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Chapter 4

We got through border check easily enough and an hour later we arrived home. There was a fifteen foot brick wall on both sides of the gate going as far as the eye can see in both directions. We went through the gate and the estate opened up to me, it was huge. The first thing that caught my eye was this huge mansion. It was the closest building, about a hundred meter from the entrance, but there were more buildings off in the distance. As he drove past the gate, it automatically closed behind us. Earlier Xavier had told me that I had designed the house myself and had it built before we moved here.

"It's huge..." I said.

Xavier smiled as he reached into his bag. He pulled out his laptop and turned it on. He pulled up a file and turned the screen over to Alex. On the screen were schematics of a large multi-level structure. "You see there are 3 floors above ground and two basement levels."

He clicked a few commands and the schematics zoomed out. It showed buildings behind the main building. "In the back you have an indoor heated pool and Jacuzzi. You use it to exercise almost every day and the Jacuzzi often to relax when done. You also have a gym."

Xavier hit a few more commands and the computer zoomed to the top floor of the main house. "The third floor is dedicated to bedrooms each two bedrooms sharing a bathroom in between them. Twelve master size bedrooms are on that floor and one big family room at the end of the floor with a 52 inch flat screen and a PS3 hooked on it.

"A large staircase comes through the middle of the house not far from the family room, and one smaller one near the back of the house. There are also balconies leading out of the rooms and one big balcony out of the family room. Each bathroom has two sinks, with mirrors, a large corner tub Jacuzzi and a walk-in shower big enough for two. There is also a toilet and a urinal on the wall, and a skylight."

"Do you have a layout of the bedrooms?" I asked.

Xavier smiled and made a few keystrokes. A box zoomed down to one of the rooms, and then enlarged the view so that the room took up the entire screen. "The bedrooms each have a huge king size bed. They have plenty of storage, with a walk in closet and two bedside tables, one on each side. Two trunks were at the bottom of the bed, a couple of chest of drawers for clothes on the far wall, a vanity, and a full length mirror. Each room also comes equipped with an alarm clock, a 36 flat screen television on the wall with a DVD player, and a large computer desk and a fully loaded computer. Each room also has patio doors leading to a private balcony."

"What about the family room?" Alex asked

After a few more clicks, the screen zoomed back out to the third floor, and then flew back down until only the family room was visible. "Well The family room is pretty big with five sofas arranged in a big `U' shape, three in front of the television and one sideways on either side. There is big table in the middle of sofas with pillows around it to sit on. We generally use it to play board games. There is also a small bar with three stools in the back of the room for refreshments with a refrigerator to keep them cold."

"Are all them being used, the bedrooms that is?"

Xavier smiled at me. "On the third floor basically yes, I sleep in the master bedroom with you here." A few clicks and the screen moved to show our room in the house. "But we have eleven more boys that live with us and Jeffrey of course. Each has their own room, but some often sleep in the same room together."

"What can you tell me about the other boys so I don't look stupid not remembering them or their names?" I asked with a sheepish grin.

He just laughed at me, "Sure my love!" he made a few clicks and pictures with dossier stats appeared. Let's start with Jamie and Christian they are our resident cooks. This is Jamie. He is five feet one with brown eyes and medium length brown hair, some nice full lips, larger than average nose. Nice dimples on his cheeks too. He can be seen often wearing black, like in this photo. It is his favorite color. He's strong for his size, stocky build with good strong arms and legs." Xavier chuckled, "And although I haven't seen him naked! Unless he fills his jeans with socks he's got quite the package showing in his tight jeans."

He clicked and the profile changed. "Christian is fifteen, stands five feet nine inches with light brown hair looks almost blond, especially in the summer like it is now. He keeps it at shoulder length I'm sure many girls envy his hair. He has dark blue eyes, a small nose on rather thin face, looks almost girlish and some rather cute pink lips. His shoulder and body size are small. The first time I saw him was from the back. I thought you had brought a girl home. His bubble butt doesn't help matters." Xavier said, winking at me. "He's not into sports, except for flirting and teasing the boys when he's working. If there was an Olympic sport for flirting and teasing, he would win for sure."

