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CHAPTER 12b -- NBase, cont.

The next morning I woke early again, spooned with Davey. The room was cool and the sheets were soft against my skin. I snuggled even closer to him, my morning erection comfortably lying in his crack.

When I did, Davey stirred and when he felt my cock, he wiggled back against me. Moaning comfortably, he pulled my arms even tighter around him, and we tried to sleep more. But a two-hour time difference is not accommodated to in just one night. We soon woke again.

I kissed the back of his neck. “You ready to order breakfast?” I asked. “Remember, Martha said we could use room service again.”

He loosened one of my arms from around his chest and moved my hand down to his hard cock. “Or,” I said, taking hold of it, “we could skip breakfast and go for something meatier.”

“Sausage,” Davey said with a giggle.

I kissed the back of his neck again and rubbed my cock up and down his crack. He pushed his butt back against me.

Leaning back so that my cock stayed pressed in his crack, I managed to reach some lotion on the nightstand where I’d put it. Kissing his neck again, I rubbed lotion into his butt crack and pressed a finger into his hole. And then, using more lotion, I gently guided myself in.

His muscles gripped me tightly as I slid in and felt his welcome warmth. I pushed in until his firm butt filled my lap and then I reached over his side. With the lotion still left in my hand, I took hold of his cock.

I moved lovingly in him as I first kissed his neck, then behind his ear and onto the nape of his neck. I realized that I enjoyed kissing and using my mouth on his neck almost as much as I enjoyed the sensations at the other end of our bodies.

But then, I knew what Davey liked too. Smoothing lotion over his cockhead, I fondled and stroked him, cupping his body with mine. And slowly, gently, our hips began to move in unison — back and forth, to and fro, like waves on the ocean.

I left off stroking him long enough to rub his balls and massage between his legs, while holding his shoulder with my other hand. I loved his equipment. I loved how he was made. Davey moaned and reached back with a hand to grab my butt. I leaned forward to kiss his cheek and Davey turned his mouth to mine.

When I resumed stroking him, Davey began the whimpering that always signaled that he was about to cum. I pushed all the way in and held it while I stroked his cock, knowing he liked me to be deep inside him when he came. I moved my hand faster, at just the speed and stroke-length he liked, and when he came, his butt clenched my cock like a vise. He spasmed once, twice, then leaned back against me with a final whimper.

As he finished, and I’d gently stroked the last drop of cum from his cock, Davey reached behind, grabbed my butt again, and pulled me with him as he rolled onto his stomach. He knew that one of my favorite ways to finish off was with him on his stomach and me on top. His butt always felt so damn good under me.

I stayed in him and gently kneaded his shoulders and neck with my hands while I ground my hips into him. He purred like a kitten as I massaged him, and his muscles began to relax under me. Meanwhile, my hips picked up the pace, grinding into him at the end of each thrust. When I came, I pushed in deeply, my cock throbbing until I was dry.

After my orgasm ended, I stayed in him and lazily ground myself on his butt, then gave his legs a squeeze between mine. I kissed behind his ear. “Davey?” I whispered. “Do you ever get bored, you know… with the way we make love?”

He let out a long sigh of contentment. “You’re funny… Mickey. You know what I… like. You always make me feel… good. Real good.” He squeezed his butt on my softening cock and I pulled out of him, letting my cock fall between his legs.

“You sure?” I asked, afraid of how he really felt. I was worried because knowing each other the way we did, our lovemaking had fallen into a comfortable pattern. I didn’t like to think about it, but I was nervous that maybe Geoff had shown Davey a lot more sexual variety.

I massaged his shoulder and nuzzled his hair. “Cause if you ever want to do anything different… you know, anything special – I’ll do it. Anything to take care of you, Davey.”

“OK,” he said, squirming comfortably under me.

I slid down just low enough to plant my lips between his shoulder blades and blow a raspberry against his skin. Davey bucked, and I fell off the bed laughing.

As I lay sprawled out on the floor, his bright blue eyes slowly appeared over the edge of the bed. Without seeing his mouth, I could tell he was smiling. I grinned up at him and put my hands behind my head. “You having fun?” I asked.

Davey bounded over the side of the bed and straddled my waist. “Yes!” he said and bounced his bottom on my belly.

“Whoa,” I said grabbing his waist.

He stopped bouncing and grinned down at me. “Are you happy… Mickey?”

“Davey,” I said, rubbing his legs, “if I got any happier, it’d hurt.”

When breakfast came, Davey and I were wearing two of the thick terry cloth bathrobes supplied with the room. The young room-service waiter smiled warmly, first at me and then at Davey, while I looked at the bill and calculated the twenty percent tip Martha said to add.

“HG?” Davey whispered.

“Oh, yeah,” I said. Then I extended the bill to the waiter, and without intending it, my bathrobe fell open. “Uh, can you tell me how to write down the tip?” I asked.

The room service waiter smiled, first at my open robe, then at the bill.

Over breakfast, I told Davey about an encryption security scheme I’d been thinking about. The visit to NBase had spawned a lot of thinking.

Davey patiently tried to follow as I sketched it all out on paper and walked him through what I’d been thinking.

“Do you understand what I want to do here?” I asked.

He nodded.

“Any ideas?”

He shrugged. “I have to… to think about it,” he said. He stared at the paper. I knew it sometimes took him a day or two, but hoped he’d come up with something. I wasn’t satisfied with what I’d created so far.

I could almost see the gears turning in his head. “Just don’t think too hard,” I said, and mussed his hair.

He grinned, and scooped up another bite of scrambled eggs.

* * * * *

Martha had us at the front gates by the time Disneyland opened. She took us through a VIP entrance. Once in, she handed us each a paper wallet. “There’s two hundred dollars for each of you.”

“Money?” Davey asked.

“Spending money,” she explained. “Now do you boys want me to show you around the park, or shall we meet later?”

“We’ll be OK,” I said, looking past her to the Cinderella Castle in the distance. “We can spend the whole day here?” I asked.

“Sure, if you want? When do you want to meet?”

“Tomorrow,” Davey said.

Martha smiled and tugged the bills down on our two black NBase caps. Davey looked cool as hell in his, the way his pale hair fanned out from under the cap.

“I’ll tell you what,” she said conspiratorially. “A lot of parents just drop kids your age off for the day. They aren’t supposed to, of course, but they do. I can leave you guys and come back around nine tonight. We can meet right here.”

“Goofy Gate B,” said Davey, reading off a nearby sign.

“Goofy Gate B it is,” she said. She handed us each a business card. “Here are my phone numbers if you want me to come earlier or if you need me for anything. Don’t lose the card, and don’t lose your spending money. You boys have fun, and I’ll see you later.”

Davey and I were already looking at the park maps, and headed off to the tram that took us to the main gate.

“The Happiest Place on Earth,” read the sign at the gate. I looked at Davey and thought, yeah!

Disneyland had lush, geometric, and finely manicured landscaping, much more formal than was common in Texas. In fact, I had seen great landscaping everywhere we’d been in Southern California, and I noticed that Davey seemed to take an interest in it.

As we made our way through Fantasyland, he stopped next to a bed layered with flowering plants rising back to a well-trimmed hedge. His eye traveled over the various plants.

“Pretty, isn’t it?” I asked.

He nodded. “When we get home… Mickey, I want… I want to fix up… my yard.”

“OK. I’ll help you. And you can help me fix up mine. OK? I mean, it’s not like we have to do other people’s yards anymore.”

He looked up at me and grinned. “Yeah!”

When you’re with your best bud, there’s something special about sitting, sides pressed together, on a rollercoaster like Space Mountain; or together in a submarine underwater; or in a tea-cup, squished to the side.

We ran from ride to ride throughout the morning. While on the Jungle Cruise, moving down what looked like the Congo River, we suddenly realized we were starving. The boat guide kept his eyes on us, smiling every time he caught our eye. Davey leaned toward me. “HG,” we said at exactly the same time and collapsed against each other, laughing.

After the ride we looked for food, and that’s when we saw them; two guys our age with shoulder length hair. The taller one was blond, a lanky sort of guy. The shorter one looked to be almost a head shorter than me, but he fascinated me. Besides having thick sun-streaked brown hair, he had very fine, masculine features and a tight, muscular body, almost like a gymnast’s. I was struck by a brief mental image of that smaller body all folded up and wrapped in mine, with my dick deep in that tight butt. My cock stirred, so I hurriedly banished that thought.

They saw us too, and we began drifting toward each other. “HG?” I asked Davey under my breath.

“Yeah. Maybe,” he said. “And cute.”

I put my arm around Davey’s shoulder and put my mouth to his ear. “Nobody’s as cute as you, Old Man. Especially naked.”

Davey laughed and laced his arm over my shoulder as well so that we walked hip to hip. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught the shorter guy smiling at us.

We all stopped at the same water fountain together. As Davey bent to drink, the shorter guy came up beside me and we checked each other out. His eyes were just a little large for his face, and a lustrous brown with gold flecks in the irises. He wore a single diamond stud in his left ear.

Hmmm, I thought, trying to remember the code Knox had told us about. A diamond stud in the left ear was a definite sign.

He grinned.

I grinned back. “Hi!” I said.

“Hi!” he answered. The other boy — the tall, lanky one who was even taller than me — smiled at me, too.

“My name’s Michael,” I said, extending my hand.

The shorter one was closer and took it. “I’m Tyler.”

He smiled and I admired his even, white teeth. I gave Tyler a warm handshake and held it just a little longer than I needed to. His smile spread even wider over his face.

Tyler had a good grip. Up close, I could see his hair was clean and all feathery, perfectly styled, almost like a male model. For his size, Tyler had wide shoulders and narrow hips. His hands were large and his jeans molded tightly over his well-rounded butt and full package.

“This is my friend Davey,” I said as Davey came up beside me. And then I extended my hand to the second guy. He shook it warmly and said, “Blair.” Blair’s hair was more golden blond than Davey’s and not as wispy-fine. Though his features weren’t as handsome as Tyler’s, he had a nice smile, and he was well built. He too, had a diamond stud in his left ear.

“You, ah, from around here?” Blair asked.

“No,” I said. “We’re from San Antonio.”

“Texas, hmmm?” asked Tyler, wiping off his mouth from the water fountain. “Are all Texas guys as hot as you two?”

My eyebrows shot up.

Davey smiled at me and mouthed, “HG.”

I mentally put the gaydar away. We’d hooked up. We all knew it. Tyler grinned and moved closer to me and Blair moved closer to Davey. They were locals and volunteered to be our guides.

First, we looked for food, and found an empty table for four at a Main Street stand that sold different types of gourmet hot dogs. We were busily stuffing our faces when suddenly Davey’s eyes opened wide and he looked at me, surprised. I wondered if Blair had goosed him. But Davey grabbed a couple of napkins and asked if any of us had a pencil.

A tourist lady with a large canvas bag sat behind us, and I asked if she had a pencil or pen that we could borrow. She did.

