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The Greatest Gift

by Sam Lakes

Copyright © 2008 All Rights Reserved

Chapter 5


<Justin Washburn>

Billy Lancaster and I are best friends. I’ve know him since first grade. Mom says he and I are attached at the hip, meaning we are always together and always seem to get into trouble. Billy’s mom and dad call us double trouble.

It’s sort of true, like the time we caught the garage on fire. It was an accident –really! Last March, a week after Billy’s 13th birthday, we decided to have a weenie roast. Because it was so cold, we decided to set up the grill in the garage.

While we waited for the charcoal to get hot enough, we started goofing around. Billy put his hot dog up to my mouth. I snapped at it.

“Don’t bite it, suck on it”, Billy said as he put the frank to my lips. I let him put it in my mouth.

“Ah, you’re sucking my weenie,” he laughed.

I bit down on the hot dog.

“Justin! Now I have to go get another frank.”

I laughed, “Serves you right for saying that. I’m not gay.”

“Neither am I. I was just joking,” he said, and went to get another frank.

When he came back he said, “Justin…um…have you…um…ever had your cock sucked?” Billy blushed.

“No!” I said, “Um, have you?”

“No, but I sort of wondered what it would feel like. I heard it feels pretty good.”

“Yeah, uh, I’ve heard that, too.” I hadn’t, but what Billy said made me wonder, a little.

“Do you wanna try it…you know I try it on you and you try it on me?” Billy asked.

I kinda wanted to but it was gay and I didn’t want to be gay. “I don’t know. It’s kinda gay, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, but one time wouldn’t make you gay. Would it?” Billy countered.

I knew he wanted to try it and so did I. “I guess not,” I said. “But you suck me first.” I was, like, instantly hard.

Billy knelt on the garage floor, and I pulled out my dick. Billy looked at me for an instant, and then licked the tip. “Feel good?” he asked.

“Yeah, do it some more,” I said.

He licked again and then took my dick into his mouth. It felt so good, and warm, and wet. I leaned backwards. I thought the table was closer to me than it was, and ended up falling against it. The can of charcoal lighter fluid fell onto the grill which flared up.

Just then, Mr. Lancaster drove up and the garage door opened. Billy grabbed my coat, which was also soaked with lighter fluid and tried to bat out the fire. My coat caught fire.

I turned away from the garage door, and tried to put my uncooperative dick back into my jeans. I hoped like hell that Mr. Lancaster didn’t see what I was doing.

Either he didn’t, or if he did he didn’t say anything. Mr. Lancaster grabbed a fire extinguisher and put out the fire.

My coat was ruined. We were grounded for a week. Three weeks later Billy was over at my house. We were in my room.

“You owe me,” Billy said.

“What do I owe you?” I asked.

“A blowjob, remember.”

“That was not a blowjob. You only sucked me for like three seconds.”

“That’s not my fault. You started the fire.”

“Hey! You left the can of charcoal lighter opened on the table and you caught my coat on fire.”

“You still owe me, so down on your knees,” he said.

The thing is, I had thought about him sucking me every day since then, and I did want to do it again.

I locked my door, he dropped his pants, and I dropped to my knees in front of him. I looked at his dick. He had a nicely circumcised dick. He was hairless, like me, except for one lone pubic hair.

 “Hey, you have a pube!” I exclaimed.

“I do! Where?” he asked excitedly.

I grabbed the single hair and yanked.


“See, here it is.” I laughed.

“You asshole!”

I laughed even harder.

“The penalty for that is you have to suck me twice as long.”

I licked the head of his cock.

“Oooo,” he said. “That felt nice.”

Next, I licked around the head of his cock. It felt soft and smooth. I put took his dick all the way in my mouth and sucked gently as I bobbed back and forth on his cock. I heard him moaning and encouraging me to continue. I did.  I surprised myself when I realized that I loved doing it. Even more, I loved hearing Billy moan with pleasure. Suddenly, I was afraid. I stopped.

“Hey, don’t stop,” Billy said.

“Hey, I sucked you like a hundred times longer than you sucked me.”

“Okay, drop your pants and I‘ll suck you.”

I was already hard from sucking him and I really want to feel his mouth around my cock, so I dropped my pants.

It didn’t take long before we were in my bed, completely naked, sucking each other.

While we were doing it, it felt wonderful. Afterwards, after Billy went home, I was scared. I was scared that I was gay because I like doing it with him and I loved him. Later, during the week, we talked on the phone, but we never brought up what had happened. But, on the next weekend, we once again ended up naked, on my bed, sucking one another

A week before my birthday, before he had to leave, he put down to Nintendo controller and said, “Justin, fuck the game. Look at me!”

I looked at him.

“I know I’m gay. I know I love you.” Billy looked at me.

I looked down. I didn’t want to be gay. “Billy, I love you too, but I’m not sure if I’m gay. Sometimes I think I’m not. You’re my best friend ever. You always will be. It’s just I…I have to think it over. But even if I’m not gay…I’ll always love you.”

I guess that wasn’t what Billy wanted to hear. He seemed sad that I didn’t tell him that I was gay, too. It seemed, though, that he accepted that…that he accepted what I had to offer.

