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The Cadet & The Prep

Chapter 1: First Sight

Wonderful! I thought the bell had just rang and I was free at least for the next 5 minutes. Even thought everyone else would be heading home I was stuck at school for another 2 hours getting my JROTC Drill Team ready for our first competition.

I guess I should introduce myself. My names Khris and I'm 17 with blondish hair and a swimmers body. I'm not on the swim team but I do it for fun. I'm my schools JROTC Battalion Commander and also the Drill Team, Honor Guard, and Color Guard commander. Touch Job but someone has to do it. Oh yeah I'm also gay...yeah I know Gay Cadet BIG SHOCKER!

I remember that day like it was yesterday. I was walking down the hall towards the range where the special teams meet when I saw him. He was standing at his locker with his friends just talking. Our eyes locked for just a second but I thought I saw something there. I quickly looked away and continued on my way. As I entered the range I was hit with a barrage of questions so mystery boy was put in the furthest realms of my thought.

After getting everything in order we headed outside to work put final touches on our drill sequence and to make some corrections. I loved doing these things I was made for this stuff. To bad this was my last year. So around 4:30 when we were taking our break I walked over to the drink machines in the cafeteria and saw my mystery boy again. He was sitting on a hill near the football field watching nothing in particular I guess just sitting there chilling. I didn't go up and talk to him I just watched for a few minutes until my thought process was broken by my assistant commander yelling for me. That's when he turned his head towards me and we locked eyes again. It seemed like forever but it might have only been a few minutes before my friend Monty tapped me on the shoulder and looked over at mystery man.

"Hey Khris we have to get back to work so we can finish this up quick." she said as her eyes wondered down to where I was looking. "he's a cutie. If he's still there after practice you should go down and talk to him." She said as she turned and headed back towards the drill area. If you haven't guessed she was about the only person on the team who know I was gay but she was cool with it which made everything a lot easier.

`If I knew for certain he was gay I would but your right we do have to get back to work" I said as I turned around grabbed my water and headed outside to perform our sequence all the way thru one time.

As practice came to an end I saw mystery man sitting on the benches near where we practice. I couldn't have guessed how long he had been sitting there but I was about to find out.

`He's been there since we started drilling again." Monty said as she walked up behind me and lead me into the range.

I love that girl. So we got everything put up and ready and I turned everything off and locked up so I could leave. As I walked out the door I looked over at the bench and no one was there. I was kind of heart broken but it was okay not like he was actually interested in me anyways. I grabbed my bad and turned and headed to my car but stopped in my tracks for there was mystery man sitting on my hood. Normally I would have yelled some stupid comment because my car was my baby but instead I walked up and thru my stuff in the car and looked at him. Before saying "Hey dude, you do realize that your like sitting on my car right?"

He smiled and stood up extending his hand. "Hey my names Heath. I was hoping this was yours because I'd feel stupid if it was someone else's"

"Yeah okay but that doesn't explain why you watched the last half hour of my teams practice or why your sitting on my hood. Oh an by the way my names Khris." I said as I extended my hand and shook his.

"I was hoping you could tell me the same thing. I was asked my some girl who called herself Monty to come watch the practice and I guess I saw something I liked which is why I stayed. As far as sitting on your hood I was told this would be the best way to get your attention." He said as he crossed his arms over his chest and smiles and cheesy smile.

"Well you certainly have my attention and as far as you seeing something you liked at practice. All the girls are taken. Sorry bud. If you need I can give you a ride home though." I headed towards the drivers side door opened it and stood there leaning on the door but not pressing down.

He walked up beside me looked around the parking lot before quickly kissing me on the lips softly. "It wasn't a girl I saw that interested me. It was you. Oh and Yes please." He said with that same smile that could melt butter before he walked over to the passengers side and sat down after opening the car door. "You getting in or not?" He asked

I was in shock but quickly got over it and sat down in the drivers seat started the engine and took off. I loved my car it was a civic with all the fixing. Spinners, neon lights, the gear shift glowed my speakers glowed and I had red flames on a black body.

I looked over at him smiling to see if I had scared him but he just relaxed back in his seat looked over at me smiled and said "It's green."

I took off again not really driving anywhere just driving for the hell of it. "So where do you live?" I asked as I pulled into the local Sonic.

I ordered two milk shakes while I waited for him to answer. Slowly he gave me directions to his house. He only lived like a block away from me so I knew exactly how to get there which was really cool.

My order came and I paid for them before handing one to his and taking a sip of mine before placing it into the cup holder and turning the car off.

"Have any certain time your suppose to be home?" I asked while looking over at him.

"Not really" he replied before taking a sip of his milk shake.

"So why haven't I seen you at school before and why haven't you talked to me before now if you find me `interesting'" I asked.

"I normally stay as far away from the JROTC range as I can. Today I just happened to be the in the right place at the right time" he replied.

"That's cool." I said and leaned over giving him a quick kiss. "That was payment for earlier." I said and laughed before starting the car and putting it in drive. ...

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