Quickly, Davey sketched on a napkin. “The encryption key,” he said, shoving the napkin toward me. “How’s this?”

On the napkin he’d drawn a portion of the scheme I’d described over breakfast that morning. However, in the middle, he had added two boxes, each with a ‘128’ written inside. What was significant was how he worked them into the flow and what they implied.

“Damn Davey,” I said thoughtfully. “It might require larger addressing, but it’d sure be bulletproof… and still be fast.”

That’s when I remembered our new friends. I looked up from the napkin to find them both staring at us.

Tyler glanced up at our NBase caps. “Are you guys like… uh, smart, or something?” he asked.

“Or something,” I laughed nervously. Taking a final look at the napkin, I began tearing it into little pieces.

Tyler frowned.

“Look guys,” I quickly said. “It’s no big deal, OK? I mean, we’re just like you guys. We’re just good at some computer stuff.”

They looked at us, skeptically. “They sure don’t look like nerds to me,” Blair said to Tyler.

Maybe we don’t have as much in common with these guys as we hoped, I thought. I finished tearing the napkin and pushed the pieces into a little pile. “Look, you guys don’t have to hang around with us if you don’t want to,” I said, a little annoyed. “Since we’re nerds and all.”

Tyler turned to Blair. “I don’t know,” he said. “Do you think they’ll mind hanging around with a couple of gays?”

Cute gays,” Davey corrected.

“Cute nerds,” Blair said, smiling at Davey.

“And well-hung,” Tyler pointed out.

“Definitely,” Blair agreed.

My face reddened. “How do you know that?” I asked.

They both gave me a “you’ve-got-to-be-kidding” look.

Tyler turned back to Blair. “They probably have good personalities.”

“Computer geeks? Ya think?” Blair asked.

“Well they really don’t look like geeks,” Tyler said. “One of them looks like what’s-his-name.”

“You mean he looks like…” Davey began, before I firmly clapped my hand over his mouth.

They both laughed as I pulled Davey’s head almost down into my lap, holding my hand firmly over his mouth.

Tyler grinned at me. “Guess you hear that a lot — that you look like Scott Baio.”

I let Davey go. “Only since I got this stupid haircut,” I said with a sigh.

They both studied the cut. Tyler, sitting next to me, reached a hand up either side of my head and smoothed my hair back. When he did, his face came close to mine, and I felt his warm breath. He glanced over my face and then his eyes settled on mine. “Yeah,” he said. “I can see how the haircut would kinda do it.” My heart beat faster.

Davey and Blair watched while Tyler held my gaze. Then Blair turned to Davey and smoothed his hair back just as Tyler had done mine. He looked into Davey’s eyes and shrugged. “I just felt like doin’ it, too.” They both chuckled while Tyler still held me with his eyes, his hands holding back my hair.

His face came even closer and I worried that people would stare. “You’re actually better-lookin’ than that TV guy, you know,” he said quietly. “Thinner face, more elegant features, hotter body, and man, those lips…” Our noses almost touched, and I held my breath.

The lady behind us made a grumbling noise and Tyler let go of my hair. Sitting back up, he gave me a wink. We handed the lady back her pen, then took off in the direction of the Haunted Mansion.

The guys weren’t at all subtle when we hit the rides. They paired us up — me with Tyler and Blair with Davey. We didn’t resist; I enjoyed being with Tyler. He was always smiling, just like Davey… well, maybe more of a grinner. I had never thought much about liking smaller guys, but somehow, I found his size damn hot.

His mouth was inviting to watch, and his leg was firm and warm where it rested against mine. At first, he just let his hand fall on my thigh a few times during the rides. When I didn’t object, he worked up to copping a feel on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Davey and Blair were right in front of us, but it was hard to tell if Blair was giving Davey the same treatment.

When I hit the john, Tyler was right beside me, at the next urinal. He was trying hard to see what I had, so I turned slightly towards him. He smiled and turned towards me. He was semi-hard and looked very well packaged for a little guy. Damn, I thought. It’s weird how Davey likes big muscular guys, and yet I like ‘em smaller… well, at least this particular smaller one – Tyler’.

It was late afternoon when Tyler pulled us aside out of foot traffic. “Hey, you guys wanna go get some food? We can pick up burgers and take them back to Blair’s house. He lives close by and his folks are out of town. We can eat… hang around for a bit. And then we can bring you guys back to meet your chaperon tonight by nine.”

I looked at Davey and he nodded encouragingly.

“Sure,” I said.

Tyler led us towards the exit gate that led to the parking lot, and Davey leaned close. “You said this morning… you wanted to try… something different… special,” he whispered in my ear, chuckling.

“I didn’t say I wanted that,” I whispered back. “I said if you wanted it.”

Davey nodded towards Tyler ahead of us and leaned close again. “I think you… want it.”

I swatted his butt.

We were all stamped on the way out. Tyler was parked close to the gate, and we were at Carl Jr’s in no time.

I was in the front seat with Tyler, and turned sideways so I could see Davey and Blair in the back. “Let me pay for it,” I offered. “Davey and I have some extra spending money for today.”

Tyler smiled and patted the inside of my thigh. “Sure, dude. Go for it!” He left his hand on my thigh. I liked Tyler. But it suddenly seemed a real possibility that this could lead to sex. I’d only had sex with Davey since the Geoff thing and only with him and Brandon before that. When I pulled out my money, I nervously shifted my leg from under his hand, wondering what we might have gotten ourselves into.

My pulse was racing, my face was hot, and my cock had been rock-hard for half the afternoon. But coming down to it, I wasn’t sure I wanted to have sex with him. I loved Davey.

But the more I thought about it -- friends like Knox and Brandon had told me to give Davey some breathing room. And Davey himself had said he would want sex with other guys. I felt like I had no choice.

We arrived at Blair’s folk’s house, which was a lavish ranch-style estate. Tyler saw my expression and laughed. “Blair’s family’s definitely got it made,” he said. “Wait’ll you see the pool in the back.”

As we ate in Blair’s kitchen, our conversation split into two pairs. Davey and Blair were chatting away when Tyler winked at me.

“C’mon, dude,” Tyler said, nodding with his chin. “I wanna show you something.”

I followed him out of the large kitchen and down a hall to a master bedroom that included a king-sized bed. The whole length of one side of the room was a closet with mirrored doors, while the opposite side of the room had large, glass sliding doors that opened out onto a private garden.

I followed Tyler in. “Cool, huh?” he asked, stepping up beside me.

I nodded. “Yeah. Don’t tell me this is Blair’s room.”

Tyler laughed and put his arm around my waist. “Nah, this is his folk’s room. But Blair and I sometimes get it on in here. We kinda like the mirrors.”

He turned his head toward me and I could feel his eyes on my neck.

“So,” I asked, a little nervously. “Are you and Blair, like, uh… boyfriends?”

He gently pulled me sideways to him and I felt his hardness against the side of my thigh. “More like fuck-buddies.” His hand dropped to my butt. “We get it on with other dudes, too. At least ones that are cool… like you and Davey.”

I looked down at him. His eyes were hungry and he reached up to kiss me. Moving in front of me, he put both arms around the small of my back and pulled me belly to belly with him.

My body began to respond, but I was uneasy. He pulled me harder to him and I could feel my cock harden against his belly. Suddenly, I felt a wave of panic. I needed to see Davey. I just had to see Davey!

I broke away. “Sorry,” I said, and I had trouble catching my breath. “I just… “

I half-stumbled from the room and headed back to the kitchen. Davey wasn’t there. Where was he? I hurried into the next room, which was the den. There, Davey and Blair were looking out through a sliding glass door onto the back yard. Davey turned to look at me.

“Hi,” I said, trying to regain my composure, “cool house — huh, Davey?” I tried to calm down; to catch my breath. Davey looked at my hands. I looked down to find them shaking and quickly stuffed them into my pockets.

Davey hurried over and put his arms around my shoulders. I shuddered, and he squeezed me tightly. Tyler came into the room, looking perplexed and a bit irritated.

“I’m… I’m really sorry,” I said. “I’m not sure why, but I…” I was taken aback by how I’d reacted, how I felt. I didn’t know what to say.

I looked from Tyler to Blair. Both their faces showed a little alarm, like they were wondering just what kind of kook they’d brought home.

“I’m sorry,” I said quietly. “I’ve just had a lot going on.” There was a sudden catch in my throat. I was so damned embarrassed.

Davey looked at Blair. “Mickey hasn’t been… the same since he got… beat up… real bad.”

They still looked perplexed.

And then I just needed to say it. I just needed to explain. I liked these guys, and I wanted them to like us. They were gay; maybe they could understand. I took a deep breath, and shuddered as I let it out. “I was… sorta… raped,” I said. “By a guy we knew at school. I guess I’m still having a little trouble getting over things.” I could feel my face reddening, and I let my head hang.

Tyler came up and took my hand. His forehead furrowed in concern. “Damn!” he exclaimed. “I’m really sorry, dude. Pretty bad, huh?”

“Sorta,” I said. “But, look — I’m alright. I’ll be fine. I’m not sure what happened just now.” I patted Davey’s arms around my shoulders. “But I feel fine. I just… as long as Davey is around, you know?” And for some reason, I desperately needed Davey with me just then.

Tyler nodded. Blair stepped up beside us and squeezed my shoulder. “Hey, dude,” he said softly. “Ya sure you’re OK?”

“Yeah. Sorry.”

Blair nodded towards Tyler. “Tyler gives great massages. I bet he can help you relax and feel good again.”

I glanced at Tyler and he smiled. “I’m good,” he said. “My brother is a masseur at a fancy health club. He taught me. Let me do you — no strings, OK?”

Davey released me and patted my butt. “Do it… Mickey.”

I looked at Tyler’s tight young body. It’d be nice to be rubbed down by him. “OK,” I said, and looked around. “Where?”

“Well, it’s better on a bed than the floor. C’mon.”

The four of us headed back toward Blair’s parents’ room. I took Davey’s hand, feeling like a jerk for getting so worked up, but I still gripped his hand tightly and fought the nervousness in my gut.

While I stood next to the bed, Tyler grabbed a towel from the john and threw it to me. Then he came over and pulled off my NBase cap. “Get undressed, dude. Can’t have clothes in the way.”

While I peeled off my shirt and jeans, Tyler and Blair slid down the bed covers and laid towels down over the bed to protect the sheets. They both looked over my body as I wrapped the towel around my waist and then pulled off my underwear.

“Damn,” Tyler said, approvingly. “You do weights?”

“Yeah,” I said. “Davey and I work out together.”

“Told ya,” snickered Blair.

I grinned. “Me and Davey are on a summer swim team, too.”

“Computer geeks, you’re not,” Tyler said. “Very hot. Okay, assume the position.”

