The Cripple
Chapter 2


Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between teen boys. It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, please find something else.
The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

If this sort of story offends you. If you are underage, or if this is illegal where you are, then please go away. If you're under 18, Adios come back when it is legal
for you to read this smut. If you lied about your age in order to access this story, remember this is our story. Life doesn't always work out like a story.

This story is copyrighted, ©2005. It is therefore illegal to copy or use any part of this story without my written permission.

     Life is perfect. There is absolutely nothing that I could want that I don't have. The best thing that I have is the undying love of Eric Simpson. This dude is fantastic. In the face of circumstances that would keep so many people out of the public and away from life, Eric laughs. There is nothing that he is not willing to try and do. Well, he didn't do so good with the rock climbing, okay? But damned if he didn't try. The attendant absolutely refused to allow a tiny kid in a wheelchair to climb up on his fake rock wall. That is until someone in the crowd yelled discrimination. I wonder who that was, but my cry was picked up and carried around the room.
      A large crowd gathered around to watch and see what the vendor would do when somebody else spoke up, not me this time. "The kid's got the guts to try it. Who are you to say he is disabled? Let him see what he can do." That brought about a loud cheer that pulled everybody in the mall to our location.
      Eric was tied into the safety harness and I held him up against the wall. He reached out and grabbed a rocky hold with each hand and looked at me. His face was as bright as I have ever seen it. He was full of joy. He pulled himself up so that his hands were level with his shoulders but with no use of his legs he could not anchor himself for the next step. I had an idea. I pushed his feet onto rocks near them and held them in place as I used my shoulder under his sweet butt to give him something to push himself up from. He reached out and grabbed the next handful of rocks and raised himself up again.
      The crowd went wild. Eric looked down and me and told me I wasn't tall enough to help him get to the top. "No but I know how you will get to the top, young man." A man stepped from the crowd that looked so familiar. He took the rope of the safety harness from the vendor and took out the slack, allowing Eric to reach out and grab two more rocks in his hands. Eric's body raised up to be level with his hands. The man on the rope pulled to take the weight of the Brave Boy on the Wall. That was the caption under the picture on the front page of the evening, and the next morning's, newspaper. We have copies on the wall of our bedrooms, in both houses.
      Together Eric and the Football coach from the state's university, right here in our town, conquered that wall. Eric raised himself up, the coach held his body in place as Eric grabbed two more rocks and pulled. No one gave him any upward help. The coach and I only held his body in place as he pulled himself all the way to the top. The newspaper said that over seven hundred people had gathered on the three levels of the mall around Eric to watch the most amazing feat of courage and determination ever witnessed by that former combat reporter.
      The crowd went wild. The cheers and "attaboys" lasted for several minutes. Security was trying to move people away for safety reasons. People started coming by and putting money in Eric's lap and telling him how brave, and cute, he was. I almost got jealous. Even highschool kids came by. We stopped at the mall's branch of our bank to get rid of the money. We had nine hundred dollars, dude. Eric gave me a wicked sneer and put the money into his account. I had no idea what his look meant. I didn't say anything. I just figured it was my imagination and with all of the excitement, I probably just read it wrong.
      Boy was I wrong. Eric had it in for me. Two days later FED-EX® pulled up outside. They brought in a huge box, as big as a TV. Dad pushed Eric's chair up to the box. "Jace, you are getting fat. You are so out of shape that it is disgusting to look on what you are becoming." I was hurt. Tears flooded my face as dad smacked Eric in the back of the head. "I'm sorry, I didn't do that right did I?" Now Eric was crying. I just stood there and looked at him. How could he talk like that to me? I love him with every corpuscle in my oversexed body. I began to shake as dad picked Eric up and placed him on the couch. I turned to head to the door as the two strong arms of dad Simpson grabbed me and picked my kicking and screaming body up and sat me next to Eric, only to be savagely attacked by the sex crazed pervert, right there if front of dad.
      Eric's hands were all over me. His lips were all over my face. His kisses never stopped as tons of, "I'm sorrys" poured from his mouth. "I know what I wanted to say and I have rehearsed it for two whole days. Then I went and put my foot in my mouth and it all came out wrong."
