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“It’s OK to fall in love with your best friend.” – Davey Carlson.

PART ONE, The New Year

Chapter 7 New Year's Day

It took Jake a moment to remember where he was, and that it was Hudson’s warm back pressed to his. Reluctantly, he rose from the couch and padded down the hall to the john. With a sigh of relief, he emptied his bladder, washed his hands, and then returned to the office.

On the far couch, the long lines of Michael’s back and legs and the curve of his tight butt shone softly in the moonlight. Jake drew closer, puzzled by the arrangement of Michael and Davey’s bodies. And then he was surprised.

Davey lay on his back with his legs apart, his head back on the pillow with his mouth open in sleep. Michael lay directly on top of him, legs between Davey’s, belly on belly, chest on chest, the pillow under Michael’s head bunched so his that his head rested comfortably near Davey’s. One of Michael’s arms wrapped up the side of Davey’s head, the other tucked under his own pillow. As Jake watched, Michael’s torso rose and then fell, and then again. They were breathing in unison.

Jake tried to peek between Michael’s legs, and then around them, curious as to whether everything pressed together. Damn, how do they do that? he wondered. I’d be hard all night if I slept with either one of them like that. It was damned tempting to run a finger over the smooth skin of Michael’s back, or the mounded curves of his ass.

He remembered what Michael had looked like; the way he made love with Davey. And he wondered what it would be like to do him, to ease his shaft into that fine butt, and feel Michael move, like he moved with Davey. He wondered what it would be like to slam his hips forward like Davey did and hear the sounds Michael made, or feel his body shudder under him. Or even, Jake wondered, what it would be like to sit on that long cock and feel Michael inside him, filling, moving.

But now Michael rested; they rested. Pale silver in the moonlight, Michael and Davey looked ethereal, an image of young male intimacy. If he reached out his hand, would they even be there?

And then Davey stirred. Without opening his eyes; without seeming to wake at all, he wrapped his arms around Michael and rolled him into the back of the couch. With only minor adjustments, legs rearranged, and Davey burrowed his forehead into the pillow under Michael’s cheek. Then they were still again, on their sides, bodies meshed. It all seemed so natural that Jake wondered how many times they had done the same thing, and how many other positions they slept in.

Of course, Jake reflected, guys our age can sleep almost anywhere. And Davey said that they had been best friends since six. Who knows how much they slept over, even before they became lovers. And now they slept together every night. But still, Jake thought, looking at their tangled bodies, how do they sleep like that?

Curious, he tried once more to peek between legs. This time, he saw Davey’s balls pressed out by one of Michael’s legs, but little else. They were still snug.

Jake yawned, wishing he had someone he could sleep with, someone he slept with every night. He wished it was Brandon, wished it was his strong arms he slept in. Then he pushed the thought aside. He had missed his opportunity with Brandon. With a sigh, he returned to the couch and crawled in with Hudson. Under the covers, Hudson snuggled into him and Jake smiled. Hudson wasn’t Brandon, but at least someone wanted to cuddle.

The room was well lit with sunlight when Jake next woke. This time, it was to Hudson’s erection rubbing his butt. Jake was lying on his stomach and when he looked across the room, he saw that Davey and Michael were still asleep. Briefly, he envied their sleep, but he couldn’t blame Hudson for wanting to go again. The guy had been saving up for a lifetime.

Hudson moved over him and kissed his cheek as his cock settled into Jake’s crack. “Can we… again?” he whispered.

Lying on his back, Michael heard the sounds from the other couch. He opened his eyes and looked across the room to see Jake on his stomach and Hudson lying atop his flattened body. Hudson held Jake by the shoulders, grinding in to him. He lifted his hips and Michael could clearly see Hudson’s shaft before he plunged back down and ground again.

Davey lay partly on Michael, an arm over his chest and a leg over his crotch. As Michael watched the couch across the room, he grew hard under Davey’s leg.

For a fleeting moment, he wondered what it would have been like if he had made love with Hudson before Davey and he promised; he almost had. But as he looked at them now, Jake was even hotter than Hudson. He remembered how Jake moved the night before. He saw how Jake moved under Hudson now and wondered what it would be like to do Jake, to be in him, moving over him like Hudson was doing. But then he pushed those thoughts from his mind. It was only a moment, but he still felt bad for having thought it. He belonged to Davey.

