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Chapter 8



It was a week later. A busy week, with lots of deliveries of furniture for the boy's rooms. We kept most of the boys playing far away from the delivery men, with Jeffrey keeping a close eye on both the boys and the delivery men. Everything went without incident so far.


Jeffrey and Xavier spent a few evenings doing some interviews, eliminating candidates, leaving me with their best choices for the final interviews. We also received our food delivery trucks, both plain white, without a company logo yet. I would ask the boys who were interested, to create one and then paint it on the trucks, having their own contribution to our place.


I was resting still naked in the hot tub beside the pool after my morning laps, when one of the younger boys I had rescued came over and sat down by the hot tub, letting his feet hit the water. He looked like he wanted to ask me something but didn't know how or was too shy to ask.


"What's your name?" I asked.




"You want to ask me something, don't ya?"


"Yes," he said shyly."


"Well ask me. I won't bite."


"I use to have a cat at home," said the boy, looking down at the water. "I miss it. Can I have one here?"


"That's a great idea! I love cats. In fact, instead of one, I'll get us several from the shelter as soon as possible."


Joey was all smiles when he left, running to tell his friends, more than likely. I thought that maybe I should discuss this with more boys to see if they were also interested in other smaller pets. I decided that if there were boys interested in taking care of the aquarium I would get us some more to decorate the house and their dorm. It would depend on them. Maybe I would let them have a ferret, or hamsters to add to their daily lives if they wanted. It Might make them more responsible and caring about living things and eventually, even each other. I could see some benefits there.


I had breakfast before retiring to my office to send a mass email to all the boys about pets to see their reactions.


I called in my two chefs, Jamie and Christian, so we could look at the application put aside for a chef by Jeff and Xav. I wanted them to do the interview with me after lunch was over and left them a copy of the application so they could study it and write down questions they may want to ask in the interview.


I studied the doctor's application. He was young; barely 25. I'd thought we wanted one close to retirement. He was a genius who entered university early but a mama's boy who wanted to break away from the family. He wanted more time to spend researching or maybe teaching, rather than being a physician like his parents wanted him to be. He was qualified, having just finished his residency. I guess we were a fit on that aspect; he would check out the boys once in a while and see them when they felt sick. Far from a full time job, but he could teach the interested ones some of the stuff they were interested in learning, and do his research. What was really missing in his résumé was information on the kind of research he wanted to do and what kind of facility he needed. I would not accept a guy who wanted to research the creation of a super virus or anything that could be a danger to the boys living here. If I didn't have the facility he needed, I could still just buy one of the properties right next to mine and have his lab built there with the specifications he needed.


I was sitting in the office when Jeffrey brought the doctor over. I asked him to sit down and Jeff left, closing the door, surprising our guest.


"Is this a joke?" the doctor asked.


"Oh no, doctor it isn't. I'm Alexander, the owner. Since you managed to get an interview with me; it means that you're a great candidate to work here."


"Where is your father?"


"I don't have one that I know of."


"So where are the cameras? You're screwing with me, right?"


"The cameras are all over the place. You're free to leave if you're not interested in the job, otherwise understand that you will be working for me. I am your final interview."


"And how old are you?"


"It's not relevant even if I knew the answer. Now I'll ask the questions if you don't mind, otherwise I'll have you escorted back out and find someone else. I don't care."


"Okay, ask your questions."


"What are your intentions in the future as far as medicine is concerned?"


"I don't really have any. I did my residency and studies in medicine because it is what my mom wanted me to do."


"I see. You wasted all those years in studying medicine to make your mother happy?"


"Yes, I did."


"So what do you want to be then?


"Right now I'm studying psychology and I like it."


"Well, that could be useful here, if you can convince me to hire you."


"I'm not sure what you want here."


"Can you handle the medical needs of fifty plus teenagers?"


"I saw more patients most days during my residency."


"Then this job would be easy; maybe a bit of work the first few days, making files for everyone, doing their physicals. But after that, taking care of them when they feel sick or they get hurt and see them when you deem necessary to keep them healthy."


"Looks simple enough but, only fifty or so; isn't that a bit low to bother having a doctor on staff instead of a nurse?"


"There is room here for far more than fifty, and it will likely become a higher number with time, and I'd rather have someone qualified to take care of them here as much as possible. It will leave you time to study, but this is also a live-in job. Still interested?"


"I want to say yes, so I can get away from my mother's nagging."


"She wouldn't be allowed in here. There is a clause in the contract that won't allow you legally to talk about the boys here or to bring other people here without permission. A very good way to get away from her if so desired."


"I see. This could be a good thing for me, to have a life of my own without her looking over my shoulder."


