This is a work of fiction. No one was exploited in the creation of this fable. In some locales, even reading about fictional teenagers having imaginary sex is prohibited. Local laws apply.

This story explicitly depicts young men forming erotic bonds with each other. Generally they are between the ages of 14 to 17, and they "generally" agree that peer relationships are best. However, among this particular group of youths, there are some who consider scoring some hot older fellow a coup, while there are others who remain enchanted by younger lads. These liaisons appear as dangerous edges, and the author has attempted to depict such outlawish trysts in a realistic way. Also, some of the fellows depicted here do other "bad boy" things like experiment with drugs and get in terrible fights. Last, being sexually versatile, as jocks typically are, they occasionally even have sex with girls. Ultimately, many are the spirits of the young who, in these pages, simply say, "Fuck the rules."

There is plenty of raunchy sex in this tale, but if all you are looking for is pure fapping material utterly devoted to some precise specialty, you might want to look elsewhere. In publisher's lingo, this is a "Coming of Age" novel.

Author's Note: In this chapter, we have some of the more "bad-boy" things my disclaimer has been warning you about all along. Some older dudes appear, and the drugs? Well, they are part of the story, but that story needed telling.

Also, this chapter has lots of sex. Lots and lots of sex.

A Perfect Storm

The Dance

Ricky could be so oblivious sometimes! It was like he was in another world that merely sometimes coincided with this one.

Two more factions of Ricky's "clan" had arrived. An aunt with her two sons at the McLaren cabin and a second group at the Boone cabin in addition to other family already there for a week. Ricky had a big, big family!

Ricky had made sure everyone was introduced to Nicky, but it was the Boone side who were most welcoming. Ricky's uncles Doug and Paul were identical twins! They were easy to tell apart because Doug was tan and Paul was pale. Ricky explained they were both engineers, but Paul worked in an office while Doug worked outside. It did not take much observation to see that Doug's oldest daughter, Sarah, seventeen, was in love with Ricky, but Ricky seemed to not notice this.

Of course, he, Nicky, was always watching everyone's eyes. The eyes of Ricky's second cousin told him all he needed to know.

It was cousin Sarah who drove them to the dance at the very same big barn where they had met Justin and Mark.

Sarah had such a thing for Ricky. That was no surprise. All he girls had a thing for Ricky. In Greece, a second cousin was no problem, but in California? It was not done.

Sarah was pretty. She was a tall, slender girl. She had a family resemblance to Ricky, those same, crisp, square jawed, fair, Germanikós features, but Sarah was all girl. She loved to wear dresses, and she loved to wear jewelry. She wore her makeup well, very subtle. That night, she had on a flowing pink and white dress with a pink flower above an ear. The flower matched her lipstick! Ricky sat in the front with her, and he was bragging, "Watch me, Sarah. I will dance with every girl in the place!"

"Except me?"

"Don't be silly! Of course I will dance with you! I swear, if we weren't cousins, I'd think you had a thing for me!"

This amused Nicky. Ricky could be very naïve sometimes. Nicky loved it when Ricky bragged. He did not do it often, but he could be such a kókkoras sometimes!

"What is the word," Nicky asked, from the back seat, "for the 'cock-a-doodle-doo' bird?"

"A rooster!" Sarah answered, laughing. She got the joke!

"Why do you ask this, Nicky?" Ricky asked. Typical Ricky, he had no idea.

Sarah explained it, "Your buddy is implying that you are a rooster, all strutting and dominating!"

Ricky just shook his head.

He looked so kalós! He had on his charcoal gray slacks and pointed boots with his silver shirt and that classy string tie with the turquoise clasp that Collin had given him. To this he had added a silk vest, dark gray in the front with the kind of print they called, "paisley" in the back. Ricky explained that it was "déclassé" to wear a vest without a coat, and that was the effect he wanted! Ricky! He had such ideas!

Nicky wore the pleated, natural linen slacks Ricky had bought him. He had a thin black belt with a small silver buckle. He liked the way the pants made him look like he had a big dick. They were good for dancing too — loose in the legs! He had decided to go for more naked look, however. He had on a tight black tank top, and underneath, his black bikini underwear. Around his neck he wore a black beaded necklace — a gift from Roan. He wore his black Mexican sandals. They were fun for sliding around! All this was topped by a sport coat that matched the slacks. Except for the sandals and the necklace, all were gifts from Ricky. Ricky called Nicky's ensemble, "Miami Vice!"

He and Ricky had practiced dancing in their last day with no one at Ricky's cabin. They had studied videos Nicky had found. Ricky was a fairly good dancer. But of course he was better. Nicky had been studying dancing since he was small. He was delighted to be better than Ricky in this agown.

It was not a gay scene to which they traveled. It was totally hetero. Nicky did not care. He would dance with all the girls too. And when it was over, he would be with his guy, who would, no doubt, be crazy hot for him!

Besides, there was the new challenge. The agown was for Nicky to fuck a girl! Nicky had been exasperated at first, but then Ricky told him about the time he had done it, and how it "most pleasant," and how he should not "knock it 'till he tried it."

Ricky told him that Mark and Justin were "all about" getting together with some friends after the dance. Ricky said it would be a "fucking orgy!"

Nicky was looking forward to that!

But Ricky really needed to get Sarah to cool it. He just did not see it!

Nicky had fantasized about picking up straight boys and taking them to the car and blowing them. When he told Ricky that, Ricky got that scrunchy face of his, saying, "What a stupid waste! Fuck that!"

Ricky really wanted to just dance, dance, dance! Nicky figured it out. Ricky wanted the spotlight! He was such a kókkoras! He acted all humble, but Ricky was a total attention hog.

Nicky could understand that. He would show him who was the hottest guy!

