Author's Introductory Notes:

I'm sorry that it has taken so long to get this chapter out. The good news is that the next chapter should only be a couple of days behind. I actually have about six more chapters (depending on how I divide them up) pretty much written. However, I'm still wrestling with a couple of plot twists and with my overall approach to this story.

As I mentioned before, this story is proving to be a bit of a writer's workshop for me. I'm enjoying it, but wrestling with issues like how much narration vs dialog and action, how much to write in the vernacular (heavy with contractions) vs retaining a more formal style. In Sea Change, my style was quite formal and I found that it led to almost more lyrical writing. Here, my style is more direct and conversational, and I've had trouble achieving some of those "transcendent" moments.

Oh well, it's fun to work out.

I am moving to shorter chapters. That means I will certainly be unsuccessful at keeping this to ten chapters. It also should mean I can get out the chapters more frequently. Hope you enjoy this one...Josh

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Student Lovers

Mom had never seemed to mind the way Davey and I laid around on each other, or shared couches, or chairs. But now we were lovers, and Davey and I did more intimate things; the things lovers do when they’ve shared their bodies.

We came up behind each other and hugged from behind. We nuzzled necks and patted butts. I doubted Mom, or anyone else, would look on those things as innocent. And so I did my best to make sure that we only did them at home, and only when nobody else was around.

The night before Maggie was due back from Houston, Davey and I were sharing opposite ends of the couch watching TV while mom sat in her recliner. You know how sometimes you feel this burst of energy and just have to do something? Well during a commercial, I jumped up and pounced on Davey, tickling his ribs.

Davey squealed and began thrashing under me.

“Take the rough stuff outside, boys,” Mom said.

I put my arm firmly, but gently around Davey’s neck and dragged him toward the front door, both of us laughing. Davey grabbed a handful of my butt cheek hard, and twisted it.

“Shit! Davey!” I yelped.

“Michael!” Mom warned. “Watch your language.”

I got Davey out onto the porch and closed the door behind us. Then I wrestled him down onto his back and began tickling again.

Davey rolled over and pushed me back off him, and then we got all tangled rolling around on the floor. Davey wound up on top and tickled me. The problem with that I was probably even more ticklish than Davey.

Mom always said that when Davey tickled me, I laughed like I was a little boy again; somehow my laughter just came right up out of my spirit. There was something about being tickled by Davey that made me really happy.

It could also make me really weak. Davey had me breathless and helpless on the floor beside the porch swing. “Please,” I gasped. “Stop.”

Well “please” was our code word for, “I really mean it.”

Davey stopped tickling, and grinned down at me. He was so happy. I was so happy. Our smiles faded at the same time, and Davey bent to kiss me, just as the front door opened.

Davey sat up quickly and I don’t know what Mom might have seen in the dark, but there was a second’s pause before she said, “If you two aren’t coming in to watch the end of your program, I’m switching channels.”

“Go ahead, Mom.” I said, trying to keep my composure. “I still need to teach Davey a lesson.”

“Alright. Just don’t complain later,” she said, and closed the door.

Davey looked down at me wide-eyed. We both got up and I led Davey to the dark side of the porch in front of my bedroom.

“I’m sorry…Mickey,” he said.

I put my hands on his shoulders and put my forehead to his. “It’s OK, Davey. I don’t think she saw anything.”

I kissed his cool cheek and wrapped my arms around him. He buried his face in my neck and put his hands up on the back of my shoulders. I just rocked him in my arms. “Scary, huh?” I asked.

He nodded on my neck.

It shook me up, too. “Guess we need to be more careful," I said.

* * * * *

“Knox?” I called, as I leaned into the door of his office. Knox’s office wasn’t much more than ten by ten. Concert posters adorned the walls. One corner held pictures, some with autographs, of Knox and musicians he knew. A built-in credenza on the back wall held a keyboard and stacks of books and music. By contrast, his desk, which sat out from the credenza, was fairly clear -- that is, except for his phone and one stack of music. In front of the desk were two chairs.

Knox was playing on his electronic keyboard and his back was to me. He stopped to transcribe some notes onto a pad to the side. Headphones must have kept him from hearing me. More loudly I said, “Knox!”

He turned around, grinned, and pulled off the headset. “Hi Michael. You sober today?”

I laughed. “Hey, I was sober the other day! Just real happy, ya know?”

Knox grinned, “Yeah, I could tell how happy. So why didn’t you bring Davey with you?”

