The Cripple


Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between teen boys. It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, please find something else.
The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

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My name is Jason Redmond. I am perfect. I was standing before my full length, floor to ceiling, sliding mirrored closet doors staring at my perfect fifteen year old naked body. My uncut penis sticks out a perfect six and three quarter inches from my neatly trimmed blonde pubic bush. My testicles are twins of each other. They measure two and a quarter inches by two inches and hang in my hairless scrotum just a half an inch above the head of my flaccid penis. My legs are hairless on the thighs with a fine crop of blonde curlies from knee to ankle.
      My chest is firm with nicely rounded pectoral muscles capped by dime sized pink areolas. My abdominal muscles are well defined with a nice little six pack starting to show through. Yes, I work out regularly. I play JV football. I am on the swim team and I have taken up cross country running. I stand five foot four and weigh one hundred and one pounds. I can't see it to well but I am told that I have a really nice bubble butt.
      My girlfriend says my best feature is my baby blue eyes with flecks of gold in them. She really likes my buzz cut blonde hair. She says it is fuzzy and tickles her hand. I have a very angular face with a square jaw line. They tell me that this gives me my distinct intelligent look. Well, I don't need to look intelligent. I am intelligent. I am a straight A+ student and have been on the honor roll continuously since sixth grade. In elementary school I always had the highest marks in my class.
      I could read before I started kindergarten and knew my times tables in the first grade. I could do long division by the end of that year. By the beginning of the third grade I had read the entire twenty nine volumes of the Americana Encyclopedia, 1999 edition, volume thirty is the index.
      My dad is men's dean at the university here in town and my mother is a professor of English. Both of my parents have PHDs. I have to do well or suffer a fate much worse than death. I am not allowed to watch television with minor exceptions. My parents tape programming for me with no commercials. They always chose good cartoons and entertaining programs. As I have gotten older I do watch some programming but it is generally with them. My dad and I do get involved in football games, especially if our University is playing. They are both very attentive to me and my curriculum. They attend all activities in which I participate and dad is so proud of me out there on the football field. I am a little small but I love the game and have the speed and the moves. I play wide receiver and usually score at least three touch downs in every game I have played in.
      Let's see, what else do you want to know about me. Well I wear a boys size twelve tall Levi's jeans. I wear a size small shirt. I have a small foot, size six and a half. I like briefs, they show off my package and I like the way the girls look at me as I profile against my locker every morning. There are a few boys who leer at me but that's their problem, the perverts. Or so I thought until he arrived in my life.
      It was the first day of the second semester. My home room teacher handed me a pass to the office as soon as the first bell rang. Of course everybody in the class ewwed at me and told me I was in trouble. I couldn't figure what I had done. I walked into the office, Ms. Snyder was at the counter. She smiled at me and handed me a piece of paper. I looked at it and saw that it was a class schedule. As she rattled on I was scanning the schedule and saw that it was the same as mine. I started to tell her that this is what I already had as she said the name Eric Simpson. I saw that name on the top of the schedule at the same time she said it.
      "Jason? Did you hear me?" I jerked up to look at her. "This is Eric Simpson. This is his first day with us. You will be his buddy and show him around the campus."
      I looked behind me and there was this crippled kid sitting in a wheelchair looking up at me. I looked at the schedule again. "He has the same classes as me. Our first class is on the third floor. How is he supposed to get up there?" I snapped, a little too harshly I guess.
      "Well you could carry him."
      I looked at Ms. Snyder and she was smiling at me. "Jason, you are not like this so I will overlook it. You have been chosen to be his buddy because you have the same schedule and you have the personality to help others. Don't let me down on this. I know you can do it."
      She cut me to the quick. I didn't know what to say except, "Yes Mam. Yo, ready to go dude?" I smiled and held the door open.
      "Jason, you will need the key to the elevator. This is for Eric's use only and you are not to let anyone else on the elevator with you. You are not to use it by yourself either. Do I make myself clear?"
      "We have an elevator?"
      She smiled at me. "It's right across the hall. That key opens the door. Have fun guys." She turned and headed for her desk. I let Eric go before me as we left the office. There was a blank door across from the office. It was sandwiched in between the stairwell and the girl's restroom. I always thought it was just a janitor's room or something. I never really noticed how wide the door was. I walked over to it and put the key in the lock and turned it. I pulled the door open and there was a steel door about eighteen inches inside the outer door. On the door facing to my left was a plate with a large black button about an inch in diameter. It looked like an elevator call button so I pushed it. The steel door opened and there was the inside of an elevator. I smiled at Eric and he giggled. He pushed his wheelchair inside the elevator and I stepped in behind him letting the outside door shut behind me. I pushed the button for the third floor and the steel door slid closed. The elevator lurched slightly and I could sense movement as we inched our way upwards. As we continued upward I looked around. This was a freight elevator. I had thought about having to carry the new counters up all of those stairs for the science lab. Now I knew how it was done.