They had a competition. It was a Challenge! Who could dance the most dances?

When they arrived, Nicky noticed things about the dance hall, the old barn, that he had not noticed before. It was near a feed store, and across the street was a large graveyard! They were early. It was still light out, The music had not started. The parking lot was huge, and when they arrived, though early, it was already very full. And there were a lot of teenagers clustered in groups. There were a lot of adults too, and not a few smaller children. Though it was mainly for teenagers, Ricky had said it was a family scene.

Nicky knew all about the music scene. Mark and Justin had filled them in. There would be six different groups playing, taking turns. Though it was a small town, there were many musicians and many bands. Looking over the young men in the parking lot, Nicky saw they were divided into two styles. There were "thrashers" who wore rough clothes, one hundred percent butch, and "emos," with careful long hair, tight shirts and skinny jeans. They only looked fem. Nicky knew that the emo types usually "scored the most chicks," while the thrasher types were more likely to "walk the wild side."

Snaking Americans!

What was funny was that their friends, Mark and Justin, were each, "respectively" to use Ricky's words, thrasher and emo. Ricky liked the older emos. Nicky like the younger thrashers. What a pair they were! No boy was safe!

In the back seat, as they pulled in, Nicky laughed out loud.

Only a few of the boys had taken the effort to dress up in a classy way like Ricky and him. However, most of the girls were nicely dressed.

Ricky immediately took charge, taking Sarah by the hand, tossing his head at Nicky, and moving right into the groups. He had a fast patter. "Hi I'm Ricky Boone! This is my second cousin Sarah, and that's my best friend, Nicholas Theophilos. We're up from Sweetwater Falls. You guys live here?"

It was like that, with some small variations, over and over.

Nicky was not shy. He could do all that himself too, but Ricky obviously felt it was his job to make introductions. Here and there, Ricky would find people that he had seen before, and then they would have a longer conversation. Nicky enjoyed letting Ricky lead the way. It was nice to have a confidant, social man with a friendly, fearless, open style. That was the American that all Europeans admired.

However, Nicky eventually got separated from Ricky. Ricky tended to move toward the older kids, and Nicky tended to move toward the younger ones. It was always that way with them. Nicky was small, and Ricky, could it be? Had he even grown since Nicky had met him?

He and Ricky were not really playing it straight. They were not going to fake any real romantic interest in females. The whole time, Nicky checked out the cute guys. When he would spot a hot one, he'd keep an eye on him, following his movements, and looking to see if the boy was looking back at him. Those were the ones he talked with.

Nicky also checked out the scene for any secret spots. As far as he could see, there were none. But there were a few vans and pickup trucks with camper shells. Ricky called them "fuckmobiles."

Nicky would watch. He would see if there was any movement to and from the dance hall to the niches in the parking lot.

Several times, Nicky took off around back to check out the band room. He thought that Mark and Justin's band would be there, but so far, they had not arrived! Catching up with Ricky, he asked what was going on. Where were they?

Ricky just said that they were "trying to score some dope."

"Dope," Nicky knew, was one of the words for "drugs."


But, to use an American expression, to Ricky he only said, "Whatever!"

Finally, when the first band started, Ricky danced with Sarah. The pretty blond girl with whom Nicky asked to dance seemed sweet and friendly enough, but she acted all nervous and twittery when he asked her. This irritated Nicky, for she obviously considered that asking her to dance meant was deeply significant. She hemmed and hawed, saying there "weren't enough people dancing yet." Nicky considered that maybe she thought that by delaying, he would then choose to keep her company instead.

Not a chance.

In Greek, he told her, "Ekeín" pou distázei échei chatheí!"

Nicky smiled, spotting another girl, taller, with long, dark hair, "You're not too chicken to dance, are you?"

She wasn't, and on the dance floor, when she asked him what he had said to her, he answered, "She who hesitates is lost!"

Nicky, though he watched everything and everyone, nevertheless remained fixated on Ricky. He watched his every move. Ricky did not see it! And Sarah was too busy looking around to see if anyone was watching her to actually dance well. However, Nicky's partner was a great dancer. He told her, "You dance well! My name is Nicholas, but you may call me 'Nicky.' Everyone does! What is your name?"

"Emily! But you may call me 'Em,' everyone does!"

"OK! But, now, I must say, Em, I want to dance every dance! You will not be offended if I ask another?"

"No, but if you do not dance with me again, then I will be mad. You are fun!"

Nicky liked that answer. "You see that guy there? The tall blond? He is my best friend. He will dance with you too! We came here to get sweaty!"

He made her laugh, and for the next dance, they switched partners.

Then! His "awesome" Ricky, to use a stupid mis-translation of deínos, thereafter did not even leave the dance floor after a song was over. He would just move to the outer part, make his arms wide, take a girl's hand, and pull her onto the floor. No one refused him. Nicky copied that style, and it worked!

Then! The best part! Every once in a while, Ricky and Nicky would be dancing nearby each other, and then? They would be dancing together! For a while. It was like they were showing the world, "You want us? Well jump on in, but if not? Phwah!"

It worked. The girls just came to them. What was it Ricky said that Collin said, "social value?"

Yes. They were the popular ones! Ricky and Nicky were the prizes! Only the bold and the brave could have them!

Sometimes they would see two girls dancing together. These were easy. They understood. It was funny how that happened. It wasn't planned — how boys paired off with boys and girls paired off with girls. Best! No one seemed to care!

It was like Greece that way! Boy on boy, Girl on girl, girl on boy, boy on girl... They were all aspects of the whole.

But it was subtle. Ricky and Nicky flew their "flag" that way. In this way, Nicky spotted more than a few guys who stared at them both!

