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“It’s OK to fall in love with your best friend.” – Davey Carlson.

PART ONE, The New Year

Chapter 6 After the Party

It was an old house. Ethan’s bedroom was large enough for a bed, a chest, a vanity, and an old couch, and not much more. There was little space to walk between the furniture, but the room had a comfortable feel. The bed was high and double size. The couch was overstuffed with a throw and pillows. The furniture was old, but well kept. Brandon stood by the chest, studying show posters and photographs that decorated the walls.

Ethan slipped back in from the bathroom, and coming up behind Brandon, wrapped his arms around his waist. Though Brandon’s flesh had cooled, his hard body fitted Ethan in all the right places.

“Is that you in all these pictures?” Brandon asked.

“No one else, Sugar,” Ethan said, rubbing his hands over Brandon’s stomach from behind.

“Who’s that with you?” Brandon asked, pointing at a photo in which two guys, who had similar features, flanked Ethan.

“My brothers,” Ethan said. “The smaller one, on the left, that’s Gerard. He lives in Houston. The other one is Malcolm. He lives in Dallas.”

“You guys get along?” Brandon asked.

“Yeah, sure.” Ethan answered, sliding his fingers over Brandon’s hipbones. “Just my mom and me here now.”

There were several photos of Ethan in costume, dancing. Brandon pointed to a photo where Ethan was several feet above the stage. “Do they have you, like on wires, in that one?”

Ethan swatted Brandon’s butt. “Smart ass.”

Brandon twisted in Ethan’s arms. “Holy shit! You mean you can jump that high?”

Ethan grinned, pleased. “Leap, Sugar. I can leap that high.”

“Ethan,” Brandon asked, “you ever play basketball? I mean, nothin’ but air!”

“Nah,” Ethan answered. “Not into basketball. I like football, though.”

“Really? I play,” Brandon said, turning back to the photos. “Well, I did play. This was my senior year.”

“What position?”

“Running back.”

Ethan ran his hands up and down Brandon’s sides and pulled Brandon’s butt back to his crotch. “Oh, I believe it, Sugar. You’ve got a great body.”

Brandon turned in Ethan’s arms and dropped his hands to Ethan’s butt. He pressed his hips forward and Ethan ground back against him. “You’ve got a great body,” Brandon said, “and you know it.”

Ethan smiled. “So do you. And you know it, too.”

Brandon smiled back, and his cock stiffened, rising up between them. Ethan’s stiffened as well, lifting Brandon’s balls. They held each other’s eyes and their smiles faded. They kissed, and ground harder together. Ethan’s nostrils flared and Brandon’s skin warmed.

. . . . .

Jake laughed. Sitting with Hudson, across the booth from Michael and Davey, he felt good. In their relaxed company, he forgot about Brandon, and laughed again as Davey told them about mooning some jocks.

Jake glanced gratefully at Michael. “That was perfect tonight,” he said, “letting me write on your butts. It turned out even better than what I planned.”

“You just enjoyed our asses,” Michael said with a wink.

“You got that right, Baby,” Jake answered.

Michael looked at his watch. “Look, it’s getting late. Instead of you having to drive all the way across town, dodging New Year’s drunks, and instead of Hudson having to wake Knox up, why don’t you two stay over with us? We’re sleeping at the office tonight.”

Jake was surprised. “Weren’t you and Davey going to… celebrate tonight?”

Davey winked and rubbed Michael’s back. “We talked about it,” he said. “We’re gonna celebrate anyway.”

Michael nodded in agreement. “We’ll turn out the lights and cover up with a blanket, and it won’t bother us if it doesn’t bother you guys. Come on. We’ve got plenty of blankets and two couches — if you two don’t mind sharing one. And then in the morning, we can all go for a New Year’s breakfast.”

Jake glanced at a thoughtful Hudson. “I’m cool with it,” he told the redhead.

Hudson nodded. “Me, too.”

. . . . .

Ethan lay on his couch, with his butt at the edge and his head in the back corner. Brandon, kneeling on the floor, clung to the back and side of the couch with his arms above Ethan’s head. He held himself deeply buried, while Ethan, eyes closed and lips parted, wiggled his butt, working Brandon around inside. He clutched each of Brandon’s forearms tightly, moaning.

Brandon pulled on the back and side of the couch, shoving forward with his hips and Ethan groaned. He shoved again, and Ethan whispered, “Oh, yeah, baby.”

