The following story is fiction and involves homosexual acts.  If you don't enjoy this subject or are for some reason not supposed to be reading this then don't.

The people in this story are real.  Their descriptions are as real as I can make them.  The actions in this story are fiction, however much I wish it otherwise.

 The Gaming Group
Chapter 2 -- The Day After

What did THAT mean I wondered? Did he see what Kev and I did? Did his comment mean that he enjoyed what he saw? Could it possibly mean that he might want to participate?

As I picked up a little I thought about all these questions. Suddenly I had to sit down. My next thought stopped me... If Kev was so into what we did, and Travis didn't mind, did that mean that they had already messed around...with each other? Surely not.

Later as I lay in bed and thought about what we did I couldn't help but grow hard. My seven and a quarter inches needed some attention. I thought about what we did, but I really thought about what I wanted to do the next time the opportunity presented itself.

My hole ached for Kev as I shot my load all over my chest.

The next morning, as I read as book in bed the phone rang. The clock read 9:15 as I reached for the phone. I was greeted by the soft voice of Kev in the line. He had never called me before. I was hard just hearing his voice.

"I really enjoyed the party last night. Thanks for having us all over"

"No problem, I was glad that you enjoyed yourself."

"I was thinking that maybe we could, ah, get together for lunch today." He continued, "That is if you don't have anything planned."

I couldn't help but smile, "That sounds doable. Why don't you meet me here at 11?"

I could hear the excitement in his voice, "Great."

"Oh," I said, "there is a spare key in the BBQ pit in the back. Just let yourself in when you get here."

"No problem, see you then." He said

"Yeah, can't wait." I heard him hang up.

I stepped out of the shower and dried myself off. I was startled when I walked into my bedroom wearing only the towel to find Kevin stretched out on the bed with no clothes on. I couldn't help but grin.

With a serious look on his face he points at his cock, "I have a problem and I need you to take care of it."

"Well, please, come in and make yourself at home" I say with a smart-ass tone. "Don't mind me, I just live here."

"Don't talk back to me. Simply get over here and suck it." Ooh, I love it when he tries to be so dominate!

How could I resist that picture? I should have but I didn't. I walked over to the bed, letting my towel drop to the floor along the way.

I could see his eyes connect with my piece. Not really surprising since it was at full mast. At seven and a quarter inches long it was nice to look at. I crawled up on the bed, dragging my hand lightly over his leg. I could see the enjoyment even that simply touch provided him from the smile on his face.

I gently kissed his right nipple, and then sucked it into my mouth. Giving it the full work over must have really felt good because he moaned. I kissed and licked my way up his chest to his neck, to his ear. Finally out mouths make contact. His mouth opens to mine and our tongues meet. I have been dreaming of this since last night!

I pull away from his mouth and look into his eyes before I begin to slide down his body again. His hands trailed up my back as I moved over his torso. I avoided his cock. I wasn't quite ready for that. Instead I swallowed his light brown pubic hair, while my hand gently caressed his wispy hair covers balls.

Quickly that wasn't enough for either of us. I moved down and gently sucked first one, then took the second nut into my mouth. I rolled them around, savoring their taste. That taste of ball sweat recently washed. I loved it. I loved him.

I let his nuts slip out of my mouth and gently encouraged him to spread his legs, which he did gladly. I licked the skin beneath his nut sack. As good and tasty as that skin was it wasn't my goal. I kept moving down, toward that goal.

He must have enjoyed this because he drew his legs up and spread them further. I placed a hand on each of his ankles and raised his legs in the air. I saw it then. His light brown pucker. I stuck my tongue on it and licked it. I was in heaven. That taste! I could still taste soap, but also sweat! It was incredible. He was squirming around like a crazy man. "Jeez, oh god, please don't stop." Like I had any intention of stopping!

I pushed my tongue into his pucker. It slipped in. He moaned. I drove my tongue in as far as I could. I licked as much of the inside of his hole as I could reach.

I let go of his ankles, I figured he'd hole his legs up himself. I grasped his steel hard cock. It was already covered in his sweet boy juice.

"Please!" He groaned.

I moved up, but when I did he leaned forward, with his hands he drew my face up to his. We were lost in a passionate tongue dual immediately. During this he rolled us over so I was underneath. He broke our contact and looked into my eyes. He looked nervous.

 He started to move down my body. "You don't have to Kev." He just looked at me. "I know." He whispered.

 The moist warmth engulfed my cock. I moaned. Truthfully he wasn't the best at what he was doing. It didn't matter though. The act can be learned, the love he was trying to express couldn't.

"Turn around." He must have known what I intended since he immediately started to turn around. Quickly I was swallowing his dick. I licked the head of his perfect tool, moving my tongue around the rim.

I could feel his cock get even harder. I pulled off, to a frustrated moan. I wanted us to shoot together and I needed a moment or two more. Even with his newness to the job he was bringing me to the brink quickly. I gulped his cock down again. Within seconds he was ready, as was I. I couldn't hold back any longer.

I tried to warn him, but found it somewhat difficult with my mouth full of his dick!

We unloaded out cum together, in each others mouth. I manage to swallow most of his load. I loved the taste of juice and I did my best to suck it all out!

Kev turned around so that we were face to face. He leaned in and placed his lips on mine. Our lips parted, our tongues met. I couldn't believe what I tasted. He deposited some of my own cum back into my mouth. I looked into his eyes and they smiled at me.

We lay on the bed together resting.

"Lunch?" I laughed!

 To be continued.

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