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A Soul to Take


Weeks had passed. Almost 6 weeks.

"That was fucking amazing..." he said, "As always."

I had been sleeping with Adrian. Every chance I got he was in my bed and the sex was something...something out of a legendary porn or something. We had just finished and he had rolled off of me.

"I have to go to my room before Jackie comes wake me up to go running," he stated, "He's already suspicious that my parents are back in town and I still want to stay here. He has no idea why. I don't want to get him more suspicious."

We'd spent the entire night having sex and afterwards he had stayed but I figured it must just have been because he wanted morning sex as well.

"Don't be like that," he stated leaning in kissing me hard.

After he kissed me he stood up butt naked and pulled his basketball shorts that were on the side of the bed. He smiled at me. He was so fucking charming. Truth was maybe he was using me but I had given in because I was just as attracted to him. I couldn't stay away from him.

"Don't you think the chemistry that we have in bed could be something else? Has that never even crossed your mind?"

"You act like I don't want to hang with you. I've been ASKING you to hang out more..."

To have more sex opportunities probably.

"Oh we can hang. Just don't go falling helplessly in love with you right?" I ask.


I was being pushy. The pushy personality was coming out but truth was a part of me wanted to be pushy with him. How could you have such hot physical attraction to someone and not want to pursue something else with that person. He did it so naturally. He wanted to "hang", "kick it" but anything more than friends and Adrian would retreat.

"Nevermind," I stated, "Have a nice day."

He was going to say something else but I didn't give him the chance. I immediately retreated to my bathroom and locked myself in there.

I looked in the mirror. When he touched me he made me feel like I was the most beautiful man in the world but afterwards...afterwards this feeling was something else. This feeling made me feel so ugly.




My mood the whole day was a mess. I couldn't hold it off my face. Weren't people who had good sex supposed to be in a good mood? I just found myself pissed. I could EASILY see myself falling for Adrian and the fact that he wasn't even willing to consider a relationship was killing me.

"Tyra is cute but she is no supermodel," Ozzie was telling me as we were sitting at our locker, "Naomi that is a supermodel. There's a difference. You need that bad bitch persona. How CORNY is Tyra?"

"Ozzie I don't care about Tyra or Naomi. These girls are doing nothing for me. They don't give a damn about me."

No one did.

"Ok...you are in a bad mood," Ozzie stated, "What's the issue?"


"You are lying."

I could care less. I rolled my eyes and started to walk down the hallway. There he was Adrian. He smiled at me and winked but quickly turned away. He was talking to Jackie and a few of his other friends. That was when I saw Rebecca and Aaryn. He had actually been Rebecca's boyfriend. Even if he didn't claim her now there was a time that he was. The jealousy in me started building and then I noticed who Rebecca and Aaryn were talking to.

It was Lauren.

Immediately I walked over. Hell I was already in a bad mood.

"What the hell is going on here?"

I looked at Lauren's face. She looked annoyed. She was looking ahead of her and I could see exactly why. In her locker was a box full of African Pride Deep Conditioning relaxer in her locker.

Aaryn and Rebecca were laughing loudly. The school was dominated by white people and a few of them walking past as the boxers of perm spilled out of Lauren's locker was enough to make me go crazy. I couldn't believe they would stoop this low. Lauren had always been the brunt of a lot of jokes just because she was black.

"I just don't understand how your brother and mother have good hair but you have nigger hair?" Aaryn asked laughing, "It's like pubic hair on the top of your head..."

Rebecca shook her head, "Lauren you should thank Aaryn. She's helping you..."

"Bitch..." Lauren whispered under her breath.

"What'd you just say little black girl?" Aaryn asked.

"She called you a motherfucking bitch!" I said louder than I intended, "A racist, KKK but somehow BLACK DICK loving bitch!"

I had basically screamed it and I noticed how loud I was. It was ignorant but I didn't give a damn. Everyone in the hallway had turned around. Some people were laughing but the popular kids like Aaryn looked shocked.

It was just a second before Jackie was in my face.