      The door opened and I reached out to open the outer door. I turned to Eric and said, "like magic, sir, the third floor." He giggled as I helped him get his wheelchair out of the elevator.
      "Uh...Jason?" His voice was quiet and deep. I was kind of shocked. He looked so weak sitting there and I had this idea of a girly boy. "Uh...I uh, need uh..." I looked at him. He was red in the face. Was he blushing? "I uh, need to go to the bathroom."
      "Oh! No problem man. It's right down here." I pushed him down the hall.
      "I can push myself. You don't need to trouble yourself." Now I felt like a heel.
      "Hey we're going to the same place. You're not heavy and I don't mind pushing you, really."
      "Thanks." He said in that deep voice of his. Why did that voice make me feel so funny? We got to the boy's room and I pushed the door open. Eric tried to squeeze his wheelchair past me but ran over my toes. I jerked and hit him on the head with my elbow. "Sorry," he said. "The door is a little narrow." I was going to have to find a better way to hold the door open for him. "You can always just open the door and go in. Then you can hold the door open from the inside and I won't run over your toes." He was grinning at me with his beautiful white teeth showing. Did I say beautiful? What was happening to me? This guy is driving me insane. I looked at him and he was drop dead cute. He was even cuter than me. Not! There's no one that cute. But still....
      "So how do we do this?" He was looking at the small cubicles with no room to even get your elbow behind yourself for a good wipe down.
      "Well, usually I just slide off my chair onto the toilet but I can't get in there."
      "You have to do a number one or number two?"
      "Don't be so fucking polite, okay. I just have to piss." I was kind of shocked. I don't hang around a crowd that uses this kind of language. It doesn't turn me off. I'm not a prude but I am just not used to it. I blushed. He was looking at me and he giggled. "You'll have to lift me up and let me get my pants down then sit me on the toilet. Can you do that?" He was really shaking as if he was in deep trouble. I knew he had to urinate, er piss, really bad.
      "I'll try. I know what it feels like when you can't go when you need too. Hey if I help you can you use the urinal?" I looked at it and the pipes for the radiator ran across the top of the trough type urinal just about head high.
      He looked at it and then up at me. "We can try but can we hurry. I don't want to piss myself and I really have to go, right now." I locked his chair and stood him up in front of the urinal. I told him to reach out and hold on to the pipes which he did. "I need to get my dick out, dude." I giggled. I reached around and unzipped his pants. I realized that his penis was not going to stick itself out so I was going to have to hold it. I was blushing five hundred shades of red. I reached into his pants and found that he was not wearing underwear. I felt his penis and I pulled it to the fly. His pants were baggy and his penis didn't really come all of the way out.
      "Hey dude, I'm going to have to drop your pants. I can't get your penis out through the fly." I felt a drop of urine on my hand. I didn't wait for an answer I just pulled his pants down without undoing his belt or the button. He scooted forward and I grabbed his, what the heck, dick and aimed it at the trough. It was kind of cool. I could feel the....piss....moving through the tube on the bottom of his dick. I was getting a hard on. He finished peeing and I was just holding his dick and day dreaming. My hard dick was pressed tight up against his ass crack.
      "Unless you want to jack me off how about pulling my pants up." I gasped as I realized what I was doing. I reached down and pulled his pants up but the belt was still fastened. I turned him sideways and knelt down letting him hold on to my shoulders. I unfastened the belt and undid the button. His dick was hard and right in my face. I just opened my mouth and took it in. He gasped. I took it out of my mouth and pushed the foreskin back then sucked him back into my mouth. I nursed him for a few minutes as he moaned and massaged my shoulders. His dick swelled larger in my mouth and he shot his cum right into my mouth.
      That brought me too. I jerked back but remembered that I was holding him up. By then I had tasted what he had and another round shot out all over my face. I opened my mouth and let him shoot the rest of his load. It was pretty good. I was thinking about how gross it was but I was tasting how good it was and feeling how good it was then I started sucking and swallowing, wanting more. His dick got soft and he kind of jerked away from me. I realized that he must be tender and I pulled off. One more drop appeared at his slit and I licked it off as his skin slowly crept back up covering the head of the most perfect dick I had ever seen.
      I pulled his pants up and buttoned him up then fastened his belt. Before I zipped him up I reached in and pulled his dick through the fly and kissed it. I held his hands as I stood up. I put my arms under his arms and bent to sit him down. He moved forward and kissed me, "Thanks. No one has ever done that for me before."
      I turned to the urinal and unbuttoned my pants letting them fall around my thighs. I whipped my favorite play thing out and hosed down the back of the urinal. Eric had rolled himself closer to me and was watching me pee. When I finished he reached out and grabbed my dick and pulled me toward him. He pulled my tighty whities down and leaned in to suck me. I moaned. No one had ever even touched me there. My girl friend was so proper that she didn't even shit. I was sure that she defecated into a china bowl.
      Eric was making goose bumps all over my body. My dick was now as hard as it had ever been and he was bobbing up and down my entire length applying massive suction. He had my balls in one hand and was kneading them around while his other hand had gone between my legs and he was fingering around my ass hole. It felt so good that I just blew my load without even thinking where my dick was. I realized what I had done as Eric was sucking and swallowing my massive man juice down into his stomach. I stood up and the both of us got my briefs and jeans back up. Then he looked at me and I bent over and kissed him again. This time he opened his mouth and pushed his tongue out. I opened my mouth and let his tongue into my mouth.
      All of a sudden I realized where we were and jerked myself back to reality. I stood up and headed for the restroom door. Just as I stopped Eric's chair so that I could open the door it flew open and a senior rushed in. "Out of the way faggot." Then he stumbled into Eric knocking his chair over.
      "Who's the faggot here ass hole. Help the man up." I couldn't believe that I used that kind of gutter language but I was mad. The senior was blushing and apologizing to Eric as he lifted him up like he was nothing. I sat the chair up and the senior put Eric down.
      "Are you alright." Eric nodded. The senior was doing a little dance, "'scuse me." He dashed to the urinal as Eric and I giggled. I pushed Eric out into the hall. The senior burst out of the restroom and got around in front of us. He dropped to his knees. "Are you okay?" he asked, he had a tear in his eye. He placed his hands on Eric's arms and the tears were flowing down his face. "I'm so sorry. I didn't see you there. I have never seen you around and I didn't know we had any special needs students. I just wasn't thinking. I am so sorry." He was really crying now.
      Eric reached up and pulled the senior to him and hugged him tight while he stroked the boy's hair. "Shhh. It's okay. I'm alright. No harm done."
      The senior looked at him, "My name's Tyler, Ty to all who matter. I have a little brother who is wheelchair bound and I could just see him laying on that floor in there. I would kill anyone who hurt Taylor, my brother," he added.
      I pushed Eric over to the wall where I could sit down on a radiator. Ty joined me. "Eric is new here. This is his first day and I am showing him around the campus today."
      "Hey, that's great. Listen dudes...what's your names?" We told him. "Outta sight. Like listen what lunch you have?" We had the same lunch period as him. "Have lunch with me, please. I would like to get to know you. Okay?" We agreed too. "Promise." He was so cute when he was begging so we promised.
      Ty rushed off to get back to his class. He still had forty five minutes left of this class so I just sat there and stared at Eric. He looked at me very seriously. "That was your first time wasn't it." I nodded. "Mine too. I have wanted to do that for so long but I can't just roll up to somebody and go, like hey, can I suck your cock?"
      We got to laughing so hard I fell to the floor. My sides were hurting and I was holding myself with both hands. "Stop! Stop! This is killing me,"he was crying.
      I sat up and tried to get control of myself. I looked both ways up and down the halls then reached in and gave him a quick kiss. "I didn't know I was queer. I never had these feelings before but I think I am in love with you. Will you be my friend? Maybe even my special friend?"
      "I'll even be your boyfriend if you like. It will take time to see if we can get along but I would sure like to try." It was my turn to wipe a tear from my eye. For the first time in my life I was happy and I didn't understand why. This was just a boy. God, but what a boy he was. I wanted to be with him forever. I got up and pushed him on down to our class.
      I had to move the garbage can that Mr. Michels propped the door open with. This made a bit of noise. I held the door open for Eric to roll himself in then stepped into the classroom behind him. "You guys will have to move your desks over. We need a little room here."
      "Mr. Redmond, do you think you might make a little less noise?" Mr. Michels was yelling at me, "Oh, you must be....uhhhh...Mr. Simpson. Yes, yes. Oh my, they didn't tell me that you were special needs. Well, never mind. Here let's rearrange the room. Everybody move your desk to the right three feet."
      "Never mind. I will find somewhere else." Eric turned to go out. He couldn't open the door.
      "Wait! Don't let this ass hole get to you. He never did show a lick of sense." The class room burst out in laughter. No one had ever heard me talk like this and it came as a shock.
      "What was it that you just said, Mr. Redmond?"
      "Do I really need to repeat myself to you, Mr. Michels? Aren't you the one who always says if you are not interested enough to get it the first time maybe you should be somewhere else where you can pay attention?" The class room was deadly silent. Of those students I could see all of them had their mouths wide open waiting for the shoe to fall.
