Author's Notes:-


Since I've had a disaster with writing about New York University. I did some research this time around. Hollywood High school is an actual school that is situated in California. Since the school times are much different from when the school day starts in UK schools. I am using the official website to map out the timetable times and areas.

The website Click Here if you are interested to see what the school looks like and what programme it offers. I've realised that locations is a big part of all my stories so you'll see why I have researched and done some thorough work on the smallest details.

Timetable. These are the courses that the school offers. I will only be using the subjects listed here. I'm not actually sure if that's all the school offers (if so then the children are really deprived) BUT I'm sticking with that.

I hope all this helps and makes sense to all. As I said location is all important in my work.

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Italian translation

Che è la questione - "What's the matter"

Ti amo - I love you

Coyright Thank you Gardner for proof reading




Jordan awoke from his slumber at the sound of the door banging and a loud crash. He got off the couch and stumbled around the darkened room.

"Whose there?" he asked in a shrill voice.

"WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK IT IS," yelled his father. Jon Hall maneuvered the box he was holding onto his left hip and switched on the lights. Jordan winced at the brightness causing his eyes to slide shut.

"You're home late," murmured Jordan as he looked at his watch. It read eleven-thirty.

"Yes, well I was setting up my office. I need to start work tomorrow. I can't afford to stop right now."

Jordan nodded his head as he watched his father angle the large box onto the dining table that he had set up the day before.

"Jordan. is it too much to ask you to at least unpack your own things," his father said. annoyed.

Jordan shifted from foot to foot, "I wasn't feeling well."

Jon stopped fidgeting with the box and looked over at his son, "You took your pills?"

"Yes, dad."

"Jordan, I can't afford your mind going awol right now. Just take the damn pills on time."

"I was late this morning. I forgot. Nothing happened at school; I came home as soon as I started feeling weird," replied Jordan angrily.

Jon sighed loudly, "I'm sorry, son, I know this has been hard for you, and I know all this moving has been agitating you even more. This is my last stop, I promise."

Jordan sighed sadly, "Dad, you always say that to me."

"I know, Jordan, and I guess I don't expect you to believe me, but I'm going to make sure you finish your senior year here. After that you'll be going to college anyway."

Jordan sat back down on the couch dragging his hand over his tired face, "Dad, I don't think I'll ever cope with college."

Jon looked at his son sadly and wished that he could take the burden off his shoulders, so his son could live a happy normal life.

"Jordan, when the time comes you can see if you're ready or not. You can always apply and if you still don't feel you'll be able to cope you can always decline the offers. If that's the case, I'll send you wherever you want to go until you feel that you are ready for college."

Jordan looked up and smiled softly at his dad, "Thanks. I just need that option, dad."

Jon came over to the couch, leaned down and placed a small kiss on his son's forehead,

"You'll always have an option."


Maddox awoke in the darkened living room. Yawning loudly, he stood up and stretched his muscles causing his bones to crack under the pressure.

"MOM," he yelled loudly.

The sound of heels on the marble floor came closer and the door swung open causing light to flood the room, "Hey baby you're awake. How are you feeling?"

"Much better."

Diane reached for her son and felt his head, "Okay, I left you some dinner in the oven. Have that and nothing more and go to bed when you're done."

"I don't feel tired anymore," said Maddox, yawning.

Diane ruffled her son's hair, "You don`t . Eat and bed. I don't need your first week full of phone calls from the school because you couldn't practice or you feel asleep in class."

Maddox nodded his head, walked past his mother and went into the kitchen, which was situated at the back of the mansion. He entered the large kitchen where an island made of wood stood in the middle with eight wooden stools placed around it. The counter tops, also made out of wood, which were covered with a thin sheet of glass spread right around four of the six walls of the kitchen. The modern necessity of steel microwaves and fridges stood glistening in one corner. He reached down into the oven and took out his dinner. He sat on one of the stools and began to eat his lukewarm meal. The sound of the phone's ringing caused Maddox to get off the chair and hobble over to where the cordless phone sat.

"Hello," he said sleepily.

"Hey man. How yah feeling?" asked Mark.

"Much better. I'm beat."

"Yeah. As I said, serves you right. Coach was majorly pissed off. Don't mess up tomorrow," warned Mark.

"Chill man I won't."

"I gotta ask you something..."

"Make it quick cause I'm eating," replied Maddox biting into his chicken.

"What else is new," replied Mark sarcastically, "Anyway I think something is weird with that new kid...uh, Jordan."

"And...?" said Maddox not getting the point.

