Chapter 7


I woke up refreshed and happy the next day. I let Xavier sleep longer, he needed more than I did to recover from all the work he has done for me lately and also from the ass pounding I gave him before bed.


I was in the pool a couple minutes later doing laps and then my martial arts training. Gabriel was there. He joined me in my training. I taught him some more moves while we trained. Soon after, Ben joined us. I decided to up my training with both of them there. We all put on our protective gear and I fought both of them, two on one for a few rounds. They were both getting better and even hit me, catching me off guard a few times. I still was able to take them both at same time for now, but I was not sure how much longer I'll be able to keep that up if they trained more regularly with me.


I had to walk to the school cafeteria to grab breakfast. Most of the boys were already there. Gabriel and Ben followed me as we chatted together. It had been a great morning so far. As we were getting closer the smell of bacon and eggs, was getting stronger. I love that for breakfast, it is one of my favorites.


Jeffrey was there and when he saw me, he came over to sit with me. "We have a new problem presenting itself that we need to discuss."


My attention was peaked "I'm listening."


Jeffrey responded "Food supply. Now that we have forty more mouths to feed, we will need a lot more supplies. I can't go to the supermarket multiple times a day; we might need to have it delivered here which would me more people getting inside."


"I don't really like that option." I yelled over the noise from the cafeteria for Christian and Jamie to join us.


Once they were both sitting with us I explained the situation asking for options.


Christian spoke up, "In the kitchen here we have room for a lot of supplies. We could possibly restock once a week maybe two, but it would be a lot of stocks at once. It would take a delivery truck to take that much in at one time. We have the loading bay in the back for the delivery truck."

I replied back, "You are right, but that would give access to more adults and that could be trouble for us. We have Ben. He has a license, as well as Jeffrey and I. But we already have a lot of work on our plate, so we can't be depended on for this task. Besides, Benjamin doesn't know anything about this stuff anyway. I don't want to impose that on him either, he was a long time on street and has a lot more school work that most to get caught up. He can help drive from time to time but not all the time."

Jamie "So you are thinking of getting our own truck? We could have the grocer prepare our delivery and pick it up ourselves?"

Christian added "That is not a bad idea, but for that to work we also need to plan meals a week in advance, might need two trucks one refrigerated for milk, ice cream and all the stuff that needs this, and another for the stuff we get that are kept at room temperature."


I thought it over a bit and answered "Okay, I'm following so far, I can buy us the delivery trucks we need, who is going to drive them? Jeffrey already has enough on his plate with the business side and money handling for all of us we can't ask him to handle that as well. Ben could handle one if everything was ready when you went, it wouldn't take that long but with two trucks now we're still missing a driver."


Jamie proposed "Why not hire another adult that will be working here just like Jeffrey?"


"I don't think the new boys would be comfortable with that, they were treated badly where we took them from."


Jamie replied "Why don't you ask them?"


"Fine, I'll do it now!"


I got on stage and whistled to get the room's attention. Once everyone had quieted down and were looking my way I spoke: "Guys, I need your advice on something. With forty more boys here, we will require a lot more food and planning for meals. The problem is that we don't want to have delivery guys walking around the estate. We have decided we will buy our own delivery trucks and pick the food ourselves. With me so far?" Everyone said they were still with me. I continued: "Well we need someone to drive the trucks, so we were thinking of hiring another adult to work here full time, but I don't want to make you guys uncomfortable after the way you had been treated by them. So what I am asking is if it would bother you or not?"


Everyone agreed it might be a good idea to have one more for now as long as we made sure he wasn't going to be bothering anyone. I thanked them and let them get back to what they were doing.


"So I guess we hire someone new then. Any suggestions because I might have one myself, what should this person be able to help with beside drive the truck?"


Jeffrey suggested "What about a doctor who is about to retire with no family?"


"That's not a bad idea at all Jeff. I was thinking what about a chef. He could take over teaching the boys culinary arts?"