“Can I kiss you?” he asked and I nodded.

It was strange. We had never kissed on the lips before. He kissed me and I kissed back.

“I love you,” he whispered.

“You too,” I said.  He left.

That next week I agonized over my feeling for him and my fear of being gay. We talked on the phone several times, but never broached the subject of my feelings.  However, we’d always end our conversation with, ‘I love you’.

On Friday before my birthday I was super excited. Billy would be sleeping over after my party. I had decided to tell him I knew that I was gay. I had faced my worst fear and had decided that with him, there was nothing to fear. “I am gay and I love Billy Lancaster,” I said to my self, over and over again.

At six a.m. Billy called. “Dude, are you awake?”

“Yeah, of course I’m awake. I’m always awake at six a.m.,” I said. “Whatcha want?”

“I wanted to be the first to wish you a happy birthday and welcome to teenagehood!” he said cheerfully.

“Thanks. See you a 1:00,” I said.

“You bet. I love you,” he said.

“I love you too, bye.”


A few moments passed. “You still there?” I asked.

“Yeah, I’m waiting for you to hang up.”

“You hang up first,” I said.

“Okay. Bye,” he said.

“Bye.” I said.

He didn’t hang up, “I love you, bye.” I hung up.

A few seconds later, my phone rang. I answered it, “Yeah?”

“I love you too, Justin. I’ll be there around 1:00. I’ve got a special present for you that I want to give you before everyone gets there,” Billy said.

“What is it?”

“A surprise, dufus! I love you and I’m hanging up. Bye.” He hung up.

It was Saturday. It was 6:15 in the morning. It was my 13th birthday. I’m a teenager. I pulled the covers over my head and went back to sleep.

It seemed like only moments later that my mom was knocking at my door, “Honey, happy birthday. It’s ten o’clock. You need to get up. There are some fresh muffins on the kitchen table. I’m going to pick up your cake. Bye.”

“Okay, thanks, mom. Love you,” I said getting out of bed.

When my mom first started teaching, she was a home economics teacher. I knew the muffins were made from scratch and would be delicious. She was a good cook.

I thought about Billy as I showered - instant hardon, so I jacked-off with visions of his cock running through my mind. Two weeks ago was the first time I had squirted. Billy said it was delicious. I’ve tasted his cum. It was slightly bitter, but I love it when he cums in my mouth. I love his moans. But, most of all, I love it afterwards when we hold each other.

I was so looking forward to after the party, when we would be alone that I almost wished I could skip the party and tell Billy how much I loved him and how much I want to be his boyfriend.

By one o’clock, everything was ready for the party. I was in the family room. The TV was on but I wasn’t paying any attention to it. I was daydreaming. Billy would arrive and I’d persuade him to give me my special present and I would give him a special present – I’d tell him I’d be his boyfriend. We’d kiss and make love. Then at the party when it was time to make a wish I’d tell everybody that I didn’t need to make a wish because I had already gotten all my wishes today. Then I’d announce that Billy and I were officially boyfriends. Everyone would cheer. Mom would be shedding tears of joy and Dad would congratulate the two of us.

“I’m such a romantic!” I thought to myself. I am so in love, and I have a monstrous hard-on again.

By 1:30 Billy had still not shown up. I went into the kitchen.

“Mom, has Billy called?”

“Late as usual?” she asked. She knew Billy too well.

“Yeah, he was supposed to be here at one,” I replied.

“How is he taking his parents’  divorce?” she asked.

“I asked him about that…he said as long as he has me as a friend…he doesn’t care what they do…but…really…I think it bothers him…I mean, in case he has to live with his mom…Mom…would it bothered you…never mind.” I was going to ask if she would mind if Billy were gay but I changed my mind. It wasn’t my place to ask her that.

“No, go on, would what bother me?” she asked.

“I shouldn’t have brought it up – it’s something he told me and it should be him to ask you not me because it’s personal,” I said.

“Well, just to put your on mind at ease, nothing about Billy bothers me. I have always loved him even when you two got into trouble. I will always love him. So, why don’t you go call him?” she said.

“I already have, three times, nobody answers,” I said.

By 2:30 all my guests had arrived except Billy. Dad had Mr. Lancaster’s cellphone number so I asked him if he could call Mr. Lancaster because Billy wasn’t here and he was supposed to be here.

Of course, everyone knew that Billy and I were best friends and they wondered where he was. About five minutes later dad came into the room. “Justin, I need to speak to you,” he said and then turned and left the room I followed him as he walked to my room. I knew something was wrong.

“Dad, what’s happened to Billy?” I was so worried and close to tears because Dad looked so serious.

He turned and looked at me. “Son, Billy was in a bad accident and I’m so sorry, but he died on the way to the hospital.”

“No, you’re lying! He can’t leave me Dad! I want to be with him! We’re supposed to be best friends forever! Tell me you’re lying! Please! Tell me he’s not dead!” I screamed.

I don’t remember much after that. Dad said I was hysterical and then fainted. I guess that was a good thing. The next day I stayed in bed. I either slept or cried.

