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Chapter 3



I had been wandering around town for a few days already. Nothing was sparking any memories and no one seemed to have notice me or called me by name yet. I had been using the money I stole from those thugs to eat in fast-food restaurants and street corner hot dogs stands. I slept in parks and washed in the showers of public pools to which I bought tickets for exactly that purpose.

I was starting to wonder if I was even from this neighborhood???

I was wandering back to the area I awoke in several days ago, when I first lost my memory. I thought that maybe I would cross paths with the people that put me in this position in the first place. If I could defend myself well enough to capture one of them, I might get some answers. I couldn't go back to the cops to ask if someone had been looking for me, and the Father Corey would most likely take me back to the Hamilton Home for Boys. That would just start this madness all over again.

It was mid-afternoon and I felt like I was being watched or even followed. I slowed my pace a bit to try and see if I could spot who was giving me those uneasy feelings. I didn't notice anyone, but that didn't mean there wasn't anybody there. Too many people were wandering the streets at this time of day for me to be able to determine who was following me. The best way to bring him or them out was to go into a less crowded area. I didn't want to give away that I knew I was being followed, so I casually turned down the next alley.

There was nobody in the alley at the moment. It would be easy to see if I was really followed now. I turned behind a building to hide waiting for my follower. I heard hurried footstep and took a quick look, two teens were coming my way. I waited right around the corner hugging the brick wall, for them to show. The steps slowed down, my guess was right they were being cautious and going to try and look for me from the corner.

As soon as one of them peaked around the corner, I grabbed his head and pulled him to me, putting him in a simple headlock. It was a boy near my age; another boy was with him he took steps away from me. I figure he was thinking of running for help. I had to act quickly if I would keep them both there. I decided to bluff my way instead.

"Hey boy, if you run for help, your friend here will be dead before help comes." I said to him. To prove my point, I made a show of applying a bit of pressure to his friend's neck. Not really hurting him, but more of a show for his friend.

He hesitated! I was fairly sure I now had his attention.

I asked them, "Why were you following me just now? The both of you? Are you trying to mug me or something? Or do you know me?" I tried to put as much edge in my tone of voice as possible.

The boy in my hold was maybe an inch shorter than me. He suddenly stopped struggling. His friend was trembling visibly as he pulled open a sheet of paper and was trying to show it to me. He was too far though and the trembling of his hand made it impossible to read it.


"Look I can't read it, you are going to have to bring it closer and hold it steady."


His voice squeaked as he said, "Let Ryan go first... Please!"


"Ok but don't run off and don't try anything funny. I don't want to hurt you but I will!"

I released Ryan and his friend handed me the sheet of paper. The two boys were frozen in fear of me. Neither one wanting to look at me, instead finding spots on the ground that were more interesting. The first thing I noticed was that there was a picture of me on the paper.


`Lost boy may answer to the name Alexander. If found please contact...' was written on the flyer.


Alexander... It was my real name! Maybe my memory was not as damaged as I thought.


"This is why you were following me? Where did you get it?" I asked


They nodded yes. Ryan spoke up, "We met two guys that offered us money to help find you. They said they were close friends of yours. He even warned us not to try and catch you or anything, just find you. I see why... We called the older guy named Jeffery, a few minutes ago. We were just supposed to follow you until they get here."

Jeffery... that name... it struck a cord with me. It was just a hint of a memory, but it still seemed out of reach.

We left the alley and headed back to the main street, to where they had first called Jeffery from.


Tad, the other boy spoke up, this is the location we gave then on the phone. They should be here any..."


Tad was interrupted by a loud yell. "ALEXANDER!!!"


I turned to sound of the yell to see a boy, about my age, running toward me with both arms open. Then a strange thing happened. It was like two gut reactions went off at the same instant.


The first was a flinch as I almost kicked into a defensive posture to face this incoming threat. The second was a spark of recognition, a flint of a memory. The second one relaxed my body and opened my arms to receive my boyfriend. A smile broke out on my face as familiar scents, and sensations washed over my body.