Christian responded "I like that, we could go with him and get the necessary supply and learn from him what is best to be taken."


Xavier who just joined us on the table said, "You should have asked the boys for two adults instead, and then you could have both."


"I could hire both a doctor and a chef. They didn't seem uncomfortable when I asked for one so two isn't that big a deal. But when no one is sick what would he be doing?"


Xavier responded "Now that is easy, just like we do, research and development, we could supply him a lab to work in so what we need to look for would be a doctor that would like to work on his research and take less time taking care of patients. Then we would have a doctor on staff living here if an emergency came up"


"Okay, you guys come up with candidates, interview them with Jeff and Xav will check them out, and bring over your best choice for an interview with me. You know what you are looking for, so go find them. By the way Jeff you need to stick around today, the computers will be delivered and I'm betting they won't let a kid sign for fifty computers. Please bring me the four portables when they arrive. Thanks guys, anything else?"


Christian spoke "We don't have anyone yet that said they were interested in helping cook with us, we need more boys for things to go easier."


"I totally understand you guys are working really hard. I have a suggestion how many more boys you think you need to help you for things to go smoothly?"


Christian "I think two with us and the future cook would be plenty."


"Here is what we are going to do with this. Since everyone should at least know how to cook a little for later in life, I propose this; three boys will be appointed each day to work with you guys on all three meals of the day. You can teach them to cook at the same time. We will do that until each of the boys has taken at least five turns in helping. If after five turns you found some boys interested in helping and learning more, those will become you assistants, if not we will continue with a group helping out each day. It is fair to everyone, they will be helping twice a month it's not a lot for them and it is a lot of help to you. What do you think?"


Jamie excitedly "I love the idea, I will get to know all of the boys and see them up close. Let's go with this."


"Then that's how it will be. I'll leave it up to you guys to make a list and we will start this tomorrow if you're done preparing you can announce it at dinner tonight. I guess we're done here for now. Thanks to all of you for helping make all this happen, I'm glad I was able to save them from that hell they were in. I'll see you guys later."




Around noon a truck arrived to deliver our computers. Xavier drove the pickup over to the fence so they transfer the computer boxes over onto the pickup. Jeffrey was there to sign everything and check if any of the boxes were broken. We received four, nineteen inch laptops that Jeffrey put aside and forty-six computers with twenty four inches flat screens. They didn't all fit in for only one trip so we left some of the boxes on the ground near the entrance to be picked up a bit later.


There wasn't a cloud in sight that day, so no chance they would get caught in the rain they could stay there a few minutes but not hours either we didn't want to cook them either even if they were in the shade of the wall. One of the delivery men asked Jeffrey why the boy was driving, since he clearly didn't look of age. Jeffrey just told them he lets him drive on the property but he was not allowed outside the gates, and that he will be the one to drive them to their right locations to be set up.


Jeffrey thanked the guys and gave them each a fifty dollar tip after signing everything, and let them be on their way. He brought over the portables to my office. I set them up so they were ready to use on our network. I also used and installed the program that Xavier used to show me the grounds and added a few things to it so they could be shared on the network. Also made a detailed grid over the map so that when the boys took care of a particular place on the grounds, they could mark it with date and time, so that the next one wouldn't repeat the same work another had just done. I asked my computer if the lawn boys were here and he told me all four were in the perimeter. I put all four computers in their carry bag and left my office to go find them.


The first boy I came across was the youngest. His name was Ethan, an eleven year old blond boy with grayish eyes. I would say he was four feet nine inches tall, a cute button nose, and a bubble butt perfect for the grabbing and holding in the palm of your hands.


I presented him with his computer, he was ecstatic about it. I told him it would be better he didn't bring it back home so his parents wouldn't ask to many questions, but he was networked here and he could use it as much as he wanted over here. I also told him that in a few days once the other boys all had their rooms picked and ready, I would let him pick one of the remaining rooms in the dorms so he would have his own private space if he needed it from time to time, he could use it to rest and recharge his computer. He was jumping around he was so happy he even hugged me and told me I was the nicest person he ever met. That made me happy.