“I did.” I stepped into the office and dragged in Davey by the hand after me.

Knox’s reaction was all I could hope for. His jaw dropped and his eyes widened. “Shit, Michael. I don’t know what I expected, but…he’s beautiful.”

Davey grinned and I put my arm around his shoulders and squeezed possessively. “I told you he was.”

“You didn’t tell me the half of it,” Knox said with flattering awe in his voice. “Damn, Michael. I mean…damn!” He got up from his desk, came around, and held out his hand. “I’m Knox.”

Both of us were taller than Knox. Davey smiled, and shook Knox’s hand just as I’d taught him, with a firm grip and good eye contact. The eye contact got Knox. I could almost watch him melt into Davey’s blue eyes.

Then Knox looked at me and smiled, “You guys are perfect for each other. When you said he was better looking that you, I thought, “yeah, right.” But he just might be, Michael. That’d be a hard decision.”

He sat back on the edge of his desk, “I tell you though, I think together you two are even more gorgeous! Kind of like a pair of angels, one dark haired and one white. I mean, you look very different from each other, but you’re both drop dead gorgeous, especially when you stand together like that. Sort of a heavenly invasion.”

I turned to Davey. “I think he likes you,” I said with a grin. “Knox is pretty shallow; he just goes for looks.”

“Ha!” Knox laughed and moved back around his desk. “Well if that’s true, I hit the jackpot with you two. Come on in! Shut the door and sit down.”

We did, and scooted our chairs up to Knox’s desk. There was a tall, thin window beside Knox’s door, or otherwise I would have taken Davey’s hand.

“So,” Knox said, leaning back in his chair. “Tell me all about you two.”

Beginning with Davey having to stay with us because of Maggie going to Houston, I told Knox about those first couple of nights; the things we said to each other and the things we did together. Knox smiled and nodded the entire time.

When I was done, Knox cocked his head and asked, “So ah…just how often are you guys having sex?”

“Once or twice a day,” I answered. “But sometimes not on weekends.”

“Once or twice a day?” Knox asked. “Jeez, what do you need my help for?”

“C’mon, Knox. We don’t know what we’re doing.” I said.

“I should be so ignorant,” he laughed. “So you guys are how old? Just fourteen?”

We nodded.

Knox leaned back. “I’ll be honest with you Michael. I’m not sure I feel comfortable talking to you guys about your sex life. Sometimes, because you’re a really smart kid, you come across as older than you are. I keep having to remind myself you’re only fourteen.” He winked. “But I think your love is sweet, and I would love to keep it innocent.”

Knox rocked forward and sighed, “Look, I know it’s 1981. You guys have sex education in school, and kids your age are having a lot of sex.”

“That’s right,” I quickly agreed. “So it’s not a big deal if you help us.”

He smiled ruefully, “Maybe not. And honestly, I guess I’m actually a little envious. I started doing things with other boys around your age, but that was just touching and jacking each other off. I had my first crush back then, but didn’t really fall in love for the first time until college.”

He put the palms of his hands together and set his chin on his fingertips. “There’s no rush you know. You guys can figure things out on your own. I wouldn’t even be having this conversation with you if you still had your dads around, or if I thought you had anybody better to talk to.” He paused a moment. “Not that you would talk to your dads about this sort of thing.”

“We want you to talk to us about it, Knox,” I said. “We want to do things the right way and there isn’t anybody else we can talk to about it. We need your help. I mean, I wouldn’t want to accidentally get Davey pregnant.”

Knox grinned. “But you wouldn’t mind trying to, would you?”

I laughed.

“OK, guys, look,” Knox said. “If I help you, you can’t tell anybody about it, please. I’m not sure anyone else would understand and I have a career to protect. I wouldn’t do it at all if it wasn’t you, Michael.” He looked at me quite seriously and said, “Damn it kid, I love you.”

The feeling was truly mutual. “I love you too, Knox.”

Knox turned to Davey, “And I’m ready to be your friend too, Davey. Is that OK?”

Davey smiled and nodded.

Knox rocked back in his chair. “Alright, guys. I’m a college professor, and so I’m gonna treat this like a short course. Today, I’ll give you a little instruction along with an assignment and then we meet again in two weeks. OK?”

We both nodded.

“OK.” He reached into a drawer of his desk and pulled out a book. “Today’s lesson is on oral sex.”

For the next thirty minutes, Knox gave us “oral” basics, complete with a couple of pictures from The Joy of Gay Sex book. The illustrations were a good idea. