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Chapter 21


I'm sleeping in my bed, when Mark suddenly turns on the lights, and that makes me stir but still doesn't wake me up.

"Eric wake up. Your sister is in labor."

When Mark yells there is no sleeping through it especially when he's standing just a few feet away from you. He reaches down and pulls on the bed sheets wanking them from my body's hold on them.

"Okay, okay, I'm awake. You can stop destroying my bed. Have you called the doctor?"

"Yeah, now get your butt out of bed."

I slowly get up and head towards my dresser and my closet. I grab my clothes and head towards the bathroom for my shower, but my brother in law will not leave me alone.

"Where are you going? You don't have time for a shower, so put on some deodorant and some cologne and lets go."

I didn't respond just mumbled while I thought about how warm my room was last night. Glancing up at the clock, I see it's 5 o'clock in the morning, and no one should be up this early. I quickly put some deodorant and a splash of cologne before doing some quick dressing. Mark peeks his head into the bathroom, but he's already looking a run down from the stress.

"Are you ready yet?"

"I guess, is Sarah already out in the car?"

He frowns as he points downstairs to the living room, so she isn't out there by herself. As we descend the staircase, I can already hear Sarah's groans and moans of pain.

"It's only going to get worse."

Mark says as we near the bottom of the stairs, and I find myself hoping that he's wrong.

"It's about time."

Normally, Mark would have rolled his eyes at Sarah's comment, and he would have expect his wife might just kill him if he does not hurry up.

We carefully help my sister get to her feet. Mark hands me his key and smiles at the moment I am extremely excited but then I realize that he gave me the keys for a different reason.

"Open the doors and start the car up."

I did exactly what he told me to do, but nothing else, and then I get into the backseat. It takes them forever to get out to the car, and it takes even longer for Mark to help Sarah get into the car puts her bags into the back, and then they get inside the vehicle.


Our trip to the hospital seems to be taking forever, and I can only imagine how my sister feels. I can't wait to be an uncle and that is all I am thinking about right now. We pull up to the hospital and Mark carefully parks the car front of the entrance.

"Eric, you are in charge of the bags."


Grabbing the bags, I get out of the car, while Mark helps my sister get out of the car. Mark and I help get Sarah into the door of the hospital and then Mark walks out and then he runs back out to park the car. At a small desk as we enter, there is a man who walks up to Sarah and me.

"Do you need any help?"

He sees my sister's condition and grabs a wheelchair before we even asked for one.

"Yeah, my sister is in labor. Could we have a wheelchair or something?"

"Yes you can have a wheelchair. Is there anyone else in the party?"

"Yeah, my brother is coming in after he parks the car."

He looks at my sister and points the front desk, and I'm hoping someone will get her upstairs.

"You can go over there and tell them that you're in labor and they will take care of you."


I said as push Sarah towards the front desk. I get about halfway there and Mark comes up behind me out of breath. He takes my place at the wheelchair and together they approach the front desk.


Once up at the desk, Sarah and Mark tell them that she is in labor and one of the guys from the desk takes the wheel and gets her up to the OB wing. We follow right behind this guy, and eventually though, we do made it to the OB wing waiting area. Luckily, Sarah and Mark called their doctor ahead of time because he is able to meet them not even five minute after our arrival in the waiting room. Sarah, Mark, and their doctor disappear into one of the birthing room. A half hour later, Mark comes out of the room with his cell phone in hand, and he does not look happy but it could just be stress. As he is approaching me, a woman walks into Sarah's room with a laptop.

"Eric, Sarah wants your parents here, but we won't let this turn into an attack on Eric."

`I need to just man up but this won't be fun no matter how much I build myself up.'

My fears do not matter; this day is all about Sarah, Mark, and the baby, but honestly, what can I say about my parents being here?

"Mark, I am kind of worried about them being here, but I'll be okay."

He just pats me on the back and smiles at me as he steps away Mark calls my mom and dad and then he calls his parents. In less than a half hour, my parents will be here, and I am already feeling anxious.


Just before my parents arrive at the waiting room, I went to the bathroom. I understand that Sarah wants them here and I do not really care if I see them or not. As I come out of the restroom, Mark is already talking with them, which is good because it means they won't come up to me. As I move towards them, Dad and Mom give me an awkward glance, and I take my seat quickly. Mark returns to Sarah but pauses to give me a signal that gives everything will be all right. They turn away from me and head into the room to see Sarah. She was not too keen on having anyone but Mark in the room with her, so my parents don't stay in the room long and soon they are back out in the waiting room with me.