"You like picking on helpless girls fag?" Jackie confronted me.

"Oh no I hate that...but I don't mind fucking with crazy ass krakens..." I stated.

I was pissed. It was everything just building up.

"Break it up," Adrian stated trying to get between us.

I looked at Adrian. I wanted to scream at him and curse at him but why give him the time of day. The look I gave him said it all. I was pissed. This was all because of HIM.

I started to turn and walk away but then I heard Jackie after me, "I thought so?"

"You thought so?"

I said turning back around.

I was seeing red. I don't know who I thought I was. I don't know who I saw when I found myself hitting Jackie in the back of his head. It had happened so fast.

Jackie turned around like a bull at that point and all of a sudden I remembered that he used to be a boxer. Before I knew it I got three hits. One was too my stomach...the next one was an uppercut and the last one was a kick to my face once I had fallen to the floor.

I laid on the floor painfully squirming.

Jackie was about to kick me again when suddenly Adrian pushed him.

"That's fucking enough! What the fuck."

"Don't push me!"

I could barely see out of the eye that I got uppercut but I noticed they were fighting like seriously brawling in the hallway. I felt Ozzie pick me up off the floor as the pain shot through me and kind of pull me away from the ruckus.




Pristine was at the school causing all hell when she found us that we had gotten suspended for fighting. She was so embarrassed I could tell.

"Thanks," I said to Adrian.

He didn't even look at me. His lip was bleeding. It was swollen eye like mine was. He had gotten a few hits on Jackie as well who was sitting on the other side of me. I think I thanked Adrian more to piss Jackie off than anything.

This changed things though even though Adrian was probably pissed and blamed me for the fight. He was PROTECTING me. Why would you want to go out of your way to protect your fuck buddy? I mean Jackie was his best friend too. This was huge. I couldn't stop smiling even though I was in pain and my body felt like I got beat up by 10 fat ass guys.

"Come on you two," Pristine stated to Jackie and I, "One week suspension. Adrian are your parents coming to pick you up."

"No..I've been staying at you guys house for a while now..."

"Really?" Pristine asked completely lost on what was going on in her own household, "Oh what happened with them. I thought they were back in town."

"I just had personal issues at home."

"What kind of issues?"

Pristine was being nosy. She was trying to dig for dirt on the McCoys. I had to admit though I kind of wanted to know as well. Adrian had been staying at the Hill mansion for a while. It was weird as hell.

"He probably backstabbed them too," Jackie snarled a little.

Adrian seemed to know better than to tell Pristine anything, "Look, I really don't feel comfortable talking about it. If I can stay at your house a little longer I'd appreciate it. If not...I'll find somewhere else to go. I just don't want to go home."

Pristine backed off smiling.

"Well of course you can stay," she said smiling, "You'll have to let me know what is going on at home though at some point. You know. But no rush...we'll talk, we'll talk."

She was excited. I could tell.


The drive home was the most awkward thing ever. I was mad at Jackie. Jackie was mad at Adrian. Adrian was mad at me. The only one that was saying anything in the car was Pristine. She spent the whole ride bragging to ears that weren't listening about how she was planning a Halloween masquerade.


When we got to the house Jackie pushed back Adrian more pissed then anything. Pristine disappeared somewhere and Adrian gave me a pissed off look before starting to walk away.

"Wait I called out to him."

"What?" he asked.

"What's with the attitude?"

"I just fought my best friend over you," he stated shaking his head, "What do you think I have an attitude about?"

"Look I didn't ask you to..."

At that point Preston the butler walked through the grand foyer. We waited quietly as he went up past the black and white tiles to the winding staircase. It wasn't until he was far away from listening to what we was saying that I continued what I was saying.

"...I didn't ask you to fight for me," I stated.

"I saw how you looked at me. You've had a shitty ass attitude and I had to be the reason. So I should have just sat around and let you get your ass beat...because you were acting out mad at me?"

He was right about the fact that it was all about him.

Was I really that see-through?

"If we are just having sex why would you care?" I asked him.

"So this had to be a test. You were testing me to see if I cared," he asked shaking his head.

"And you passed..."

"This is over...this whatever we have going on," he finally stated surprising the hell out of me, "I wanted something simple. All this emotion is just what I was against."

"Are you serious...we were finally getting somewhere after 6 weeks of casual sex we finally had a spark of something else and now you just want to stop? We were just making progress!"

He nodded, "That's the issue."

I put my hand on the side of his face the same way that he used to. He didn't push my hand away. He closed his eyes.

There was something there between Adrian and I...



Just at that moment I saw Lauren behind us. How she had managed to get in the door without us seeing was beyond me.

Adrian retreated at that moment leaving both us and probably headed towards his suites. He didn't even look back. I could cry at that moment because for some reason I felt like he was really pissed off. I had managed to push him so hard that he was just another one to run away from me. I was seeing a pattern of people running from me.

"You didn't see anything," I told her.

She crossed her arms, "Sure."

She raised an eyebrow at me.

"What are you doing here anyway? You should still be in school."

I was kind of worried about Lauren. She had extremely strange behavior. It was the middle of the school day and she was at home. She wasn't sick. Nothing was wrong with her. I had noticed her cutting class more and more.

"Well I'm not."

"Have you been bullied by those girls a lot?" I asked.

"Why do you care?"

"Lauren I'm just trying to help. I feel like you are in trouble."

"Listen...don't ask me any question and I won't ask you any questions about the obvious love affair you are having with Jackie's best friend. We'll all just mind our own business. Deal?"

I felt like at this point she was threatening me.

She was being defensive. If she didn't want my help I wouldn't be pushy.




I spent the day in my room. I couldn't believe that I was allowing Adrian to get to me like this. I felt like we had been physical countless times. Sometimes we'd had sex almost four or five times in a day. How do you NOT catch feelings for someone after being intimate without catching feelings?


I found myself in my bathroom crying for what seemed like forever. He probably would think I was the biggest sissy crying over him like this if he knew.


It was Jonah. I couldn't believe this. I had spent so long looking for him and all of a sudden he was in my suite, sitting on my bed looking at me on the day that I looked like shit.


My heart stopped every time I saw him. I seemed to completely forget about Adrian for the moment. Jonah was here! In my room! AND I HAD A BLACK EYE! Not only did I have a black eye I was clearly crying.

"I kind of wanted to be alone," he asked.

Jonah shook his head, "What happened to your eye? Did he do this to you?"

I raised my eyebrow.

"Who is he?"

He looked a little irritated, "I know what's going on Quashie. I'm not your enemy. I'd like to be your friend. I want to know if it is your little boyfriend that did that to your eye."

"Jackie did this to me. You obviously don't know what's going on because Adrian isn't my boyfriend," I stated.

"So why are you guys having sex?"

"You been spying on me having sex?" I asked.

"I came to see you and happened on it," Jonah stated, "I'm not a pervert."

"I wasn't calling you one. I'm sorry."

I sat on my bed. I couldn't stop looking at him. It was just like someone you knew was so beautiful that his face just seemed to calm you down completely.

Have you ever felt something about someone that was always so unreachable.

Jonah was alive but he was the biggest ghost I had ever seen.

One minute there...one minute gone.

Ghost, are you a memory?


"When you look at me I get nervous," he stated.

"I'm sorry."

I looked away clearly not wanting to make him nervous. I just didn't want to scare my ghost away. I wanted him around. Adrian, who? He showed up and all of a sudden it was all about Jonah once again.

All of a sudden I realized it was always Jonah.

"I just wanted to check up on you," he stated crossing on his arms, "I saw you through the walls."

"Is that you get around unnoticed."

He nodded, "Hill Mansion has a lot of secret passageways. No one notices me coming. I'm the invisible man."

"I see you..." I stated looking at him once again.

I saw him. I couldn't stop looking at him. He was the most beautiful creature to ever exist. How could he be shy with a perfect face like that? I was embarrassing him. I noticed as he smiled a little bit.