      "You did worse than put your foot in your mouth that time, my boy. You pulled one foot out to put the other one in. Then it got worse." Mr. Simpson was on the far side of the box breaking it open and laughing his ass off at us.
      "Please forgive me. Do your best to forget what I said and let me try again. Only this time I am going to be careful and say what I meant." He is so cute when he tries to make up. We don't fight enough because I don't get to see him like this and I likes it. I pouted and hung my head and let him beg. I caught dad's eye. He was in hysterics, he could see right through me. I milked my fifteen seconds of fame on this one. That is until Eric played his trump card and shoved his hand up the leg hole of my shorts to grab my commando cock and give it a squeeze. Dad was studying the ceiling. There seemed to be something very interesting up there as I giggled and squirmed under the sexual assault being perpetrated on my innocent boyhood. "I quit when you accept my apology."
      I was so out of breath, and he was so relentless, that I found it hard to push out the words. Finally I got my hands up in the sign of surrender and he backed off. I took a deep breath and yelled, "Uncle!" He giggled at me.
      Eric pulled my face so that he could look at me straight on. I knew what he wanted so I moved his body and we sat facing one another. "Baby, you stood looking in the mirror the other day and tugged at your sides. You were trying to pinch up excess skin or fat. You were whining about not getting to run and get the workout that you enjoy. You work so hard pushing me around but you can't run unless you leave me behind and no matter how much I have begged you, you won't do that.
      "I had dad get me some catalogs and we found the perfect answer but we needed nearly twelve hundred dollars. When I counted all of that money at the bank it hit me. I had enough to do what I wanted to do. I was so happy. I wanted to tell you but I wanted it to be a surprise." He looked over at dad. Dad smiled as he looked in the box. Eric pushed me as dad came over to pick Eric up. I walked around to look inside the box and my breath was taken away.
      I rolled out the most fantastic wheel chair I have ever seen. It was so light weight. I picked it up in one hand and it was like nothing. The wheels slanted in at the top and were wide at the bottom. They were very narrow. There were no sides or handles and the foot pegs were no more than a piece of pipe with a foot pad on the end. I was studying it as dad knelt beside me with the spec. sheet in his hand.
      "It is made of titanium alloy with a total weight, as equipped, of twenty seven pounds, six ounces. The web seating is of the same nylon open weave as Eric's other chair but the web design reduces weight and enhances the "No Sweat" feature of the other chair. The bearings are stainless steel but all other metal parts are of titanium alloy, pound for pound, twelve times stronger than alloyed, tempered steel. The wheel/axle assembly has been tested to over seventy miles an hour with no unusual or unexpected effects."
      "No unexpected effects. They expected the serious vibrations that led to metal fatigue and the left wheel to fly away causing the chair to collapse killing its occupant. I don't like that statement." I told him.
      "It is kind of ambiguous isn't it? But overall I think that this chair should do what Eric wants it to do."
      "And what does Eric want it to do?" I asked as I grabbed his pecker and gave him a retaliatory squeeze.
      He squeaked at me that he wanted to go with me as I ran. I wanted to know where he wanted to run. He was still squeaking so I kept this up. Dad laughed at us as he went back to whatever it is that dads do.

      Our houses are in an older part of town and while we do have sidewalks, we don't have ramps at the corners. The city has told us that our neighborhood is slated for the retrofit ramps to be cut into every corner during the next fiscal year. In the meantime I would have to run in the street and maneuver around parked cars. I went to the fire station and asked them where I could buy a small orange web vest. When Eric and I told them why we wanted them they told us they would check it out and get back to us.
      That afternoon we were spraying each other with the garden hose as we watered the front lawn and cooled down from our morning run. A fire truck pulled up in front of the house and the driver turned the siren on. Of course everybody on the block came rushing out. All of the kids were there wanting to climb all over the big red truck. The chief walked up to us as we stood there, well okay, Eric sat, soaking wet. He gave each of us a plastic package with an orange vest in it. We tore the plastic wrap off and found that we each had an extra small vest that fit us quite well.
      Four of the firemen had a request of their own and presented the newspapers with the picture of "Brave Boy on the Wall", They all wanted autographs, from both of us. Imagine? They wanted me to autograph their newspapers. Eric was the one that did it but he told them that I was his driving force. I almost blurted out that I would drive my dick up his ass. He knew me and caught my eye. We both cracked up. Everyone looked at us but someone dismissed our antics with the phrase, "teenagers!!"