It was hard to turn away, though. Hudson’s legs fell to the outside of Jake’s as he ground into him, and Michael could see the muscles working in Hudson’s thighs and butt. Hudson wrapped his arms under Jake’s chest and kissed the side of his neck as his hips thrust, and Michael decided Hudson was having no trouble learning to make love.

And then Davey’s hand caressed Michael’s cheek, pulling his face back towards him. He moved up on Michael who opened his legs for Davey to settle between. Davey frowned at him. “You’re only supposed to look at me.”

“Sorry, Old Man,” Michael said softly. “You’re the only one I want to look at anyway.” Then Michael smiled as he realized that Davey was erect, too. He spread his legs wider and wiggled his hips for Davey to settle in.

“Happy New Year, Mickey,” Davey whispered and then brushed his lips over Michael’s.

“You aren’t too tired?” Michael asked.

Davey stroked Michael’s hair back from his brow and let his own fall around their faces like a curtain. He circled with his hips in answer, grinding their hardnesses together. Then he put his mouth to Michael’s ear. “It’s our first year… promised to each other.”

Michael clutched Davey’s butt, holding him tightly to himself, and nuzzled Davey’s cheek under the blanket of blond hair. “Let’s make it a hell of a great year.”

. . . . .

Blair stirred, and opened his eyes. The small motel room was still dark, though the curtains were framed in daylight. Mitch lay sleeping on Tyler’s shoulder. Blair rolled over and faced the other way. He was ready to get back to Jake and the others.

. . . . .

In his sleep, Ethan put his arm over Brandon’s back, and in his sleep, Brandon dreamt that Jake was beside him.

. . . . .

Davey was almost dressed. Jake and Hudson each had their pants on. Then Jake eyed Michael, sleeping butt up, facing into the couch. “I’ll just wake sleeping butty… ahem, I mean sleeping beauty, there.” And he stretched a hand toward Michael’s butt, taking a step.

Davey intercepted. “Uh, uh, uaah,” he said wagging a finger.

Jake sword fought Davey’s finger with his outstretched one. “I just was gonna touch his butt to wake him up,” Jake protested with a grin.

“Yeah, I know… you… Jake,” Davey said, amused, but in trying to spar verbally with Jake, he fell into old speech patterns. Michael heard it and rolled out of sleep toward them.

“Just a little touch,” Jake said, laughing as he tried to step past Davey with a finger toward Michael’s half-turned butt. Michael sized up the situation in a flash. “Tickle him, Davey,” Michael encouraged.

Jake’s mouth dropped open and he stepped back.

Davey grinned and opening his fingers like claws, followed him.

“I think he’s ticklish Davey,” Michael said, pulling on his boxers. “Get ‘em.”

Jake howled and tried to hide behind Hudson. Davey pushed them both back onto their couch and leapt onto them. Instantly, they became a roiling, tickling, threesome. Michael came up, looking for an opening, and when he saw it, jumped onto Hudson.

Hudson wasn’t very ticklish and Michael soon rested astride Hudson to watch Davey render Jake absolutely helpless. Hudson watched them too, and when his belly jiggled under Michael’s balls with laughter, Michael climbed off him.

Sitting beside Hudson on the couch, he leaned toward him. “So, was your first time good?” Michael asked.

Hudson gave him a broad smile and nodded. “Perfect.”

Jake squealed, breathless.

“Davey,” Michael said, “I think you better let him up before he pisses himself.”

Davey, kneeling over Jake, paused. “Have you learned your lesson?”

Jake caught his breath, and then took a deep breath. “No!” he said, pushing Davey over and trying to jump up.

But Davey caught him and tackled him to the floor. “Help me,” he called to Michael.

Michael joined him, pinning Jake’s legs.

“Let’s pants him,” Davey suggested with a twinkle in his eye. “And throw him out into the hall.”

Jake’s laughter ceased immediately. He had a history of being pantsed and teased, usually by older, bigger guys; guys who didn’t like guys like Jake, who didn’t like gays. And Davey, who was slow in some areas but sensitive to people, spotted something wrong in Jake’s eyes.

“Yeah,” Michael agreed, reaching for Jake’s buckle. “That’s a great idea.”

