to change into long pants and another shirt, like I said."

Ricky tossed his head and looked down at the river in that dreamy way of his. His golden hair was radiant in the light. That way he leaned on his elbows, rocking over them with his chest! It made his arms and shoulders look so powerful!

Joshua moved off reluctantly to change in his tent. Ricky was ignoring him for the moment. Joshua put on a pair of baggy jeans, sans underwear. He threw on one of his giant t-shirts. He was still wearing Patrick's sandals. The jeans were so loose, he didn't even need to take them off.

Joshua's mom had been on the phone with his step-dad. There was no cell reception at the river, she told him, so she had come home. That explained why she was home. Joshua's step-dad was driving up tomorrow from Los Angeles. She wanted to do some baking, maybe a pie.

Ricky suggested, "I know where there are some good apple trees nearby. They are kinda tart this time of year, but with honey or sugar, they'd be great in a pie. We could pick some!"

"Oh! That would be perfect!" she gushed. She looked at Joshua. "What do you think, Darling?"

"I think that'd be great, Mom. Sure."

Ricky said, "You got any grocery bags? We'll pick a lot. They are small, and sometimes they have brown spots. So you have to get a lot to make pie."

Joshua was not too keen on the idea, but he did not admit it. He had been looking forward to just chilling, but he went along with the plan. His mom would think Ricky was sweet, and they would both score points too.

Ricky took him up the road back the way they had come. It was not far. Across the road from the cabins, and between the tracks, was a long, wide swath of forested land. It varied from deep, dark forest to fairly open, even grove-like forest. Ricky suddenly disappeared to the side.

Joshua followed him on a path that was obvious only if you were looking for it.

The apple trees were near the tracks in an open area near a drainage culvert. They were in blazing sunlight. Joshua commented, "Uh, I don't mean to be a pussy, but those trees are in a lot of sun, you know?"

"Yeah," Ricky said, "I thought of that. I'll toss 'em to you. You can hang in the shade. I'll climb."

Before Joshua could say anything, Ricky just blew up a tree. He actually ran at the tree and ran up the trunk to catch a branch!

Ricky looked down at him and grinned. He tossed an apple right at Joshua's face! He caught it! Soon, Ricky, laughing, was raining apples at him!

Joshua got into the spirit. Whenever he'd miss a catch, he'd throw it back. And try as he might, Ricky could not nail him with an apple. But Ricky couldn't move around, being in a tree, so Joshua was able to hit him several times.

This did not bother Ricky, though he complained, "Oh! You are going to bruise me!" He laughed and added, "What will my mother think! She will say, 'Did you go to another gang bang and get beat up by the rough boys again?'"

Joshua laughed. He was much enjoying this new aspect of his friend. "You are such a queer!"

Ricky only laughed happily when he said that.

It did not take long at all to gather apples. Soon they had two large, paper sacks full.

When they returned to Joshua's cabin, the consummation of their lust had to await yet again for the peeling and slicing of dozens of the small apples. Still, helpful tasks delivered unto the parental unit were returned in kind with a large and delicious feast, and, at last, upon completion of duties, indulgence in their privacy.

By the glowing light of the hour before twilight, they assumed ownership of the deck, playfully changing into swimwear and hosing each other off with cold, cold water before hopping into the hot, hot tub.

All very chastely, of course.

There was, after all, a parent within perceptual range!

But the looks said it all. Those mischievous glances.

Joshua figured it out. Ricky was enjoying being gay. Just being. Not having to do gay stuff. For Ricky, this was a stage. It was a step. It was cute to see him acting all giddy. Joshua was glad that it was he who could be the one Ricky could be out to.

He, himself, never had that chance. Maybe he would tell Ricky about that.

They sat opposite each other in the tub, just like straight guys, each seeking the furthest position from each other. Under the bubbling water, however, Ricky placed his legs out straight so his feet rested on Joshua's bench. He idly flicked his toes against the fabric of Joshua's trunks.

Ricky must have noticed that he was thinking, for he said, "Something on your mind, Josh?"

"I was thinking about how to tell you something," Joshua answered.


"Yeah. You know how in the gay scene there are 'tops' and 'bottoms?'"

"Yeah. I've heard of that."

"Well, you might have guessed that I kinda like to top?"

