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Chapter 6


            I woke up from my nap in middle of the afternoon.  It was time to start organizing our home for all the new boys. 


I started by having a short meeting with some of my original boys and told them to make sure everyone would be at the meeting in the school cafeteria for dinner.  I asked my two cooks, Jamie and Christian, to open up the school cafeteria. Then I asked for volunteers to help with the cleaning and putting tables in place for every one of us.  Since the tables were made to sit twelve, six on each side, we should only set up six of them. Five was actually enough, but I wanted to make sure there was enough space.  I also asked Ben to tell the boys I hired for grounds keeping, that they were not allowed to this particular meeting if they were still around then.  They would get their chance to eat with us, but just not tonight. 


            I spent the rest of the afternoon formulating plans and taking notes for the meeting.  I talked with some of the new boys playing video games in the basement, showed them around and telling them where things were, and about the meeting later.  I went over to the cafeteria late afternoon, and joined some of the boys, helping them clean the dust out of the place, and of course take out the cars I had left in there. 


            At five thirty in the afternoon, the smell of pizzas, hot dogs, hamburgers, and fries started pulling the boys over to the cafeteria.  A quick fast food meal... who could refuse? Well it was entirely my fault, changing the routine for my two cute cooks. Not having a cafeteria fully loaded and ready to go limited our choices, but we would be working on that shortly. 


            With the twelve boys that lived here already and the forty new boys, there should be fifty-two boys here not counting me and Jeffrey.  The head count showed only forty-eight.


            I went to the security panel and asked the computer where the boys were. "Two are still asleep in the house. Two workers are on the grounds. Two workers have left, Jeffrey in not in the perimeter. Two unidentified boys are in the game room."   The computer replied


I said, "Thank you computer, please use the intercom system to wake the boys and tell them to come here, and do the same for the two playing video games."


"Yes Alexander."


                Ten minutes later everyone was gathered in the cafeteria, so Jamie and Christian started serving the food to everyone.  They all lined up each waiting their turn.  I got up to the stage at the far side of the cafeteria, and told everyone they were to remain here after the meal for a meeting, they could go to the washroom if needed, but come back right after.


            I let them eat while I ate myself a couple of hamburgers. I got back up on stage when everyone was basically done eating or working on desert.  The cafeteria quieted down so I could start the meeting.


            I spoke up, "Hello everyone!"


They all returned a "Hello!"


I continued, "First, my name is Alexander, and I'm the one who took you from that wicked place you were living in yesterday.  Some of you might recognize me, because I was there with you for a few days and nights after losing my memory not long ago.  I was pretty banged up then, you can ask the twins." They just smiled up at me and nodded their heads.


"Well I got away from there and then, my family, this guy over here," I said pointing my finger at Xavier "and Jeffrey, the guy that drove the bus earlier, found me and brought me home.  I got most of my memory back so far. Now my home, everything you have seen on the grounds within the fifteen foot walls, the school, the main house, the lake, everything, my home it now your home. And the best part is that all of the abuse you have suffered ended last night. You no longer have to fear the place you lived!"


            A roar and applause came from my audience.  I let them have their fun a bit longer and now it was time to resume this meeting.


"Of course, there is a lot to be done here as you can see.  Now comes the bad news, it can't all be fun and games.  There will be rules and now is the time to talk about some of them."


"Rule number one is very important.  It only applies to the new boys of course.  You cannot leave the grounds, at least not for now.  We have almost nine kilometer square of space, a lake, all kinds of sports and equipment, food, video games and a lot more.  So there is plenty to do here and if you need anything from outside, let us know we will try and get it. 


"Why this rule? What is so important about not leaving you would ask?  Well think about it, I basically kidnapped you from social services, from the USA itself, and they will be looking for you. Especially over the next few weeks! Your pictures will be on the news, maybe even parts of your interviews you gave, since we left them as proof for the police. If one of you got caught or followed back here because you had been outside, we would all be exposed.  I don't think you wanna go back where you were yesterday don't ya?"


"Rule number two, and this one is a no brainer.  No one goes alone in the pool or the lake, you go in groups.  Even a group of two could be in danger with no one else around. This is a big place, suppose you fight in the pool and knock your heads together and fall unconscious no one will be there to help you.  So be careful!  Same goes for those who are suppose to watch for the boys in the water. You tell them when you leave. 


