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Chapter 5 (the rescue???)


After a long night of restless sleep, still putting all the pieces of my memory back together, I still woke up refreshed and very early. It was only five am when I got out of bed, but I did sleep a lot yesterday, the car ride home, the nap when I got back and a full night of sleep. I went straight to the pool and jumped in to do laps.

The pool is twenty-five meters long and ten meters wide. There is also a hot tub at one end of it. It is an inside pool but not exactly inside the house itself, it's in the back of the house, in like a greenhouse, completely surrounded by windows on all 3 sides, as well as the roof. The fourth side is the back wall of the house. The pool house, although like a greenhouse, is well air conditioned and heated, with automatic blinds built into the double pane glass and a pool that is heated to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Just outside I could see the picnic tables and three barbecue grills. At the other end of the pool there were two springboards, one three feet high and one ten feet high. The sun was just coming up when I started doing laps, most of my bruises no longer hurt, though they still looked bad. I took a breather for a few minutes relaxing in the hot tub before heading over to the training room for some martial arts practice.

Once I had finished my workout I spent a few minutes relaxing in the hot tub. The smell of something cooking roused me from my relaxation. I walked to the kitchen to find Jamie and Christian making breakfast. Jamie is a terror in the kitchen always making a mess of things, but he cleaned things up when he was done. Christian looked like he was still asleep while cooking breakfast, his summer blond hair messy that morning. Their cooking taste great, I appreciate their work a lot almost as much as the food they make us.

They both liked cooking so I would send each one of them to a week of culinary school from time to time. I would send them on different weeks so we still had a cook home at all times. Sometime it would be a two week course so we adapted when necessary. They also have a computer in the kitchen they use to put in the list of groceries to buy and inventory on what we have. We can also use the computer to make suggestions on what we would like to eat.


That said anyone that doesn't want what those two cooked, because no one is forced to eat what they made, becomes responsible for cooking their own meal, even me. I grabbed some pancakes and filled them with syrup and blueberries and gorged myself until I couldn't fit anything more in my stomach anymore. All the morning exercises had made me very hungry.

I spent the rest of the morning visiting the school grounds. I went into the main school building and found out what it was actually used for. It was pretty funny. I had multiple cars stored in the hallways on the main floor. I checked the four dorms buildings as well, which haven't been used at all in a while, they were choked with dust, definitely needed some cleaning up.

I walked out to the lake we had at the far end of the school. On the docks there were six jet skis and a powerboat for waterskiing. The lake looked between two to five hundred meters across, but I had been told it was two kilometers long. That does make for long enough water-ski rides, so I guess that's enough for fun. In the middle of the lake there was a couple of jumping platform and also a few floating docks that were tied up to the main dock. There was a white sandy beach surrounding most of the lake.

I enjoyed my walk that morning. I was thinking that we should use more of this amazing place. This was our own little paradise, right in the middle of civilization. I went back to the house for lunch and ate while I waited for my meeting with Xavier. Jeffrey had been gone all morning running errands for us.

I called Xavier into my office and started to look through all the info he had gathered so far. I found plenty of complaints leveled of child abuse on the boys in the staff files, but nothing had been done so far. All of them had been dismissed for some strange reason. The files for the boys themselves had holes in a few of them, but most were completed dossiers. I told Xavier to concentrate on finishing the incomplete files today and try to get the most recent pictures of the boys as well. Xavier left and went to continue the work.

I studied the completed files and separated them into piles. In one I placed the boys we would bring back to live with us. The other pile contained the ones we would leave to be returned home. All the orphaned boys with no relatives who had been willing to take them would come back with me.

The second pile would require more work to see if there was child abuse in the home. If the parents were making an effort to get their children back, and the parents who were ready but social service was dragging their ass, I would see to it that their children where returned to them. I told Xavier to try and complete those last files as best as possible while I planned everything else.