Flirting with Cute Boys

It was very, very, fun. Soon, they were, indeed, very sweaty, and during a break between bands, they went outside to cool off. There was free water and sodas in big tubs of ice by the doors.

Once there, they were approached by a couple of cute Emo boys, these were that "awesome" blonde and brunette combo that really turned them both on. Ricky like those dark boys. Nicky liked the fair ones. The taller one, the dark haired one with rings in his lips said to them, "Well, you guys sure make a cute couple!"

Ricky sipped his water. He was about to say something, but Nicky beat him to it, saying, "We could say the same about you two!"

The blonde, a saucy, bratty kind with a cute face, said teasingly, "Well, now that we're past the trading compliments part, how about we all make a daisy chain together and sing gay songs?"

Ricky evidently thought this was very funny and held up his hand for a "high-five."

These guys were Eric and Roger. Roger was the tall brunette, and Eric was the cute blonde. Ricky started calling Roger, "Snakebite" because that's what the lip ring style was called. But Eric had his tongue pierced! So Nicky called him, "TJ."

"TJ?" he asked.

"Yeah. Tongue Job!"

He liked that. It stuck.

What was super hot about these guys was that they were in one of the bands! Roger played guitar, Eric played bass. There were two others who played keyboards and drums, but Eric was also the main singer, and Roger was the main lyric writer.

Nicky saw that as soon as Ricky got these guys talking about music, that was all they wanted to talk about.

Ricky asked them, "You guys know Mark and Justin?"

"Fuck yeah!" Roger exclaimed. "We were trying to get a band together, but they hooked up with a couple other dudes. Why? You guys friends?"

"Yeah. I thought they would be here!"

Eric said, "They should be around. I think they are next to last. Have you checked the band room?"

"Twice!" Nicky answered.

Ricky said, "I texted them. They are trying to score some shit."

The topic swerved. "The other two members of our band," Eric, said, "were off looking for bitches."

Ricky asked, "How about you guys. Why aren't you looking for 'bitches'."

Roger said, "We are looking for bitches!"

He said this with his eyes looking Ricky up and down.

Oh ho! So THAT is how it is?

Ricky did not see it. Of course not. Ricky was no one's bitch. He would pretend. For "a minute." But it was a game. He did not get the joke. Nicky did.

Getting High

Nicky laughed. Eric asked them, "You guys wanna get stoned? You wanna get high?"

Nicky did not really want to "stoned." He did not like the woozy, disassociated feeling that cannabis gave him. He had noticed that when people smoked cannabis they thought they were moving beautifully, but they were not.

Ricky, however, did want to "get high."

They invited Ricky and Nicky backstage.

"Backstage" was actually the band room, a crowded shed built into the back side of the old barn, which actually was a barn and was still used to store hay and equipment during the winter, so these guys said, being locals.

There were a lot of other musicians in the shed, and the place reeked of pot smoke. This was the one place where there were no adults!

"You guys wanna smoke out?" Eric asked, asking an obvious question, which Nicky knew was because he was a little nervous. He said this sitting down on a big box like the kind musical instruments are shipped in.

Nicky made a wry expression. Eric asked, "You don't smoke weed?"

"I do," Nicky said, "But I do not wish to become all stupid. Maybe a little bit?"

"Cool," Eric said.

As he packed the pipe, Eric asked, looking down, acting shy, "So really. Seriously. Are you guys a couple?"

"Sure we are," Ricky said. "Is that a problem? And yes, we are hanging with you because we think you guys are hot as fuck."

Ricky surprised him. Nicky had not been even sure until that moment if these two were into guy on guy action at all, despite the earlier patter and glances. But when Eric handed Ricky the pipe, he removed all doubt, saying, "Cool. We think you're hot too. You guys wanna hook up after the dance?"

"We'd need a ride back to Sweetwater Falls," Ricky said.

"We can take you," Roger said.

"Also," Ricky said, "We basically have a date with a couple other dudes. They said there was gonna be an 'after party.' You wouldn't know anything about that, would you?"

"Maybe," Roger answered. "Which guys?"

Ricky said, "Well, you know the rules."

"Yeah," Eric agreed, "but, uh, this wouldn't happen to be Mark and Justin?"

Nicky just shrugged, looking away, and changing the subject, blowing the smoke out, "Do you have a place to go?"

"Yeah," Eric said. "Roger's place. We have the garage to practice in. It's a good spot. We got it fixed up. No one will bother us, and it has a shower and a toilet."


Just then the other two members of their band, also really hot, showed up with a couple of pretty girls in tow. They had another round of introductions as the music started up again. Nicky liked the way the bass pumped through the walls. Charismatic Ricky, who seemed to Nicky just then that he was "bogarting" the pipe, had danced with both girls, and they made the other two guys jealous because they acted more interested in Ricky than they did them. Nicky could see it even if no one else could.

Nicky just loved having such a hot boyfriend! His Ricky was the star!

Then, thankfully, Mark and Justin came in with their band. Justin, laughing, said, "I see you already met Eric and Roger! These are the hot guys I was telling you about!"

They laughed together then, the six gay boys with all their secret signs revealed to each other.

We are going to orgy together!

Then Ricky wanted to dance more, so they left, saying they'd catch each other after the dance, but Nicky, feeling euphoric from the weed, mainly wanted to watch people and listen to the music. Roger and Eric's band, Rawt, would be coming up next.

Hovering near Ricky, only catching bits and snatches of Ricky's talk, feeling disassociated again, still, he could see that Sarah was not pleased when Ricky told her they'd be getting a ride home with someone else.

"When? Tonight? I'm supposed to be the responsible one here!"

"We won't be drinking, Sarah. And if we do, we won't drive. We'll probably spend the night."

