The following story is fiction and involves homosexual acts.  If you don't enjoy this subject or are for some reason not supposed to be reading this then don't.

The people in this story are real.  Their descriptions are as real as I can make them.  The actions in this story are fiction, however much I wish it otherwise.

The Gaming Group
Chapter 6 -- The Revelation

 That night was our weekly gaming session so the guys left soon after waking up. Both Trav and Alex were all smiles and touchy feely so I have to assume that whatever happened between them was good.

 That night, at the shop, the game went well. Everyone seemed to be having fun. I wondered though if the others noticed how Trav and Alex looked at each other. They didn't do anything overt but they kept trading these wide-eyed looks. I chuckled a couple of times but no one noticed I guess.

 At midnight, when the game was over the group broke up with a few goodbyes. I stood around talking innocently with Kev, A few minutes later only I, Kev, Trav, and Alex were left. After a short conversation and two phone calls the four of us returned to my house. Luckily my parents were still out of town, so we had the house to ourselves tonight.

 It was already late when we got to my house but I put on a quiet movie and we all got comfortable. Kev and I were on the large couch while Alex and Travis sat on the love seat. Irony?

 I was horny. Hell, I could tell Kev was horny, even in the soft light of the TV. He was sporting a nice looking bulge in his jeans. I of course was much more interested in the bulge than the movie. I would watch it jump from time to time. When I looked at Kev, though his eyes were glued to the screen he had a grin pasted on his mug. His incredible, wonderful, good-looking face!!! I put my arm around him and he leaned against my chest. Kev nodded his head towards the other couch. I followed his gaze. Alex and Trav were paying no more attention to the movie than we were. They were doing some pretty serious kissing. It must have given Kev an idea because I felt him begin to nibble on my ear lobe. I turned my mouth towards his.

 Our lips met. I felt an electric-like shock move through our bodies. We were connected. We continued to kiss, our tongues dueling for superiority over the other. My hands felt his body, up and down his back, finally finding the hem of his shirt, lifting it enough to let my hands slide under. I made contact with his skin. He moaned. I ran my hand up the front of his chest. I gently twisted his nipple. His moan echoed in mouth. His hand pressed against my crotch. I was wearing jeans. That and our position were causing me to be quite uncomfortable. His mouth pulled away just enough that IU could hear "I love you." We continued to wage a friendly tongue war when I felt a pair of hands on my shoulders. I pulled away from Kevin and looked up. Alex was standing there, in his boxers!

 I was just a bit surprised, when I looked back at Kev I saw his brother pulling Kev's shirt off. What the hell is going on? When the shirt cleared Kev's eyes I looked into them for some sort of clue as to what was going on. Kev smiles back at me and shrugged his shoulders. Alex bent down, lifted my shirt and sucked my nipple into his mouth. Kev leaned in and kissed my cheek. "Go with it, it will be awesome." He said with a whisper. When he pulled back he had a twinkle in his eye. I was nervous.

 I watched Kev and Travis, tried to focus on them but Alex was driving my crazy with his tongue on my nipple. Travis was licking Kev's happy trail while unbuttoning his jeans. Kev lifted his butt off the couch, just enough for his brother to pull his jeans over his hips.

 Somehow I lost my shirt, though I'm not sure when. Alex moved upwards and began gently kissing my neck, sucking my ear lobes. Crazy, wild, how does Alex know that stuff?

Kevin was wearing a pair of Tommy Hilfiger boxers, red and green plaid. Sexy. Travis was kissing Kev's neck, much like Alex was doing. I could smell Travis' shampoo his head was so close. "I'm so sorry Kev, please forgive me, you know I love you." Travis whispered so softly to Kev as he kissed his neck. Kev pulled Travis' head to his own. He kissed his brother on the lips. He said in return, "I love you too Travis, but I'm IN love with someone else. Don't forget that." He drew Travis back in and kissed him, hard.

 Alex's hands found their way to the buttons on my pants. He unbuttoned them. I moved my hands to his head. I ran my hands through his blonde hair, felt the smooth skin on his neck, down his back. I slipped my hands under his linen boxes and caressed his ass. It was smooth and firm. I gripped it and pulled him closer. His tongue snaked into my mouth and his hand down my pants.

 As he moved down to remove my pants I turned to watch Kev and Travis. Travis was licking the head of Kev's cock. He worked his mouth around Kev's dick. He obviously had more experience than I ever suspected.