I nodded and lay down on my stomach. Then I watched in the mirrors as Blair left the room and Tyler stripped down to his bikini briefs. He was tanned and tightly built, his leg hairs were all golden from the sun, and veins stood out on his forearms and neck. There was a sharp line down the center of his chest and stomach, and he had some nice definition — nothing as pronounced as Brandon’s, but definitely solid muscle.

He saw me watching him, and smiled.

Blair came back with a bottle of oil and handed it to Tyler. “Davey and I use to give each other rubdowns after running,” I said, to break the silence and ease my nerves.

“I bet you did,” Tyler said, reaching down to rub one of my calves. “I’d give you a rub down any day.”

“Mmmmm,” I murmured at the feel of his strong hands on my legs. We’d been walking around the theme park for most of the day, and I hadn’t realized how tired my legs were.

“Hey,” Blair suggested, “maybe Davey can do me while you do Michael. That way, you can show Davey what to do for Michael back home. OK?”

Tyler and Davey both glanced over at me and I nodded.

“Cool,” Tyler said.

I watched in the mirror as Davey and Blair undressed. I could tell Davey was already semi-hard under his boxers. Blair pulled off his underwear with a flourish, revealing that he was rock-hard and longer than average. He lay down face down beside me on the bed, naked, and gave me a wink as his face settled level with mine.

In the mirror, I saw Tyler look at his and Davey’s briefs. “This is gonna get a little oily,” he warned. “Better finish stripping.” They both pulled off their underwear, and both were hard. Tyler’s cock was as fat as Davey’s and longer. The foreskin was back, but he was definitely uncut.

Other than JO’s with Chase, Brandon was the only guy other than Davey whose cock I’d ever touched. I sure wanted to touch Tyler’s. By now, I was fully aroused and had to straighten my own cock underneath me.

Tyler tugged on my towel and I lifted my hips to let him slide it away. He climbed up to straddle my butt, then sat down so that his loose balls filled the hollow just under my ass and he laid his cock down in my crack. My nervousness began to evaporate. I liked the feel of Tyler on me.

“Of course,” he said, “a professional masseur never gets on the table with the client — well, not unless they’re invited,” he added with a laugh.

Davey climbed up on Blair and Blair sighed. Tyler paused for a moment and poured a little oil into Davey’s hands, and then into his own.

“That’s a cool necklace, Mickey,” Tyler observed, rubbing the oil around in his hands to warm it. “We should take you guys over to the mall. They’ve got some really cool jewelry for guys – necklaces and stuff.”

“I like this one,” I murmured. “It was a special gift.” I looked over at Davey who looked damned hot sitting there with his thick cock lying on Blair’s butt. “And it’s Michael,” I corrected. “Davey’s the only one who calls me Mickey.”

“It’s a rule,” Davey said and grinned at me. He wriggled his eyebrows and rubbed his dick up and down Blair’s crack. In the mirror, I caught Tyler’s eye. He smiled and nodded.

“That’s cool,” Tyler said, placing his hands on my back.

I sighed as Tyler began to work my muscles. But Tyler didn’t just massage; he started in with relaxation techniques. Using a soft and soothing voice, he began to give Blair and me instructions.

He told us to close our eyes and just listen to his voice. And then, using both his voice and his hands, he began to relax us, body part by body part.

He moved his hands to my neck. “OK — now let’s relax your neck. Feel the muscles in your neck. Concentrate on just feeling your neck muscles… feel my hands on your neck muscles… feel the muscles. Now, concentrate on relaxing those muscles. Let it all go. Reeee-laxxxxx. That’s good. Just relax your neck… relax your neck.”

His voice and hands were soothing. I felt all the stress of the last few days — my programming work back in Texas, the negotiations with Chang, my thoughts about Brandon — all begin to slip away. His fingers dug deeper into my muscles.

“That’s good, Michael,” he said. “Now, concentrate on feeling your shoulder muscles…“

Occasionally giving additional instructions to Davey about where and how to massage, Tyler worked his way down my neck and shoulders, and then my right arm, then the left. He worked down my back, butt, thighs, and calves. I lost all track of time. As he finished with my feet, he told me to relax my eyelids and mouth to complete the effect on my whole body.

Then he and Davey let us relax a few moments. I heard a kiss and peeked to see Tyler kissing Davey as they stroked each other at the foot of the bed. I’d gone all soft from being so relaxed, but began to stiffen again. I wanted to touch Tyler’s cock, too.

Tyler gave Davey’s butt a parting rub and then turned back to Blair and me. “OK, guys — roll onto your backs.”

We did, and I looked over to see Blair’s cock long and proud up his belly like mine. Blair reached out and took my hand. Our fingers intertwined.

Tyler and Davey began working back up our bodies starting with our feet. They laboriously worked up our legs and hips, straddling our legs as they worked higher. Tyler had us close our eyes and relax as his fingers danced lightly around my pubes and over my lower belly. He avoided touching my erection directly, but I sucked in my breath as he occasionally let his fingers stray close to the area. I wanted him to touch me there, but kept quiet.

As he moved higher, he used more pressure until he rubbed my pecs with real force. Then he ran his forefingers lightly around my nipples until they became hard and erect. I squirmed with pleasure under him as he rubbed my nipple tips back and forth between his fingers. “That’s one of Blair’s favorites,” he whispered.

He slid forward until our scrotums pressed comfortably together and the underside of his cock rested on the underside of mine. I gasped faintly, at the pleasure of it.

Finally, Tyler’s cock was within reach, and I couldn’t resist — I took hold of it. Even after all the times I’d held Davey’s cock, and Brandon’s, it was still exciting to hold Tyler’s. It was thick and had an upward curve, and it was rock hard. I held his cock against my longer one. He was beautiful, sitting naked on me. Despite his relaxation techniques, my heart began to race.

He smiled down at me when he felt my hand take his cock. “Close your eyes,” he said. “And relax. Take deep breaths, and just feel.”

I smiled. “Oh. I’m definitely feeling.”

“Shush,” he said as he ran his hands onto my shoulders, and then gently rubbed my upper chest. He leaned forward so that his belly pressed our cocks together, and he ran his hands under the back of my head — rubbing, caressing, kneading the muscles.

I could feel his breath on my face and smell its sweetness as Tyler laid his chest down on mine, the light film of oil pressing between our skin. He ran his fingers into my hair and massaged my scalp. I felt his lips touch down softly on mine, and he kissed me gently, letting his lips linger as he worked his fingers deeper.

He rubbed my scalp firmly with both hands, and then sucked in my upper lip, massaging it between his own lips. He did the same with my lower lip. Then he ran his tongue around in a circle over my mouth as he began to grind his pelvis on mine.

I ground back.

Taking his hands from my scalp he ran his arms under my shoulders. His mouth opened wider and his tongue descended into my mouth and we began to grind harder against each other.

Wrapping my arms over his back, I snuck open my eyes. Tyler’s were closed. To the side, I saw Davey and Blair doing the same as us. Tyler moaned and I closed my eyes, sliding my hands down to his butt.

Tyler moved his mouth to my ear. “Let me fuck you,” he whispered.

“Do you have a condom?” I asked.

“No problem.”

Tyler climbed up off me, and left the room, cock wagging. I turned to watch Davey and Blair frotting. They were really getting into it. For a brief moment, I felt a pang of jealousy because frotting was something that both Davey and I loved to do… together.

Blair had pulled his legs up, planting his feet on the bed so he could leverage his hips up to meet Davey’s thrusts. His long legs were muscular and smooth. Around their kissing faces, their hair was mixed all white and gold. Watching Davey making love to Blair wasn’t easy, partly because they looked so hot.

But then Tyler came in, deftly rolling the condom down his dick with one hand while carrying a box of condoms with the other. He stroked himself at the foot of the bed and I felt a drop of precum ooze out of my cock.

I spread my legs and he climbed up on his knees between them. Davey turned to watch as Tyler moved forward.

Reaching into the box, Tyler fished out a condom and tossed it to Davey. Davey knelt up between Blair’s legs and quickly rolled it on. Blair reached over and took my hand again. We looked at each other and he smiled.

His voice seemed loud after all the silence and soft moans. “Davey is one hot dude,” he said grinning.

“Yeah,” I agreed, looking at Davey, who was moving up between Blair’s legs with an intense look. Davey glanced at me and smiled distractedly, then returned his concentration to Blair.

“But you’re damned hot too,” Blair said, throatily.

Tyler pushed my legs up and I turned back to watch. His eyes locked on mine as he found my hole and pushed in. I sucked in my breath. The oil on his hands had done a good job of lubing the condom, and he slid in easily.

He dropped his body down on mine and I would have wrapped my arms over him, but Blair gripped my hand harder as Davey entered him. So our hands stayed linked, and I threw only my free arm over Tyler’s back.

Tyler spread his legs under the back of my thighs to help me keep mine up and wide. He grabbed hold of my shoulders and kissed slowly and thoroughly all over my neck and throat as he began to pump firmly in and out of me.

I was still pretty relaxed from the massage and enjoyed letting him do most of the work. The press of his belly against my cock each time he pulled back from his thrust was pleasant and stimulating. I moved my hand to the small of his back to pull him tighter as I began to press my cock up against him, matching his movements.

Blair’s fingers tightened and danced around in my other hand as Tyler’s leaned forward to kiss. I lifted my head and he stretched forward so we our lips could meet. With the height difference, it was a little bit of a strain and we didn’t hold the kiss long. His lips left mine and he buried his face into my neck and chest, groaning.

Before long, his thrusts became faster, his breathing more forced. Sweat started to mix with oil between our bodies, and I tightened my gut to pull my butt up to meet his every thrust. Suddenly, Tyler pumped frantically and cried out. I clamped down on him with my insides until he slowed.

Then Tyler collapsed onto me and rested while his breathing slowly returned to normal. I gripped Blair’s hand, watching as Davey fucked him with long, firm strokes. Davey’s slim body, bending at the waist each time he thrust his pelvis forward, was all fluid and hot. If he looks that hot fucking me, I thought, I definitely want a mirror back home!

Davey began to whimper, and then he arched his back and froze, buried deep in Blair. His butt and leg muscles tensed as he came, over and over again.

Meanwhile, Tyler pulled out, and slid down my body, taking my painfully hard cock into his mouth, and still, I held Blair’s hand. Davey pulled out of Blair and slid down his body just as Tyler had mine. I watched Blair’s eyes momentarily close as Davey’s mouth descended on his cock.

Then Blair looked at me, his eyes seeking mine, and we slid closer until we could press our lips together. His mouth was warm. It was funny, but I recognized Davey’s taste in his mouth.

Tyler climbed up against me on my other side. I looked back at him, and found him holding a condom in front of my face. “Your turn, dude,” he said, smiling quietly.

I took the condom and rolled it on while Tyler got onto his back and spread his legs invitingly. Crawling up between them, I held them high with a hand to the back of each of his thighs and found his entrance with my cock. With a small grunt, I pushed in slowly.