Brandon had already come twice, so he took his time, enjoying, concentrating on giving Ethan pleasure. And what pleasured Ethan was having Brandon inside; inside and moving. They moved together, strong, muscular. Brandon had never made love so… athletically. Ethan made him feel intensely sexual, intensely male.

Brandon stretched himself over Ethan, tensing all his muscles, feeling powerful… and long. He thrust again.

Ethan had never made love to someone like Brandon. Oh, he’d been screwed often enough. But Brandon made love… no… Brandon made fire; living fire, with burning hot skin, a hard body, and moves that sent shockwaves of pleasure racking through his body. And best of all, Brandon seemed to have a stamina to match Ethan’s own.

. . . . .

It was a budget motel, out on the Austin Highway; one of many small motels close together. Several had “No Vacancy” signs lit. But this one had a room with a double bed. It was small room with only the bed, a TV on a bureau, and a bath. Lighting from the trough fluorescent was subdued. But the room was clean and smelled pleasant.

Tyler was first through the door, followed by Mitch and then Blair. Tyler turned and took Mitch into an embrace, even before Blair had the door closed. He kissed Mitch hungrily, his tongue pushing past Mitch’s lips while he held Mitch by the waist and pressed their hardnesses together.

Blair stepped forward to press Mitch from behind with an equally full package. He closed his hands over Mitch’s pecs while his mouth closed on the side of Mitch’s neck.

If Mitch could manage any coherent thought at all, it would be that he’d never been so hard in his life.

And then Mitch felt hands undressing him. He closed his eyes, rolling his head back.

A torrent of sensations rolled over him as clothing fell away, hands touched all over his body, and lips kissed his neck, his nipples, his cheeks, his back, his shoulders. Blair caressed his butt while Tyler slipped a hand between his legs to cup his balls and hold his cock. Mitch sighed, on the verge of trembling, as for the first time, male hands other than his own, took hold of his cock to pleasure him, and to be pleasured.

And then naked bodies pressed his. Hard cocks pressed against his belly and butt. Mitch reached down, for the first time, to hold another cock; two other cocks. A hand stroked his hardness. Lips found his lips. An arm circled his waist. Fingers tweaked a nipple. Another hand clutched his butt. Mitch with eyes closed, held two cocks and swayed dizzily on his feet.

Tyler’s hand left Mitch’s cock, and Mitch opened his eyes to see Tyler sinking to his knees in front of him. From behind, Blair wrapped his arms around Mitch’s belly and Mitch released Blair’s cock. When he did, Blair slid it between Mitch’s legs and into the back of his balls, and he pulled Mitch’s body back snuggly to his.

Mitch watched and felt Tyler move his cock from side to side and study it. Then Tyler put his mouth over it and Mitch gasped, the end of his cock suddenly wet, warm, encased. Tyler’s mouth slid farther down the shaft and Mitch collapsed back against Blair who held him up firmly against his own body.

Tyler drew his mouth back up the shaft and swirled the glans of Mitch’s cock with his tongue. Mitch whimpered and his knees buckled. Blair barely kept him up, but held him there as Tyler sucked back down the shaft and Mitch let out a mindless gurgle.

. . . . .

Michael glanced up in the rearview mirror to make sure he hadn’t lost Jake. “You don’t mind, do you, Davey?” Michael asked. “You know… inviting them. We won’t be able to go crazy like we might have.”

Davey’s eyes roamed Michael’s long legs and rested on the fullness in Michael’s pants. “What would happen,” Davey asked, stroking the inside of Michael’s thigh, “If we let them watch… if we didn’t cover up?”

Michael chuckled. “Well if it didn’t distract us too much, it’d probably drive them crazy. They’d probably attack each other and…” he turned a surprised grin on Davey. “You sneaky devil!”

Davey smiled. “Hudson would get to ‘do it’ and Jake wouldn’t be so lonely tonight.”

Michael chuckled. “It won’t bother you to make love in front of them?”

In answer, Davey moved Michael’s hand to his hard crotch.

. . . . .

They had moved to the floor, Ethan riding Brandon’s middle hard. Brandon held Ethan’s large cock in both hands, using pressure from his thumbs on the underside to rub as Ethan slid forward and back.

Brandon bent his knees and pushed up his middle, rocking with Ethan’s movements.

Then Ethan arched back and with a gasp, shot over Brandon’s stomach and chest.

It bothered Blair that Tyler and Mitch had been kissing almost non-stop. It was almost like they wouldn’t notice if he wasn’t there. He lay, stroking himself while he watched.