Mr. Lancaster came to see me. I was in bed. I was awake but numb. Mr. Lancaster looked like I felt.

“Justin, Billy wanted you to have this,” he said.

He handed me a small box,

“I don’t want it! I want Billy! I want Billy,” I cried. He pulled me into his arms and we both cried.

When I had calmed down a bit, he spoke softly, “I know he wants you to have this because he had a box just like it for himself. It’s a silver friendship ring. Justin, he loved you more than anybody in his life. He told me last week that he was gay and that he’d come out to you. He said. ‘Dad, I know Justin loves me. But he has to analyze everything until he finally resolves everything and then he’ll come to the same conclusion as me. He’s gay and he loves me.’”

“It’s true,” I half smiled as I took the little box and opened it.

Inside was a silver ring. I took it out. Inscribed inside the ring were the words ‘love always forever - Billy’. I slipped the ring on. It fit. I kissed the ring and whispered, “I love you.”

“Thanks, Mr. Lancaster,” I said softly.

“You’re welcome. Justin if you ever need some one to talk to, I’m a willing listener,” he added.

I nodded, and he left.

I held up pretty well at the funeral until I saw Billy. Mom was ahead of me, and dad was behind me. I saw Billy lying so peacefully in the casket. I half expected him to open his eyes and say ‘Fooled ya!’, but he didn’t. I leaned down to kiss his lips. They were so cold and hard. He was truly gone. “I don’t want this ring, Billy! I want you!” I was crying again. I felt dad’s firm hands on my shoulder.

I turned around and screamed, “You don’t understand! I love him!” I broke away from Dad and ran out of the funeral home with Dad running after me. I stopped at the car and Dad caught up with me.

“I don’t want to go to the cemetery. I can’t watch them bury him. Please, I don’t want to go,” I cried.

“Okay, son,” he said as he held me. “We don’t have to go. You get in the car and I’ll go tell you mom and we’ll go home, okay?”

I nodded and got into the car.

My parents didn’t make me go to school that week I had a lot of thinking time. I think by evening Thursday I had completely reviewed my life with Billy.  I was sitting mindlessly watching TV with my parents. I was recalling the dream I had last night.

Billy and I were walking down some road and Billy said, “So, dufus, what are you going to do with all the gifts?”

“I don’t know. I need to think about it,” I answered.

“Dude! They’ll be antiques by the time you finish thinking about what you should do with them. Just give them to me. I’ll find somebody who will appreciate them – somebody really cute…hot.” He laughed.

“Why do you want to give them back to me?” I laughed.

“Who mentioned giving them back to you?” he said.

“Duh, you did! You said someone cute and hot!” I laughed.

“The only thing I want to give you is a blowjob,” said Billy. Of course, then it turned into a wet dream.  

I must have smiled.

“Well, I hope it was a happy thought,” said Mom.

It was but then I blushed. She laughed.

By the end of the week, I had remembered all the fun things and some of the sad things Billy and I had shared. I had realized that overall, it had been a great life. I didn’t want any of my gifts, including the ring. It hadn’t been Billy, but his dad, who had given it to me.

I finally realized what I had to do. I started laughing. I guess I was laughing at myself and the simplicity of the first part of my dream.

“I’m not crazy. I just figured it all out,” I gasped between gales of laughter.

“I love you guys. I know what I have to do with my presents,” I said. They were happy. I told them about my dream – not the blowjob part just the part about giving the presents to Billy.

“Justin, your mom and I agree. If you want to give the presents to Billy so he can see that they go to someone who will appreciate them, that’s fine with us. I’ll take you out to the cemetery, tomorrow,” Dad said. Mom nodded.

The next day, Dad took me to the cemetery and showed me where Billy’s grave was. He said he’d be at the front gate to the cemetery, and left. I saw an older man at a nearby grave. He talking animatedly to the person buried there.

I didn’t want to listen to his private conversation, but I caught part of it.

“Maddie, I know you would love him. He’s so smart and he is going to grow into a beautiful young man – I’m sure that all the young girls and probably some boys will be chasing after him. He is so full of love and kindness and most of all, he cares about people. Oh, and he asked me to pass on a message to his parents…”

The boy was an orphan. Billy intended me to bring these gifts to that boy. I almost couldn’t believe it. I looked at Billy’s headstone. I cried, of course. Probably a little louder than was needed, but I want to make sure the old guy heard me.

To Billy, I confessed my love; I told him I was gay and that he was the first person I had ever told.

I saw the man looking at me. As I left, I saw him walk over to Billy’s grave. When I got to the car, I told Dad what had happened. Then I said, “Dad, I’m gay and I loved Billy.”

“Yeah, I know, son,” he said.

“You know! How?”

“Well, let’s see when you were five or six you came into the house happy as can be and you said, ‘Daddy, I have a best friend! His name is Billy and I love him.’ Son, as you two grew, it was obvious to both your mom and I that it was a special friendship and bond between the two of you.”

Dad smiled, “And besides Gary Lancaster told me that you guys were a tad bit late putting the fire out. He saw Billy down on his knees and you trying to…uh…zip up your jeans.”.”

BUSTED! I think I turned every shade of red and Dad laughed his head off.


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