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Chapter 5

Mandy's POV

Mark and I grew up together. I knew long ago that he was gay, and it didn't bother me at all. He is so considerate of others, and me. But he went through some tough times with his own sexuality, and after he did that stupid thing with Jeff, I was really worried.

But then along came his knight in shining amour. He's had a crush on Josh Keller for a couple of years. Josh is way cute -- okay he's drop dead gorgeous - but he had a rotten attitude, like everyone was beneath him. You'd start to talk to him, and he'd turn and walk away - like you weren't worth his time.

It's funny up, until the time Jerry Walsh was outed -- I got the impression that he was like the teacher's pet. Becker always favored him. It seemed that overnight that changed, and Josh and Becker were more like mortal enemies. Rumor is Josh hacked into Becker's pc.

Of course I guessed that he was gay, because I caught him staring at Mark when he joined the computer club. Sure enough he is, and I am glad he is. Why? Because my best friend is happier than I have ever seen him, and so is Josh.

Last Saturday I went over to Mark's.

"Morning Mrs. Hathaway," I greeted.

"Good morning, Mandy," she smiled. Now that's another thing, not only is Mark the happiest I've ever seen him but so are his parents. "Breakfast?" she asked.

"Yes, please."

"Would you mind telling the boys breakfast is ready, as you can hear they are up,"

Of course I could hear -- the whole neighborhood could hear. Bethoven's 6 th was blaring away. That of course proves that they are GEEKS! Classical music! As I approached Mark's room, I heard Mark saying, "YES! YES! OH! BABY! YES". If I hadn't known better I would have thought they were going at it.

Still I opened the door, cautiously, and there they were - still in their boxers.

"You da man! That's so tight!" said Josh as they high five'd.

"Hey guys, breakfast."

"Hi, Mandy! I love this guy! I LOVE MARK HATHAWAY!"

"We know that!" called Delsine's voice from the hallway.

When Delsine got to the door, Mandy said, "Aren't they the cutest couple, programming in their briefs, and listening to Bethoven's 6 th Symphony."

A dramatic sigh from Delsine, "Geeks in love!" We all laughed.

Mark spoke, "Well, we can't program in the nude!"

"Cuz we'd never be able to program," laughed Josh as he hugged Mark and they kissed.

"Oh come on guys, take a cold shower!" laughed Delsine as she and I returned to the kitchen.

About ten minutes later the two lovebirds showed up holding hands; all smiles until Mrs. Hathaway turned around. Then their faces went serious.

"Good Morning, Mama Hathaway," said Josh with a somewhat serious look on his face.

"Good morning, Josh. Is there something wrong?"

"Well," he sighs, "It depends on your viewpoint -- sort of -- I guess." Mark looks down at the floor. Josh sighs.

"Josh? Honey? What is it?"

A slight smile appears on Marks face and he quickly looks away. But then his shoulders start shaking and I can see he's turning red.

"Mark and I have to get married because well -- we're going to have a baby. Mark's pregnant." Finally Mark can't hold it in and longer nor can Josh and they burst out laughing. Mrs. H throws a towel at him and starts laughing. We're all laughing.

"Mama Hathaway, we want to have kids," Josh is serious, "So when we get married and settled in to married life, have a nice big house and so on we, plan to adopt. But in the meantime, we would like to start with a puppy. We saw him on TV and he needs loving parents!"

"Mom he was so sweet. Please!" begged Mark.

Five minutes later, the two had permission to get the puppy, and by the end of breakfast they had a name - Marosh. They returned late afternoon with the `puppy' (he was six months old and house trained), dog food, water bowl, food dish, doggie treats, tons of chew toys, leash, collar, shampoo, doggie toothpaste and toothbrush, flea collar, and a doggie bed.

Marosh is the sweetest dog and he has two Dads that adore him. They played with him the whole afternoon. Marosh barked to go outside -- they took the dog outside, and they all three peed! It was a Kodak moment.

Mama Hathaway shook her head when they came back in, "Did I just see you boys peeing outside?"

"Yep," they replied proudly. Josh added, "We're bonding"


Several months have passed, and Mark and Josh are two of the best trained dog owners I've met. Marosh is so sweet and spoiled! He is well trained and well behaved. He goes everywhere with them, except school. Somehow he knows he has to stay home when they go to school.

Mark is now sixteen, he got a car from his parents and the most beautiful broken heart pendant I've ever seen from Marosh and Josh.

Josh, Mark and Marosh sleep one week at Mark's house, and one week at Josh's house. Why? Permissive parents? Possibly but the main reason is Marosh.

"Honest, Mandy," explained Josh, "I went home last night and Marosh was crying. So, Mark called me, and said Marosh missed me and was crying. So, I went back over to Mark's, and Marosh was so happy to see me, I just couldn't abandon him. Dad thought I was crazy. I asked Dad `Would you abandon me?'

He said no, but you're my son.

I said `exactly my point.' Then I had to explain it to Dad --Mark and I can't have babies so we adopted Marosh, he's our son. He loves us both."

"What did he say then?"

"He said I spoil that dog.

I said `and you spoil me and Marosh will spoil his kids.'