Tyler had Mitch on his back, pillow under his butt, legs up and out. Tyler lay flat on him, slowly moving in and out with his hips while the two of them held each other in a tight embrace, cheek to cheek. Tyler moved carefully for Mitch’s sake, but savored the virgin tightness that traveled up and down the length of his shaft.

Blair watched the muscles of Tyler’s butt working, and reached out to stroke the smooth, hairless skin of Tyler’s ass. It might bother him that they were unaware of him, but Blair was hard.

He knelt up, straddling Tyler’s legs and moved behind him, rubbing his cock up and down Tyler’s crack.

Tyler barely noticed, even when Blair reached for a condom.

. . . . .

Davey and Michael stood, holding a blanket and pillows. “Get ready for bed, guys,” Michael said.

Hudson looked hesitantly at Jake.

“You can’t sleep in your clothes,” Davey encouraged.

Jake began to undress, but Hudson was hesitant.

“You’re going to be at opposite ends of the couch,” Michael pointed out.

Hudson shrugged and turning his back, undressed.

The three others watched Hudson’s back as his clothes came off. There was something almost feminine to his curves and softness. His flesh, contrasting with Hudson’s red briefs, was white and flawless. His coloring was so much like Brandon’s that Jake thought of Brandon, briefly. But Hudson was different, too, with a fleshy bubble butt, angular shoulders, and flat pecs.

He snuck a look back at Jake. Jake’s body was hairless, and smooth. He was slender, not strong, but not weak either. Hudson noticed that Jake filled his underwear well.

Stripped to briefs, Hudson lay down first, his head at one end of the deep leather couch. Davey stood next to him, holding the blanket ready once Jake joined him.

Jake grinned and lay down with his head at the other end of the couch. “You two are like parents, hovering over us.”

Davey and Michael spread the blanket over them. There were more blankets, but Davey was only going to give them one so they would have to share.

“Daddy Michael and Daddy Davey,” Jake teased. Then he sucked his thumb with twinkling eyes.

Michael laughed and headed across the room to the far couch.

Davey bent over, tucking first Jake and then Hudson in. He smiled at them conspiratorially. “Be quiet now, while Daddy Davey goes and makes Daddy Mickey pregnant.”

Jake howled and Hudson chuckled uncertainly.

Davey winked, walked over to turn off the light, and then headed across the room to join Michael.

Michael pulled Davey close. “I heard that,” he whispered with a grin. “Now you’re going to have to make good on it, Old Man.”

As Jake and Hudson made themselves comfortable under the covers, the sides of their legs came in contact, and they left them there.

From across the room came the sound of a kiss. Jake turned his head, and in the ample moonlight from the window, he watched Michael and Davey standing beside their couch as they undressed each other. From his end of the couch, Hudson watched as well.

The two moonlit figures kissed and stroked and undressed each other with the patience of experienced lovers. By the time they unfastened each other’s pants and pushed them off hips to fall to the floor, they were both hard, and in the moonlight, pointed proudly at each other.

Jake eyed them appreciatively. Michael had a very long cock. Not much thicker than normal, but very long, and straight. Davey’s was thicker and slightly longer than average. Both were rampantly beautiful.

Jake heard a gasp from the other end of his couch. He wondered how many, if any, erections Hudson had seen before.

Davey stepped to Michael, pressing their cocks out sideways between them. They embraced, and kissed with that special combination of tenderness and desire that comes with belonging to each other. Their lean bodies moved together; their butts, backs, and legs flexing in the moonlight. Jake adjusted his erection inside his briefs, and movement from the other end of the couch made him think that Hudson was doing the same.

Then Davey backed to the couch and lay down on his back, pulling Michael down onto himself. Jake saw two hard cocks, jutting up between them, disappear between their bodies as they wrapped their arms around each other and Michael settled between Davey’s spread legs.

Michael’s butt clenched as he moved his hips, rubbing himself on Davey, and Davey’s legs flexed as he ground back. Moonlight reflected throughout the room, and glimmered off Michael’s long lines and smooth skin as he thrust. Jake could clearly hear their kisses and soft moans.

Then Jake felt a hand slide to the inside of his calf. He smiled to himself, and moved his own hand to the inside of Hudson’s calf.

Michael backed down Davey’s body and lifted Davey’s cock. It glimmered thickly in reflected moonlight before Michael bent over and sucked it in. His head moved slowly downward, Davey’s shaft disappearing. Then Michael’s head came up, then lowered, bobbing. Soft sucking noises filtered across the room. Jake stroked his fingertips up and down the inside of Hudson’s calf and thigh. Hudson responded with the same motion.