Ricky managed to get a big toe on the inside of Joshua's shorts next to the outside of his thigh. This allowed him to tug a little bit, using his toes like fingers. To Joshua's question, he snorted, "Kinda? You've been telling me all day how you are gonna fuck me and how you wanna fuck me.""

Joshua laughed, adding quickly, "And I'm not saying you're a bottom. I'm not saying that. I'm just saying it would be really hot for me, Ricky, if you would. That's what I'm saying."

"Bottom for you."


"Sure Josh. I'd totally do that, but I AM fucking you!"

Joshua broke eye contact and squirmed a little, reaching down with his hands into the water and lifting himself up off the seat. It was just a random move, but it served to push Ricky's foot away from him.

Ricky let the statement hang in the air, closed his eyes, and rolled his neck, trying to get a kink out.

Joshua broke the silence, "It would really be best if I did you first. That way you'd know how to do it."

Joshua looked away, off to the side, south through the trees with but a glimpse of the river through them. He understood how many guys had issues with getting penetrated. He could not fault Ricky's need.

He looked back at him. Ricky shook his head pleasantly, like he was explaining something to a small child, "I'll do it the way you tell me. I won't hurt you. Josh. Why are you being such a dick about this, anyway? I'm the virgin here. It's the virgin's choice. It's not fucking negotiable! I will never let it be said of me that I took it in the ass before I gave it, and that's just fucking final!"

Joshua looked at him and grinned. He nodded as a he said, "You do have a point there; except, I'm not being a dick."

Ricky stared him down. He said, "Let me put it this way: If you do not let me fuck you, you are not fucking me.

"But," Ricky added, "I am so totally gonna blow you as soon as it's dark and private enough."

"Yes," Josh agreed coyly, tipping his head to the side and smiling, "there is that!"

Ricky whooshed around in the water, really churning it up.

To himself, Joshua mused, It's not 'fucking final!' It's very far from fucking final.

He did not reveal these thoughts. He dropped the subject. Josh talked about film, and filming Ricky.

Ricky was looking forward to acting in front of a camera. He needed no persuasion on that. Joshua could see it. Ricky liked to show off. He was a ham. He just needed a little direction, and he'd be great.

But that could wait. Joshua knew his shit, and he knew he knew it. Ricky would take some reining in. He probably had ideas of his own. It would take some doing, but he would make Ricky listen and accept his direction.

After that creative chat with the good soaking, they dried each other on the far side of the tent, next to the yawning dark entrance, away from the view of the windows at the back of the cabin. It was safe.

They were not negotiating then. Their big towels became frisky toys in their hands, racing all over each other's strong, young, horny bodies.

They followed these flourishes with a towel-enwrapped hug, twisting.

But no kissing.

Not yet.

They quickly dressed. Josh in his baggy cargo pants and giant shirt, Ricky in his his long, loose boxers.

"Hey, I was meaning to ask you, Ricky?"


"That material? Is it silk?"

"Oh! Yeah. But there's synthetics in the webbing and elastic parts. But the silk really draws off the sweat better than anything, you know? I'm pretty much allergic to polyester. It makes me itch. I get red spots."

Ricky became effusive then, going on and on. He paid a hundred twenty dollars for two pairs! The specially woven double thick silk was fairly rare, the bolts sold at a premium, and he'd had them custom made by a tailor using a pattern derived from a pair of Nike basketball shorts!

Joshua was much amused by this. He thought, You are so gay, dude! Custom fucking made underwear?

At dusk, with Joshua's mother still up and about and easily seen in the window by the desk lamp to the left of the corner of the tent, Josh showed Ricky his video equipment, arrayed on the low, wide table on the river side, next to the entrance. He had a small camcorder, sleek, black, and "professional." He also showed Ricky a little back box he explained was his "action cam" with an ultra wide angle lens. It had no viewfinder but interfaced with his iPhone and had a pole it attached to. He set all this up in the tent and passed live feeds through to his laptop, and he got Ricky to ham it up in front of the camera, which Ricky enjoyed.

Of course, he did not tell Ricky that this was all to get the scene set up, nor did he mention the remote that could turn everything on with all the indicators disabled.

Joshua's big pad and blankets, really a twin-sized futon, occupied most of the far side of the tent, away from the door, parallel with the table.

