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“It’s OK to fall in love with your best friend.” – Davey Carlson.

PART ONE, The New Year

Chapter 5 The Party

Brandon saw him the moment he walked in, tall and black. He carried himself regally, like a prince, and he had the looks to pull it off. He was striking, with a shaved head, large, wide-spaced eyes, a strong jaw, high cheekbones, and a nose that flared as he approached. His legs were long, and looked strong in his snug pants. Brandon had a brief vision of those legs wrapping around his waist.

And now, as Ethan strode directly toward Brandon, he moved like a dancer, shoulders and hips moving in counter balance to his legs. His movements were natural… not forced, but graceful, like a cat. And his eyes were locked on Brandon’s. There was something about those eyes, Brandon thought. And then he realized, they were faintly outlined in indigo, and against black skin, the effect was exotic.

Ethan stopped, his face inches from Brandon’s, and held Brandon’s gaze as he placed a hand on Brandon’s left hip. He counted two beats, and then gently swayed his hips to the music, stepping forward and pulling Brandon to him, so that hips met packages. At first, only their hips moved together; and then legs and torsos.

Brandon felt his skin warm, and his cock thickened. Ethan felt it too, and a smile played at the corners of his mouth.

Brandon clasped the sides of Ethan’s narrow waist to better match his movements, and was pleased to feel hard muscles moving under the silk shirt. Then Ethan slid his hand to the small of Brandon’s back and pulled their taut bellies together.

Michael watched from the base of the stairs where he and Davey danced. And he saw what Brandon did not see; the look in Jake’s eyes as he watched from a table where he sat with friends. “Come on,” Michael said, separating from Davey and taking him by the hand.

Michael threaded his way through the crowd to the table away from the dance floor where Jake was sitting. When they stopped, Davey wrapped his arms around Michael’s waist from behind and rested his chin on Michael’s shoulder. It was something he did all the time. But now wasn’t the time to show affection. Michael stepped away and sat down by Jake. Davey’s brow furrowed. From Mickey’s behavior, he knew something was wrong, and he took a seat beside Michael.

“You OK, Jake?” Michael asked.

“Sure, Baby,” Jake said with a wide smile that Michael didn’t buy for a moment.

Michael glanced over at Brandon and Ethan. Their eyes were locked on each other, and their dance, increasingly erotic. Brandon’s muscles looked suddenly harder, sharper. Ethan’s nostrils flared, almost fiercely. Every eye in the room was on them, and Michael speculated that most cocks in the room were becoming hard because of it. There wasn’t a doubt in his mind that Brandon and Ethan were aroused. Jake had to know it, too.

Their dance was male, rutting, seductive. Ethan turned and backed into Brandon, who put his hands on Ethan’s belly, high and low. Their bodies moved in unison. Ethan leaned back, laying his head back on Brandon’s shoulder. Brandon buried his mouth in the side of Ethan’s neck and slipped a hand inside Ethan’s shirt. As they moved, a large erection was clearly visible in Ethan’s pants.

“Damn,” Michael hissed.

“He’s gorgeous, isn’t he?” Jake said.

“He’s in heat,” Michael answered.

Davey nodded. “Who is he?”

“My guess,” Michael said, “is that he’s the black dancer Knox told us about.”

Then Davey frowned. “But isn’t Brandon with you?” he asked Jake.

“No, Baby,” Jake said, shaking his head, his eyes on Brandon. “We’re just friends. It’s not like we’re boyfriends.” His voice dropped. “It’s not like we’ve ever been boyfriends.”

The song ended. Blair and Tyler joined them at the table as the next song began. Without a break in his rhythm, Ethan stepped from Brandon, stripped off his shirt, and tossed it onto the nearby bar. Then he stepped back to Brandon, grinding Brandon’s crotch with his own, sliding the palms of his hands along Brandon’s jaw, closing them around the back of his neck, matching the movement of Brandon’s hips with his own.