Then Michael moved up Davey’s body and over his cock. Holding it up to his butt, he backed slowly on to it. Jake could clearly see Davey’s cock vanish into him. Then once Michael settled all the way on, he sat upright and started to rock his hips. His long, hard cock wobbled over Davey’s belly as he moved.

Jake’s mouth was dry. He realized he was clutching the inside of Hudson’s leg. And Hudson clutched his.

Michael put his hands behind his head, stretching up as he rocked back and forth, almost dancing on Davey’s lap. In the soft light, Jake could see Davey’s hands travel appreciatively up over the tight muscles of Michael’s legs and torso.

Then Davey pushed himself up, first onto his elbows, rolling his hips with Michael’s movements. Then he pushed up further until Michael’s hips tilted back and they faced each other with Michael deeply impaled in Davey’s lap. They wrapped their arms around each other, and Michael wrapped his legs behind Davey’s back, crossing his ankles down at Davey’s butt.

They rested their foreheads against each other and moved together – slowly, gently, rhythmically. They kissed, and Michael rode up and down.

Jake could hear Hudson’s heavy breathing.

The naked bodies on the far couch were beautiful in the moonlight. They would have been beautiful in any light, simply as beautiful male bodies. But they were beautiful in other ways, as they moved with the easy grace of two people who were in love, making love. They were beautiful, because punctuating their lovemaking were countless little smiles and strokes and kisses that spoke of deep affection.

Jake slid his hand farther up the inside of Hudson’s thigh and quietly slid down the couch until he could press his hand over Hudson’s underwear, finding his erection. Hudson tensed, then sighed and relaxed. His hand found Jake’s hardness through his underwear.

Michael and Davey began larger movements and leaned back from each other, forming a writhing V on the opposite couch.

Jake was mildly surprised. Even though Davey had said that he and Michael took turns, he had always assumed that Michael was the dominant one of the pair. But it was Davey who was inside Michael, and Michael appeared to be enjoying it… a lot.

Hudson’s awareness, though, was totally focused on his own couch. He’d never felt another boy, with only underwear between. Jake felt thick and firm and exciting. And the sensations from Jake’s hand on his own cock were electric. He’d never been touched before by another boy, certainly not one clad only in underwear. Jake clasped his cock firmly, and Hudson pushed his hips up, reflexively, his head fell back.

“Ahhh… ahhh.” Michael’s moans drew Jake’s attention back across the room. Davey sat up, pulled Michael upright to him and lay back, rolling Michael into the back of the couch. Jake watched as Davey’s butt flexed between Michael’s legs, pumping harder, faster. Michael’s hands clung to the back of Davey’s smooth back, his fingers digging into the muscles. Then Davey drove in hard and every one of his muscles went rigid. A long, low moan came softly across the room. His hips pulled back and slammed in again, and Michael’s fingers dug deeper. Jake heard whimpers and moans from both of them. Davey pulled back and plunged hard again. Their bodies tensed, shuddered, and Davey slammed again.

Jake marveled as Davey drove his hips forward and held, over and over; their orgasms seeming to go on and on. Then there was a pause, for only a few moments before Michael began to move, his hips pumping between Davey and the back of the couch. But when Hudson clutched Jake’s cock, Jake’s attention came riveting back to his own couch.

Jake sat up slowly and moved over Hudson, who waited expectantly as Jake lowered his body onto him. The blanket fell from the couch, but neither bothered to reach for it.

Jake’s cloth-covered erection made contact with Hudson’s and Hudson tensed. He reached up and held Jake’s sides as Jake lowered himself the rest of the way, spreading Hudson’s legs with his own, settling his weight onto him. Hudson, every nerve wildly alive, wrapped his arms over Jake’s bare shoulders. Their lips met and Jake wrapped his arms under Hudson, pulling their bodies together.

Hudson had waited his whole life for this; to hold another boy in his arms, and to be held. And the reality was more than he’d known how to imagine. The weight of Jake’s body on his, the press of their erections through their underwear, and the feel of being embraced and embracing almost naked swamped his senses. And when they kissed, it became an open-mouthed, hungry kiss.

. . . . .

Ethan pulled his knees higher and wrapped his legs over Brandon’s back. Then he grabbed under Brandon’s shoulders to pull him up his body. Brandon slid his hands under Ethan’s back and gripped behind his shoulders for leverage. He thrust forward hard with his hips and the hardness of his pubic bone pounded between Ethan’s legs, just behind his balls. He lowered the weight of his torso completely onto Ethan, the firmness of his lower belly trapping Ethan’s cock between them.

