This is a work of fiction. No one was exploited in the creation of this fable. In some locales, even reading about fictional teenagers having imaginary sex is prohibited. Local laws apply.

This story explicitly depicts young men forming erotic bonds with each other. Generally they are between the ages of 14 to 17, and they "generally" agree that peer relationships are best. However, among this particular group of youths, there are some who consider scoring some hot older fellow a coup, while there are others who remain enchanted by younger lads. These liaisons appear as dangerous edges, and the author has attempted to depict such outlawish trysts in a realistic way. Also, some of the fellows depicted here do other "bad boy" things like experiment with drugs and get in terrible fights. Last, being sexually versatile, as jocks typically are, they occasionally even have sex with girls. Ultimately, many are the spirits of the young who, in these pages, simply say, "Fuck the rules."

There is plenty of raunchy sex in this tale, but if all you are looking for is pure fapping material utterly devoted to some precise specialty, you might want to look elsewhere. In publisher's lingo, this is a "Coming of Age" novel.

Author's Note: Ricky, along with many of my readers, is not a fan of the weirder aspects of Joshua's experiments in homo-erotic cinema. Ricky doesn't find them sexy at all. But let's be fair. Josh, rather than doing "standard" porn, is actually trying to say something, and he does not give a damn what anyone thinks or "likes." If you expect him to have some genius story, well, no; that's just not how artists learn. He has to go through a process, and that means stumbling.

Stories within Stories

Their next stop was the hippie "commune" they had passed through on the river the day before. It was not really a commune; it was just a giant old house where hippies lived. It was also right by a nudie hole.

Ricky hadn't told Joshua that was where he was headed, they just ended up there. There were a lot of naked people, including little children. Both times they had passed through on tubes, the place was quiet, but that day, it was thronging with people.

Ricky looked at Joshua. "You down?"

"Down fucking town, baby!"

Ricky laughed at the expression. As they were looking around, a young woman, maybe twenty, was approaching from the house. She had on a colorful blousy top, and flowing, thin, white cotton pants. All around the area they stood were little piles of clothes. The nudists were either on the beach on the far side where it was sunny, or sitting on the steep rocks in the shade, on the opposite side, upstream.

She took off her pants right next to them as she said, "I've never seen you guys before, are you going for a swim?"

"Yeah," Ricky said. "We were just walking, and it looked nice here."

"Well, don't be shy, and welcome!" She said this as she took off her top, revealing a lovely, slender body with nice breasts, and, Ricky noted, armpits that had more hair than his.

They didn't stare. They just took off their clothes and waded in.

The frigid water felt divine. They had gotten rather hot from walking in the sun.

First, they half swam and half waded to the opposite side where the children and their parents were. Ricky was delighted by their laughter and their complete indifference to their own nudity. The pair received only friendly glances. No one stared, and they did not stare back. Ricky made eye contact, nodded and smiled. They walked up the beach a ways, then Joshua said, "Let's swim to the other side and hang out on the rocks in the shade. I gotta stay out of the sun, right?"


Ricky had shown Joshua how to reach a a given point on the far shore of a river. One went upstream and then swam across by keeping one's body pointed upstream but at an angle. The current would push one sideways. Joshua followed Ricky, using that technique.

The other side, the shady side, had no children and a slightly younger crowd than the adults on the beach. But there was no one, male or female in their age group. They emerged, breathing hard, and sat on some of the lower rocks. The girl they had seen was near, she said, "My name's Windy. What's yours?"

A little breathlessly, they gave their names, and introductions were made all around. Ricky was used to hippies. He knew their culture completely. His mom was, after all, basically a grownup hippie.

Joshua said, "I got some good weed. It's in my pants down there, but I got some. You want to smoke a bowl?"

Ricky, astonished, looked at Joshua, but he didn't say anything.

One of the men laughed, a big, bearded guy, "Carrying coals to Newcastle, dude, but thanks for offering? Jay? Pack these cats a bowl, huh?"

"Jay" was a young dark haired woman sitting next to Windy. As she fished a bowl from a bead decorated sack at her side, Windy said, "You know it's funny, guys, but I was just telling my brothers and sisters how it's sad that when we are between oh, twelve and eighteen, we get shy about our bodies, and we never see such ages here. Thank you for proving me wrong!"

Joshua looked at her, started to say something, then looked puzzled.

"What?" Jay asked. "What were you going to say?"