 I lifted my hips and Alex pulled my pants off, leaving me, for the moment, in my dark blue boxer briefs. The bulge in my briefs made it obvious what I felt about the whole scene! The huge wet spot just proved it.

 Travis swallowed Kev's meat down to the root. Kev had a look on his face, pure ecstasy. For a moment I was jealous that Travis could do that for his brother. As Alex slid my boxers down I leaned over and kissed Kev's neck. He turned his head towards me and our mouths locked. Our tongues touched. At that very moment I felt a warm wetness engulf my cock. I groaned and Kev's tongue went further into my mouth. I was turned on by the blow job Alex was starting but I was more turned on by the kiss I was sharing with Kevin was infinitely better.

 Kev pulled away from the kiss, and I saw a glint in his eyes. He leaned to my ear, kissed the lobe and whispered "Fuck em". He was smiling when he leaned back. I smiled in return.

 I pulled Alex up and guided him to a standing position. His cock was stuck down the leg of his boxers. It looked painful. I grabbed the elastic and pulled the shorts over his hips and let them drop to the floor. His cock bounced up right into my face.

 Why is it that the skinny guys you never suspect surprise you the most? Alex definitely surprised me. His cock couldn't have been less than 8.5 inches, maybe even 9 and uncut! I couldn't help myself, hell I didn't even WANT to help myself! I licked the head and then swallowed the head. It was sweet with pre-cum and I lapped it up.

 I turned my head just slightly, enough to see that Kev was doing the same to his brother. I smiled around the huge piece of meat in my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could as I ran my tongue around it. I tilted my head up and saw that Alex and Travis were rubbing each other and kissing.

 My attention turned back to the job in front of me. I finally felt his wispy blonde pubes scratch my nose. Alex started gently thrusting his hips. I was massaging his nearly hairless ball sack. I would have like it to last much longer but Alex had other plans as he sped his thrusting. I felt his balls tighten. I pulled back slightly, Just in time to catch his first shot on my tongue. I swallowed the first six or seven shots, tasting his sweet boy cum. I kept several shots in my mouth, I had plans for it. I kept it in my mouth until it started to go soft. I pulled away and turned to Kev who was watching me. I leaned in and kissed him passing him the remaining cum I had in my mouth. He gladly took it.

 Alex looked wiped out, but I wasn't through with him yet. I moved over and before he could sit on the couch I turned him around. His firm smooth ass was right were I wanted it. I placed my hand on his lower back and gently pushed. He got the message and bent over and spread his feet apart. I dove in like a guy starved. My tongue darted out and ran own his crack. He moaned loudly. No wait that was Travis' moan. I turned and saw that Kev had Travis in exactly the same position. He was lapping at Travis' crack.

 I dug in deeper with my tongue, finally finding his sweet pucker. It pulsed under my tongue bath. I massaged his cheeks with my hands. I moved my face away as my index finger made contact with his hole. I pressed gently and my finger slid in. I worked my finger around the hole, adding a second finger. I heard Alex draw in a breath. I continued to work my fingers inside him. He started pushing against my fingers. Feeling he was ready I stood up. Kevin turned towards me and took my steel hard piece in his mouth. He lubed it up and then pulled off. He gripped my cock and guided it to Alex's hole. I felt the head make contact with the Alex. Before I could act Alex pushed back. I responded by pushing forward. Suddenly I felt the head of my dick slip past his ring. Alex and I groaned at the same moment. He was so tight. I paused helping him get used to the feeling and pain. I glanced at Kev, who was just pushing into his brother. Obviously Travis had more experience with this as Kev slid all the way in, pubes to cheeks! That sight was enough to spur me forward. I pushed in and Alex grunted. Moments later my pubes were rubbing Alex's rear. I placed my hands on Alex's shoulders. I began to pump in and out, drawing my cock as far out as I could and then plunging it to the root inside Alex. Alex was rocking back against my thrusts. There were four sets of moans in the room.

 "Fuck me, not so little brother." Travis said softly. I smiled. Alex leaned in and began to seriously kiss Travis.

 For several minutes Kev and I simply rode the wave of pleasure. But all too soon I was past the point of no return. I thrust in deeply a final time and moaned. I felt the warmth of my cum surround my buried cock inside Alex. I finally looked over and saw that Kev was in sync with me; he was in the throes of his orgasm as well.

To be continued...?

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