“Ummm,” Ethan murmured as Brandon nuzzled his neck. “We’re a perfect fit.”

Actually, Brandon thought, suddenly picturing Jake’s smiling face looking up at him, Jake is a better fit. When Brandon was in Jake like this, their eyes met exactly. But Ethan was right that this night had been extraordinary, sexually. Perfect wasn’t too strong a term.

. . . . .

Jake knelt up and carefully pulled off Hudson’s underwear, and then pulled off his own. As he hovered over Hudson, ready to lower himself back onto him, his cock wagged under his body and Hudson boldly grabbed it. He had always dreamt about holding another guy’s cock.

Full of wonder, he wrapped his hand around Jake’s shaft, so soft and thick and warm… and so hard; so very hard under the soft skin. He held it as Jake lowered himself until their two cocks touched. With a gasp, Hudson pulled his hand back, and Jake lowered himself the rest of the way onto Hudson, settling between his legs.

His balls… Hudson felt the soft weight of Jake’s scrotum on his own. He hadn’t expected that. He opened his legs to him more. He stroked the smooth skin of Jake’s back, moving his hands gradually down to the softer skin of Jake’s butt. Hudson pressed his fingers on the firm muscles and felt them flex as Jake began to move. More boldly, Hudson grabbed Jake’s butt and moved his own hips back against him. And Hudson suddenly felt an orgasm rise.

“Oh no…” he groaned.

Jake pumped harder. “Just relax baby and let it come. Enjoy it. Don’t hold back.”

Hudson gripped Jake’s butt hard, holding him firmly pressed to his cock as Jake ground his hips around and around, and Hudson poured out semen between their bodies, whimpering at the intensity of his climax.

And then, slowly, he relaxed. “I’m sorry, he whispered. I’m sorry.”

“It’s OK, baby,” Jake whispered as he nibbled on his ear. “You’re doing fine. Remember what I told you about guys coming more than once?”

Hudson nodded.

“Well,” Jake said, “we’ll let you rest a second and then see what happens. In the meantime, this feels good… doesn’t it?”

“Oh yeah,” Hudson said, wrapping his arms over Jake’s shoulders and spreading his legs to feel Jake’s weight snug on him. “It’s incredible.”

Jake smiled and glanced over to see that Michael had Davey on his back, legs up. Michael’s butt was almost all that moved, slowly circling, then rising and falling as they held each other in a tight embrace. They fit well, Jake thought, and for a moment, thought of Brandon. He and Brandon fit well.

But then Hudson shifted under him and he lifted his head so that Hudson could see Davey and Michael. “Watch them while you rest,” Jake suggested with a smile and a whisper. “That’ll help you get ready again.”

. . . . .

They were at it again; in each other’s arms, kissing. Blair watched, aroused, but not pleased. Then Tyler came up for air. “Hey,” he said to Mitch. “Blair likes being bottom. Why don’t you let him be your first fuck?”

Blair started to frown at Tyler, both for volunteering him, and for being so crude about it. But the truth was, he’d like to take Mitch that way. “Sure,” he said when Mitch glanced at him. But it would be his way. He rolled to his back and lifted his legs. He’d take Mitch face to face.

Tyler helped Mitch roll the condom on. He had a medium length cock with an upward curve. It was a nice cock, Blair thought.

Then Tyler held Mitch’s hips and positioned him at Blair’s bottom. Mitch pressed in, and Blair watched the sensations of his first insertion pass over Mitch’s face as he slid farther and farther in, until finally he pressed firmly against Blair’s bottom. He leaned forward, resting his hands on Blair’s shoulders and tested the connection, moving his hips. His eyes met Blair’s and he grimaced briefly. “Oh, damn, it’s good,” he said with a gasp, and began to thrust.

Mitch closed his eyes and hung his head, concentrating on the feelings. Blair stroked up and down his sides. Tyler rubbed over his back and butt. And then Mitch collapsed onto Blair who enfolded him in his arms and wrapped his legs over Mitch’s back.

. . . . .

Geoff lay on his stomach and enjoyed the feel of Troy’s scrotum sliding up and down behind his own as the younger boy pumped in and out of him. He’d had his fun and was glad to let Troy have his turn. The long cock actually felt good inside. And he loved the feel of Troy’s loose scrotum against his perineum, brushing the back of his balls.