"Dad will be mad," she insisted.

"That's up to you, Sarah," Ricky said sweetly. "It all depends on how you tell them! We're just hanging out with one of the bands. We'll probably jam. My dad would let me."

"But what about Nicky?" She said.

"As far as Nicky's mom knows, he's spending the night with me, so she won't expect him. I would have him call her, but he's too stoned."

"You guys smoked pot?"


"Fuck, Ricky! You're pissing me off!" She pouted.

Nicky knew that she was jealous. Why couldn't Ricky see it?

"You could ruin it for us, if you wanted, Sarah. It's up to you. I don't want you for an enemy. If you insist, we'll go back with you, but please?"

Nicky smiled at Ricky's way of handling her. He would obey, if she wanted it, but Nicky knew that Sarah would not force Ricky. She agreed to cover for them. Ricky took her hand and went out to the dance floor. He even kissed her, but he kissed her like a sister. Yet, when the slow dance came, he stayed with her and held her close.

Nicky enjoyed watching them. There was genuine love between them. He saw an odd moment when Sarah suddenly stopped holding Ricky, pushed against him, stopped moving, and looked up at him. They were perfectly still. What had Ricky said?

But then they were dancing together again, very close. Sarah had her head on Ricky's shoulder, and he petted her back.

Nicky, however, soon found himself wandering around and looking at the people. He saw Ricky again talking with some moms, and he came back towards the floor with two cute little girls holding his hands.

Nicky thought that was a good idea, so he went over to where the older women and youngest girls were. He exclaimed, holding his arms wide, "Who wants to dance with me?"

A little girl in a flouncy dress who came running out must have been only four years old, and her mother, who hurried after her, looked Japanese, but the girl looked like she had a Caucasian father. The girl virtually leaped into Nicky's arms! "I want to dance with you!" She cried.

Nicky looked at the mom, who smiled.

She said her name was "Hina." She was a very good dancer for a tiny little girl! She liked to be picked up a lot, and she kissed Nicky's cheek. She would not let Nicky dance with any other girls!

Finally, her mother, sensing Nicky's predicament, rescued him. Hina was not pleased. But then, some of the other teenagers, seeing the fun game of dancing with the older women and the little girls, came over, and for the next three minutes, Hina was distracted by the new love of her life.

Ricky had told him that dancing with the little girls and their moms was really, really fun. It was!

But then, there were two girls his age, no? Older! Who grabbed him by the arms and took him onto the dance floor. He was feeling very happy then. The lights were flashing, a new band came on, loud and fast with a good beat. Was that Justin? The scene on the floor changed to thrash. Their music sure had improved! Everyone was dancing with everyone, and no one was dancing with anyone. They were just dancing. Nicky got bumped and jabbed and hit several times. It was great!

Feeling the strange part of the feeling from the California green bud evaporating, Nicky felt more a part of things again and wanted to really dance beautifully then.

He danced and danced! There was a time he found himself dancing alone with a circle of space around him, and everyone was watching! Hah! He was in his element, and he gave them a show. He made them clap!

When it was over, he found himself hugged and kissed by many girls!


Then the sound changed again. He looked on the stage. It was his guys. There were TJ and Snakebite! Cooly, Nicky thought to himself, We are going to fuck them.

Ricky, who smelled strongly of weed — had he smoked more? — was acting silly too. But a little manic and nervous.

Mark and Justin's band was the second to the last, even bore they finished their "set," Ricky caught up to him and said he was going to help TJ and Snakebite load their gear in the van. He always moved fast, but then he was running, and he was moving a bit awkwardly. He put down a case, then, he said, "Oh, let's move that here!" Then he moved it, changed his mind, and moved it again. The guys actually had to stop him, saying they knew how to arrange the stuff, so he could just haul the gear into the parking lot.

And Higher

In the parking lot, they all smoked another bowl. Nicky was careful to not smoke too much. He had learned his lesson, but Ricky, he noticed, seemed to really be "hitting" the pipe hard. The band guys wanted to go, but Ricky said he wanted to dance one more dance and say goodbye to his cousin Sarah.

After Ricky found Sarah and talked with her, he took Nicky by the hand and danced with him!

When the dance was over, Ricky kissed him fiercely, right on the lips.

It did not go unnoticed!

But the jeers were not cruel, and the whistling was appreciative.

Nicky would remember that kiss forever. His Ricky, so sweet, so shy, so serious! But he was the one who first kissed Nicky in public. His Ricky was a brave, brave, brave guy!

But, yet, he was acting in a deinós way. It bothered Nicky.

The Time, The Place, and The Guys

Earlier, when Ricky had seen Justin and Mark drive up during a break, he went out to greet them. Nicky was nowhere to be seen, but then, Nicky appeared and disappeared sometimes.

"Oh!" Mark exclaimed, "We are going to paaar-TAY tonight!" He seemed really excited.

Justin, also unusually animated had asked, "Hey, you wanna do a line, Ricky?"

"A line of what?"

Mark answered, "Tweak! Meth! Speed! Crystal! It'll keep your dick hard all night!"

Ricky had never had a problem with that, but he said, "Sure! Why not?"

It would be, he thought, a new experience.

They went to the band room where Justin had taken out a plate and took a little chunk of something that looked like a little piece of a dirty pink sugar cube and chopped it up with a credit card. He scraped the plate to form out "lines" of the stuff and showed Ricky how to use a short straw to "snort" it.

Ricky had, of course, seen such things in movies. "Does it burn your nose?"

"Nah. Not really. Here, do this line. Just a little. Only a little. A little goes a long way."

