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“It’s OK to fall in love with your best friend.” – Davey Carlson.

PART ONE, The New Year

Chapter 2 Road Trip

Christmas started out well enough. Brandon’s parents gave him clothes that he actually liked. His brother gave him an NFL video. But it was the CD from his little sister that he appreciated most. It was one he really wanted, and she knew it.

His finances, which were close to none, had limited his personal gift giving. In fact, buying gifts had made his finances… none. He didn’t like doing it, but he’d really need Jake to pay his way on the trip. Money or not, there was no way he’d miss out on it.

His dad was moody at lunch, remembering happier Christmases, and friends back in Texas. He stole resentful glances at Brandon. It was because of his son that they had lost so much. He was ready for Brandon to be gone. “Have you heard back yet from any colleges?” he asked, when Brandon looked up.

Brandon hung his head over his plate. “No Dad. It’s no different than last week when you asked. I told you, I’m not big enough or fast enough for a football scholarship. And my grades aren’t going to get me a scholastic one.”

“Well you better find something,” Mr. Fox said, and then repeated something he’d told Brandon already. “We can’t afford to help you much with college. And we can’t afford to let you just hang around here. You’re going to need to get into school, or get a job and find yourself a place to live.”

His wife put her hand on his arm and squeezed. “Honey,” she said softly. “It’s Christmas.”

He frowned. Getting Brandon out of the house was going to help their marriage, too. Certainly, she knew that. Getting Brandon out of the house was going to help a lot of things.

After lunch, Brandon’s dad lay down for a nap, and his mom pulled Brandon aside into the kitchen. “Here, honey,” she said, handing him some folded bills. His mom had worked little outside the home in Texas. Here, though, she was a secretary, or rather, administrative assistant, and her salary made ends meet. “For the trip,” she said. “I wish I could give you more, but it really is tight right now.”

Brandon kissed her cheek gratefully, even though he suspected there was an element of family politics to her motherly love. “Thanks, Mom. It means a lot.”

He hoped for fifty. But when he was alone, he opened the bills to find two hundred in twenties. And then he returned to his mom and hugged her.

* * * * *

Jake’s dad had started drinking early; beer, since it was a holiday. At least he was still awake enough for everyone to enjoy Christmas dinner. Jake looked down sadly at his father’s heavy body, prone on the couch. He probably wouldn’t be awake, or sober enough, for Jake to say goodbye to before he left.

Returning to his room, he double-checked the bags he had packed. He was proud of his clothes, all chosen carefully and paid for from meager dollars. He took care of them, accessorized them, and delighted in them. He wore clothes well. And he couldn’t decide what not to take, so he needed two bags.

Included were the best of his bikini briefs. Brandon liked him in them, and he was hoping for several nights in bed with Brandon. Jake figured they’d both score a few times this trip, maybe a lot. That’s one reason he’d invited Tyler and Blair. But he was most excited about being with Brandon.

His cousin Chuy had checked the Mustang over and pronounced it likely to make the trip. Jake had fueled it, thrown in a couple of blankets and pillows, bags of chips, cookies, and even some bottled water. Now all he needed to throw in was Brandon.

* * * * *

Blair and Tyler each had a bag, a pillow, a toiletries kit, extra shoes, walkmans, and even schoolbooks. Brandon shook his head as Jake opened the trunk. “Gays need bigger cars,” Brandon commented.

Since Brandon also packed two bags, the small trunk was already well loaded. As Jake engineered a repacking, Brandon climbed into the backseat and tried to arrange blankets, pillows, snacks, cassettes…

Blair leaned in. “You riding in back?” he asked, surprised.

“Yeah, to start with,” Brandon said. “I drive the late shift so I thought I’d get some sleep early.”

“Cool. I’ll ride with you,” Blair said, handing in his pillow.

Blair was an archetypical surfer type, tall, lanky, shoulder length blond hair, blue eyes, tan. Brandon had never bedded him, but had thought about it. What he hadn’t thought about was how the two biggest guys of the four would do trying to share the small back seat of the Mustang. It could work, he decided. “Sure,” he said, and slid over.

Blair climbed in, and when he finished settling his things, his leg was pressing Brandon’s from hip to knee.

Tyler, a short guy with a compact body and playful eyes, climbed into the passenger seat. His thick brown hair flared at his collar, where gold highlights from the summer were visible only until the doors closed and the dome light went out.

Brandon and Jake had done a three way with Tyler once. Tyler flashed him a smile. “If it gets too crowded back there, I can switch with Blair.”

