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Chapter 9


A week had passed since I hired our new staff and so far everything was going smoothly. Jamie and Christian were happy to be working with Chuck and shopping with him. Dylan was often with them too, helping with meals. They had three helpers each day working on the meals. Not everyone was happy with that, but helping out twice a month in the kitchen wasn't that much of a chore for the benefits they had living here.

The boys' rooms were mostly finished being decorated and furnished. The ones that were not done yet were because some of the boys had been lazy or didn't know yet what to do with their room, so it was in their hands by that time.

The dorms were cleaned, the shared (common) areas all set up with television, sofas, couches, tables, and a big aquarium the boys needed to take care of and of course video games. The boys did a great job with their place, and I was proud of their work and glad for them also. They were smiling most of the time, and all looked pretty happy even if they couldn't leave the estate yet. They still found plenty to do here in the meantime.

The news on their disappearance was less and less part of the news each day, but there had been some news about all those who were arrested because of the evidence we had left behind. It didn't help the story die but at least we knew that once those guys went to prison, the prisoners would know all about them and how they treated children, and they would pay even more for their crimes inside, if they weren't killed.

The grounds were looking better and better each day. I knew it wasn't only those that were hired that were working on them. Some of the other boys also enjoyed driving the riding mowers and had been helping with the grass cutting. Some were doing it to keep the playing fields nice and ready to play on. The four `E's I hired for the job were spending more and more time here with the boys and making friends. I was glad for them; they would at least enjoy their summer while making money. It also reminded me I wanted to ask Elliot a few questions the week before and never got around to it.


Dr. Dave started his job of reviewing all the boys' medical files and seeing them one by one, making sure they were healthy. I told him to also see our four little workers, as soon as possible, and look for signs of abuse, recent or old. I wanted him to do a complete work up on them so I would know if they were abused or neglected and have a clearer picture about all of them. They were eating with the other boys often, so I knew they ate at least some good food the days they were around, but didn't know how they ate at home.

Benjamin and Gabriel were organizing sports teams' every day, trying a new sport, letting everyone who wanted to, join them and learn about the team sports they could play on the estate. It was giving everyone a chance to get to know each other better, and learn how to play everything, to see what they liked and didn't like. It kept the boys busy at something else than video games all day. I was glad Ben and Gabriel took the boys in hand like that and helped them feel at home. I sure couldn't do everything by myself. I was proud of my boys.

One day, Ben was teaching them to water-ski on the lake since it was sunny and hot. I played with them a few times and also spent a lot of time working on our own projects that were getting behind schedule.

I wanted to get our satellites into space as soon as possible. I had asked Jeffrey to get us all the necessary permits to launch, and I ordered the rockets to do so. We had thirteen satellites to send into space, but I was hiding the real number. The first twelve they would know about were communications satellites deployed to cover earth as best as possible. They were deployed in sets of four in a triangular prism pattern around the planet. One of them, directly over the house, was equipped a bit more than the rest of them to keep surveillance on our estate and so, provide better protection. It would watch the estate and the surroundings for anything from plane to people. The last was a spy satellite that would be used for future missions. It would be hidden; attached to another and sent with the rest, but deployed a day or two later into space. We would be equipped with secured satellite phones using our own free network, at least for us and my companies. It would also become our internet and TV provider, even stealing the TV signals from other satellites so we could get all the channels we wanted for free. Of course, since I was stealing TV signals from others, I wouldn't be able to sell television services from our network of satellites, but I still could sell an internet service if I so wanted.

Mostly everything had been assembled by Logan, my electronics expert, and we had been programming them, but we had been hitting some minor bugs we wanted to solve before they went into orbit. They were all; of course, to be solar powered and that part had been fixed already by Logan. The communications satellites were to be in a stable orbit with one right above us being the most advanced of them as well as being the one that we had still been working on. I wanted it to be able to send an EMP pulse and fake echoes. The satellites could always be moved in series of four to best cover areas that we needed, if necessary. Xavier and I would be done working its last kinks soon we hoped.

The spy satellite and our proudest accomplishment thus far, was a piece of work. We could change its orbit with a micro nuclear powered generator. It was a small nuclear generator which is why we called it micro. It was equipped to see heat signatures, in the dark, close range or wide range, and able to spy on anything, anywhere in the world. The gadgets on it would all be solar powered but to move it from one orbit to another, depending where we needed it was the reason for our Micro Nuclear Powered Generator. All the kinks had been worked out on this one a while back already, it was a pretty small satellite for what it could do and would help it not being noticed, being all black would make it hard to notice even with a telescope.