For once I wouldn't be going in alone. This plan requires me to bring others as well. I needed a team to get everything done in the right amount of time. There was an eight hour window in between shifts at night. So I would need to leave a fifteen minute window for the shift transfer, maybe more. I would have to play it by ear once there.

By bus it is about a six hour drive to the border. By the time they realized what happened and the time the information gets to the border that should give us an extra one or two hour timeframe. So that would give us a two to three hour window to do interviews with the boys.


As for a team, Jeffrey, Xavier and I are a must. Jeffrey will be the bus driver on the way back, while I drive behind with Xavier and his computer so he can take care of the border patrol computers and create fake data on our crossing over. Bringing two more boys to take care of the video cameras, would be a plus to make things go faster. Also bringing additional cameras so that the first boys we interview could use them to help interview more boys and therefore get things done faster.

I started to think of what kinds of equipment should we bring with us? I took lots of notes. Five people, so fifteen dart guns to put anyone getting in our way to sleep and to not waste time recharging, but also some extra charges just in case, never too careful, Zip ties to tie the guards down.

Then there were the laptops and cameras needed to record the interviews, I figured I would go with twelve each. Everyone will need Ski masks so we could not be identified and light body armor to protect us from stun guns and also absorb most of their stick hits if necessary. Girl uniforms, yes girl because they will be looking for boys once they know they disappeared and wigs as well tons of each which I suggest buying straight from New York and putting them on the rented bus and some makeup as well to make the boys look more girly. Fake temporary passport for all of them just in case, again a job for Xavier which we will complete using the picture we will take of the boys we will take with us. I'll pick up a few other goodies before leaving.

Once in New York we would do so some quick shopping. We needed to buy school uniforms, and rent two busses. We would park them near our evening target the Hamilton's Home for Boys where the boys are held. Why two? The two piles of files I divided the boys into, indicated that only half the boys could come back with me. The other half still have parental right issues that could be resolved. These boys I would drive to the church I went to when I lost my memory. I was going to leave all the interviews and documentations the police would need to make a case against the Hamilton's Home for Boys and its employees, not to mention New York Child services, with Father Cory.

I sent a message around that I wanted everyone to attend dinner. After we had all had our fill, I explained the plan to bring all of the boys from that place back here to live with us, and the effects it would have on us having so many new boys here at once.

Christian had a pale look on his face, "We can't cook alone for that many boys!"


I smiled, "Of course not! We don't yet know how many will accept to come, but they will have to help around here same as every one of you have. I'm sure we will find some new boys interested in cooking and train them to help you. I believe that we will end up having to use the school cafeteria, but we will see."


Xavier looked at me quizzically, "Do you want everyone living in the house, it might get a bit crowded?"

I said, "I checked the dorms today, they are useable but dusty. The new boys coming in will have to take care of them. What I want is to get them out of that bad place. What we will do with them once they get here, we will make up as we go. I'm open to any ideas from any of you guys, I will listen to when we get back. Now, I need two volunteers to come and help. I'm not forcing anybody."


Ben, the oldest of my boys at nearly seventeen, said he would come. Gabriel, his usual shadow with fifteen years of defined muscle, said he was coming as well. Both of these boys were athletes and often my sparring partners. They would be handy if it came to a fight. They said they couldn't wait to go kick ass. I decided we would use my grand caravan deluxe so we could transport all the equipment and ourselves comfortably. We would leave early in the morning, take care of the busses renting in the afternoon and uniforms as well and rest in the evening so we could do the operation at night.


We went by the hotel I was staying in last time when we arrived in New York, and I grabbed the keys at the desk and my Lotus Esprit from the hotel parking. Having Ben around helped more than I hoped because he now had his license. We use to race together the past few months on my go-kart track. Thanks to my trusted Xavier, he now had an official license to even drive busses.