Jake reached across and rubbed inside Tyler’s thigh. “It’s gonna be a long ride, Baby. We all get to move around.”

Though they all lived within a three-mile radius of each other, Blair and Tyler were juniors together in one high school, while Jake was a junior in another, and Brandon a senior at a third. As a result, they usually only saw each other at Bodz. So as they relaxed and drove out of LA, they talked about their schools and the latest rumors at Bodz.

Jake and Tyler were the talkers. Brandon enjoyed listening to them and enjoyed Blair’s frequent movements against his leg. They had been on the road for well over an hour when he put his pillow behind his head and thought about resting. But then Blair threw a blanket over their laps and when he finished, his hand rested between Brandon’s legs. With a quiet sigh, Brandon spread his legs.

Jake was making good time and they were half way to the Arizona border when there was a flurry of movement in the back seat. “What are you guys doing?” Tyler asked, watching Brandon and Blair trying to rearrange themselves.

“Thought we’d try to get some sleep.” Blair explained, as they struggled to lie on their sides, Brandon to the back of the seat, Blair in front, spooned, not completely on the seat. They pulled the blanket over themselves.

Tyler smiled. He knew his buddy Blair. Blair really liked to bottom, and had wanted to get it on with Brandon for a long time. Looked like he might be getting his chance.

Jake tried to turn around for a look.

“Keep your eyes on the road, Dude,” Tyler said with a smile and rubbed Jake’s leg. “You’ll get your turn. Everybody’s going to move around; remember?”

Under the blanket, Brandon reached over Blair’s side to unfasten his pants. He worked them open and slipped his hand under the waistband of Blair’s briefs to cup his warmth. Blair moaned softly, put his hands over Brandon’s, and wiggled his butt back against Brandon’s lap.

Tyler, watching from the front, could tell by the movements under the blanket when Brandon pushed Blair’s pants down. He could tell, too, when Brandon pushed his own pants down, and was glad to see Brandon opening a condom. (He and Blair always tried to be careful.) He could tell when Brandon slipped the condom on, and when he entered Blair. Tyler had to rearrange himself to give room to a rock-hard erection.

Jake rubbed his thigh. “Is it hot, Baby?” Jake asked quietly.

Tyler, watching hips moving under the blanket, Brandon chewing Blair’s ear, and Blair’s open-mouthed pleasure, nodded. “Yep. I’m really gonna be ready to… move around.”

They stopped for gas just past the Arizona state line, and Tyler was tempted to let Blair and Brandon sleep. They looked comfortable together. But when he left the john, both were waiting outside the door for a turn themselves. Brandon had a friendly arm over Blair’s shoulder.

“Have fun, guys?” Tyler asked with a grin.

Blair gave a sleepy wink.

Back at the car, Tyler decided he was more than ready for his turn. He climbed into the back and lay down where Brandon had been laying.

Jake was putting away the gas nozzle when Brandon returned to the car. “You OK, Babe?” Brandon asked.

“Yeah, Foxy,” he answered with a sly smile. “I know you are. But you better get some sleep cause you’re going to have to drive after the next stop.”

Brandon looked around. No one else was watching, so he patted Jake’s butt. “I’ll be ready. You stop when you need to.”

Jake pecked his cheek. “You need any snacks, or something to drink?”

“Nah, and my mom gave me some money, so I’ll be OK.”

“You always are,” Jake said with a smile, and headed for the john. Yawning, Brandon crawled into the back before realizing Tyler was already there.

“You will let me sleep?” Brandon asked suspiciously as he sat on the edge of the seat in front of Tyler’s stomach.

“Eventually,” Tyler said with a smile and a rub to Brandon’s back. “You and Blair were so damn hot, I may need to relax before I get to sleep.”

Brandon looked down at the tight body, attractive face, and mischievous smile. It could be fun. “We’ll see,” he said, lying down in front of Tyler like Blair had in front of him. They pulled up the blanket.

When Blair leaned in to climb into the back, he saw Tyler already there, frowned, and then shrugged. It might be easier to sleep in the front seat after all.

When Jake got in, he looked into the back seat and smiled. “Damn, Foxy, I always liked your… versatility, but save some for me.”

Brandon blew him a kiss and yawned, as under the blanket, Tyler wrapped his arm around Brandon’s waist.

Blair fell asleep against the passenger door almost immediately. Jake adjusted the rear-view mirror to try and watch developments in the back seat.