He stroked a few keys and a slightly older boy appeared on the screen. "Benjamin is going on seventeen. We call him Ben. He stands five feet eight inches of solid muscles. No fat anywhere on his body, but he does pack a solid six pack and big arms. He is the strongest of the boys here." I admired his brown hair and blue gray eyes. He was kind of a rugged looking kid. "He is average looking I guess, but he's a really nice guy. And he is always willing to help the others. He keeps the others under control when you are not around."

Xavier made a few more commands, and beautiful platinum blond boy came up on screen. The thing that caught me though was his eyes. There was power in those eyes. Where Ben is, most of the time there is Gabriel his shadow, his best friend here. He's a tall fifteen years old at five feet ten inches and still growing. He is of a medium build but pretty strong, into sports and wrestling with Ben."

"He reminds me of that guy from Final Destination."

"Alex, is that more of you memory coming back?" Jeff asked from the front seat.

"I don't know... that just popped in my head." I said.

"Yea he does kind of look like him. He's blessed with that perfect face, giving him that pretty boy jock look. I'm sure the girls would drool over him and pin posters of him on their walls. Unfortunately for them, he's gay, out of the closet, and that's the way we like him."

The next boy appeared on the screen, the name `Logan' at the top of his profile. There was something about him, nagging at the back of my brain. "This guy is your electronic specialist. Logan is a great companion to my skills. He has been building a robot for a while, but right now you have him building you a satellite. That boy can build or take apart anything and understands its working like you wouldn't believe. He's sixteen, like Ben. He's thin, standing five feet eight inches with brown hair and beautiful green eyes. His hair is usually messy but it works for him. He is usually shy and reserved, but you're drawn to him because of it. He loves hugging and he is very affectionate."

It clicked; I had an image of making love to this boy. He has been in bed with me and Xavier a number of times. His reddish thin lips on my mouth, my neck, working all over my body, oh the things that mouth could do.

Xavier gave me a knowing grin, "He's my best friend... outside of you and Jeffrey of course.

"Leo is our shortest boy, standing at four feet seven inches he's thirteen." The cute boy on the screen had light brown hair and killer green eyes with a touch of copper in the middle. "He's a charmer, thin pinkish upper lip and a fuller lower lip on a small mouth. His face is perfect, nearly round, with those reddish cheeks, could easily be a model if he wanted. He loves music, writes it, and plays many instruments as well."

"Joshua is fourteen," He had this long light brown hair falling near his shoulders, with blue eyes shining back at you. Xavier continued, "Sometimes those baby blues of his get a hint of green mixed in. I like his nice face with a big mouth and good lips. He stands five foot four inches with a medium build. He is into sports as well.

"David just turned sixteen. He's five foot seven with blond hair and blue eyes. He wears an earring on his left ear. He is of medium build with a nice face complimenting his medium length hair."

"And then there is Sean. He just turned fifteen. He's got the surfer look and attitude. With messy blond hair and light blue eyes long face and nice smile he can swoon the girls. He seems always happy with his smile nearly permanently on his face. His darker tone cheeks really make him a charmer. You will often see him in the water. You'll often see him around in nothing but his green trunks, it is his favorite color."

"Here is Nathaniel, but most of us call him Nat or even Nathan, you generally call him Nathan. He is fifteen and standing at five foot six inches, dark brown hair and brown eyes. He is average looking, but playful. He plays guitar and keyboard with Leo a lot. He is mostly skin and bones, but he's still a growing boy. He should start filling out soon. He is also very social and fun to be around."

Xavier clicked a few more keys, "Last is Nicolas. He is thirteen and stands about five feet even." The young boy smiling back at me on the screen had this round face framed by black hair with these cute blond streaks. His two tone hair really accented his sparkling blue eyes.

"I like his hair." I said

"Yea, He spends a lot of time on his hair to make it look that good and he pulls it off well. He's a chatterbox though. He will talk your ear off if you don't stop him. Wait till you see his killer bubble butt, you will wanna grab a hold of it and squeeze. He actually loves that, makes him hard instantly, often the easiest way to shut him up is just to grab him in a hug and play with his perfect ass. His ass is so sensitive spewed his load a few times already just by one of us playing with his butt like that. He is lovable and social, all in all a great kid that we all like and look out for."