"Yes, there is no way she could be looking over your shoulder here. You will also have to respect some of the same rules as the boys here."


"Which are?"


"Well, no abuse or bullying of the boys, and if you don't want the food that is being served by the cooking staff, you are responsible to cook your own meal or just skip it."


"Those seem like perfectly reasonable rules."


"Since you're studying in psychology, I will allow you to take care of their psychological needs, if they so wish, but only if they want to. Most won't be trusting of adults; I can tell you that right now. I asked them permission to hire some."


"Thank you."


"You're welcome. Now, I will let you read the clause you have to sign before we go any further. I'll leave you a few minutes to consider it."


I left him there for over a quarter of an hour, letting him read and ponder his response about working for a kid and getting away from his mother as well as reading the clause. I went back in to the doctor with Jeffrey and Xavier in tow for the signature and witness signature of the clause. It was time to give him a short tour of the grounds, to his office, which of course was the school nurse's office and to talk about living arrangements. He could sleep in his office if he wanted, in a room I offered him in the boy's dorm or one of the rooms upstairs in the house. Dave or Dr. Dave, as he would be called here, decided it would be better to stay in the house instead of the dorms, at least until the boys were comfortable enough with him, which showed me, at the same time, he understood it was best not to push the boys to trust him too fast before he got to know them a little better.


So we signed the papers and dealt with the salary. We now had a doctor on staff. He could take care of their medical needs and, in time, also their psychological needs as well, which surely would be a good thing for a great many of them once they trusted him enough.


Dave left to tell his mother the news and get ready to move into the complex with us in the next few days. I left him a card and entered him in the computer so he could get through the gate when he came back.


Just as Dave was leaving, another car was driving up to the gate. There was a man and a teenager inside the car; I wondered who that could be. I went over and asked them what they were doing here. The man driving told me he was Chuck and had an interview. I didn't remember reading anything about a kid in his résumé nor did Jeff or Xav hint anything about that. I told him to wait a few minutes so I could verify this.


I went back inside, pulled my cell out and called Jeff to ask him about it; he didn't know of a kid either. I told him to check with the gate camera if this was the man they'd interviewed and he said yes, so I thanked him and told him to pick a couple of boys and head over to the animal shelter and pick up some cats as pets for everyone. I called Xavier to confirm his research. Still nothing about a kid. I also asked him to check where Jamie and Christian were. They were already in the school cafeteria. I decided we would join them there.


I was back out to the gate immediately after my second call to tell Chuck that, yes indeed, he had an interview, but we knew nothing about him coming over with a kid. I opened the gate and got into his car. I told him I was Alexander, and one of those who were conducting his interview today. He told me his name was Chuck and the kid with him was Dylan. I told him to drive inside, all the way to the main school building.


"Care to tell me why Xavier's background check on you didn't reveal you had a kid?"

"I don't have a kid. Dylan here is the child of my business partner and childhood best friend from the restaurant I was working in."

"The one that burned down not long ago and put you out of work?"

"Yes, that's the one. But it was a criminal fire that was set a couple of days after Dylan's dad disappeared."


"I didn't read any of that in the report". Hmm, Xavier must be losing his touch. "Where did your partner go?"


"We don't know. He gambled away a fortune of our restaurant money behind my back. It is possible he disappeared because he gambled more than he could repay some loan shark. The insurances aren't paying for the damage because they think we burnt it down."


"You're saying your partner ran away without his kid?"


"Yes, I've been hiding him with me ever since he disappeared almost a month ago."


"He didn't try to contact you or Dylan?"


"I think he's trying to protect us from getting involved."


"I'll ask you to provide as much information about him as you can so I can have Xavier check him out and try to find him, so both of you will at least know if he's alive or dead. It is possible the lone shark thugs caught up with him."


We were parked by the school so I told Chuck that we would meet the other two interviewers inside and gave Dylan a visitor's pass. To identify him as a welcomed guest, not an intruder, he needed to keep it on him till we were done. Dylan could go play with the boys while we did the interview, which I expected would take a lot longer than the doctor's because I knew Christian and Jamie would want to ask a lot of questions and show him around the school kitchen.


Before going inside, I saw that Elliot was working again. I thought it was a lot of money he was making; he was always working. I would need to talk to him about it later. I brought our guest, Chuck, to the cafeteria and showed him around a bit while Christian and Jamie were finishing up the soup they were making for dinner.


I left the two boys to ask Chuck the cooking and experience questions they wanted and called Xavier to come over with his laptop to get the information he would need to start looking for Chuck's business partner. Christian told me they were both satisfied with his knowledge and what they could learn from him; enough to be hired. Xavier asked some more questions of Chuck as I received a call from Jeffrey.


