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The Forgotten Boys Chapter 10



On Friday I spent some time with Elliot whom I had neglected to talk to for a few days already. The way he was always working, I was wondering why he needed so much money and I wanted to know more about him. I already knew that organized runaways tried to accumulate money, and put it aside before leaving. I thought it might have been Elliot's plan, to gather as much as possible before disappearing from home. Oh boy, was I wrong this time, and glad to be! Yes, he was neglected at home; a drinking mother that could care less about her children and an overwhelmed father that didn't make enough money to supply both his wife's habits and his children's needs, even if he was working twelve or more hour shifts. Therefore, they had very little, barely any toys, no cable, an old television and old clothes; most of them even had holes in them.


Elliot had two younger siblings. A brother named Zach who was nine going on ten, and a sister, seven years old named Caroline. He was even bringing them some of the food we had here, and the money he was getting, he used to take care of his brother and sister. He bought them some toys, more and better quality food, new clothes; things his father couldn't afford to buy for his siblings. He was happy to be able to give his brother, Zach, and sister, Caroline, things he never had himself growing up. What an angel and here I was expecting the worse of him, when all along the boy was all caring and loving.


I told him I would have Chuck pack leftovers everyday for him to take home to his family. He just would have to drop by the kitchen before leaving or find Chuck. I told him he could also take some of the fruits we always leave for everyone to eat in between meals for his brother and sister. I also told him not to forget to eat himself. He was a growing boy at thirteen; he needed to eat as well, not just his brother and sister. I gave him a kiss on the forehead before sending him out of my office to do what he wanted. I was glad I had hired such an angel, a compassionate and selfless boy who cared more about his younger siblings than himself. I would make sure he worked here year round and not have to look for another job. Elliot deserved that much.


For the next few mornings, and in the evenings, I kept teaching the boys how to defend themselves. I also taught some of the boys weapons training; some even wanted to learn more about the gadgets I used, as well as how to get better at fighting. I didn't expect so many boys to be interested in all this, but happily extended both morning and evening classes for them. It would help keep them fit, which is a good thing for everyone. I was thinking of creating a morning training routine for everyone so they could do it at their own rhythm and asked Ben and Gabriel to keep the self-defense class going when I was away.


I enjoyed doing it and learned more about all the boys, their strengths and weaknesses, and their physical shape. It even gave me time to just chat with some of them to make sure everything was going well for them.


I got word from Gilles, my realtor, that we had gotten our first school signed over and bought, but it was in bad shape. A second one was going to be signed over soon as well. He also managed to get a great deal on most of the buildings for sale in the neighborhood and made offers on many others, also, that were not for sale, while waiting on news for more buildings. I told Gilles to start immediately giving eviction notices for everyone that wasn't a family with children, and to let the families know of upcoming renovations.


I immediately called Conrad, my architect, to assemble a team to inspect the school building immediately and to start on new plans and demolition plans for the parts that were not easily fixable and were better off simply rebuilt. I told him to design both inside and outside for grades from kindergarten through high school, with classrooms made for a maximum of twenty children at the time. I also asked for a good cafeteria, of course, a big teacher's lounge to keep the staff happy, and to make a good computer lab, science labs and a lot of gym space, as it was intended that there would be a gym class every day for every grade.


The first school would be the boy's school, I told him, and so he could keep that in mind in the design. Boys need to spend their energy and we would make them spend some and keep them healthy and in good shape during gym class. If Conrad judged it necessary and lacked space on the ground floor, he could add more floors as needed. If they could safely be built while the school was in session, we might work that out in the evenings, otherwise we could do it in the summer. We needed a basic school building ready for the September session. We could add to it when we got more students, as I would move more and more families into the area. I also told Conrad to hire three construction consultants to work with him and work out the time and cost estimates for each projects after looking at his plans. We would put a clause into the contract that if they ever got a few days behind schedule we could get rid of that construction crew immediately and have it replaced with another crew that would work efficiently.


We would accept no less than top efficiency from all the crews working for us, and the consultants' job would be to make sure that everything would be done on or ahead of schedule. If the companies and crew couldn't accept that, they wouldn't be hired. They also had to make sure that it wasn't the crew we hired that decided on the amount of time it would take but that we had people that decided that for them so there was no way for any of those companies to try and screw us over. I wanted to make sure everything went smoothly and on schedule. I would accept nothing less. I also told him to keep me informed, send me the plans and planned schedules for everything.


Since the first school was now mine, it was time to find teachers for it. Since I decided this was the boys' school, and I didn't want any undue distractions, it would be an all male teaching staff. I wanted a young staff for the school. That might be discriminatory but I didn't really care; women would get their chance at the other schools. So I put ads online and in the papers for a lot of teachers for all grades and different subjects. Xavier would take care of their background check, but I would conduct the interviews in a very strange manner, depending on each specialty. The interview would consist of having them teach a class to twenty of my boys from all my age groups back at home, and to me, as a test. There would be a vote made by everyone in the class that would decide if the teacher was good enough to have the job or not. I wanted free spirited teachers who could keep their students interested in learning; not mindless robots that would bore the students to death and make them want to quit school. If a teacher wanted to teach the kids outside under a tree and it worked, why not!


It would be a private school in the first place since I would own it, students would wear uniforms which the school would supply themselves at the start of the year. The school would cost nothing for students in the area to attend. It was, of course, to help the low income families in the first place, but also to supply their children a quality of education that the screwed up public system could no longer handle. With the fact that it would be a private school, there would be a code of conduct enforced and a contract signed by both the parent and child that would attend this school. They would learn responsibility for their actions from fourth grade and up. We would treat them both, parents and kids, as responsible beings; that in itself would be a lesson for them all.


The school, once renovated, would be a safe environment under high surveillance with cameras all over the place to keep everyone safe. The code of conduct would be learned quickly by the students because the high security system will catch any transgression immediately and the information transferred to the staff so they could intervene, without any delay, to stop them. Bullying, drugs, weapons on the premises of the school would be dealt with so fast the student trying to smuggle or sell them would be immediately arrested and prosecuted before they even knew how they got caught. The same thing would happen to anyone getting on school grounds illegally, trying to do those same things. The school security guards would immediately intercept them and detain them until the police could come and take them away. Cheating would be much more complicated as well for those who wished to try because even with the teacher's back turned, the students would still get caught by the cameras. I couldn't wait to test all these things; it could become a future standard for other schools in the future if everything worked according to plan.


The day came when we were sending our satellites into space. We had them secured properly in one of our delivery trucks and ready to go for the launch since the night before.


Ben would be driving the truck over with Gabriel as a co-pilot. Xavier would stay on the estate and would be responsible for it while we were all out. I would be using our prototype car with Jeffrey, and I was bringing Joey and Billy to see this. It was Billy's eleventh birthday that day and he wanted to bring his friend, Joey. We had changed their hair color and style the day before so it would be very unlikely that they would be recognized.


We had three rockets which would each transport four satellites. Of course, one of them would have five but that wasn't to be on the record. We would be launching them at forty-five minute interval. We would monitor the launch on site, but back at home, Xavier would also monitor it and test the satellites once released from the rockets. We would be putting them in their best orbit manually over the next few days for best overall coverage to fit us.


The three rockets would all go in a different direction to release the satellites as close as possible as their preplanned orbits. We had a great view for the launch in the command post. Ben and Gabriel were helping some of the staff to secure the satellites in the first rocket to be launch, which was also the one that needed to go the farthest. They would then leave the next four satellites for the staff to install in the second and would take care themselves of the third where the spy satellite was to be hidden.


The staff there was very friendly with all the boys. Joey and Billy were having a great time looking at all the equipment in the room while everything else was getting ready. We were told we would be making history in a way, by sending twelve satellites within a few hours. Ten have been sent at once, which was the previous record, but only with one rocket. We were using three which made it a different kind of record if everything went well.


I set up the camera to film the event for those who wanted to see it back at home. Xavier made a direct link to feed the images back there since he was also monitoring everything back on the estate at the same time.


The first rocket was on the launch pad and ready to go not long before lunch. We had planned the first launch for noon so everything was on schedule. Ben and Gabriel joined us for the first launch and brought the lunch that Chuck had prepared and packed for us in the morning.


The timer showed us the last fifteen seconds. We all counted the last five. "5, 4, 3, 2, 1, go!"

We watched the first launch all in amazement; the fire and smoke on the ground; the rocket flying up into the sky. The sound was very loud even from inside. We watched the rocket become smaller until we couldn't see it anymore. The staff showed us where it was on the monitors. We followed it a while longer before heading outside together and having lunch before the next launch.


Twenty-five minutes after launch we were releasing our first satellite to be deployed. Every five minutes after, we released another one till all four of them were deployed in space. Those were the four farthest satellites. They were to cover Asia and Australia as best as possible once in their final orbit. They couldn't be tested yet; that would come once the final series were in space themselves so we could get a signal to all of them.


With the last one deployed and the second rocket in place for launch, there was already less than five minutes until launch. The second series of satellites were to cover Europe and Africa; they would be released faster than the first series of satellites, because we were closer to that orbit.