Our other big project was well advanced. It was a silent electric and solar powered car. David was the mechanic of the group. He'd been learning all about cars since he was five years old. The car was already up and running the way it was, and could already hit two hundred and seventy five kilometers an hour and all that with no gas. We had our own type of batteries using a design I had stolen on one of my past missions, but slightly altered to be even more effective. It was a two door car that could seat four people. But it wasn't complete; the fact that it worked as a simple car was great but Xavier and Logan still had work to do on it. The exterior film of the car was all micro cameras and emitters conceived to make the car be invisible from all sides. The wheels were all hidden behind that except about two to three inches on the ground; those would be the area's most vulnerable to be seen. The concept was simple, what was seen under the car would be emitted on top of the car, same thing from the top we would see what was filmed under the car this way even an helicopter following us would lose track of the car. The sides were the same way. We mostly looked like a mirage when it was engaged. The problem was that the computer couldn't process and transmit the images fast enough if we were driving over sixty kilometers an hour. It did work if we put in colors we could make it look any color with ease so far because it didn't require anything else than transmitting them. We needed faster processing, maybe a new way to encode it, when used to cloak the car. Logan was thinking of trying the new CPU's that the Playstation 3 had created with more cores and lining them together to make an even more effective processor that might be able to handle the high speed cloaking for the car. He was working that out since his part had been completed on the satellites already. The car when powered down looked like solar panels. Powered down under light it would recharge pretty quickly but even faster if we plugged it in. It could work all day, no problem. Under sunlight it would keep its energy up, but at night, depending on what you do with the car, it can run out of power. So cloaking it at night for hours was a bad idea.

There were, of course, more projects in the works; for example, the watch we would all wear once the satellites were in space was already completed. It would be for me, one more tracking device and also for the boys in case something was to happen. It would also serve as a panic button. In case anyone was in danger or hurt, the computer and satellite would pick it up and would immediately warn me and Dr. Dave that something was happening. The watch would be able to communicate with the computer so we would hear everything that was being said when the panic button has been pressed. It was waterproof and would automatically set the panic button if it no longer felt a pulse, which would mean a cardiac arrest or that the watch had been removed. It was mainly created for me in the first place but I would use it to keep the boys safe from harm.

We would keep working on each project depending on which was the most useful for us at the time. I already started testing the new boys and asking their fields of interest to see if I could put some on one project or another.

I helped on the projects the rest of the day and the next day I was planning to go with Jeffrey to a meeting with government officials for all the permits necessary to launch our satellites into space. They would be ready for launching within a week, so the sooner the better it was to get all the permits and the launches scheduled.


Chuck soon had the kitchen running like a well-oiled machine. Although Christian and Jamie might have looked like they were demoted, they still got to do most of the work and found Chuck a good master, never letting up on them doing their lessons and getting ready for the cooking school. Having three boys doing a lot of the work eased the load they had, letting them do a better job at their duties.


They split the kitchen into zones, basically one for raw food, and one for cooked. Christian had the prep to do that day with Dylan helping him. They were serving fried chicken and having a grand time dredging it with flour. By the time they were done they had more flour on themselves than was on the chicken. With Jamie to do the cooking, and with Chuck standing by, and three boys to clean up things, they decided to take a shower before it was time for them to help serve the meal.


The private shower and restroom off the kitchen was for just that purpose. As they undressed near the lockers and laundry basket, Christian noticed Dylan standing there in his boxers staring at him. Dylan's boxers did nothing to hide the erection he was sporting. Not having a shy bone in his body, Dylan striped off his boxers and walked into the shower stall, his cute cut penis leading the way. Not to be out done, Christian finished undressing and just about ran to the two headed shower.


While letting the shower rinse most of the flour off them, and playing with the paste forming on the floor with their feet, they couldn't but notice Christian's uncut dick climbing to match Dylan's in size and hardness.


Not saying anything until they both were covered with suds, Dylan spoke up, saying, "I've never seen a prick with all that extra skin this close before. Does it hurt when you jack?"


"No, in fact I think the extra skin helps make it feel good," said Christian as he slowly pulled the foreskin back exposing the head a few times. This soon got Dylan stroking his own meat. They couldn't have done more than five strokes before Dylan said, "Is it okay if I do yours for a while just to see what it feels like?"


"Sure, and I'll do yours for you because it's only fair to return the favor."


Dylan was amazed with what he had in his hand, and was soon on his knees for a closer look. Being a horny teen like everyone is at that age, he soon had to get it in his mouth to taste it and see what that foreskin felt like when he sucked it and maybe nip the end of the skin.