It's quiet despite all the noise from the hospital noises around me. I'm a little shocked that Mom and Dad have not said something to Mark about me being here. They are keeping to themselves so far and I love every minute of it. I almost wish that they would say something to me, as long as whatever they have to say is nice. If they would have checked in on me occasionally, I would be happy. Mom has glanced at me a couple times since they have been sitting out here and its weirding me out. She seems to want to come over and talk to me, and I find myself wanting to know what she wants. Dad on the other hand has never turned from his book that he has been reading. My nerves are getting to me so I get up and walk around for a little bit, and then I got a drink.


Dad is watching my every move as I move towards the water faucet. Mom does too but her gaze is softer and almost seems to be pleading with me to break the silence, I can't though, if she wants to talk, she needs to make the first move. It was their idea to kick me out, not mine, so I am not focusing on her when I sit back down, Mom gives me a few quick nervous glances. She then surprises me by standing up and sitting next to me. My first reaction is to change seats but I can't do that to my mother, because I still love her. She looks at me with sorrowful eyes, and then I get a big surprise.

"How are you Eric?"

My mother just spoke to me, she said an entire sentence to me and I love it. I want to make her feel like I did when, they kicked me out because I will not drop to their level.

"I'm super excited about being an uncle for the first time."

`Wow, she smiled at me.'

"Dad and I are excited too; we can't to spoil our first grandbaby. Everything good at school?"

I do not think she wants to hear about how nice it is to have Steve at school and in my life.

"It's good."

I do not know what else to say to her, because things are incredible right now. I can't wait to tell everyone at school about the baby.

"Mark and Sarah keeping you busy?"

"Yeah, I have chores just like at home."

She smiles as she reaches into her purse, and pulls out two twenty dollar bills.

"I want to give you some money for your lunch. Things are going to hard on your sister and Mark for a bit."

I didn't want to take it but then I realized that Mom is reaching out to me. If I ignore her, she might ignore me and she may never try reaching out to me again. Having mom talking to me is wonderful. The conversation was great but she did not bring up anything to do with Steve or Dale. I am okay with her not mentioning Dale but Steve is a huge part of my life and I want her to ask questions about my relationship. I want to be able to talk to her about him and our relationship, well parts of it anyway. For a split second, I glanced at Dad hoping he would make eye contact but there was none. The fact that my dad is ignoring me is not making my mother very happy.

"Eric give us time."

Wow, I never expected to hear something like that coming from my mom. As she made her comment to me, I thought I saw Dad's eyes tearing up a little. I'm not sure why he teared up but it is upsetting me slightly, I mean this is my dad.

`Can't help who I am Dad.'

Dad is holding something back from me, but I can't twist his arm to tell me.


Mom gets up after give me my money and returns to her seat by Dad. Each minute feels like an eternity while I'm waiting on the baby to be delivered. All of a sudden, the activity around me picks up, and then someone from the hospital staff comes out and announces that the time has come for the birth. Mom, Dad, and a couple that I assume is Mark's parents are heading into the birthing room. I'm not going into the room because I do not want to see my sister or my nephew during or immediately after the birth. At some point, the member who came out earlier appeared again to tell me that my nephew is born, and that everything is fine. Five minutes later, Mark walks out of the room with a disappointed look on his face.

"What happened? I thought you were coming into see the birth."

"I...uh...didn't want to see Sarah that way not to mention the blood and smells."

Mark seems to understand and I can tell that he is not mad or disappointed in me.

"Not sure I would want to see my sister giving birth either but you do want to see your nephew right?"

"Yeah, I want to see him."

Together, we walk into Sarah's room but she is looking really groggy.

"Hey bro, they just took your nephew to get him cleaned up. Now get out all of you, so I can rest."

We decide it's a good idea to leave the room to avoid Sarah's wrath.


Mark sits next to me smiling ear to ear and he is so happy that he looks like he might just burst.

"Your nephew is the cutest little guy. I can't wait to show him off to everyone."

"I can't wait to see him and hold him."

Mark laughs somewhat loudly.

"We'll give you plenty of opportunities to hold him."

"Cool." I'm happy that Sarah and Mark are willing to give me chances to watch and hold my nephew.

"What's his name?"

"His name is David Eric Perez."

It's incredible of Mark and Sarah to give my name to my nephew. Mark gets up and moves by the other couple who came into the room with him.


While, I am sitting at my seat reading, another member of the hospital staff comes into the waiting area and calls Mark's name. He comes up to her and they start to talk, and then she then walks into Sarah's room, while Mark approaches me.

"If you want to see David, they are going to bring him into the room."

I did not respond to what Mark said instead I go straight to Sarah's room. The nurse is watching Sarah as she positions him in her arms. David begins to fuss a little bit, and the nurse looks at my sister and smiles.

"Sounds like he might be hungry."

I did not catch on to watch was about to happen, but the nurse helps clue me in on what's about to happen.

"You may want to turn your head."

"Yeah, Eric turn your head."

It's okay for Mark to see, but I don't want to accidently see more of her then I need to see. I listen to the nurse and to Sarah and quickly turn my head to face the door. A few minutes later, the nurse tells me that I can turn back around and face everyone. David is covered up in a blanket while he nurses. Sarah is quiet as he feeds expect for when she speaks to David.

"Are you one of the uncles?"

Gale, the nurse asks me a question to start up a conversation.

"Yeah, I am. It's my first time."

Gale smiles as she looks at me and then at the outline of my nephew underneath the blanket.

"Spoil him while you can."

"I plan on it."

Sarah rolls her eyes as she looks at me apparently she does not want me to spoil him. All I know is that he's already has a hold of my heart, and I hope he never let's go. Next thing, I know Mark disappears and then comes back in followed by my mom.

"My little boy still eating?"

Sarah smiles warmly as she glances down at covered up form of my nephew.

"Yeah Daddy, we have a little eating machine."

Next thing, I know my dad appears the doorway, so I leave the room so that he can enter.


Dad and Mom come out of the room a little later and sit in the again in the waiting room. I take the opportunity to sneak back into the room. Mark is now holding David, and he's softly talking to him and kissing him. I take a few pictures with my phone making sure that the flash is turned off, so I don't disturb my little nephew. I sit down and just watch Mark interacting with his son, and enjoy the scene. My brother in law is already whipped and that is a good thing, because I want him to fall in love with that boy. Out of the blue David takes hold of Mark's thumb and Mark begins to glow, and I can see the bond between father and son developing right in front of me.

"I think Uncle Eric wants to hold you buddy."

At first, I scared that I might break him, but then that thought went away and I was excited. Mark stands up and then carefully hands me David. Once in my hands, David opens his eyes and looks up into my eyes. My heart is very full right now, and as I stare at him I can't help but feel overwhelmed at the moment. I will always remember this moment. My mind is taking all of this in, so I can go home and write it out in my journal.

"Mark can you take a picture of David and me?"

"Sure man."

He takes my phone from my hands and snaps a couple pictures of his son and me.

"Are those photos destined for greatness on the net?"

Mark knows that I intend to post those pictures on my Facebook page. The nurse comes in to check on Sarah and David, and Sarah does not look very happy about being disturbed. She sees David sleeping in my arms and gently scoops him up, and then lowers him into his basinet and then gently pushes him to the nursery, and shortly thereafter, Sarah fell asleep.


Since my sister is sleeping, I leave her room and of course sit back in the waiting room. I pull my phone out and send Steve one of the pictures that Mark snapped of David and me. Within minutes, Steve sent me a reply, and I love it.

"He's too cute, when will I get to hold him?"

Knowing Steve, he's already thinking of ways to spoil David too.

"He should be home in a couple days."

The thought of having a crying baby interrupting my sleep does not sound appealing, still I will be happy to have the little guy home.

"You had better call me or text me when he's home or no kisses for you."

"Oh really?"

He's quiet but for once, I didn't mind the silence, because I knew it was a good quiet moment.

"Just kidding but I do want to see that little boy."

"Don't worry Steve, you'll see him."

Again, there is a moment of awkward silence, and something tells me it's not the good silence.

"I need to run Babe."

`Man, I hate when he says that.'

It's okay though because I'll see him later, and we'll talk or spend time together. Steve and I end our texting session, even if I didn't want it to end. Who knows what's happening next in today.


David is now in the nursery and we are gathering in front of the window. I am in seventh heaven as I'm looking at my nephew. My mom is also here with me, but she seems to be spending half her time looking at me. I'm not sure why she keeps looking at me, but it's really weirding me out. Looking at her, I see her eyes are moist, and I don't like to see her with wet eyes. Are her eyes wet because of me or because of David? It's easy for me to think that she is crying because I cannot give her grandchildren like Mark and Sarah have.


Mark is talking to some people that I don't know so I am going to write in my journal. I pull out my notebook, grab my pen, and start the whole writing thing.

"I am up at the hospital after meeting my new nephew, David Eric Perez. I will never forget this day for as long as I'm alive."

I carefully put my pen away and close my journal. I'm also a little tired considering how long I've been up.


Not long after putting away my journal, II find myself being joined by Mark.

"I want to talk to you about what Sarah and I expect from you as an uncle."

I thought about rolling my eyes but I'm pretty sure Mark wouldn't be happy with me."

"She just wants to be sure that you understand that's all."

He glances down at his cell phone and then moves his fingers across

"We don't want you to feel like you have to take steps backwards and end up in the closet, when you're around David."

`Too cool.'

I love my sister and brother in law, and that last sentence makes me love them even more.

"Second, you are not going to be the full-time babysitter. We might ask you to babysit or there might be emergencies that require you to babysit, but we will never just assume that you're available any time we need you. Are you okay with that?"

"Yeah, I think that is perfect."

I secretly can't wait to babysit.

"Oh and finally this comes directly from your sister, you are expected to change diapers."

Changing diapers is no biggie. Mark thinks this chore will keep me bug me, but I look at as a learning experience, because someday, I want to have a kid. It will have to be through adoption but any way that is a long time off in the future. Honestly though, Mark and Sarah need to relax. There is nothing that I won't do for my nephew and his parents are going to learn how great I am.


I sneak into Sarah's room hoping to spend some time alone with her. Sarah is smiling as I sit in the chair near the hospital bed.

"Hey Eric, what's up?"

"I just wanted to say thanks for letting me be around David."

We take each other's hands and again Sarah smiles as she looks into my eyes.

"We want Steve or whoever else may be in your life to be there and spoil him too."

I lightly squeeze her hand to let her know that I appreciate what she is doing for me.

"Mom talked to me earlier."

Sarah looks surprised that mom would start up a conversation with me.

"Really? How was it?"

"It was nice but she didn't bring up Steve."

What I want from this conversation is to get her opinion.

"Eric, I think it's awesome that she talked to you, but you need to give her time to be okay with Steve's presence in your life."

`How much more time does she need?'

Steve is my sweetheart and he is not going anywhere so I hope she can accept him as my boyfriend.

"Do you think she can accept him as my boyfriend?"

"If you and Steve don't rub it in her face, then yes. I think she will take Steve into her heart."

Sarah just gave me hope that Mom might fully come to terms with my life and my boyfriend's place in my life.

"Did Dad say anything to you?"

"No, he just gave me death glares."

My heart sank as I said those words, because I know Dad has no intention of coming around any time soon. Sarah frowns and shakes her head; because she too knows that, our father is very hard headed on any issue that he deems as wrong.

"I don't get it."

Mom and Dad enter the room so I give her my chair, but Dad does not notice my kind act, but I wish he did. At the same time though, I did not give up my seat just to show off, I only gave up my seat to give my mom a place to sit.


I am a bit uncomfortable being in the room with Dad, so I try to leave.

"Eric stay in this room."

I have no idea why Sarah asked me to stay, but knowing her, she is about to get something off her chest.

"Mom, Dad, David's birth has brought a new angel into our family. His birth also gives us a chance for a fresh start. We will not be doing separate birthday parties so maybe you might find in your heart to open up to Eric."

Dad looks at Sarah and begins a conversation with her even though we are all in the room together.

"Is he still calling himself gay and kissing that boy?"

I try to respond to his question but Sarah quickly answers for me.

"Dad, Eric is gay and he loves Steve."

"He doesn't know what love is Sarah."

Sarah looks at me and gives me permission to address our father.

"I know what love is, and Sarah is right, I do love Steve."

Mom seems to be letting what I said soak in while Dad isn't looking happy. Something tells me that this conversation is done.

