This is a work of fiction. No one was exploited in the creation of this fable. In some locales, even reading about fictional teenagers having imaginary sex is prohibited. Local laws apply.

This story explicitly depicts young men forming erotic bonds with each other. Generally they are between the ages of 14 to 17, and they "generally" agree that peer relationships are best. However, among this particular group of youths, there are some who consider scoring some hot older fellow a coup, while there are others who remain enchanted by younger lads. These liaisons appear as dangerous edges, and the author has attempted to depict such outlawish trysts in a realistic way. Also, some of the fellows depicted here do other "bad boy" things like experiment with drugs and get in terrible fights. Last, being sexually versatile, as jocks typically are, they occasionally even have sex with girls. Ultimately, many are the spirits of the young who, in these pages, simply say, "Fuck the rules."

There is plenty of raunchy sex in this tale, but if all you are looking for is pure fapping material utterly devoted to some precise specialty, you might want to look elsewhere. In publisher's lingo, this is a "Coming of Age" novel.

Author's Note: We have seen now how Ricky is molting. How far will his transformation go? We know that Joshua has been secretly videoing them having sex. What's up with that? And Joshua seems to have way too much experience for a guy his age, doesn't he? There is more to that story, one suspects.

We have hinted at a dark undercurrent. These guys have "issues."

In fact, there is one scene here that many readers wrote me about to complain. I do understand the grievance, but instead of cutting it in the final draft, I actually doubled down, making it even scarier. It needed to be said. It was an important turn that drew things out of our heroes and took them to the next stage. It could go either way with them. They could become monsters. Will they?

It's Acting, You Fucking Idiot!

When Joshua awoke, Ricky was not in the tent.

Joshua was excited to see what his cameras had caught. He needed time!

What a scene! Ricky sucking his first cock and fucking his first ass!

Ricky did not pay attention to a lot of things. Joshua had figured that out. Ricky had two "lenses": super wide angle and super telephoto. In wide angle mode, his "lens" was focused on infinity; in telephoto mode, he saw the tiniest details. He was like an animal ever vigilant to motion from the corners of his eyes, but once alerted, he focused on his target. Leaving his cameras set up was the perfect way to hide them from Ricky.

Joshua was testing the infrared mode on one of his cameras. That was experimental. He couldn't wait to see how the diffuse, glowing, white forms of their naked bodies in the midst of deep darkness looked.

Then there was Ricky's comment about God when he came in Joshua's mouth!

You just could not script that! Film Noir porn! Very edgy.

To see what the cameras had captured, Josh needed time to upload the takes. He did not want to risk Ricky's curiosity, so he decided to wait until he had at least an hour of time alone.

However, he had no desire whatsoever to part from Ricky. It was a problem. Where was Ricky?

Looking out from the front flap of the tent, he saw Ricky sitting cross legged on the far end of the deck, staring down at the river. The house was dark. Joshua's mother liked to sleep late too.

Ricky, evidently hearing Joshua rouse, turned to look. He got up and walked over. He was wearing those same shorts he always wore, and he had on the blousy shirt he'd walked over in.

He solved Joshua's problem when he said, "I was thinking we might go for a long tube ride today. We'll get someone to drive us to a great spot I know above town. Maybe your mom will take us since you got a van. We'll pack some water. I'll tie it to the tube. We got a waterproof canoe bag. How about that?"

"That sounds great. Do you have two waterproof bags?"

"Yeah, why?"

"I was thinking of taking my cameras. I'd love to film you, the river, our time together, all that. But is the bag really, really waterproof?"

"It was the last time I tested it, and I really tested it. Still, you should put the camera in a ziplock back, maybe two, and a package of desiccant."


"Yeah, like you find in pill bottles? Absorbs moisture? My dad's a photographer. That's what he does. He was a photographer in the in the navy, so he knows about protecting cameras from the wet."

"Cool," Joshua said, amused by Ricky's extended explanations and big words. "But would you mind if I filmed you? Action shots? You tubing and telling me what a great guy I am?"

Ricky grinned. "You are a great guy, so that will be easy. No, I wouldn't mind. I guess you might want to stop, and we might have to set up the shots and practice and all?"

"Yeah. Some people get irritated with that, but I'll bet you would be patient. I am the director and cinematographer, and you are the beautiful star!"

"Could I film you?" Ricky asked.


"And what's a 'cinematographer?'"

"He's the guy who basically supervises the placement of the cameras and handles the technical instructions that the cameramen follow."

"Isn't that what the director does?"

"There's a lot of crossover, but in bigger productions, it's too much work for one guy. I guess I think of the cinematographer as the boss of the cameras. He frames the picture. And the director is the boss of the actors, so he moves the action."

"Hmm. Interesting! Sure! Let's do it!"

Ricky stood up and started pacing around. Joshua could see he was raring to go.

Cleverly, Joshua said, "How about you go and get all the shit together, and I'll work this end. I'll ask my mom when she gets up. We'll both have breakfast... How about that?"

"Yeah. Let's do that."

Joshua then had time to upload the files from his camcorders to his laptop. He also had a chance to look at the grainy, weirdly contrastive images captured in infrared mode.

It was a fuck hot sex scene! Better than any porn he had ever seen. What a natural Ricky was!

Joshua also watched himself sucking Ricky's cock. He wasn't faking that, either! It made him horny again. His big dick lengthened and thickened. Josh stroked the top of it with silky fingers while he watched his video, but he did not try too hard. He wanted to save his juice for his new boyfriend.

And then that whole, fuck hot, fuck scene. Crazy!

A little later, when his mom woke up, he talked to her about the river trip. She needed a bit of persuading. She was willing to drive them, but she was worried that it was dangerous. Joshua tried to explain that it wasn't, that Ricky was a fantastic swimmer and very careful about danger. Finally, Joshua had her call Ricky's mom, and evidently Ricky's mom was persuasive.

"What did she say?" Joshua asked.

"She said she would never let Ricky do it if she thought it was unsafe. She said that Ricky was very conservative, that he was a good teacher, and very protective. She said you were probably safer with him in the wild outdoors that you would be while riding your bike in L.A.

"Still," Joshua's mom worried, "what if something happens to him?"

"Well, I'm not exactly an idiot, Mother! Also, Ricky said we are taking these waterproof canoe bags, so I'll have my cell, and if I can't get reception, I'll climb a hill."

That was what finally persuaded her.

It was a twelve mile river run. It would take all day. They dropped in a few miles above another town that was itself miles above the vacation community. They would return before dark. They had water, food, sunblock, even a first-aid kit. Joshua could tell his mom was still worried. This was a big step for her. He kissed her and promised he would be careful. The whole drive, Ricky was explaining to her what the real dangers were, when they existed, and how one handled them. According to Ricky, the biggest danger was sunburn! It was mainly a lazy trip with occasional exciting spots. According to him, kayakers hardly bothered with that part of the river because it was too easy and boring.