Not having jerked off since bed time the night before, Christian was really getting into this. Grasping Dylan's head with both hands he soon started a slow pumping into the hot mouth on his cock. Pushing more and more into Dylan's mouth he soon found he was taking all of it.


Dylan was jacking himself while he played with Christian's balls, never losing a stroke with his sucking. Christian's dick seemed to get harder and bigger in his mouth and they both knew he couldn't hold out any longer. With a low whimper he pulled Dylan's mouth all the way onto his dick. Trembling, he started shooting his juices into that hot wet mouth. Getting weaker, Christian was glad Dylan had wrapped his arms around his hips; he knew with the force of his climax he would have collapsed to the floor.


Noticing Christian was coming back from his high, Dylan released the lip lock he had on that dick, leaned back and started jacking himself. He spit the mouthful of Christian's juices he was saving into his hand and, rubbing it on his dick as a lube; he soon was shooting his load onto his chest.


Christian sat on the floor next to Dylan, put his arm on his shoulder, and whispered into his ear, "I'm sorry I came so fast. I tried to hold back, but you were so good. Next time I will do you, maybe blow your brains out."


As they both stood, they knew they had to get back to the kitchen soon to help serve the meal.

It was 11 am. Jeffrey and I were waiting for our appointment in the government office. We were to meet with a government official and military one as well. When Jeffrey was shown in for the meeting, they wanted me to stay outside but Jeffrey told them that I was here to attend the meeting in the first place and that I was the owner of the company that wanted to send the satellites into space. So they relented and let me in like I was seeing a national secrets meeting. Come on, we just wanted to launch some satellites for our company's use. Not like we don't pay taxes already. Oh well, my feeling was they didn't like kids.

The meeting started and we got things going, telling them we would be ready to launch the following week. During the meeting someone came in to talk to the military guy and looked really surprised to see me, or was it seeing a kid in the meeting, but I felt uneasy about the guy. There was something strange in his stare at me, I believed; not just my being a kid.

We got our permit for the launch and gave confirmations of the hours we would launch the following week. So we got out of there and headed for lunch in the Ferrari. I still felt uneasy in the restaurant like we were being watched so I whispered to Jeffrey that I thought we were being followed. We would try to confirm that in the car. Jeffrey grabbed and paid the bill and we were off.

After three miles I was sure we were followed; I'd spotted two tails already. Why were they following us? I told Jeffrey we were not going home yet, to head into the city instead and try to find a realtor that sold buildings in the seedy part of town. We were going to waste the day away, and theirs following us, and later, we would give them the slip.

I found a realtor online, using my laptop, that was selling some of those low-end buildings and we headed over to meet him. We arrived shortly after I got the address and found out that he was free to meet with us.

That was good news. I had a lot of questions for him. I first asked him how to get rid of the actual tenants fast in these buildings once I bought them. Secondly, if there was an easy way that I could handpick the right candidates for the apartments. I wanted to allow only low income families with children living in with them, and if social services claimed the children or if their parents actually sent them to social services, which would terminate the parents' lease that month, to make room for another low income family, with children, to take their place. He told me there was a government program available for low income families and that I could possibly register my buildings into their program. He wasn't sure about the legality of the clause of having children in the home to be able to keep their apartment, but if we added it to the lease contract and it was signed, his guess was that it would become legal and probably hard for a low income household to go into a legal battle over the clause they signed in the first place.

Jeffrey asked, "Why would you want to buy building in a bad neighborhood to begin with?"

"Well, look at it like this Jeff," I answered. "If I can buy, let's say, twenty five percent of the buildings in a seedy neighborhood and kick out all the tenants, replace them with low income families, you will have more and more families living in the area and less and less room for the seedy characters. I'll renovate the buildings and try to buy the others and keep on removing most of the bad elements. Having more and more families will mean also more parents to watch out what is going on there and that will keep making the area less and less attractive for illicit activities."


Jeffrey said, "I'm not so sure about that. I don't think it will stop them. If they are making money they will not just stand by and let it happen, you know?"

"I think your dad might be right, you know", added the realtor. "It isn't a utopia world out there; those neighborhoods can be dangerous."