So Ricky had tried it. Justin was wrong. It did burn, but not too badly, and it left a strange chemical taste in the back of his throat when he snorted back the runny nose it gave him. At first, he felt nothing, then he started to feel excited, like he wanted to run around, and then he felt extremely cheerful.

He commented, "I wonder why everyone says this is so bad. I feel fine!"

The other two both agreed. They told him, "We need to get ready to play. Go find Nicky, huh? He might want some."

But by the time he found Nicky, they were already setting up onstage, so Ricky dropped it. Ricky was quite sure he was not acting weird at all, but he was feeling a little scatter-brained.

While loading up the van, for example, he kept changing his mind, but he enjoyed moving all the heavy equipment around.

The dance had been fun, but he was feeling a strange, nervous energy about the after party. He could feel his heart pounding, and his mouth was terribly dry. It was crowded in the van with six guys, two girls, and all the equipment. The first stop was right in town at a small house. The two with the girls got out and grabbed their guitars.

They had left their big amps and the drums at the dance. They would get that stuff tomorrow.

Roger's place was out of town, in the country in a place where the mountains opened into a broad valley. The "garage" was actually a converted barn and was far detached from the main house. It was set up like an apartment with a bathroom, a small kitchen, a a big area with all kinds of musical equipment, a couch, some chairs, a big futon, and pillows everywhere. The house itself, he was told, was rented out, but the people who lived there were "cool." They would have to keep the noise down, that was all. It was OK to play the stereo, but not amplified instruments before lunch or after midnight. Those were "the rules."

It took a while for Justin and Mark to show up. They were trying to get more "bud."

Ricky kept texting Justin. "Where the fuck are you guys? We are getting some action going!"

When Nicky asked, Ricky showed him that Justin had texted back, "Fucking power tripping drug dealers. Making you wait. Chill!"

Snakebite and TJ did not immediately initiate anything. They showed Ricky and Nicky around. They put on some electronica, not too loud, but with a throbbing bass, they turned on all these funky lamps, a "lava lamp," a lamp with a spinning thing around it that had astrological signs cut into it, an a mirror ball on the ceiling with it's own spotlight that changed colors. Roger's dad was a musician too, and he also was a DJ at a local station. He said this was his grandfather's ranch, and he had helped him convert the big shed to an enclosed garage, then turned it into an apartment after his grandfather had passed away. The place had been a working ranch. The fields were still rented out for horses.

Ricky drank glass after glass of cold water. He found himself sweating profusely. As soon as he saw the shower, he said, to Roger, "I could use a shower. I like my boys clean, do you?"

Roger said that he was not always picky about that, but a shower would be nice.

It Begins

They took a shower together. Roger had a tall, lean, hard body, like a carpenter. His heavy, uncut cock was shapely, and his black pubic hair was lush and shiny. He had a beautiful delicate tracery of hair on his chest as well. In the shower, they washed each other with their hands and kissed and kissed. Ricky liked the lip rings, and he kept nibbling on them with his lips. He also liked Roger's beard stubble, and he kept rubbing his lips against it.

Ricky's cock got quite hard and remained hard.

"How old are, you, Pretty Boy?" Roger asked, between kisses, while stroking him soothingly.

"Sixteen. Are you freaked?"

"Nah. You know the deal, right? You seem like a big boy to me."

"Yes. And you? How old are you?"


"Hngh! You look younger. I thought you were, like, eighteen! But good! That means you probably have beer or something! I wanna get fucked up and fuuuck!"

He made Roger laugh. "I think we can arrange that, Ricky Boy!"

Ricky would never describe Roger, aka "Snakebite," as "pretty." He was certainly butch and handsome in a "boy next door" way. He was all guy, with rough hands, hairy legs, an uneven tan, and a long, strong nose that looked like it had been broken before. He did have dark, flashing eyes. And he did have a happy twinkle to them. Ricky liked that. He liked his rough, tough, manly beauty.

Roger did not trim his pubes or shave his balls, and as Ricky's soapy fingers had discovered, he also had a hairy asshole. Ricky was pleased and enchanted by his manliness. It made him feel girly and gay. He wanted to be fucked by this man.

After the shower, as they wrapped themselves in towels, Ricky, in perfect "party girl" mode, asked, "So do have any beer?"

"I got some box wine. How about that?"

"That sounds great. Let's get fucked up!"

Despite his outward show, Ricky could not quite shake a frantic, obsessive feeling. He was feeling the need for something. He hoped the alcohol would chill him down.

"Yeah. Sure. But we should wait for Justin and Mark though. They kept telling us about you two hot, horny babes! Let's just smoke out first, huh?"


"Well, if you insist!"

When they emerged from the shower, they saw Nicky and TJ on the couch, making out — kissing with their hands in each others pants. It was hot, as always, seeing Nicky get it on with another guy. There was no doubt in Ricky's mind that Nicky had the most beautiful bubble butt on the planet. Gawd, he looks so cuuuute!

Roger told them both to take a shower and then join them on the couch. Ricky remembered his clothes then, in the bathroom, and his pants, with the rubbers and his phone, so he went there to get his things.

Nicky and Eric then took their shower while Roger and Ricky hit the bong on the couch. Roger introduced Ricky to a new way to get high by taking a big hit then passing the smoke to Ricky mouth to mouth!

That was good, for his hands were full of Roger's lovely cock and big, hairy balls. "Dude!" Roger said, "you are one fuck hot guy! I am loving this!"

Ricky smiled and told him, "It's nice to be with a man! You have no idea how much that turns me on!"

Roger laughed and said as he fondled Ricky in turn, "Actually, I have a pretty big idea of how much you like it!"

They were in this position when Justin and Mark showed up, complaining, "Fuck, you guys sure didn't waste any time."

Ricky just looked at them dreamily and said, "Get on over here and suck our dicks!"