In spite of himself, Michael felt a stirring in his loins. If Ethan was striking before, wearing a shirt, he was awesome now. Though he had long legs, he had a low waist and the effect was a long torso as well. He had narrow hips and wide shoulders, with pronounced deltoids. His pecs were high and his nipples the size of quarters. And every seam of every muscle clearly showed.

“Oh, shit,” Tyler gasped. “I thought Brandon was ripped.” His eyes moved up and down their bodies. “Damn, they both have a lot of meat in the chest and shoulders.”

Brandon danced well, but Ethan was in a class by himself, using Brandon almost like a dance pole, but with far more grace than a pole dancer.

Blair shook his head, wonderingly. “Bet Brandon creams his pants.”

Michael watched Jake closely and couldn’t help but remember his own pain, when Davey left him once; left with Geoff. Davey liked big, strong guys, and Michael knew at the time, he just couldn’t compete; and he imagined he knew how Jake felt. “I’m going to have a talk with Brandon when they take a break,” he said half to himself.

But Jake heard, and bit his lip.

“Well,” Tyler said. “I don’t think you’re going to talk him out of getting a piece of that.”

“Don’t say anything,” Jake told Michael, forcing another smile. “That guy lives here in San Antonio and we’re in California. Brandon just wants to do like Tyler said… you know… get a piece of that.”

Famous last words, Michael thought. I’m still going to talk to him, just like I wished somebody had talked to Davey for me.

Then Michael saw Hudson, standing off by himself. All evening, he’d watched Hudson wave off everyone who tried to show any interest. Michael motioned him over and sat him down between himself and Davey. “You nervous?”

Hudson nodded.

“This whole party was to get you out in public. You aren’t going to get anywhere if you don’t at least dance with somebody.”

Hudson shrugged. “Will you dance with me?”

Michael considered. “Davey and I both will.”

. . . . .

It was a slow song. Ethan wrapped his arms around Brandon’s shoulders. “Damn you’re hot, Sugar,” he whispered.

Brandon held Ethan’s hips and positioned him so that their erections pressed together. Ethan felt huge. “Dude,” Brandon whispered. “I sure hope you’re not a top.”

Ethan tightened his embrace around Brandon’s shoulders and tongued his ear. “I hope you are,” he whispered.

“Oh, shit,” Brandon said, grabbing Ethan’s butt and pulling him tighter.

. . . . .

Jake’s stomach knotted as he watched Ethan and Brandon disappear out the door. At least they weren’t going far without shirts. Maybe they’d get their rocks off outside somewhere and that would be that. Everything would be back to normal. He hoped so, but he doubted it.

. . . . .

Geoff, dancing with Troy, found himself next to a hot, surfer-type blond. The guy was tall and lanky, but danced well. “Hi,” Geoff greeted, with a smile.

“Hi,” Blair answered, smiling back.

Though Geoff greeted Blair, Tyler had already had his eye on Geoff. He was the kind of stud Tyler went for.

Geoff and Blair introduced their partners, but Geoff stayed close to Blair, and Troy, nervous, stayed close to Geoff. Tyler was non-plussed, partly because he was accustomed to more attention than Blair, and partly because he was getting no attention.

. . . . .

In the back seat of Milam’s Cougar, Ethan passed the joint, low, behind the seat to Brandon, and then slid his hand across Brandon’s abs as Brandon took a hit. “You coming home with me tonight, Sugar?” he asked, and drew a finger down the creamy white skin of Brandon’s shoulder. “… White Sugar.”

Brandon let out his breath and enjoyed the pleasant buzz. He drew the back of a fingernail across Ethan’s chest. “Hell yes… Brown Sugar.”

Ethan pressed himself forward, pushing Brandon back with his body, pressing his lips to Brandon’s mouth. Brandon’s flesh was hot and Ethan’s nostrils flared with Brandon’s scent. Brandon opened his mouth to him, and Ethan pressed his hand between Brandon’s legs.