The river was gorgeous at the place where they first set out. Rather than pines, the river flowed through a large stand of trees with broad leaves. Ricky, of course, knew all the names. It was wide at that spot, so the water was shallow. There were a lot of rocks. Ricky called it a "rock garden."

Joshua felt very awkward getting onto his tube. Ricky, behind him, laughed good-naturedly as Josh immediately got spun around backwards when he hit a rock. Josh flailed around a bit, got turned back around, then flipped his tube and lost it in the first rapid! He tube got away from him and immediately shot away, heading downstream quickly! Joshua could not catch up to it!

Ricky, who was right behind him then, turned around and paddled quickly backward downriver to retrieve Joshua's tube. Josh, meanwhile did as Ricky had taught him, He went down the river on his back, feet downstream, and caught up.

Ricky didn't give Joshua any shit. He said, "Well, now that that's out of the way, we don't have to worry about falling in any more! But, it's probably better for me to go first. That way you can see the best way through the rapids. You got a bit to the side of that last one. You want to aim right down the middle."

Joshua was embarrassed. "I thought I had it down! But let's check my gear! We just tested our waterproofing system."

They stopped at a little group of rocks protruding above the current, and Joshua climbed up with his bag. Everything was fine. But since he had a camera out, he pointed it at Ricky, who was still in his tube, hanging onto a rock with one hand.

"Hey Ricky," he said.

Ricky looked up and smiled. "Yes?"

"How about you introduce yourself?"

"Do you want me to act, or just be me?"

"Just be you."

Ricky seemed to ponder this. He is acting!

He said, "Who knows who is who? Am I my name? And who are you? Is anyone who they say they are?"

Joshua laughed as he zoomed in on Ricky's grinning face. "Are those some lines from a song or something?"

"I don't know. Maybe. I just made that up, but anyway, let's go, man!"

Joshua, after panning down the length of Ricky's tan and muscular body, carefully packed his bag again, and they went.

After perhaps a half a mile of silent river running, Ricky suggested they pull over at the next little sunny beach. It was still early, so the water was cold. Joshua could warm up.

Ricky had found a sunny spot on the west side of the river. That side always caught the morning sun first. They had passed through an area where there were many cabins, but that stretch was not populated. Their rest spot was a little sandbar with brush on the shore. Behind it was the high bank below the train tracks. Right upon the shore was an old tree stump half buried in sand, but still tall for a tree stump.

This break gave Joshua another chance to pull out his camcorder. But he did not start filming at random. He played director.

"Hey Ricky?"

Ricky, on the beach, was sitting on his tube. He had his legs spread in that butch way of his. Joshua could see his balls. "Yeah?" he asked, squinting a bit from the sun on his square, strong, handsome face.

As Joshua fiddled with the device, adjusting the settings, he said, "How about we actually, like, tell a story, on film."

"Sure. What you got in mind?"

"Well, you'll need to ham it up a bit. I want you to pretend you are straight."

"I'm pretty practiced at that," Ricky said.

Joshua laughed at Ricky's joke. He said, "And I'm gonna pretend I'm queer."


"Yeah," Josh answered blithely, ignoring Ricky's innuendo. "I'll play a queer character. A fem character. The audience won't see me. They will just see you, and I'll tease you and taunt you and try to get you to do gay stuff with me, but you'll respond like a straight boy would; except, you won't get really mean or threaten me or shit like that, but because you know it turns my character on, you'll tease me back and strut your stuff. You wanna?"


"OK. In this story, your name is "Spunky! But don't use my name. OK"

Ricky laughed. "OK!"


Joshua pointed the camera at Ricky and zoomed in on his crotch. Ricky stared back at the camera, unsmiling, looking, perhaps, a little irritated.

Joshua got into character. He made his voice high and effeminate. He said, "This is my dreamy boy friend Spunky! He and I have been having lots of gay sex together!"

Spunky snorted, "Oh, fuck you, you little faggot! The only action you've been having is between your dick and your right hand as you dream about me!"

"I can totally see your big balls, Spunky. Do you shave them?"

"Can you see my balls? Well, gee willikers! How about that?" He reached down to adjust himself just like a straight boy would, indifferent to stares, not even noticing he was doing it. He stared at the camera and smiled a tough guy smile.

Joshua giggled. "That was hot! How about you show your fans your big dick, Spunky?"

Spunky appeared bored by all this. Instead of showing anything, he drew his legs together. He looked darkly at the camera. "You'd like that, wouldn't you? Did I ever tell you that all that swishy talk of yours is totally disgusting? I wouldn't fuck you with someone else's dick, you fucking poof." He stood up, turned around, and picked up his tube.

Joshua zoomed in on his butt. "Oh, have you ever seen an ass so divine! Look how it sticks out and rides high! What a bottom! And how cute those shorts are! I'm just getting the biggest gay boner!"

Spunky turned to look at the camera as Joshua zoomed back out. Ricky was grinding his jaw! Joshua zoomed in on that. He looked genuinely pissed!

Teasing him, Joshua said, "Are you just like the such a total bottom you have to act all tough?"

Spunky, in a dark undertone, said, "How about I kick your ass? That's where this is going if you don't shut the fuck up! Right God-DAMN NOW!"

Joshua took his finger of the shutter button and lowered the camera. Ricky was taking this too seriously! "Whoa dude! Chill man! Just playing around!"

Ricky looked at him with a puzzled expression. He was completely calm. He said, "That was my character talking, Josh!"

"Really? Whoa! I thought you were totally pissed! My heart is racing! Oh, WOW! I didn't expect you to actually be that good an actor! That was real! I love it!"

Joshua left the camera rolling as he set it on the high stump, and he walked to Ricky. He told him, "What threw me was you were supposed to tease me, you know, the way a straight guy might do, but not with hostility!"

Ricky explained, "I was just keeping it real. No straight guy is going to tolerate the way you were talking, Josh. I didn't cross a line. You did."

"That was good acting. You fooled me!"

"It wasn't really acting, Josh. I've been getting hit on by creepy poofcakes since I was, like, twelve. They disgust me!"

"I believe you, Ricky. So? You see how making films helps us to work through shit? It's interesting! Isn't it?"

"I can see what you are trying to do with it, Josh. It is interesting."

Without a word, Joshua moved into Ricky's arms and kissed him. Ricky held him. It felt wonderful. He reached down and fondled Ricky's growing erection. He told him, "I want to film us fucking. I want to film me fucking you. You did agree to let me fuck you!"

"I agreed to let you fuck me, but not on fucking camera! What? Are you fucking crazy? So just stop it, Joshua."