"Well, he seemed cool during lunch. I saw him on the bleachers on my way back from practice and I stopped to talk to him. I was kidding around with him saying that his cookies made you sick, and he kinda got defensive and moody...and then sorta just left."

"Maybe he thought you were telling him off and got the wrong end of the stick."

"I don't know..."

"Geez who cares. He's new and it's a bit early to judge what kinda person he is. Mark, one person hating's you isn't the end of the world."

"Fuck you. I'm not needy like that," replied Mark angrily.

"Sure you're not," laughed Maddox, "Hey. I love you. Isn't that enough?" he could almost see his best friend pouting into the phone. He gave a small laugh.

"Give the boy a break Mark you are still the lovable you, and Jordan is new and I'm sure when we all get to know him, we'll figure out his little button," laughed Maddox. "Now fuck off. I need to finish eating and you need to finish getting pretty. NIGHT!" yelled Maddox before hanging up.

Mark sat on the other end with a small smile. "Night Maddox," he whispered into the phone.


Tuesday 7:30am

Jordan stood at his new locker and tried to remember his locker combination. He contemplated going to the office but didn't feel like walking the five minutes to where the office was. His first period class was about to start in ten minutes as it was.

"Fuck," he muttered slamming his hand on the small lock.


Jordan looked up into the smiling face of Maddox Crosse, his taller frame towering over his measly five foot ten.

"Ah, yeah. I forgot my combination."

Maddox grinned, "Why didn't you take a note of it?"

"I did. I just left the paper at home," he replied

"Do you remember any of the numbers at all?" asked Maddox.

"Ah... three, two and six."

"Okay move, " said Maddox. Jordan frowned but did what he was told. He moved aside and watched Maddox fiddle with his lock. After a few seconds the lock clicked open and Maddox turned around smiling triumphantly.

"How...?" asked Jordan baffled.

"Don't ask. I guess this is a thank you for the cookies yesterday," laughed Maddox.

Jordan smiled, realising that whenever the taller boy smiled or giggled it was infectious, "But I made you sick."

"BUT very happy," grinned Maddox, "I gotta get to class, see yah at lunch." Jordan nodded as Maddox gave him a pat on the back and made his way to class.


Jordan sat through his Biology class bored out his mind. The class was advanced. Then again all his classes were advanced. His father was a valedictorian at his high school and went on to study Business at Harvard University. His son would not be a slack off. Biology held no interest to him but he seemed to always pass his tests and exams with at least a respectable "B".

"Okay, so the curriculum is this: 25% of your mark will go towards studying `Molecules and Cells,' the next 25% will go towards `Heredity and Evolution,' and the last 50% marks will go towards `Organisms and Populations'. Remember, to get a "B" in this class, you will need to get a score of at lest 75%; to get an "A", you will need at lest 85%. This is not an easy class and most students drop out after the first two weeks. This time, you will have only a week to decide if this class is too hard for you. After that, you are stuck with this class unless I remove you. Is that understood?" asked the Biology teacher

A chorus of "yes's" rung through the room.

"Good. Well, we are going to start with chapter one of Organisms and Populations since that is worth more marks. You will have no projects in this subject. But you will have two for Heredity and Evolution and one for Molecules and Cells. Your grade in this course will be based mostly on note taking and textbook reading, and on occasion, a written essay."

Jordan blanched at the teacher. He couldn't believe that this time around he couldn't just study a few days before the test. This was a loaded class, and there was no way his father would let him drop the course.

"Fuck," he whispered harshly under his breath.

"What was that Mr. Hall?" asked the teacher, irritated to be stopped mid- way between her rant about the curriculum.

"Nothing. Just excited to get started," he said sarcastically.

The boys behind him laughed lightly.

"Being new, Mr. Hall, I suggest you not make enemies with your teachers," she said harshly before talking about the subject again.

The bell rang at the end of the class. "Okay it's home room time. Please make your way to your class as quickly as possible. Tomorrow we start with the new topic. Enjoy the rest of your day."

The class piled out. Jordan was the last person out. He was greeted by the two boys that sat behind him in class.

"Hey man, my name is Thomas and this is Joseph."

"Hey," replied Jordan. Thomas stood a few inches taller than Jordan. His brown hair hung long and brushed against the nape of his neck. His complexion was clear and he seemed to look slightly biracial. At six feet one, Joseph stood taller than the both of them. On anyone else, his flaming red hair would have looked weird, but on Joseph it made him look sexy. Jordan smiled inwardly; he knew that Joseph would play a big part in his jack-off fantasies from now on.

"You're new, right?" asked Thomas.