“Damn, Sugar,” Ethan breathed, “you gotta come home with me or I’ll be horny the rest of my life.”

Brandon backed sideways on the seat and spread his legs. Ethan slid sideways between them, pulling Brandon’s outside leg over his lap.

Smiling at Ethan’s face, so close to his own, Brandon held the joint up to him. “We sure as hell wouldn’t want that,” he said, his eyes on Ethan’s full lips.

. . . . .

Tyler decided they’d try for Mitch. He liked blonds, though he didn’t always get off to guys as short as himself. But the dude was cute, and there was something almost sweet about how shy he was. Tyler didn’t know that Mitch was one of the two virgins at the party.

. . . . .

Michael frowned when he saw Brandon come back inside with his arm around Ethan’s waist. They were laughing and leaned against each other like they’d been buddies forever. When they headed back onto the dance floor, Michael tried to pull Brandon aside.

“What about Jake?” he asked.

Brandon frowned. “What’s wrong with Jake?”

“I thought you two were… getting closer.”

Brandon glanced over to where Jake sat talking with a couple of friends, but was watching Brandon from the corner of his eye. “We’re close, Bent. But we’re friends, not boyfriends. When we go to Bodz , we go home with different guys all the time. Jake and me are cool.”

Brandon started to turn away, but Michael grabbed his arm. “Brandon,” he said. “You can’t be that stupid. Jake’s in love with you.”

Brandon stopped. “Did he say that?”

“No, but it’s obvious.”

“Look,” Brandon said, removing Michael’s hand from his arm. “I know that what you and Davey have is great… for you guys. But don’t try to fit everybody else into the same kind of… whatever you want to call your promise thing.” He started to turn away, but then turned back. “And you’re probably the last person in the world who should lecture me on relationships.”

Ethan watched the discussion from the bar. It was obvious that Brandon and Michael were having some kind of disagreement.

Brandon turned his back on Michael and came to Ethan.

“He’s beautiful,” Ethan said, nodding past Brandon toward Michael.

“Michael? Yeah,” Brandon said, running his hand over Ethan’s shoulder. “So are you.”

“Are you lovers?” Ethan asked.

“We were once,” Brandon said. “But not for long.” He rubbed Ethan’s abs and smiled. “Look… Sugar. Give me a second, OK? I need to check with a friend about something.”

Ethan pouted. “Don’t disappear on me, Sugar. I might go after Michael.”

“Good luck,” Brandon said with a chuckle.

Ethan frowned.

“No, dude,” Brandon quickly said. “I didn’t mean anything by that. You’re the hottest guy here. It’s just that those two think and act like they’re newlyweds. That’s all. Honest. Look, I’ll be right back.”

. . . . .

Brandon sat down beside Jake and rubbed his back. “You having fun?”

Jake nodded. “Yeah, lots of old friends.”

“What do you think of Ethan?” Brandon asked.

“That guy you’ve been dancing with?”


Jake shrugged. “He’s hot.”

“Listen,” Brandon said. “Are we OK, you and me? I mean, I can stick with you tonight.” Brandon said it, but couldn’t help glancing back at Ethan.

Jake shook his head. It wasn’t the time. It wasn’t the time to say he was madly in love with Brandon and wanted to bring in the New Year in bed with him, just the two of them, all night. It wouldn’t be wise to try to say that now. Brandon was hot for the black guy. Jake sighed. After all, it’d probably just be one night. Ethan lived in San Antonio. They’d be back in California in a few days. “We’re cool, Foxy.”

Brandon grinned and kissed Jake’s cheek before getting up from the table.

Jake watched him walk back toward the bar. He wondered if some moment had passed earlier in the week where if he had just said what he felt, things would be different now.

. . . . .

Michael sat down beside Jake. “He says you guys go to Bodz all the time and pick up other guys.”