"Make me!"

Ricky laughed. He said, "Anyway, this place is too public. Too many fisherman and tubers. There's a bunch of better spots downstream."

It was true that there were many beautiful spots. But it was not true that they could find make-out places.

They were definitely looking, but at every good beach or swimming hole, there were people swimming, and in between there were either fishermen, boaters, or inner tubers. They could not find privacy. Ricky said that it was as busy a weekend as he had ever seen.

Joshua continued to pull out his camera, and Ricky was happy to play act, but Joshua could never get him to pull down his pants for the camera.

They stopped for lunch on a beautiful beach across from a gorgeous waterfall that emerged from lush greenery across a tall, wide swath of cliff. It was cool and misty there. There were a lot of people.

The beach was long enough that they had a little privacy by going to the far end downstream where it was sunny. That was where they ate the sandwiches they brought. At least they could talk. They were out of the earshot of the people who were also nearer the roar of the falls.

When they had finished eating, Joshua pulled out his camera and placed Ricky leaning back against a massive, rounded boulder with the falls behind him. Also behind him was most of the beach. It was a gorgeous scene. His Golden Boy was revealed in warm, bright light, while behind him the falls were cool, blue, and dark. Occasionally, Joshua would see a cute boy or a handsome man, and he would zoom the camera to that, even as he and Ricky talked back and forth.

Joshua gave him some more directing. He continued filming the whole time. He wanted to inure Ricky to being on camera.

"OK. So let's go with what we saw in the 'Spunky' character, but let's ramp it up. Let's go full punk. I'm sick of happy little stories. I want to work the edge. I want a true bastard. Full evil. Like little boy rapist evil! Can you play that?"

"What? Fuck that, Josh! Why? Why? Why do that? What's the point?"

"The point? The point is it's the truth! It's not fairyland out there, Ricky! There are demons who wander the earth, and that's a fucking fact!"

"I don't like it. I don't want to. Does it give you kick, Joshua? Are you actually all kinky? Do you fantasize about rape?"

"That's why you are perfect. It is my way of taking vengeance. It's a way of getting back at them. It's a kind of ridicule. It's an exposure! We will shine the spotlight on them! Do you get it?"

Ricky appeared to consider that. He was silent for a while. Finally, he said, "Ugh, maybe. Sort of. Are you recording?"

"Yeah. I'm always recording. Get used to it. Ignore it. My directing is a part of it. Later, if anyone sees this, they will see that you really were just acting. You are scary! Did you know that?"

"Yes, Joshua, I know that. Ask Patrick! Ask him about the fights I've been in at school. He'll tell you. I won't. You are asking me to be the guy I hate. You are asking me to play the exact person I would kill!"

"See, Ricky? Even better! You actually know the part!"

"I don't like it."

"Good. I don't want you to 'like' it. I want you to reveal to the world the face of evil!"

"I can't do it." Ricky was pacing around. Filming Ricky meant moving the camera.

"You can do it! Tell, me, what is is that gives a bad guy his kicks?"

That got Ricky's attention. He stopped walking and crossed his arms, presenting the camera with a powerful profile. He frowned. He was thinking. He amused Joshua the way he lifted one hand and placed his chin on a fist. He stood in his one legged way. He looked at him. "That's a good question!"

"So? What do you think?"

"I think an evil person takes pleasure in the pain of others. Like torture. That would get an evil person off. But, also, mental torture, the way my step-dad does with me, ridiculing every idea I have, never believing the truth, always demanding the 'real' truth, but never accepting it, until finally, he tricks me into saying that I'm really just a piece of shit!

"But, I think he's just afraid of me... So, evil is afraid of the life force in others!"

"Now, Ricky, we are getting somewhere!"

"OK, Josh. I have an idea. There was this bully at school. He was bragging about how he pretended to be this kid's friend, and he and his gang invited him to play football with them, and then they just fucked him up until he cried. I kept hoping to provoke him into taking a swing at me, but he was too chicken shit to do it. He only picks on the weak — the kids who were small and did not have allies."

"OK, so pretend to be him!"

"It grosses me out, Josh. Let's make a film about love, not hate!"

"We are making a film about love, Ricky. Be brave for me."

Ricky took a big breath. "You're not gonna like it."

"Make me hate you. Scare me!"

Ricky repeated it. "You're not gonna like it, Josh."

"Do it!"

It took Ricky a moment to compose himself, but when he did, the look he got on his face! Joshua felt it! Ricky looked deadly! When he went into character, it was like someone put out the sun. The light was gone from his eyes. Shadows dwelled there.

Ricky grinned a creepy grin. His mouth moved, but his eyes could have been those of a dead animal. He said, "You know what I think is funny?"

"What's funny, Punky?"

That threw Ricky completely out of character."'Punky?' What the fuck, Josh? How am I supposed to stay in character if you call me 'Punky?'"

"OK, fine! How about, 'Daemon?'"

"That'll work."

"Fine. So, Daemon? How do you get your kicks?"

There was that "smile." Ricky took on a hunched pose. He looked apelike. "The biggest kick is when you get them to trust you. You gotta be slick. It can take some time. You have to groom them."

"How do you do that? Can you give a specific example?"

"Sure!" Daemon sniggered. "So there was this one kid. He didn't have any friends, I invited him over to play video games and let I let him win. I told him how cool he was. We wrestled around, but I didn't hurt him. We did that a few times, you know so he would trust me! What a fucking idiot!"

Daemon thought that was really funny, and he laughed in a strange, braying way.

"You gotta take some time at that. But it's important to pick one that's isolated ya' know? This piece of shit kid had a crack whore mom. There were no guys in his life. He even looked up to me! Heck, the dumb little fucker even asked to sleep over! See it's trust! That's the trick!"

Ricky, aka, "Daemon," was giving Joshua cold chills. "So you've done this more than once?"

"Oh, yeah. Lot's of times. It's hot. I love the part when you finally do 'em."

"'Do them?'"

"Yeah, you know, play Yankee Doodle up the ass! Duct tape helps with that. I keep a dispenser by my bed. You need at least one hand to hold 'em down, you know? You can't have their screaming and give it away! Oh, you should have seen the look in his eyes the first time I punched him in stomach! The look of horror at the betrayal! God! I get a boner just thinking about it!"

Ricky was then hopping around like a ape and laughing like a demented baboon.

"Then, when I had him tied down and stuck it to him! Hoo, HOOO! The terror! The pain! It is fucking ecstasy! It's so beautiful! It makes me come so hard! You don't need lube, their blood works great for that!"

Joshua felt sick to his stomach. Ricky was right. This was a bad idea!