      "Will you please help Mr. Simpson find a desk and let us get on with today's lessons?" I couldn't believe my ears. Mr. Michels was not a pleasant man. I had seen him shred a students dignity for much less than I had just said and then send them to the office afterwards. I pushed Eric to the back of the room and pulled a table away from the wall for him to roll up too. I took a chair and sat beside him. One of my friends lay my notebook and material on the edge of the table and smiled at me.
      The class was quickly over and nothing else was said. I pushed Eric out into the hall. He took my books and held them in his lap as we made our way to our next class. Every class had to make some adjustments so I could get a table for Eric to sit at. I sat beside him in every class. Some of my friends asked me about it and I just told them that I was going to help Eric ease in to where we were and help him if he needed to catch up in anything.
      Lunch time came and we headed to the cafeteria. My usual group made room for us and my girl friend moved a chair away for Eric. I just guided Eric over to Ty and then went to the food line and got two trays for him and me. I came back and sat down by Ty and he put his arm around my shoulder and told me how much he respected me for helping Eric. He and Eric talked non-stop all the way through lunch and they both made sure that I was part of the conversation.
      As we left the cafeteria one of Ty's jock buddies walked up to him and asked him if this was be kind to deebs week. Ty hit the guy in the mouth so hard that he drew blood and the jock went down. Ty told us he would check us later and turned and walked away. "He must be going queer for freshmen," another guy said and I punched him in the mouth. I split his lip and he just backed off.
      This was definitely a different day. The way everyone was looking at me I decided it was all cool. Eric and I made it through the last three classes with no more problems and it was time to head home. He asked me how I got home and I told him that I took the two foot express. He told me that he would really like for me to ride home with him and then he would have the driver take me home from there. I agreed because I really wanted to see where he lived and if it wasn't too far I might get him to let me stay. I would have walked a hundred miles home if I could just be with him for a little longer.
      A handicap transport van was waiting in front of the school. The driver had the ramp down. "Good afternoon, Mr. Simpson." He helped Eric get on the lift and raised him up. Eric was telling him that I was his helper at school and that I needed to know where he lived so that I could assist him more in the future. The driver was inside strapping Eric's wheel chair down and I could not hear what they were saying. Eric waved at me to get in so I went to the door with the steps and got in. The driver told me to buckle my seat belt as he raised the lift and closed the doors. In minutes we were on our way. We went down the same streets that I walked along every day. I kept waiting for us to turn until the van pulled up into the driveway that adjoined mine. Our house shared driveways with the house next door. The driver opened the doors then came back and unbuckled Eric's wheel chair. I sat there with my mouth wide open.
      "Is something wrong?" Eric asked.
      "Do you live here?"
      "Yes. My parents moved in last week. I just got here last night. I had stayed with my grandmother until they were settled. Why?"
      "Dude! I jumped out of my seat and hugged him. That's my house right there."
      "Well, it looks as if I'll have two young men each day." The driver smiled at us. I pushed Eric to the lift and stepped back as he went down. I ran out of the door and met him on the ground. "Sir, I will need to show you some safety rules if you wish to help with Mr. Simpson. I don't want anyone to get hurt. May I ask your name?" I told him and he shook my hand, "Very well sir. I will see you at eight AM then. Please have a good evening." He closed the doors to the lift and got into the van and drove away leaving two happy boys in the driveway.
      "Well come on boy, help me into the house," Eric laughed I pushed him up the ramp and into the house.
      "I saw you come home yesterday but you had something on your head and you were all bowed over. I thought you were an old lady or something. He reached back and slugged at my chest. "Hey this is cool. I can say what I want and you can't hit me." Suddenly a text book hit me in the face, not hard but it startled me. Eric was giggling. He pointed toward different doors until we were in the big bedroom in back. It was the same as the room that my parents used and I had a room upstairs.
      "I don't do stairs well so mom and dad had this room remodeled for me and the upstairs rooms were redone for them. I think they had two rooms made into one and added a bath up there. The other room and bath is for guests. Come on let me show you my bath room." I pushed him in there. He had an exercise area with bars and weights on pulleys. There was no tub, just a big roll in shower with a bench and bars that he could pull himself up on. There was a bar on a chain so he could stand up and a leather strap glued to the floor that he said he could put his feet into so that they wouldn't slip. He had a table in the corner of his bedroom that I kept looking at. He told me that this is where he would lay when his therapist came to work on him. I asked what a therapist did and he told me that He worked his leg muscles and massaged him. He said that when they were alone the guy would jack him off and drink his cum. I was shocked. I told him that from now on that that was my job.
      "You got it, cock sucker." We both laughed.
      "My parents don't get home til after eight tonight. They both have night classes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. What time to your folks get home?"