Jake nodded sadly. “Yeah, I guess nothing’s changed.” He watched Brandon wistfully. “I was hoping things had changed.”

Davey leaned against the bar, watching Mickey talking to Jake. Hudson slid up alongside and smiled shyly. He could feel almost comfortable around Davey. He didn’t have to worry about Davey thinking he was coming on to him, and the fact that Davey was a little slow mentally made it easy to relax with him.

For his part, Davey felt kindly toward Hudson. Hudson had wanted Michael himself once, but now Michael had promised Davey, and Davey didn’t need to worry ever again. Besides, Hudson had always been nice to him. “How come you aren’t dancing?” Davey asked.

Hudson shrugged. “It just seems sorta weird, you know. Like, if I ask a guy to dance, is he going to think I’m coming on to him? And how do I know who might be interested? What if I ask a guy and he says no?”

Davey shrugged. “Why don’t you just dance?” Then he had an idea. “See the guy talking to Michael?” he asked Hudson.


“That’s Jake. He’s really sad tonight. That’s his boyfriend over there, dancing with the black guy.”

Hudson nodded. “Yeah, I’ve been watching those two. They’re hot.” He glanced at Jake and shook his head.” Never trust a redhead,” he joked, being a redhead himself. “But Jake doesn’t look that sad to me.”

“He is,” Davey insisted. “He’s normally really, really happy.” Davey looked hopefully into Hudson’s eyes. “Will you ask him to dance? He’s really nice. And it might make him happy… you know… to not just sit and be sad.”

“He wouldn’t dance with me.” Hudson said with a frown.

Davey frowned back, grabbed Hudson’s hand, and pulled him to Jake’s table. “Jake, this is our friend, Hudson. He needs somebody to dance with him.”

Hudson cringed.

Surprise passed over Jake’s face, followed by an amused smile when Hudson blushed.

“Sure, Baby. I’d love to. Come on, Hudson, Honey,” Jake said rising.

Davey leaned over and whispered into Jake’s ear. “Teach him to dance like you taught us at Bodz.”

Jake laughed, remembering the first time he saw Davey dance. Then he smiled as he remembered how he loosened them both up; Davey and Michael. There was some damn hot dancing that night. Jake looked over to where Brandon and Ethan danced. He grabbed Hudson’s hand. “Come on Baby, let’s heat this place up,” Jake said, pulling Hudson after him.

Hudson started to protest, but Jake had him halfway to the dance floor. Jake’s grip was firm, and he seemed so self-assured… Hudson didn’t fight it.

On the dance floor, Jake pulled Hudson close and rubbed his back encouragingly. “Just relax baby. Let’s just have some fun.” He put his hands on Hudson’s hips, and leaned back, smiling as he began to dance, mainly from the waist down.

Encouraged, Hudson smiled tentatively and laid his hands on Jake’s shoulders, trying to match the movements of his body with Jake’s.

“There you go, Baby,” Jake said grinning. “Just let go.” He pulled Hudson closer at the waist. They brushed against each other as they moved. Jake’s pouch felt full and Hudson thrilled to the touch.

. . . . .

Davey leaned his head on Michael’s shoulder. He wanted it to be a fun party. Now he was a little sad.

“Hey, Old Man,” Michael said, nuzzling the top of Davey’s head. “You alright?”

Davey nodded. “Somebody needs to kick Brandon’s butt.”

Michael chuckled. “It might take more than the both of us.”

Davey kissed Mickey’s bare shoulder.

“Old Man,” Michael said, burrowing his nose into the hair behind Davey’s ear. “You’re the one who’s always telling me things will work out,” he said softly.

Davey wrapped an arm over Michael’s shoulders and nuzzled his neck. Mickey could always make things better; Davey felt better remembering that. He reached under the table and caressed Michael’s crotch. He did it partly because he wanted to, partly because he liked the feel, and partly because he could; Mickey belonged to him.