“No, Mickey…” Davey glanced back at him, shaking his head. “Don’t.”

Michael heard the concern in Davey’s tone and climbed off Jake.

“I’m sorry… Jake,” Davey said, leaning over Jake apologetically.

Surprised by the reprieve, Jake studied Davey’s face. And it struck him that there might be depths to Davey.

Jake smiled gratefully, and Davey grinned, glad that Jake was OK.

And then Davey’s happy blue eyes made Jake feel happy.

Kneeling beside him, Michael nudged Jake’s arm with a bemused smile. “He does that to me all the time,” he said.

Jake glanced at him, not comprehending.

“That smile,” Michael explained, nodding at Davey. “He does that and you just feel good all over.”

Jake laughed and nodded in agreement.

Davey smiled wider, sitting back on Jake’s stomach.

“Do it to me,” Hudson said with a twinkle in his eye. “I’d like to feel good all over.”

“Baby,” Jake howled, “believe me; you feel good all over.”

. . . . .

Michael, dressed, was in the bathroom combing his hair. He couldn’t help smiling, remembering the effect of Davey’s smile on Jake. Davey was a wonder.

Just then, Davey came in and patted Michael’s butt as he stepped past to the john. If Michael hadn’t just done the same, he would have taken a whiz with Davey. Instead, he watched him, as Davey pissed hands free and yawned.

When Davey washed his hands, Michael grabbed a towel, and as Davey turned for the rack, Michael caught his hands in the towel. Davey smiled in surprise.

“Davey,” Michael said softly, carefully drying his hands. “I… I just wanted to say… well I’m not sure what, but just that… I don’t deserve you, Davey. I don’t deserve you, and I’m grateful for you.”

Davey grabbed Michael’s hands back through the towel and leaned his forehead against Mickey’s. “I told you that,” he answered softly. “I don’t deserve you.”

Davey pulled a hand from the towel and put it behind Michael’s neck. He pulled, and when Michael’s mouth came forward, he brushed Michael’s lips with his own. “I love you Mickey,” he whispered, “and it makes me feel that way, too.”

. . . . .

As Davey slid in beside Michael across the booth, Hudson scooted in beside Jake and sat close enough for their legs to rest together. He wanted to be close to Jake; Jake was his lover.

Hudson toyed with that idea, of Jake being his lover. On the one hand, he knew that Jake didn’t think of him as a boyfriend. But on the other hand, he had shared an intimacy with Jake that he had dreamed of sharing with someone special; and Jake was special. He was tender; he was caring; he was smart; he was cute. Hudson remembered the softness of Jake’s skin and the press of his body. He had a sudden desire to hold Jake’s erection again, to feel Jake’s breath on his skin, to feel Jake’s desire.

He felt flushed and his pants grew tight in the crotch. He watched as Jake studied the menu, and didn’t try to hide his watching. He was tempted to touch the wisp of hair that fell beside Jake’s ear. He looked for an actual sideburn but the only whiskers he could find were at the tip of Jake’s chin. He wanted to stroke Jake’s face. “Do you ever shave?” he asked before he realized he was asking out loud.

Jake looked up surprised, and laughed. “Not much. I’ve got a lot of Cherokee in me.”

Hudson glanced around. No one was looking, so he stroked Jake’s smooth chin.

Jake smiled. “You don’t look like you shave much yourself.”

“Yeah,” Hudson said. “I do.”

Jake rubbed his jaw. “Yeah, I guess so. Come to think of it, I think I have some beard burn.” He winked at Hudson. Then noticed Davey grinning at them.

“It amazes me,” Jake said to Davey, “that you two don’t have beard burns all over – the way you sleep.”

Michael raised his eyes from the menu. “Just where do you think we put our faces when we sleep?” he asked with a cocked eyebrow.

Jake shook his head. “I don’t know how you guys sleep like that. I mean, like last night… you were sleeping right on top of Davey.”

Michael and Davey grinned at each other. “I like him to sleep on me,” Davey said. “And he likes it, too.”

“That was crazy enough,” Jake said, “but that wasn’t all.” He described the way Davey rolled them both to the side and the way they so quickly rearranged and continued sleeping.”