Joseph rolled his eyes, "Well, duh, no brain. Come on we need to get to home room."

Thomas bit his lip and nodded, "Em...what room are you in?"

"English 103," said Jordan.

"Hey cool. You're in our class. Come on. let's go," said Joseph leading the way. The three boys entered the class. Jordan was in first; he sat down in the nearest chair. Joseph slid in next to him causing Jordan to smile at the gorgeous boy. Thomas stood looking at Joseph with a frown on his face.

"Well, sit down," said Joseph pointing the obvious to Thomas. He quickly sat down into the seat in front and turned around facing the front.

"So who've you made friends with here?" asked Joseph.

"Christina and Maddox and the rest of their "gang"," smiled Jordan; he quickly glanced at Thomas who sat idly flipping through a notebook.

"Chrissie and Maddy are great. Good people," said Joseph fondly.

"You know them?" asked Jordan.

"Yeah. We just don't run in the same circles."

Jordan looked at Joesph with a confused face.

"Don't ask me why, but Maddy and I grew up together, and Chrissie's been like a sister to me since she started dating Maddy."

"Cute nicknames," laughed Jordan.

"Yeah, well I couldn't say Maddox's name when I was three so I just called him Maddy. I'm the only one that does; not even Chrissie is allowed to call him that," laughed Joseph. "Then again, I'm the only one who can call Christina "Chrissie" as well."

"You must be special then," said Jordan grinning.

"Very special," he said laughing.

"Gonna give me a nickname?" taunted Jordan.

"What I'm I gonna call you `Dan-Man'," he said laughing.

"Ew...please don't," giggled Jordan.

The teacher started the role call and everyone shouted their name when called. Joseph looked over at Thomas who sat hunched over his notebook.


Thomas turned around. "Yeah," he said quietly.

Joseph cocked his head to the side looking at Thomas quietly. Jordan watched him, confused as to why he was looking at the other boy so intently.

"Che è la questione?"

"Nothing," replied Thomas.

"Ti amo," said Joseph, before leaning over slightly and kissing Thomas on the mouth. Jordan sat back slightly shocked. He was gay and had known it since he was eleven. But the unusual thing wasn't the two boy's lip-locking, but how he hadn't realised it.

Joseph pulled back; he let his fingers trace slowly over his boyfriend's mouth. "Love you so much," he said quietly.

"I know. I love you, too," replied Thomas. Joseph leaned back against his chair. He turned and looked at Jordan, "Yeah, I know you're gay. Thomas and I are so way out that it ain't even funny. People are cool here. You won't get shit's Hollywood, but if you do come to me—and before you bitch on about `you can take care of yourself' it's not that—chances are if people treat you like shit because of it, chances are they gonna do it to my boy. Call me selfish but it's really all about him."

Jordan giggled, "And here I thought you cared about me."

"I do. You seem cool, and in time I'm sure we'll be "best friends forever," he said like a school girl, causing Jordan to laugh harder. "But HE comes first," said Joseph pointing to Thomas who was scribbling back onto his notebook.

Jordan leaned slightly into Joseph. "What is he doing. You're being all `amazing boyfriend' and he's spacing."

Joseph grinned, "He knows. He has trouble with change and new people."

"But he's the one that came up to me," whispered Jordan.

"Yeah he did, but I sat down next to you which makes him feel weird."

"Huh?" said Jordan confused.

"I ain't about to dish about my boyfriend's personal life to someone I've only met for five minutes."

Jordan nodded, "Noted man."

"Good," smiled Joseph. The bell ran signalling for second period, "We're both in Spanish Lit together; where you at?"

The three boys stood up and made there way out of the class, "I'm in Physics."

"Cool. Well, I'll come by Maddy's table to see you. We'll hang later after school."

Jordan nodded his head in agreement. "Totally. Hey you both in all the same classes?"

"Fuck yeah," laughed Joseph. Thomas blushed slightly as he took a hold of his boyfriend's hand.

"See you later, Jordan," said Thomas

"See you two."

"Oh and Dan-Man...everyone calls me Joey here." Jordan laughed loudly and watched Joey try to squeeze Thomas's ass as they walked to class.


Lunch 12:37pm

"Come on, baby. I said to Jordan that I'll see him at Maddy's table," said Joey leaning against the bark of a tree. Thomas sat in between his boyfriends legs as he absently plucked at the green blades.

"You go then. I'll wait here," he said quietly.

Joey groaned. He pushed Thomas onto the grass face first before flipping him over. He sat down on top of him straddling his waist.

"I ain't interested in Jordan like that. Is this what this is about?"

