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Chapter 2


Jeffrey was worried about Alexander.  Alex usually checked in every few days, but nothing in a week yet.  Jeffrey was the only adult in Alexander's life even if Alex was Jeffery's boss. Jeffrey had become attached to Alexander these past couple of years.  The boy had taken him off the streets, from a life where he had been a vagrant and beggar and transformed him into what Jeff would call a `butler'.


In reality, Jeffery did more than that. He took care of the shopping, the cooking, and the cleaning of the place. He even ensured the bills were paid.  Alexander provided the money from his illicit activities, but he needed an adult voice to buy him things like cars, houses or anything else a kid would look suspicious buying. Jeffrey was his cover for everything of the sort. 


            A lot had changed since they first started working together. The kid had become a lot richer.  He also designed his actual house.  Jeffrey no longer took care of the cleaning and cooking there because Alexander started taking in `strays' as Jeffrey called them.  Alexander refers to them simply as his family, boys thrown out of their home or runaways from a bad situation that ended up living on the street.  Now those boys took care of the place in return they were safe, feed and housed.


For as long as Jeffery had known him, Alexander couldn't remember where he was from.  He had training in martial arts, as well as knowledge of spying and espionage.  These skills have been his ticket to making a lot of money.  Alexander had thought that he was probably trained by his parents this way, who might have been doing the same thing themselves. However, he has no memory at all about his younger years.  He chooses his jobs online. His identity always left unknown, money transferred directly between accounts so no one ever knew they dealt with a kid.


Alexander had been seeing a hypnotist to try and remember his past, but so far it had turned up nothing.  They came to the conclusion that Alex must have been brainwashed. Alex had entertained the possibility that maybe his family had been captured by some organization, and thinking `this kid is no threat' they brainwashed him and left him on the street somewhere not wanting a kid's murder on their conscience. 


            Over the last couple of years, Alexander kept doing the same kinds of jobs.  Then Alexander found Xavier last year on the street and brought him home.  It turned out that this kid was a computer prodigy. He could do almost anything with a computer. His brilliance on the stock market along with Alexander's many jobs in the high tech industry, gave them a real advantage making lots of money. They would invest based on the damage Alexander was causing. The companies he would hit would have their stocks crumble, while the stock of the ones he worked for went up! In return they made a killing. 


Now Alexander was so rich, Jeffrey didn't even know how much he had.  Now it was other boys' responsibilities to cook and clean instead of Jeffrey's.  Jeffrey just did all the worrying instead.


Jeffery had walked into Xavier's computer room that afternoon. "Xavier, have you heard from Alexander?"


"No Jeffery I haven't. Why anything wrong?"


"Well he is overdue on check in. And you know how he is. He should have called in by now. Can you do a search for him in New York?"


Xavier was Alex boyfriend practically glued together whenever Alex wasn't working or training.  He was fourteen standing five feet six inches flashy blue eyes and light brown hair.  He was a bit on the thin side and Alex kept trying to get him to do more exercise, but Xavier is just plain geeky. All he cares about beside sex with Alex is his computers.  Xavier went through all of his usual checks. When Xavier ran Alexander's picture through the missing person database, he found that he has been picked up and processed in New York and was in children services care.


"Jeff, I don't know what happened but he has been picked up in New York and put in the care of social services.  I think we need to go there and find out more." Xavier said, with real concern on his face.


            Jeffrey and Xavier set off for New York to find him, setting up the hotel reservation online while on their way. They took their fake passports and IDs with them; along with a set of Alexander's in case he was found.  Xavier had hacked into children services database and found where Alexander had been taken, the Hamilton Home for Boys . 


The staff at Hamilton wasn't much help to them.  They refused to answer any of Jeffrey's questions about Alexander or his stay there. It was as if they were trying to make them believe he had never been there in the first place. Impatient Jeffery showed them the Child Services papers that proved he had been there.  The staff finally told them that he had vanished from the home a few days previous.  Finding no luck at the Hamilton Home for Boys, Xavier and Jeffrey left to find the priest that had brought him to the police station.  