Jeffrey needed to rent two busses but from different locations without drivers since we would take care of that. Jeff and Ben put the busses in place for tonight and I went to the church to see Father Corey. I told him my memory was mostly back and that I was back home where I belonged. I still couldn't remember what had happened to me in that alley, but it would most likely come back to me eventually. I told him that it would be a good idea if he rested this afternoon because I would need his help in the middle of the night and to trust me. I told him to have a TV and DVD player ready. It was important and he would understand once he viewed some of the DVDs I would bring tonight.


I left my Lotus at the church. I would pick up when I drove the bus over. I would use its speed to catch up to the others after this detour.


Once we had picked up all the uniforms and wigs in the bus we rented a hotel room for the few hours left to rest this evening.



We were waiting not far from the entrance at eleven pm the shift changing time. The clock was starting now we had till seven am to get it all done. We should be safe till then, and then it would all depend on the reaction time of everybody involve for the extra time, if we crossed the border by seven am we would be home free.

Once everybody had left for the evening, we were all ready with our radio communicators all tested at about eleven twenty pm, I entered the center, by picking the lock and slipping inside undetected. Everyone else was still waiting in the car as I told them too. I slipped stealthily to the security post, only one guard was there playing a game on the computer. I crept silently to him and using a chloroform rag, put him to sleep.

I called for everyone else to get inside and wait in the security room. I told them to guide me with the security cameras to everyone else working, so I could take care of them. I pulled out my dart gun and left to find the other guards working. There was supposed to be eight guards on duty tonight according to the schedule posted on the wall of the security room. So there was seven left now. I caught on to two pair in separate halls, doing their rounds talking to each other. Neither pair was really paying much attention to anything beside themselves, and neutralized them in seconds without them having the chance to react. These guns are very effective. This facility could hold about seventy five boys and was pretty full at the moment.

Xavier contacted me over my ear piece and told me that he saw a room door opened in the North corridor camera. I went over to check it out. The door that was opened led into the twin's room I met when I was here. I heard some crying and grunting and knew exactly what was happening so I took a camera out of my pocket and got an angle on the door and filmed inside.

There were two of the missing guards here raping the twins, and now I had it on tape as proof. I had never expected to get that kind of footage here as proof today but I did, that will clearly shock Father Corey and the police. I couldn't let it happen any longer so I called out to them "Smile mother fuckers your on camera!" I had my gun ready in the other hand and once they turned and I had a clean shot of their faces before they could react with their pants down, I shot them both and they fell down in a few seconds.


I ran into the room and helped pull the now knocked out assholes off of the twins. I called to the twins Cody and Jonathan: "I'm sorry my friends, I didn't get here to save you any sooner. I could have saved you that. Cody, Jonathan, are you two ok?"


Cody spoke first, tears still running down his face. "Alexander? Is that you?"


I said in a hushed voice, "Yes Cody, now get dressed, grab their keys, and here use these zip ties to tie them down. While you're at it I suggest that once they are secured, grab their nightsticks and ram them up their asses as far as you can, then lock them in the room. I have to find the last guard before he messes up my plans."


While Jonathan was zipping his guard, he asked, "Why are you wearing a ski-mask?"

I smiled at him, and said, "I'm here to save you guys and as many others as possible but with the cameras in this place we don't want to be seen. In the meantime please, start waking the rest of the boys and take them to the cafeteria. Use those guard keys, and make it quick, time is short. Any idea where the last guard is?"

Cody answered "Probably out in south wings raping one of the new boys, that is where they have been put."

I nodded, "Thanks Cody, hurry up, I'll make sure this corridor is cleared."


As I turned to leave, the look of revenge on Jonathan's face as he worked the nightstick into his would-be-rapist-guard's ass, gave me a moment of satisfaction. I was doing the right thing. These boys needed a savior... fortunately they got me instead.

I hit the transmit button on my earpiece, "Time to move guys let's find the last guard. If we can I want to catch him most likely raping a boy on film. If you can film him and shoot him. Xavier you stay on the monitors and see if you can find him. Once he is secured, we need to wake all the boys and have them gather in the cafeteria. It's already twenty-three forty-five; we need to get a move on things."