Michael laughed. “Well I did notice the first time or two he threw me around in my sleep.” He elbowed Davey.

“We snuggle,” Davey said.

“Hell,” Michael said, “we’ve always been real comfortable with each other. And lately, since we’ve been sleeping together every night… well the other night, we even woke up frotting each other.”

The waitress arrived at the table to hear the last phrase and raised her eyebrows.

. . . . .

Blair woke to the sounds of Mitch and Tyler in a sixty-nine. He looked to make sure that’s what it was, and then rolled away. They could have waken me up, too, he thought.

Maybe he should have gone with Geoff and Troy the night before. At least he wouldn’t be odd-man-out. He would have had two guys focused on him. Or he could have gone with his folks to New York. He could have stayed home in California. But he had always stuck with Tyler. They were buddies; buddies evidently, only up to a point.

The sounds of their sex annoyed him, partly because the sounds excited him, and he was left out. He sat up, scratching his head. He needed to hit the john, and took his time. Even through the closed door, he could hear moans and a small cry.

When he came out of the john, they were quiet; resting beside each other, their cocks still wet.

Blair didn’t bother to get back into bed. Instead, he pulled on his clothes and started to tie his shoes.

“Where are you going?” Tyler asked.

Blair shrugged. “Maybe for a walk. Maybe to get some coffee.”

“Want me to come, too?”

Mitch stirred and looked at his watch. “I gotta think about heading home. My mom’s fixing a big New Year’s meal. You guys want to come?”

Blair shook his head. “Jake’s grandmother is expecting us.”

Tyler scratched his cheek. “I don’t know, Blair. Jake and Brandon will be there and who knows what other relatives or friends Jake’s gonna have there. It might be nice to go with Mitch.”

Blair bit his lip. He didn’t want to go to Mitch’s and be left out there as well. But he also wanted Tyler with him. “No,” he said, shaking his head. “I think we need to go back.”

“We might be able to sneak back to my room or something… after dinner,” Mitch offered hopefully. “You guys can teach me some more stuff.”

“I’ll stay with Mitch,” Tyler said. “We can drop you back over at Rose’s. But why don’t you call Jake at his grandmother’s and see if anyone else is on this side of town. Maybe we could just drop you off with them.”

Blair frowned. Then strode to the phone.

. . . . .

Brandon sat up, rubbing his eyes. Ethan threw an arm over his lap. “Go back to sleep, Sugar,” Ethan told him. “We don’t have to get up yet.”

Brandon patted Ethan’s butt, and was surprised once again at its firmness. “I’ll rest some more in a second. I just need to use your phone to call my friends to tell them that I’ll be here today.”

“Use the phone in here,” Ethan told him. “There, on the vanity.”

Ethan watched as Brandon picked up the phone and sat back down on the edge of the bed to use it. When Brandon bent over to fish the phone number out of his pants, muscles in his back ridged and flexed. Ethan ran his hands over them appreciatively and liked the whiteness of Brandon’s flesh under the darkness of his hand.

He sat up behind Brandon as he began to dial, and wrapped an arm around Brandon’s chest. With a sigh, Ethan rested his head on Brandon’s back. The guy was all bone and muscle; a body as hard as his own. Sex with another hard body was always hot, but Brandon was beyond hot.

“Hello, Rose?” Brandon said.

Ethan reached around to stroke the inside of Brandon’s thigh.

Brandon jumped and Ethan chuckled.

“Rose, this is Brandon,” he said, grabbing Ethan’s forearm to hold him still.

Ethan chuckled.

“Can I speak with Jake?”

Ethan scooted up and reached around with his other hand into Brandon’s lap, where he lifted Brandon’s cock.

“Oh… I… uh… hold on,” Brandon said, and covered the mouthpiece. “Ethan, man, it’s his grandma… give me a break, here.”

Brandon returned the phone to his ear. “Well when do you think he’ll be back?”

Ethan scooted around again, and this time, quickly buried his head in Brandon’s lap.

“Geez, I… uh… sorry, Rose. I just…”

Ethan’s lips closed over the glans of Brandon’s flaccid cock and he sucked it up like a string of spaghetti.

“Oh, sh… I… um… Rose, I’m sorry. I called to say…” Brandon squirmed, but Ethan wrapped an arm around his waist and held him firmly while he sucked.