Lying there, side by side, kicking it on big pillows with their legs toward the screen of the laptop on the table, Joshua commented, "Look how this last glow of light paints us, Ricky. You see it? High, and to our right?"

Ricky studied this. He soaked up all of Joshua's descriptions and explanations. That "high and to the side" light was something Joshua loved. It pleased him that Ricky got it, for it was an effect of light and dark exquisite in its drama.

Instead of watching porn, Josh put on an older French film he had been studying. He explained, "It's called 'Film Noir' — 'Dark Film.' The style uses natural light a lot, but it's also moody with 'dark' themes. It's minimalism. You don't need a lot of equipment, ya' know? It's really an exercise in using what the world gives you. It forces good writing and acting."

Ricky understood all that. He asked, "This has subtitles?"

"Yeah," Josh answered, fiddling with a setting on his laptop.

"Cool. Let's snuggle up together while we watch it and wait for dark, huh?"

Joshua sidled up next to Ricky and lay on his side, facing him, holding his head up in one hand with his arm rested up on an elbow. He looked up at Ricky as the video started.

Ricky lay down fully then, laying his head on his arm and looking up at Josh. They had been leaving so much unsaid! It was like they had an invisible connection. One look said everything.

"Yes. No. Maybe. Oh, that's seems like fun! Meh. Absolutely! Seriously? No way! True! False. Totally serious. Just kidding."

These were "words" in their facial vocabulary, easily read at a glance. Ricky's face said, I am enjoying this tension. Are you?

The main film had just started, some guy in a long overcoat and a hat, running up starkly lit stairs, shouting some girl's name in French.

Ricky, however, was more into Joshua that he was the film. He kept petting him and nuzzling him. Joshua decided to say out loud what they were thinking. He sighed loudly before suddenly blurting, "OK! OK. You win. You can go first. OK?"

"'OK,' then."

Ricky snuggled up next to Josh. He went to work. He obviously was paying no more attention to the film. The language in the background became a kind of music as he sensuously caressed Joshua, fully clothed, until dark. Their kisses were attentive and graceful, but the passion was held away until the living room lights went out and Joshua's mother's bedroom light came on.

And with that signal, Joshua pretended to adjust the sound of the still playing movie. In fact, he flicked the remote on. The cameras were rolling.

Their clothes came off. It was game time!

Lying back and propping himself up on his elbows, Joshua spread his legs. He did it purposefully. Ricky, he knew, somehow, really just wanted to play with his cock and balls with no rules.

They were bathed and clean. They had even each taken their respective after dinner bowel movements.

This was it! Joshua was trembling with excitement to be at the receiving end of another guy's first blow job. And to think he was getting it on video! He felt a guilty pang, but his artistic excitement overruled that. It was better that Ricky did not know! It would be pure! This was a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Ricky knelt between Joshua's thighs with his hands on his knees.

Joshua asked, "So what's the secret of a great blow job, Ricky?"

"I'm about to show you, Josh. It's time for you to learn that another secret is knowing when to shut the fuck up."

Joshua laughed. "Says the fucking pot to the fucking kettle! But seriously, I do have something to say, and I do wish you would listen! You can play with me. This won't take long. Are you listening?"

Ricky only grinned. His feelings were not hurt. They were definitely at the stage of a friendship where they could fuck with each other.

That thought gave Joshua another wave of guilt. I'm going to have to tell him. I have to.

"I'm listening, Josh," Ricky said while looking down and stroking Joshua's dick with both hands.

Ricky's wild energy surged before him, tamed for the moment. Joshua told him, chattering a bit, for he was nervous, despite all, still, "They'll tell you that a lot of spit, like dripping down your chin, slobbery messy spit, is the secret, combined with hitting that spot with the broad of your tongue and lips and all, OR, you might hear about how you can control the back of your throat to get around the gag reflex and suck down a mondo cock deep?"

Ricky was laughing!

Joshua stared. He continued simply, "The secret of a great blow job is not technique, and in that is the secret!

"The secret is to be into it. It is that simple. If you do that, you can't go wrong!"

"I'm into it, Josh, and now?"


"Shut the fuck up!"

Joshua shut up.

Ricky's technique was, however, definitively splendid.

First, he closely examined Joshua's boy stuff. He took his time!

He used his hands to play with Joshua's cock, flipping it and flicking it around. He hefted his big dangling balls. With curled fingers, he tickled the taint behind the balls, grinning at Joshua.