"Jeffrey, think about this!" I said. "What are our companies' areas of expertise? Do you think I would let things stay as they are when I move children there? We have a technology that most of the world doesn't even know exists yet, or thinks it does, but has never seen it work with their own eyes. I plan on using this technology to clean up the area, and use force if necessary. Here is the plan: our realtor here, your name is Gilles, I believe, will find us as many buildings in the area as possible at the lowest cost possible. Gilles, you should try to even make some offers on buildings that are not for sale. If there are also schools that have been closed down in this same area I want you to make offers to buy two of them. I want to buy everything I can at once because after a year or two the area will be worth a lot more. I want to get as many as possible now before they gain value after the area is cleaned up and renovated. Also if there is land available in the area for commercial use, I will want to buy it as well if it is big enough for a family commercial center.

Of course, when I say the lowest cost possible, your commission will not be as high as you're used to have but you will still be a rich man, Gilles, because you're going to get a commission for as many building as you can find us, which means you can probably retire for a few years, if you wanted, after this. Another important detail for the transactions, to make it easy on everyone, everything will be paid in full, and there won't be mortgages on anything I will buy."

Gilles was shocked! "He must be joking isn't he?" he asked Jeff.

"I would say he's not. He is my boss after all and the money he's been making the past couple of years probably make him into the top 5% of the richest people in the world. If he thinks he can save the world one part at a time like this, I will surely try to help him."

"Nope!" I exclaimed. "There's no kidding around here; we'll leave you a deposit check now to start your research and deposits on anything you can find quickly. It's important that upon the purchase you terminate all the tenants' lease. We will then pick those who we want to keep afterward that were already there. I will even pay to have them moved out faster. Also upon buying them, register the buildings immediately with the government for the low income family program. I believe, if my information is correct, that I won't have to pay taxes on those buildings while they are in the program, so I want them to also forego the welcome tax if you can have that done as well, please. Sign them all up as well for the renovation tax credit because I'll be renovating all the buildings in part or completely.

"Keep me updated by email on your progress; I want as many done as possible before August. You can hire more people if you need them. The faster you can get some building signed over, the faster I'll begin having work done on them. Buy even the buildings that are no longer used; I'll have them removed and build new ones. As for the closed down schools, I know they have been closing schools down, without good reason, the past few years. Just see which ones are closest to the neighborhood and make an offer they can't refuse for two of them, within two weeks, so I have a little over a month to have them renovated to my standards before school starts. I'm ready to pay a higher price there to make the transaction quicker. I'm sure there will be some easy target to bribe to make it happen faster. You can do it, but you have to tape and we will try to film the exchange, because I will report those people later. Don't go too high either; I don't want to give my money away either.

"Jeff, give Gilles a check and our email addresses so he can start his work. Thank you, Gilles."

I looked outside. Our tails were still there, even though we'd spent a couple of hours with the realtor. I told Jeff to drive us to one of our company buildings. We would do a surprise visit and then switch cars and elude our tail.

So we went by one of our research facilities, parked in the inside parking lot and visited them for an hour. The employees looked happy working there. I took the opportunity to visit an architect that was working in the building and tell him about my project and the work I would soon send his way for designing and renovating the new buildings we would get. I told him the schools would be the most important projects to work on. I told him we needed a surveillance system that would cover the whole school, and also the outside on all sides, all the way to the streets. I didn't want him to forget that in the renovation designs. It didn't need to be pretty, but a quick and efficient design. I was working to acquire two schools, and they wouldn't be mixed schools. I even told him to hire more temporary staff for all this and start retaining renovating companies for the projects as of that day.

That was another hour well spent, discussing what I wanted designed with him and how to best proceed to be as efficient as possible. Then I just changed into a girl again and we borrowed a company car with tinted windows, to go home, while finally eluding our tail. They were probably wondering where the heck we were that evening.


I spent a nice evening working with my boyfriend, testing our satellites that we would be sending up the next week. Everything was working fine; we could even program them from the ground if any trouble arose. We made sure that the backup systems were working, just in case of such a problem, so we could solve it from home.

We had our evening fun and my training in the morning. I was working in my office, checking my emails in case we had some deals already made on buildings, and was already making some purchases to get things ready for when we had them. Since it was Thursday, I also prepared the paychecks for the boys. I was checking with the computer the hours they'd worked when I found out Ethan hadn't been here in three days. That was strange; he hadn't mentioned he or anything like that.

I called my working boys over to the office to give them their paychecks and asked all of them if they had seen or heard about Ethan in last three days. Elliot told me that it happened sometimes when he was at school, that he wouldn't come for a whole week and when he came back he was hiding bruises. He said he thought Ethan's dad was possibly beating him so hard that he just couldn't go to school until he was better. I had more questions for Elliot and I told him that I would find out about Ethan, but I also wanted to talk to him, as well, soon; that he should come and see me tomorrow.

