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Walking around with Jordan was an accomplish on its own. He was strange, that's for sure; he talked endlessly for five minutes, and when I would ask him a question or delve into my life he would be mute. I found it rather fascinating rather than annoying. After dropping him off to his class and making him promise to meet me at lunch, I made my own way to class.

I walked into home room and did my duties of saying my hello's to all my classmates and friends. I really do love my life, but sometimes I feel so trapped I feel like screaming. I try my best to be the good student, daughter, friend and girlfriend, but in the end I just feel so fake. I keep saying to myself that this year it'll all end but really it won't. I'll go to college and spend the four years there doing exactly what I've done in high school. Then I'll work at a job that I'll hate just to make my father proud. Then I'll get married to the perfect man, and spend my life raising children, taking care of the house and being the perfect wife. It'll never end and I'm powerless to stop it.


Lunchtime rolled in quicker than most students expected. The predictable tables were filled with the predictable people. All in their little cliques and posses scattered around the luncheon room, laughing and talking about their summer breaks. Christina stood at the lunch line paying for her meal, before turning around and making her way to the table that was filled with her friends and boyfriend. She sat down next to Maddox placing her tray on the table and leaning over to give him a peck on the cheek.

"Awe...when are you guys going to get married and have cute little children," laughed Lauren.

Christina forced a smile, "When interracial dating becomes legal."

Lauren stopped laughing and raised an eyebrow at Christina, "Hon. I was joking. No need for the nasty comments."

Maddox reacted worryingly at Christina's brash words. He leaned in and draped an arm around her shoulders, "Is everything okay?"

Sighing lightly Christina nodded her head, "I'm sorry Lauren." She didn't explain any further and Lauren nodded her head, dismissing the remark. Maddox smiled lightly and removed his arm before he dug back into his food. The chatting commenced whilst everyone talked about their summer vacation. Christina sat picking at her food.

"So. Any room for me?"

The group stopped talking and all eyes turned to look at Jordan who stood at the head of the table. Back pack slung over one shoulder and brown bag in the other, his eyes were trained solely on Christina.

"Oh, you actually came," smiled Christina, genuinely looking happy.

"Sure did."

"Come pull up a chair and sit next to me." Jordan smiled. He placed his bag and lunch on the table before walking over to the other side of the room to grab a spare chair. He dragged the chair causing a screeching sound. Everyone winced at the deafening sound.

"Sorry," he mumbled before slouching down into the seat and opening his lunch bag up. He pulled out an apple, orange juice carton and a plastic bag with two slices of bread in it. Everyone continued to stare at Jordan except Maddox who eat happily ignoring the newcomer.

"Everyone, this is Jordan; he just transferred here for his senior year," smiled Christina. She listed off everyone's name at the table. Jordan gave a meek wave and continued to much into his apple.

"This doofus here is Maddox, my boyfriend," laughed Christina, enjoying how her boyfriend could be oblivious to everything around him, "He really loves his food," she cooed, patting him on the back. Maddox merely shrugged and continued eating. Jordan smiled at Maddox, already liking the boy. Maddox seemed content and didn't mind anyone sitting at what Jordan considered the `popular table'. However, unlike Christina's and Maddox's acceptance of Jordan, the rest of the group seemed slightly agitated and thrown off with Jordan's presence.

"You know, if you guys don't want me to sit here, I'll move," said Jordan to Lauren, Chris, Mark and Sarah. Maddox looked up from his pudding, a frown forming across his forehead, "Why, what's your problem?" asked Maddox addressing his four friends.

Lauren spoke first, smiling a forced smile at Jordan, "Not at all, Jordan; we're happy you could join us." Maddox seemed happy enough with the response and went back to his pudding. Jordan nodded his head. He looked over at Christina and saw her dazed expression. He looked at Maddox and saw him pouting into his finished pudding cup. Jordan laughed out loud, causing everyone to look at him. Suppressing his laughter he pointed at Maddox's sad expression.

"I'm sorry but you looked so sad when your pudding was finished," Maddox smiled at Jordan while Christina laughed, "It happens all the time. The dinner ladies won't give him more than one because he would end up eating all of them."

