The Forgotten Boys Delay 1


I wish to say I am sorry for the wait between chapter 7 and the newer chapters incoming. I encountered a few health problems and still have some now with that damn swine flu. Also even if chapter 8 had been made before everything happened, my editor JoshuaGlynn vanished from everywhere (chat, forums ...). I asked around and it has been over 50 days since he has last been seen by anyone I was able to ask. So I never got my edited chapter 8 to post back. I still don't have a clue what happened to him sadly so if someone does know you can let me know as well.

So after this long a wait and not finding anything about JoshuaGlynn, I asked another editor friend of mine who had asked me earlier when I first started posting if he was still interested in editing it and he was which is good news.

My new editor therefore is Matthew Templar. He's a busy editor working with multiple people as well as on 2 long multi chapter stories I read myself. So please be patient with both me and him for the future chapters. As I am still sick and often busy with work so my time to write is limited and same goes for my editor.

I may start doing some shorter chapters to post on a more regular base or maybe try posting every two weeks.

Thanks for the support you can still write to me at I usually reply to everyone unless I lost or never received the email. Comments, suggestions or even errors (not grammar please) that I might have missed are welcome so I can better write the story in the future. I know there aren't enough sex scenes, but if some want to write some sex scene to incorporate into the story you can let me know, I might take you up on that.