The following story is fiction and involves homosexual acts.  If you don't enjoy this subject or are for some reason not supposed to be reading this then don't. 

The people in this story are real.  Their descriptions are as real as I can make them.  The actions in this story are fiction, however much I wish it otherwise. 

The Gaming Group

Chapter 3 -- What the Night Brings

 That day spent with Kevin was great. He loves DDR so we after we had lunch (actually or second lunch, wink, wink) we went and played DDR. I'm not that good but he is. Everyone wanted to challenge him. He won most, and sure looked sexy the whole time.

Unfortunately we stayed to long and he had to go straight home. That bummed me out, but after that morning I felt pretty confident we would be spending much time together!

 That night I did the usual. I was doing my usual thing, chatting up friends and watching TV when I heard, "Would you like to touch my monkey?" That caused my shorts to jump since that was the alert I had assigned to let me know when Kevin logged in! Immediately a window opened on my screen.

"Did you have fun today?" I read.

"HELL YES!" I quickly typed back.

"I cant stay online long but I wanted to tell you that I'm gonna try and sneak over there after everyone goes to sleep here. It will probably be late. Don't wait up. I know where the key is." I read

"Don't get into trouble Kev!!" I typed quickly. Too late, he already logged off!

Damn! I thought. I sure don't want him to get into trouble. That would make it even harder for us to see each other if they ground him. I was excited though.

 I finished my night with a long shower, making sure to wash everything twice. It was difficult not to jack-off though since his impending arrival was keeping me excited!

 I waited for him till about midnight. Had a few lights dimly glowing, some soft music playing; perfect for romance. Unfortunately I fell asleep!

 I was awakened by a hand on my leg. I had fallen asleep, naked. I moaned.

"Kev?" I mumbled

"Shh", he said.

His hand gently caressed my thigh, moving slowly, gently onto my butt cheeks. I spread my legs, not even realizing I did it. His finger trailed down my crack. He gently fingered my hole. I was quivering with excitement. My dick was rock hard against the mattress.

His finger left my hole. It was back in an instant and it was cold as it touched my hole again, wet. I smiled to myself. I wanted this. Usually I considered myself to be mostly a top, but I wanted this. I NEEDED this. He pushed with his finger, and I pushed with my hole. His finger slipped right in.  It hurt for a flash. It had been years since I had had this done to me, but I like it.

I felt his lips on my back. He was kissing my back while he gently pushed his finger in and pulled it out. His other hand was exploring my body. I couldn't really decide what was best! The finger, the lips, or the hand! I wanted them all, and I wanted them to never quit!

 Suddenly I felt another finger waiting to be let in. I gently pushed against it and it slid in. Wow! I had forgotten how wonderful this could feel! This could really make me re-think my love of being a top!

 His hand left my body, and while I missed it, his lips never quit. A minute later his fingers vacated my hole. He moved. I knew where he was going with this; I could tell by the way he was arranging his body. Suddenly I felt something cold and large against my hole.

 I wanted this. I did. But I'm not fond of doggie style. I would much rather be on my back so I can watch my lover! He wasn't having any of that though. He pushed. Gently, but forcefully. He wanted it. He wanted to dominate me, and I wasn't much minding being dominated!!

 I helped him by pushing against his entry. His cock slid in. DAMN that hurt! I know I sucked on it several times already but it sure seemed bigger. I guess it always does when it goes in that way, right?

 He started pumping in and out of me. Slowly at first. It felt so good, having him in me like this.

 "God, Kev, I love you so much. Please make it last forever!" I moaned.

He was breathing hard and his strokes were getting longer and faster. He wasn't ramming me, but he was serious about his action.

It was barely a whisper but I heard it faintly, "I love you, I've loved you since the day I first saw you!"

His groan next wasn't a whisper though. I felt his cock harden, I never knew you could really feel that, but I did. I felt it spasm. Once, twice, three times! After the seventh time they weren't strong enough for me to feel. He settled on my back and lay there nibbling on my ear.

"God, that was awesome Kev. I have never been the recipient of sex like that. You're great for a beginner"

"Mmmm" was the response I got while he nibbled on my ear.

Finally I felt his cock slip out of me. I felt empty.

He got up and pulled on my arm. I rolled over and immediately his mouth engulfed my own tool. It was so dark that I could only just see a dark shadow. He must have turned off the lights when he came in.

I wasn't going to last long with this action. I had just had the best screw of my life and now he was licking that sensitive area right below the head of my cock. Not to mention his hands were all over my nut-sack. He was rolling them around in his hand like they were those Chinese music balls!

I couldn't take it anymore. I moaned loudly. He must have taken the hint because he pulled up some. My fist shot landed in his mouth so he could taste it. I was in heaven. I felt his finger enter my still gapping hole. I shot at least 6 times! I was drained yet he continued to gobble my dick like it was the only faucet with liquid within a million miles.

I giggled. I couldn't help it. I get so sensitive after I cum that it tickles too much.

"Stop!" I moaned, "Please stop!"

Thank god he did. He moved up my body and his lips touched mine. We kissed. I moved my hands up and ran them through his hair.

His hair!

I pushed him off of me and jumped up. I grabbed the chain for the fan and pulled.

The light flooded the room and I squinted. Then I groaned in shock.

"Travis, why? Why did you do this? I am in love with your brother!"

He looked a little guilty but said softly, "Because I've been in love with you for a long time." His eyes dropped.

Now what? I thought

To be continued.

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