      "They'll be home about six. We have to hurry we only have two hours and I want to get fucked." He grinned at me as I dropped my jeans. I kicked off my shoes and pulled my shirt off. I stepped out of my pants and knelt down to pull off his shoes. His feet were perfect and I couldn't help but kiss them and lick the soles then between his toes. "I would give anything if I could feel that." I cried and wiped my tears.
      "Why are you in this chair?"
      "Undress me and you will see." I pulled his shirt off and I saw a scar on his back. I raised him up and walked him to the edge of the bed. He had managed to undo his belt and pants button. His pants pooled around his ankles as I lifted him to the bed. He told me to roll him over. He had a nasty scar from just over his left kidney across the small of his back. "I was riding my bike at the city park where a tractor was cutting the grass. Suddenly there was a loud bang and I was knocked off my bike. My back hurt, bad and I couldn't get up. Somebody was holding me down and told me not to move.
      "The mower had hit pipe and the blade broke off. It flew across and just about cut me in two. I spent weeks in the hospital and they did everything they could but my spine had been cut. They say I will never walk. I can't feel anything from my waist down. They didn't think my dick would work or that I could shit by myself but somehow I guess those nerves got missed.
      "Oh, oh. Oh man back away." I looked at him, "quick back away." I did as he wanted. He cut one long loud fart. I was looking at his ass and his cheeks fluttered as the gas passed through them. I was on the ground in another of my laughing fits. "Help me into my chair, dude. I have to take a dump, big time." I walked over to him and turned him over. I wrapped my arms around him and picked him up. I carried him to the toilet and set him down. He was shaking like a leaf. When I set him down he was crying.
      "What's wrong?"
      "Please don't do that again." I looked at him. He was shaking like a leaf. "It's not you, man. I had a male nurse drop me one time. It was so scary. There I was on the floor and I couldn't do anything. I never felt so helpless. I have fallen before and I can't tell you how I feel. I know you love me but you can fall yourself and I just can't handle it. Maybe later, okay?"
      I started to tell him that I understood when he cut another one. I backed up as he gave me a sheepish grin. Just then the doorbell rang. We both jumped. He told me to see who it was. I put my jeans on and ran barefoot through the house. I looked out and there stood Ty with a kid in a wheelchair. I opened the door and let them in.
      "Man, I can't believe you live right here. I mean Eric does, I know you live next door."
      "How do you know that?"
      "Because man, I live right down the street, duh. Remember? You used to ride your bike to my house all of the time when you were little."
      "Oh yeah. Hey that's right. I forgot about that. I know you. You were that big guy that was always helping us fix our bikes. I forgot. Hey, this is great." I looked at the kid with him and knew at once that he was Ty's brother. He looked like a miniature Ty. "Eric's kind of busy. Let me see if he is done." I ran back to Eric's bathroom.
      Eric wanted me to help him to the shower. I helped him up and he used his bars to drag himself over to the shower. He used a handheld wand and washed his ass. He took another hose off the wall that had a small round tip on it which he shoved up his ass. He spread his legs and pushed brown water from his butt then did it again. "I have to get real clean in there. I can get an infection real easy. Besides that I need to get clean. Somebody is going to visit me in a minute." He wiggled his eyebrows at me. I shushed him and reminded him that Ty was here. I put some gym shorts on him and got him in his chair and we went to the living room.
      "Hi buddy. This is my brother Taylor. He is thirteen. He was run over by a car when he was six and has been in a wheelchair ever since.
      "I was on my way home to get the van when I saw you getting out of the Handi Van so after I picked up Taylor we came to see you." We all got to talking and I felt really good. Taylor and Eric had so much to talk about with their experiences and Ty and I talked like old friends. Then I heard something that took the wind out of me.
      "Ty is the greatest. He jacks me off every night so that I can sleep better. He even licks me clean." I looked at Ty and he was beet red.
      I walked over and put my arms around him. "I think that is the best brother in the world that would do that for you." Ty was embarrassed beyond words.
      "I'll let you come and do me every night too." Eric said, trying to break the ice.
      "Hey, I'm not Eric's brother but I did that for him at school today." I didn't know what to say but I had to help Ty out and so I just outed myself in front of the most popular jock in our entire school.
      Ty looked at me for a long time. "You're not shitin me are you?" I shook my head no. He looked at Eric. Eric smiled at him. He looked back at me, "Please don't tell anyone. I'm gay. Taylor doesn't understand and I never thought he would say anything." Tears were running down his face. "Fuck! What am I gonna do? If this gets out...My folks will kill me."
      "Ty, I'm sorry. It just kind of slipped out. We were talking about not being able to jack off and it just slipped out. I didn't mean it." Ty pulled him out of his wheelchair and hugged him tight as he cried. Taylor was crying too.