Daemon, and it was "Daemon," not his friend, who continued, "But the best part is when the hope fades from their eyes. They die inside! They become meat in your arms. Your fuck toy! Your slave! That's the sweet spot. That's the "G" spot. That's such a turn on! You know, innocence violated!"

Joshua turned off the camera. He couldn't take it. He couldn't help himself. He started to cry.

He almost falls over. He is swaying. There is a wind, but it is just Ricky catching him, guiding him down. He holds him and pets him as he sobs. He is petting his hair. His voice is so soft and gentle. "Oh, I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

Joshua managed to blurt, "You just described what happened to me, Ricky! That's why I'm so fucked up and crazy!"

Joshua doesn't care if anyone sees them. He doesn't care that they are on a public beach. He lets it go. Ricky only holds him and kisses his head. His neck smells like the river. His neck smells like tears.

It is fine.

Just as quickly as the ancient grief overwhelmed him, it has passed.

Joshua, in a small voice, says, "I've been secretly filming us having sex, Ricky. It was giving me a kick. I'm sorry. It was evil. I'm evil."

"Oh," Ricky says, "Now who is being crazy?"

Joshua takes a deep breath. The sun has come out again. The shadows are gone. It is a bright and beautiful day at the river. He is having the time of his life with a great friend.

He raised his head. No one was watching. In fact, it looked like people had moved away from them, giving them privacy. They had the whole end of the beach to themselves. "You're not mad?"

"No. It's kinda funny that you were videoing us. Did you get any good stuff?"

"I did! I was thinking I wanted it natural, not scripted, that's how I justified it. And about that other thing?"

"Fuck it, Josh, but I gotta say, that pretend acting I did? It's an exaggeration of the way others will manipulate you to make you obedient. That's what I was thinking. But I'm feel sick now. I feel awful! I feel degraded. I'm, like, polluted!"

Joshua was recovering his verve. Ricky was not pursuing the topic of his abuse as a child. He was grateful for that. He let himself be distracted. Talking about film and acting was good therapy. "I hear that happens to actors sometimes after they play a role as a crazy person."

"Let's not have me play that character any more. I wanna be a nice guy! Daemon is dead! May he burn forever in the lake of fire!"

"Fuck that guy. Yeah!" Joshua said. "How about I have you play an effeminate guy. Could you do that?"

"Sure, but I'm not really dressed right."

Joshua thought about that. Then he said, "OK. How about you play an effeminate guy, a total bottom, a guy who really likes to score straight guys in bathrooms and cars and doorways and places like that, dirty and cheap, like that shit I was telling you about last night? That kind of scene? But you pretend you are straight. You just look butch. Could you do that?

Ricky stared at him for a while. Finally, he said, "I'm not sure playing that character would make me feel better. He sounds like another crazy person. How about I play someone who's totally fem, but just looks butch, but whose never done any of that shit? All innocent."

"That sounds good, Ricky. That sounds like you, anyway!"

"Ah, I see you are back to your normal self again, Josh. You're fucking with me!"

Joshua laughed. It was good to have a strong friend like Ricky. He could take it. He wiped off his eyes and looked around. "Lets set up again down the beach, huh? I kinda want to get away from all the people, but I love the waterfalls in the background. You look glorious in the light with the shadowy cliff behind you."

"Sure, but I want to take a swim. How about you film me swimming? And when I come out of the water? I'll be a super gay dude!"

"I love it!"

As they relocated downstream, Joshua's mind whirled. Doing something silly, Joshua knew, would serve to cleanse them both of that horrible interlude.

And yet, he made me cry. I let it out. I told him about videoing him in secret! He wasn't even mad! And now he knows about my dad!

Of course, Ricky did not know any details. Joshua would tell him. He'd tell him everything. But it was a fine and wonderful day. This was not a thing to waste, and the light! The light was glorious!

It was great catching Ricky on camera as he ran into the river with a huge splash. His long and strong body was super-model hot, and the way he moved! The dude had it! As he followed him with the camera, he saw that all the people were watching him. No one was paying attention to the cameraman.


Ricky swam back powerfully, and when he emerged from the water, dripping, he walked differently! Was that a swish to his hips? Subtle! He wasn't being too obvious! Excellent!

He shook the water out of his hair in slightly girly way, and smiled cutely at the camera.

Joshua asked him, "Hello there, Rikki. Do you spell that with two 'K's and an 'I?'

Walking slowly by, he said, with his voice a only slightly higher pitched than his usual one and with only a touch of a lilt. "Yes! My mother so wanted a girl, so she spelled it that way!"

"Are you a girl in a boy's body?"

"Oh," Ricky said with a not quite effeminate wave of his hand, "Who knows such things? Why must we complicate everything?"

"But you like dick, huh?"

"I don't just like it! I love it! I like to suck dick, and I like to get fucked by dick! Preferably, both at the same time!"

"Which do you like better, sucking dick, or getting fucked by dick?"

"Rikki" made a cute pose. Swishing his hips, he giggled as he said, "Oh, that is such a long, thick, hard question!"

"But do you let other gay boys suck your dick?"

"Of course! I do have a rule about thaaat! Do you want to hear it?"


"Well, if a boy is cute, and he kisses me? I'll do anything he wants?"

"What is he doesn't want to kiss you?"

"But is he cute?"

"Yes. Very cute!"

"Then I'll still do anything he wants!"

"So kissing lowers your cute threshold, huh?"

"I don't understand." Rikki managed to look stupid. That, Joshua knew, was a neat trick, for Ricky was as far from stupid as a guy could get.

Acting like he needed to change the subject, Rikki said, "But you want to hear a funny story?"

"Sure Rikki. Tell me a funny story!"

"OK! So I was spending the night at one of my boyfriend's houses, and he fell asleep, so I went into the living room to see if any of the other guys still wanted to fuck, but they were all asleep too! I was so sad! Of course, I was walking around naked, and then I had a great idea! I would wake my boyfriend up with a blow job! So I went into his room and started to play with his ten-inch dick and suck on it! And he woke up with a big boner in my mouth! And I was sucking and sucking it like this!"

He demonstrated it by "air sucking" a giant penis, pretending with his hands in a double-handed grip, while swallowing it deep! It was hilarious!

He hopped up and down like a love-struck teenage girl at a rock concert as he said, "But here's the funny part! As I was sucking his dick, he was also fucking my ass! But then, suddenly, it hit me! If I was sucking his dick, who was fucking me?"

Joshua had a hard time keeping the camera from shaking as he laughed. Ricky playing a "dumb as a fencepost" twink was too much!

Rikki then got a beatific look, like he was receiving a revelation from On High. "But I figured it out! It was totally another guy! It wasn't my boyfriend at all! It was one of the guys who was in the living room! But let me explain! He wasn't still in the living room! He came into the bedroom and started fucking me while I blew my boyfriend!"