"Hey boss, there is a car that has been sitting near the gate before I left for the shelter and is still there now."


"I see! They were more than likely following our guests. In a sense it's good news. Get some of our weapons out. I'll be over in a few minutes. And, Jeff thanks for your vigilance.


I hung up and rejoined Chuck and Xavier. I told them that I had some good news and bad news.


"Chuck, you have been followed here; that is the bad news. The good news is that if they are following you, they are waiting for you to make contact with your partner to get him. Chances are really good that he's still alive. But now, I can't let you leave this place until I take care of this problem. So you are now our new cook and Dylan will be staying here, as well, with you. You can share a room in the dorm where the rest of the boys are or he can get a room of his own there as well. For now take care of dinner with my boys here. I will take care of our other problem in the meantime. I turned toward my boyfriend.


"Come on, Xavier, we've got work to do."


We both left the school to walk back home and crossed paths with Gabriel and Benjamin. I told them that one of them would need to find the guest boy and get him registered while the other came with me to take care of our guest problem outside the gate.


Benjamin followed us to the house. When we entered, Xavier left for the command center (security room) and Ben and I grabbed a couple of the sleeping guns Jeffrey had gotten out for us. Xavier told us the windows were opened and there were two men inside the car.


Ben and I casually walked out the gate, pushing each other like normal teens and got closer to the car. We checked the street for witnesses but no one was close enough to see what was about to happen. We got within a few feet of the car and pulled our guns and shot them both before they had time to realize what we were up too. Ben pushed the driver onto the passenger side and I opened the gates for him to drive inside. We tied them down and threw one in the back seat and the other one in the trunk after grabbing their cell phones.


I told Ben to keep an eye on them. If he needed, he could get help from someone else. I joined my boyfriend in the security room with both cells. We checked both their histories and who the numbers belong to. Good thing they weren't cops. Xavier worked on the numbers and found who was most likely their boss and checked him out. The guy had legitimate businesses but was not totally clean; that much was evident. With the info Xavier also gathered from Chuck, I had enough to make a call. Xavier gave me a voice scrambler and prepared to trace the other end of the line.


I made the call with the voice and location scrambler.


"Vinny here."


"Hello there, Vinny. First of all, I captured your two men and I am using one of their phones to call you so you know I'm serious."


"What exactly do you want?"


"I know they were following Chuck here in order to find his partner. I'll let you know right now, he doesn't have a clue where his business partner is, and there has been no communications between them."


"It still doesn't tell me what you want?"


"I know about your interest rates and such but I will make a deal with you. Are you interested?"


"I'm listening!"


"I'll settle his debt, minus interest, so you won't lose anymore but will also pay what you've spent on your thugs to try and find him. I will also return your two men and transfer the money. Sound likes a fair deal for a business man like you?"


"I guess it's a fair deal to get my men back unarmed and not losing any more money."


"I thought so. There is a second condition; if he comes back, you will not let him bet with you. Now, make the calculations and send them over, don't try to screw me over. I just sent you a text message with your actual location. I am able to find you and also to make your men disappear. I'll be waiting for the total amount which will be in your account not long after that."


"I understand."


"Perfect. I'll be waiting for the numbers. I'll call you back with the location of your men and, no, I don't need your accounts to send you the money; I already accessed them. I'll talk to you later."


I hung up before he could reply.


"Thanks, Xav, for getting me all that info this quickly. Now, I just need to drug them a little and mix up those guys short term memory a bit. In the meantime, you go find some of the older boys and Chuck, head to his home with the two delivery trucks and move him over. In case they try to follow him again, he will have vanished. If Dylan wants stuff from his home as well, it is likely under surveillance too, so we won't be able to do that yet; he will have to be patient."


A few minutes later we got a reply with the money amount. I told Jeff to transfer it. I drugged both men in their car which put them back to sleep for another few hours. Chuck left for his apartment with some of the boys, and they moved him out quickly. Jeffrey drove the car back near the bar where Vinny was when we called him earlier, with me following in my car. I picked him up and made the final call to Vinny, telling him where his men were and that the money had been sent. He wouldn't hear from me again unless he got into my business. I also gave him an extra $400 for the phones I stole from his guys to be replaced. I threw the phones out the window and went back home.


I went to find Chuck in the evening, after getting back from the transaction, and told him that his partner's debt had been settled. Dylan would be safe here with him, at least until we could find his dad, at which time we would decide what would be done next. Until then, I welcomed Chuck and Dylan into our lives.


It had been a long, eventful day; it was time to rest in my boyfriend's arms.


End of chapter 8



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