      "Ty. Ty, look at me." He looked over to me, "I just found out today that I am gay. I have never even thought of doing what I did today but I sucked Eric's dick in the third floor boy's restroom. If you had come running in two minutes earlier you would have caught us." I didn't tell him he would have caught Eric. Let him hear what he wants to hear. I looked him in the eye as he stared back and forth between Eric and I.
      Finally Eric broke the silence, "And of course I had to repay the favor." That did it. Ty started laughing. We all breathed a sigh of relief and sat back. We talked small talk for a while then Eric invited the guys back to see his room. Taylor really liked it and Ty said he could fix his room up with some of this stuff. He told us that he and their dad could do the bathroom up and it would help a lot.
      It was four thirty and Ty said he better get Taylor home before they sent out a search party. He asked us about getting to and from school. He told us that he took Taylor and picked him up every day. He could drive the van to our school and take us and Eric's folks wouldn't have to pay the handicap service. We thought that would be cool so Eric told him that he would talk to his parents and let him know later. They left and we headed back to Eric's room.
      "Let's see, now where were we?"
      "Well, I was about to wash out my butt so you could fuck me." I said.
      "I can't do you. You were going to do me though." I had my own plans but I was going to go along for now. I helped Eric onto the bed. I pushed his legs up so he could hold them while I looked at his ass hole. I had heard about rimming and I decided that if ever I was going to do it I might as well do it now. This was a day of firsts. I bent over and put my nose in his butt hole. It smelled like soap. I kissed it. It was so cute. It kind of puckered back and forth like it was talking to me, "Do that again, it feels so nice," it said. I did, only this time I stuck my tongue out. It felt like my tongue belonged there. I liked it and I think Eric did to 'cuase he moaned, loudly. I licked all around his hole and watched as it seemed to open and close like a camera iris. I licked again and I caught it when it opened and stuck my tongue inside. Eric jerked and moaned again. "Yessss," he sighed.
      I kept this up for several minutes then I pushed a finger up inside him. His dick twitched. I'm a good student and I remembered about the prostate from sex education class. I pushed my finger around. I felt it and I saw Eric's reaction when I hit it. I knew my method of attack now. This is what Eric was trying to do to me when he sucked me this morning. I began to move my finger in and out and around in circles. Eric was wiggling as much as he could on the bed. I moved in and licked him again and got him extra wet. Now I stuck two fingers in him and went right for the prostate. His dick stood upright and I went down on it taking the whole length into my mouth. Eric fired off a huge volley of cum that overflowed my mouth. I stayed with him and swallowed every drop.
      He was spent and relaxed. I felt his ass relax around my fingers. I had to move fast. I pulled my fingers out as I got to my knees. I lined up my cock and shoved it straight into him. His eyes got as big around as the old half dollars. I stayed absolutely still. He looked into my eyes and I saw his face relax and then I felt his ass relax. "That feels nice. Love me."
      "I do," I began to move in and out ever so slow. Eric was tossing his head back and forth. His hands were grabbing up the sheets and bunching them in his fists. He reached for me and pulled me down. Our lips met and our tongues entwined as I fucked him with as long of strokes as my little six inch dick allowed. I was already primed and I didn't last as long as I would have liked. I shot my load six inches deep into my lover's ass. Yes, he was my lover, now and forever.
      My balls were empty and my cock deflated rapidly. I lay down on top of Eric and let his legs fall to my sides. I kissed him as deeply as I could. I kept my eyes wide open and when his eyes opened we shared a world between us from the windows of our souls. "That was awesome. I have never felt so good. Thank you. I love you. I really do, Jace, I love you." No one ever called me Jace before. I liked it. From him, I loved it. Eric was asleep. I got up and went to the bathroom. I got a wet wash cloth and came back to wash his ass hole. When I raised his legs I saw some cum leaking out. I thought for a minute and then just bent over and licked at it. It wasn't bad. It tasted like cum and......Eric. I liked the taste of Eric. I licked quite a bit more as he moaned in his sleep then I took the warm washcloth and cleaned him up.
      I went back to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. After I finished I used his shower the way he had and cleaned myself until the water ran clear. I dried off then went back to Eric's bed. He stirred and opened his eyes. "That was awesome, dude. Are you sure that was your first time." I nodded and moved into kiss him. I grabbed his cock and played with it until it was fully hard. I had found some baby oil on his massage table and had pushed a bunch of it up my ass so it felt real slick. I got up on top of Eric as I kept on kissing him. I got into position and reached back to hold his dick against my ass hole and pushed back.