Tyler liked the feel of Brandon’s hard body, and he liked the smell of Brandon’s hair. But Tyler liked skin on skin. And he remembered, both from the three-way they once did and from what he’d heard about Brandon, that Brandon’s skin got hot during sex. Tyler wanted it hot.

Sliding his hands under Brandon’s shirt — one in front, on his tight belly, one in back over steel-hard muscles – Tyler lifted Brandon’s shirt, kissing between Brandon’s shoulder blades. He rubbed Brandon’s belly and slid his hand into Brandon’s pants.

Brandon lifted his leg, giving Tyler access; yielding to the inevitable, yielding to the stirring he felt. Tyler grasped his thickening cock and kissed the side of Brandon’s neck. When Brandon was as hard as he was, Tyler lifted Brandon’s shirt off, and then his own; pressing the flesh of his belly and chest against Brandon’s bare back. Brandon’s skin was warm.

Tyler kicked off his shoes and pushed his pants down. Brandon did the same. And by the time they were both naked, Brandon’s flesh was hot.

“Oh, Baby,” Tyler whispered. Feeling over Brandon’s smooth, hot skin and his hard muscles, Tyler was surprised at how soft a jock’s skin could be. Maybe the heat made it feel so soft. With lips and hands, Tyler moved over Brandon’s body, crawling from behind him. And when he’d reversed position and kissed down the inside of Brandon’s legs, Brandon took Tyler into his mouth.

Tyler sighed and lowered his hips, savoring the feel of Brandon’s mouth, hot as Brandon’s skin, and wet. The warmth swallowed him, enveloping his shaft. With a whimper, he buried his face between Brandon’s legs.

The blanket fell, forgotten, to the floor, and the car swerved as Jake tried to watch the road and the back seat at the same time. Adjusting the mirror again, he could see Tyler in a sixty-nine over Brandon, his bobbing head faintly visible in the dark. Brandon had one long leg up the back seat and the other bent behind the passenger seat. Jake tried to see more and unzipped his pants to release his hard cock.

What he couldn’t see, he could hear; in moans and slurps and kisses. He reached back between the seats and found Brandon’s leg. The skin was hot and Jake felt a small pang of jealousy; getting Brandon that worked up was something he liked to do. There were movements and louder moans. Jake ran his hand over the hot skin of Brandon’s thigh, and then laid his hand on his hard cock, touching it with Brandon’s fire, wishing that it was him with Brandon, not Tyler.

Eventually the noises stopped. There was silence, and then there was movement. Jake looked back to see his two naked friends spooning, Brandon behind, but not for sex. They were falling asleep.

Jake stroked himself, and then reluctantly let himself go soft. No sense making a mess of himself and the front seat. He’d have his turn when Brandon was driving.

Jake slipped on his walkman headphones and tucked his cock back into his pants. He drove on. He thought of Tyler nestled in Brandon’s arms and was jealous, both of the sleep Tyler was getting, and because he was being held by Foxy. Something felt good about traveling with Brandon; getting away. Maybe he shouldn’t have invited the others. It could have been fun, with just the two of them.

Traffic grew lighter. The black sky was clear and brilliant with stars. The road went on and on, inviting Jake’s imagination to race ahead with it. Someday he’d go to Vegas. Someday he’d see the Grand Canyon. Some day mountains. He’d like to go into the mountains. As much as Jake liked the city, he thought he’d love mountains, and maybe forests, even more. Maybe someday he’d get Brandon to go with him, and this time, he wouldn’t invite anyone else. It’d be just the two of them. And they’d go to the mountains, the top of some really tall mountain, and Brandon would hold him while they watched the sun set at the edge of the world.

They were almost to Phoenix, and it was close to four in the morning, when Jake pulled into a travel center for gas, stopping at the pumps farthest from the store. Kneeling up in his seat, he reached over Tyler to shake Brandon by the hip. “Hey, Baby. I need you to drive.”

Brandon sat up, rubbing his eyes. Then his eyes went wide. “Shit, Jake. What’d you do? We’re naked back here. What’s with all the lights?”

“Relax, Foxy. No-one’s around. I’m gonna fill up and hit the john.”

Brandon struggled to get over Tyler, and Tyler shifted back in the seat, taking the pillow with him. The redhead tried sorting out his clothes but couldn’t find his underwear. He pulled on his pants and shoes, threw the blanket over Tyler, and climbed out of the car over the driver’s seat.

“Oh, shhhhhit,” Brandon gasped as cold air hit his body. He quickly pulled his shirt on.

Jake leaned sleepily against the car, watching the meter run on the pump. “You OK to drive, Baby?”