"Okay let me put it this way, Eric and Steve will be at my son's birthday. I won't do separate parties for him, and if you miss them that is on you."

The expressions on my parents' faces say everything that I need to see or hear. There is nothing about my dad's face to suggest he is open to what Sarah said. Dad leaves the room with some sadness in his heart, and Mom leaves hopefully a little changed for the better. I have a feeling that this conversation is not over as far as my parents are concerned.


As I walk out of Sarah's room, I see Steve getting off the elevator. He is smiling which immediately lifts the sadness that I'm feeling.

"Hi Steve, did you come to see me?"

I know he came to see me, but I know he also came to see my nephew.

"No actually, I came to see David."

"I see how it is Babe."

Walking towards the seats, I'm feeling a little bit anxious. There have been eyes glaring at us since we met near each other near the elevators. Mom is watching us but Dad is staring with looks that could kill.

"Your mom is almost looks friendly but your dad doesn't look happy to see me."

"Yeah he is still not talking to me."

Steve glances backwards at my parents but I'd like him to forget about them being there and just focus on me.

"So is your mom doing better with you?"

"She actually talked to me today."

Steve quietly takes my hand and then whispers into my ear.

"I'm happy for you Babe."

It makes me happy knowing that maybe, just maybe Mom is coming around to the idea that I'm gay.

"I wish Dad would come around and just talk to me."

"Give him time, he'll come to you when he's ready."

Steve is right, and I need to give him that time to come to terms with my sexuality.


Mark approaches us with a smile on his face and when he is standing beside Steve, he embraces him in a hug.

"Hey man, what's up?"

Mark has always enjoyed being around Steve and I hope he always will.

"Has Eric shown you his nephew yet?"

Steve plays with his phone for a second and then shows Mark, the photo of David.

"Cool, but if you don't' mind seeing a sleeping baby, I can show him to you?"

Steven's eyes grow large at the Mark's offer to see my nephew, our nephew.

"Yeah, I would love to see him."

Steve gets up and follows Mark to the nursery window. Mark is eager to show off his son, so he points David out to my boyfriend.

"I think he looks a little like his uncle."

I expected Mark to be a bit upset instead he smiles at me and then at his son.

"Sarah and I have already talked about it and we both think there is some resemblance between David and Eric."

"I am going back to Sarah now but if you want to be welcomed back to your house, you had better go say hi to her."

Scared, she may not allow him to visit anymore Steve follows Mark over to her room. A smile comes across my sister's face and Steve approaches the bed.

"Come here and give me a hug."

Steve carefully gives her a hug.

"How are you feeling?"

"Better but I'm really tired."

Steve looks at my sister and I can tell that he understands her being tired.

"Do you want us to go so you can take a nap?"

"Yes please."

She wastes no time in answering Steve's question.

"Bye Sarah, I hope you get your nape in without interruptions."

Mark and I walk out of the hospital room with Steve following behind us.


Steve is deep in thought, and I can't help but wonder what is on his mind. He always gets this vacant expression on his face and then he stares off past me. Normally, it is something about us or on a topic that we were discussing. He is not talking just staring into my eyes. Steve has a serious look on his face all I can do is wait for him to share his thoughts.

"Babe, do you want to have kids someday?"

He has caught me off guard before and he's left me speechless, and I find myself in the same situation now. He quietly waits for my answer while fidgeting with a pen.

"Sure, I guess."

A hint of disappointment washes across his face.

"So are you saying "Sure" to make me happy because you don't sound very positive?"

Right now, all I can think of is how we have not graduated from high school yet.

"I just think we need to focus on graduating high school."

"That is why I said someday."

Hmmm, he is a little frustrated.

"I can see us with kids at some point in our lives."

Steve smiles letting me know he likes my last statement.

"I want them with the right person."

Steve said as he reaches out and touches me, which sends a jolt of electricity spreading out from where his hand touched me. His caress always does that to me, and I ardor it. We exchange a quick hug in front of everyone in the waiting room. We didn't hug each other to make a spectacle out of ourselves. The moment called for a hug but what really want a kiss but that isn't going to happen.


I was not facing my parents during the hug, but Steve is and what he sees is causing him some anxiety.

"You need to turn around and look at your parents."

I turn my head to see my mom coming towards us, and Dad is smiling and seeing it gives me the chills.