"I was going to say, 'What can I say to that?'" Joshua laughed.

The bowl was passed. Ricky felt diffident. Windy saw his hesitation and asked, "You don't feel it right now?"

Ricky answered honestly, "The last time I smoked pot was last summer. It gave me an erection and I felt weird. I'm actually afraid I'll get a woody in front of, like, everyone or something!"

Jay said, "See Windy? That's what I said. Teenagers have crazy hormones!"

Windy said, "Well if that happens, just jump in. The cold water usually works, and if it doesn't, well, just swim over to those rushes over there and deal with it. It's cool. OK?"

Ricky allowed himself to be persuaded. It seemed the social thing to do.

Jay asked, "So are you guys a couple?"

Joshua looked at her and said, "Is it that obvious?"

"No. I'm a Sensitive. You two have a connected aura."

The big guy, Jim, said, "Bullshit. You don't have to be a Sensitive. You guys are radiating so much sex energy that you're turning me on, and I'm not even gay!"

This caused another round of laughter.

Ricky offered, "I really love this guy!"

Windy said, "I think it's sweet to see guys your age find each other instead of having to sneak and hide and lie. I wish I had understood sooner.

She and Jay took that opportunity to kiss.

Ricky noted, as the buzz hit him, he didn't feel paranoid. Even as a family group in kayaks drifted by, trying not to stare, he felt completely relaxed. He didn't get an erection the whole time, not even a twinge. He did ask, however, what the expression, "Carrying coals to Newcastle," meant.

Jim, the big bearded hairy bear, who was just then looking very sexy to Ricky, answered, "They have a lot of coal in Newcastle, England, it being the center of much coal mining."

"Oh. I get it. I mean, I knew it meant something like that."

Ricky pondered college then. He knew so little!

His peaceful musing was pleasantly interrupted when Joshua said, "Let's swim across. I'd like to explore 'the rushes.'"

They dove in, swam across the cold, clear water, and made their way through the high reeds. There were dozens of private spots there. They came together standing up, kissing first. It was not "Tommy" and "Jordan" having dysfunctional interludes; it was Ricky and Joshua making love.

Ricky loved it when Joshua's sweet, affectionate side came out.

After first, holding each other and kissing, standing up with busy hands, they lay in a patch of sand and continued that way before flipping around and giving each other more loving attention in the form of a lingering sixty-nine.

Catching his breath, Joshua said, "Let's not come. Let's save it."


They sat up then. Ricky threw an arm across Joshua's shoulder while the 'sex energy' dissipated.

Joshua commented, "I didn't know hippies were so cool."

"Most of them are. You gotta watch out for the phonies though. You can tell because they think they are all holy, and they lecture you about how you are not pure because you eat meat or some shit. Real hippies are more live and let live, like Hindus really. They do not tell you that are bad. They are convinced that we are all in a state of evolution toward a perfect 'Unity of Being.'"

"Interesting. And the way you say things! 'Encyclopedia Ricky!' But, uh, we should say our, 'Good byes,' and bounce. I got some ideas. Let's find more hotspots, huh?"

"You can find my hotspot anytime you want, you stud!"

Joshua laughed.

"That," Joshua said, as they walked along the railroad tracks, "was fun."

"What was fun?" Ricky asked.

Ricky had found a big stick, and he was walking along with it balanced across his belly as he in turn walked balanced along the railroad track, never falling, never even looking like he was going to fall. Joshua had tried it, but he could only go twenty feet or so before he was flailing his arms and hopping to the side. But Ricky seemed to be able to do it indefinitely. He never even seemed to look down; in fact, he was looking around the whole time.

"Those hippies. Skinny dipping with them. This morning, if you had asked, 'Hey Joshua? You wanna go skinny dipping with hippies?' I'da said, 'Fuck no I don't!'

"So thanks. That was cool. I was thinking that you really gotta come to L.A. and see me. I could show you my world! You gotta bring your bike. We could ride to Santa Monica and all over Venice and all that. It would be a blast! You wanna?"

"Fuck yeah!"

After walking along a ways in silence, Joshua commented, "Wow, man, it's fucking hot here!"

"Yeah. Aren't you glad I made you wear a hat? You really look cute in that hat, Josh. I gotta tell you."

Joshua accepted his compliment and care with a smile.

"So what's with the stick? You use that to balance?"

"No," Ricky said, proving the point by taking it and spinning it around; he then added, "I got the stick in case we see a bear."