      I really felt safer wearing the vest as we made our way four blocks over to the large city park. We only wore good trainers and very small nylon jogging shorts that let our goods hang out during periods of excitement, which is why I bought them so small. Along with the small, bright orange vest we were dressed to kill and hopefully, not be killed.
      I made two complete circuits of the jogging path which I knew from the years past had been measured at exactly two miles. Pushing Eric's chair added a bit of resistance to the run. It was just what I needed. I would have to work back up to where I had been the past summer, before I met Eric. I was getting lots of exercise but of the wrong muscle, hehehehe. No, of the wrong muscle group. Lifting uses different muscles than running. I was going to keep on working with the dead weights. I like the definition that is reforming my body. Eric isn't growing as fast as I am so I have determined to work his body as hard as he can stand.
      We had stretched out on a thin blanket on the shore of the small lake at the center of the park. We had our shoes off and had soaked out feet in the cool water as we drank from our canteens. I then moved Eric back from the water so that I could get between his legs and massage him. I so wanted to massage him in the most intimate way, right out here in the open but I don't want to be branded as a fag to the whole world. I only have two years of highschool left then I will shout my love to the whole world to hear. I had rolled the chair between two large bushes so that it would be out of my way as I worked around Eric's prone body. I had already oiled and massaged both legs to get his muscles warmed up. I was between his legs working on the stretch of his back and abs. I had his ankles on my shoulders as I pushed forward bending him in half. I will admit that it was a familiar position for us and probably did look strange in public.
      "Fairies in the bushes! Fairies in the bushes." A voice rang out. Suddenly there were three older boys shouting insults at us. "Hey fags, go get a room."
      "They don't need no room. They're fags, kill em. They're using up my air."
      "Yeah, throw 'em in the lake. Drown their queer butts."
      I was on my feet between them and Eric. I would go down in flames before they would get to him.
      "What's wrong with your little fairy boy? You fuck him so hard that he can't get up and fight for himself?"
      "Hey, brick head. That's his wheelchair there. I am giving him his morning therapy." Eric was sitting up stretching his abs and touching his toes when the larger of the boys dropped down beside him and stared at his back.
      "Ohmigod, dude. What happened to you?"
      Eric whimpered. I grabbed a towel and covered his back. He does not like for anybody to see him or make a big fuss over what can't be undone. "No, really dude, what happened. Did a blade from a tractor lawnmower cut you down? Right over there on that hill side." Eric was crying. I moved up to the huge behemoth. I haven't grown a millimeter all year and this piece of crud is six foot twenty and weighs a thousand pounds. I am so dead but I am going down fighting for my man. I pushed him, hard. He was squatting down talking in Eric's ear and he fell back on his ass.
      I was over him with my fists balled up as I yelled in his face, "Get away from him. He doesn't want to talk about it." His two buddies picked me up like so much trash and I knew it was about to happen. I braced myself for anything, I thought. One of the boys who picked me up was crying. The overgrown piece of flesh on the ground was crying. The other one stood looking at his feet.
      "Our dad did that to him. He don't work no more. He drinks and cries cuz he hurt a kid. He calls his self shit of the earth. Says God don't even want him no more. He prays, daily for God to take his life and give it to thet kid that he hurt and make him walk again," the boy that was standing said.
      "I am so sorry that it was you, little dude, but know this, we are here for you. Anything you ever need you let us know, ya hear me?"
      Eric asked for his chair. I grabbed it and bent down to pick him up. The other boys stepped back until Eric was in his chair then all three of them sat down on the grass so they could look at him and talk. Eric told them that it was an accident, that their dad did not know that there was a pipe sticking up out of the ground that would cause the blade to break. He told the boys that it was just something that happened and that no one could have changed it.

      As we talked I saw a bicycle coming along the path but it looked strange. As it got closer I realized that it was Ty. I jumped up and met him as he pulled up near us. He had a trailer rigged up to his bike and Taylor sat back there like a royal king as Ty got his work out pulling his little brother around. Eric called out, "Hey look, he's got Taylor in a trailer." For some reason that broke all the tension in my body and I fell to the ground in a fit of laughter. It was not so much what Eric said, it was just my body letting go of everything that had been going on for the last several minutes.