We watched the second launch go without a hitch as well and we were still amazed by all of it. The sound was very loud; I'm sure it could be heard pretty far away. I hoped for those living near enough to hear it that these kinds of events were not regular occurrences. The staff told us that we could watch the third one from outside and feel the heat and the wind during the launch; but wearing earmuffs would be a good idea because the noise it made was loud enough to cause some ringing in our ears that would last a few minutes to maybe a few hours. It wasn't really dangerous but they told us not really a pleasant thing either. I decided that we would be using the earmuffs.


The satellites were dropped into orbit from the second rocket pretty close to where they would be in their final orbit. Xavier was glad since it would reduce the time it took to put them into their final orbit.


A few minutes later we were all outside, at a safe distance of course, to watch the final launch. I was holding both Billy on one side and Joey on the other. We could still feel some of the heat from the previous launch on our body. The final launch countdown was on the way; we could see the remaining time on the sign. Everyone had left the site to avoid getting caught in the blast. The last few seconds we felt the heat and saw the smoke up close. It was incredible; even with the earmuffs the sound was still loud. The wind even pushed us back from the railing. We watched the rocket go straight up and heard the sonic boom when it hit the sound barrier speed. It would be a day to remember for the two not so little boys and us older boys as well. Their eyes were full of life and wonder, chatting a mile a minute when their earmuffs were removed; well, more like yelling to hear each other better. I filmed them, it was just so funny. I was sure those who watched from home would want to ask them questions when we got back, or make fun of their antics.


I went back inside to see the final deployment status; those last four were to cover the Americas. Besides a clamp that didn't work at the right time, putting one of the satellites a bit too late into orbit, but easily fixable over the next few days, while we moved every last one of our satellites into their final geostationary orbit, everything went perfectly.


Now it was Xavier's turn at the wheel. He sent the signal to start all the satellites; they were to relay each other the instructions. We waited while everything booted. Once that was done, Xav instructed them to send a status check and for the deployment of the solar panels. Everything checked out again. We applauded the success. He sent the final instruction for them to start moving to their final objective - the stationary orbit; this part took longer because each of them had to be done one by one. In the end, the mission was a success. We all shook hands with the staff there, exchanging pleasantries a bit longer, before heading back to our truck and car to head back home.


A few minutes into the ride home, I noticed we were being followed again. That was the second time lately I had been followed. I was starting to wonder why. I wasn't sure how many were tailing us this time. I expected since the last time we eluded them they would be more organized this time around. Unfortunately for them, so were we, since I was using our prototype car. I slowed down my driving; no one could see who was driving anyway with my tinted windows.


The first alley I saw, I turned into. Immediately, after clearing the building I engaged our cloaking device and continued slowly down into the alley until I could find a good spot to park and hide, that I was unlikely to be hit in, which was between two dumpsters. Two cars immediately followed us into the alley, while one went fast to the next street over to try and see if they could find the direction we went. The second went into the alley slower, checking if there was a spot I could be hiding in. Everyone in the car was quiet, watching what was happening. The second car finally exited the alley going the opposite direction that the first one went.

"I guess we lost them but we'll still wait a few minutes before leaving here. There is probably another car waiting to see if we reappear on the other side. I don't think they will abandon so easily."


Joey asked, "Why are we being followed?"


I answered, "I don't think it is we but more I am being followed. I don't know why yet, I'm sure I'll find out sooner or later. For now we'll be careful, all of us, okay?"


Joey agreed. "Okay! But maybe it is us they are after; you know?"


"That is also a possibility", I said. "We won't let them find you then, I guess. Let me make a call."


I called Gabriel over in the truck and told him that Ben needed to head over to one of the company's buildings, that they might have been followed like we were. He was to enter the underground parking lot and ditch the truck for now. I was going to send for a helicopter to pick them up on the roof and bring them home.


"Let them try to find you this way, I told him. "Here, I'll send you the coordinates on your phone, Gabriel, so you can guide Ben to the building. Don't rush; make your way like nothing is going on so they won't suspect you know you are being followed."


I hung up and sent the address to Gabriel's phone.

I called the office to let them know to have a helicopter ready on the roof in a few minutes. I was sending two boys that were to be the passengers, and told them where I wanted the boys taken.


"Well guys, that will take care of Ben and Gabriel's ride home but just in case Joey was right, I need to make another call before we leave."


I called Xavier back at home and told him we had been followed and possibly Ben and Gabriel have been as well, but that was taken care of for the moment. I told him to use the satellite and the perimeter cameras around the estate to check for any suspicious activities.