“… I needed to tell you that I won’t be there today. I met a friend and … oh… and… I’ll be back later this afternoon. Tell Jake I’ll give him a call. OK? Thanks. Bye.” He quickly hung up the phone.

Ethan wasn’t chuckling any more, and Brandon wasn’t flaccid.

. . . . .

When Blair didn’t find Jake at his grandmother’s, he waited to make his next call until Tyler and Mitch were in the shower. Then he called the number Geoff had given him.

“Hi, Geoff, this is Blair. We met last night.”

“Hey, guy, Happy New Year. We missed you last night.”

“Yeah,” he lowered his voice “I should’ve gone with you Geoff. But look, could you maybe give me a ride somewhere?”

“Sure. Where do you need to go?”

Blair gave him the gist of the situation and explained that he needed to get back to Rose’s house.

“You know,” Geoff suggested, “you could stay with me today. My family would enjoy an extra guest. And we’re close by. Then maybe later you and I can go over to Troy’s and do something… you know, go somewhere.”

. . . . .

Jake was away from the table for a while, and when he returned from using the phone, he wore a frown.

“What’s the matter?” Michael asked.

Jake plopped down next to Hudson. “Tyler is gonna stay today with that guy he and Blair picked up last night. Blair is going to stay with that Geoff guy. And Brandon’s staying with that guy he left with.” He leaned his head back. “Screw ‘em!”

“Was your grandmother expecting them all for New Year’s dinner?” Michael asked, concerned.

Jake nodded. What he didn’t say was how disappointed he was, personally.

“So is it going to be just you and your grandmother?”

“Yeah,” Jake said with a sigh. “I better get on back.”

“We’d go with you,” Michael offered. “It’s just that my mom is expecting us.”

“I can go,” Hudson said. “I’ll go with you. My folks will be cool with it. Just take me by my house a few minutes… hey, can I bring my guitar?”

Jake was going to decline the offer. He suspected Hudson simply felt sorry for him. But the offer to bring the guitar was cool. “Yeah, Babe. That’d be great.”

As he paid the bill, Michael and Davey huddled together whispering. Then they pulled Jake and Hudson to one side and Michael held up an electronic key. “We’re going to leave this with Hudson,” he said. “It’s the key to our office. It will get you in the building’s main door and the door to our office… just in case the two of you get an opportunity to get together again… but just the two of you, OK? Nobody else. And we’ll get the key back from Hudson when we come back from Chicago.”

Hudson’s eyes lit up as he reached for the key. For a moment, Jake worried about disappointing him. But then he thought about Brandon staying away for the day. And Hudson was sweet. Jake gave him an encouraging smile.

“Hey,” Michael heard Hudson ask as they left, “you wanna catch a flick later?”

. . . . .

Michael and Davey made it home in time to wish Amy and Little David a Happy New Year before they left for Amy’s parent’s house. Michael cradled Little David closely. He was sure that Amy would be moving home soon.

And then they were gone, and Michael began a series of New Year’s phone calls. First he called Ed Armstrong, their company president. He and his family had left to ski in Colorado the morning after the basketball game. Michael found them at their condo.

“Happy New Year to you too, Michael!” he replied. “It’s going to be a great year. Just wait and see.”

“No waiting,” Michael said. “We’re going to do it.”

Then he called Fred Roche, their head of security. “You want this year to be quiet and normal?” Fred asked. “Then no screwing in the bushes for you two. Behave yourselves.”

Michael grinned, wondering what Fred would have thought of the previous evening.

He called his favorite teacher, Mr. Weisheimer. Then he called Ruth Jameson, their chief financial officer. He called Dr. Meyers, their head of sales and marketing, and the one who talked them into the business.

“It’s going to be an incredible year,” Dr. Meyers assured him. “Lots of government contracts.”

He called his Grandpa, but kept it short since he would see him the next day.

And then he called Larice, the girl who he was sure would beat him out for valedictorian next year. She was pretty, as well as smart, with ebony skin and full lips. And she had a crush on Davey since they began high school together. Back then, she and Davey had even dated.