      It resisted. It just didn't want to go in. I raised up so that I was upright and I lined up. Eric was protesting. I got it against my hole and I sat down, a little too hard. His cock head burst though my ass and went all the way in with one fast move. I thought I was ripped wide open. I hurt so bad that tears came to my eyes and I thought I was going to throw up. I sat absolutely still. After what seemed like ages the pain lessened. I raised up. It felt like I was passing the world's biggest turd. I paused at the top of his dick then started a slow decent. I was stuffed so full that it made my stomach ache. I kept this up for several minutes then suddenly something changed. I don't know what it was but it suddenly felt good. No, it was more than good, it was awesome, as Eric would say.
      I started going up and down much faster. I wanted more of him in me. I was ramming down on his belly and lifting off as fast as I could. I wanted to feel him going in and out of me. I was feeling so good I was giddy. Suddenly, without my touching myself in any way I started cumming. It wasn't a normal cum. I was pouring cum out of my dick. I looked down and it was clear. I realized that it was seminal fluid, or what they call pre-cum, and it was flowing like a faucet. I grabbed my dick and started pounding it. In seconds I was shooting cum all over Eric. He had his mouth open and I fired several shots right on target. My ass was clinching on his dick and he was yelling when suddenly his body stiffened and he fired his load into my stern. I could feel his cock pulse as three, four, five, volleys let loose. He relaxed then a fifth one shot up me and his cock went soft. I moved aside and looked at his beautiful half hard meat. A drop of cum was on the tip. I leaned over to lick it off and his cock spasmed and went right into my mouth with another shot of his excellent elixir. I sucked him clean then bent over to kiss him. He looked at me funny as I put my lips to his then he stuck his tongue into my mouth. "From my ass to your lips." I laughed, "You should taste it at the source. I did you while you slept and your ass with my cum tastes wonderful." He wanted to try it so I turned around and squatted over his face. As he licked my hole clean I licked his cock and cleaned his pubic bush.
      It was after five so I got him up and into the shower. We washed each other. "Well, I don't have to murder any shower babies tonight." I looked at him funny. "You know, jacking off in the shower. I won't be washing my cum down the drain. All those little sperm won't have to make shower babies. You know, they swirl round and round in the water and head for the drain. You can hear them calling, "Daddy, daddy, we love you. Don't let us go, nooooo." I finally caught on and told him he was weird.
      We got dressed and I rolled him into the dining room. He turned on the stereo to some Chopin as we did our homework. We didn't have much and with two of us to tackle it we had just finished it as his parents pulled into the driveway.
      His dad walked in and tosseled Eric's hair. His mom came around the corner and looked at me, "Oh, you're the boy next door. I saw you last week."
      "Hello Mam, I'm Jason Redmond." I held out my hand. She took it then I shook hands with Eric's dad.
      "I'm Harold and this is Eric's mom Betty. We're very glad to meet you."
      "Mom, Jaceisinallofmyclasses.Theymadehimmybuddy.Hepushedmearoundallday.Tylives downthestreetandhecantakeustoschoolinhisvan.Hislittlebrotherisinachairtoo.Heisonlythirteen.His name..."
      "B-r-e-a-t-h-e," she pulled her hands apart slowly and smiled at him. "You'll hyper ventilate and then I'll never know what's going on."
      We all giggled as Eric began again only slower this time.
      "Well, Jace? is it? We're glad that you and Eric are getting along. And it's great that you live next door and have all of the same classes. You can do your homework together.
      Uhm, Eric...have you said everything?" his mom asked.
      Eric thought for a minute. Then his eyes brightened, "Yeah and he's cool with it. Mom and dad know that I'm gay." I wasn't prepared for that. I just looked at Eric then at his mother.
      "We understand, Jace. It's not easy at his age. We are a very open family and share as much as we can with one another. Eric felt that he wanted to tell us how he feels so he came out to us about a month ago. I hope that it won't affect your friendship. I know that it is not something that everybody is comfortable with."
      I looked at Eric and I began very slowly. "Well, it is a problem and it most definitely affects our friendship." Every eye was on me. Eric had a silly little smile forming on his face. "I have never, ever even thought of homosexuality before today. I have always known in my heart that it was wrong and that society was not ready to accept those who had these tendencies. I discovered today that I am homosexual and I found out that I am in love with your son. I hope that you can accept this and that it will not interfere with our friendship." I looked down at my school book and waited.
      I heard Mr. Simpson chuckle behind me. "You got yourself a real intelligent boyfriend here son. You better not let him get away." He put his hand on my shoulder as Mrs. Simpson came over to hug me.
      "Are you boys hungry? What time to you need to go home, Jason?"
      "Jace, Mam. My folks don't get home until after eight tonight." I explained the professor thing. She had Eric and I busy setting the table and getting food out while she cooked up something. Together we had a good dinner on the table in about thirty minutes with the mashed potatoes taking the most time. I have never had mashed potatoes that were this good and I made a real pig of myself on them. I told Mrs. Simpson how good they were and apologized for eating so much. She told me that there was only one thing that I would have to apologize for.