Joshua said, "Wow! Thanks for explaining that! I would never have figured out that it was two different guys!"

"Isn't that funny?" Rikki twisted on his feet and managed to look alluring.

"Yes, Rikki, very funny!"

Joshua laughed. He stopped filming. "You are a good actor, Ricky. I wasn't expecting that. How'd you come up with that silly story so fast?"

"Well, once I got the idea that I was playing a stupid, pretty boy, I remembered a story I read in an old magazine, you know? And it had this picture of this dumb party girl looking all surprised to be humped from behind while blowing her boyfriend, and I pretended to be her!

"But now I feel super faggy! I'm really ready for some cock now!"

"Good!" Joshua laughed.

Joshua had heard that many of the best actors were shy, sweet, kind, intelligent, and super sensitive in their private lives, even though they might play really bad-ass, stupid, crazy, or evil characters. He did not tell Ricky that. He did not want to interfere with Ricky's naturalness.

After that bizarre — yet cathartic — interlude on the beach by the falls, they had simply run the river.

They were often silent. Ricky would usually go first, showing Joshua the best line. But sometimes Joshua would try a different route. Ricky always aimed for the roughest rapids he could find, but that would sometimes get him stuck in rocks or shallows right after the rapids, so Joshua started looking for the deeper water. He rather preferred the slow pace of calmer waters. It was soothing.

Ricky noticed this, saying, "That's cool. You've only done this a couple times, but already you're developing your own style."

"Kinda like you, huh?"


Joshua chuckled. He explained, "You've only had sex a couple times, but already you've got your own style."

Finally, almost at the end of the trip, they entered the flat stretch of water Ricky had taken him yesterday. Once there, they made their way from the river once again to the secret glade Ricky had first shown him.

Joshua commented, "After all that, we end up right back here!"

Ricky said, "I was surprised to see so many people. Is it a holiday?"

Joshua marveled at Ricky's capacity to disconnect from the world. "This is Labor Day Weekend, dude!"

"Oh, that explains it. I forgot! But I was planning on coming here anyway. I was hoping we could fool around more along the way though."

"Well," Joshua offered, sighing, "That's one of the things that sucks about being gay. We really are not as free to do stuff in public. Still though, the way you held me back on that beach by the falls? That was something."

Ricky nodded agreeably as he unbuttoned his shorts. He dropped them to the ground and lightly stepped out of them. He said, "I'm gonna walk around here a bit. I wanna make sure we are really alone. You can sun yourself here, if you want while I do a perimeter check."

"A 'perimeter check?' No, never mind, I get it. Sure. I'll just chill here, stroking my big dick, thinking about your virgin ass."

"Good," Ricky said, smiling, "you do that."

Joshua noted that Ricky's prick made a little jump when he said that.

While Ricky walked around, Joshua made a little camp. Their sandy spot next to the old fallen tree was the best spot to mess around. They had no towel to lay on, but that was fine. Joshua dug out the last water bottle, and then had a flash of inspiration! He dumped both bags out and tossed them together in a sloppy pile on the old stump "their" fallen tree. He pulled out his camcorder, turned it on, set the resolution high, and adjusted the zoom to just wide of middle. He stuck the camera between the two bags and aimed it as best he could. It was quite invisible, particularly after he tossed his shorts on the bags as well. He placed his action cam nearby on his accessory bag with his cellphone. That camera worked best when the main subject was very close.

Joshua no longer felt guilty. He would show Ricky all this. Maybe not right away, but in his mind, it was no secret. He wanted one, last, unscripted scene. Ricky would understand. They would have made an interesting action movie. Ricky would see the adventure and the challenge of it.

Satisfied that they were alone, Ricky returned. He had enjoyed walking around nude. It made the fun of scoping out the spot seem even more exciting.

No one would see them from the road, and he had seen only a lone fisherman, an old guy. It was not likely he would climb the high bank, for the path along the river was easy walking, and one would have to crash through brush to get to their spot from the river.

Ricky always saw people fishing that stretch. The smooth waters attracted naïve fishermen who did not understand the habits of trout. Ricky had learned that it was a waste of time to even explain why. Trout needed eddies to place themselves, and they preferred locations where the water would flow their food into concentrated spots. This stretch had nowhere for a trout to hide. The current was constant, so the fish could not rest, and the food would always be far away. The only reason a trout would be there was because he was moving to a new spot. He would not be feeding. Additionally, trout did not come to the surface when the sun was on the water. That was how birds, their main predator, caught them.

The man would catch no fish, but he would fish there anyway. He would fish there so he could practice the kind of fly fishing they taught in books.


When he returned, he found Joshua leaning against the log, nude, with the long fingers of one hand delicately massaging the soft flesh above his amazing penis where he grew his pretty little patch of blond hair. Joshua didn't see him. His head was back. His eyes were closed. To Ricky's eyes, Joshua was never anything but beautiful. His fair skin and long lines were splendid. His face was lovely. His long, blonde hair exquisite.

And then! There was that man-sized cock entirely out of proportion to his small body. What a monster!

They had talked about that the first night as they lay there in bed in the gazebo. Joshua had said that he had been really embarrassed when he first had to take showers in seventh grade. He saw that the other guys would give him peculiar glances. Then, they started to grow hair, but him, not so much.

Ricky had told him he had the same problem about the hair — but not the dick. To the contrary, he had been a little dicker until the summer before high school.

His dad had explained that it was genetic. He would grow up slowly. He also said that his side of the family had long lifespans, so though it hard for Ricky then, in the long run, growing up slower than the other guys was actually a beautiful blessing. His dad had added, "Plus, you will keep your youthful beauty far longer than they!"

His dad had also explained that it was not cool to out people, so he did not feel free to tell Joshua that his father was gay.

Joshua had commented that his own dad was very young looking, but he was gone from his life. He had explained no more. Ricky had a suspicion about that. Joshua had blurted out that he had been violated as a child. Then there were those peculiar ridges around his anus. Scars?

It explained a lot.

But Joshua seemed to have no idea how beautiful he was. His brash self confidence belied great insecurities. Ricky wanted to help Joshua with that.

His cock grew stiff as he approached. He saw that Joshua had set up a little camp with everything they would need right at hand.

"Hey gorgeous," the younger boy said, one arm up, in that delectable way that thrilled Ricky so much, the forearm tossed over his pretty head, exposing a smooth armpit. He smiled a sunny smile. He looked completely relaxed. The exercise and the sun had done their work. Joshua was in a pleasant, receptive mood.

True to form, Joshua could not resist a crack, he looked at Ricky's junk, and he said, "I see that your balls have dropped and you are happy to see me!"

"I am always happy to see you, Joshua," Ricky said, kneeling down between Joshua's legs, and placing his hands on the boy's delicate, slender hips.

