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Chapter 8

John's parents came over for our Sunday afternoon barbeque. Our family was growing Justin, his girlfriend Ella, Bret and his parents arrive. Ella was good friends with Mandy and Malcolm.

"Hey! John," greeted Justin slightly surprised, "I'm surprised to see you here."

John looked like a deer caught in the headlights. "Well, uh-uh." He looked at me.

"Hey, he's Mark's student so we invited him cuz he's a really cool person and not an ounce of homophobe in him -- he thinks Mark and I make a cute couple," I said as I put my arm around John's waist.

"Cool!" said Justin.

"Yeah," said John he took a deep breath. I knew what was coming, "Justin, I'm gay."

Justin thought a second, shrugged his shoulder's and said, "Hmm, well bud I guess I should welcome you to the family. God! I feel so out of place. Oh, what the heck!" He gave John a hug. "You're the best linebacker our team has. You're a great friend and don't worry I won't out you and if it happens I'll be there for you."

"Thanks, Justin."

I saw Mr. & Mrs. Jeffries with Momma Hathaway and Aunt Lil. John's mother looked like she was crying. I went over to see if I could help. "Is everything all right?" I asked empathically.

"Yes, hon, everything is fine."

"Josh, thank you," cried Mrs. Jeffries.

"Yes, thank you so much Josh. Yours and Mark's friendship," his eyes began to fill.

"John is the best and you should see him carry a football!" I winked at Aunt Lil.

"He's a linebacker, Josh," remarked Mr. Jeffries.

"Yeah, I know and I'm a football." I laughed, "Ask Aunt Lil if you don't believe me."

Aunt Lil rolled her eyes, "Hmm, well, if you're a football I guess the QB could pick you up and throw you to a linebacker. What do you think, Justin?" laughed Aunt Lil.

The next thing I knew I was above Justin's head yelling and screaming.

"John, catch this football," shouted Justin.

"Justin! No! Please!" I scream but it was useless as I went sailing through the air.

"WHOMP!" right into John's arm then over his shoulders and then into the pool -- it was freezing!

I heard Aunt Lil yell touchdown and everyone cheered and laughed. Marosh was barking then jumped in after me. I think he regretted it as soon as he hit the water because the look on his face was if to say, "You tricked me!" and he scrambled out.

Mandy arrived as I got out with some new DVDs. Her Uncle is a director or something in Hollywood and so they get screeners (films that are coming out soon to the theaters) she had had Polar Express a computer graphics film with Tom Hanks so everyone except me and the adults headed for the theater room.

I went to my room, stripped of my wet clothes and took a quick shower to warm up. As I entered my room after the shower with a towel wrapped around me I noticed my computer said I had a communication from John's blackmailer.

The message said that the person had down loaded the picture and the program but had not run the special viewer. Ha! Special Viewer once activated would let me have access to the perpetrator's computer and I would know everything on that computer.

When I arrived at the theater room, Justin and Ella were cuddled together. Malcolm and Mandy of course. What surprised me was Bret was sitting in John's lap they weren't cuddling but you could see a definite friendship. Mark was lying on the floor on the body pillow. I lay down next to Mark.

"Where's Marosh?" I asked.

"In the garage, your Dad said he had to stay in there cuz he's wet and stinky."

The movie was great! Of course I had a few tears here and there. I always do. I looked over at John and Bret. John had his arms wrapped around Bret. Bret saw me and smiled. I gave him a thumb's up.

About midnight I heard Marosh barking but it only lasted for a short less than a minute. I had gone to say goodnight to him around eleven and made sure he was warm.

I woke up late looked over to my computer and saw more messages there from my spy program. There had been quite a bit of activity around four am according to the incoming message log. It would take me a while to get through it all. I decided I would go through the data and skip class. I'd probably get in trouble so, I changed my mind. I did find out the name of the culprit.

My indecision caused me to be late and I arrive just before the last bell. As I entered the main hall Justin ran up to me. He looked worried.

"Dude there's been some trouble. You need to go to the Principal's Office. Mark is the he's very upset..."

I didn't wait for him to say why I ran to the Office. When I entered Aunt Lil came over to me effectively blocking me from the Principal's Office.

"Aunt Lil, where's Mark!"

"Josh, I need to talk to you in my office."

"No. I need to see Mark!"

"You can't. Please my office NOW!"

"MARK! MARK!" I yelled.

The Principal's Office door opened and Mr. Hathaway came out and closed the door behind him. I ran to Papa Hathaway.