"I will find a way to punish the offenders and repeat offenders will be sent back to New York social services without even a chance to explain how they ended up alone in the water.  So don't forget this rule it will even apply if you become an Olympic swimming champion.  Is that clear???"


Everyone shook their heads and a collective "Yes!" rang through the cafeteria.


I continued, "Then let's continue on to the next rule."


"Rule number three.  Unfortunately more bad news, you will have to work and do school work here." There was a collective groan.  "I know it's annoying but the only adult here is Jeffrey.  We have to take care of `our' place `our'selves.  So you will have to clean up, do laundry, my two cooks Christian and  Jamie, are looking for help as well, so anyone who is interested in cooking, it would be good to talk with my two chefs. 


"As for school work, I expect you to get a high school equivalency diploma and you can choose a field of study and I will make sure you get the best education in that field.  Of course you're not going to go out to school, you will learn here on the computers.  As far as college goes, I will pay for a college education for any of you who wishes one but only as long as you do not fail.


             "That reminds me, every last one of you will have their own computer, and if you deem it necessary you can also have a portable laptop as well.  You will have infinite internet access. We are our own provider and no parental controls, I will treat you like adults even the three youngest here being ten.  While I am talking about the younger boys, we have three ten years old boys now two of them have older brothers here too, am I right in guessing that the older brothers will take care of your younger brothers? I assume the same for the two of you with eleven year old brothers???" 


The older brothers answered that they would.


"Now that we have that part settled, that leaves the one ten year old and two other eleven year olds. Are there any volunteers to help take care of these other three boys?  And for that matter, the rest of the younger boys, would you want an older boy to help you and watch out for you here?  If you're shy about asking in front of everyone it is okay.


"Here is what I suggest we do.  Any older boy that is ready to help one of the younglings, raise your hand now!  Now for the younger boys look at who raised their hand and then you can go and ask one or more of them later, I don't want anyone here to feel like they are alone in the world, me I'm with Xavier, we even sleep together, so I'm not alone."


There was a bit of noise around the room as the boys talked to people around them. I brought the room back to order. "Does everyone understand so far?"


            I watched the audience seemed they were nodding their understanding or saying they understood.


"Okay then let's continue on with the rules.


"Rule number four.  There will be no fighting or abuse among you, the penalty for such action is being thrown out on the street alone.  You beat up someone, you will be kicked out, you rape someone you will be kicked out but not before you are abused by the victim first yourself, bullying will be the same result, so think before you act. 


"The level of tolerance for this is zero, I will not be forced to police you guys or have someone do that.  If there are to be conflicts we will resolved them, I have my ways with that so come see me before you start anything that will automatically get you kicked out.  By the way, if you want to try and hide to break this rule don't waste your time, the security in this place is so tight my computer will tell me if something is happening so it's better for you not to try anything.  Remember the four missing boys earlier, the computer knew exactly where they were and it told them to come here you can ask them yourselves later."


"Since I talked about rape, here comes rule number five.  You are allowed to have sex with each other if, and it is a big `IF', both agree to do it.  You will not be bringing girls here and we all know you are not all gay, so you will see on your computers you have access to all kind of porn straight or gay. I allow you to watch it and even play with yourselves but for God's sake, clean up afterward.  Xavier here is pretty much my boyfriend. We have sometimes had some fun with others too, but mostly it is just the two of us.  Again, nobody will be forced into anything, all the products you will need from lube to dildos, enema kits and other toys will be in the pharmacy, everything you use, you clean up after.  It works the same for laundry, kitchen, you clean up after yourselves, there will be no slaves or workers behind you to do it for you."


            It was funny to watch most of them all red blushing from this last part.


"Rule number six.  A house rules we have had for some time, if you don't eat what has been cooked for us by our chefs, you are responsible for making your own meal.  You are not allowed to go ask them to cook you something else! They already put enough effort and time into making food for everyone. It is normal that not everyone likes everything that they will make so if you don't its okay, you just have to go make your own meal or skip it all together. 


"Snacks in between meals in the morning we leave fruits and protein bars on the house counters for you to enjoy, in the afternoon, we only leave fruits and yogurt, and in the evening it is also fruits, sometime some junk food and we also make a few batches of popcorn in our machine near the theater.  We want you to be healthy not fat.  We will also most likely start leaving some of the same things over in the cafeteria here as well.  Please if you grab a snack, eat it don't waste it."