"Yeah. This is that same stretch you told me about. You really think we might see a bear?"

"I see 'em here. I have. So I just wanna be safe. If a bear attacks, just get behind me. I'll hit him with this stick!"

"You are totally fucking serious!"

Ricky looked at him and nodded. He said, "Just don't run. It's the young males that are the problem. They can have chips on their shoulder just like any teenager. Back away slowly. Don't act scared, but don't act aggressive either."

"God damn it, Ricky! Now you got me worried! Fuck and fuckety fuck, fuck, fuck!"

Ricky stopped and and cocked his head. He held up a hand! He heard something? He stepped off the track. He shouted, "There's a train coming! We gotta bail!"

He darted to the side and stepped down the gravel strewn bank. "Come on!"

Joshua followed. It was difficult to stand, for there was no flat spot, and if they slipped, they would fall into thorny blackberry bushes. He didn't hear a train. "I don't hear it!"

"You can feel 'em in the tracks. Not always, but sometimes. I felt it. I couldn't really tell. I could be wrong, but I think it's coming from the north."

Ricky was wrong about that. It came from the south, and they had to wait quite a while.

As the grafitti painted freight train roared past, twelve feet away, creaking, groaning, and clacking, Ricky shouted, "Shit! We coulda found a better spot that this! We had plenty of time!"

Joshua remembered what his mom had said Ricky's mom had said about Ricky. He was protective. He was "conservative." Joshua was seeing that again and again. He was a perfectionist too. He just kept liking him more and more.

After the train had passed, Joshua commented, "I don't see any houses around here."

"Yeah. This is an empty stretch before the town. But if you check the river, you'll see fisherman."

"No one has passed us. Are you sure?"

"No. Not really. I was just thinking of yesterday, but, anyway," Ricky said, wanting to change the subject, "I've been wondering about these dumb characters we've been playing..."


"Yes. 'Dumb'. Both Jordan and Tommy are kinda stupid. Have you noticed that? But what I was wondering was why you so quickly agreed to play a bottom, even though you don't really like to do that."

"Oh," Joshua answered, "I have an easy answer for that. We had a guest speaker come to the high school for the drama club. He's this old Hollywood writer and producer. He said that the way to get parts was to look in the mirror and learn how to see yourself as other people saw you; then, you applied for those kinds of parts! He said, odd, funny looking people had better chances of getting roles than gorgeous people because pretty people are a dime a dozen in Hollywood, and everyone wants to be a 'star.' So, you see, I cast us according to how we look, not how we are!"

Ricky nodded. "That's pretty insightful, Josh. Except, I don't think either of us look particularly stupid."

"Maybe not, Ricky."

They walked along in silence for another quarter mile. Ricky had another question. "So Josh, can I ask you something else?"

Whenever anyone phrased it that way, in Joshua's experience, it meant they were about to answer a personal question. He shrugged. "Sure."

"Back at that swimming hole with the hippie gang, you said you had weed. Have you been getting stoned in secret?"

"No, Ricky, I haven't. I don't smoke it all that much. I like to get high and jack off, though." He laughed. "But the thing is? With you? I haven't been needing any extra stimulation! It's fun to have sex with. Good for real, slow, dreamy sex. We could try that, if you wanted."

"Nah. I'm still pretty buzzed anyway. How long does it last?"

"It depends. Since you don't really smoke it, it could last hours. Why, are you feeling paranoid?"

"No. Not really, but my dick keeps wanting to bone up. I'm pretty horny!"

Joshua said, "Well at that bridge coming up? I was thinking of having Jordan fuck Tommy on that bridge."

When they reached it, Joshua saw Ricky study the old iron bridge.

Joshua added, "Face to face. Better if your pants are at least half down and your big shirt off. Me with my pants on one leg, away from the camera."

Ricky appeared to be pondering that. "Well," he said, "let's check it out. We'd need an escape route, a way to bail."


Ricky didn't like the setup. "For one," he said, "it looks uncomfortable.

"For another, anyone will see us before we see them."

"And for an another," Joshua said, imitating him," "you are a chicken!"

"No, not really," Ricky answered blithely. "I just know you'll be in a hurry, and get all jittery, and I'll be all looking around instead of enjoying you, so, no. Not here. I know you're looking for edgy shit, Josh. Like public sex. I get that, so let's do it like the movies — fake it!"

"Hah! Now you're thinking like an L.A. person!"