"Eric, I-I think it's best that your friend leaves."

Steve takes my hand to let me know that he stands by whatever I want to do.

"I think that is up to Mark and Sarah."

There is no more discussion on the matter so Steve and I sit and continue our talk until a middle-aged member of the hospital staff comes up to us.

"I'm sorry but I'm going to have to ask that you stop showing affection towards each other."

Steve looks across the room and sees a couple hugging and exchanging a quick kiss.

"Well then, why are they allowed to show affection?"

He, the member of the staff, didn't' want to push the issue, I could tell from his body language.

"They aren't offending anyone."


Steve and I leave our seats in the waiting room and the older man walks back to his desk. We move by Mark is watching David through the nursery window.

The guy from staff is still watching us so Steve and I stand apart. As I stand there, I look at my brother-law with a disgusted look on my face.

"Can you believe that Dad had Mom come up to us and tell me that Steve should leave?"

Mark frowns as he looks back towards my parents, and at the same time, he notices the stares from the guy who approached Steve and me.

"Man, what did you guys do to upset this place?"

"We hugged and then got told to refrain from making any more signs of public affections."

Mark could not believe his ears, and was visibly mad. Mark moves towards the staff gathered at the desk with Steve and me following close behind him.

"I would like to know why my brother and his boyfriend were told to not show any affection towards each other."

"Who said that to them?"

A woman behind the desk speaks up, she too looks upset, and I knew someone was going to get it, that someone being the guy standing to the right of her. I didn't want to make a scene but Steve on the other hand has no problem literally pointing a finger. He finger points to the guy who came up to us on behalf of someone in the waiting room.

"First off, I am sorry that they were embarrassed and singled out."

Mark was not finished though and he continued to get it off his chest.

"But I've seen half a dozen couples kissing and at least a dozen hugging so why were they not asked to stop?"

The man who spoke to Steve and I looks at Mark with and begins to speak with attitude.

"It's simple no one complained about them kissing and hugging."

Steve sneers as he looks at my dad who is watching the interaction at the desk. Mark again kept the issue going and making me want to hide my face.

"If someone did complain, would you have told those couples to stop hugging and kissing?"


There was nothing else to say, the message came across loud and clear; this man is a bigot case closed. The woman who apologized looks at the man with face that says you are screwed.

"We are filing our own complaint on you."

It's not enough that the woman behind the desk heard what he said, but Mark is aware of a very special visitor to his wife's room.

"Mark, would you please go to Sarah's room and ask her visitor to come to see me."

Steve turns without replying and walks to Sarah's room and he comes out with an older man at his side.

"Hi Mark, you don't look happy."

"I have a problem Grandpa..."

The staff member who approached Steve and me is now looking a bit fearful.

"... actually my brother in law and his boyfriend have a problem. Would it be okay for a couple rather gay or straight to hug in this hospital?"

"I see nothing wrong with it at all."

Mark points to us and smile and continues speaking.

"They were told that they had to refrain from showing public affection or they would have to leave."`

"I only said it because someone complained about it."

Mark would make an awesome lawyer, because he is raking this guy over the some red-hot coals.

"I understand that someone complained but when I asked this guy if he would make a straight couple from showing public affection, his exact words were "". I would like to file a complaint on behalf of my brother in law and his boyfriend."

I suddenly feel bad for the guy because Mark's grandfather does not look happy.

"We'll take back our complaint if you show us who filed the complaint in the first place."

The man who approached us is all too quick to point out my father.

"Grandpa, the guy who filed the complaint is this one's dad..."

Mark said pointing to me.

"...and Sarah and I have guardianship because they, his parents, didn't want a gay son living under their roof."

Mark's grandpa looks at Steve and then at me and reaching out his hand, he shakes my hand delivering a very firm handshake.

"Eric, it is very mature of you to drop the complaint. Thank you, but I cannot excuse bigotry. I will however take your kindness into account and I talk with this man."

We walk back to the Sarah's room, so we can visit before Steve has to leave. Steve and I learn that Mark's grandpa is some bigwig at the hospital. Steve gives me a kiss and he doesn't[ care whose watching and neither do I. He turns and walks out of the room, and heads for the elevators. Mark looks at his wife laying in the hospital and smiles. Today feels like the beginning of a new journey for Mom and me.


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