It was fun kissing Roger while they did that, though they did take little breaks to hit on the pipe. They were in that position when Nicky and Eric emerged from the steamy bathroom all pink and damp. He suggested that the new guys also shower because, "I ain't licking no ball cheese and farty smelling assholes!"

This left the first four together. Ricky wanted to suck Eric's tongue pierced tongue.

"It is a sexy tongue to kiss," Nicky commented. "Let him suck your dick too!"

Eric had a lot of tattoos. The best one, Ricky thought, was a swirling dragon wrapped around one arm across one shoulder, and up to his neck. Ricky liked Eric's bright blond hair with the long bangs. He was a beautiful cocksucker!

He, also, had a nice, fat dick, and he kept his pubes well trimmed and shaved.

Roger reappeared with the wine and some cups, and he packed another bowl, which he lit, hit, and passed to Nicky.

Ricky was already feeling very high when Justin and Mark re-joined them. Eric had re-attached himself to Nicky. He had a muscular body. He was short, like Collin. Maybe that's why he liked Nicky, who was shorter still.

Justin said, "Sorry it took us so long, but we were also trying to score some better speed than the first guy had. You guys want some?"

"I'm pretty stoned already, man," Ricky told them.

"This'll handle that. Let's all do a line!"

Nicky required some persuasion. He asked, "What does it do?"

"You never tweaked? It makes your dick stay hard, and it'll keep you up. It offsets that drowsy feeling pot gives. It's fun. Just do a little, Nicky, seriously, just a little."

Ricky told him, "I already did a little at the dance. We couldn't find you. It's fun, and check it! I got me a bone and a half!"

Nicky, tough he appeared skeptical, wanted to try it. They laid out a couple of lines and showed Nicky how to snort it. Then he chopped some more, giving Nicky and Ricky each about a half of a dose.

Thunder and Lightning

It turned out to be more than enough. Nicky grew quite excited. As did Ricky.

Ricky wanted COCK!

Hoo-yah! Coooooock!

He became an extremely aggressive homosexual boy then. Any vestige of shame or shyness was gone. The orgy was on! Everyone was naked. Every cock was hard. It was any hole, anytime, with anyone!

With Nicky's pretty penis in his mouth, he found his hips gripped and his ass being beautifully fucked by... Who?

Nicky popped out with a wet plop as he glanced back. It was Mark. He smiled at him, and he still had the presence of mind to make sure that Mark had a condom on.

"Yeah, Ricky. There's a box on the coffee table. It's cool, man."

When Ricky turned back around for Nicky, he found he was gone! It was Eric he was sucking then! He heard Nicky say, off to the side, "You can fuck his mouth hard. He can handle it. He likes it!"

Ricky had the vague sense that Nicky was talking about him, but he was not sure. Anyway, it did not matter. What mattered was getting his mouth and ass fucked. This mission was being accomplished!

Eric grabbed Ricky's head and gave him a good mouth fucking while Mark pounded his other end. Ricky's cock, untouched, remained savagely stiff. He was loving it. He was the center. He was the star. Everyone wanted to do him!

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Nicky sitting backwards on Justin's giant johnson while Roger blew him. Ricky was in turn getting fucked by...

Who is THAT?

The new guy was a tough looking blond with a short hair and a hard, fine, wrestler's body. Ricky didn't mind. It was funny! He was getting fucked by a complete stranger!

Drunk, stoned, and high on speed in the whirling lights, swirling in darkness, he completely lost track of the number of times he had his ass fucked, and he sucked so much dick, his lips grew chapped and his jaw ached. It was deliriously fun and yet strangely hectic, disconnected, and frenzied sex.

Thirsty, he kept drinking wine.

However, every time he found Nicky in the dogpile of rutting, fucking, sucking guys, it was Nicky who was usually doing the fucking, or it was some other guy who was sucking Nicky's dick. Nicky loved having his dick sucked. He liked getting his cock sucked more than Ricky, in fact.

Another new guy appeared in the mix, but Ricky only figured this out when he was blowing Nicky, whose cock was still his favorite, on the couch while on his knees on the rug in front of him. He felt his ass getting powerfully fucked by a dick that was his perfect size for anal — not too big and not too small. When he turned to glance back, he saw really cute dude with dark hair and a lots of freckles. He had beautiful green eyes. Ricky grinned back at him, then resumed his pleasant cocksucking.

It was only after taking a short break to drink a bit of wine to wash down the come that he asked the new guy, "So what's your name?"

"Sean. And you?"

"Ricky. I'd shake your hand, but since you had your dick up my ass already, we are past that?"

Ricky thought this was very funny, and he laughed far too longly. A small part of him, a vestige of conscience, was aware of this and watched all this worriedly.

He was getting fucked by guys whose names he did not even know!

The other new guy, it turned out, was Jimmy. That was the tough blond, eighteen. Sean was nineteen. It seemed that the boys came in pairs. They had their main boyfriend, but they hooked up with each other in the group scene.

Except for Nicky, they all did a couple more lines of crystal meth together, and after that, things got even weirder. Ricky did remember taking the time to let Sean give him a long, slow, fucking. He was a talented, patient, loving top, and his dick felt wonderful. It was not so huge that it made Ricky ache like three of the others. He liked the way Sean fucked him, and he let him fuck him with his strong, slender, hard body for a long time.

Later, though, Ricky had a hard time remembering what happened after that.

There was one scene on the coffee table where he had Nicky sideways on his lap with his cock up his ass, and Jimmy was on Nicky, but spun around to face him so Ricky could suck his hot dick, and the others were cheering and hooting at the show. He and Nicky managed to be at the center, sucking yards of cock and getting fucking fucked by as many feet of more cock.