Ricky chuckled. He said, "Let's check out under the bridge!"


About fifteen feet from where the end of the bridge met the bank, was a large concrete pier about twelve feet long and five feet high. Two heavy iron columns atop this supported the bridge. Between the concrete pier and the steep bank, there was a sandy, flat spot, soft looking, and apparently free of debris.

To Joshua, it looked perfect.

Ricky sniffed, "I don't see any poop, but I can sure smell it! Blech!"

Joshua sniffed. He couldn't smell it.

"Hah!" Ricky shouted a dozen feet away, "See this paper? Toilet paper or kleenex?"

There was a tuft of paper sticking up from the pale sand.

Ricky put his hands on his hip and looked around. "That means it's all over here."

Ricky kicked the sand around with his feet, still sniffing the air. He explained, "This is just the kind of place where tourists leave nasty shits all over."

"I can see why. It's totally private," Joshua observed.

"Yeah," Ricky agreed, looking around. "But it totally fucking stinks here! It's making me feel like I'm gonna puke."

"I can't smell it, Ricky."

"I can. It's disgusting. Let's find somewhere else. I have an idea."


"I saw this patch of forest from the tracks. It's a little ways back. Not much. It's a patch where the river and the tracks veer apart, and it looked to me like it might hold a secret glade, an animal's hiding place! You wanna see if I'm right?"

"Now you're talkin'!"

They went down to to river and followed the fishing trail back. Above and to the right, high up the embankment of giant, gray boulders, lay the train tracks.

The river trail required rock hopping, log jumping, and detouring to avoid deep water between stones too far to leap. In a short time, they approached the spear point of the leading edge of the patch of forest Ricky had mentioned.

To their left lay the rushing, roaring river, glittering in the sun. To their right lay the high, rocky shadow of the embankment. Beyond that, more mountain, and rising higher beyond, there was only bright, pale, blue sky.

Forward was their forest.

Ricky wanted Joshua to continue on the river trail. He would go around the other side of this swatch of forest, the side with the embankment, looking for "hidden circles" within.

In an instant, Ricky was gone, moving with that silent, catlike, velocity he had. Joshua continued on the fishing trail. Joshua noticed Ricky had this way of twisting his wide shoulders as he walked through narrow spots. His head would swivel around completely independent of his body. He was beautiful to watch. The guy could move! Joshua's path was easy walking; the trail there was broad and mainly dry dirt or sand. To his right, the forest side, it was all impenetrable brambles.

He continued on, still feeling a bit buzzed from that weed with the hippies — feeling just fine and balmy. Within only a short time, it seemed, the forest to his right fell away; the sun was on his right cheek.

Where is Ricky?

Ricky appeared at his side. Joshua had not heard or seen him approach.

"I found the perfect spot, Josh!"

Ricky took him to it, holding his hand sweetly. It was a hobo place, Ricky told him. A circle of stone in the midst of tall trees, surrounded by the denser growth of younger trees. The trail was not obvious. There was a fire-pit to one side, but not too close to the trees, and there was still room to sit around it. The whole place was covered in pine needles. They felt soft underfoot, but Joshua knew they could be poke the shit out of one.

Ricky let go of Joshua and began pacing around, looking into the brush, looking up into the trees. He seemed nervous.

Joshua took Ricky's hand gently. This stopped Ricky's pacing. He ran his hands across Ricky's big, blousy, shirt. "Indian cotton," Ricky told him, modeled after a shirt worn by Errol Flynn in a pirate movie. His mother made it for him!

After petting Ricky a bit, he had him under control. He wanted to set up the cameras, so he had Ricky move around while he himself used the camcorder to see how to frame the scene. Man, I really need to get me a director's viewfinder!

"Hey Ricky," he asks, checking the exposure with his camera. Not much light! All these low-light situations!

"Yeah?" Ricky asks, unbuttoning his shirt.

"How about you use that big shirt of yours and the rest of your clothes and you make us a bed to fuck in, and I'll film you, and we'll have a typically Tommy and Jordan trip down the dysfunctional speedway, and then we'll have make-up sex in which Jordan fucks the shit out of Tommy?"

Ricky, in a patch of sunlight, just then finishing with the buttons, watched Josh set up the tripod. He asked, "Are you really down for that, Josh?"

"Well, I faked a pretty good orgasm there at that store, right? Acting! So, hey, an actor's gotta do the hard work sometimes, right?"