He did not immediately suck the head. This surprised Joshua. Instead, he nuzzled Joshua's hot meat with his head, catlike, and almost... purring?

Joshua felt a surge!

He almost came! He started to leak, and Ricky seeing this, squeezed Joshua's cock hard!

Yes! And with just the very tip of his tongue, Ricky licked the slit of Joshua's cock clean. He did this while looking up at him with the cutest expression! He drove the tip of his tongue a little ways into the winking slit!

Ricky took Joshua's big cock in his hands and whacked his face with it, laughing lightly. Joshua sighed. Fucking beautiful! Beautiful fucking blowjob!

He had not expected to get one of the most fuck hot blow jobs of his life from a total beginner.

Ricky made him wait! He did a super hot move next. Swirling his head around, Ricky licked around and around the thick base of Joshua's big dick.

Almost giggling, Ricky then tried a little ball sucking. He made silly noises like he was eating something delicious.

Joshua's cock, already hard, grew painfully rigid. His balls sucked up into firing position.

Ricky seemed to sense that Joshua really liked having his balls sucked. He kept that up for a while. He also kept a fairly constant grip on Joshua's cock, stroking it occasionally in a way that Joshua liked — very, very delicately, but sometimes banging it around, slapping it against his belly!

Ricky continued to make Joshua wait. He did not suck his dick. He licked it — sloppy, dripping wet! He licked the whole length of his thick cock up and down, and he licked it around and around, smacking his face with it, again, laughing!

Laughing in that cute, quiet, giggly way he could do, like a little kid.

Joshua was moaning. He heard himself moan before he even realized he was doing it. He was about to come!

Ricky blew on Joshua's wet balls. Gawd! He was ready to shoot!

But Ricky held him off with a sharp squeeze and a flick of his fingers on the inside of one of Joshua's thighs. It stung!

A little bit. Just a little.

The rising tide of Joshua's orgasm receded.

Ricky went to work again.

Holding the shaft, Ricky tongued the glans like he was eating pussy. Joshua had never done that, but he had studied girl on girl action. It was like that. Ricky was tonguing the tip of his cock the way a girl would tongue another girl's clit. When Joshua started to leak again, Ricky squeezed. He stopped the flood, and he licked the pre-cum.

When Ricky finally did suck Joshua's cock, he did it with his eyes closed. dreamily, so softly!

"Mmmm, mmmm!" he cooed. It was surprising how deep Ricky could take him!

He did gag a couple times, but he covered it up well.

The luscious perfection of Ricky's lips, tongue and throat surpassed all Joshua's previous experience. It was time to go!

He warned him, "I am about to come in your mouth, Ricky."

In answer, Ricky reached down, slipped his hands under his ass cheeks, and lifted him up! Just like that! Bringing Joshua's big cock up harder into his mouth.

Joshua exploded!

It came and came in gush after gush, wave after wave.

For a moment, Joshua almost shrieked. It felt like his feet were going to blow off!

Ricky released him, laying him down gently. Joshua flopped back. His breath came in little hiccups. His body twitched.

Then Ricky is on top of him!

He lifts Joshua's arms over his head and he holds them down! With his legs, he pins Joshua's own! Oh, noooooo! Shiiiiiit!

Joshua feels that old panic rising in him!

Ricky, holding him down, humps Joshua's cock, dry fucking him, as he intently stares into Joshua's eyes with that wild cat look he has. His lips drip come. His chin was slimy with it.

Joshua yields. He makes himself relax. He gestures with his chin, and flashes his tongue.

This guy is not going to rape me!

Joshua lets himself go. He lets himself be owned. It is a rare feeling, that giving himself over to another. It feels good! It is a relief!

Ricky has a good amount of weight on him. He is heavy!

But not too much weight. It feels OK. It is not bad.

They kiss wetly as Ricky begins humping him more and more aggressively, until Ricky is lifting him up with his hands by gripping Joshua's butt powerfully, and with that amazing strength of his, uses Joshua's whole body like a toy to jack himself off!

Joshua parts his lips and beckons Ricky with his tongue.

This will not do! I have a much better orgasm than a dry hump planned for you Ricky Boy!

Ricky, Joshua has discovered, flies to a kiss like a humming bird to a sweet and succulent flower.

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Cheers, Dorian

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