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In about five minutes he had the all clear so we headed over to his house to grab some clothes for him. I keep the car running and warm while he ran in to grab everything he needed for the night.

As I was waiting my phone began to ring so I looked at the caller ID and saw it was Monty. Oh boy I thought as I answered and said with a cold tone. "What?"

We talked for a few minutes and thankfully she didn't ask about Heath but I need to remember to thank her. So anyways Heath came out the door about the same time as I was getting off the phone with Monty.

He smiled as he got in the car and asked "Who was that."

"It was Monty she was calling to remind me about this Banquet we've got to go to for ROTC. So since your staying with me you get to come along." I said with a smile as I pulled out of his drive way and headed a couple of blocks over to my house.

"Wow, we live like so close." He said with a corky look on his face.

"You just going to sit there and look stupid or you going to come in?" I asked while getting out and grabbing my bag. I made sure everything was locked up and headed towards the front door. I was stopped as I reached the steps by Heath wrapping his arms around my waist and turning me around pushing me against the door and gently kissing me. "What was that for?" I asked

"Today" was all he said.

Well I figured it was no use trying to get anything else out of him so I opened the door and yelled to let my rents know that I had arrived home at least an hour before curfew. We walked in and I dropped my bag in the den before showing Heath up to my room.

"You can place you bag and stuff on the desk and the bathrooms through the door and on the right." I told him.

He put his bag up and sat down in the chair and turned to face me. "So do your parents know or are you not out to them." He asked quietly.

"Yeah there cool with it. Mom said she's know like forever and dad told me he'd never understand it but it made no difference to him. So what about yours?"

"They know but dads about the only one who accepts it. Mom still believes I'm going to hell."

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