"He likes you," said Thomas sadly.

Joey leaned down capturing Thomas's soft lips into a passionate kiss. Joey's neck groaned in protest in the awkward position but he pushed forward causing the growing bulges in both their jeans to rub erotically together. Thomas whimpered, and Joey pushed further now rocking his hips back and forwards. Thomas broke the kiss panting heavily.

"Now...I need you now," Thomas pleaded.

Joey looked around the courtyard. It was empty. "You want me to fuck you here."

Thomas nodded his head, already pulling off Joey's T-shirt. Even though Joey knew it was the wrong place he couldn't give two shits as he quickly shed his clothes and helped Thomas with his. Both boys were fully naked only covered by an Oak tree.

"I can't believe I'm gonna fuck you here," laughed Joey. Thomas grinned but moaned when he sat on Joey's lap.

Thomas leaned down and kissed his boyfriend letting their tongues and salvia delve into each other's mouth. Their kisses became frantic and Thomas lifted his hips up slightly. Joey held onto his cock in one hand and held onto Thomas's hip on the other. He slowly lowered Thomas onto his hard dick with no condom and lubricant other than his dripping pre-come.

Both boys enjoyed the harsh pain which was followed by immense pleasure. Joey was big which only made Thomas harder. He hissed in pain. No time spent on getting stretched and no lube made the penetration almost unbearable, but they had done this time and time again and it only made the sex hotter.

"I'm good. Go," said Thomas and with that Joey shoved his hard eight inches into Thomas's ass. Thomas yelled loudly dropping his head onto Joey's sweaty shoulder.

"Fuck baby," moaned Joey. The heat and the tightness surrounding his dick made him want Thomas even more. Thomas was not his first sex partner by far. Joey had dated both girls and boys and was comfortable being bisexual. He enjoyed the sex, with each gender's enjoying the different feelings.

When he met Thomas it was literally love at first sight. The awkward boy who seemed to stutter and get confused, who blushed and got shy made Joey want him more. Thomas was a hard boy to break into; it took Joey a year to become his friend and six more months to become his boyfriend. Thomas held a lot of baggage. Both his parents died when he was five. He lived in and out of foster homes that caused him more pain than it should have for a five year old.

Thomas had told all the stories to Joey who looked in shock and sadness. Both boys and girls had raped him while in the system. All were older and all knew better. When he turned thirteen he was adopted by two lesbians who fell in love with the boy. He moved to California a few months later and started Hollywood High. The boys had been together for three and a half years but the pain Thomas suffered for the last eight years was not going to be easy to erase.

After pursuing Thomas, Joey had no interest in anyone else but his beautiful boyfriend whose hair hung low onto his brown eyes, whose complexion was mixed with black and Chinese. His personality screamed innocence and purity. Condoms were not needed in their relationship. Joey had always used condoms and hadn't had sex after meeting Thomas. Thomas had gotten checked at a clinic when he told his parents what had happened to him. He had told that the boys would always wear condoms but the girls didn't care. Luckily after being abused for years he hadn't caught anything. For that both Thomas and Joey were thankful.

Thomas bounced harder on Joey's lap, his arms tightly around his neck. Sweat glistened off both boys as they neared their orgasm.

"Fuck. Shit," moaned Joey gripping Thomas's hip forcing him to grind down onto his dick. A few second later Thomas screamed out and began to come. His sticky fluid made a mess on his legs and Joey's lower abdomen. He slowed down his movements for a second before speeding back up. Even though tired, he began pumping harder trying to make Joey come. Joey threw his head back and grunted loudly before he started coming into Thomas's ass. He could feel his come slipping back out of his boyfriends ass and back onto his legs. He fell backwards bringing Thomas with him.

"That was amazing," said Joey smiling. He stroked Thomas's sweaty hair pushing it back.

"Mmm...we should have sex all the time," laughed Thomas.

Joey grinned, "You ain't getting a protest here baby."

"Whore," laughed Thomas.

"Moi," said Joey in mock hurt, "I'm not the one who wanted to fuck on school grounds."

Thomas giggled. A few seconds were spent in the pro-orgasmic bliss before the sound of screaming caused the boys to almost jump out their skin.

"OH MY GOD." Miss. Glass, a P.E. teacher, turned around in horror. "PUT ON YOUR CLOTHES AND GO TO THE PRINCIPAL'S OFFICE," she said angrily before walking away. Joey and Thomas stumbled into their clothes.

"Shit we are so dead," said Thomas, shaking. Joey smiled and walked up to him hugging him close. "I got you," said Joey simply before kissing Thomas on the mouth.