      Ty carried Taylor over to sit down next to Eric at a nearby picnic table. "Hey cocksucker," Ty said to the big boy that we had been talking to.
      "Hey, shrimp dick. Did that puppy ever grow up?"
      "It's big enough to make you call me daddy now. You still like it in the back door."
      "Only big boys, like Jeff there. He's Rodney's boy but he takes care of the family from time to time." I was looking at Ty with a question on my face.
      "Well, it looked as if you guys were getting to know each other so you need to know the whole story so something doesn't come back on you later. Ralph was the first dude to ever suck my dick. He was fourteen, I was twelve. He taught me all about swallowing and everything. When my dick got bigger I found out that he really likes it up his ass. I couldn't do that but I did it to him.
      "He graduated from school last year and goes to some trade school so we don't see each other to much this year. He has to have the nicest butt in the neighborhood and he never turns away from me." I sat there with my mouth hanging open. I looked at Eric. He had Taylor's hand up in his shorts and a stupid grin on his face. I know that grin, that is my grin. He is my man. I was jealous as fuck. Ty put his hand on my chest. "Let the boys play, I owe you, big time. I'll give you a real nice time, later."
      "So you like..fuck him, in the ass? Do you still suck his cock?"
      "Jace, no one sucks his cock. They dine on it. Show the boys ten inches, Ralph." Ralph pushed his waist band down under his balls as the biggest cock on the face of the earth stood up like a baseball bat right out of the middle of his body. His brother, Rod reached over and stroked it. The damn thing was bigger than Eric's or my arm. It was as big as Ralph's own forearm, and just as big around. Rod went down on him and took the monster meat to the pubic hair in one quick go.
      "Fuck, now you got me going. Are we clear?" Ralph got between the bushes where I had Eric's wheelchair before. It wasn't really private but it gave some cover from someone coming along the path and enough time to pull the pants up. Ralph pulled his pants to his ankles and got down on his knees. "By size. You first shrimp dick."
      Tyler pushed his shorts down revealing a pretty hefty sized cock. He got up behind Ralph and shoved his cock straight in. He fucked with total abandon. I have never watched anyone fuck before but he seemed to be doing one hell of a job. Ralph was moaning and telling him how good he was and how much he had missed his mighty stick. He said that he wished these other two could learn to use their cocks the way that Ty did. Ty was just plowing on. He was enjoying himself and in a few minutes he filled Ralph with his life's better batter.
      Rodney nearly pushed Ty away as he stuck a good seven inch cock up in his brother's ass and began to piston fuck the dude, long and hard. "Come on Ty, I need you. Please?" Ty lay down and got up under Ralph to swallow that man pole down his throat. Ralph was fucking him in the mouth as his little brother laid all of the pipe he could find up in the hungry ass below him.
      I looked over at Eric. He was doing a hand job on Taylor. I asked them if they wanted me to lay them down so that they could suck each other. Eric looked at me with a pained look on his face and nodded ever so slightly. I smiled at him, "I don't care dude, go for it." I lay them so that they could do a good sixty nine then I stood up on the picnic table to reconnoiter the area. Last thing we need is to be caught in an orgy in the city park. I could see the whole area and there seemed to be nobody about.
      From the table top I was able to look straight down on Rod as he plowed on into his brother's hungry ass. Jeff had his cock out and was stroking himself and two other guys that had lent them their cocks. I found out later that seventeen year old Jeff Gregory had a twelve inch cock. It was only five and three quarter inches around but it was twice as long as most dudes. He was cut and the huge head made the whole thing look like a medieval mace, without the spikes around it.
      Rod fell to his side gasping for air as his cock continued to ooze cum for several minutes. Jeff was already up in Ralph and moving pipe like a freight train, fast and sure. I marveled at his tall lanky body. His ass was no bigger than Eric's but it sat on top of legs that were half again as long. His upper body was long and thin but he was cute. In a strange way he was really cute and something in me tugged at my guts. I wanted to try to suck that cock.