Michael smiled. “You want to warm your hands?” he asked, wriggling his eyebrows.

Davey grinned. “Where’s the bathroom?”

. . . . .

The music slowed to a quieter song. Jake pulled Hudson close and Hudson wrapped his arms around Jake’s shoulders. Their cheeks pressed and Hudson caught the scent of Jake’s hair, and a woodsy smell on his neck. “You smell good,” Hudson said quietly. “I like your cologne. What is it?”

“Devon,” Jake answered. “I like yours, too. Polo?”

“Yeah,” Hudson said, suddenly aware of Jake’s breath on his neck. Jake’s body felt good against his. He tried to enjoy how it felt, without getting an erection.

“You dance good, Hudson,” Jake said encouragingly.

“I haven’t done much dancing,” Hudson answered. “Mainly just stuff my sister taught me.”

Jake chuckled and pulled Hudson even closer so that legs moved against crotches. “There are some things your sister won’t teach you about dancing.” He meant it as a tease, but Hudson’s closeness felt good. They rested cheeks together, and Hudson danced softly in his arms.

. . . . .

The building had once been a house, and the bathroom they found still held a filthy, footed bathtub. Davey and Michael stood at the toilet, pissing side by side, just like they had since they were six years old, and Michael smiled to himself. Amy had insisted that two guys couldn’t have a marriage like a guy and a woman. He’d like to see a man and wife pull this off.

They both shook off and Davey swiveled Michael by the hips to face him before he could zip up. Davey plunged his hands into Michael’s open pants, warming them between Michael’s legs, under his balls.

Michael laughed and did the same to Davey. Their cocks, lifted by the maneuver began to thicken.

Davey twisted his hips so that the tip of his cock brushed Mickey’s.

“Hey Old Man,” Michael said softly. “You want to do something while we’re in here?”

Davey shook his head and looked up into Michael’s eyes. “I just like doing this.”

Michael rested his forehead on Davey’s. “But tonight, we’re going to do a lot more than this,” Michael promised.

. . . . .

“Hey, Hudson,” Knox called, approaching Hudson and Jake as they danced. “We’re running out of ice. There are just a lot more guys here than we planned on. Will you go buy some more for me?” Knox held out a set of car keys and shrugged apologetically. “I’m the chaperon; can’t leave.”

Hudson took the keys, but didn’t want to leave; not now. He glanced at Jake.

And Jake glanced at Brandon. He and Ethan were at the bar, drinking sodas, shirtless. Ethan hung all over Brandon.

“I’ll go with you, Baby,” Jake said.

Even though the old club was down on Broadway, just south of the Witte Museum, there was a convenience store only two blocks away. But it was New Years Eve and the store was out of ice.

“What do you think we should do?” Hudson asked.

“Look for another store,” Jake answered. He put an arm over Hudson’s shoulder and walked him from the store.

They drove up Broadway, looking for any place that might sell ice. Jake was surprised to learn that Hudson was a couple of years older than him, and already into his first year at San Antonio Community College. “And you don’t have a boyfriend?” he asked, curious.

Hudson hesitated. Only Knox, Michael, and Davey knew. But he liked Jake. He was comfortable with him. Hudson cleared his throat. “Look, don’t tell anybody, OK? But, I’ve never even been with a guy.”

“No shit?” Jake asked surprised. “But you’re really cute!”

Hudson smiled gratefully. “It’s just never worked out, you know. I mean, Michael Bentolli and me almost did once.”

“What happened?”

Hudson blushed in the dark of the car. “It was stupid,” he said. “I came in my pants.”


“What do you mean… so? I came. It was embarrassing. Michael offered to try anyway, but I told him ‘no.’”

“Well you won’t get that opportunity again for a while,” Jake snorted. “He and Davey are together now.”

Hudson nodded.

“Man, you shoulda done it anyway. Dudes come in their pants all the time. And you could’ve come again. Guys can come several times in a night. Davey told me that he and Bent usually come twice every time… Of course, they work out and all, but still. Next time, don’t worry… just keep going.”