He started to harden again and lifted his hips, and Troy along with them, so he could shove a pillow under his crotch. And then he moved with Troy, making the pillow a butt in his imagination. He imagined it to be Blair’s butt, and wished he had tried harder to get him to come back with them. It would have been perfect, riding Blair’s butt with Troy’s big cock inside him.

And then an old fantasy returned, and he imagined the pillow to be Michael Bentolli’s butt. He grew even harder.

. . . . .

David Michael Sullivan, Michael Bentolli’s infant son, began crying in the dark. He cried louder now that the room was so empty. In the beginning, his dad was a companionable presence; always close by in the night. Then one night, he was gone. And the room felt empty in the dark. He had become used to the new feel, but he cried louder because the room was so empty.

Amy stumbled out to the living room, her milk already letting down. Quickly, she picked up the baby and positioned him at her breast. Leaving her robe open, she backed to the couch and lay back on it, holding Little David where he could suckle.

She was ready to be home. It was different when Michael was still here. Then, it was almost like they were married, almost like they were a family; when he slept on the couch and brought in the baby for night feedings. But now Gloria was gone most of the day, and during the holidays, their friends hadn’t stopped by as much. Even Michael and Davey hadn’t been around. They were so busy being… promised. Now they were together.

Things could get better. Tomorrow she would take Little David to her parent’s house for New Year’s dinner. If everything went well, maybe her dad would let her bring her baby home.

She looked out the front window and fought the urge to cry. It had been a shitty New Year’s Eve. Gloria and Maggie, Michael’s and Davey’s moms, had tried to make it fun for her, but she would have liked to be with friends. At least Michael and Davey could have taken her out for a while. It wouldn’t have killed them. After all, Little David was Michael’s baby, too. The invitation to travel to Chicago with Michael and Davey was nice. It was even tempting. But she would rather go home.

. . . . .

Jake slid down Hudson’s body, sucking nipples, licking, cleaning Hudson’s belly with his tongue. Hudson was hard by the time Jake reached his cock. Jake licked up the length of it, pleased that for a guy his size, Hudson was hung. Jake licked the crown, and then swallowed the shaft.

Hudson squirmed under him, twisting, and grabbed him by the hair. Jake gave him several bobs, but had other things in mind. He pulled off, and licked over Hudson’s scrotum, sucking in one ball at a time. Then he licked over Hudson’s thick perineum and Hudson squirmed.

Jake wanted him. He wanted that bubble butt, and he wanted that slender, almost feminine body in his arms. He slid up Hudson’s body. “Hey, Baby,” he whispered. “How about if I do you, and then, you do me… we’ll go slow.”

Hudson nodded uncertainly. He trusted Jake, but was still afraid.

Jake rolled Hudson to his side, facing into the back of the couch and rubbed his butt reassuringly. It would be easier for Hudson’s first time, on his side. From the pocket of his pants on the floor, Jake retrieved a condom and a trial size lube. He kissed Hudson’s shoulder while sliding on the condom, and then gently, caressingly, worked lube into Hudson’s bottom.

“I’m going to just work in a finger, OK? Just to get you comfortable with it. Just relax. Once you’re used to it, it’ll be cool.”

Hudson nodded, and his trust made Jake want to be slow and careful. He moved up, leaning over Hudson’s side to kiss him while he worked in a fingertip, slowly, carefully, lubricating.

Hudson squirmed, but not uncomfortably. He backed against Jake’s finger and kissed Jake back hungrily. Encouraged, Jake pulled his finger back and pushed in with two. Hudson tensed briefly, and then relaxed. Jake twisted to try to hold the kiss, and probe Hudson at the same time. They worked the kiss that way until Jake was sure Hudson was relaxed.

Then he moved up behind him and pushed the tip of his cock between Hudson’s butt cheeks. “You ready, Baby?” he asked in a whisper.

Hudson nodded, and Jake pushed in slowly, reaching over Hudson’s side to take hold of his cock to stroke him and keep him stimulated. He pressed forward until his loins cupped Hudson’s bubble butt. Carefully, he spooned Hudson with his body and wrapped his arms around him.

Across the room, Michael lay on Davey, stomach to stomach, cheek to cheek, and they watched Jake’s butt begin to move. Michael smiled. He had known Jake would be a gentle teacher. Davey lifted his head and kissed Michael’s neck. Michael’s eyes closed and he sighed. Watching the other couch might get them back in the mood one more time.