"I like food," pouted Maddox, causing Jordan and Christina to laugh harder at his expense. Jordan leaned over and opened his bag. He rummaged through the bag before taking out a plastic bag filled with cookies. He threw them over at Maddox who caught them with delight.

"Try saving some for later," laughed Jordan.

Maddox face was filled with happiness as he pulled open the bag and devoured the first cookie," Th-nk so m-ch," said Maddox, in between mouth full of cookies. Mark couldn't help but laugh also at Maddox he turned to look at Jordan shaking his head, "Dude now he's never gonna leave you alone."

Maddox shook his head enthusiastically, "Yeah. You're my new best friend."

Jordan shook his head, "I don't mind being bought." Mark grinned at him and sat shaking his head at Maddox. "You're going to be sick at practice man."

Maddox shrugged his shoulders and continued to eat his cookies.


Football Practice

The team stood outside proudly in their uniforms going through drills and warm-ups. Boys stood tall and muscular, making all the girls swoon and all the boys envy them. Maddox as the team captain was always enthusiastic and energetic but today he stood huddled on the bench clutching his stomach and groaning. Mark stopped doing his laps before jogging over to his friend still jogging on the spot to keep warm.

"I told you not to eat them all," he laughed.

Maddox just groaned, again his face pale. Mark was about to help his friend when the coach yelled at him to stop prancing about and get back to work. Shrugging his shoulders at Maddox in defeat, he moved back onto the pitch. The coach, who stood only five feet six but weighed a few hundred pounds, came barreling towards Maddox shaking his head.

"You eat too much and this is what happens. School has just started and all of you boys are out of shape and game. Go home and get some rest and tomorrow you better be on your best, because you'll be doing extra hours since you missed today's practice." Maddox nodded his head and headed towards the locker room to get changed into his clothes. Once changed, he made his way into the car park and drove home. Reaching his house took longer than expected due to stops during the way to throw up. Finally he pulled into his drive way, a mansion of a house stood like a castle. He punched in the security keys and the gate door swung open allowing him to enter his fortress. Tumbling out of the car he reached the big oak door and it swung open. His mother stood with her hand on her hips and a scowl across her face.

"The coach called. He said you were sick."

Maddox nodded.

"Sweetie, I told you not to eat so much you'll get sick," her expression softened and she lead him into the house laying him down on the sofa. She had already prepared a damp cloth which she draped onto his sweaty forehead and fed him some stomach medicine. She pulled of his shoes and socks and pulled of his jeans. Maddox was too sick to argue as he lay with his boxers and T-shirt on.

"Get some rest," she murmured and kissed him on the cheek before her high heels signalled her leaving the living room.


Mark jogged off the pitch laughing with Peter where he spotted Jordan sitting on the bleachers scribbling furiously in a leather bound book. He gave Peter pat on the back before making his way over to the bleachers. He took three steps at a time before he stood over Jordan, his shadow causing Jordan to look up.

"Hey," smiled Jordan.

Mark smiled lightly, "You made Maddox sick."

"Sorry?" asked Jordan confused.

"You gave him all those cookies, he eat them all and when he was trying to practice his game today he fell sick, because he ate too much, "laughed Mark.

Jordan shrugged his shoulders, "His fault. No one told him to eat so fast," Jordan's voice became hard and cold. Mark frowned slightly, "I was just joking man."

"Yeah, whatever," before Mark could make another comment Jordan stood up picking up his belongings before moving off the bleachers and walking down the graveled path into the trees. Mark continued to watch Jordan go, "What the heck was that about?" he mused before making his way back into the school to get showered and changed.


Jordan made his way home fairly quickly. Unlocking the front door he threw his bag in the hallway and made his way into the kitchen. The house was cold and sterile, packing boxes littered the main room, kitchen and living room. The house was small only had two bedrooms and one bathroom. Jordan took a glass from one of the opened kitchen boxes and poured in some water. He pulled open the kitchen drawer and pulled out a small brown tube of pills. Plucking open the white lid he slid two small tablets into his hand before secularly closing the lid, throwing the tube back into the drawer. He tossed the pills to the back of his throat and drank half the glass of water. He wiped the excess water off his mouth and breathed deeply. He smiled lightly before making his way out of the kitchen and into the small living room where he fell down onto the couch and fell asleep.