Hudson sighed. “If there ever is a next time.”

“Honey, when we get back,” Jake promised, “we’ll find you somebody.”

“No, Jake. Promise you won’t do that. Tonight’s just not the time. I don’t want to rush it, you know? I don’t want it to be a stranger. I want it to be somebody I know.”

“OK, Baby,” Jake quickly reassured him. “Maybe tonight we’ll just look for someone you can get to know… for next time.”

Hudson breathed a sigh of relief. “Thanks, Jake. And honest… I’m having a good time tonight, OK?”

Jake nodded, wishing he was having a good time. “There Baby, finally,” he said, pointing to the first convenience store in over a mile.

. . . . .

Blair smiled to himself. Geoff and Troy were next to him again. He and Tyler had Mitch between them, sandwich dancing, when he felt Geoff’s hand slide under his butt. His smile widened. He wasn’t used to being the one that other guys went after; not when he was with Tyler.

He wiggled his butt.

. . . . .

Brandon saw Jake leave with that other red head. He was glad to see Jake hook up with someone. Maybe now, Michael would leave him alone. When Jake hadn’t come back after a half hour, Brandon decided he must have left with the guy for the evening. He sighed with mixed emotions; if Jake had said to stay with him, it wouldn’t have been so bad.

He stepped out the back door and looked over the parking lot. The lot held only empty cars.

Ethan followed him out the door, and stepping up behind him, wrapped his arms around the front of Brandon’s chest. He rubbed Brandon’s pecs and chewed behind his ear. Ethan was mildly surprised at how hot Brandon made him. He’d never been this hot for someone. Midnight was way too long to wait to get him into bed.

“Hey, White Sugar,” Ethan whispered. “Let’s get out of here. Come to my house. We’ll make some New Years fireworks… in my bed.”

Brandon leaned back against him, and Ethan slipped his hands down into the front of Brandon’s pants.

Brandon’s head rolled back onto Ethan’s shoulder. With Jake gone, there was no reason to stick around. Certainly not just so that Michael could lecture him. Even if Jake did come back, he had hooked up now. “Let’s do it,” Brandon said.

. . . . .

Jake, followed by Hudson, carried in a bag of ice in each hand. He immediately looked for Brandon and didn’t find him.

“I’m sorry Jake,” Michael said. “I saw them get their shirts and leave.”

“Well,” Jake said, forcing a smile. “He’ll have a good time.”

Hudson heard them. “Say, Jake,” he asked, resting a hand on Jake’s back, “can we finish our dance?”

. . . . .

Blair had given in and was dancing with Geoff who pressed his lips to Blair’s ear. It was a slow dance, and Geoff was enjoying the feel of the well-proportioned body in his arms. “How long are you guys going to be here?” he asked.

“Four days, counting tomorrow,” Blair answered, his cock hardening in his pants.

Geoff felt it and pulled Blair tighter at the waist. “Come home with us tonight,” he said. “Troy and me… we’d like having another guy, and you’re hot baby.”

“Can’t,” Blair said, breathlessly. “I’m with Tyler and I think he’s trying to get that Mitch guy to go with us.”

Geoff chewed his ear. “You sure. We’d have a great time.”

Blair pulled back enough to take some of the pressure off his cock. “Yeah. I’m sure.”

. . . . .

“Hot underwear, Sugar,” Ethan remarked as he pulled down Brandon’s pants and buried his face in the crotch of the black briefs.

“Oh, shit,” Brandon exclaimed, suddenly remembering Jake’s plans for a midnight mooning. He only hoped that Jake had forgotten as well.

. . . . .

“He just forgot,” Tyler said, looking at Jake across the two tables they had pushed together.

“Forgot what?” Michael asked.

Tyler explained Jake’s plan to moon everyone with Happy Gay Year! “Brandon was the Gay,” he explained.