A man came running up behind him, I'm sure was Jeffery. He seemed really concerned and was looking over my still visible bruises. He gave Ryan and Tad an envelope of money to split with their friends. He also told them they could call off the search.

The next several minutes were a blur of questions; most I didn't have an answer too. We walked down the street to where they had a car waiting. I got in the back seat and Xavier sat beside me, not wanting to let go. Xavier... My boyfriend's name was Xavier. He had tears rolling down his face, as he couldn't take his eyes off of me.


Jeffery took the wheel. He told me after a brief stop to check out of their hotel and to return the rental car they were using; we would be on our way home. He told me that my car was still in the other hotel parking lot. He had checked me out a few days ago when they arrived here to look for me. He said he could arrange for someone to drive it back home later. We would just need to send back the spare keys when we got home.

With everything set for our departure back home, Jeffrey and Xavier took me down to the hotel parking lot where we got into an incredible looking car. It was a black Mercedes-Benz. It looked wicked and expensive so naturally I asked Jeffrey if he was rich to own a car like this. Jeffrey chuckled. Xavier broke into hysterical fits of laughter.


Jeffrey replied, "No I am not rich and this isn't my car. It is also not a rental either."


Xavier punched me on the arm, and between his fits laughter said, "This is one of your cars dummy, you collect cars, and the one back at the other hotel is your Lotus Esprit, one of your favorites." I looked back at him stunned.

Jeffery spoke up, "Alexander, it is true, you own this car, you own basically everything you will see when we get home, and we work for you or with you as you prefer to say it. You are the boss! You hired me off the street because you needed an adult voice to be taken seriously and I became that voice for you. Actually, I'm the only adult working for you, the rest you will see when we get home, now let's get going."

We took off from the hotel in my incredible car. Jeffrey was heading out of the city. After a while of driving I fell asleep in the back seat.



On the drive back Jeffrey and Xavier looked over to find Alex had fallen asleep.

Quietly Xavier leaned forward to speak with Jeffery. He was trying not to wake Alex as he figured he really needed the sleep. "I guess living a few days on the street took its toll on him."

Jeffery smiled as he said back, "You lived on the street, same as I have for a while, remember? Did you sleep well when you were there?"


"I guess your right Jeff, I sure didn't, I was always afraid someone would hurt me. I never slept well until Alexander found me and took me with him. Now it is our turn to take care of him till he gets better."

Jeffrey's smile widened. "Of course we will he doesn't even need to continue doing this type of work. He's plenty rich already"

"I guess not, but I think it is something else, I think he needs the challenge."


"Maybe this time with what happened, he will retire from the spying business."


"Do you think he will get his memory back soon?"


"I wouldn't bet on it, even with his superior skills, his memory has always been a problem. He doesn't know of his past before he found and took us in, you know that. We have talked about it often enough with each other, so it is a possibility the same thing will happen now.

They hadn't noticed Alex as he stirred wake near the end of their conversation.


I woke up to hear my friend and lover talking with concern about me. I spoke up, "I can tell you why I keep doing the spy work, it is simple really, you just said it Jeff. I don't remember my past, my parents, the training all that stuff. I'm hoping that in one of those missions someday, I will come across some answers about my past."

Xavier beamed! "Oh Alexander, you remember now? I'm so glad my friend!" He said taking me in his arms and hugging me tight.


I grinned despite myself. "Not everything yet, but I'm starting to put the puzzle together in my dreams. There are still lots of pieces missing though, I hope after a couple days back home most of the puzzle pieces will fall back together, and I'll be back to normal. How far are we, I still don't remember that part yet?"


Jeffrey looked at me through the rearview mirror as he spoke. "We're coming up to the Canadian border now, another hour or so drive after that."

"Great, I really need a few hours sleep in a real bed," I said smiling back at him.

Xavier grabbed my head and kissed me full on the mouth. "Do you remember that part?"

I smiled and teased him by saying, "I think I need more of a reminder." I leaned up and kissed him back. After a couple of minutes, we must have been getting a bit loud.

"Hey cut that out you two, we are almost at the border." Jeff said with a laugh, so we stopped and Xavier lay down on the seat beside me with his head in my lap.


End of chapter 3


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