His face grimaced momentarily, and then his eyes opened and he smiled at me. He moved his hips in little circles as I pushed in, sliding himself down onto me. When I was all the way in, Tyler made the circles bigger, and it felt great.

I grabbed him by the hips and rose up on my knees, holding his bottom against me and grinding into him so that his butt stretched the skin of my cock back tightly. Tyler smiled and put his hands behind his head, looking almost relaxed. But then his smile turned sassy and he rolled his hips with me, matching the timing of my thrusts.

I watched the play of his muscles working in his stomach and torso; he was doing me as much as I was doing him.

“Oh, yeah,” he said, grinning. “Fuck me, Texas boy! Let me feel that big dick deep in my hot hole… that’s right. Let me feel that big cock sliding in.”

It almost threw me. Davey and I never talked like that while making love. It didn’t particularly turn me on, but Tyler seemed to enjoy it, and it didn’t turn me off. He watched my eyes while he continued to pour out a stream of verbal encouragement. I couldn’t help smiling; it was almost funny. When he saw the smile, Tyler laughed and held up his arms, open and inviting. I lay down between them and tucked his smaller body in mine. Because of our height difference, I looked directly down into his face and liked the fit.

He took my head into his hands, running his fingers into my hair and pulled my face to his. He was hot and evidently liked getting fucked. His kissing grew wilder, more insistent. Inside my mouth, his tongue was rough on mine. The action was almost hotter at our faces than it was at his butt. We were both moaners.

Then I felt a hand on my butt and looked in the mirror to see Davey on his side watching as Blair positioned himself behind me. Blair rolled on a condom and then moved forward on his knees. I paused for a moment as he held my hips tightly. He looked up at me in the mirror, expectantly, and I nodded. He placed his cock at my hole and tentatively pushed in.

Tyler and I watched in the mirror as Blair settled onto me and kissed the back of my neck, and then as Blair and I began a tandem thrusting. I turned away from watching the mirror to kiss Tyler, whose hungry mouth opened immediately to mine and whose dick had grown hard again beneath me.

It was a pleasurable cocoon — Tyler’s small body wrapped in mine and Blair’s lanky body warm against my back. It was all muscle and heat and pleasure. I supported some of Blair’s weight and Tyler writhed under me, driving himself onto my cock while he kissed me insatiably.

I could barely breathe. “Oh… wow!” I managed to gasp at one point. And I caught Davey watching the three of us with a frown. He glanced at me and clearly looked annoyed.

No wonder, I thought. Davey’s being left out. I looked down at Tyler’s glazed eyes. “No one’s taking care of Davey,” I said, and then caught Davey’s eye. “I’ll suck you, Old Man. Come over here.”

He just shook his head, but stroked himself. His gaze traveled down to where Blair was pumping in and out of me. He still frowned, but his eyes were glued to our joining.

How Davey felt would have worried me more, but the feelings were too intense to ignore. I put my mouth back onto Tyler’s and wrapped his writhing body more tightly in my arms. His butt was doing amazing things to my cock, even as Blair’s cock found all the right spots inside my own ass. I barely had to move between their two bodies.

And suddenly I was almost there. “Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah!” were the only words my mind could put together.

Realizing I was close, Tyler went crazy under me. He grabbed my back, and I could feel his fingernails digging in as he literally pumped his butt with me. Blair grunted and sped up his thrusts. The intensity of the double assault was incredible. I cried out as my orgasm began, and continued to cry out as my orgasm lasted much longer than normal — the pressure of the condom over my cock slowing the outflow of a particularly heavy ejaculation.

When I was finally done, I was completely exhausted, dripping in sweat. Tyler pulled my head back down and held me in a kiss while he rubbed his cock up against my belly.

Without missing a beat, Blair got up on his feet so that he was squatting behind me rather than kneeling, and he grabbed my shoulders as he pumped his hips. I broke from kissing Tyler long enough to see Davey frowning at me — frowning, even though he was still stroking. When I caught his eye, he got up from the bed and left.

Was he mad? Was he jealous? I thought he liked messing around!

And then Blair started coming, and my cock pounded Tyler’s hole because of all the bouncing. Blair let out a cry and banged my butt hard as he came.

Tyler’s rubbing against my belly became frantic. He whimpered, and I felt his cum splatter against my stomach.

The two of them slowed, and we collapsed into a panting, sweaty pile of three. I watched the flush begin to fade from Tyler’s face. His eyes opened and saw mine, and he pulled my head down so that his lips were at my ear.

“Feel better now?” he asked in a whisper. Then he kissed my cheek.

I nodded, smiling, dazed.

He swallowed hard. “Damn, Michael,” he said, taking a deep breath. “You Texas boys are really somethin’!”

Blair sighed contentedly and laid his head on the back of my neck. “Thanks, dude. That was… great.”

“Yeah, very hot,” I agreed. “Of course, you guys did all the work.” I grinned down at Tyler and felt my softening cock slip out of him. “Thanks,” I said.

But now I wanted out from between them — I was worried about Davey. As soon as we untangled and cleaned up the mess, I looked for him.

He was standing by the glass door in the den, in his underwear, looking outside as lights were coming on at distant houses down the hill.

I came up beside him, still naked, and let our shoulders touch. “You mad at me, Old Man?” I asked, concerned.

He shrugged.

I put my arm over his shoulder but he pulled away from me.

“Davey, please,” I put my hand on his shoulder. “I’m sorry.”

He stood stiffly.

I put my mouth close behind his ear. “Old Man,” I said softly. “You know I love you. No one else.”

Davey turned to me and put his forehead to mine. He put his arms loosely around my shoulders and I put my hands on his hips. We stood that way for a moment, and then Davey kissed me and melted into my arms, burying his face into the side of my neck.

I hugged him hard and rocked him.

“Geez,” I heard Tyler say from behind us. “You guys really are lovers.”

“Yeah,” I said quietly, rubbing my cheek on Davey’s hair. “Always.”

Tyler came up beside us. He reached out and touched my arm. I glanced at him and his look was all soft and tender. He smiled, “Damn,” he said very quietly. “You guys are sorta… sorta beautiful, you know?”

I smiled back and laid the side of my head on the top of Davey’s. Tyler kissed my shoulder. “I’ll go and finish getting dressed with Blair,” he said. “You guys need to take a shower and get dressed, so we can get you back to Disneyland.”

When he was gone, I rubbed the top of Davey’s head with the side of mine. “You know how Martha said Thursday was open for us to do whatever we wanted to do?”

Davey nodded.

“Well, I’m certainly not nervous with these guys anymore,” I said, chuckling. “I was thinking about seeing if she’d let us just hang with them some more — get Tyler and Blair to show us around.”

He started to object, but I shushed him.

“I’m not saying we have sex with them again,” I said in a low voice. “Not if you don’t want to. But it might be more fun with them than with Martha taking us around.”

Davey pulled my body tighter to his.

“Of course,” I said, “You and me can just hang at the hotel pool if you want.”

“It’s OK to ask them,” Davey mumbled into my neck. “But you… stay with Blair… not Tyler.”

I chuckled. “Are you jealous, you doofus?”

He pressed his face into my neck.

I had to laugh. “I got a little jealous too, watching you with Blair.”

“Really?” He asked quietly.

“Yeah, really.” I said into his hair. “You two looked hot as hell. But you don’t need to worry about me, Old Man. I’m not going to fall in love with someone just because I had sex with them.”

As soon as I said that, I was struck by two thoughts. My first thought was that I never expected to sound like I was parroting Chase. The second was that I realized that maybe I just might have that tendency — to fall in love with whomever I had sex with. I liked Tyler. And I really liked sex with him.

Partly to reassure myself, I repeated. “I’m not — I’m really not — going to fall in love with anyone else. Not when I have you.”

Davey leaned back in my arms and looked sadly into my eyes. “Mickey,” he said softly, “they fall in love… with you. Tyler… likes you.”

I smiled. “I sure hope so, after what we just did together — I think Blair likes you too.”

Davey frowned. “But they both made love to you. Blair wanted you.”

“Blair wanted a butt, Davey, and mine was already moving. Besides, he looked real happy when you were doing him,” I said. I didn’t tell Davey that I had no idea why Blair fucked me instead of going for Davey, but I sure didn’t think it was because he wanted me more.

I took Davey by the shoulders. “You don’t ever need to be jealous, Old Man — I love you so much.” Then I lowered my voice. “No one else would ever stand a chance.”

After we showered and dressed, I waited until we were all back in the car to ask. “So, uh, Tyler… are you and Blair busy tomorrow?”

They looked at each other and shrugged. “No,” Tyler said. “We’re just hanging out.”

“Davey and I have a free day. Care to show us around Southern California?”

Both of them grinned. “We’d be glad to show you parts of Southern California,” Tyler said, and wriggled his eyebrows at me.

* * * * *

Later that night, before we fell asleep back in our hotel room, Davey wrapped an arm and leg over me and nuzzled into my neck. “I’m sorry,” he said, “that I got… jealous today.”

I squeezed him. “Me too,” I said. “And I’m sorry that I got all stupid today at Blair’s house. You know… freaking out without you.”

He kissed my neck and snuggled close to me. “You need to… forget what… Geoff did to you. I’ll help. I promise.” He kissed my neck again.

I didn’t tell him that it wasn’t just remembering what Geoff did to me that suddenly made me so nervous. Even more, it was remembering what it was like to lose Davey. A chill momentarily came over me.

Davey squeezed me with both his arm and his leg, gave me a final kiss, and snuggled in for the night.

* * * * *

The next morning, Martha was not exactly happy. “I’m supposed to chaperon you guys,” she said, calling from her room. “I probably shouldn’t have even left you on your own at Disneyland.”

“We’ll be fine — I promise,” I said, trying to reassure her.

“No,” she insisted, and I could almost see her shaking her head. “Dr. Chang would have my head. Your friends can come along, but I drive.”

“Alright,” I acquiesced. “We’ll come get you when they’re here.”

Tyler and Blair knocked on our hotel room door while Davey was still dressing after his shower. Both of them gave me a huge kiss and sandwiched my body between them with morning hugs.

“Damn,” I said, laughing. “You California Dudes sure are horny!” Turning between them, I draped an arm over each of their shoulders. “That reminds me, guys — yesterday, we sort of left Davey out of the fun at the end there. I really wasn’t thinking… it wasn’t nice to Davey, you know?”

Blair smiled apologetically. “Sorry, Michael. I got carried away watchin’ you while you were ridin’ Ty here to the moon. You look damn hot when you’re fuckin’, dude – great butt.”

Tyler patted my back. “We promise,” he said with a grin. “We’ll take good care of Davey today… Michael”. Then he winked. “And we’re gonna take good care of you, too.”

Tyler and Blair were polite to Martha, though clearly her presence changed what they had planned. As we walked out to Martha’s Impala, the two of them discussed where we should go for the day.

“You take the front seat, Michael,” Blair said, then he winked and added in a low voice, “and we’ll take care of Davey in the back seat.”