“It was a dumb idea anyway,” Jake said.

“Jake,” Michael said, eyeing the hand-made signs on the wall. “Do you still have any markers left from making those signs?”

Jake looked at the signs, absently. “Yeah, somewhere.”

“Can you find one and meet Davey and me at the john?”

Jake chuckled. “You going to let me write on your underwear?” he asked.

Davey leaned forward. “We aren’t wearing any underwear,” he confided.

“Oh, gawd!” Jake exclaimed. “Let me find a marker.”

. . . . .

Michael stood bent over, his hands resting on the tub, pants down at his ankles. “Well?” he asked.

Behind him, Jake, standing with Davey, rubbed his jaw. “I’m trying to think what to write.”

“He’s just staring at your butt,” Davey said with a grin and poked Jake’s ribs.

“I thought you were going to write ‘Gay,’” Michael said.

“Yeah, but that was on one pair of underwear,” Jake pointed out. “Now I’ve got two butts to work with.”

“Write ‘Gay’ and ‘New,’” Michael suggested. “Like Happy Gay New Year.”

Jake reached out and rubbed his hand over Michael’s bare butt.

Davey poked Jake’s side. “Hey!”

“Cool it, Baby!” Jake said, poking back. “I was just trying to figure out what to do.” He patted Michael’s left butt cheek. “Baby, you and Davey would need bigger butts for me to write all that. But why spoil such a perfect ass?” He patted Michael’s butt appreciatively.

Davey poked him again.

“Damn it, Baby,” Jake protested. You’re going to break a rib. Just drop your pants and stand next to your lover there and let me think.”

Davey hesitated.

“Go ahead, Baby. I need the inspiration.”

With an eye on Jake, Davey dropped his pants and stepped up beside Michael.

“Oh gawd,” Jake gasped. “Yours is beautiful, too.”

He studied the two butts and ran his hands over them, resisting the temptation to rub with more than his hands.

“Jake…” Michael warned.

“Alright,” he said backing up. “How about if I write ‘G’ here…” he said, slapping Michael’s left butt cheek, “ and ‘A’ here,” he said, slapping Michael’s right butt cheek, “ and ‘Y’ here…” he said, slapping Davey’s left butt cheek, and here…” he said, slapping Davey’s right butt cheek, “we’ll put a winking eye.”

“That’ll work,” Michael said. “Just do it because it’s getting late.”

Jake uncapped the marker and knelt down at Michael’s butt. “Damn, just look at that thing,” Jake exclaimed, looking through Michael’s legs at the end of his cock which even soft, hung much lower than Michael’s loose balls. Jake reached through Michael’s legs and pulled everything back.

“Hey!” Davey said, frowning back at Jake.

“Don’t poke me again, Honey. You’ll make me screw up my writing,” Jake protested. “I’m just holding him still.”

“Well don’t hold him there,” Davey said, poking again.

Michael, leaning forward over the tub, laughed and tried to ignore the stimulation of Jake’s hand. “I’ll take care of holding my butt still, Jake. You can let go.”

“Yeah,” Davey said, wagging a finger at Jake.

With Davey half-turned toward him, his cock was at Jake’s eye level. Jake blew a kiss at it. “OK, OK,” Jake said with a smile up to Davey. “Your turn is next.”

. . . . .

When Knox yelled out that it was midnight, Jake whistled loudly from half way up the wide stairs to the top floor. Everyone turned to look, and the five of them bent over and dropped their pants. There was quiet for a second, while everyone read underwear and butts, and then the place exploded in cheers.

Knox smiled. He always knew Michael must have a gorgeous butt.

After they pulled up their pants, Tyler and Blair found Mitch and kissed him a Happy New Year greeting. Michael kissed Davey and they reached into the back of each other’s pants to grab bare butts. Jake smiled sadly, watching, and then felt a tug on his arm.