“I wanted to wish you a Happy New Year before Davey does,” Michael explained. “Davey will talk for a long time. He’s probably going to bore you with how great things have been for us since we promised each other. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Michael, hasn’t he told you that I encouraged him to go through with it. He was afraid you’d turn him down. Well maybe not turn him down. But he was scared.”

“You and Amy encouraged him?” Michael asked.

“Well Amy wasn’t as convinced. You’re going to have to give her some time, Michael. She’s not only skeptical, but also she hates to see you… ineligible, for the rest of your life.”

“What about you, Larice. Are you skeptical?”

There was a moment’s pause. “No, I’m not. Not any more than I would be for any couple, and maybe less. If two guys can ever pull off being married, it will be you and Davey.

“I am going to marry him,” Michael said. “I told him that on my twenty-first birthday, I’m going to marry him.”

“Michael,” she said. “After what you promised each other, you virtually are married.”

“Yeah,” he said. “And it’s awesome.”

. . . . .

After dinner with Ethan’s mom, the bowl games put them in the mood to get out and toss a football. Ethan passed well, and Brandon had good hands. “A black quarterback and a white receiver,” Ethan quipped. We’re breaking all the rules.”

Others on the block joined them and before long, they had a pick up game.

Brandon might have been uncomfortable, being the only white guy, but Ethan was kidded so much about being the block fag, that being white didn’t seem to be much of an issue.

They had started the day late, and Brandon lost track of the time. It was late when Ethan drove him across town to Rose’s house.

“Come on in,” Brandon insisted as they pulled up to the house. “I want you to meet Jake… and Blair and Tyler.”

Ethan followed, just as glad that he didn’t need to say goodbye yet.

Rose’s attitude was icy as she let them in. “Jake’s not here,” she said. “He went to the movies with that other boy. He said he’d be back late.”

“Which other boy?” Brandon asked. “Blair? Tyler?”

“No. Hudson. That other redhead,” she said, sitting back down in her chair in front of the TV. She frowned up at Brandon. “We had a lot of food.”

Brandon tried a smile. “I’m surprised Blair didn’t eat it all.”

She shook her head and turned her frown to the TV. “Jake was the only one here. Him and Hudson.”

“Oh, Rose,” Brandon said, moving closer. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know the other guys weren’t going to be here either.”

Rose wouldn’t look up at him.

Brandon sat down and nodded Ethan toward another chair. “What did ya’ll have to eat?” Brandon asked.

Rose’s frown deepened.

“I’m asking,” he said, “because I’m hungry. We didn’t have that much to eat. You hungry too, Ethan?” Brandon asked, hoping Ethan wouldn’t comment on the huge dinner his mom had fixed them.

“You bet!” Ethan said, with a wink at Brandon that Rose couldn’t see.

After serving them supper, Rose began to thaw. When she found out that Ethan was also from San Antonio, she told them about how San Antonio used to be when she was young, the places they went to dance and party, the places they used to eat.

And then Rose asked about them, and surprisingly showed the most interest when she found out that Ethan was a dancer. “You wear those tight pants… those tights?”

Ethan chuckled. “Yeah. And I look good in them.”

Rose smiled and leaned toward them confidentially. “I watch ballet on PBS. Don’t tell Jake or my kids. They’ll think I’m a crazy old lady. But I like ballet.” Then she scooted toward them and lowered her voice. “When I was a little girl, I dreamed about being a dancer when I grew up.”

“Well, Mama,” Ethan said, standing up and holding out his hand. “You’re grown up now. You have any music around here?”

. . . . .

The theater had the new kind of stadium seating, and as soon as it was dark, Hudson put the armrest back from between Jake and himself. He rested his hand on Jake’s thigh and when the movie grew boring, he spent the time moving his hand around in Jake’s lap. When he had Jake good and hard, he leaned close. “I want to try oral next,” he whispered.

Jake smiled at his enthusiasm. And it made him damned hot. “You have the office key?” he asked.

. . . . .

They were side-by-side in a line, arms behind each other’s backs, Ethan, Rose, and Brandon. Ethan had taught them the Cotton Eye Joe, and a couple of variations of the Texas Two Step.

Rose grinned up at her two tall dance partners. It hadn’t been a bad day after all. She liked Hudson’s guitar playing. And she hadn’t danced in years.

