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Disclaimer: Storyline, characters all belong to Lidyah 2005

Summary: Welcome to the life off Maddox Crosse an eighteen year old with everything in the world. Meet Jordan Hall a boy with more to him that meets the eye. What happens when Jordan and Maddox' lives collide. Will love soar, will their be heartbreak, death and mystery? Welcome to the story of two teenagers and how their lives change.




I push against the swarm of people who stand and sway in front on me like a current, forcing me to stay behind. To drown. Everything has changed and it happened with a click of my fingers, and no matter what I do, no matter how hard I try it'll never be the same again.

Is it selfish of me to think this way? If it is then I'm only human. To watch the love of your life leave you, and no matter how far you reach to grasp him, he slips away. So far away.

I reach my goal, and I've never looked at liquor the same way before it brings me hope and comfort and I order shots and beer one after the other. The flavour mingles together causing my throat to restrict. I push the need to gag out of the way and continue to drink like a starved man.

The lights become that much brighter, the music that much louder and the smell of sweat and alcohol all that much stronger. I'm falling into oblivion and I welcome it with open arms.


- Senior Year August 2005-

The hustle and bustle of a new school year is always full of adrenaline and energy. The freshmen mingle in small crowds trying got grasp the concept of high school. While the seniors high five each other, and congratulate each other on a new school year and finally being the top dogs. It's a good feeling, a feeling that everyone should feel.

My names Maddox Crosse, eighteen, blonde hair, green eyes, six feet, and all star football player at Hollywood High school in Los Angeles, California. My final year and I knew for sure that I would miss this place. I had it good here, great friends, good grades, teachers that adored me, a coach that wanted to adopt me, captain of the football team and the most prettiest girl for a girlfriend. Yeah I had it good.

I get out of my new black Range Rover that my dad bought for me during the summer, after I scored the winning goal for our school team. One thing you need to know about my father, he's all man. He use to be Hollywood High School's football captain back in the day. He lives and breathes sports and it was only natural for me to follow the same path.

I click my alarm on and smile at my new ride. I spent the whole weekend shining it to perfection. I felt an arm slip around my waist, and I look over to see the brightest blue eyes,

"Boys and your toys. When will it ever end?" My girlfriend winks at me and I reach down to give her a peck on the cheek. Christina and I have been dating since we were fourteen. We met when her family moved next door to mine, and we became best friends fast. After awhile I started to fall for her hard, and we became a couple at fifteen. For the last three years we've been together, and it was soon approaching our anniversary. Christina stood five foot three compared to my lankier frame. Her skin a mocha coloured in contrast to my tan complexion. My father has never `accepted' the fact that his `white' son was dating a `black' girl but I chose to ignore his prejudice and follow my heart. Christina was not shy to my father's remarks, she knew that he was a racist and fascist through and through. She always told me that we were best friends first, and if my father said those things about her, that I should choose to ignore them. After all as long as I loved her that's all that mattered to her; and I for one love her no matter what.

"What can I say; I think I'm in love," I reply laughing as she tries to smack me upside the head.

"I hope for your sake that you think about who you love more." I pull her closer to me and we make our way into the school building for one more year. Christina and I are your annoying happy, cute couple that seem to have everything. Every guy wants her and every girl wants me. I guess Christina and I are the cliché for our high school.

"I'm going to go to the registry office. I signed up to do some voluntary work," said Christina as we approached my locker.

"Don't you think you're doing enough this year?" I asked worried that she was piling too much work on herself.

"I'm only doing the prom and yearbook committee this year. I thought I could do something for the student body too. Since you beat me for student president this year."

I laughed at her stricken face; we both were running for the position and I won by a margin, Christina blamed the fact that I had the football team `make' people for vote for me.

"Ah yes of course that now I am student president...", I was cut short by Christina slapping me on the head.

"If you ever want to get laid I suggest you keep you're comments to yourself," I quickly nodded at her. I was a red blooded male I wasn't going to give that up.

"Okay I'll see you at lunch," she said giving me a kiss on the mouth. I wrapped my arms around her waist to prolong the feeling. After a few minutes she pushed herself off me and gave me soft smile.

"I love you Maddox," and with that she walked away in the opposite direction. I gave a small sigh and turned around and made my way to the `jock lounge'. The school had got some funding in so they made us `jocks' a small room with a pool table and TV with a few couches thrown in. It was better than sitting in the cafeteria in the morning anytime.

I passed a few off my boys patting them on the back; I reached the small fridge and pulled out a coke.

"Maddox my man love the new ride," hollered Chris. Chris had been my best friends since we were kids.

"Thanks. Where you been hiding?" I asked.

"Dad had me go to the cabin last week to fix some pipes. Sorry I didn't call you the electricity was out there and my cell died."

"That's cool. Ready for the new season?"

"Sure am. Dad's been pressuring me though; you know the scholarship and shit."

I nodded understanding; it wasn't that Chris wasn't good academically his father just wanted him to get an athletic scholarship. I give his shoulder a friendly squeeze, "Don't worry about it. You're a great player man, you'll get the scholarship."

"Thanks man."

"I got to run, got to do some work with the council in a few."

"Alright man see yah at lunch."

"Later Chris."



"Christina please come in," said the principle teacher.

"Thank you Sir," Christina closed the door and sat down in the large office chair.

"Thank you for donating some of you're time this year."

"No trouble at all Sir."

"Okay well we have a new student joining us this year. His name is Jordan Hall and he's a transfer student from Okalahoma High. His father is a big business man so Jordan gets thrown about like a ping-pong ball every year. So please try and make him feel welcomed."

Christina nodded her head and took the file that the principle teacher, handed her, "That is his schedule and basic personal bits to help you familiarize yourself with him. He's a quiet boy so please be gentle with him."

"I will do sir."

The principle pressed his buzzer and asked his secretary to ask Jordan to come into his office. A few seconds later the door was pushed open; Christina turned around and let her eyes sink into the new boy. His black hair was gelled in short spikes, which held a blue tint to them.

His skin was a ghostly pale. His attire was filled with a red T-shirt that had the words "Too good for you" splattered across the top. His blue stone washed jeans hung against his thin frame like a second skin. His arms were filled with colourful bracelet and charms.

"Oh yeah. I'm sure this boy is quiet", thought Christina smiling at the new comer.

"Jordan this is Christina one of our elite students at this school. She has donated her time to help you around."

Jordan gave a bright smile; his teeth white and perfect, "Thank you so much," he said his voice sickly sweet. Christina bit back the urge to laugh. Jordan had the face of an angel but he was far from it.

"You're welcome. Well seeing as we both have the same home room we should better be going."

Christina stood up saying a final goodbye to the principal they both made their way out of the room.

"So I'm guessing you're not the quiet boy the principle told me you were. Nor do I have to be gentle with you. Right?" smiled Christina.

Jordan raised his eyebrows; "I'm a mystery."