"Thanks Xav, I'll try to remember all that and not make a fool of myself. You wanna tell me about the rest of the house?"

Well we're already sitting in the car in front of it, might as well head inside to the kitchen. Xav can show you the rest while we eat a snack. You must be hungry."

On cue, my stomach gave a grumble. "Sure, I could really use one."

We sat in the kitchen each on a stool at the breakfast counter bar eating an apple and Xavier now connected to the big screen on the far wall, continued his tour of the house.

"Why do we have a big screen TV in the kitchen Jeff?"

"To watch the news in my case but for our resident cooks Christian and Jamie they use it to watch cooking shows and try new recipes, or anything else they wish to watch while cooking for us."


"The second floor contains a big study. You have about ten thousand books in there about all kind of stuff. There is also the master bedroom, actually a bit bigger than the bedrooms on the third floor. It has a huge bathroom with a two person Jacuzzi and a shower large enough for four people with water spraying from all side." Xavier winked at me. "I can tell you, we have had fun in there many times before. This master bedroom also has a few other additions. There is a voice activated computer linked to your security room there as well as in your office. There are two computer desks, each with a computer using two large monitors, one for each of us. It also has a 60 inch flat screen television on the wall with a surround system and BluRay player.

"Also your cinema room is on this floor, completely soundproof. It can seat up to fifty people, and is decorated just like a cinema. You even have a concession room just off the cinema with a bar, popcorn machine, soda fountain, and other goodies. There is even a bathroom with urinals. You're office is also on this floor, along with another family room same as one above on the third floor near the steps, this time with an Xbox 360."

I was impressed, "Wow, I guess I will have lots of visiting to do later, might help me remember some. So the ground floor is bigger with the gigantic garage what else is there?"

Xavier punched in a few keys and the schematic shifted to the ground floor. "Well the garage is gigantic your right, but you have lots of cars. The garage also has its own shop to work on the cars, including its own paint shop. On top of it is a garden type balcony, which you love spending time on thinking about who knows what. Of course I mentioned that in the back is the building with the indoor pool, Jacuzzi, gym room and sauna as well as a changing room again with urinals.

"Also on the ground floor is the large kitchen, as you can see here, it is fully equipped with top of the line stuff. Through that door is the big dining room. It can sit thirty people and can double as a conference room as well. And of course this smaller one we use for ourselves." He pointed to the other room off the kitchen.

"There is also another family room just like the two others, this one equipped with a Wii system." Xavier entered a few commands and the view shifted down, below surface. "In the first basement you have the laundry room. There is also the play room, which is a favorite of the boys here. It is equipped with arcade games, pinball machines, a pool table, an air hockey table, a ping pong table and a couple of foosball tables.

"Right off that room is another play room but for console games. There is a TV on each wall and one of each of the newer game system plugged onto it. There are also some of the older game systems plugged in unlike the newer game consoles there isn't one of each on each television. There is bookcases filled with games all around the room there and this is where we get the games from for the upstairs systems as well. It serves as a games storage room."

He made a few key strokes and the view flew out to a view of most of the property. There were passages leading out in every direction. "The underground tunnels lead to the other buildings. They are just off the play rooms. You had this made so we don't need to get dressed to go from one place to another in the winter."

Xavier punched in a few more commands and the screen zoomed back to the basement, and then moves to a sub basement. "The second basement is a bunker, also double as a panic room if needed. Since it has blast doors protecting its entrance it is next to impossible for anyone to enter this basement unless we allowed them in. Down there is your power station.

"You're using multiple power sources for the whole estate. The roof of this house is entirely covered by solar panels except for the skylights of course. You have a geothermal power source as well, and you're connected to the electrical grid as a backup. You also have towers outside that look like windmills. They are wind turbines so we are wind powered too. Everything is connected into the power room from underground wires so no one can possibly break in and cut the power unless they had access to the power room.