“Now, I’ll teach you,” Rose said. She stepped over to the small cassette player beside the TV and changed the music to an old-fashioned Mexican polka.

. . . . .

The two of them stood naked and erect in front of each other. Jake took hold of Hudson’s cock and Hudson took his. They stroked, looking down between them.

“Jake?” Hudson asked quietly.


“Is it OK if I fall in love with you?”

Jake smiled, looped his free arm over Hudson’s shoulders, and pressed his cheek to Hudson’s. “Hudson, babe, you’re incredible. You can fall in love with me anytime you want and I’ll enjoy it while I can, because sooner or later baby, you’re going to latch onto somebody really hot. And that’s because, Baby,” he said, kissing Hudson’s cheek, “you’re damn hot yourself.”

Hudson sighed. “Any chance you could ever fall in love with me?”

Jake released Hudson’s cock and taking the sides of Hudson’s head in his hands, Jake kissed him firmly. Hudson kissed back, his hands finding Jake’s waist. Jake slid his arms around Hudson’s shoulders. And they tightened the embrace and kissed until they broke for air.

“Hudson,” Jake whispered. “It’s just a little soon for me. I’ve been loving someone else.”

Hudson nodded and hung his head.

Jake backed him to the couch and laid Hudson back on it. Then he lowered himself down into Hudson’s open arms. “Tonight,” he said, “don’t worry about being in love; let’s just make love.” He kissed Hudson, and then stopped. “You know,” Jake said. “It’s been special for me too. I think we’re going to have something together, you and me, for a long time.”

“Yeah,” Hudson agreed. “For a long time.”

. . . . .

They finished their pie and Rose carried their plates to the kitchen. “Come back home with me, Sugar,” Ethan urged, rubbing Brandon’s leg. “Even if they do come back tonight, they’re already together.” He leaned close to Brandon and rubbed his shoulder. “I might even let you sleep.”

Brandon laughed. “Only because you’re tired, yourself.”

“Sugar,” Ethan said. “With you in my bed, I’ll never be that tired.”

. . . . .

Ed had given one to each of them for Christmas, a slim leather attaché with “CB” embossed in gold near the handle. Into his, Michael had placed reading he needed to do for work, as well as a couple of books he wanted to read on the trip.

And now he examined several pictures of Little David, some with Amy, some with him, some with Davey, some with his mom. Before he put them into the attaché to take to Grandpa Bentolli, he sat on the bed and looked at them more slowly. Grandpa Bentolli would like his son.

. . . . .

Brandon stared out the passenger window as Ethan drove, watching the skyline through the misting rain.

“You sure that you two are just friends?” Ethan asked.

Brandon turned to him from the window and smiled sadly. “Yeah.” He turned back to the window. “But best friends. Special friends.”

“You wish you were with him?”

Brandon thought he should tell Ethan that, no, he was just as happy with him. But instead, he shrugged.

“Sugar,” Ethan said, reaching over to rub Brandon’s shoulder. “Can you have two special friends?”

Brandon grinned, nodding. “Yeah.” He reached over and patted Ethan’s leg. “That’d be cool,” he said, but in his heart, felt that there could only be one like Jake. He decided he needed to quit thinking about Jake.

They were passing Hemisphere plaza and the Tower of the Americas. “You ever eat up there?” Brandon asked, nodding toward the Tower.

“Never have,” Ethan said. “Want to tomorrow?”

. . . . .

“Brandon and Ethan stayed a long time,” Rose said. “They just left. The other two called, but when they found out that you weren’t here, they just said they’d call later… or tomorrow. It’s not right, Mee-hee. They’re supposed to be staying here. You’re supposed to be staying here.”

“It’s OK, Grandma,” he said into the phone, glancing at Hudson who sat naked on the office couch, playing the guitar softly. “I’ll check in again tomorrow.

Jake hung up, thinking about Brandon… and Ethan. It sounded like they were definitely together. He sighed and decided to quit thinking about Brandon, or Blair, or Tyler. Any of them. Hudson was fun to be with. He was sweet. And he was horny as a virgin on a honeymoon.

Jake rejoined him on the couch and Hudson backed into his lap. There he played his guitar for Jake and filled the office with music while Jake held him and stroked his hair.

. . . . .