I cleared the north corridor, the remaining guard was in the south wing as expected and Gabriel took care of him. With all the guards secured the facility was ours. We gave the questionnaires to the boys so they could get their responses ready to speed up the camera interviews. I asked them who knew how to work a camcorder. We took the first five boys and my crew and I did the first interviews. It was about a ten minute filmed interview about what was happening to them here or even at home if they had one.


Those five boys took some of our extra cameras and the next ten interviews begun. Once this group was complete, Xavier and I left our cameras over to some of the boys to continue with the next group of twelve.


Xavier went to talk to the boys with incomplete files to see in which pile they needed to be in. I pulled the boys with no families aside and explained to them what was happening. I told them they had a choice they could come live with us, or they could stay in New York and take their chances with child services.


Then I pulled aside the boys with families, and explained that the plan was to get them back to their families. I told them with the documentation I was leaving with them it shouldn't take more then a few days. However, if they didn't tell the whole truth about their family didn't want to go back to a bad situation at home, they needed to speak to me or Xavier before we made the final split of the boys in each group. There were seventy-two boys in this place at the moment. Some interviews took more than ten minutes planned, but we had all the interviews over by one thirty am. A thirty min delay wasn't so bad.


With the decisions made, we split the two groups with forty coming back with us and thirty-two staying behind, a few of them brothers in each group. By one forty-five am, the busses were on their way and Ben, Gabriel and Xavier were following the Jeffrey bus back to the border.

I got to the church and told the boys to stay on the bus. I unloaded the DVDs and went to knock on the door. The priest opened the door a minute later. I went in gave him the DVD with the rape of the twins to see. I told him that it was in the Hamilton's Home for Boys that they had put me into when he took me to the cops not too long ago, the one I ran away from. I told him I had brought the boys here as well as more DVDs of interviews of all the boys that lived there, and about what was going on in that god forsaken place.

I looked at him; sorry for the burden I was leaving at his doorstep. "All I need you to do is keep them here for the night and not contact the cops before 9 or 10 in the morning. It is important that you wait until then so I can get the other boys to a safe place." I gave him copies of all of the evidence we had collected over the night, and left him the bus and the boys. I went temporarily back to the bus and left the boys an email address to write to if they needed help and left them in the hands of Father Corey. I grabbed my Lotus and started speeding my way back to the border to catch the others, waving good bye as I left.



Jeffrey was making good time to the boarder. He had told the boys all about the clothes and wigs that were all over the bus. He needed every one of them to disguise themselves as girls for a couple of hours and start getting ready now. Most didn't want to comply so he told them they would be left at the side of the road and that was it. They decided to comply. They stopped at a rest stop so everyone could empty their bladders and Xavier could board the bus and start taking pictures to complete their passports.

Xavier got everything ready while they were getting closer and closer to the border, next stop would be to give them the final product.

I caught up to them on that stop which was perfect timing. I left the car there to be picked up later, changed into my motherly clothes and took over the wheel of the Grand Caravan. We were following the radio news closely arriving at the border around eight thirty am. It took longer than calculated with longer stop then I had factored in for but there was still nothing on the news about the boys. We were still inside the limits I had accounted for. Xavier hooked himself up to their network and uploaded the files so everything would go smoothly.

Turns out we were not the only bus on a field trip today crossing the border, lots of school use this last month of school to organize such trip. Jeffrey told them we were on a day trip to Montreal to see some museums and that worked perfectly. They did cross over as soon as the bus was on its way Xav made the files magically disappear from their computers, like we have never been here.

We arrived home about an hour after crossing the border, and unloaded the boys sending them to rest in the house. Now it was time to cover our tracks as best as possible.

Jeffrey took a thousand dollars and a plane ticket from New York to Montreal. We paid a guy that a grand to take the bus back to the rental place in New York, a good paycheck for a few hours work and a plane ticket back here when he wanted, so he could spend some time in New York while he was there if he so wanted.