"Papa, what's happening? What's wrong?"

He put his arms around me, "Let's go to A Lil's office." He led me into Aunt Lil's office. I was in tears. I knew it was serious.

Once the door was closed he spoke softly, "Mark is very shook up emotionally but physically okay. He wasn't hurt. He wants you but I can't -- won't allow it."

"But why?"

"His life has been threatened -- we don't know who it is that place the threat. The threat is if he so much as looks at you they will kill him. He told me to tell you LAF?"

"But how did whoever threaten him?"

Papa Hathaway looked away for a moment when he turned back tears were running from his eyes.

"Papa, tell me."

"Whoever it was got a hold of Marosh. They killed Marosh, his throat was cut and put him in Mark's locker. I'm so sorry," he began to sob.

"No -- no -- not Marosh," I cried. Why Marosh? He was our boy. I freaked I heard myself scream, "NO! NOT MAROSH!" I was on the verge of hysterics. But then I went silent and simply sobbed quietly. I knew Mark was in the Principal's Office and it must have been horrible for him. Mark didn't need me to be hysterical.

"Please tell Mark," said quietly, "LAF."

"I promise," said Papa Hathaway and he left the room.

Aunt Lil came over to me, held me and let me weep. I couldn't believe Marosh was killed just to threaten Mark.

After ten minutes or so I asked, "Why? Why kill Marosh?"

"The only reason I can think of is he was both yours and Mark's. He represented the love between the two of you."

There was a knock at the door and then the Principal, Mr. Choudry, stuck his head in the door, "Lil, they found a suspect -- Tom Becker. He's being taken to the police station for further questioning, but it looks very much like it was Becker -- he was the last to checkout the master keys and they found hundreds of pictures of Josh."

I didn't say anything.

Mark appeared at the door, squeezed past Mr. Choudry and ran over to me. We hug, kissed and cried. Everyone left the room for us to be alone.

"Are you all right?" I asked.

He nodded. "I hope they fry his ass. Becker. It was horrible. Mandy was there she saw the blood on the floor. I had no idea it was Marosh. When I opened my locker I freaked. I didn't even see the note." We both cried as Mark told me the gruesome story.

"Josh? You haven't said one thing about Becker."

I shrugged my shoulders. I didn't like Becker and there were times when I hated him, but something nagged me about all this. Something just wasn't right. I hated him after Jerry died and he for sure hated me, but there was a time when we were okay with each other.

If he hated me why did he have all those pictures of me? If I hated someone I would delete every piccture of them.

"It just seems unreal. He hated me and I hated him. I could almost believe he could kill Marosh. But why all the pics? Why threaten you?"

"Because he's crazy!"

"I guess. I'm tired. I'm going home. You coming?"

"No. I'll be over later. Mom's still a bit rattled."

"LAF," he said.


I left and rode my bike home. When I got home Mom called and checked that I was all right. Dad called to say he'd be home shortly.

There was something nagging me about this whole rotten mess. I lay down on my bed. I was tired. I started thinking about Becker. All of a sudden it hit me. Becker couldn't have killed Marosh. He fainted at the sight of blood!

I cut myself one day and he fainted -- it scared me to death at the time. We were friends then.

Mark had told me that Becker said he was being blackmailed. That was why he unlocked Mark's locker. He said it was in an email but when they checked his computer there was no email.

I sat there for a few moments. "FUCK ME!" I yelled and jumped on to my computer. I recalled from this morning that there had been a huge upload.

I looked at the ftp log all files were jpg's. That could explain the pics on Becker's machine. The guy used Outlook Express and there was a folder named `Becker' I opened it there were two emails -- One telling him to ignore Walsh and me or else everyone would know about Ben. It had a jpeg attached - it was of Becker kissing a young guy. The other email was recent telling him to unlock Mark's locker.

I found a folder call Ben. It had a doc file. I read it. It was chilling -- this guy was truly insane. What I read was a recount of the murder of Ben, the boy kissing Becker. I copied the file to my computer and logged out of the remote pc and printed the doc file I had downloaded.

The real killer, blackmailer was on the loose and Becker was innocent. I called Mark's cellphone but it was off. I called his home number.

"Hello," answered Mama Hathaway.

"Hi, Mama Hathaway. Is Mark there?"

"No, hun. He left an hour ago for your place."

I heard the front door open.

"Oh, somebody's here," I said hung up and then called out, "Mark?"

"No. It's me," answered Dad.

I knew something was wrong. It's only ten minutes max from Mark's house to ours.


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