"Well, I'm glad you didn't come. I would have hated to get any on my clothes."

"Aw, you woulda swallowed it all, I figure."

Ricky did not answer this. Joshua had his camera raised. "Action," he said, quietly. Then...

"Strip for me, baby!"

Ricky puts on his Jordan persona. He is a weaker character than himself. He has this, "I'm better than you" feeling. He likes to put people in their "place." This, to Ricky, reveals how insecure he is.

Typical of such types, he is extremely vain.

Looking at Josh behind the camera, he takes off his shirt, tossing it down from his shoulders and throwing his head seductively. Not seeing a way to gracefully place the shirt on the ground while standing, and not wishing to stick his butt out by bending over, Ricky kneels. He gives his giant shirt a toss, and violá!, nicely spread out!

On this, he turns, sitting on the shirt, legs spread in his jeans, facing Josh, who is now kneeling near.

He takes off his heavy, boot-like sandals, and removes then his socks. He pulls off his tank top, knowing the other boy is staring at his muscular chest, and then he stands to drop his jeans, thrusting his hips at the camera, making his semi-hard cock bounce around.

Joshua places the camera on the tripod, low, and joins the scene. He is still fully clothed, but this changes quickly.

He drops to their bed, and Ricky undresses him expertly.

They have not said a word.

The scene now shows a strong, tan, golden blonde, significantly larger than the fair, slender, bright blonde, obviously younger. The older holds up the younger beneath him, but still to the side. He has an arm around behind his back. One of his legs stretches straight out. Behind them stands the forest. This place cannot be observed by anyone walking by on either side of the trees, where the paths are.

They are safe and well hidden.

The light streams in from the left of straight up, but it shines only in a few beams on the pine needles, making bright patches of burnt orange.

That is, when it does not shine on the radiant flesh of the two beautiful youths who make love there.

From the viewpoint of the camera, one can only see a hint of the smaller boy's big, smooth balls, for most of the secret parts are hidden by the younger boy's upraised knees.

The older boy has his far leg bent deep under him. His chin is almost on his knee. It is a catlike pose.

With his free hand, he gently pets the smaller blond's enormous penis.

In character then, Joshua, playing Tommy, wiggles his butt, making his cock jump in his partner's hand.

"Aw, come on, Jordan! Don't you want some of this?" Tommy giggles.

Jordan, bending down to kiss, says cruelly, "I'm tired of fucking your ass over and over. I need fresh meat. I already had you!"

"I see what you're doing!" Tommy cries as he lifts back his head to accept a kiss, "You're trying to make me jealous! Well you know who I fucked yesterday?"

They kiss, tongues flashing back and forth.

Breaking the kiss, Jordan says, "You didn't fuck anyone yesterday. You got fucked. Maybe!"

"Oh, same thing!" Tommy says, waving his hand airily.

Ricky looks at the camera. He looks back at Joshua, he says, looking sad, "Can you stop recording?"

Joshua wanted to catch what he was going to say, so without pausing the recording he says, "Yeah. I can stop, but why?"

"I'm sick of Jordan and Tommy! I want Joshua! I want my Joshua to want me. I want him to kiss me and hug me and touch me, and I want my Joshua to turn me on so I can turn him on."

Ricky has not moved away. He holds Joshua very sexily as he says this. His hands and body are very much in the business of turning his buddy on, even as he talks.

"We can do that," Joshua answers, "Did I ever tell you you looked like a Greek god?"

"No. You never told me that. That's a nice thing to say!" Ricky smiled.

"Your feet are kinda funny looking though. They are really wide. I was noticing that. It's the only major imperfection on your whole body."

Ricky pretended to be irritated. "Is that supposed to cheer me up?"

He said this while nuzzling the fine, fine hairs behind Joshua's ear where the neck joined. At the same time he squeezed Joshua's big balls, using his whole hand.

"It should. It means you are so perfect, you made the gods jealous, so they did that one little thing to mark you as a mere mortal."

Ricky lifted his head. He had that blank look. "You're only talking this way because you're still filming. What character are you playing?"

"I'm the director, and my actor needs some encouragement. How about we just keep going with what we were doing? Huh?"

"Don't want to," Ricky pouted, sticking his lower lip out.

"What character are you playing, Ricky?"

"This is me."

"Liar! Ricky does not pout!"

"Oh, no. I do pout. It's just rare."