I called Father Corey, from an untraceable phone, to tell him because he didn't know we rented the bus under his name that we were safely away now, and to not forget to return the bus later today and where to return it. The deposit was his for his church or charity of his choosing since the rental was also under his name. He could now go to the police with the boys and wished him good luck; it was now time to let justice take over.

Xavier, Gabriel and Ben grabbed some breakfast and were heading for a few hours nap. I also grabbed breakfast and was getting ready to go as well when Jeffrey got back. He told me I couldn't go to bed yet, we had four boys coming over for interviews for the grounds keeping.

I figured that I would stay up and take care of the interviews, but then either I'll go to bed early tonight or try to catch an hour or two nap in the afternoon.

Jeffrey had set the interviews fifteen min apart from eleven this morning. It already was past nine so I went and rested a bit in the hot tub. I decided to do the interviews outside so I could show them the grounds a bit and choose the roof garden over the garage as a setting for them. First boy was shown to the terrace by Jeffrey and the boy was surprise that it was me doing the interview.

He said, "Hi my name is Elijah"


"Hello Elijah, my name is Alexander, you can call me Alex."


"You're just a kid..." he said bewildered.


"Yea I get that a lot. I am the owner of this place though and I like to meet with potential employees. Just relax and tell me a bit about yourself."


He went on for a bit about himself, his school, family life. I told him what was expected of him, and he wouldn't be working alone. I was planning on hiring more boys after him and that he would need to be fingerprinted into our computer if he wanted the job. He would also be issued an ID card to gain access through the gate. He would also have to sign a contract that would forbid him of talking about anything that goes on here, or about any person that lives here. I told him the salary I would pay and told him to go look around the grounds he could come back in forty five minutes and tell me of his decision.

The other three interviews were pretty much the same, the boys having been screened already by my beloved Xavier; Elliot, Ethan and Eric were the other three boys I interviewed. All seem the type that would keep their mouth shut just to keep their job and their more than fine salary. I thought it strange though... four boys all with names beginning with `E'? I was wondering if Xavier had done that on purpose.

When they all agreed to take the job, I took them into my office and scanned their fingerprints and had their ID card made. I told them they could made their own schedules the ID card would tell me when they came in and when they left, while the smart cameras would tell me when they worked or when they played, they would get paid eighteen dollars an hour to begin with while they worked. They could stay around and play too if they wanted, but they would not get paid for that.

Depending on how they worked out their salary would be increased. They could work as long as they wanted as long as they didn't go over 8 hours a day. There was plenty to do, but I told them I would not pay overtime since they made their own schedule and it was their decision when they worked, I told them I would not ask them to work overtime either.


I could see the question in their eyes, "Why such a good salary for boys from 11 to 14 you ask? It is simple because one I have the money, two I like you guys, and three, The contract you're signing about keeping your mouth shut about this place."


I told them sternly, "But if you decide to talk about this place, you will be fired no questions asked. That is how it will work. Any questions?"

None of them did, so I continued, "Now with your handprint you will be given access to all the equipment building where the lawnmowers are, the tools, tractors and everything else you need. Everything you take out, you have to bring back in before leaving. Try keeping the equipment clean, you don't have to clean it every day but once a week would be good.

"If your handprint doesn't give you access somewhere, it just means you have no business going in there, so don't try going, there are cameras all over, and your cards will identify you to the computer so you are not detected as intruders. The computer will also know if you gained access where you shouldn't be and that will also cause you to lose your jobs. Only I can decide if you can go to these places. Now that is all boys, you can go visit the grounds, even start working right away if you want. I have been up all night and now I need a nap. Enjoy yourselves. I will definitely see you around."

I lead them outside, shook their hands, and turned around heading back inside. I went to my room laid on the bed beside Xavier and fell asleep after a long exhausting but fruitful day or should I say day and a half.


End of chapter 5

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