      Rod was still hard as he lay there with his eyes close. Jeff was fucking Ralph as hard as he could right next to the dude. Ty was up under Ralph sucking his cock like it was his last meal. Eric and Taylor had a lip lock on each other's cocks and they weren't coming up anytime soon. I was the only one not getting any.
      I got down off of the table and knelt beside Rod. I took his butt slimed cock into my mouth and began to give the best head I knew how to give. His cock was the exact same size as Eric's and mine and it fit my mouth well. Rod grabbed my hips and pulled me around so that he could suck me, "I wondered if you were ever going to join us, sweet cheeks." My cock disappeared into a total vacuum machine. We both pumped our loads at the same time that Ralph filled Ty's mouth. I had heard Eric's whimper a few moments before and knew that Taylor was right there with him. Jeff was making his final plunges up Ralph's ass and everyone was happy, except, yeah, Ty. Ty needed a second release. He had a cock that was pushing a good eight inches and it was thicker than Ralph's. I crawled over to him and took him to task as he and Ralph separated, one from the other. Ty turned himself and took my nearly soft cock in his mouth and had me up in seconds. We both filled each other with our ball batter in seconds. Ty was on the edge but I had just gone off in Rod's mouth. I was amazed that I could go again.
      Jeff jumped up on the table and looked around. He gave an all clear as Ralph and Rod ran to the edge of the lake. Ralph shucked off his shorts and squatted at the water's edge and grabbed up hands full of water to wash his ass. I was sure that all that was falling back down was not water, not with three loads of cum up his ass. Rod washed his dick off as Jeff ran up to do the same. I had a small towel to wipe Eric down so I dipped it in the water and wiped my own dick the rinsed it out and went up to wipe Eric down.
      Ty had a rag that he used to wipe Taylor down then we got the two boys pants up and put them on the bench of the table. Ralph and Rod hugged Eric and told them how sorry they were then the three of them wondered away. Ty wanted to know what was going on so we sat for a little bit and told them the story. Eric said that he needed to go see their dad and make friends with the man. We all agreed that this was exactly what the man needed to pull himself out of his pity party.
      Ty looked at Taylor and asked him if he liked sucking someone else's dick. Taylor told him that he loved it and he wanted to do it again. Ty looked at me and told me that I was a good cocksucker but I also had a very fine cock and that he would like to suck me again sometime. Eric giggled and told us that he was okay with it, once in awhile but that he was a married man. He said he kind of felt like he was cheating on me until he saw Ty and I going at it then he relaxed a little. He and I were going to have to have a long talk tonight.
      Ty had gotten the ride he wanted and would be attending school at the University but he was on a scholastic scholarship. I felt dumbed down suddenly. Taylor had to brag on his big brother. Ty had been that something cum laude. I always that meant that they cumed a lot. Eric hit me. Anyway Ty was straight As and had a perfect 4.5 four grade average. He could play ball and he thought he would but he wanted to study to be an orthopedist and neruologist. Eric and I smiled as we knew the reason for that.

      I had a long talk with Ralph. Two days later as Eric and I jogged around the park we saw him and Rod sitting on the steps of their house high above the street level. I jogged up to the retaining wall as both of them ran down the steps to greet us. They were both much larger and stronger than I am so Eric had agreed to let them carry him up the steps to the front porch. There were three steps up to the front lawn where they set him down. He was shaking but he was good to go for the last four steps up to the porch. Once on the wide porch we were amazed. We could see nearly all of the park from up there.
      Ralph and Rod's dad had grown up in their house and had looked across at our park everyday of his life. The park just felt like part of him, until that one day three years ago. Since then all he does is sit in his chair and drink. We were going to end that cycle, today. Ralph had hidden all of his dad's booze and told him that he had to stay sober. He told the man that he and Rod were having a special visit from a special friend and if he got drunk and ruined it for them that they would move out and leave him to fend for himself, alone in that big house. He had cursed and argued with them but he was sober when Eric and I got there.
      Rance looked across at us but recognition never set in as we settled ourselves from our run over and the subsequent climb up the steps. When Eric was steady again he signaled me. I picked him up as Ralph and Rod stood to either side of Rance. "Dad, Eric wants to say hello to you." The man looked up with a blank stare as I set Eric in his lap. He raised his hands but the boys grabbed them. He looked at them so they slowly helped him wrap his arms around Eric to hold his tiny frame next to himself.