Brandon nodded and scooted beside Jake’s warm body. “Where are we?”

“Almost to Phoenix,” Jake said with a yawn, and then nodded toward the back window of the Mustang. “You have enough fun back there.”

“Yeah,” Brandon said, crossing his arms and pressing closer to Jake with a shudder. “They’re both hot. That Blair’s a sweet bottom and Tyler gives great head, but then I guess you know that.” Brandon smiled and gave Jake the smallest of playful bumps.

“That’s right Baby. I taught them all they know,” Jake said, bumping back.

Brandon leaned closer. “I liked giving Tyler head, too. He’s got a great smell, and… ahem… doesn’t taste bad either. But you know what?”

“What?” Jake asked. As tired as he was, the thought of crawling in back with Tyler was getting better.

“Well, don’t get mad, but you’ve sorta got a different smell and taste… sorta strong. Putting my head between your legs was an acquired taste, Babe.” He poked Jake again. “But I’ve acquired it. Believe it or not, when I was down on Tyler, I thought about you… sorta thought I might want desert sometime.” He winked.

“Foxy, Baby,” Jake said, with a kiss on Brandon’s cheek. “Keep up the compliments and you’ll get your just deserts.” He pushed off from the car. “Look. I paid for twenty in gas and this pump is slow as hell. Watch it for me for me while I hit the john.”

“You leaving me to freeze?” Brandon whined, teasingly.

“Keep the important stuff warm, Baby.”

Brandon put the nozzle away and was headed in to the convenience store as Jake came out. Jake handed him the keys. “Dude, I gotta sleep. You sure you’re OK to drive?”

“Sure,” Brandon nodded. “Have fun in back.”

“Oh, Honey, I’m waaay too tired for that.”

“Yeah, right,” Brandon said with a chuckle, and swatted Jake’s butt.

Before Brandon returned from using the restroom inside, Jake managed to get naked and crawl under the blanket with Tyler. Tyler, sleeping hard, didn’t move at all, even when Jake’s cool bottom pressed into his lap. That was fine with Jake. He got naked because it almost didn’t seem right to crawl in with clothes on when Tyler was naked. It’d be more comfortable anyway. And he planned for it to be fun later.

The sky grew lighter, and Brandon decided there had to be prettier road trips than through the desert. It was still a few hours to El Paso, but through the low cloud cover he thought he could see mountains in the East. Maybe it’d be prettier up ahead. He tried not to be anxious about getting to San Antonio, about seeing Michael. Because they were friends, he really hoped Michael was happy, but that would almost have to mean that Michael and Davey would be together. Brandon couldn’t imagine Michael happy if he was apart from Davey.

Nevertheless, he’d trade a lot for just one night with Michael; one night, just the two of them, belonging to each other like they once had for ten days. He’d be able forget how things were back home. He’d make love to Michael and hold him, and be held by him. They’d belong to each other and forget everything else.

He looked in the rear view mirror and saw movement under the blanket. Jake wasn’t moving, but Tyler was… all over him.

Brandon shrugged, mentally. Inviting the other two guys along was fine. He suspected they’d get plenty of sex on this trip. But in a way, it would have been fun with just Jake, to just be friends together. Movement in the mirror caught his eye. Jake was responding to Tyler.

Friendship is funny, Brandon mused. Two years ago, Jake was the last kind of person he would have picked as a best friend. And now, he wouldn’t pick anyone else.

The blanket was off now, and Jake sat astride Tyler’s lap, riding him, his own cock curved stiffly up between them. Brandon tried to watch the action and still watch the road. It struck Brandon as odd that he could be proud of Jake, of how he looked and how he made love, even while at the same time he could be jealous. He didn’t think of it as jealousy, but he didn’t always want to share his best friend with others.

Blair woke when the sun came in the front window, and was in time to watch the finish of the backseat fireworks. When Jake snuggled back down with Tyler and they pulled the blanket back over themselves, Blair turned forward and turned up the radio. With a smile and a wink at Brandon, he began rocking in his seat in time with the music.

“Are you sure you’re gay?” Brandon asked with a frown.

“Dude! Why?” Blair asked.

Brandon shrugged. “I just didn’t know you could be gay and a morning person.”

Blair grinned and danced with his butt in the seat. “I’m good at night, too.”

“Yeah, dude. I know,” Brandon said with a grin and raised eyebrow. “Very good.”