Dad laughed and said I give up!

So Mark and I figure we'd spend one week here and one week at my place, and so on."

"Josh, I agree with your Dad."


"You're crazy."

I adore Josh. I think he is the best thing that ever happened to Mark. He appears to be like any other normal teenage boy. You really wouldn't know he is gay, unless you see him out of the public eye and with Mark, or unless you go with him shopping. He is so gay when he shops.

I cannot believe Josh and that dog sometimes -- he took the dog with him to get `papa Mark's' birthday present.

Although I wasn't there, I know it must have been something like this:

"Can we look at your broken heart pendants?"

"Young man, the dog can not be in the store."

"He's a seeing-eye dog in training, and according to paragraph 2347 of the Municipal Code, page 641 -- if you're interested -- and I quote `Seeing-eye dogs in training are afforded the same rights as trained canines.'"

"Oh very well, if it's the law then it's the law."

Josh loves to shop especially, if it's for someone else, but he is extremely picky. Josh told me he was only at the jewelry store for an hour and a half. Marosh and he didn't like anything they had in stock, or in their catalog, so he asked if they could make what he wanted. Believe me he showed everything to the dog. Luckily, Josh said, they had a master craftsman jeweler, and within a half an hour he, the jeweler and Marosh were all happy and in agreement.

Mark's birthday party was great! It was just us -- Josh, Malcolm, Delsine, all our parents, and of course, Marosh.

Josh set a place for Marosh between him and Mark, but Mama Hathaway and Mama Keller objected.

"Who is that place for?" asked Mama Hathaway.

"Marosh," replied Josh.

"I am not having a dog sitting at the dinner table," said Mama Keller.

"But Mom, it's a special day and I don't want him to feel left out. He's part of the family," whined Josh.

Mama Hathaway turned away from Josh because she was trying not to laugh.

"No," replied Mama Keller.

"It's not fair, you know, how would you like it if you were excluded from the table," Josh pouted and left the room. Malcolm's mom and my mom were in the dinning room also, and as soon as Josh was out of earshot, the room erupted in laughter.

My mom was laughing and saying, "Those two boys were made for each other. Do you remember Hector's funeral?"

Mama Hathaway rolled her eyes then said, "Yes. And I agree they are a true match for each other."

"Oh, Kelly, you have to tell me about this", said Mama Keller.

I, of course, knew the story. It was when Mark was ten. He had a pet goldfish called Hector. Hector was his best friend, because Hector was a boy fish. Mark would have long conversations with Hector. He took really good care of Hector, plus he would sit for hours trying to train Hector -- to no avail I might add.

Anyway, we arrived home after school one day to find Hector floating belly up in his fish bowl. Poor Mark tried everything to try and revive the dead fish. Not having any luck he decided to call 911.

"Help, Hector's unconscious. I came home and found him unconscious! I tried CPR but I must be doing something wrong. He's not coming around. Send an ambulance hurry!" cried Mark and then hung up. 911 traced the call and less then ten minutes later the paramedics arrived.

It must have been a slow day, because Mark didn't get into any trouble. In fact, the paramedics were very nice, and even pretended to take the fish's pulse. Mama Hathaway arrived home just after the paramedics, and was all-emotional, because she thought something bad had happened to Mark, as she heard him crying in his bedroom over the death of Hector.

One of the paramedics pulled her aside, and explained the situation.

Now normally, you would think that that would be the end of the story. But this is not your normal kid. He caught his father getting ready to flush hector down the toilet. Mr. Hathaway called it a burial at sea. Mark wouldn't allow it -- it had to be a proper funeral with a casket, hearse etc.

They finally got Mark to be happy with a casket made out of a small wooden box, and a little tombstone, which his dad made, and a burial ceremony. I had to give a eulogy, as I was now (Hector having died) Mark's best friend and I knew Hector.

Years later, when Mark came out to me, he said, "Mandy, remember Hector's funeral?"

"Yeah," I smiled.

"It was when you gave the eulogy, that I realized that you were now my best friend. I've adored you ever since. I wish, sometimes, that I wasn't gay because I think I would marry you."

I would marry him too, but I know that will never happen. I am totally happy he found Josh. You hear about these gay couples that have been together for life -- I think Mark and Josh are destined to be together for life.

There has been such a big change in Mark since the two have been together. He's more out going; he's happier and most of all has totally accepted his sexuality and he is so in love with Josh.

I think there is a bigger change in Josh. He talks to people, and because he is such a brain I think half the football team have asked him to tutor them. Well, maybe not half but Justin Bruski, the quarterback, Rich Davies, tight end and Paul Koslowski, running back.

Josh isn't short by any means -- I think 5'9" maybe 5'10" and 150lbs. Next to these guys he's a shrimp they are all over 6'3" and 200+lbs. Of course because of these guys Josh is now part of the in crowd as far as popularity goes. Despite his rising popularity he hasn't abandon us and number one in his life is Mark.



It was after I started tutoring, that Mark and I were lying on his bed, talking about nothing important, and Mark said, "Do you like kids?"

