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I walked over to Heath and gently pulled him out of the chair and into my arms before gently placing a kiss on his soft lips. It was obvious how upset he was about his mom not accepting him so I changed the subject. "Ready to meet the folks?"

He let out a deep sigh before laughing and responded `Yeah might as well get the hard part over with."

We laughed as we bonded down the steps and into the family room where my parents were sitting and watching T.V.

"Hey mom and dad." I said as I sit down in a chair and pulled him down besides me "this is my friend Heath" I finished as I grabbed his hand and rested against the couch.

My parents looked at me then at Heath. My mom was the first to speech being as my Dad was engrossed in the T.V show.

"Nice to meet you Heath." she then turned back to the tv and my dad spoke. "Go ahead Khris pulled him I close I know you want to." He said with a big smile on his face and that's exactly what I did. I pulled him against me and rested my chin on his shoulder while I rubbed my hands across his stomach.

He tensed up a little but I whispered in his ear that it was alright and he seemed to relax into my arms and get interested in the TV. show but it wasn't long before he was asleep in my arms. About half an hour later I gently woke him up and we headed up towards my bedroom.

"It's only 9 how come were coming up here?" Heath asked.

"Well We have a TV and a place to sit so I figured we could hang out up here for a while then go to bed. Besides I normally hang out up here just because it's so private." I said looking at him.

"Sorry If I'm acting strange it's just I'm not so use to parents and people being accepting I guess." He said softly while looking out my window.

I walked up behind him and gently wrapped my arms around him while putting my head on his shoulder. "It's okay I guess I should take it slower but I loose all train of thought when your around. I just want to hold you and keep you close." I explained.

"He smiled and turned towards me with a slight smile on his face. "No, it's okay just something I've got to get use to. I like being near you and I don't want it to stop."

I leaned forward and gently kissed him. I don't know how long we were like that but the next thing I knew my door had opened and someone had screamed.