      "I don't blame you, you know. It was an accident. You had no way of knowing that there was an old pipe working its way out of the ground. It could have happened to anybody, I was just the one that was there." Rance looked hard into Eric's eyes. Very slowly Eric's words worked their way through his putrified brain and his face twisted as tears began to flow down his hollowed cheeks.
      He stared at Eric who kept his eyes locked on the old man. Ever so slowly Rance wrapped his arms around Eric and hugged him, tight. "I am so sorry. I would do anything to take it back. I never wanted to hurt anybody. I am so sorry." He was really crying now as he hugged Eric and rocked back and forth in the old wooden rocking chair.
      Eric wrapped his thin little arms around the man's neck and kissed him on the cheek. "I forgive you, you know. I forgave you the day it happened. It was not your fault. I always wondered why you never came to see me. If you had you would not have needed to hurt yourself. You would have seen that I love you and I don't blame you. Will you be my friend?" All of us lost it right there. Jeff had come up and was standing by Rod and both of them just fell to their knees. Ralph staggered to a chair and fell into it as all of his cried, long, loud, and hard.
      Rance began to smother Eric in kisses as Eric kissed him back. Eric popped a boner which Rance noticed at once. Rance grabbed it and began to fondle it. He stroked it until Eric shot cum all over his hand. "I am so glad that he works," Rance said. "They told me that it wouldn't and that you would never walk.
      "I got me two healthy sons. They're both cocksuckers but they're healthy and I love them."
      "Dad? How do you know?" Ralph sputtered.
      "I am not as stewed as you think I am. I see you over there in the park with the boys. You like it up the ass. You're just like your uncle Lester. That faggot can't get enough cock up his ass." Rance swatted me on the butt, "Why didn't you poke him over there the other day? The other three did." Ralph rushed over and stood behind his dad. Sure enough he had a perfectly clear view of the area where we were from that one spot.
      "You and that Tyler boy used to fuck a lot. What's wrong, didn't his dick get big enough for you. I think Rod has a big dick. It should be as big as mine, if I'm any judge."
      "Are you?....I mean like, dad, do you?...." Ralph asked his old man.
      "Me a fag? No, don't go getting your hopes up boy. When I was this boy's age Les and I used to suck each other off all of the time. One night Les wanted it up the ass and he was hooked. He loved that more than anything he had ever done. I let him do me, twice, but I never liked it. I met your mother when I was in the tenth grade and we got real close. She was virgin on our wedding night though. I still believe in that. I let one other guy fuck me when I was seventeen and I fucked him. We spent all night trying to make each other like it but neither of us did. We liked fucking Lester but it just didn't do nothing for us. We figure guys like Lester must be part woman up inside, else why'd they like it?
      "Rod, I never see you get fucked. Do you not like it or what?"
      "Not really, dad. I don't like the way Ralph does it at all. There was one boy, last year but he moved away just six months after they moved here. He loved to suck and get fucked and I really liked the way he used his sweet cock."
      I looked at Eric. He was like me, this was not what we came to talk about and we weren't comfortable with the, family talk. I walked over and picked Eric up and carried him to his chair. "Sorry boys, guess we got carried away there." Rance drawled at us.
      "No problem, sir. We just want to keep running. I am trying to get back into shape before school starts. I have let my body go since last year's football season and practice starts next week. I have to build my wind back up and get my legs stronger so I can be the best I know how to be for my team."
      "Now I like that." Rance stood up and walked over to Eric. He bent down and held their hands together as he looked Eric straight in the eye. "Young man, you just may have saved my life today. I swear to you here and now, that I will never have another drink. I am going to get myself back to work and return to my park. That ass hole they got taking care of it now don't know shit. I love that park. It is my life. You gave it back to me today.
      "Don't let this other shit scare you none. My boys won't hurt you and they won't sex you up none neither. I'll kill em ifn they do. You come to see me sometime. I really do thank you, from the bottom of my heart."

     Once we got back on the path through the park I ran as hard and fast as I could. I don't know what it was but I just really hadn't wanted to hear all of that. It kind of bothered me. I wondered how other people feel when they read about what Eric and I do. Maybe I shouldn't write anymore of this.

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