"You do. You are a very interesting person Quashie."

"Says the boy who lives in the walls..."

He laughs and crosses his arms, "You are right. But your personality is a good one. I notice you trying to help my sister out. I think she needs your help."

"She doesn't want it."

He shook his head, "Lauren is stubborn. She is a Hill. Keep trying. Please.."

I nodded, "If you want me to."

I'd do anything you wanted me to do Jonah Hill.

"I got you something," he stated smiling and grabbing my hand, "Come on. Close your eyes."

I closed them smiling a little bit.

"All the way," he added.

He put his hands over my eyes. He was really closing my eyes tight clasping them over his face. He started to lead me into my painting room. I knew the smell of paint almost immediately. To have Jonah actually touching me was amazing. What was it that this boy did to me?

"It's beautiful..."

The painting in front of me was different from the kind of art that I did. It was abstract. I always used realism in my paintings.

"It's called True Emotion. I found it when I went to Mexico. It made me think of you."

Art called True Emotion made him think of me?

The art blossomed with colors. Beautiful red geometric shapes and lovely whites. The shapes were everywhere and seemed to almost speak to me.

"It looks like...love..."

"I knew you would get it," he stated shaking my head and pointing to the a part of the painting, "Look at these sharp black angles. It's the pain in love. Look at these circles. There is something so spiritual about it all. It's like some bigger meaning. Do you want to know what I think of when I see this?"

I was just watching him speak. This man had appeared from the walls and yet he was the only one who seemed to get art like I did.

"Tell me. I'd love to hear Jonah."


We had spent hours talking about it.

What mattered to me was how he talked about what it meant to him. He explained all the elements of the large painting. He spoke of strange things that I'd never had someone my age really talk about. Guys my age talked about getting pussy. Jonah was here telling me how he believed the artist tried to reshape the environment to create a visual language of form and shape.

I noticed how comfortable he was getting slowly as well. He laughed but this time it wasn't an awkward laugh. It was a hearty laugh.

It was a laugh that he meant.

I knew I could listen to him forever.
Then the conversation had turned.

"Do you believe in true love?" he asked me.

It had come from no where. He was looking at me right in my eyes. We had somehow managed to pop open some wine that was already in my fridge and were drinking in my studio.

He was sitting Indian style looking at me.

"I used to. Now the more I think of it I feel like you have to just kiss someone's ass until they feel something for you. You have to change everything about yourself. You have to forget your morals. You have to hang up yourself. You have to forget what you need. Maybe then you'll be good enough."

Here I was again drinking.

I couldn't help but throw the drink against the wall. This alcohol was the same thing that was putting me in the mood that I was already in.

"He doesn't deserve you..."

He was sitting right next to me when I stated it.

"Fuck. He wants my body. He's scared to take anything else."

"When you feel love you'll know it. It won't hide from you. It won't be something you are questioning like now. That isn't love. Having sex isn't love. It may make some time to make it perfect but you'll always know it. It'll feel just right and every moment you are around that person will start to become the best moment of your life."

"You can't be 18 years old," I said.

He laughed shaking his head.

"When you spend a lot of time alone you spend a lot of time thinking. And when I'm not alone I'm traveling. I'm seeing things."

"Have you been in love before?"

"No," he said smiling, "I believe in it though. It's that art over there. It's the meaning we are on this earth. We are here to find love and have our soul taken by another soul."

I smiled.

"I can't believe this is coming from someone like you."

He shook his head standing up, "Don't ever change who you are Quashie."

"Where are you going?"

"I have some things I have to take care of."

"What kind of things? Are you going to disappear again?"

He laughed, "You seem worried."

"We just have so much in common. I feel like I don't want to lose...a friend you know? I haven't seen you in a long time."
"Aw...that's sweet," he stated stirring a little in this innocent childlike way, "But I actually have to leave because I'm not leaving again. It's kind of weird for me to talk about. I have to get ready because I'm staying. The return of Jonah Hill..."