"Well, OK. But the thing is, it's Tommy that wants to have you fuck him, not me!"

Ricky looked at him darkly. "Seriously?"


Ricky laid Joshua down and moved to the side, facing Joshua. He knelt, hands on thighs, and stared at him.

Joshua looked back curiously. The expression on his face was thoughtful, studied even. He said, "Wow. OK. So that's a deal breaker for you, huh?"

"What do you mean, Ricky?"

Ricky moved forward then and placed a hand on the other side of Joshua. This way he could support himself while kissing him. He asked him, "You can't even make love to me as an equal? You have to play a role? You have to pretend to be someone else? Are your really that fucked up, Josh?"

Joshua slowly slid back to receive him. "No," he answered quietly. "I'm not that fucked up, Ricky."

There is no more "Jordan" and "Tommy."

The camera now sees two beautiful youths in full embrace. They lay together with long, strong, smooth limbs stretched out yet enwrapped in each other.

These two boys sure like to kiss!

Joshua is blowing him now. He is servicing Ricky with his best "thousand dollar whore" BJ. Wet, slow, and deep!

He sucks cock like he likes to suck cock!

He does like to suck cock.

Ricky has pushed him back now. He is on top. They are purposely arranging themselves so the camera has a view of the good stuff.

Ricky, his powerful legs stretched long behind him, flips his wet cock, slobbery with Joshua's spit, back and forth across the younger boy's big dick.

Joshua's hands join in the play, so Ricky plays with one of Joshua's small, pale nipples, circling it with a finger.

Ricky digs his jaw into the long hair on back of Joshua's neck. He said, "This is more like it, huh? Josh? And it's good for you too, isn't it?"

"Yeah, Ricky, it's good for me too."

"Where's that lube?"

Joshua sits up. He reaches over. He digs in a pocket of his jeans.

Ricky crawls up between Joshua's legs and rubs his cock against his, holding his body off the other's by an arm, but keeping his face close. He keeps his profile to the camera.

He said, "You like this, Josh?"


"Cock against cock?"

"Yes. Cock against cock."

Ricky then holds himself up by both arms and arches his back, grinding into Joshua. He says, "And now cock and balls against cock and balls!"

"Yes! Cock and balls!"

Ricky chuckled. "This is real guy on guy action. Girls can't do this, and we can't do this with girls. You like this action, huh?"

"I like it!"

"How about I grind my junk in your face?"


Ricky straddles Joshua's chest and caresses his jaw for a few seconds, smiling angelically. He eases forward, giving his partner more aggressively sexual action. While Joshua reaches for him there and works on him passionately with his mouth, Ricky leans forward and comes back with the lube.

He sits back down and pops the cap. He cooly says, "You know, I understand Tommy now."

Joshua tries to sound snarky when he says, "Oh, pray, do tell?"

"'Tommy' gives you an excuse to bottom, but you don't need an excuse, you know? Fuck 'Tommy.' He's a bore. He's dumb. He's a twit. I don't want to fuck a thirteen year-old chick with a dick. I want you!"

Ricky kisses Josh. "Besides, I get the whole 'exit only' thing. I'm past that. I liked the way you fucked me, and now you're gonna like the way I fuck you because I love you, Josh, so let me IN!"

Joshua does not say a single word. He stares at Ricky kneeling between his spread legs. Neither cock has gone down. They are hot for each other. That is no act.

Staring still at Ricky, never for an instant breaking eye contact, Joshua takes the lube and puts his hands between his legs. He begins to work his tight hole. It is a sexy sight, but Ricky wants to pet and kiss him, so he gets up and kneels behind Josh. He lifts his smaller friend by holding his sides under his arms, and he leans him back on himself. This way, Josh can relax back against him, and Ricky can run his hands over his torso while tipping his head around and over to kiss him.

Joshua kisses him back lovingly. He is receptive and passive.

He is letting Ricky in.

The whole while, Joshua plays with his anus. His slender fingers are beautiful.

Ricky feels a wild fire rushing up in him.

He scoots back. The back of Joshua's head is laying on his hard dick.

Ricky lifts him up by the back of his neck so that Joshua's head is tipped back and upside down. He lifts up and slips his cock into Joshua's willing mouth. To his amazement, it goes it much further than ever before.

It is a tremendous feeling of power!

But he is careful to not make Josh choke. He pulls most of the way out so Josh can breathe. He plunges in again and holds it there for a few seconds.