Jake pumped slowly, rubbing Hudson’s side, belly, back, and legs. When he was sure Hudson was relaxed, and when Hudson began to move, meeting his thrusts, Jake rubbed his belly. “Hudson, Baby. I want to change positions. For your first time, I want you to know what it’s like, face to face.”

Hudson nodded reluctantly. He was just beginning to enjoy the feelings. But he let Jake roll him onto his back, and cooperated when Jake stuffed a pillow under his butt and lifted his legs up and out to the sides. He watched fascinated as Jake moved up to his bottom. Jake looked so hot, his wagging cock so thick and hard, his belly heaving, and his eyes intense.

Jake re-entered him, and once all the way in, lay down onto him, his eyes boring in to Hudson’s. Jake moved his hips and Hudson realized the position had Jake pressed pleasantly from his bottom, over his perineum, balls, and cock, and up his body. Jake lowered his mouth to his and they wrapped their arms tightly around each other. They kissed open-mouthed, and Hudson let his legs fall out to the sides.

Michael watched Jake’s butt rise and fall until Davey put a hand on his cheek and turned his face back to his. Davey kissed him. And then they wrapped each other up, much like Jake and Hudson, only instead of Michael being inside Davey, his cock lay alongside Davey’s, pressed between their bellies, and they rubbed together, frotting the way they liked to do.

The room filled with moans and glints of light reflected from backs and thrusting butts.

. . . . .

Ethan sat on Brandon’s butt, rubbing his muscular shoulders and back. “Sugar,” he said softly. “You’re perfect.”

“Umm,” Brandon purred. “So are you.”

“Don’t go to sleep yet, White Sugar,” Ethan said, bending forward over him. “We aren’t done yet.”

Brandon chuckled and rolled under Ethan so that when Ethan settled back down, their balls pressed together. Brandon rubbed Ethan’s legs. “How many times have we done it already?” Brandon asked with a yawn.

Ethan shrugged and leaned forward, rubbing himself on Brandon. “Who knows, Sugar. We can count condoms later.” Then Ethan slid down Brandon’s body. He would suck some White Sugar and have him hard again in no time.

. . . . .

The were wrapped tightly together, bellies and chests flat against each other, cheek to cheek, when with soft cries, Jake emptied himself into the condom, buried inside Hudson. And they stayed together until Jake shuddered out the last drop and began to soften.

Across the room, Michael sucked on Davey’s neck. Davey sighed and clutched Mickey’s butt tighter.

Mitch lay between them, but Blair noticed he had snuggled closer to Tyler to sleep. He liked Mitch OK, and the evening had been fun. But Tyler had been so focused on Mitch that he hadn’t paid any attention to Blair. And it bothered him.

. . . . .

Knox rolled over and looked at the clock. Maybe Hudson got lucky after all. He hoped so, and wished that he was young again, before falling back to sleep.

. . . . .

“You ready,” Jake asked as he slipped out of Hudson. He could feel Hudson’s erection, still hard against his belly.

“Yeah,” Hudson said, hoarsely.

They straightened out their legs and kissed again. Jake held Hudson and rolled them so that Jake was on his back. “Just lube for you,” Jake said with a smile. “Your first time shouldn’t be with a condom. I’m not afraid of you having anything and I don’t have anything you’d catch either.” He grinned when he felt Hudson’s cock twitch between them.

Jake reached to the floor and groped around until he found his pants and pulled a lube tube from the pocket. He handed it with a smile to Hudson. “Thanks for letting me be your first.”

Hudson grinned back enthusiastically and then kissed Jake hard before he knelt up between his legs. Hudson rubbed lube into Jake’s bottom brusquely. He was ready; heated by the intimacy of where his hand was on Jake, and by the feel of Jake’s butt, and by the thickness of Jake’s perineum, which was still in semi-arousal. Then Hudson moved forward anxiously. Jake lifted his bottom to help Hudson find his way. And Hudson placed the tip of his cock at Jake’s hole.

He watched fascinated as he pressed forward, and gasped as his crown disappeared into Jake with a surge of pleasure from his pressured crown. He pushed forward, watching the length of his cock disappear into Jake while at the same time he felt a wonderful, warm tightness move down his shaft. He pressed forward, pushing until the skin of his cock stretched when Jake’s opening pushed tightly at the base of his cock.

His eyes traveled up Jake’s body to his smiling face, and Hudson felt a sudden surge of affection. He fell onto him and they locked each other in their arms. They held each other tightly as Hudson moved his hips, and his life exploded with new and wonderful sensations.