Ricky continued a stream of praise as he very gently lifted up Joshua's hips and brought him up on his thighs while scooting forward under him. "You are so hot to me. I love your skin. I love your long legs. I love your cute little nipples. The sound of your voice is music to me."

Joshua, a little unbalanced, had to put a straight arm behind him as Ricky pulled him onto his lap. Ricky had his thighs close together. For a moment Ricky saw Joshua's eyes flash that alarm look, for Ricky was man handling him. Joshua was jumpy about that! Ricky made his voice soothing, "I love your lips, and I love the taste of your tongue. I love it when we kiss. I love your beautiful eyes, and I love..."

Joshua interrupted, "my big, fat dick!"

He said this as he threw an arm up to take Ricky by the neck and pull himself forward.

Ricky smiled as Joshua nestled onto his lap, their two hard cocks meeting and kissing each other. He said, "And I love your cocky attitude. I love your brash confidence. I love that you look so pretty but are so tough!"

Ricky kissed him then, and Joshua, murmuring, kissed back, rocking his hips with Ricky's long cock sliding against him.

It felt beautiful.

Between kisses, Ricky said, "I love that though you look younger, you are the older one. I see that, you know? Josh? You are more mature than me. You are more experienced. You are more dominant. I get it. Do you believe me?"

Joshua cocked his head in his cute way, he said, "I wasn't gonna say it, but I'm glad you finally figured it out."

"I figured it out the first day, man!"

"Hunh," Joshua grunted. "I love the way you keep surprising me."

Ricky repeated the same words, "I love the way you keep surprising me!"

"Funny! Say, Ricky? Hand me that tube of lube there, will ya'? I really need to see what you got going on down there, ya' know?"

Ricky smiled as he handed Josh the tube, so conveniently placed!

Joshua, tossing his hair in that cute way of his, then managed to reverse their position. He was between Ricky's thighs, and his cock that was sliding up alongside Ricky's balls.

And from behind, wet fingers, probing his ring.



It felt pretty good. Actually.

It was a fearful moment for Ricky, but he made no move to escape. He did nothing to stop him. He teased, "Just because I'm letting you play with my hole does not mean I'm letting you stick your dick in it!"

"Of course, Ricky, of course, but of course, also, after the way you played that evil guy? You owe me!" Joshua fingers worked his hole. It felt... fine.

"I already owed you. I promised."

Smoothly, Joshua transitioned to, "And you know what I want now, right?"


"What do I want, Ricky? Tell me."

"You want me to play whore boy for you. Sucking your cock then getting fucked, and maybe, probably, fucked again! Right?"

"Yeah. Pretty much. But I got a new twist. Lift your ass a bit! Yeah! See? I can blow you while I fuck you! I can actually suck my own dick! Hot, huh?"

"Really? How come you never showed me?" Ricky said this as he rubbed Joshua's slender shoulders.

Joshua lifted his head and rubbed his nose against Ricky's chin. "Because as soon as any guy finds out I can do that? They always want me to show them it again and again, and it irritates me. But, anyway, it's time for you to earn! I'm FUCKING you!"

Ricky sighed. He was ready. He had been ready. He wanted to get it over with, in fact. He could have said a thousand things about that. But all he said then was, "Let's do it, Josh."

He lifted up so Josh could blow him in his sweet, delicate way. He was so tantalizing! Once he was in his mouth, Ricky pushed down on the back of Joshua's head with one hand, bending him down both by the neck and the back.

Joshua's hands remained busy behind him, massaging his ring with his fine fingers. He made Ricky jerk and gasp when he inserted them. Ricky knew the sensation. He had fingered his own ass enough times. It was OK.

Joshua let Ricky's dick pop out and looked up at him. Ricky eased down as he looked into his friend's beautiful blue eyes.

Yes. That is definitely a dick in there!

Joshua lifted his hips up while Ricky sat down. Ricky could feel Joshua's fist gripping his dick as he pushed it in past the first resistance. The pain was sharp!

"Oh, fuck, Josh! It hurts!"

"Shhh... Just try to relax it, Ricky."

He did not try to push up into him. Instead, he let Ricky hold it in with his ass and grabbed Ricky's dick again to suck the tip. They had many inches to spare for that operation. It distracted Ricky from the pain. He felt his ass relax a little and he sat down further on Joshua's big dick. It felt OK. It did not hurt much!

They played it that way in silence for a while. The pain was almost gone. He looked down at Josh. He told him, "Sink it, man!"

Ricky then eased down on Joshua's cock full length, sucking his breath in between his teeth.

"Does it hurt now?" Joshua asked.

"Yeah," Ricky admitted, "but it's cool."

Ricky clamped down. He gritted his teeth, and he stayed there, rocking, holding Joshua, small, under him, encased by him and in him, with his arms wrapped around his shoulders, squeezing him hard, grunting, not moaning, but grunting. It hurt, but he could take it.

Joshua ran his hands up and down Ricky's back. He could not help the noises he was making. His sounds came out as hisses as he breathed through gritted teeth.

Joshua started to say that they could stop, but Ricky shushed him. He panted, "It's cool, man. I can take it! Just give me time!"

Ricky's cock was softening, so Joshua started playing with it. Ricky then rose up, and Josh sucked some more. While he did that, Ricky squeezed and relaxed his ring. His cock grew stiff again, and then he sighed, "Yeah! We're doing it!"

He slipped all the way down on Joshua's cock again. It went easier that time. Ricky leaned back and looked down. "Check it, Josh! Is that hot?"

Josh checked it.

It was hot as fuck! Ricky's long cock banged against Joshua's slender chest and belly as he got into a faster motion. His strong, tan thighs were spread wide over the younger guy's long, slender, pale haunches. Ricky felt his sphincter give way completely then, and then, Ricky was hopping up and down fast! It felt great!

Soon, Ricky was giggling, "Oh yeah! I'm fucking your cock man!"

There was something deeply satisfying about having a dick in his butt. He had not imagined this feeling in any fantasy. In his dreams, he was always doing the fucking.

Joshua took that as his cue to push Ricky back onto the ground and onto his back. He did it without popping out, and then, on top of him, in him. Deep!

Joshua really gave Ricky a good fucking then, slowing down to drive deep up in his tight and no longer virgin ass, then giving it to him with long strokes.



Ricky wrapped his legs around Joshua. He heard himself making make happy noises. Finally, he said, "Gawd! I can't take it any more! Come in me! Do it!"

It was glorious to see Josh let himself go with that wild look in his eyes!

Joshua kissed him as he plunged into him with his last, powerful strokes. Ricky felt his butt get wet and squishy from Joshua's come.

He collapsed on him, and they kissed until they both grew soft. Finally, Joshua pulled out and took a nearby wipe from his "sex kit," as he called it.