He fucks Joshua's mouth that way slowly.

Josh gurgles happily under him. He continues to ready his hole.

Josh can only moan. His big cock is a lighthouse.

Called to the beacon, Ricky leans forward to engulf the light with his mouth.

As he does that, he takes Joshua's hands away from what they were doing and lets him use them on his cock and balls. Ricky then took more lube and made sure Joshua was truly ready.

Convinced, he suddenly hops up and sweeps around.

Face to face, the way he likes it best, he plunges in deep, not quickly, but powerfully.

Joshua only gasps. He wants to kiss.

Ricky, keeping himself deep, presses his belly against Joshua's cock in the way that Josh had done with him. He rubs his belly against it sideways, at first, then up and down when he started thrusting. This way he can keep Josh hard and stimulated, maybe even making him come!

He likes the face to face, missionary position for this reason.

That, and the kissing.

He can also look at Josh. Pretty Josh! Those cutest freckles! He likes to watch Joshua's face as he fucks him, grinning. He even has a challenging look!

He wants to make Joshua feel fucked!

"Oh, you liking this now, huh, Joshua Baby?"

"Unh, unh!"

"You're liking this so much you can't even talk? What a fag you are!"

"I am a fag!"

Ricky teases him with much the same words that Joshua had used on him. "That's right, Baby, well, guess what? I'm fucking you! You're getting fucked by me and, oh! Nice! I love your ass! Shit, Josh! What an ass you have!"

Joshua wraps his arms and legs around Ricky, and Ricky fucks him so hard that the slapping sounds cause the little birds in their secret glade to chatter and flutter.

As he feels Joshua start to blow; he releases his own load.

It's kissing time at the fag zoo.

Ricky moves out of him and kneels, staring.

The cameras continue rolling as Ricky wipes up. The lens sees Joshua splayed out and come splattered, gasping, with pearlescent ooze dribbling from his red asshole.

It takes Joshua a few moments to rouse himself enough to find the remote and turn off the cameras.

Ricky is already almost dressed.

A little later, before they journey south, Ricky says, "That was pretty good sex, huh?"

"Yeah, Ricky. You fucked me good."

Ricky suggested they head back. There would be a barbecue. All the families would be there. They should make extended appearances with their parents. They had left at around nine o'clock. It was then around three, Ricky guessed.

They walked back along the tracks in total silence and did not speak again until they were already to the old grocery store where they had fooled around. Joshua tells Ricky, "I think we got some great stuff, Ricky."

"You mean on the camera?"

"Yeah. Hey, do you mind if we take a piss break?"

"Of course not."

"My ass crack feels really raunchy too. I could use my rag and some water."

"Sure. Let's drop down to the river after we cross the bridge."

Once there, Joshua, digging through the pack, was somewhat distressed to see that his camera's lens was dirty, but he could not find his lens cleaning items.

Ricky had a hard time distracting Joshua from worrying about his camera. He told him, "OK. You go straight to your place instead of stopping at my cabin. You could load the memory cards onto your PC too, if you want. I'll go to my cabin. I think my cousins will be there. You say, "Hi," to your folks, and by the way, you must invite them over. The Labor Day feast at my cabin is a great tradition. My uncle Dan will bring wild duck, and boy, you have not had duck until you've had wild duck, I guaran-fucking-tee it! OK?"

"OK. I wish I had a little vacuum cleaner for my gear. I'm gonna get one. I hope I don't have to take it apart."

"My dad says any quality camera can take a little dirt and moisture, and he's a professional."

Joshua commented, "You said he's a photographer. You didn't say 'professional.'"

"Yeah. He used to do weddings and portraits and stuff, but now he does all kinds of things for travel magazines and cruise ships and travel agencies and stuff. He's even shot for Nat Geo!"

"Really? Wow! Dude! That's sick, I mean, I hear, if you shoot for Nat Geo, you are a made man! Really? Seriously? Well. OK. I bet it'll be OK. Fuck! I can't even stop worrying about it! I need a solvent. Alcohol will be OK. Oh, why oh why didn't I bring some!"

"I like that you're so careful about your gear, Joshua. That's a professional quality. My dad would think so."

"Thanks. I'm anal that way."

"I noticed."

Joshua actually laughed. Then he said, "Can we run?"


They ran the rest of the way. When Ricky reached his place, and they parted, breathlessly, Joshua said, "OK. I'll see you!"

"Yeah, see ya."

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