"Only you, Jeffrey and I can access that room. It is protected by a blast door and 3 security systems. You need a voice password, a fingerprint and a retinal scan to open it. You also have your main server room down there protected the same way. We also have a supply room with a kitchen, just in case. Our research room is also down there. It is where we keep our prototypes safe. The primary security room is beside the power room that keeps tracks of all movement on your estate."

"I was wondering why my home was locked up tighter then Fort Knox. "Why would I need all this?"

Jeffery piped in, "Simple, your job as a spy made you paranoid. You built this place so no one could get to you and capture you inside your own home. You even have secret passages built into the house." Xavier clicked a key and the schematic zoomed out to the main view of the home, and passages highlighted on the screen, through out the house.

I thought about it a moment, and some of that paranoia started to creep in. "I guess that make sense. What are all those other buildings we saw driving in then?"

Jeffery looked over at Xavier. "Pull up the full layout."

After a few seconds, the view had flown out to show the full grounds. Jeffery continued, "See this is an old boarding school that has been closed down. You bought it and had tons of stuff added, like your house and the tunnels. The four buildings over there on the right side we do not use, they are the old dorms of the school. They each can house two hundred and fifty students comfortably."

"The big building on the left side there is the gymnasium with the inside pool which isn't used at the moment, two basketball full courts even have bleachers on the second level just like the half Olympic size pool, one tennis court that doubles into 4 badminton court as well, a small weight room, a combat room with two rings, also all covered in mats can be used for wrestling, karate and more, and a gymnastics room with equipment. There are a few other things also you can check them out sometime."

"Outside of course you have two baseball fields, a hockey field use both winter for ice hockey summer for roller hockey, two official soccer fields of different size for the different age groups, a football field, every one of those with bleachers, add to that two more full basketball court and a half practice court. You have eight tennis courts, a full track for the track and field events and even two beach volleyball pits."

"On the other side is the science building, this one you still use for research, also is where our computer lab is. The building in the middle is the main school building, where the cafeteria is, and the classrooms are as well as the school offices. There is also an auditorium can be used for theater that can sit two thousands. However, the main building does not get much use at the moment. You might find it amusing to visit inside sometime and see what we use it for at the moment." Jeffery had this amused look in his eye.

He continued, "This school could house a thousand boarders when it was in use and easily over five hundred more day students. All the smaller buildings are where the equipment needed to take care of the grounds are stored, and they are not connected by underground tunnels. Of course when you get a chance to go out there you will realize that the grounds are not that well maintained at the moment, we don't have a large enough staff for it. We don't have a staff at all it is us and the other boys only for the whole place."

We walked outside for some fresh air.

Xavier pointed " You see over the hill on the right side over there, we have our own private lake and beach shore around it, it is about two kilometers long and five hundred meter or so wide."

Jeffrey said "And since you like racing so much, look at the school parking lot, you made it into a Go-Kart track with eight racing karts" You also have a few karts to get around on the grounds since they are so big, being three kilometers long by almost three in width as well."

I was blown away... "Wow a school to myself, I don't remember ever going to school. Maybe that was the reason I bought one."

Jeff said "From what you have told me, it was the space and safety you wanted. The grounds are completely surrounded by a 15 foot brick wall protecting you from most intruders. You have cameras all over the grounds and motion sensors in the walls to protect the place. Not to mention of all the technology you have stolen and destroyed working as a corporate spy, and whatever you didn't steal, the stuff you destroyed, you try and reproduce here too. We have things here that don't even exist out in the market yet, so you needed to protect all this."

I sat back, my mind swirling with all the new information. Some of it tickled at memories but a good bit hadn't. "Well that is a lot of info to take on at one time. I think I'll go to my room now. I'll do the grand tour on my own later after I rested while."


I slept for several hours and woke up hungry. All of the information seemed to have settled while I slept and it seems most of my memory had returned. However, I still couldn't remember what happened to get me in that alley. I headed to the kitchen and made myself some sandwiches. It was late evening, and went looking for Xavier. He was watching TV in the third floor family room.

