The Hidden Past

Chapter Eight:



Arriving at my house, I helped Jeremy to the living room, leaving my mother to try to comfort him the best she could, while I went to get a glass of water for him. This whole thing was breaking me, why did it have to happen? Why was this event so familiar? So many question; not enough answers.

I walked back to the living room watching my Mom talking, whispering, to Jeremy. By now he'd stop crying and was looking straight forward. I stepped in from of him with the glass of water, grabbing his hand and "making" him grab the glass. He just seemed numb, his eyes darted to mine.

"Why?" he said softly.

I sighed; that question was also on my mind. How could I ask him to trust me after all this? What reason could he have? Frankly, I didn't know myself. This was getting quite difficult. I looked at my mom beside Jeremy, she closed her eyes and nodded, I knew that now things will get harder for both of us, but even harder still for Jeremy. I took a quick breath.

"Jeremy, look at me!" I told him, trying to force him to listen and get him out of this numb state he was getting in. "Jeremy, I'll try to explain the best I can, but you need to understand that things are complicated."

"EXPLAIN!" he shouted angrily. The surprise of the outburst almost made me fall back.

"These kinds of 'events' are my job," I said in a quick breath. "I work for an organization that helps to prevent these things and study them." He looked hardly at me and then at my mom, she nodded her head to him, I could see his eyes starting to water again. I continued...

"My job was to monitor and document most events of that sort..."

"What are those 'events'?" he cut in. "What happened and WHERE IS ADRIAN?" He shouted the last part.

"Jeremy, I promise, I will find him..." I paused. "Those 'events' are time singularities. Usually they never are bigger than a basketball, the more normal ones are small, the size of a golf ball."

"Singularity?" he asked confused.

"Yes, you might have heard or read that word. It's what the scientists call something they know nothing about, but there are multiple types. What they usually refer to as a singularity is a 'Black Hole'..."

"What? But that would mean that Adrian is..." I put my hand on his mouth to silence him.

"Normally, Yes, in this case No," I said quickly and removed my hand. "Like I was saying, there is more than one type of singularity. The one that occurred today was a 'Time Fold Singularity', or a 'Time Hole'." He was looking at me intensely, trying to absorb all I was telling him. I decided to continue...

"Unlike 'Black Holes' that eat matter and light, a 'Time Hole' is mostly invisible and doesn't cause that much affect, sometime people pass through one without realizing it. It causes a simple effect of Déjà vu, giving you the impression you are repeating an action. 'Time Holes' aren't in our field of vision, unlike the one that happened today."

"So why was this one visible and that big?" he asked plainly.

"That is what I... WE need to figure out, Jeremy." My mom looked at me, clearly disapproving my statement. I decided to ignore her stare and continue.

"I will ask you to trust me, Jeremy, I need you too," I told him keeping an eye contact with him.

He seemed to be thinking, his eyes moving from one side to the other, almost like he was reading a book. His eyes then stopped suddenly, looking into my eyes and searching for any lies or deceptions. Slowly he nodded his head. I sighed internally; this would be difficult.

"Now..." I began, but the front door opened and in walked a man I haven't seen in almost a year. I got up walking briskly in front of him, my fist clenched to my side, my mind boiling with rage. I looked at him harshly and disapprovingly, trying to remain calm.

"What are you doing here?" I hissed through clenched teeth.

"CHRISTOPHER!" Mom shouted back at me.

I turned around looking back at her and walked out of the living room, back to my room.


**Jeremy's POV**


'Who is that man? Why did Chris react so full of rage at seeing him?' I thought.

Christopher's mom pointed to the Kitchen, looking at the man. He just nodded and went where he was told. She turned, sighing, her soft smile focused on me, and told me to stay here and that everything would be alright.

'What is happening here?'

I closed my eyes thinking, wishing, hoping that Adrian was alright. Some might say we came together fast; for my part, I though it took an eternity. Now he's lost or something. Those events, as Chris was explaining to me, are they related to his reluctance to speak about his past, never mind his present? He, for all practical purposes, is a mystery to us... Sigh... to me.

'Where are you Adrian? Are you alright?'

I was suddenly pulled from my train of thought as I watched the man and Chris' mother going to the front. She whispered something to him and he smiled softly before looking directly at me. His smile never leaving his face, he turned and exited the house without a word. Chris' mother turned to me smiled softly and pointed to Christopher's room, nodding at me to go see him. I made my way to his room, knocking softly on the door.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT?" I heard his angry voice, but something else was there in his voice. Pain? Sorrow? The door opened almost violently, making me shake.

"Jeremy," he said softly and motioned me to join him inside and to find a place to sit before closing the door.

"Who was he?" I asked softly, nervously. He must have seen my nervousness; he smiled, shaking his head and frowning.

"No one you need to worry about for now, Jeremy." He took a soft breath, like trying to compose himself before continuing. "He is a friend of my dad's, that's all I will say for now."

"Chris, you asked me earlier to trust you, but..." I trailed off.

"But, What?"

"How can you ask me to trust when I know almost nothing of you?" I asked, looking straight at him. "I realized that we have been friend for a little over a year, but it's almost as if I know nothing about you."

He looked at me briefly before his eyes darted to the floor. This was getting more and more confusing for me; he was always so strong and so calm, but just the last few days it's like he's losing control, which was frankly starting to scare me. He looked back up at me, looking into my eyes.

"You... you are... scared of me," he asked... wait no... he 'stated'.

This took me by surprise. Was he reading my thoughts? What the hell?

"How did you... what...umm?" I asked.

"Body language... you shifted as if to protect yourself from me," he replied looking back at the floor, but still he continued. "I can't tell you all about me, since most of it is supposed to be kept secret for security measures, and since it's been like this almost all my life, well, there isn't lot I could tell."

"What do you mean?"

"Since I was ten my father trained me for what the Organisation is doing. The most I could tell are facts of nature and scientific knowledge. But since my life is so centered in the Organisation, that must be kept secret."

"What is The Organisation?"

"It's... umm... Secret," he simply stated. "Just know that what we do is not bad, 'au contraire', it's all about making things better and protecting people."

Christopher was about to continue when we heard the front door open. Chris got up to go see who came into the house; he opened his room door and looking along the hallway. He seemed to relax slightly and he turned to me, opening the door. He motioned for me to follow him. In the living room stood a man, he had the same strawberry blond hair as Christopher had; he was small in stature, but squared at the shoulders. Christopher stopped in front of the man, extending his hand. The man looked at the extended hand before pulling Chris into a hug and whispering in Chris' ear.

"Hello, son."


**Somewhere else**


A man dressed in a black suit came into a dark room, making him almost disappear. He looked around to where a large chair was placed in front of multiple monitors. Stepping in, away from the back of the chair, squaring his shoulders, he opened his mouth before closing it quickly.

"What is it?" a young voice asked.

"Sir," the man voice seemed to tremble. "It failed. Everything went according to planned, but..."

"I DON'T want to hear your pathetic excuse!" the young voice said angrily.

"'HE' was there sir... and two others... one was caught in the event." The man took a step back as the chair turned slowly, revealing a young man in the chair, his face half clouded in the shadow. What made the man step back was the evil smile he could see.

"Good," the youth said, "Go back... and this time, do not fail me again."

The man bowed acknowledging his orders before turning and leaving his young master alone, the smile never faltering from the youth's lips.

"I will get my revenge, Christopher; I'll make you pay for what you did to me."


To be continued


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