"Since I just talked about waste here comes rule number seven about it.  Since our group is now so much bigger it becomes more important.  I will be adding more trash and recycling bins all around the grounds now.  It is fine if we don't recycle everything that can be but let's try to do so as much as possible.  I will not tolerate you guys throwing things or just leaving trash on the ground, inside or outside.  You will put your trash in a garbage can. 


"If you are caught not respecting this rule, you will end up on garbage duty for two weeks, which means you will have to clean the grounds of all the trash you find, empty all the garbage cans on the estate and put the trash out on trash day.  If you don't like it and complain about it, you will just be thrown out like the garbage that got you in trouble in the first place. 


"It is a matter of respect boys, we need to clean after ourselves, and there are no mothers behind you to do it for you.  Leaving trash all over the place would be disrespectful to me and to your friends here.  It is much easier to live in a clean environment than a pig sty.  Same goes for your laundry and your room. It is the responsibility of each of you to clean your room and do your laundry."


I took a small breather to let the rules sink in.


            "I guess this is it for the rules, use common sense too or I might have to add more rules.  No rules on when you have to go to sleep or when you need to get up but, and this is a big `BUT', if you are up late you may not disturb those who are asleep.  Breakfast ends at nine am if you were not up for breakfast, same as last rule you make your own.  If you start to disturb the sleep of others, we might have to change that, there is plenty of room here so you can stay up late without bothering the one sleeping.  Also please don't swim or play in the lake when it gets dark, it isn't illuminated at night there isn't enough light for it to be safe."


            "Actually boys, I will add one more rule, the privacy rule.  You may not enter a room that isn't yours if the door is closed.  You must knock and ask permission first.  There will be no spying on what the other boys are doing behind closed doors. I know how mischievous younger boys can be so that concerns them the most. If the door is closed, it's because it is none of your business.   It is a simple rule to follow, but we know how some of the younger boys can be curious and they will try to break it, so it might be a good idea to concentrate your activities once they are asleep.  Since I expect the younger boys to break this rule, if we catch one, I will spank him/them here bare-assed on this stage in front of everyone else.  This kind of public humiliation after one or a couple of times should keep them in check for the future."


            "Since we are talking about privacy now, all of you new boys will have to go and pick one of the four dorm building for you.  There are enough rooms in only one of them for all of you.  So take a vote together after visiting them and that will become your own place.  You will be cleaning it up in the next few days.  You can have room for just one or you can bunk up with a friend if you want too, it will be of your choosing.  That's two per room max except for siblings if brothers all want to sleep in the same room, you get the bigger rooms.  You are allowed to have others sleep over in your room but not all the time, don't abuse the privilege."


            I paused a moment to let things sink in, then I asked, "Is everything understood so far?"


            I let everyone express themselves a bit longer, answering questions here and there before I resumed my speech.


            "Now that we are done with the rules, it is time to talk about what you will need.  I own several companies and have shares in many others so I will leave you with catalogues of furniture and anything else you might need.  You can even paint your room, we can order posters too if you want them.  I can often even use pictures you have or found and make them into a poster if necessary.  You pick what you need for your rooms and anything else. 


"We can't go out for clothes yet but we can order them as well, you will just have to make a list with sizes.  We will go over them to see if it is acceptable, for example if you put so much furniture in your room that you can't even get in or out of it anymore, that is unacceptable, also there will be no consoles in your rooms except handhelds.  But you are allowed a TV and DVD player. You will also need toothbrushes and any other bathroom stuff you will need. You will be responsible for writing down the list and we will get them for you. 


"I will say this once only, if you need diapers because you wet the bed you are allowed them, and NO ONE is allowed to make fun of someone that needs to wear one, I consider it like bullying so don't forget it or you will get kicked out.  I don't want you boys who might have a medical problem to be shy about this, you have a choice, you can wear diapers or get up in a wet bed and have to wash it yourself, no one here will come and clean it up for you."


            Xavier got up on stage "By the way, Alexander forgot to mention this, but we hired four boys to work on grounds keeping. You are allowed to play with them help them and talk to them of course, but you are not allowed to tell them where you're from or anything about your former life. You can tell them you're orphans who get to live here and go to school here, and that is it. I did my research on the boys before we interviewed them, they don't really have caring parents as we might say, pretty much left to fend for themselves, their parents finding them more an inconvenience in their lives, so you can be and even should friendly with them,  play with them but don't tell them too much."