Michael watched from across the room and yawned, satisfied. He had hoped that Hudson would get a turn and from his movements, Hudson seemed to enjoy it.

He snuggled into Davey’s embrace. He was Davey’s blanket tonight. The truth was, they didn’t always use covers since they kept each other warm. Michael thought about reaching for a blanket for modesty, but fell asleep before doing it.

Hudson moved his knees forward, keeping himself embedded in Jake, while they still clung tightly together. He ground deeply more than pumped, and he wanted it to go all night. It felt so much better than he had ever imagined it could. Jake felt so much better than he imagined another guy would feel.

Hudson scooted even farther up with his knees, lifting Jake’s bottom in his lap, driving down into him. Jake moaned and moved with him, stroking Hudson’s sides, sighing pleasantly when Hudson moved the right way. It surprised Hudson that he could give such pleasure. And that giving pleasure would feel so damned good.

He pumped harder now, his chest held tightly to Jake’s by both sets of arms; all the movement in his hips. Because he’d come once already, he thought he would last longer, but he felt an orgasm stirring. His balls tightened. He grabbed Jake’s shoulders tightly and rose up on his knees with each thrust, driving deeply into Jake.

Jake arched under him, hard again from the intense stimulation and the heat of Hudson’s passion. His cock flopped on his stomach as he reached over his head to the arm of the couch and pushed himself back onto Hudson.

Hudson tensed, pressed forward, and stifled a cry. Jake could feel Hudson’s cock pulse inside him and clamped down on it. Hudson cried out softly.

Even after he came, it felt so good that he held Jake tightly in his arms until he softened. Then slowly, reluctantly, he unwrapped himself from Jake.

With a kiss, he slid to the side, alongside Jake. And he closed his hand over Jake’s hard cock. It was OK to do that now; after what he and Jake had shared. “Do you need to do me again now?” he asked softly.

“No, baby,” Jake whispered. “You took good care of me. I’m fine.”

Jake found the blanket and pulled it over them, and Hudson cuddled against him. Hudson felt incredibly satisfied and strangely completed, more like a man than he ever had before. He hugged Jake, and like many who have been introduced to love making by a tender teacher, Hudson fell in love with his teacher.

. . . . .

Brandon glanced at the window, wondering how long before the sun would rise.

Ethan lay with his back to the back of the old couch. Brandon faced him, holding Ethan’s top leg up over his hip while he pumped slowly; moving himself in and out of Ethan. Their movements were slow and for the first time that entire night, tender. They moved and touched as satiated lovers. Their fingertips played over pecs and necks, nipples and jaws, noses and lips.

Ethan’s hand slid down onto Brandon’s butt and he pulled with Brandon’s thrusts, trying for a deeper angle.

Brandon kissed him and slid his hand to the back of Ethan’s waist, pulling their bellies together.

“You’re wonderful, Sugar,” Ethan whispered. He rubbed noses with Brandon. “I’ve never had a night like this.”

“Me either… Brown Sugar,” Brandon agreed with a tired smile.

“Stay with me today,” Ethan asked. “Please. Have New Year’s dinner with my mom and me. It’s gonna be just us, and she’d be happy for the company.”

Brandon considered. Rose expected them.

“Please, Sugar,” Ethan pleaded. “We can nap. I’ll give you back rubs. We can watch the bowl games together.”

Brandon was surprised. Ethan was such a cool stud. And yet now, he sounded almost desperate for Brandon to stay.

Ethan was anxious that Brandon stay. By nature he was aloof, a loner. But like many loners, he often felt his aloneness. And in Brandon, he thought he had someone to keep him from that loneliness, at least for one holiday, and maybe for a few days. At least until Brandon had to leave to go back to California. And Brandon wasn’t just anyone; he was the best lover Ethan had ever had. He caressed Brandon’s cheek. “Please Sugar.”

It surprised Brandon that even after the most exciting night of sex he’d ever had, he missed Jake. But Jake had met someone as well. It wouldn’t be that big a deal. He gazed back into Ethan’s eyes, now softened by lovemaking and his desire for the company of a friend. “Sure, I’ll stay,” Brandon assured him, then smiled softly. “If you’ll ever let me sleep.”

“Just this last time,” Ethan promised, and wrapping his arms around Brandon, he maneuvered them until Ethan was on his back, legs wrapped over Brandon’s waist. “Now Sugar, give it to me good and then we’ll sleep.”

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