“Can I kiss you Happy New Year?” Hudson asked with a timid smile.

. . . . .

It was one of Ethan’s favorite positions. Brandon lay on his back on the bed. Ethan sat astride him and was riding hard. He didn’t think of it in anatomical terms, but the pleasure he felt when he slid forward was from Brandon’s cock pressing against his prostate. The pleasure he felt sliding back was from the depth of Brandon’s penetration and the hardness of his cock at the back of Ethan’s perineum. Then there was the pleasure of sliding both ways, forward and back, as he rubbed his thick perineum over the hardness of Brandon’s pubic bone. Ethan couldn’t care less about the anatomy of how he felt. He just knew it felt as good as he’d had in a long time. Brandon’s body fit his perfectly.

Brandon also liked the fit. Each time Ethan rode back, he pressed Brandon’s balls pleasurably down between his legs, while inside, his movements squeezed and stroked and pressured Brandon’s cock, over and over and over.

Through eyes that were heavy-lidded with his own pleasure and desire, Ethan watched Brandon’s face because that pleased him too; pleased him with the affect he was having. Brandon’s eyes rolled up and his head tossed from side to side as he pumped up, matching Ethan’s movements. In the subdued light of the room, Ethan could see that Brandon’s body was flushed and his skin felt hot to the touch. With every thrust, the muscles of Brandon’s torso tightened visibly and his ab muscles clutched. Brandon’s heat added to his own.

And in a sexual fog, Ethan made love to Brandon with his whole body, and pleasured himself with the beautiful male he rode.

Then Ethan noticed the clock. “White Sugar… Baby,” he said, gasping. “It’s midnight. Ready to shoot some fireworks?” He paused, bent forward, and kissed Brandon. When he did, Brandon wrapped his strong arms around Ethan’s shoulders. Kissing back hard, Brandon sat up, pushing Ethan back, onto his back. He stayed deep in him and kept moving, and when his weight was over Ethan, he pounded hard.

He pushed forward, working his thighs under Ethan’s butt, lifting Ethan’s butt higher, driving in deep; and Ethan writhed under him. Now Ethan was being dominated. And that gave him pleasure, too.

And Ethan decided that with Brandon, every position was going to be one of his favorites.

Tyler leaned over the table toward Jake. “We’re heading out. Blair and I are going with Mitch, that blond guy we’ve been dancing with.” He leaned conspiratorially, farther forward. “He’s a virgin, Jake. Blair and I are going to break him in.”

“Where?” Jake asked. “Where are you going?”

Tyler winked. “We’re getting a motel room. He knows a place.” Then he backed from the table. “We’ll find our way home, and I have your Grandma’s phone number. Have fun!”

Behind him, Geoff handed a piece of paper to Blair. “The top phone number is mine. The bottom is Troy’s. We spend a lot of time over there because his Mom doesn’t care what we do. Call before you go back.”

Blair didn’t resist when Geoff quickly kissed him, open-mouthed. And he pocketed the piece of paper.

. . . . .

Guys cleared out quickly after midnight and soon, it was just the four of them helping Knox; Michael, Davey, Jake, and Hudson. Jake, cleaning up at the bar, looked through the half-empty bowl of condoms and lube. None were kinds he’d tried before, so he shoved a couple of condoms and lube tubes into his pants pocket.

Michael and Davey came up beside him and motioned Hudson over. “You guys want to go for a coffee or dessert?” Michael asked. “You got anything planned.”

Hudson shrugged. “I was gonna sleep over at Knox’s if nothing… well, yeah, I’d like to, if one of you can drop me off when we’re done.”

“Yeah, I’d like that too,” Jake said. “My Grandma lives across town, and it’s still only about 11:00, California time.”

“Guys,” Knox called from across the room. “It’s late. I’m tired. Let’s go home and clean up later.”

“You can ride with me, Hudson,” Jake said, and then turned to Michael. “We’ll follow you guys. Where to?”

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