I went over to the next boy. His name was Eric, a red-head with freckles and brown eyes. He was five feet two inches or so and very enthusiastic. He was happy to be here, I could see his hardon lined in his pants from driving the riding mower around. I guess the vibrations got to him, and I would say he was about four inches hard. I gave him his computer telling him the same thing I just told Ethan and received a big bear hug and a quick kiss on the cheek which I returned and even felt his hard on poking my leg. I padded his butt and let him be on his way, I didn't want to embarrass him because of his cute hard pike.


The third boy was Elijah. He wasn't even working at the moment he was playing basketball with some of the boys. Elijah was the oldest of my four workers, at fourteen. He was tall about five feet ten inches, with jet black hair and light brown eyes. He was really thin and a bit clumsy. He was probably still in his growth spur and not yet used to his height.


I had him come over and gave him his own computer as well. He wasn't too sure about a gift like this and was trying to figure out why I gave him a computer. I told him I was giving one to each of them so they could keep track of the work they each did and share it through our network so you don't end up doing the same area twice in a row. I told him same thing about not bringing it home to not raise questions and about a soon to be private room in the dorms soon.


I then went over to find Elliot and give him his gift as well. Elliot was thirteen years old and the cutie of the group. He was five foot four, with long light brown hair, killer blue eyes and a beautiful proportion body with a great bubble but. No hair yet that could be seen under his arms or lips. But his eyes showed sadness, I guess the neglect he was showed at home had its toll on him but this computer might help cheer him up.


I sat him down on a bench and gave him the computer, his eyes lit up and he too hugged me tight, which I returned because I knew he needed it. I gave him the same speech as the other three boys and he was very happy about having a room, he didn't have one at home. I was starting to think at least Elliot would be better off here instead of home.


I left him and went to help my boyfriend installing the boys' computers. I told him that the 4 E's had their computers.


Xavier "The 4 E's?"


"Didn't you notice, all four boys we hired had first name starting by the letter E? Ethan, Eric, Elliot and Elijah, the four E's"


Xavier smirked, "Oh cool you have a nickname for them... I'll try and remember that. Now help me install all those computers so we can go have fun quicker." He said with a grin.


It took us a while to install everything. We even took a break for dinner with the rest of the boys, but did manage to get it all done today. If the boys wanted to move them once they received their new furniture, Xavier would recheck on the computer then, but for now they were functional and the boys account created so they could use them immediately.


I took Xavier's hand when we were done, and we took a walk around the grounds holding hands, stopping to talk to the boys or watch them play enjoying the warm evening. I picked up a couple of towels in the boathouse and we walk around the lake and settled ourselves on the beach laying on our towels watching the sunset sometime kissing each other but mostly fondling one another slowly.


Xavier decided to take my shorts out of the way and pulled my underwear down with them. I took his as well in return and removed his t-shirt to start licking those small hard nipples. I laid Xavier back down on his beach towel and licked down his navel and around his hard shaft and sucked in his balls rolling them with my tongue.


I teased him a while before lifting his legs and poking my tongue at his puffy hole. I rimmed him a few minutes eliciting moan after moan before I wet a finger and sent it on a mission to tease his prostate. I took his granite hard cock in my mouth and within two more minutes of poking his nub and sucking him, he began giving me his sweet juice... almost passing out in the process.


I sat down on his belly and jerked myself closer to orgasm and stuck my dick in his mouth to feed him his favorite cream. He sucked it expertly for a few minutes and I feed him my boy juice. We decided to cuddle here a while longer under the evening stars that had started showing, kissing each others from time to time, before finally taking the trek home.


We stayed up a while longer playing video games with some of the new boys being friendly. I participated at some first player shooter games but it was unfair to them, they didn't stand a chance against me. So after a few games I left the game and just watched. Before long Xav and I headed to our room for a good night of sleep.