Blair laughed and gave Brandon’s thigh a friendly rub. Bruce Springsteen’s Dancing in the Dark came on the radio and Blair turned it up. “Oh man, I love this one,” he said, and began to sing along.

Brandon liked the song too, and sang with him.

They had sung through several songs together when Jake shoved the back of Brandon’s seat. “Turn it up.”

“If we turn it any louder, I won’t be able to hear myself sing,” Brandon complained.

“That’s the idea, Foxy,” Jake called from behind.

Brandon reached behind the seat, found a leg under the blanket and pinched. “Yeow, Foxy!”

The sun climbed above low clouds and burst through, covering the road in dozens of shafts of light. The Mustang flew past yuccas and cacti, and rocked as Brandon and Blair rocked with the music. Jake sat up to join in the singing, and wrapped the blanket around himself, leaving Tyler bare to the waist.

Brandon adjusted the rearview mirror to be able to see Jake, and made a show of singing to his reflection. Jake blew kisses and sang along.

The gas gauge was low and Brandon needed to take a piss. “We gotta stop soon, guys,” he told them. “Jake, Baby, see if you can find my underwear back there.”

Jake rummaged around a moment, and then leaned forward between the seats. “There’s lots of underwear back here, Foxy. I got three,” he grinned, mischievously. “You’re so big on smells; let’s test you, big boy. I’ll hold each pair under your nose, and you gotta close your eyes and sniff. You tell me whose are whose and if you get it right, I won’t throw yours out the window.”

“You throw mine out the window, I throw you out the window,” Brandon warned with a frown.

“Woooo,” Jake reeled back, jokingly.

Brandon couldn’t resist a smile.

“OK,” Jake said. “Close your eyes… come on.”

“Dude, I’m driving!”

“I’ll count to three,” Jake offered. “Then I’ll let you smell a pair for a couple of seconds, and then you open your eyes again. OK? One… two… three.”

Brandon closed his eyes, and felt the underwear press over his face. “Damn it, Jake,” he gasped when Jake took it away. “You never said I had to swallow ‘em.”

Blair laughed. Tyler tried to see past Jake.

“OK, Baby,” Jake said. “Whose were those?”

Brandon shook his head. “Let me try another.”

“OK,” Jake said. “One… two… three.”

This pair, Jake wiped softly under Brandon’s nose.

“Ah, Baby,” Brandon said. “Those are yours. I told you I knew your smell.”

“Woohoo,” Tyler cheered from the back.

Jake leaned over the seat to kiss Brandon’s cheek, obviously pleased. “OK, next pair.”

Jake held the next pair under Brandon’s nose, barely touching it.

Brandon nodded. “I remember that smell.” He spoke back over his shoulder. “Sweet smell. Those are Tyler’s.” Then he looked back at Jake. “The first pair must have been mine.”

“Way to go, Dude,” Blair said, congratulating him.

“Well Jake’s were easy,” Brandon said, grinning. “He never bathes.”

There were howls and Jake thrust Brandon’s pair of underwear at his mouth.

Brandon laughed and tried to push Jake’s hand away.

“Roll down your window, Blair,” Jake ordered.

“Like hell!” Brandon bellowed. “Don’t you do it!”

Jake pulled Blair’s pillow from behind his head. “Open the window, Blair, if you ever want to see your pillow alive again.”

Laughing, Blair rolled down the window.

“Dude!” Brandon yelled, and grabbed Blair’s thigh, hard. But it was too late. Brandon saw his briefs go out the window. He howled and reached behind his seat. “Give me Jake’s, Tyler.”

“Too late!” Jake said, laughing.

Brandon glanced back and saw that Jake already had them on.

“You’ll pay, Jake. Those were a pair of my good ones.”

“Relax, Babe. Any that you wear are good ones. And you’ll look better without them anyway. I promise.”

Brandon frowned at Jake in the rearview mirror. Jake’s eyes twinkled and Brandon fought a smile.

Brandon hit the john first. Jake dodged him when Brandon passed him coming out. Brandon found Tyler selecting a soda. “You feel like driving?” he asked, holding out the keys.

Tyler smiled. “I thought Jake was driving again.”

Brandon laughed. “That’s what Jake thinks, too.”

Jake and Blair were the last to come back to the car. “Got my keys, Foxy?” Jake asked, grinning and holding out his hand.

In a flash, Brandon grabbed up Jake in his arms and wrestled him, laughing and screaming into the back seat.

Tyler and Blair stuffed extra legs and arms into the car and managed to get the doors closed while the car rocked to squeals, laughter, and howls.