Surprisingly, they instructed Martha to take us to a mall in nearby Downey. And I did ride in the front with Martha, quickly deciding that my job was to distract her from all the laughter in the back seat. Martha couldn’t see, but there were hands all over Davey’s thighs and crotch. Davey had to hold his hands over his belt to keep them from undoing his pants.

At the mall, Martha agreed to leave us on our own as long as we met back at the food court at twelve-thirty for lunch. After Martha departed, Tyler explained that a lot of gay teens cruised this mall. So Davey and I let them in on our ‘HG’ code.

Tyler shrugged. “Normally, we just say, ‘he’s one,’ or ‘think he is?’ Ya know… that kinda thing. We always know what the other guy means.”

As we walked through the mall, it was obvious that Tyler thought every guy we ran into was — gay, that is. I had to admit, I felt like a lot of men and boys were looking us over. I wonder if I’ve missed noticing this in the malls back home, I mused. I was going to be looking at malls in a whole new light.

It was a cool place. There were a lot of interesting stores, but we wound up hitting mainly clothing stores. Tyler had us buy matching black silk boxers, “to try on later together”, along with towel wraps — basically like a towel, only with snaps so you could wrap it around your waist easily. Seemed silly to me, but sexy.

And then we came upon the ear-piercing booth.

“You guys can’t go back without a diamond stud,” Tyler insisted.

Davey and I looked doubtfully at each other. “Do straight guys wear them much out here?” I asked.

“Sure,” Tyler said and Blair nodded in agreement. “Course, sometimes they wear them in their right ear, but you guys want your left ear pierced.”

I laughed when I realized that both Davey and I were rubbing our left earlobes.

“A left-ear earring doesn’t always mean you’re gay,” Tyler continued, “but other gays will turn on their gaydar for you.”

“Does it hurt… much?” Davey asked, looking apprehensively at the piercing apparatus.

“No,” Blair said, putting a reassuring arm around Davey’s shoulder. “It’s just a pin prick.”

Davey and I looked at each other. I tried to picture him with an ear stud, and found a smile spreading across my face. A smile spread across his as he looked at my ear.

“What the hell,” I said, and we stepped up to the booth.

When Martha saw us an hour later, her mouth dropped. “Oh, no! You didn’t!”

“Don’t you like them?” I asked, only half-teasing. I sort of liked the effect.

“Dr. Chang is going to have my head for sure,” she groaned. “He’s just going to shoot me. And your mothers will kill all of us.”

“Let us worry about our moms,” I assured her. “And we aren’t going to see Dr. Chang again before we leave, right?”

She thought about that. “You’re right.” Then she frowned. “I just hope your moms don’t call Dr. Chang and chew him out. If they do, I’ll lose my job!” She was going white.

“Our moms won’t call,” I promised, patting her arm and hoped I was right.

Martha was quiet while we ate lunch at the food court. Davey sat to my left, studying me. Then he leaned close. “You don’t look like Chachi… any more now… with the ear stud,” he said quietly.

I looked at him suspiciously.

He smiled. “You look like a girl.”

Tyler, sitting on my right, heard and sprayed the soda he was drinking across the table. I didn’t think it was that funny and frowned at him.

Tyler grinned sheepishly. “He’s right,” he said. “You sorta do.”

Making sure that Martha couldn’t see, I moved Tyler’s hand under the table to my crotch. “Are you sure,” I asked, grinning.

“Ah… definitely not a girl,” Tyler smiled, giving me a squeeze.

Martha looked at me suspiciously from across the table, so I moved Tyler’s hand back.

After lunch, Tyler had Martha give us a quick tour of LA, including a drive through Beverly Hills and on to the legendary Sunset Strip. While I gawked at the billboards and all the fancy stores, the three of them kept clowning around in the back seat. I thought Blair was going to go down on Davey at one point. I kinda wished I was sitting back there with them.

Since Tyler and Blair had brought their swimsuits, we asked Martha to take us back to the hotel and the four of us hit the pool late in the afternoon. I told Martha we’d get our own supper there at the hotel, and would see her in the morning. She seemed a bit reluctant to leave us, but after she watched us at the pool for a while, she seemed to relax and disappeared.

There weren’t many people in the pool. A couple of guys in their twenties looked hot, but seemed only friendly — no gay vibes.

We played around for an hour or so, horse fighting, wrestling, getting each other hard underwater, ordering sodas at the pool, and feeling like the idle rich.

Around dusk, a mom with a couple of little kids took over the shallow end steps and the four of us moved farther down the pool, to get a little more privacy. As the water came up to our necks on the rest of us, it was getting above Tyler’s head. He climbed onto Davey’s back, wrapping his legs around Davey’s waist and put his arms over his shoulders. Davey grabbed Tyler’s legs and pulled him tighter and we all huddled toward the side of the pool.

“You guys wanna play hooky and hit a gay nightclub tonight? Tyler asked, his head pressed beside Davey’s.

“We don’t have any fake ID,” I said.

Tyler laughed. “They couldn’t make it fake enough for you, Chachi.”

Davey giggled and I splashed them both.

“Seriously, dude,” Tyler said. “Bodz is a non-alcohol nightclub in West Hollywood. It’s for teenagers — mostly guys. Hot guys. A little music, a little dancing...” He humped Davey’s back, suggestively.

Davey smiled. “Let’s do it, Mickey,” he said.

I wasn’t sure. Davey didn’t always know what he was getting us into. But it did sound like an adventure. “OK,” I agreed.

And so we headed back to the room with pool towels wrapped around our waists. When I turned from closing the door, Blair was right there and pushed me back against the door. He pressed his mouth to mine and pulled away my towel. Then he began pushing down my speedos.

There was a loud crack and Blair’s mouth bumped against mine as he jumped. Behind him, Tyler stood naked, twirling his towel for another pop. “Behave yourself, dude,” he admonished with a grin. “You’ll spoil your appetite.”

Blair stepped back, pulled off his towel and they squared off. I dodged around to where Davey stood naked, drying between his legs with his towel. I took my towel and dried Davey’s back and butt.

While Tyler and Blair feinted and popped at each other, I pushed down my suit with one hand and continued to dry Davey off with the other. It was always hard to resist pressing my crotch against Davey’s butt and I gave into the temptation. Davey turned, smiling, and we kissed. Then we wrapped our arms around each other. There was a sudden crack and my butt felt like I’d been stabbed. Wheeling on Tyler, I grabbed up my towel.

“You should know better than to ever snap a competitive swimmer,” I warned, taking a menacing step forward, with Davey by my side.

In seconds, the battle was won. Sheepishly, Tyler and Blair nursed the red spots on their legs and butts and finished dressing. Since Davey and I weren’t sure what to wear, they volunteered to help us choose clothes. I thought they’d pick dressy stuff. Instead, they dressed us in casual pants and snug t-shirts.

“You guys are definitely gonna be hot tonight,” Tyler said encouragingly, while fingering my neck chain.

In the parking lot, Tyler took my hand and Blair took Davey’s as we walked to the car. “There’s gonna be a lotta guys there tonight,” Tyler said as he held the door open for me. “But you two just remember that you’re our dates.”

* * * * *

From the outside, Bodz looked like a large, metal barn — one with a heartbeat so loud, we could feel it pulsing from the parking lot. At the door, Tyler and Blair insisted on paying the cover charge for all of us, reminding us that we were their dates. Inside, the main floor was open all the way to the back. It was hard to tell how high the ceiling was, because it was painted black, and brilliantly colored laser lights darted from side to side, while mirror balls spun momentary flashes around the room.

The whole place throbbed with music and an odor of acrid smoke tinged the air. Great looking guys our age and older, tall and short, sat at tables or stood along the wall and at the soda fountain at the rear. The dance floor teamed with bodies, all writhing to the beat. Several hot guys had their shirts off.

Davey leaned close to me and said in awe, “HG!”

I leaned back toward him, and also a bit in awe, said, “H-H-H-H-H…”

It was a different world – so many gay kids in one place and at one time. I was surprised to see a few women there, too.

“Girls?” I asked Blair.

He shrugged. “It’s West Hollywood,” he explained, shouting over the din. “Anything goes.”

Davey took my hand and stayed close as we followed Tyler and Blair. They found us a table in a back corner. Davey held on to my hand as we sat down. Faces from around the room peered at us.

I leaned close to Tyler and yelled over the music. “It feels like everyone is staring at us.”

He laughed and nodded. “Fresh meat — you’re new here.”

Davey scooted over, almost into my lap. It was all a bit overwhelming for two boys from San Antonio who’d barely even been to a dance party before.

Blair grabbed Davey’s other hand. “C’mon. Let’s dance,” he yelled.

Davey shook his head and said something to Blair I couldn’t hear. Then he turned to me. “It’s real dancing… Mickey. I want to dance… with you.”

I grinned and squeezed his hand. We got up and headed for the dance floor, pressing ourselves together as we walked, a little intimidated. The whole building pounded with the beat of “Born to Be Alive,” and I felt my pulse quicken to the beat.

Once out there, Davey and I were a little slow to get going. But we watched the other dancers and began to imitate them. We moved closer together and I put my hands on his hips. He put his hands on mine, we pulled our crotches together, and began moving our hips in a circular rhythm.

Our eyes were on our middles until we got going, and then Davey looked up at me and smiled. Our movements became hotter, more fluid, more sensuous. Maybe it was all the running and swimming that enabled our bodies to respond so well, but soon, we were drawing the attention of other dancers.

I began to feel more relaxed and I could tell that Davey was too. “You feel ‘born to be alive’ to me,” I said loudly to him.

“Born to be a-live!” he sang.

We laughed together. Our faces drew closer as we danced, and our crotches hardened as they bumped and ground together. I saw another couple of dancers kiss, and moved my arms to Davey’s shoulders. I kissed him while our tightly joined hips made circles together. From close by, I heard someone cheer and wondered if it was for our kiss.

“Born to Be Alive” began to fade in the distance as a slower number began, and several couples embraced to dance more closely. We put our arms around each other and eased our bodies together. I felt his breath on my neck and the press of his cheek to mine. I could smell his hair, and felt his cock press against my own. I loved him with my body, moving to the music, and he loved me with his.

When the music paused, we kissed and put our foreheads together. And then Tyler was at our side, applauding. A couple of others joined in. I felt my face redden with embarrassment.

“Have you cum in your pants yet, guys?” he asked. “‘Cause I think you’ve made almost everybody else cum in theirs.”

“Hot, Dudes!” added Blair, who suddenly appeared alongside him.

The music began pounding again, and partly from the press of the crowd, partly because it seemed the thing to do, the four of us moved close to dance together. It was almost a four-way, standing frott, the way we danced. Blair was content to press his crotch to my butt for an entire tune. At another point, Tyler backed up to me. I reached around and put my hands flat on his tight belly, one below the belt, one above, and I felt his body writhe under my hands while his butt made me incredibly hard.