The priest, Father Corey, was untrustworthy of them, thinking they were the ones that had hurt Alexander and that they were trying to finish the job they started. It took them a while to gain his trust but eventually the priest told them what he knew about Alexander and that he had not come back here after they told him he had vanished from Hamilton.   


Next, they went to the hotel that Alexander had stayed at, on this trip. Jeffery checked Alexander out of the hotel after picking up his stuff from the room. They left Alexander's car there for the moment. His Lotus would be safe in the hotel's underground parking lot. There had been no trace of Alexander coming back here either. If the priest was right, Alexander had lost his memory and it wasn't back yet.



            They left for the hotel Xavier had booked on their drive over.  They both needed rest after the long drive over and their side trips to Hamilton and the church. They would stay in this hotel while looking for Alex until they found him.  They figured between the two of them, they knew him better than anyone else. Putting their head together they tried to think like Alexander and guess his next move. However, thinking like someone with memory loss wasn't an easy task, because they didn't know exactly what he remembered.  Maybe his skills would have been forgotten as well although unlikely since he remembered them even with his older memory loss.


They both thought it was unlikely that he would leave the city at this point. If they were Alexander, they would probably try to seek out people who knew who they were to answer some questions. Leaving town would defeat that purpose. However, if the priest was right, Alex could have felt he was in danger as long as he stayed in town. If he had not retained his skills he could have left town out of fear. They had to hope he still remembered how to use his skills. His breakout from Hamilton was a good indication. As long as his skills were intact he should still be in town. From the available data Alex leaving town wasn't impossible just improbable.


            So the best assumption was that Alexander was still in town.  What would he do next?  Most likely he would try and get some money to feed and clean himself up with. Wandering the most populated streets and parks would be a likely place to start. There he could possibly run into someone that might know him.  However, not being from New York, it was very unlikely that he would run into someone he knew, so it was up to Jeffery and Xavier to find him.


            First order of business was to buy two disposable cell phones, one for each of them. They needed a temporary local number while looking for Alexander. Xavier made pictured flyers with the numbers to reach them posted in each.  They would put them up on telephone poles and in the parks located in high traffic areas. They would also talk to people on the street to see if they had seen him lately.  Part of their hope was that Alexander would see a flyer with his picture on it and call himself. 


One strategy they came up with was to retrace his steps. Xavier would start in the area around the church where Alexander had wandered to, while Jeffrey would start around the Hamilton Home for Boys where he had ran away from.  Both were interviewing people in the parks and visiting restaurants where he would most likely have eaten. Each positive response could help find where he would be heading up to next.


            As Xavier expected, the first clues were found on his side of the search, Jeffrey wasn't having any luck. After the first day of the search, having found nothing on Hamilton's side of town, the next day they worked opposite direction from around the church.  Xavier was convinced that Alexander's mind was intact and that he would have discovered some of his skills by now. Alexander would have acted the same rational way he would normally have, trying to find himself, by going back where it all started.  The logical next step for Alexander would be to come back in the area it all started and ask questions of the local people. They figured this would be their best bet, patrolling this area.


            Over the next few days they got several calls from people having seen Alexander.  The people told them he had looked lost.  Most sightings had been in the area predicted by Xavier.  It was time to step up the search. First, they would print more flyers and then hire some of the local boys from the area to help look for him, offering a small reward for finding him as a bonus.


Arriving in the park, they asked the boys playing there if they were interested in making some money to help find a missing boy.  At first the boys were reluctant. Some of them were even thinking that the strange man and his boy were trying to pay them to have sex. 


"No... No guys. We aren't trying to proposition you. We are just trying to find a lost friend." Xavier explained as he handed them all flyers. "This is our friend Alexander. He is lost and may not remember who he is."


"We would just like you to look around. Since you boys are from this neighborhood it should not be difficult. If you spot him, just give us a call to let us know where he is. Don't try to detain him or trick him though. He may be a bit unpredictable. Just call us." Jeffery told them.


"Here is twenty-five buck for each of you. We will pay you twenty-five more at the end of the day. Plus and extra hundred to the boys that find him." Xavier said.


End of chapter 2 (to be continued ...)

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