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The Greatest Gift

by Sam Lakes

Copyright © 2008 All Rights Reserved

Chapter 9


<Justin Washburn>

My best friend is Becky Monroe. I’ve know her since forever. Mom says we used to take baths together. That’s just messed up. My dad and her dad were like best friends since they were kiddies.

Her mom died when she was fourteen. We all took it pretty hard. I was glad I could be there for her because she’d been there for me when Billy died. She said she’d always known that I loved Billy. She said she knew I was gay and it was fine with her because she was the same way. She was terrified of coming out to her father.

I persuaded her to talk to dad about her being gay. Dad said that he would be there for her but she need to come out to her dad. I don’t know if Dad talked to her dad first but her dad said he was cool with it…in fact he said he was kind of happy cuz he didn’t have to worry if she’d get pregnant.

We tried it once – ya know ‘the nasty’ but I was so nervous I couldn’t get it up at least that’s how I tried to justify it. 

We joke around a lot about our sexuality - I call her ‘Cunnilingus Females’ she calls me penis lover or sometimes Masta Bator. We hang out a lot together we’re known as the ‘adorable couple of Lincoln High’. Yeah, she is a babe and she says I’m hot.

I know some of the gay guys that are out. They’re cool, especially Ardal and Noah. No one gives them any shit – prolly because they are both blackbelts. They are known as the ‘cute gay couple of Lincoln High’. I’d rate them as hot and they are so adorably cute together.

There are times when I really miss Billy. The only other guy up until today is Enigma. I only saw him once at a distance. But today, I saw this boy. He was so freakin’ hot. Tony Briscoe who is a cop brought him to school today. He was handcuffed. I don’t know why…but seeing him reminded me of how I felt when I saw Enigma.

I’ve know Tony since I was six. He’s gay and a hunk. I had a crush on him for a long time. So did Billy. His aunt and my mom are like best friends. But I was pissed with the way he treated the boy. I could tell the boy was mega embarrassed.

When Tony came back out of the school I felt like shooting him the finger. Stupid I know. The guy could have been a real gangsta except that he was soooooo hot! I mean sexy personified, dude!

This being high school the rumors abounded. He was everything from a psychopathic killer to a drug dealer to a son of some drug lord. Some girl said she thought she’d seen him in some hot porn movie her sister had.

I thought nasty thoughts about that one…my own personal porn and wouldn’t you know it Becky saw the bulge in my pants and laughed, “Fantasizing again? Bet I can guess who.”

“Shutup Bitch!” I said as I blushed.

Someone saw him leaving the school grounds running and still handcuffed around 11:00.

By the end of the day my mind was totally fixated him – he was now known as gangsta boy. But to me he was like Enigma, a puzzle wrapped up in a mystery. I was dying to find out about him from Mom but I had to be nonchalant or else the teasing would start.

I waited until we got home which for me was like making a six year old wait until nine o’clock Christmas morning to open his presents.

“Mom, who was the kid in handcuffs that Tony brought to school and why was he in handcuffs?”

She looked at me and smiled. “Cute isn’t he?”

“Mom that is not why I am asking about him! My friends want to know. Me, I could careless,” I said indignantly.

“Let’s see sixteen year old, gay boy sees a really cute boy and his only interest is to gather information about the very cute boy for said sixteen year old boy’s friends…Somehow that doesn’t compute,” she giggled.

She was really pissing me off. “First of all, I don’t think he’s cute at all!” I lied, “Secondly, even if he were the cutest boy in the world I am not interested in having a criminal as a friend much less a boyfriend! Finally, if you don’t want to tell me then fine, I really don’t care.”

“I’m sorry, honey. Okay, his name is Ethan Lewis, he’s 15. He is extremely smart; he is extremely shy from what I can tell and what Tony said. Tony is his temporary guardian and was bring him to school. Ethan told me he was very nervous and saw the handcuffs on Tony’s floorboard and handcuffed himself thinking that Tony had the key, which Tony didn’t. So, he’s not a criminal.”

“Thanks, Mom.”

“One last thing, he needs friends and people his own age. I would appreciate it if you and your friends would make a special effort to become his friend…It may take a lot of work. Oh, yeah and try and squash some of the rumors about him, especially the one about him being a porn star. I doubt if he knows what porn is.”

I went to my room to complete my homework, which I nearly found impossible to do because I couldn’t get Ethan out of my mind – he was so cute. I had so many questions about him because he was an enigma. Why did he have a temporary guardian? Was he gay and his parents found out and kicked him out? How could anyone kick out someone as cute as him? What did mom mean about him needing friends and why would it take an effort.”

Throughout dinner I was still engrossed in my thoughts about Ethan. I loved that name, Ethan. It was the kind of name that made me smile.

“Justin, have you got a boyfriend?” asked Dad, “You seem so quite and deep in thought.”

“Huh?” I blushed.

“Ooooo, yes! So what’s he like? What’s his name?” pried Dad.

I blushed again. Why was I an only child? I swear my dad is more like a brother than a father, a very nosy brother who loves to tease.

 “Dad!” I whined; he chuckled. “Mom, tell him I do not have a boyfriend!”

“Dear, Justin does not have a boyfriend…he has a crush!” she giggled.

I had had enough I got up from the table and left for my room, slammed my door shut and flopped down on my bed. 

Five minutes later there was a knock at my door.

“What!” I said angrily.

Mom opened the door and came in and sat down on my bed.

“You really do have a crush on him, don’t you?”