      "I love Harold but Mrs. Simpson was his mother and we really didn't get along all that well. If you want to keep me on your good side you will call me Betty. If you want, I don't mind my son in law calling me mom." I got up and gave her a big hug and a kiss.
      "Dad?" Mr. Simpson said, holding out his hand.
      "I call my folks Mother and Father. I would like to have a mom and dad." A tear formed at the corner of my eye and mom wiped it away with her napkin.
      The four of us sat and talked forever about everything. Mom got up and called Ty. About fifteen minutes later we heard his van pull into the driveway. All of went out to the porch to meet him and his dad. Ty helped Taylor out though the side door then their dad showed mom and dad around the van. He showed them how the chairs were tied down and how the ramps were extended. With Ty being a football player he was more than strong enough to push the boys up the ramp and secure them. I would have to sit in the front seat though and that didn't fare well with me because I couldn't sneak a kiss on the way to school but I really couldn't with the handicap service either. Bur then I had my suspicions about that driver.
      Dad called the handicap service and canceled for the following day telling Ty that we would try it out and see how it went. He told Ty's dad that he would pay for the gas. He was paying the service a lot more, it was the least he could do. Ty was happy with that because gas was his biggest expense. Dad even told him that if they continued to use him that he would pay to have the van serviced every month. He wanted to be sure it was in good condition. Ty and his dad really liked that idea. They left and we felt like we had all made good new friends.
      My parents pulled in while we were still on the front porch. We all gathered around them and herded them into the Simpson house. There was a lot of food left and mom set about warming it up. She was relentless as she insisted that my parents ate. They talked like old friends. Eric and I told them about our day and about my helping him and our friendship. It got really quiet. I knew I had to do it. I knew I had a place to run too if they didn't like it.
      "Father, Mother. There comes a time in a mans life, even a young man such as I, that he must take stock of himself and what he really values in life. Today has been a turning point in my life and I have learned a great deal about myself. I have never considered the directions that I have taken before and they seemed new to me but they are undeniably the correct directions. I have evaluated all of my past relationships and determined what they were and why they were. I realize that these relationships were not what I would have chosen for myself. They were what I chose for the person that I thought that society wanted me to be." I took a deep breath and closed my eyes.
      "If you're trying to tell us that you're gay son, we know it." My mother smiled at me. That was too much. I broke down and cried. Eric wheeled up beside me and put his arms around me.
      "How? I didn't even know it until today. I have never had a homosexual thought in my life. I don't have any kind of sex life and have never had a sexual fantasy."
      "You have tried to hard to be straight, son. You may not have had the thoughts but they were there. Your mother and I are professors in a very large university. We see thousands of young men, such as yourself, struggle with their sexuality everyday. We have watched you for the last two years and have known that you were reaching puberty and things were taking their toll on your psyche To be honest with you we thought that you would have realized this truth before now."
      "If ever we doubted ourselves we were absolutely sure of our conclusions when we saw your interaction with Eric tonight. You two were made for each other and it would be wrong to try to keep you apart. Mr., Mrs. Simpson, I don't know how you feel about these boys but I don't feel that we could be any happier or more proud of our son as we are at this moment." My mother concluded.
      With reassurances all around dad offered Mother and Father a toast to the new couple and the joining of two families. Eric asked me if I was going to spend the night on our wedding day. Mother told me that I needed to go home and get clean clothes for school and not to stay up late that I still had my grades to maintain. I kissed her and ran home. When I got back I told Father that we had to make our house accessible to Eric. The two dads put their heads together and said they would work on it.
      My name is Jason Redmond. I am standing before my full length, floor to ceiling, sliding mirrored closet doors staring at a perfect fifteen year old naked body. He is perfect. His uncut penis sticks out a perfect six and three quarter inches from his neatly trimmed, blonde pubic bush. His testicles are twins of each other. They measure two and a quarter inches by two inches and hang in his hairless scrotum just a half an inch above the head of his flaccid penis. His legs are hairless on the thighs with a fine crop of blonde curlies from knee to ankle.
      His chest is firm with nicely rounded pectoral muscles capped by dime sized pink areolas. His abdominal muscles are well defined with a nice little six pack starting to show through. He can't see it to well but I have told that him that he has a really nice bubble butt.
      My friends say my worst feature was my narrow mind. I was a cripple with no tolerance in my body. My eyes were opened by the strongest dude I have ever known, my boyfriend, Eric Simpson.

Merry Christmas 2005.

So there you have it. Is your friction enhanced by my fiction? Tell me about it at

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