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The Greatest Gift

by Sam Lakes

Copyright © 2008 All Rights Reserved

Chapter 11


<Ethan Lewis>

I am right handed. So, which arm was broken? My right arm, the one in the cast that is resting in the sling. I feel like a cripple, and it’s my own fault for being so emo. I think I make life difficult for me and sometimes for other people. Tony told me that Justin is agonizing because he thinks it’s his fault. But it’s not. I’m the stupid dork who ran off because I was embarrassed for staring at him. If only I weren’t gay, none of this would have ever happened.

I’m pretty sure Justin is gay. You don’t call another guy a babe if you’re straight, but I really don’t know, because now-a-days, ‘bad’ means ‘good’ sometimes and ‘wicked’ means something is really cool; so, maybe he is straight and calling another guy a babe really means you think he’s ‘ugly’. I am so confused.

About a minute after we got to the Olive Garden, the Washburn’s arrived. I was so embarrassed when Mr. Washburn introduced himself and referred to himself as ‘the man who looks like Justin.’

“Dad, don’t embarrass him,” Justin whined. I thought he was so sweet because then as soon as he said that, he blushed.

Tony, of course, was totally sadistic, and made them seat Justin and me in a booth far away from the adults. Being far from them was good, but I was so nervous. Justin and I barely said two words to each other; after our order had been taken we sat in total silence.

Funny how things happen. We both said ‘Sorry’ at the same time, and then ‘For what? It was my fault’.

“Justin, listen to me. It was I who ran off, and then ran in front of your dad’s car,” I said.

“But I made you run because I was telling everybody you were a superhero,” Justin said.

I looked down at the tabletop, and then back at him. “That’s not why. I mean, it’s weird for me to be the center of attention because I’ve avoided attention for so long…but that’s not why I ran…I ran because I was embarrassed…I mean, I couldn’t tell you how I felt, and then I felt like an idiot. I was so embarrassed and then I went into the restroom and found a girl in there and that made me feel even more stupid. I took off because I was afraid you’d think I was weird or something. It wasn’t until just before I ran into your dad that I realized I did the exact opposite of what I should have done. I should have been honest and told you the truth and believed in Billy and believed in you.

“While I was running, I remembered when I first saw you. It was two years ago. I was thirteen and I swear I heard Billy say, “He’s over there.” I looked and I saw you and…I wanted to go over to you and say hello but I was afraid you’d think I was a dork and the twins wanted to leave so I left, but I never forgot you.

“The first time I met your dad was right after I had an accident. Right before the accident I was thinking of you…”

“Omigod! I remember you. You wore a full face helmet. That was you, right?”

“Yep, that was me. They used to call me Enigma,” I replied, “cuz I kept everyone in the dark about me – even my real name.”

“It’s funny, you know, I always dreamed about meeting you. Dad never seemed to remember to get your name. You know what else is sort of weird? I had a friend named Billy. He was my best friend...Wait a minute! Is your Billy, Billy Lancaster?”

I looked a Justin. I couldn’t believe it. Billy had brought us together, and it’s real. Justin is real. My tears started falling and I barely got out, “He…he died on your birthday…”

“You’re the one…” Justin said just above a whisper and he moved over to sit beside me.

“It…it was the happiest day of my life…be…because I knew three people cared about me…Dan, you and Billy. I…I…I would go see him and beg him to let us meet. I wanted to thank you…I still have all your presents…they don’t fit anymore but I couldn’t throw them away. I always wear the… the ring Billy gave to you. It’s around my neck on a piece of string so it is close to my heart. I love you Justin. I’ve loved you from that first day I saw you.”

Justin wrapped his arms around me. “Ethan, I’ve loved you since that day, too,” he said softly. And then I heard him say, “Thank you, Billy Lancaster. Thank you, Billy, for bringing us together.”


<Billy Lancaster>

I truly love Justin…He is so gay! Even when he wouldn’t admit it to himself…but then, I think we all go through that, huh?

I couldn’t allow him to be lonely without me for his whole life. It was I who came up with the idea of giving away his birthday presents. Yep, I had been talking with Maddie since my funeral. And she thought it was a great idea. She knew Dan would be visiting; and, of course, she knew all about Ethan.

To be honest, I fell in love with him, too. He is so hot. If I’d been alive, I would have seriously considered giving up Justin for him. (Just joking!) But honestly, those two were made for each other. And, heck, they were supposed to be together from the very beginning. At least that’s what Destiny told me and she is never wrong. I’m just the instrument that was supposed to bring them together.

You know, doing what I did was no mean feat. First, I had to contend with Dan and his full face motorcycle helmet. Then there were the twins who just had to get back to watch TV. That ruined my first move.

I finally got in tune with Mr. Washburn. I’d always loved him. He was so kwel! Of course, I didn’t take into account that Ethan was trying to hide his identity. My second attempt failed because Ethan had to get home. But, finally, I was able to have Josh run into Ethan and put the thought into his head and Tony’s head that these two boys needed to talk.

What can I say – pure genius on my part. Now, I can get on with other things like working with that really hot angel - Cupid. He told Destiny that he’s impressed with the work I’ve done with Justin and Ethan.

Destiny said they will grow old together, and that makes me happy. Cya!


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