He cleaned himself and his Ricky's asshole. "Your hole is pretty red and raw, Ricky!"

"D'ya think? But fuck, dude! I gotta take a shit. Did you get any poop on your dick?"

"A little. It's OK."

Ricky got up and told him, "Oh, that's fucking gross! We should use rubbers!"

"I didn't want to. Not for our first times. I got some though, but don't you want to get off?"

"No. I am liking this feeling of staying horny and feeling super faggy. I want you to fuck me again!"

Joshua shook his head in amazement. "I've created a monster!"

Ricky, as he walked off to crap, looked back over his shoulder and scoffed, "We already talked about that, Josh."

While Joshua rinsed himself off, Ricky joined him at the river. He showed him how flattish river stones, nice and smooth, were good for wiping one's ass. But mainly they used their hands.

When they returned to their spot, Joshua suggested, "Let's take a break before I fuck you again. My gun needs to reload anyway. We got time.

"I'm down." Ricky said as he leaned back against the log and picked up the water bottle for a swig.

He commented altogether too casually, "You were videoing us, weren't you, Josh?"

Joshua heart skipped a beat. He stared at Ricky.

"Don't be secretive about it Josh. You already admitted it."

"I wanted it to be natural."

"I saw how you placed the cameras. You made it look like they were just tossed around. Why be that way?"

Joshua felt sheepish. "I have a habit of being secretive. I had to be that way to survive when I was little."

"I believe you, but don't do it with me! Not any more. Please?"

"Aren't you worried about the video getting out?"

"Yes. I am. What would my mother think?"

Joshua looked at him sidelong. "Unless your mother watches gay porn, she wouldn't think nothin'. Anyhow, it's not like I'd release it. it's just for us. It's practice for me, my films, ya' know? Fuck, Ricky, you're so hot, and you're a much better actor than any porn star I ever saw!"

"Unless your computer gets stolen," Ricky demurred, "or it gets hacked. Or one of my mom's friends who happens to be gay sees it and tells her or..."

Ricky's voice was light when he said, "You know, Josh, I thought you might have been videoing us all along. I kept giving you chances to admit it, but you never did. But, well, I'm glad you told me. I'm not even mad. It seems like such a 'Joshua' thing to do! It's actually kinda funny. Are you recording right now?"

"No. It's off." Joshua realized he had completely underestimated Ricky's powers of perception. He had only been pretending not to notice. Shit! He IS a good actor!

Ricky smiled. He said. "So you got us fucking?"

"I think so. I don't know if the angle or the light or anything were right. You're really not mad?"

"No. Like I said, it's kinda funny. OK?"


"Well, maybe a little mad," Ricky said. "I'm mad that you tried to deceive me, not really about what you did.

"I am concerned that copies of this might leak, but we'll talk about that later. Let's fuck, dude. Let's make a porno! I'm kinda into it. I'll bet it's intense work, what you got already, Joshua. It tells a truth! I am sure of it. It's art. Let us make more!"

The way he said it! Joshua felt like he had been washed over by a wave!

This guy packed a psychic punch!

Joshua said, his voice small, "You actually understand?"

"Yeah! I get it! Don't make a big deal about it. It's not a big deal. So? You wanna set up your cam properly this time? Check the light, the exposure, the frame? Whatever you need to do? You wanna make a porno? Let's make a fucking porno!"

Joshua laughed. He had been all worked up over nothing! He told Ricky, "Except, there was a rawness when you did not know you were being filmed. I wanted to catch that."

"Yeah. I get that. It's 'edgy' that way, but we have crossed that bridge. And didn't you say I was a good actor?"


"Well, I'll tell you what. I won't act. I'll just be myself and ignore the fucking camera!"

"Perfect!" Joshua exclaimed.

Joshua pulled out the cam. He checked the memory and all the settings. He had Ricky pose in various positions to get the framing right. It was sometimes a pain to get the camera to properly interface with the phone. Eventually, he got it. The light was beautiful, but it was problematic. They would be in dappled shade. He really could use some fill lighting. Even a silvered umbrella to bounce light in would work. He decided to overexpose a little. It might be possible to adjust the contrast later, but better open shadows than a lot of black. Their bodies would be painted with the shimmering light of rustling leaves. Ricky rolled a large stone to the place Joshua selected to place the camera.

Fuck Gaaawd but was he gorgeous! The way his muscles rippled when he moved that stone!

Joshua was boning up.

The set up was almost complete, and the day was still young.

Joshua could not remember the last time he had been so happy. He could hear that his voice took on a high pitch, as it did when he was excited. Normally, he would be self conscious about that and try to speak with a deeper voice so he didn't sound like a little kid, but if Ricky said, "Fuck it," then FUCK it!

"Look at the shimmering light! You are my Golden Boy, framed by gold California grass beside a fallen silver tree!"

Ricky was his clay. He let himself be molded.

"Stand here! Lay back! Smile! No! Show your teeth! Ah! When you smile? Ricky? the clouds part! The sun shines!"

What a KICK!

Finally, breathless, Joshua flopped down beside him and whispered in his ear, "OK. We're rolling. Don't fake anything! Don't ham it up; er, well, no! You can ham it up! We can camp! You know what that is?

"'Camp?' Uh, like cliché art?"

"No! Uh, well, kinda. It's when gay guys kinda exaggerate their gayness with each other. It's fun! You've been doing it, you know?"

"Oh, you mean like all lilty and sissy-like?"

"Yeah. But not too much, OK?"

"Sure, baby boy. Now, are we gonna have gay sex or what?"

"That's the idea! You get it! OK! What I'm gonna do now is talk nasty to you! I'm gonna try and give you a bone without even touching you! You down?"

"I'm down."

"You like cock, Ricky?"

"Oh yeah. I like cock."

"You like my cock, Ricky?"

"Yeah, I like your cock. I love your cock!"

"I'm gonna fuck you with this cock!" Joshua said this as he whacked it against Ricky's thigh.

"You promise?"

"I promise!"

"But tell me the truth, have you ever been fucked before?"

"Yes. You just fucked the shit out of me, like a-half an hour ago."

Joshua laughed. "Well, in this film, be a virgin. OK?"


"OK. So here we go again...

"So tell me the truuuth, have you ever been fucked before?"

"Noooo! Never! I am a naked virgin boy!"

"Well, that's great because I never fucked a virgin before."


"Really! I'm so fucking, fucking hot for this action! I been wanting to fuck you since the exact second I laid eyes on you!"

"Gee! What a co-weenky-dink!"

Joshua took the tube of lube and put some on his fingers. "Have I ever even stuck my fingers up there, Ricky?

"Nope. Never! And you did not stick your tongue up there last night at the edge of the hot tub either!"