I nodded to Xavier. "Thanks Xavier, he's right about this, so be careful what you are talking about around them until we're completely sure we can trust them.  Also please if you see noticeable marks on them or strange bruises, anything unusual, let me know immediately so I can talk to them, if they are getting hurt at home I want to help them.  Also remember too, they are here to do a job. They should have plenty of time to play as well, but don't pull them away or ask them to put off work that they are doing.


Most of the boys were nodding so I moved on. "Well enough talking for tonight, now I want to see each of you individually in my office so I can scan your fingerprints and add each of you to the computer,  Xavier will help with that,  after that you will be able to go mostly everywhere in the grounds using just your fingerprints.  Go pick your dorm, start making your lists of things you will need and questions you might have so we can start taking care of everything.  There are piles of catalogues on the far table over there" I said pointing over to the corner. "Thank you everyone, enjoy your evening.  Today's meeting is over!"


            I left the room to head to my office, with Xavier on my tail.


            Xavier and I spend most of the evening in my office, taking boy after boy and putting their info on the computer, taking prints, and retinal scans.  We talked to a few of the boys as well and answered more questions, and let them be on their way to clean their new home and pick their rooms.  In the end I now knew the ages of all the new boys, there were three ten and sixteen year old, four boys were eleven, seven of them were twelve, and nine were thirteen and fourteen and that left five fifteen year olds to complete the forty new boys.


Xavier put in the order for a rush fifty new pc computers to be delivered here tomorrow.  I asked him why more than there was boys?


            Xavier smiled as he told me, "Alex, this is my specialty you know.  I guess you know forty of them are for the new boys.  But there are also three more for the school cafeteria, to keep inventory, requests and everything else our cooking staff will need to plan for.  Four more are for the boys you hired, those are portable that they can use to keep track of when they took care of a part of the ground or another.  The last three are for the dorms, one for the pharmacy inventory and list of things missing they will need, that will be recorded on that computer.  The other two are for the rest of the dorm's needs and scheduling.  Those last two are expendable because it is possible we received a computer or two that doesn't work, so first we supply the boys and then the rest.  It will be a lot of work for me to put them together in each rooms but I'll have the boys help me"


"Well baby, I guess you have everything under control on that front.  Thanks a lot! We will have to take care of furnishing the rooms with what the boys want soon.  You picked who is best suited to take care of that, I don't want you doing all the work.  I will be semi-retired for now taking a vacation from missions till everything is settled.  Anyway I have my own work to do on our satellites and our special car project to oversee and test results of.  Not to mention, I also have to try and see if we need some permits to send our satellites into space."


            Xavier jumped on my lap and kissed me. When we came up for air, I playfully asked, "I guess you're happy I will be around more.  Is my little Xav in need of my body to be sexually satisfied?" He nodded with a silly innocent look in his droopy eyes. "You are, is that so?  Since we're done here, take me to bed."


            We went to our room, got naked and sat in the whirlpool tub together for a while, kissing and hugging mostly. After a while we started turning into prunes, so we got out and headed into the shower.  We washed each other sensually, his back pressed against my chest under the spray. As we slid over each other from all the soap, I slipped my six inch tool, between his cheeks and slid into his ass. He moaned from my entrance as I made love slowly to Xavier holding him to my body. Slowly twisting and caressing his nipples with one hand, I jerked his five inch boy nail with the other. It didn't take long. He came first pulling me into an orgasm with him as I flooded his insides with my juice. 


We dried off and move our activities to the bed. We took turns sucking each other off, but Xavier still wasn't satiated and wanted another session before falling asleep. He is cute when he begs. I got the lube from the nightstand and made sure his asshole was good and slick. He was whimpering by the time I moved in behind him.


He was on his knees, with his head on the pillow, his boy, bubble butt sticking up invitingly. I slammed into him in one quick thrust. He grunted with pleasure and pain of it. He likes it rough. I jack hammered him for a good twenty minutes, smacking his jiggling ass every few moments for good measure. He needed to be possessed and a good rough session was in order so I gave him one. 


Even if I were in good shape, I was too tired once we were done and fell asleep quickly with a cute boy wrapped around my body.  We slept like that until morning not worrying about what the other boys were doing.


End of chapter 6


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