"Xavier, I need your help."

"Sure what do you need Alex?"

"Well, you know after I lost my memory, the priest took me to the police station to find out if someone was looking for me. Of course, they couldn't find anything on me with so little info. They sent me to child services, which in their infantine wisdom; put me in Hamilton's Home for Boys. That place was awful. That's why I ran away."

Xavier had this disgusted look on his face. "Yea I know. We went there to find you and they were no help whatsoever."

I had been having a nagging feeling about the place ever since I left. "I want you to hack into their system and find out everything you can about each of the boys there. I want all the info you can find on each one of them, see if any still have homes they could return to safely. And I want everything else you can find out about the place, including police records on the boys' families and the whole staff working there. I want as much information on everyone there as you can find. I'm going to see if I can help them somehow. Anything else you were working on will be postponed for now, see what you can get me for tomorrow afternoon, I'll read it and tell you what else I might need after that."

Xavier looked disappointed. "Great, you just got back and already ask me a ton of work... We haven't even had any quality time together yet." He looked so sweet, with the drooping puppy dog eyes. He sighed. "All right I'll do it, but you're sleeping without me tonight, I'm not too happy with you right now." He said with a bit of an attitude. He was cute when he pouted.

I would have to make it up to him later. "I'm sorry Xav. I really need the sleep anyway." I gave him a quick kiss and left the room.

I headed out to try and find Jeffrey. After five minutes of unsuccessful looking I remembered the security system would know where he was. I went back to my room, over to the computer and asked it where Jeffrey was. The computer screen flew to an outside shot of the grounds. A circle appeared and zeroed in on the roof of the house. A synthesized voice said "Jeffrey is on the roof garden." I said thanks and headed up to the roof garden.

The roof garden was pretty. There was a path with granite benches, plants all over the place, a small pound with fish in it and a four foot wide stream leading to it with a small bridge over the stream. I found Jeffrey sitting on a bench under an 8 foot lamppost reading.

"Jeff, you know you said that the grounds were not very well kept because of lack of staff. Do you think we could hire some boys to do the grounds keeping? You know boys looking for a summer job, we could have them checked out and then make passes for them to come work?"

He put down his book looking up at me. "I guess that is possible but we have a large estate, there is even have lake, you might need quite a few boys to do it all."

I thought a moment. "Well school should be over in the next couple of weeks, try and find boys sixteen and under, but not many, we shall see how the first group works out and that will tell us how many more we might need. Also, there is a strong possibility I will be adding quite a few boys in our corner of paradise soon, as soon as I find the best way to do it, and they will be responsible to help as well."

"Cool, I'll look tomorrow when I go out to send your keys back to the hotel to have your Lotus brought back home, I'll check for boys who posted their services for such things, they might end up with more than they bargained for!"

I smirked, "Come on it isn't that bad, we have the equipment here that they should find fun to work with, and they won't be using conventional lawnmower that much. Maybe we can even use some of the technology I have stolen to create automated lawnmower that would do the work without our help eventually, I will have Logan look into that."

Jeffrey looked a bit confused. "Wouldn't that defeat the purpose of hiring boys to do it?"

"You know those things aren't perfect in the first place, so I'm sure there will be work left for the boys. But also part of the reason I don't want you to hire too many."

He pulled out his cell phone and made a few notes. "Okay, I'll check it all out tomorrow and set up interviews for you to approve."

"That will be perfect. I'll be going to bed for the night now, alone I was told. It seems Xavier is not too happy with me at the moment. All of the work I just piled on him could be a contributing factor though."

Jeffrey looked up at me, concern in his eyes. "You know he has been worried sick about you, he thought you were dead ever since we realized we lost your tracking signal. I was worried about you too you know. It will pass because he loves you. But next time you go out, we will put more tracking devices on you, you can bet on that."

I took his words to heart. "I'm sorry about all that you know. I will also figure out a way to make it safer before going out again somehow. We will all look into that. It is time I bid you goodnight my friend, enjoy the rest of your evening."

And I was off to bed, for a long needed good night of sleep.

End of chapter 4

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