Another scene had him double dicked at both ends. Four cocks at once! Two up his ass and two in his mouth! He did not even know by whom. Perhaps they changed places?

It was all a jumble in his mind.

Ricky, crazed with his hunger for cock, cock and more cock, wanted to show everyone how he could deep throat Justin's big one, but while he was doing it, he got a taste of shit in his mouth, and he started to retch! It was not merely a gag reflex, it was a full-on surge of rising vomit.

Frantically, he shoved Justin away and stumbled toward the bathroom to puke. He almost made it, but he slipped on the shower rug and fell, barfing against the side of the tub.

His head spinning, he felt strong hands lift him up, and a voice saying, "It's cool bro; it's cool." This was Sean.

Turning to look, Ricky saw some of the guys gathered in the doorway. And faraway, he heard Roger's voice saying, "Take him to the hot tub. I got this. I'll clean it up."

Ricky mumbled an apology, but Roger just said, "It's all good, man. If you haven't puked at a party, you haven't lived."

Ricky was able to crack a joke. "Well, I feel really alive right now!"

He made them all laugh. He felt his face being wiped off, and a fresh towel was wrapped around him. He borrowed a someone's toothbrush and cleaned his mouth.

The hot tub was beside the nearby house. It was under a grape arbor and shielded from the house by a lattice fence. Justin took him there and joined him in the hot, swirling water.

Ricky could see lights on in the house, and worriedly asked, "Are they gonna come out and see us?"

"Nah. They are a couple of old stoners. It's chill, man. Say? How are you feeling, man?"

"My heart is racing! I feel so weird! My ass hurts! I feel all panicky! Like someone's gonna jump out of the dark and attack me!"

"Aww, man. I'm sorry. Shit."

Mark arrived then, wearing only pants. He had a bottle of water, and he handed something to Justin.

"Take this," Justin said, holding up a little pill.

"More drugs?" Ricky was not happy with that idea any more.

"It's half a Z-bar, man. Xanax, ya' know? It'll calm you down, but drink some water first."

Ricky did as he was bid. Looking out past the pasture, he saw the mountains in the light of the rising moon. There were streaks of glowing contrails high above, and behind them, twinkling stars.

They sat in the tub together in silence for many minutes. The water felt good. The pain in his throbbing anus began to go away. The cold water in his bottle tasted good.

Before long, he did feel calm again. Eerily calm. He had a hard time moving. He had to concentrate to do even a simple task like wipe the sweat from his eyes, and he had to think about it a long time before bing able to make his hand move.

"How you feeling, Ricky?" Justin asked.

"Huh?" He heard himself say.

"I asked how you were feeling."

"Numb. Weird. Strange. Empty. But I'm OK. Did I just totally make a fool of myself?"

"Nah. Shit happens. We've all been there. I think it was the wine, actually."

"You had shit on your dick, Justin," Ricky observed, not in an accusing way, but merely as an explanation.

"Sorry about that, man! Fuck! But I was using rubbers!"

"Well, they only go partway on that mondo dong of yours, so some must have gotten on it. Maybe you need those big kind?"

"Yeah. I do. We ran out of magnums. They're expensive, but, I gotta say, having the base of my dick in anyone's mouth has never been a problem before now!"

"I'm a good cocksucker, huh?"

"The best! So? Relax, man!"

Ricky had no problem relaxing. He felt like he had been melted and poured into a Jell-O mold. "OK," he said.

Then, plaintively, he asked, "Are they all laughing at me?"

Justin chuckled. He said, "Not in a mean way."

Ricky sighed. He said, "I miss Nicky. I wish he would come out here."

"I think he passed out, Ricky. I could go get him. Will you be OK?"

"I'll be OK. I don't even want to move. I can't even move! But...

"The stars are beautiful over the mountains right now."

Ricky sighed. The stars were, indeed, beautiful.

It seemed like a long time passed before Justin returned with a towel enwrapped Nicky, who slipped into the tub without a word and instantly moved to Ricky. Justin left them.

Nuzzling his neck in the warm water, Nicky told him, "They told me you gagged on Justin's cock and puked all over the bathroom. Are you OK?"

"I'm OK. Did you fall asleep?"

"I wouldn't call it 'sleep.' I was dazed. I wrapped myself in a blanket and curled up in a chair. They left me alone."

Ricky vaguely recalled Nicky crying out as he came and saying he "needed to rest."

"I didn't even get off, Nicky. I haven't come all night, and now, I do not want to. They gave me a pill. They called it a 'Z-bar.' I feel numb, like nothing is real."

"I'm real."

Ricky petted his beautiful black hair. He felt his lover's lithe and strong body settled against him in his magical way.

"Yes," Ricky agreed. "You are real."

He told Nicky, "I think I got fucked fifty times, Nicky, and I had a dick in my mouth all night. My jaw is sore."

"Me too. I notice you did your share of topping though."

"I don't really remember that. It seemed I got fucked a lot."

"Yeah," Nicky agreed, "But after the exercise ball, you wouldn't let anyone fuck you."

"The exercise ball?"

"You don't remember?"


"Skatá! Ricky! You must have gotten really drunk! I do not like this!"

"Not just drunk, Nicky, but what happened?"

Eric pulled out the "balance ball" as he called it, and he sat on it and bounced up and down. Some of us took turns in each other's laps. You and Justin got it bouncing really, really high, and you were slamming down on top of him hard! Finally, you banged down onto him so hard, you actually shrieked! And you hopped off, holding your ass, saying, "I am 'un-fuckable' now! No more fucking me! My ass has had it!"

Ricky felt his ass twinge at that. He remembered it then. He asked, "And did the others let me be?"