“I don’t even know him…” I turn away from her.

“Promise me you’ll take the time to get to know him.”

“Why is he gay?”

“Honestly, I don’t know. All I know is inside he’s hurting…maybe it’s just a mother thing but I just sense he needs someone.”

“Tony is an asshole.”

“Yes he was and I let him know how I felt,” she said.

“Ooo, I bet that hurt,” I said half smiling. When mom tells someone off they know it.

“Well, you know me when I get angry,” she smiled, “and I was angry. Let’s just say he had a very rude awakening especially because Ethan left the school grounds. I thought maybe he’d runaway again. Strange, he seems to have quickly wormed his way into my heart much the same as…”


“Yes, but don’t get your hope up that he’s gay because honesty I don’t know. But I’m sure that he’s not homophobic because he’s living with Tony and Jorge until his permanent guardians return from their honeymoon – Emily got married to Jorge’s dad.”

“Emily and Dan met with me a week ago they were planning on getting married and going on a honeymoon until their new house is complete. They talked to me about Ethan. They absolutely adored Ethan and I think he adores them.” Mom smiled, “Emily laughed and said that Ethan was like a habit forming drug that you could never get enough of. She said he is fiercely independent and because of his way of life has kept himself away from people he doesn’t know or trust.”

“His way of life?”

“He was a runaway. His parents were killed in a plane crash when he was eleven and he spent a short time a week or so in a foster home and then disappeared. He was living in an old apartment house doing chores for the tenants to survive. According to Emily they all adored him too.”

“Anyway, it seems he didn’t know he wasn’t supposed to leave the school grounds. After he finish his tests he left planning on returning by one to meet with Mr. Curtis, but fell asleep. I talked to him and Tony just before I came in here.”

Mom left and I tackle my homework.

Of course I couldn’t help but take a trip to fantasy land with Ethan. I imagined him lying on my bed beside me. We’d look into each others eyes. His eyes would be pale blue. I wonder what color his eyes really are? Okay for now they’re pale blue. Slowly we’d steal our first kiss…so gentle…so full of love. Our kissing would become passionate and he’d be lying on top of me…I’d feel his hardness just like in those stories on Nifty.

I reached down and started jacking myself rapidly as I continued to fly in my erotic world imagining the feel of Ethan’s mouth engulfing my cock and the feel of his cock in my mouth…I was in ecstasy and within seconds I violently release a volume of spooge, volley after volley until I was spent.

 As I lay there cover in spunk I turned my head and looked at the picture of Billy and me and whispered, “Please let him be the one.”

The next morning the first person I told what I knew about Ethan was Becky.

“You did it with him didn’t you?” she said half giggling.

“What? Girl you’re crazy! No!”

She laughed, “Yeah you did. I know you Justin. You…” she moved her hand back and forth like she was jacking someone off. “Just be honest, Just. I know you’ve fallen for him. And you’ve already told me you jack off at least once a day. Ha-ha. I’m right! You’re blushing!”

“Bitch!” I said and then went all emo, “He’s probably straight.”

“Yeah,” she agreed with a smile, “I can imagine him humping Sharon Krestmeier.”

Sharon Krestmeier was a ho and everybody knew it.

“Bitch,” I said figuring she was probably right.

We waited until it was time to go to homeroom. Except I didn’t; I went to see mom.

“Justin, you should be in homeroom,” she said as soon as I stepped into her office. Mr. Curtis was with her I saw Ethan’s tests, but I could see the grade.

“He’s not here,” I said.

“Who’s not here?” she asked like she didn’t know.


“Yes, I know. Now aren’t you supposed to be in homeroom?”

How can she do this to me? Sometimes my mom can be so exasperating!

“Where is he? Is something wrong? Why isn’t he here?” My voice was beginning to whine. Mr. Curtis looked like he was trying not to laugh. Damn! I hate it when she does this to me.

She giggled. “Justin, he’s fine. Tony called. He’s taking him to see Judge Robinson. The judge was signing Ethan’s guardianship papers when he noticed a photo of Ethan. Do you remember last year when someone shot the Judge?”

It was all over the news. “Yeah.”

“Well, Ethan was the unnamed person who helped to catch the perpetrator. He threw a rock at the car causing the gunman to miss and yelled at the Judge to duck. The judge swears if Ethan hadn’t yelled and thrown the rock he’d be dead. Not only that Ethan got the license plate number and gave it to the Judge, called 911, made sure the Judge was not seriously injured and then disappeared.”

I stood there speechless.


“Oh, yeah, thanks mom! Love you.” Omigod! I just blurted out I love you to my mom in public at school!

I ran to homeroom. Mrs. Adair, my homeroom teacher, looked up at me. Luckily, she’s a dream of a teacher.

“Mrs. Adair, I have an excuse. I was talking with the principal. Do you know the boy that came to school yesterday in handcuffs? Well, that was all a mistake. He’s like – like a super hero! Last year he save Judge Robinson’s life and then he just disappeared. His name is Ethan Lewis. Mom says he is an amazingly smart person. I think he’s probably a borderline genius if not a genius! Judge Robinson told the detective that brought him to school yesterday he wanted to see Ethan this morning. He’s probably going to call a press conference or something to honor Ethan.”

Okay, okay I was hypered up but she didn’t mark me as tardy.

By lunchtime Ethan Lewis was a celebrity. Of course some people thought I said he was going to be given an award for bravery by the President. But hey this is high school and things tend to get a little exaggerated.


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