"Check for cars parked near the estate for a while, that would show on cameras, and do the same with our newly deployed satellites. If anything remotely strange shows up, raise the alarm and put all the boys in the bunker until we arrive. Until we know more about what is going on we can't take chances. Maybe Joey was right and the boys we had kidnapped are the actual targets, or maybe I am. Either way we have to be careful."


I hung up the phone. "Well guys let's get out of here!"


"What's a bunker, Alex?" asked Billy.

"It's a safe place to hide where no one will find us, like your games of hide and seek. They will seek you but never find you if you are hiding there."

"Wow wicked,' Joey said. "Is that why we never found that place either?"


"Even if you had found it you wouldn't have been able to get in. The place is locked and only a few of us can open it."

"I wanna see it when we get home please, pretty please!" Billy begged.


"Maybe everyone will be in there when we get home. If not, I'll show it to you later today or tomorrow, birthday boy. I'll have work to do when we get home to make sure we're all safe first. Is that okay with the two little terrors in the car?"

Two giggling boys answered their hero, "All right, but it doesn't mean we won't be looking for it once we get back, you know."


That had me laughing. "Good luck then. You know how big the place is. Don't get lost now!"


I kept the car cloaked and drove to the street corner, looking for a big enough space that would let me drive between cars without getting hit. I saw the expected car parked, looking to find us driving out of the alley. I stayed in the right lane; tailing the car in front really close in case a car came up behind, it might not get close enough to hit us. Fortunately the next two lights were green so I was able to drive two blocks away then turned right and uncloaked the car but instead of the red color it was earlier, I used a metallic blue color.


We had once again eluded our tail.


I drove home quickly after that. We arrived when the helicopter was heading back out, so I knew that Ben and Gabriel made it home safely. The boys were still outside, which told me the estate was still secured. We would need to get our truck back as well but it could still be watched by our suspects. We did without that one for a few days and would reclaim it when I felt it was safe. I sent the boys playing and Jeffrey went to take care of his own things while I joined Xavier in the security room.


"Hi lover! I guess the perimeter is safe since the boys are still outside?"


"Yes it is. I made several checks and it still is at the moment. I believe that it's you that's being followed, and not the boys. They have no idea about them. Since it's the second time you were followed and both times they knew where you were to begin with, the best guess is that they are trying to find out where you are going. So they are trying to find this place!"


"I think the same thing, I said. "They will eventually find it and make their move. So I must try to make a move on them first to find out more."


"That's risky, you know."


"I sure do, but we have to protect what we have here and the best way to do that is for me to stop them before they can get to us."


"That's true, Xavier agreed. "So what are you planning to do?"


"I want you to get the satellite network working as soon as you can, especially the one that is above us. Also, we will deploy the spy satellite today. Screw the risks of it being spotted. They are minimal at best. We might need it so bring it back to this area as well."


"No problem there. I'll handle it now. Anything else?"


"We'll distribute the watches to everyone today; teach the boys the watches options and how to use the panic button. Furthermore, I'll ask Ben and Gabriel to teach everyone the escape procedures in case of an emergency so everyone can get to the bunker in case it is needed. The new boys don't even know about that yet, unlike the others we have living here."


"All good ideas," said Xavier. "I'll also keep the alert level at high like there is an imminent threat coming. The computer seems to be working well so far. It isn't yet Artificial Intelligence but I'm satisfied so far with what it can do. It should be able to perceive a threat and warn us automatically and quickly."


"Good! Make it so, please. Tomorrow we switch to our satellite phones, using our own network and our own GPS system. Do you think the prototype phones created by our company, SimCorp, are going to work with our satellite network?"


"If we can synchronize them with the satellite network, I don't see why not. Logan thought so as well when we made the satellites. If it works, sweetie, we will make the 3G and future 4G networks look like a joke. We will have live feed via satellites directly into the phone. I can't wait to see what we can do with those if they work."


"Well then love, have them send some over immediately so you can toy with them as I know you want to! I will be busy myself as well. I don't want you to miss me, and I know you won't have much time for me if you're playing with new toys!!!"


"Funny guy! But do be careful," he said, punching my arm.


"Already got my watch on," I told him. "I also still swallow Logan's GPS caplet every day. You should now be able to keep track of me via satellites every minute of every day."


"Any damage on any of them so far from going through your digestive system every day?"


"Nope, nothing I can see. It was a great little invention. This micro GPS device enclosed in a caplet, resistant to stomach acid, doesn't hurt going in or out. Sometimes the simplest of inventions are the most effective."