I immediately called Ben over and told him to grab a car and bring it around; we had a job to do. We drove over to Ethan's house. I knocked on the door. There was no answer. I could see someone inside so I rang the bell a few times and finally a man answered. He looked like he was drunk. I asked to see Ethan and he told me he wasn't there and to go away. I said I would look for myself and stepped inside. He tried to grab me but I quickly avoided him and he fell flat on the floor.

I ran inside and started looking for Ethan and found him on the floor in his room like he passed out there. I leaned over him to look closer and saw all the bruises. He was in very rough shape. I wasn't even sure he was alive at that point.

His dad came up behind me and tried to hit me but I avoided him and quickly kicked him in the balls. Who said I had to fight fair? I fight dirty; it's the best way to survive. The man fell on his knee and I went into a rage and beat him up, yelling at him, when Ben came in and stopped me before I ended up killing him.

I told Ben to tie him up good. I went back to poor Ethan and checked him out. He was still breathing but his pulse was pretty weak, probably in shock. Ben picked him up carefully while I called Doctor Dave and told him to be ready for us. We were coming back with Ethan and he was possibly in shock. We left the man tied up there and I didn't even bother calling the police yet to come and find him; I was too worried about Ethan right then to bother with that piece of trash.

We were home quickly and Dr. Dave looked at our patient and confirmed he was in shock. We took pictures of Ethan's injuries and took X-rays to see if anything was broken. He had a couple of cracked ribs, quite possibly a concussion, as well as bruises all over, like he was fisted and kicked for a long time or several times in a short period. We documented all of his injuries and made copies of everything. I put them together in a file to take back to the father's house and leave for the police to find when I would call them on him.

I also took some custody papers and I woke the bastard up and told him to sign them if he wanted to ever be untied from where he was. He had already pissed himself. He said he wouldn't sign anything so I simply grabbed his balls and started squeezing them until he obeyed and signed. Then I gagged him, left copies of both the medical files and the custody papers he had signed before finally calling the police on him. I also told them there was no need to rush; he was tied up and wouldn't be going anywhere. I left him there to rot and went back home to look on Ethan.

I stayed by his bed, feeling guilty for not finding out what had happened to him sooner and not being there when the poor little guy needed me. Xavier brought me dinner after everyone else had eaten and still Ethan hadn't woken up. Dr. Dave said he put him on pain medication. He would wake up when his body started feeling better. His heartbeat had gotten stronger so he was getting better. Xavier sat with me awhile and made sure I ate before going back to work on our satellites.

Ethan woke up later in the evening. He saw me beside him and asked where he was. I told him he was safe, that Dr. Dave was taking care of him. He tried to sit up and realized he was all taped up to protect his ribs and wasn't able to sit by himself. I helped him sit and called Dave to come look at Ethan since he was awake. I gave him some water and Dr. Dave started checking him over and told him he would be in pain for a while, that he would keep giving him some pain medication to make him comfortable but would keep lowering the dosage day by day so he could get back to normal and not need any as soon as possible.

I told Ethan again he was safe; his father wouldn't be getting his hands on him again and asked him if he wanted to tell us the whole story. I took a camcorder and poor Ethan told us his life story. He told us about his mother dying when he was eight and how his father kept drinking and started beating him for no reason. He had to miss school for days after a beating because of all the bruises or just because he wasn't able to move well because of the swelling and pain. He tried to avoid his dad as much as possible but a few days before I found him, it didn't work. He didn't remember most of it; he had passed out while his dad was beating him.

I told Ethan he would stay here in the future. No longer did he have to worry about his dad. For the next couple of days he would be in the infirmary with Dr. Dave to make sure everything was all right and he was healing properly. After that he would have to find a room or a roommate if he wanted in the dorms, like the other boys. I would make sure he stayed safe.

I decided also for the safety of all my boys I would start teaching a mandatory self defense course every morning after breakfast, when I was around, so everyone would learn the basics of defending themselves, in case it was needed. I would also teach those who wanted, in the evening, weapons handling. I wasn't trying to turn them into me, but give them some basic fighting skills that they could use in the future. It also builds self confidence. When you know you can defend yourself it is easier not to get scared and therefore not panic in a situation in which most others would.

I left Ethan, when he fell back to sleep, and went to the dorms to tell the boys about their new lessons and how they all had to learn the basics because I felt it important for them. It didn't mean they would have to use them, just that they could better protect themselves in the future. I told them to meet me after breakfast.

I decided to sleep in the infirmary that night to be close to Ethan. Xavier didn't like it much but understood how I felt guilty about what had happened and didn't argue.

End of chapter 9

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