"Yeah. Well, mainly. But you were going around sticking your dick into everyone and being kinda bossy. You had a little tantrum when Sean wouldn't let you fuck him. That's when Justin distracted you. I don't think Sean lets anyone fuck him."

"I don't remember, Nicky. But he fucked me before I even knew his name. He's a good top. I liked the way he did me. But it is weird how it is all a blur."

"Things like that happen in orgies, Ricky."

"Hngh," Ricky grunted, indifferent. At that moment, it was all so long ago and far away.

A light flashed on in the house nearby, and an older woman with long hair and a robe came out. Seeing them in the hot tub she said, "Oh! Hi guys. I was just checking to see if anyone was here. Could you please make sure you put the cover on the tub when you are done? Leaves and pine needles are always getting in the tub."

Nicky, without moving from Ricky, promised they would.

When she went inside, Nicky said, "They are calling us 'the jailbait.' You know what I told them?"


"I told them, 'The age of consent in Greece and Italy is fourteen, so shut the fuck up!' I actually said, 'Shut the fuck up!' I never talk that way!"

Ricky asked, "So how many guys have you been with, Nicky?"

"It's probably around seventy-five. Maybe fifty. Sometimes I sit down and remember them all and count them. How about you, Ricky? Are there any you have not told me about?"

"Well, what? Are we counting? I mean, when I was little, I got one guy to get naked with me and we rubbed ourselves together with boners, but we did not come and we never kissed. We did that a lot of times."

"That counts."

Ricky found it strangely easy to talk about the pain of that subject. "We got busted by his sister one night. She heard us giggling through the door, and came into the room and saw us. I was so shamed I hid from that and never did anything with anyone until this summer. She kept calling me 'Ricky homo.' I hated her. She turned out to be the biggest slut, too, and he stopped being my friend, and I was left feeling very lonely."

"Yes. I understand. In fifth form, in Athens, I kissed a boy on the playground, and he ran around screaming and laughing, and the whole school laughed at me, and no one wanted to be my friend after that. What was his name? This friend with whom you crossed penis swords?"

"That was Martin."

"OK, so how many?"

Ricky listed them off, one by one. "Let me think. OK. There was first Josh, then Ryan. He was the older guy I told you about. Then there was Roan and a straight guy named, 'River'..."

"You never told me about him."

"No?" Ricky told him the story in a strangely dispassionate tone, "I got him drunk and blew by the tracks. Then, on his last night, I raped his cock with my ass at the swimming hole. I felt his come drip down my thighs when we were done, and I liked it."

"You like those straight guys, do you not?"

"The cute ones, yes."

"OK. Who else?"

"Then there was Collin, you, Justin and Mark, then Wesley, and finally Mason, and then tonight with Roger, Eric, Sean, and Jimmy. How many is that?"

"Thirteen, I think. Let me count again... No, Fourteen. More than me this summer!"

"Does that make me a slut?"

"Oh, who cares?"

"I don't. I like cock. I plan on doing many more guys."

"Me too! After I had that problem at school, and I was in dance class, I saw two of the guys kissing in the dressing room, and I told them I thought they looked beautiful together when they asked me not to tell. They invited me to play with them. We did it a lot. And you know about Paulo, Cici, and Tomás. But, you know?"

Nicky shrugged. "I worked at a resort in Greece on an island, and I had my own room by the pool. I had many opportunities."

This was not really news to Ricky. But Nicky, he was realizing, had an unusual capacity to not talk about himself, even though it seemed that he did. Interesting. What other secrets did Nicky have hidden away?

Nicky continued, "At the harbor, there were two other rent boys who enjoyed me on their off times, but each summer, I scored about once every two weeks. Not always. Sometimes more. Last summer more, but the summer when I was twelve, less. So, I think, not seventy-five. More like fifty."

Finally, Ricky and Nicky's natural vitality and youthful metabolisms reasserted themselves. They both discovered they were hungry. They got out of the tub and duly replaced the cover. Wrapped in their towels, they returned to the place of their recent debauch. Almost everyone was lazing around on the couch and the futon with blankets. There was some, dumb Adam Sandler movie playing. The place reeked of pot, sweat, and sperm. Roger and Justin, the oldest ones, were sitting at the table in the kitchen area dressed in their underwear.

"You guys want some pizza?" Roger asked.

They did. It tasted pretty good for frozen pizza.

It was almost light out when they finally rested. They did not exactly sleep though. They curled up together of a corner of the futon and snuggled up.

"My ass hurts, Nicky. I feel like dogshit."

"Me too, Ricky."

No Rest for the Wicked

Later, on the drive back, Ricky managed to cadge some more weed from Roger over Eric's objections, who wanted them to buy it.

Ricky said, "Naw. You should just give us a little. It is appropriate to give your little boy fuck toys a present, you know?"

Nicky laughed evilly, and in a little kid's voice, said, "Or we will tell on you! Nah, nah!"

He made them all laugh. Ricky always liked to see his sweet Nicky's feisty side.

Roger said to Eric, "Give 'em some weed, dude. It's my turn to buy anyway, so don't sweat it."

Eric relented, shaking his head and complaining about "extortion." But he even gave them an old pipe to smoke the weed in, saying it was too good to roll joints with.

Ricky wanted to get Sarah high. She had been a good sport. It would be a nice treat for her.

Finally, Roger said, "We're gonna go to the Bodhi Tree Hole on Monday or Tuesday. We have a couple more friends who would just love to meet you two! They live further north though and don't get down here often."

Ricky told him to send some pictures. When he looked at Nicky, however, he was looking out the car window, indifferent. He did not appear to be listening. He seemed far, far away.

Strange. That was not his usual boyfriend. Unless Ricky was mistaken, he even seemed... sad?

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