When we finally took a break and returned to a table, several of their friends stopped by, showing obvious interest in Davey and me. But then a newcomer arrived.

Even over the music and the crowd, his high voice carried from the door. “Oh gawd!” was what I made out first. Heads turned, and bodies parted like the sea before him as Jake headed toward us.

“Oh, no,” I thought I heard Tyler say. He looked at Blair. “It’s Jake,” they said simultaneously. Then Tyler yelled in my direction. “I hope you’re ready for the queen of West Hollywood.”

And then he stood in front of us, an average height, but nicely built Hispanic teen in a skin-tight, light blue tank top. Around his neck was a thin leather band from which a small medallion hung. I would have said his face was pretty, except that it was far more interesting than that. His eyes were decorated with mascara and danced mischievously, there were flecks of glitter on his cheeks, and his smile was more like a smirk, as if he already knew everything about everybody.

“Hi, Tyler!” he said in a honeyed voice, loud enough for all of West LA to hear. And then he looked at me. “Whoa, honey! I heard you robbed the cradle, but damn! What cradle did you rob? He’s beauuuutiful!”

I was ready to crawl under the table, but he’d turned to Davey. “Omigod! There’s two of them! Oh damn, he’s beautiful, too!”

“They’re sixteen, Jake,” Tyler yelled back angrily. “I didn’t rob any cradle.”

Jake came around the table, grabbing a chair on the way, and sat down between Davey and me. He held out his hand to me. “I’m Jake, and whatever your name is baby, I’m callin’ you mine.”

“Michael,” I said, laughing. “And this is my boyfriend, Davey,” making a point to emphasize that we were attached.

“Hi Michael,” he said in a honeyed voice. Then he shook Davey’s hand. “Davey, I just love three-ways… don’t you?”

Davey half-smiled, not sure what to make of Jake.

Jake turned back to me, “Did Tyler tell you I’m the best fuck on the West Coast? Probably not… cause he wants to keep you for himself!” He put his arm around my shoulder. “He doesn’t know what he’s doing. Now me, honey — I can really show ya....”

“Dammit, Jake,” Tyler yelled from my other side. “Get lost if you’re gonna be an asshole.”

Jake pushed out his bottom lip and grabbed my hand. “Come on, lover. Let’s dance.”

“I’m with him,” I said, nodding to Davey. “We’re together. Sorry.”

Jake grabbed Davey’s hand, too. He pulled us both up to our feet and led us out to the dance floor. Once there, he put his hands behind his head and began moving his hips more hotly than I’d ever seen a girl do.

“C’mon,” he said. “Shake that thang!”

I looked at Davey and smiled. We shrugged at the same time and began to dance.

“C’mon, baby!” he begged me. “You can do better than that,” he yelled to Davey.

Davey giggled, then made a couple of butt-wagging turns.

“There you go!” Jake squealed. “Now you’re gettin’ it!”

He choreographed us. First, Jake backed in to me, then he backed into Davey, then he humped my hip, then he had Davey hump my hip while he humped Davey’s butt. When he had Davey behind me, synchronizing his crotch with my butt, Jake came around in front of me. I put my arms around him and he put his arms around my neck, leaned back in my arms, and ground his full package against mine. He grinned at me seductively, and then made an “O” of his mouth.

I had to laugh, even though he was making me hard as hell again.

Tyler and Blair joined us and soon we were all moving together. The tunes played on for a good twenty minutes.

After awhile, there were all sorts of guys rubbing against me, and Davey, too. It was hot, literally, and I began to feel tired and uncomfortable. I grabbed Davey and we headed back to look for a table.

“Party poopers!” called Jake from behind him.

We threaded our way through the crowd and made it to one of the outside walls. There was still no table in sight. Tyler came up beside me. “Upstairs,” he said, pointing up.

Blair came along and we followed Tyler up a staircase at the back of the room. The second floor had a snack bar and more tables on a mezzanine that looked down on the dance floor below. In a dark back corner was a smaller dance floor, where a few couples danced more intimately. It was quieter up here, though the floor still throbbed with the beat from below.

We found a small table. Davey sat again on my right, Tyler to my left.

“Sorry about Jake,” Tyler said. “He comes on kinda strong sometimes, but he’s a decent guy.”

“That’s OK,” I said. “I sorta liked him.”

Davey turned to talk to Blair, and Tyler slipped his hand under the table and grabbed the inside of my thigh. He leaned close.

“You and Davey are hot dancers,” he said and squeezed my leg.

I grinned. “That’s funny, because we’ve hardly ever danced before.”

Tyler leaned his chin on the palm of his other hand and stared into my eyes. “That’s amazing,” he said. You must be naturals.”

“There you are!” Jake’s voice came loudly from behind. “We were just getting started!” He came around the table and sat opposite me. As he set his drink on the table, he made a point of looking under it. Tyler pulled his hand back from my leg and Jake grinned.

“So where you boys from, Michael?” Jake asked, leaning forward on his elbows, and smiling warmly.

“San Antonio,” I said.

“Texas?” Jake asked, his mouth dropping. “No!”

I nodded.

“Gawd! I’m from San Antonio! My family moved here two years ago.” He reached across the table and took my hand. “Tell me what’s changed,” he said, and then looked down at my hand. “Mmmm, nice hand! Strong.” He squeezed my hand in both of his. “I love LA, but I miss my San Antonio. My grandparents and all my cousins are back there. Where do you guys live?”

“Down by Trinity,” I said.

“Ooooh, in those fancy houses?” he asked, rubbing my hand between his.

“No — we’re sort of on the poor side of Trinity,” I said, grinning and tried to pull my hand back.

He laughed and held my hand tighter. “One of my best friends lived somewhere in that area. He moved out here last year. In fact,” he said, looking around, “he’s supposed to be here tonight. We can have a San Antonio table. Sing San Antonio Rose.”

Tyler pushed his chair back and squeezed my forearm. “I’m gonna get something to drink. You want a Coke or something?”

I freed my hand from Jake’s and looked at my watch. “I think we ought to head back pretty soon. Davey and I have a flight in the morning and we’re still on Central time.”

“Oh no,” Jake said from across the table. “You gotta stay long enough to meet my friend. He misses San Antonio, too.” Then Jake leaned closer. “He’s really cute. He’s a hunky redhead.”

Alarms went off in my head. “Redhead?” I asked, disbelieving.

Davey broke off talking with Blair and turned to listen.

Jake nodded. “Luscious, dark red. Built like a brick shithouse. And he’s got the sexiest name — Brandon Fox.”

My mouth dropped and I tuned to look at Davey. His eyes widened in disbelief.

Jake caught our looks, and he gasped. “My Gawd! Michael… Wait are you the Michael? Dude! Are you the one who blew him off and broke that precious guy’s heart?”

I waved my hand defensively. “I didn’t blow him off,” I insisted. “It’s not like that.” I looked at Tyler, whose expression changed slightly. “It wasn’t like that at all.”

“You just can’t leave now, honey,” Jake insisted. “Does Brandon know you’re here tonight?”

Davey frowned at me, and I looked at him helplessly. “No, Davey! Honest — I had nothing to do with this!” I turned back to Jake. “We didn’t even know we were coming here till this afternoon.”

Davey’s frown did not go away.

“You didn’t even call to meet him?” cried Jake. “When you’re here all the way from San Antonio? And people tell me I’m a bitch – you’re one cold motherfucker.”

“No, no.” I protested. “I didn’t get a chance to call today… Look, I talked to Brandon before we came out here and we both agreed we wouldn’t see each other.”

Davey’s face softened as he saw I was telling the truth, and he wrapped my arm possessively in both of his. Jake didn’t miss the gesture. He looked at Davey and nodded with a sly smile, as if he understood everything.

Tyler shook his head. “You sure have an interesting life,” he said.

Jake took my hand again, only this time there was no smile on his face, and the campy tone of his voice disappeared. “Michael, it’d break Brandon’s heart if you were here and didn’t at least say hi. He may already be downstairs. Can’t you wait? Let me see if I can find him, OK?”

I looked at Davey and he leaned forward to put his cheek against mine. “It’s OK,” he said quietly.

I nodded at Jake.

“Just give me a sec,” Jake said, getting up from the table.

I didn’t know whether to hope Brandon would show up or not. “Davey,” I said. “We don’t have to stay.”

He shook his head and repeated. “It’s OK.”

We sat quietly, each nursing our sodas, and tried to enjoy the music.

Several minutes later, Tyler leaned back in his chair. “Jake probably got sidetracked and is dancing with ten guys at once by now,” he said. “You wanna split?”

“Nope,” Blair said, looking past Tyler’s shoulder. “Here he is.”

We all turned to look. Walking towards us with Jake was Brandon.

I stood up. So did Davey.

The closer Brandon got, the angrier he looked. Davey stepped next to me and protectively put his arm around my waist.

Brandon stopped in front of us, his fists balled up. For a moment, I didn’t know whether he was going to hug me or hit me. I don’t think he knew either.

“No time to see me because of business, huh?” His mouth began to twist and his eyes started to fill with tears. “And which one of these fuck-ups is your ‘chaperon’?”

“C’mon Brandon,” I said, reaching for his shoulder. He shoved my hand away.

“Look,” I said, finally becoming annoyed at being the ‘bad guy’ in all of this. “I’m sorry! I didn’t even know we were coming here ‘till the last minute. And, we snuck away from our chaperon.”

“Not even a phone call,” he said. A tear ran down his cheek. “Fuck you, Bent,” he yelled, and turning on his heel, he walked away.

I watched him leave and sensed Davey watching me, so I tried to hide my hurt and disappointment. But then Davey surprised me. He grabbed me by the arm and turned me to face him. He looked serious. “Wait,” he said, and then chased after Brandon who was descending the stairs.

Stunned, I took a step forward. Jake caught me by the shoulder.

“Don’t,” he said.

“But Davey…”

“Relax, Michael,” he said. “I think Davey’s going to speak up for you. Let them work it out.”

He sat me back down, but I kept watching the stairs. Some night this is turning out to be, I thought. Jake slid a drink over. I was grateful for anything wet by this point. It was Coke, watered-down by melted ice, but drinkable.

There was no sign of either Brandon, or Davey at the stairs.

“You alright?” Tyler asked, concerned.

I shrugged.

“Give ‘em another minute,” Jake said. “From what Brandon told me, you guys were…”

“Yeah?” I said, distracted.

Jake scooted closer to me in Davey’s chair. “Brandon’s an amazing dude,” he said, as he too, turned to watch the stairs.

“So is Davey,” I said.

Jake put his hand on my shoulder and rubbed. “Brandon thinks you are, too.”

“Thanks, Jake,” I said with a grateful smile.

“They’ll work it out,” Jake said. “You’ll see.”

Tyler patted my other shoulder. “Wanna dance? Take your mind off ‘em till they come back”

I shook my head and watched the stairs, wondering what was taking so long.

