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I turned and stared at the entrance to my door way where none other than Stephanie stood with a huge grin on her face and her hands clasped together. "Hello Mrs. Overly Dramatic how may I be of assistance?" I asked as I took a seat on my bed and leaned up against the wall.

"In fact you may not I'm here to speak with Heath." She said rolling her eyes and giving me a look as if to say that the world did not in any way shape or form revolve around me.

Heath still standing at the window looked at her and quietly said "Me?" as he took a seat to my obvious unhappiness in my computer chair.

Stephanie looked at him and smiled an evil grin I had only seen a few times before. "Yes you", she responded coolie, "we have outfits to discuss." Man I knew this was coming. `I am assuming from what I just saw that you will be attending the Military Ball with us is that not right." She continued before she could answer "which means as being the date of the host you and me both have very important duties."

Heath's face kind of screwed as he asked the question of doom. "What do you mean?" Boy that was it he was now in store for a 2 hour conversation on how everything was going to be. Good thing her mom loves me I thought to myself as she began her tirade.

"Well," she started, "I assume being as no one knows about either of you that we will have to make it look like your going as friends which is totally cool  because this thing is suppose to be like cooperation between a lot of people. So well just say you're here as his guest which is going to look good for the school. And we'll coordinate our...Mine and yours...outfits to match so that way it looks all nice."

It was at this point I interrupted her "Are you trying to out me to the entire Battalion?" I asked with a smile plastered across my face.

"No but..."  She said with a fake whiney face that made us all laugh our asses off. "I was hoping to be able to discuss outfits with someone."

I smiled and sweetly told her "Heath will be wearing a black and white suit just like me. That way WE match. Now would you please leave so that we can get a little piece and quiet?"

"Yes daddy." She said almost angrily but she smiled and gave us both a hug before she walked out yelled a final good-bye to my parents and continued out the door and next door to her house.

"Wow, is she always like that?" Heath asked as he crawled onto my bed and over to lie in front of me.

"No just on days that end in y." I said before turning over and lying down on my back. "So you choose do you want to listen to music or do you want to watch some TV?"

He smiled and scooted over placing his head on my chest before softly saying "Can't I just go back to sleep? I've had enough excitement for one day." I gently wrapped my arm around him and pulled him closer before softly kissing him and settling down for a good nights sleep.

I woke a few hours later to both my alarm clock and my cell phone blaring. I turned over and saw that Heath was still where he had fallen asleep at. Head on my chest arm around me and snuggled close.  I gently shook him to make him roll over so I could get out of bed and turn the blaring music off.  After a few minutes he released his grip and rolled over and snuggled up into a small ball. He looked so peaceful I almost didn't want to leave but I need to keep up with my daily activities so I walked over to my closet pulled out my grey and black JROTC P.T. uniform and walked into the bathroom to get dressed brush my teeth and take a piss.  It took me a totally of 30 minutes to get ready and as I walked out the door I looked over at my bed to see that Heath had woken up and was sitting there smiling sweetly at me.

"Where you headed army boy?" He said as he stood up and walked over to me gently placing his arms on my hips before leaning in and giving me a soft and gentle kiss.

Smiling I responded "well if you'll let me go I'm headed out for my mourning run with Monty then I was going to come home take a shower and grab you and head over to Starbucks for a mourning coffee."

"Well if you give me a few minutes I'll get ready and go for a run with you two then we all can come back and do all that other stuff." He said smiling and grabbing his back heading into the bathroom. Apparently I didn't have a choice in this matter but true to his work it only took him a few moments to get ready. We headed out the door and I grabbed my extra I-pod and tossed it to Heath on our way out the door. As I figured Monty was already doing her stretches as we approached. I noticed her headphone in her ears and figured she was blaring Panic at the Disco so I didn't even try to yell for her but instead chose to throw a pinecone at her instead. She looked up yelling `What the hell was that for Jackass." I smiled and started warming up. All three of us were ready in a few minutes and we started out run heading towards the park and then continuing around the track then back to the house. In all it was about a 2 mile run and surprisingly Heath kept with us the entire way. I for one was very proud. After parting ways with Stephanie we headed back upstairs to take our showers. There was a short discussion about who would go first and it finally ended up with me going into the guest room to take a shower while Heath used mine.  When I finished I walked into my room with just a towel wrapped around my waist not noticing him sitting on my bed until I hear a soft intake of breath.

"I didn't know you had a tattoo." He said quietly as he walked up behind me and traced the Celtic knot and four Japanese characters on my right shoulder.

"Ummmm I have a total of 6 the five you're tracing now and one on my left shoulder." I said while slipping a pair of boxers under the towel before turning around and pulling him against me kissing him deeply. He wrapped his arms around me and melted into my embrace. We stood like that for about 10 minutes when he finally broke the kiss and looked down.

"What do they stand for?" He asked this almost in a whimper. This seemed strange to me but to anyone else would have been a perfectly normal question because of the way everything was laid out.

"Well the ones you just traced is a Celtic knot surrounded by the Japanese character for the four elements Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. The other one is just a Japanese character meaning Soldier." I said while running my hand up and down his back.

He sighed and looked a bit relieved. I guess he thought they had meant something else or maybe had represented something off the wall. I walked over to my closet and pulled out a Blue shirt and a pair of Old Navy cargo pants. Me and Heath got dressed then headed down stairs to the welcoming sound of breakfast. Right before I reached the Kitchen my cell phone went off in my right pocket. I pulled it and glanced at the Caller I.D. to see Stephanie's home number on it. I answered the phone and before I could get one word out Stephanie frantically blurted out "Chris something's happened we have to go to the hospital..."


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