"That's right! But you're going to get fucked now! Well, not right now, but soon, after you beg me."

"Am I gonna beg you?"

"Yeah, Ricky. You're gonna beg me!"

"Cool. Can I start now?"

"Uh huh!" Joshua said, cutely.

"Will you fuck me, Joshua?"

"Sure. I'll fuck you, but you're gonna to have to beg better than that! And would you mind if I sucked your dick first?"

"No, I wouldn't mind, Josh. I also wouldn't mind it if you shut your fucking mouth and started turning me on!"

"Ooh! Mr. Yakity Yak Yak gets a taste of his own medicine and doesn't like it! Hmmm. Imagine that!"

"Shut up and suck my dick!"

"This dick?" Joshua flipped Ricky's cock around to make the point. It was quite hard.

"Arrgh! Damn it! Watch out! I'm bigger than you! I'll make you!"

"Oooh! I'm so scared!" Joshua said this as his fingers drove deep into Ricky's ass, making him gasp.

Joshua laughed, "You sure you never been fucked before? Your ass is awfully loose!"

"I think all those carrots and cucumbers might have prepped me for this!"

"Oooh! Such a gay confession!"

He sucked Ricky's dick then, taking it almost full length in his mouth. Joshua definitely liked Ricky's cock. Ricky had a genuinely pretty penis. So long and smooth, and the head came to such a wicked point! He giggled with Ricky's dick in his mouth.

Then, in a flash, he knelt between Ricky's legs and raised them up.

God! He is so much heavier than he looks! Iron Man!

His big dick sparkled with lube as he stroked it. Ricky loved his cock too! "Check it, Ricky! Check this! Look at my cock! You want it?"

"I WANT it!" Ricky shouted. He threw himself onto his back and wiggled his hips.

Joshua thrust his hips, making his cock bounce, he taunted Ricky, "Beg me! Beg for it!"

Ricky shouted, "Fuck me! Fuck me! God damn it, FUCK me!"

"Say 'Please!'"

"No! You want it. I want it! Just fucking DO it!"

Joshua made him wait. His face a mask of mischief, he repeated, "Say 'Please!'"

"Please?" Ricky's voice was almost whining.

Without any more drama, Joshua slipped the head of his dick in. Finding little resistance, holding himself up by his long arms above Ricky, he went further. He looked Ricky in the eyes, and smiled thinly.


It was in!

"YAAAWW!" Ricky gritted his teeth and arched his back! His eyes watered! Joshua was very turned on!

He drove it balls deed in a single, merciless. thrust!

Ricky whimpered, "Fuck, that hurts! Oh God!"

"Aww, don't be such a pussy, Ricky! It doesn't hurt that much!"

Ricky gritted his teeth and grrred.

Joshua laughed. He felt a little bit of a cruel edge.

But he didn't slam him.

Deep in Ricky, he rocked his hips without thrusting. Ricky rocked his hips back. Josh became super gentle then, petting Ricky, keeping it deep, kissing him. He kept that up. He gave Ricky time. He wanted him to remain willing.

He felt Ricky loosen. Ricky stopped gritting his teeth. A little girly moan escaped. He sounded like a little kid! Ricky's dick began to harden again. It had gone down.

Joshua, sensed he was ready. He began to plunge into him. Ricky reached down and squeezed Joshua's butt cheeks with both hands. He was starting to like it!

Joshua teased him, "Who's the bitch?"

"I'm the bitch! I'm such a bitch!"

He taunted him. "Who's the man?"

"You're the man! Ooh! And what a man!"

He ridiculed him. "Who's the girl?"

"I'm the girl! I'm a fucking girl! I like to get fucked!"

"Who's fucking who?"

"You're fucking me!"

"That's right. I'm fucking you. I am so fucking YOU!"

Joshua deeply enjoyed him. Ricky was — without doubt — the best fuck of his life.

He flopped down on him and pressed Ricky's cock between them. Ricky remained wickedly hard as he surged beneath him. Joshua pumped into him with many and varied strokes. Short and swift, long and slow, deep and rocking, far out and teasing, deep in and loving. He drove Ricky wild with his way of fucking.

Soon, Ricky was moaning and whimpering. Ricky liked getting fucked!

He wrapped his arms around Josh and lifted his legs high.

Joshua leaned up on an arm and grabbed one of Ricky's legs to lift it higher. He would make Ricky feel REALLY fucked!

After doing it that way for a few minutes, he dropped down and started kissing Ricky then, grinding his flat belly into Ricky's raging stiffy, saying, "Fuck Jesus but you are the hottest dude I ever fucked man! God, this is great! I love fucking you!"

He felt Ricky start to edge. He felt his orgasm rising up.

Then, suddenly, Josh popped out and flipped Ricky onto his knees.

"Time for doggy style, just the way a bitch likes it!" he chortled.

Ricky happily accommodated him. "Do it!"

Joshua fucked really hard then!

Gawd! This is so intense!

Ricky did not seem to be hurting at all. He was even coming back on him!

Josh jack hammered Ricky so hard and so fast, it made slapping noises, and that turned Ricky on even more!

Keeping Ricky at the edge of expectations was fun. So he suddenly slipped out and shoved Ricky onto his side. He raised a leg up, and drove up in behind him! This, Joshua had planned, was great for the camera. All Ricky could do was make little bitch noises and get fucked.

After a few minutes of that, Josh moved Ricky again, onto his haunches, facing the camera while he got behind Ricky. He grabbed his shoulders to pull him up.

"Spread your legs!" Josh commanded from behind.

Ricky got the idea. He spread his legs, and Josh stuck his cock in him again, but instead of thrusting he whispered in his ear with his breath hot, "Now you fuck me with your ass! Make your cock bounce around!"

Ricky did that. He squeezed and released Joshua's big cock with his tight, fresh asshole as he hopped up and down on it, making his long cock bounce around over his high, hard balls. It was great!

Josh reached around and stroked Ricky's big dick then. Ricky was about to blow!

Letting go of Ricky's cock, Joshua then pumped into Ricky thunderously, releasing all his juice in wave after wave. Ricky erupted spontaneously! Josh wasn't even touching his dick! Ricky had an anal orgasm! He laughed as he turned his head to lick Joshua's tongue. His goo shot out in front of him as he came!

It was beautiful. It lasted a long, long time.

Joshua, alway the teaser, turned to the camera and said, "And that ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, is how... it is done!"

He tosses Ricky to the side like a dirty, wet mop. Ricky lays with his arms flopped back and his legs drawn up, knees near each other; semen oozes from an asshole that was already raw and sore, but, now, possibly bleeding.

Joshua reads his mind. He says, "Yeah, Ricky. You just got soundly and thoroughly fucked! Say goodbye to your virginity. You will remember me!"

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