I will,” Blair said from behind us, and the two of them left.

Jake sat with me a moment, but I wasn’t good company. “I’m gonna go teach those two how a gay boy dances, honey,” he said, all campy again. “I’ll be back.” And he headed back toward the dance floor.

I couldn’t stand it. After a moment, I went to the stairs and walked down. I searched the entire first floor, including the johns and still couldn’t find Davey or Brandon. I finally went out to the parking lot, and that’s where I found them. They were leaning back against a car, talking. Just talking.

I debated going out to them, but in the end, I returned to our table upstairs and waited.

Jake saw me and came over. “Did you find them?”

I nodded.

“I knew that’s where you went. Everything cool?”

I shrugged.

But then he smiled and looked past me towards the stairs. “Yeah,” he said. “I think so.”

I turned to look. Walking towards us was Brandon — arm-in-arm, with Davey! And they were smiling!

As they came close, Davey stepped next to me again and put his arm around my waist, possessively.

Brandon stopped in front of me and we were suddenly back to where we’d been a half-hour before. Only this time, Brandon was smiling. He glanced at Davey. “We’re sorta workin’ things out now,” he said. “We’re cool — right, Davey?”

I glanced at Davey, too, and he gave me a reassuring smile.

When I turned back to Brandon, he grinned as he looked me up and down. “Damn, it’s good to see you,” he said, and looking at Davey, “Both of you.”

Davey pulled me tighter to his side, which only made it easier for Brandon to hug us both at one time. It wasn’t the kind of hug I wanted to give Brandon. And Davey was pretty rigid.

Brandon stepped back and looked at the two of us keeping an arm on each of our shoulders. He shook his head, looking for words. “Damn!” was all he said. He turned to Davey. “OK to give him a real hug?”

Davey nodded.

Brandon took me into his arms. “I have permission,” he said, grinning, and we hugged each other hard. Behind me Jake clapped his hands in approval, and Brandon swung me back and forth in his embrace. “Damn, I’ve missed ya, Bent,” he whispered in my ear.

“I’m sorry, Bran. Everything happened so fast since we got here, and, well… oh, hell, Bran… I‘ve missed you so much, too!”

Tears streamed unexpectedly down my face. I hoped Davey wouldn’t be mad. I was just so glad to be in Brandon’s arms.

When Davey did see my wet face, he wasn’t mad. Instead, he reached out and patted my shoulder. Brandon finally let me out of the bear hug and took me by the shoulders. He saw my face and smiled. “If you hadn’t cried, I think I woulda hit ya,” he said, laughing softly and quickly wiped his own eyes.

Blair and Tyler returned and Jake joined them at the table. The three watched us as Brandon pulled Davey and me together into another group hug.

He held us tightly, before he kissed Davey’s cheek and I heard him whisper, “Thank you.”

Then, with an arm over each of our shoulders, Brandon looked down to where Jake and Tyler and Blair sat at the table. “I gave these two guys my virginity,” Brandon said, smiling. “And I’ll be forever grateful.”

“Whoa, honey!” cried Jake, back in his queen persona. “What I’d give for some pictures of that!

Everyone laughed, relieved that the air had cleared. Tyler and Blair went to dance, while Davey, Brandon, and I all huddled at the table. Jake was not going to be left out of the San Antonio group and worked his chair in between Brandon and me, and smiling, began rubbing both of our thighs while he listened.

Davey took my hand and held it on top of the table for everyone to see.

We talked about San Antonio and LA… about friends and lovers, about our hopes and dreams. In only moments, it was as if Brandon had never been away.

It seemed like only a short time, but an hour and two sodas later, Brandon stood up. “I haven’t forgotten, Bent, that this is a special time for you guys,” he said. “I’m just glad I got to see you at all.” Then he turned to Davey. “Can I have just one dance with each of you?”

Davey nodded and Brandon came around to get him. I watched them push through to the upstairs dance floor.

Jake, who’d been mostly quiet the whole time, grabbed my hand and grinned. “That means, you’re mine, Bent!” Then he laughed. “What a name! Are you — bent, that is?” he laughed.

I couldn’t resist teasing. “Someday, maybe you’ll find out.”

His smile turned sly again. “Maybe someday I will.”

He led me out onto the upstairs dance floor. Everyone on this dance floor was in an embrace, dancing slowly, whatever the beat. That included Brandon and Davey. Brandon looked like he was holding Davey with true affection, and Davey looked to be loosening up.

Jake on the other hand, held me with pure sexual aggression. He put his arms around my neck, leaned back in my arms, and ground his full package against mine, with a smile.

And when we were both obviously hard, he leaned back up, and put his lips to mine. Carefully, he reached between our bodies and shoved his hand into my pants. “Just checking,” he said softly in my ear. He grabbed my cock. “No, not bent.” He gave a soft laugh, and let me go. “But you sure are hung, boy. Definitely from Texas.”

Then he put both arms around my neck again and pressed his cheek to mine. “I like you, Bent,” he said softly, dropping the mannerisms. “You’re sort of an intense guy.” Then he chuckled. “Opposites attract, you know.”

He clung to me as we danced, and though I held my arms loosely about him, the feel of his body on mine and the press of his cheek to mine were surprisingly intimate and tender. He surprised me.

When the song was close to ending, he hugged my neck more tightly. “Can I call you sometime,” he asked, “if I ever find my way back to San Antonio?”

I smiled. “Sure, but if my mom answers, be cool. Don’t go ‘Gawd, is that hot fuck Michael there?’”

Jake laughed loudly and leaned back in my arms to look at me. “Oh, honey, you know you’d love it!” he said, loud enough for everybody to hear.

I gave him a bone-breaking squeeze, in every sense of the word, and he yelped. “Behave” I teased, “or you’ll be the one who’s bent.”

He squealed again, and the song ended.

Then it was my turn to dance with Brandon. Almost as if on cue, Donna Summer’s “Last Dance” began. As we stepped together, Jake swept Davey up in his arms. I wouldn’t need to worry about Davey watching and being jealous; Jake was going to be quite distracting.

I smiled at Bran. He smiled back and pulled me into an embrace. We pulled ourselves close, then hugged so hard we could barely move our feet in time to the music.

“You’ve gotten taller, even more handsome,” I said, loud enough to be heard over the music.

“You’ve gotten taller,” Brandon replied, “But that haircut makes you look almost younger. It makes you look like that guy…”

“Please don’t say it,” I wailed. “Everybody’s been telling me I look like Chachi from that stupid show Happy Days!

He chuckled. “It’s just the haircut… Damn, it’s good to hold ya, Michael. I wish Davey weren’t so fuckin’ jealous. I’d like to give you one good toe-curling kiss.”

“Maybe, before we go.” I nuzzled his neck. “You know why Davey’s jealous, don’t you?” I asked quietly.

“Because he worships you. I don’t blame him,” Brandon said.

“He’s jealous,” I corrected, “because he knows I still love you, Bran. I always will.”

“Yeah, I got that when we talked outside,” Brandon said, “But he really loves you Bent. He came after me for your sake.”

“I sorta figured that.”

“He even apologized to me,” Brandon said. “So I did something I should’ve done a long time ago; I asked him to forgive me for seducing his boyfriend.”

“You didn’t exactly seduce me,” I corrected and rested my forehead against his cheek.

“Oh?” Brandon asked with a chuckle. “You’re still kinda naïve for a smart guy – I seduced you Bent. You were tryin’ to stay faithful to Davey, but I wanted you. If it hadn’t been the night my dad and I fought, it would’ve been some other time, but it still would’ve happened. I’d fallen in love with you Bent, and I wanted you. I knew exactly what I was doin’.”

I rubbed the back of his neck. “You knew I liked you too, Bran, or we would’ve never done anything… So what did Davey say?”

Brandon shrugged. “He forgave me,” he said. “But I think he’s still kinda nervous with me around. Even though I made sure he understood that what you feel for me doesn’t hold a candle to what you feel for him. We all know that.”

I tightened my hug. “It’s still a pretty bright candle,” I said quietly. I squeezed him hard and rested my head on his shoulder.

Brandon rubbed my back. “You stay true to ol’ Davey. You two were born for each other.”

“Oh, I’d never leave Davey,” I said. “I just miss you.”

The music began to wind down. “Remember what you told me, Bent,” he said. “Some of what was between us, really needs to be just between you two now. Some things belong only to the guy you really love.”

The tune ended and I smiled up at him. “Where do you dumb jocks get so smart?”

His face turned slightly sad and his voice grew more serious. “From loving someone.”

Back at the table, Brandon urged us to go. “It’s almost midnight,” he admonished. “You two better head home from the ball before you both turn into pumpkins. Have a good last night at the hotel,” he said grinning.

Jake insisted on getting our phone numbers, and it took a few minutes to find Tyler and Blair, but then we were ready to leave.

Brandon hugged and kissed Davey first. And then me. We kissed a long time, but it was not a passionate kiss; just a very loving one. I glanced over at Davey, my eyes shining, but he smiled back at me and nodded.

* * * * *

We were all quiet as we climbed into the car for the trip back to the hotel. Blair drove and Davey sat in front with him. Tyler and I sat on opposite ends of the back seat.

As we made our way onto the freeway towards Anaheim, Tyler cleared his throat. “Well so whadya think of your first gay nightclub?”

“Really cool,” I said. “I sure liked dancing.”

“Me, too,” Davey said from the front seat.

Blair pulled into the fast lane, and then, through the space between the two front seats, I saw his arm reach toward Davey. Davey suddenly smiled and turned to face Blair. Then Davey’s head slid down in the seat as he pushed his bottom toward Blair. I heard a belt being undone and Blair’s hand looked to be busy.

Tyler moved over beside me and smiled. “You OK?” he asked.

“Yeah. I really am.”

Then we kissed. By the time we reached the hotel, we both had our pants down to mid-thigh and were stroking each other.

Forty-five minutes later, back in our hotel room, Tyler was on his back, his smaller body wrapped in mine once again. And though I had just finished, I stayed hard and deep in him. My dick had been too hard, too often that day to go down easy.

On the other side of the bed, Davey was still doing Blair doggy-style, and from the noises, both of them seemed to be totally enjoying it.

My face was directly over Tyler’s and my shoulders held up his legs. We were still tight at his butt and if felt damn good. He looked up at me, all dreamy-eyed.

“We’re a good fit, like this,” I said and kissed him lightly. Then I moved my hips a little, enjoying that after-cum deep-in-the-cock itch a guy gets sometimes.

Tyler nodded. “Real good fit.” He reached up and pulled my head down. We kissed and I moved in him, testing the hardness of my erection. Still hard, I was getting the urge again.

I smiled down at him and slowly slid the full length of my cock out, then back in. Tyler sighed and held me by my hair. “If I come to San Antonio sometime, can we do this again?” he whispered.

“You forget… I already have a boyfriend,” I said and kissed his smooth cheek.