Pinning Jake on his side, Brandon reached for his zipper. “You owe me a pair of underwear,” he roared.

Jake howled again and tried to hold his pants closed.

He was strong for his size and put up a fight before he finally let Brandon pull his pants off, and then his briefs. “Don’t throw them out, Foxy,” he pleaded quietly. “They’re a pair of my good ones.”

“Oh?” Brandon asked with a grin and a raised eyebrow. “And mine weren’t?” He held Jake’s underwear against his nose and made a show of taking a deep breath. “Oh yeah, Jakey, baby. These are keepers. I’m going to wear ‘em since you threw mine out.”

Brandon reached to unfasten his pants and Jake grabbed his hands. “Give ‘em back,” he demanded, giggling. Brandon stuffed the briefs into the front of his pants and smiled defiantly. Jake went for them and they wrestled, laughing. Jake fought to push down Brandon’s pants, and Brandon put up a fight before he finally let him. Squeals eventually calmed to giggles and the giggles became sighs.

Though it was daylight, the view through the back window was blocked by bags and belongings, and not much could be seen through the small side windows, crowded with pushed back blankets. They nested together in the back seat.

Brandon lay on his side, back to the back of the seat, his legs bent out over the front of the seat. Jake lay on his back, shoulder to Brandon’s chest, butt at Brandon’s middle, and legs over Brandon’s hip. If they were upright, Blair thought, watching from the front seat, it’d look almost like Jake was just sitting across Brandon’s lap.

Blair noticed the tenderness with which Jake stroked Brandon’s face and the transparent delight in Brandon’s eyes as he rubbed Jake’s bare belly. They kissed softly.

“Dudes, are you like, boyfriends now?” Blair asked.

“No,” Brandon said without taking his eyes from Jake’s or losing his smile. “Just best friends.”

Jake pulled Brandon’s head down and kissed him again while Brandon’s hand moved down to Jake’s hips and pulled them toward himself. Jake let him break the kiss long enough to apply spit to his hand, and then to Jake’s butt. He spit in his hand again, and applied it to his cock. Jake wiggled his hips to help Brandon press in.

“Whoa, Dude,” Blair said softly. “No condom?”

Brandon’s eyes never left Jake’s. “Jake and I always wear condoms unless it’s just us. Then sometimes we don’t, but just between us.”

Blair looked over their bodies and from their easy movements, from the way Brandon caressed Jake’s crotch, and the way Jake caressed Brandon’s face and shoulders, he guessed they were accustomed to the position. “You guy’s like doing it that way?”

“Yeah,” Brandon said softly. “Sometimes I take his outside leg between mine. But it’s too crowded back here.”

Jake winked at Blair. “He likes playing with my cock and I like him doing it. But when I top, I top… Brandon likes gettin’ screwed on his back.” He giggled, and Brandon dug his fingers into Jake’s ribs. Jake squirmed, laughing, but careful to keep Brandon buried deeply.

They dozed when they finished, Brandon slowly slipping out, one of his arms under Jake’s head, the other over Jake’s semen dampened waist. Jake’s arms rested on Brandon’s. They look sweet, Blair thought. They look like lovers.

Blair glanced at Tyler. They’d been best friends a long time. And there were moments, just occasionally, when he wished that he and Tyler were more than fuck buddies.

* * * * *

It was late, ten o’clock at night. But they were close now. The small town of Boerne was nearly in San Antonio. Jake drove and Brandon sat in the passenger seat.

“How are we going to sleep at your Grandma’s, Jake?” Tyler asked. “How many rooms does she have? Or will we be like, sleeping on the living room floor?”

“Yeah, Baby. As if any of us are going to sleep. My grandma’s got two extra rooms and there’s a double bed in each.”

Before either of the other guys, or worse, both, could say they wanted to sleep with Brandon and make Jake feel second best, Brandon spoke up. “I get to sleep with Jake.”

Jake smiled.

“That’s cool,” Tyler said. “We’re hoping to spend a night or two with Michael and Davey.”

“Oh?” Brandon asked, his stomach tense. “Did you tell them we’re coming?”

“Nah… you said not to. But last summer, we talked to those guys about coming to San Antonio sometime.”

“Yeah,” Blair spoke up. “I wanna get with Davey again, and Tyler’s still got the hots for Michael.”

Jake glanced at Brandon, concerned.

Brandon had been trying to decide whether to simply surprise Michael at the party or go over to his house before then. He’d been leaning toward going before as a better chance to catch Michael alone. Now he decided; the sooner the better.

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