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The Circle


Later, I would place the picture of me and Toby, taken that second summer in his aunt's backyard, into an antique gold frame my parents bought for it, then squarely onto my desk. It was eventually joined by one of Jeff and I.

The other picture, of Toby swimming near his home when he had long, reddish hair, I slid into the journal I wrote in, moving it from journal to journal over the years. It now resides in the footlocker with the journals.

The big nine-by-twelve of Toby from his school I hung in the living room where Mom had asked to hang it, right along with all the other pictures of the family.

The letters Toby wrote after that first summer and never mailed I put into the envelope with that last one, tucked next to Toby's yearbook inside the footlocker after I had read them over and over during the next days.

I burned the Award of Merit from the Georgia State Police.


The End Of

"The Circle"


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