He smiled. “Yeah, but I’m your ‘fuck buddy’. I’ll bring Blair for Davey.”

I ground into him and smiled. “That might work. I’ll talk to Davey about it.” I lowered my lips to his ear. “You mind going again? I mean, you feel sooooo good.”

He nodded and gave me a strangely bittersweet smile as he moved his hips.

It was after 2:00 by the time they left. I filled the Jacuzzi with really warm bath water, turned on the bubbles, and slid in to soak. The temperature was just right. I let out a long, exhausted sigh of relief. Davey came into the bathroom, stripped, and slipped into the other end of the tub. He put his legs over mine and I absently rubbed his feet while I relaxed.

Davey closed his eyes and moved his feet to my lap as I rubbed them. “You OK?” I asked.

Eyes closed, he nodded, enjoying the foot massage.

“Thanks, Davey. For what you did with Brandon… bringing him back and all.”

He nodded, frowning slightly.

I concentrated on rubbing his foot.

And suddenly, I felt dead tired. Things had happened so quickly the last couple of days, I’d had little time to think. Now that I wanted to think, I was too tired. But something wasn’t sitting right in my mind. And it wasn’t Brandon.

Bodz not only showed us that there were plenty of gays around, but gays on the prowl. How hard would it be to hang on to Davey now? That question frightened me because I knew how much I enjoyed the sex with Tyler, and I remembered the feel of Jake’s body against mine. Had we opened a door we should have left closed?

What was it Brandon said? Some things only belong to the guy you really love.

But did Davey feel that way. Brandon had also told me once to give Davey room. So had Knox. I almost lost Davey once, trying too hard to hang onto him.

Davey’s eyes were still closed and it looked like he was going to sleep.

“You really do like doing other guys, don’t you?”

Davey shrugged without opening his eyes. “Yeah.”

“Davey,” I said tentatively. “We can fool around with other guys when you want, but I’m always fine with just us. OK?”

Davey smiled and sighed as I rubbed on the sole of his foot.

“Davey,” I said quietly, “I don’t ever want us to become just… just, you know — ‘fuck buddies.’ You know, like Blair and Tyler.” I tried to smile, but I was so tired I felt more like crying. I guess he heard it in my voice.

Davey’s eyes partly opened and he looked at me. I wouldn’t meet his gaze and looked down to where my hands were working on his foot. But Davey knew me too well. He sat up, pulling his foot from my grip, and straddling my middle, he took my face in his hands. He looked into my eyes, and wouldn’t let me look away when I felt tears start to form. He smiled. “Doofus,” he said quietly.

He stroked my hair back, then pulled me around so that he was sitting with his back at the end of the tub and I sat with my back to his chest, butt down between his legs. He wrapped one arm over my shoulder and the other around my chest and locked his hands together, pulling me back against him. I laid my head back on his shoulder.

Davey rubbed his cheek against my hair for some time before he spoke. “Mickey?”


“What are we going to do?”

By now, Davey and I often knew what the other was thinking. We could make those little shortcuts in conversation that lovers can take. I knew what his question meant; I’d started him thinking.

“About making it with other guys?” I asked.


“I don’t know,” I said honestly. “What do you want to do?”

He squeezed me tighter. “I don’t know.”

I turned my head and looked at the smooth skin of his cheek. “I’d still trade the whole world for you,” I said.

He looked down at me touched his lips lightly to mine. We kissed, several small, loving nibbles to the lips. I put my hand up to caress the back of his head.

“Promise me something,” he said, brushing my lips with his as he spoke.

“What?” I asked softly, my lips brushing his.

“Promise me you won’t… fall in love with… any other… alien.”

He grinned, and I chuckled.

“I promise you, absolutely, positively, I won’t fall in love with any other aliens. Maybe I won’t even kiss ‘em.” Then I lowered my voice confidentially. “They don’t taste good, Davey. At least that one time I kissed an alien.”

Our smiles met in another soft kiss and then he held me tightly. “Mickey,” he whispered. “I… I…”

“Yeah,” I whispered back. “Me too. It almost doesn’t fit into words anymore does it?”

“Never has… for me,” Davey answered quietly.

We dried each other off and crawled right into bed, back to back, butt to butt. And then we pulled the blankets tightly across our shoulders, which pulled us even more snuggly together. I smiled before I fell asleep.

* * * * *

Martha called on the phone early the next morning.

“You can’t let her see those earrings,” Martha pleaded, after telling me that Ms. Jamison had decided to pick us up to take us to the airport.

“We can’t hide them, Martha,” I said. “And we’re supposed to leave them in until our ears heal right.”

I heard her groan over the phone.

“Look,” I said. “She’s cool. I’ll just explain that we did it after sneaking away from you for a few minutes.”

There was a louder groan. “That’s almost worse,” she said. “I was supposed to keep an eye on you.”

Ruth Jamison frowned at the ear studs alright, and glared at Martha, who seemed to shrink before our eyes. Ruth said nothing and remained excruciatingly quiet while Martha checked us all out of the hotel.

Martha was dismissed with an “I’ll talk to you later,” and left as the doorman loaded our bags into Ruth’s car.

Ruth was silent for some time as she drove us to the airport. The traffic was horrendous all the way out to LAX. We all stared out the windows.

Finally, Ruth looked at me and let out a long sigh.

“It’s not that bad, Ms. Jamison,” I began.

She frowned at me. “Are you telling me your mom won’t be upset?” she asked, skeptically.

“Well, nothing I can’t handle,” I said, optimistically.

She shook her head. “You are only sixteen.”

“Alexander the Great,” I reminded her.

She frowned at me. “I don’t think he wore an earring.” She turned her eyes back to the road. “At least you didn’t get two earrings — you’d look like a girl.”

I turned to glare at Davey in the back seat before he could say anything. But he wasn’t smiling. He gave me an “are we in trouble?” look.

“We’ll be OK,” I said, for both Davey and Ms. Jamison’s sake.

After check-in, Ruth sat with us at the gate. She frowned at my ear again. “I’ve got to get over that earring thing,” she said. “I was going to have a serious discussion with you this morning, but it’s hard to take you seriously with a diamond in your ear.”

“I’m sorry,” I said, hanging my head. Then I put my hand over the offending ear. “Can we talk now?”

She glared at my hand, then at me, and tried to resist smiling. “Put your hand down.”

I did.

She sighed, and finally quit frowning. “The other day, Michael,” she said, “you wouldn’t tell me everything you thought about NBase. And it’s been bothering me. I really want to know. And I have a reason, Michael. Trust me — I’m not trying to steal your ideas. Just tell me what it was you were holding back the other day.”

She was sitting to my left on the row of seats, and Davey was sitting to my right. He touched my shoulder and I turned to him. He leaned forward to whisper. “It’s okay, Mickey,” he said, and then nodded.

Though Davey’s instincts about people weren’t always right, I was inclined to trust Ruth.

I turned back to her and took a breath. “OK, I said. “At NBase, you’re tweaking code,” I said. “You’re adding bells and whistles to software that’s already obsolete, or soon will be, and you’re trying to improve the performance of something that’s already limited by its design.”

She cocked her arm over the back of the seat and thought about what I said. “Software that’s already obsolete…” She repeated, and then raised an eyebrow. “You’ve got something in mind. You’re working on something!”

“Maybe,” I shrugged.

“A new database design?” she asked, perceptively.

“If we are,” I said, “we didn’t get any ideas from what we saw your people working on.”

Ruth waved away my concern. “Look, Michael,” she said. “I had a reason for asking what I did, I think I can help.”

She lowered her voice. “I know people. There are investors out there who I think would be interested in putting up some venture capital for you guys. Do you know what that is?”

I nodded. Ed had told us about it. “Start-up money.”

“Right,” she said. “To be honest, NBase would be willing to provide you with quite a bit of venture capital, but it would come with a lot of strings. I already know you well enough to know you wouldn’t like those strings. But these other people I know — If they’re interested, they could put up quite a bit of funding without those types of strings. Do you think you’d be interested?”

I had been thinking about how long it would take Davey and me working alone, or even with Arturo, to get some of our ideas working. But I didn’t want to spend all our money hiring someone to help. “Yes, ma’am. I think we would be interested. But I really do need to talk to a couple of people.”

Ruth nodded. “Talk to them. And if you decide you’re interested, call me. You still have my card?”


“And Michael,” she said, looking me in the eye. “I may want to attach one string myself.”

I waited to see what that would be.

“I might want a key position in your new company. With the right funding, I could really help you get it going.”

That was a surprise. “But you’re a vice-president at NBase,” I said, startled.

“And I got there with good instincts,” she said, simply. “But right now, all my instincts tell me that your star is about to rise. And I’m not so sure about NBase’s.”

We talked for several more minutes. It was easy to imagine things going really well and being able to hire Ruth Jamison, and Dr. Meyers, and someone else I would want to hire even more – Ed. But it was too early for any kind of promises other than ‘that we would think about it’.

After she left, I turned to Davey. “I’m not sure what I just did was very smart,” I told him. “When we get back, we may have a race to win.”

Davey smiled broadly.

“Why are you smiling like that?” I asked.

“Because,” he said, “you’re happy.”

I thought about it. I thought about how excited I was beginning to feel about Carlson-Bentolli and our ideas. “Yeah, I am happy. I really am.” I smiled at him and leaned closer. “I sure want to kiss you.”

I meant it teasingly, but should have known not to. Davey grinned and looked around at the gate lobby full of people. Then put his hand behind my head and gave me a good kiss, full on the lips.

“Shit! You doofus!” I said, feeling my face go blazingly hot. I tried to keep my eyes averted, but felt like everyone must be staring. Davey laughed.

I had to smile. “Damn, Davey,” I whispered. “I sure love you! But you’re going to pay for this when we get home.”

I leaned back and tried to casually glance around, avoiding anyone’s eyes. Surprisingly, no one seemed to be looking, except for one guy in his twenties who had a big grin.

On the flight home, Davey and I put a blanket over our two first-class seats, and under it, I took his hand in mine. His hand felt strong, male.

We had reclined our seats and Davey put a small airline pillow on my shoulder, before laying his head down on it. As he slept, I thought about software ideas and wondered how much venture capital Ruth could find. And I thought about Tyler. And I thought about sex. And I thought about Brandon. And I wondered if Davey would be interested in us doing Hudson together. And then I wondered if Davey and I could make it with it just being him and me making love. I really wanted it to be just him and me.

As I sat musing, I absent-mindedly twiddled my new ear stud. I imagined different ways our moms might react. Though I couldn’t think of any positive scenarios, I couldn’t help but smile. Something downright perverse in me was looking forward to seeing our mom’s expressions.

I laid my head on top of Davey’s, and took a deep breath. I loved the smell of his hair. It was so much shorter now. I wanted him to grow it back out so that his hair could form a curtain around our faces like it used to when he bent down to kiss me.

As I began to fall asleep, I marveled that every time I thought I couldn’t love Davey any more… I did.


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