Careful not to wake Davey, Michael slid out from under his arms and sat up. He pulled on boxers, and quietly stepped out to the living room where he lay down on the couch and turned on the TV using the remote control. He went from channel to channel, or more exactly, from commercial to commercial till he found an old sci-fi movie.

And then he heard their bedroom door open, and in a moment, Davey stood beside the couch. Michael slid over, backing into the couch, and Davey lay down on his back beside him. Michael held out his arm for Davey to lay his head on, and covered Davey’s boxers with a bent knee.

“Can’t sleep?” Davey asked.

“Yeah. Just thinking about a lot of things.”

“About seeing Grandpa Bentolli tomorrow?”

“It’s today, now,” Michael corrected. “And yeah.” He sighed deeply and Davey laid a hand on his chest as it heaved. “And I missed Little David today,” Michael continued. “And Amy. I’m going to miss them when she moves back to her house.”

“I’m going to miss them, too.”

Michael drew his fingers lightly up Davey’s belly several times until the muscles quivered. “You want me to come back to bed?” Michael asked.

“I can stay out here with you. You want me to rub your back?” Davey asked.

Michael looked into Davey’s heavy-lidded blue eyes and smiled. “You wouldn’t stay awake long enough.” Then he kissed each of Davey’s eyes and the eyes stayed closed after he kissed them.

“Have I told you,” Michael whispered, “that I’m desperately in love with you?”

Without opening his eyes, Davey smiled.

Geoff was an OK love maker, but once he came, he rolled to one side and was quickly asleep. That was fine with Blair. He liked Troy, who, when naked, had a slender, if somewhat skinny beauty. And the kid was hung.

He was a sweet lay, moving with Blair as Blair rode him, looking down into his eyes. And now he was a hot top, grinding deeply into Blair with his long cock, while holding Blair’s legs up with a hand behind each knee. But then he laid Blair’s legs out to the sides and lowered his torso down on to Blair’s stomach. “Can we go slow?” he asked in a whisper. “I like to go real slow.” And then he whispered more quietly. “And Geoff goes fast.”

Blair smiled, growing hard again, under Troy’s belly. “I like to go slow, too, especially like this. Let’s go real slow.”

Troy smiled gratefully, and then a hungry look passed over his face. The raw hunger of a fourteen, almost fifteen year old, hard, erect, in coitus.

It seemed a lot later, just after Blair came between their stomachs, when Troy pushed in deep and held it. And Blair felt Troy’s long cock throbbing inside. It was later enough, that they dozed off in each other’s arms, Blair’s legs relaxing out to their sides, even before Troy’s softened cock slipped out.

. . . . .

Next to him, on the floor, Hudson was watching an old movie on the TV, the only light in the dark office.
Jake rolled his head on their shared pillow and studied Hudson’s face in the bluish glare. Hudson’s fine features seemed feminine the first time they met. Maybe it was his imagination, but now, there seemed a more masculine cast to them. His fine eyebrows were redder than Brandon’s. His cheeks flushed red when he made love, and that was a little like Brandon. His lips had a natural pout that invited kissing, and his eyes were at once, vulnerable and yet intelligent. His body, though soft, was supple, and his skin, hairless and smooth.

He felt Jake’s eyes on him, and Hudson turned to him.

Jake moved up, putting a leg over Hudson’s middle, pressing his growing erection into Hudson’s side.

Hudson smiled.

“Baby…” Jake said, tweaking one of Hudson’s nipples. “I was thinking. You know how you talked about how you feel about me?

Hudson nodded.

“Well, I have a friend… well two friends. And once they were going to be together for ten days, and even though they didn’t plan on being boyfriends, they promised each other that for those ten days, they would be boyfriends, and that they would only belong to each other. And I was thinking,” Jake said, drawing a finger around the areole of Hudson’s nipple, “that I’m going to be here three more days….”

Hudson rolled up, throwing his arms around Jake. He pulled him tight and kissed him hard. “Even if it’s only three days…” he said, then kissed Jake hard again. “I love you, Jake,” he whispered. “I really, really, really love you!”

Jake chuckled as Hudson squeezed his neck and pressed his naked body to Jake’s. “I’ve never had a boyfriend,” Hudson whispered.

“Neither have I, Baby,” Jake said. “You’re my first, too.”

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