"Yeah, I do," I sighed, "It was something I used to dream about, having a bunch of kids - like ten. But it's not going to happen, cuz, well I'm gay and I have no interest in having sex with a girl."

"We could adopt you know? I read this story, on the net, about a couple of gay men, who adopted a boy, and then others. They started out as foster parents."

"Yeah hopefully the court will be a less anti `gay' parents than they are now. I want kids, but not until I am financially able to provide for them," I said and glance over to the TV. There was the cutest little puppy, "Awww! Isn't he adorable!"

Mark looked, "Turn up the sound."

It was a humane society TV show. We got engrossed with the show.


"Yeah, hon."

"Let's adopt a puppy. I mean, they need loving parents. It could be our - our kid. I mean we'll have to potty train it, and teach it right from wrong, and give it tons of love. Isn't that sort of parenting? We would be much better parents when we are old enough. Please."

"Hmmm. What would we call him? Bozer? Doggie? Joshua Junior?" laughed Mark.

"No Marky-pooper," I laughed.

"I like Josh Junior better."

"How about Marosh?"


"First three letters of your name and the last three letter of my name -- Marosh -- I like it!"

"Marosh, it does have a nice sound. I think it would be great.

It was a snap getting the rents permission, and off we went to the pound. I was so excited. I'd never had a pet before. I never really wanted one until now because he'd be ours. When we got to the pound, we saw a lot of dogs most of them older dogs, and of course some puppies. None of them really appealed to me, or to Mark. Then we spotted a young dog, a cross breed of Labrador and something -- he had golden colored eyes.

On his cage there was a small sign `Last Day'.

"Sir, what does that sign mean?" I asked.

"It means that if he doesn't get adopted today, then he will be put down." The man turned to go help some one else.

I looked at the dog. He had such a sweet face and beautiful eyes. I looked at Mark. He smiled, and looked at the dog, "Hey boy," he said. Then, checking to make sure, he looked at me and smiled.

The dog looked at me and then Mark, wagging his tail.

"Marky, he has beautiful eyes. Doesn't he?" then I said to the dog, "Yes, you got beautiful eyes."

"You are a very handsome boyee, yes you are!" exclaimed Mark in a cute voice.

"Sit!" I commanded. He sat.

Mark and I looked at each other.

"Paw!" said Mark. The dog gave him his paw.

"Other paw," I said. The dog raised his other paw.

"Josh," Mark said softly, "I know you had your heart set on a puppy, but he looks like a Marosh."

Suddenly, I was overcome with emotion for this dog -- Marosh. They were going to kill him, and he was smart, and didn't deserve to be put down. I just nodded, and the tears welled up in my eyes. I wiped away the tears.

"We can't let them kill Marosh," I sniffed. I looked at Marosh, "Marosh, you want to come home with us. Huh? Do ya?" I said cheerfully.

"Woof," said Marosh, which took me by surprised.

"Looks like we got us a son," laughed Mark.

Marosh's name on his adoption papers is Marosh Keller-Hathaway. They had owner on the paper, but I asked the man if I could scratch that out and put parents -- he didn't seem to object, so I did that.

Dad says we are crazy about the way we are with that `dog' and maybe we are, but we love Marosh. He is so loving and so smart. I found out he was actually a Seeing Eye dog in training. His trainer/owner was killed in a car accident and Marosh ended up in the pound but now he's with us.

He sleeps at the foot of our bed, and never bothers us unless it's time to get up, and a parent tells him to wake us up. Then, he is on the bed licking our faces and biting our hair. Now, Dad knocks on the door and says, "Marosh, get `em up!"

Mark and I are still not out, but some people are beginning to suspect I think. Well, I was no longer trying to hide from people and I'd talk to people. Thanks to Justin Bruski and a few others Mark and I tutor we've gone from unknown geeks to well known geeks. LOL!

Working on my program with Mark plus all my tutoring and other social activities and helping to look after our kid (Marosh) I've neglected my online friends and have a ton of unanswered emails.

That was a serious mistake I was to find out.

We knew that sometime or other someone or ourselves would do something to out us. With the support we had it seemed to be less of a problem. My attitude was almost I didn't care if people knew and approved or not.

Our smooth road was about to get bumpy.

I met Mark at lunch today he look really despondent. He said he wasn't feeling good and was going home.

"Oh, you want me to come home and look after you?"

"No. I'm just really tired."

"You sure?" I asked. He nodded. "I'll tell John then that you're not going to tutor him today."

"No!" he exclaimed, "No. I've already told him. Later."

"Hey, LAF." LAF was a word I got from a story I read LAF = Love Always Forever.

He smiled slightly, "LAF."

After math I saw John Jeffries the jock that Mark had been tutoring.

"Hey, John."

"Hey, Josh. Say Josh, do you think you could tutor me? I'm looking for a new tutor."

"I thought Mark is tutoring you."

"No way! I told him I wasn't going to be tutored by a fucking homo. God! So, how about tutoring me?"


Well it's been smooth sailing parents love the kids; kids love the parents - close friends accept them. Life is wonderful, but life is never perfect. There are things a foot that puts some bumps in the road. It starts in Chapter Six.