"I'm glad! I sure don't want to lose you!" he said kissing me.


I spent a few more minutes with Xavier, kissing him back and a bit of fondling before heading over to the lab and grab the watches that I would be distributing to everyone at dinner.


I also went to my office to check emails and take care of a bit of business and took the opportunity to use our emergency system to tell everyone, including staff, to be at the school cafeteria at four-thirty, which was soon, for a meeting before dinner.



At four-thirty everyone was in the cafeteria as I had asked so I started the meeting immediately.


"Hi everyone thanks for being here like I asked and on time. First order of today's meeting is these watches. I am distributing them to every one of you; Xavier will register them with the computer so we know who has which watch. You must wear them at all times. They are special watches. Before asking questions let me explain everything about them then I will answer your questions, guys.


"Watch closely. There are buttons in both ends of the watch. If you press them at the same time it will act as a panic button telling us where you are and that you are hurt or someone is trying to hurt you. It will then automatically record and send to the computer everything that is being said so you can tell us what is wrong or, if you can't, we'll still hear what is happening around you. This will help me keep you safer here due to the lack of staff working here as we chose it to be.


"Second thing on this watch is that if it is removed, pull off or ripped off, it will also activate the panic button automatically. The watch is completely waterproof, also partly solar powered, as well as battery powered so the watch battery life should be at least five years. The watch is also sturdy so it should withstand extreme sports if you do them. Since they each have a communicator inside, with the number of one of your friends, you can speak to each other with it, but it isn't really gonna be used for that. We are gonna test some satellites phones over the next few days with our network and when everything works, we are gonna provide every one of you with one. Any questions about the watches?"


"Can we still use it as a spy gadget in our games even after we get a cell phone?" Billy, the birthday boy asked.


"Yes, you can if you want. Just don't start using the panic button for no reason. If you somehow manage to run out the batteries, the computer will warn us and we will replace your watches before it happens so you don't have to worry there. Anything else?"


"Do we have to wear them even to bed?" Sean asked.


"Yes, you'll all get use to it, bed, shower, swimming, sports. Unless it has to be removed for some kind of competition or something like that you will keep them on at all times. We will automatically know if you remove it so take it as a new rule."


I took a drink of juice before resuming. "Well, that's it for the watches; Xavier is distributing them now and registering you as I speak. So the next item on this meeting is this. Twice already lately I have been followed so I'm expecting that sooner or later they will find this place which is why it is so important you wear those watches in the first place. I was thinking earlier that Ben and Gabriel would teach you what we do in a case of an emergency here, but I'm gonna start telling you now. When the alarm rings on the estate for an emergency, and we might try to put that alarm on your watches soon so it doesn't warn the intruders as well, even if you think it might be practice, you run to the nearest tunnel access point and get into the tunnel system. Getting into the tunnel as fast as possible is the most important part, after that you start making your way to the house. For those with training also, when the alarm is on, the tunnels also automatically unlock the access to weapons and equipment to defend ourselves. Of course, they are not lethal weapons, but our usual stun guns and such.


"When you arrive at the house through the tunnel, you will discover, during an emergency, there will be a stairway open to all of you to get to the lower floor which I call the bunker. This is where you need to get to. There are emergency supplies there and we can even live there a few days if necessary.


"The computer will guide you and warn you if there are intruders in the tunnel systems and advise you of the best course of action. In case you can't find your way to the bunker in the emergency scenario, there is a not so pleasant alternative, the sewer system; it can lead you out of the estate near the river. There is a dock you will see near where you first get out. The largest boat is mine, if there is more than one parked there. You can access it with your hand prints and hide there, till the crisis has passed.


"We will do a drill for this after dinner. If you need more information on what I just talked about, come see me or any of the ancient boys here. They all know the procedures, but wait after the exercise before doing so."


I walked over to Billy and grabbed him, putting him on my shoulders.


"And now for a bit of good news, this is Billy. He's eleven today, so happy birthday! I was also told that many of you boys enjoyed playing shooter games like Halo, Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon and so on. So, as a surprise, later tonight we will camp out and have two paintball wars with everyone here participating. First one will be while the sun is still out, and a second in the darkness. I will need volunteers to help set up the tents, and you working boys, you can also participate and sleepover for the event. By the way, you also get watches like everyone else.


"Now that's it for the meeting. Let's eat and thank our cooks for their hard work to keep us well feed and healthy."


Everyone applauded our cooks. We all filled ourselves with food and my boyfriend finished registering everyone's watches with the computer.


After dinner we had our emergency drill to teach everyone and answered questions before our evening of incoming fun.


End of chapter 10





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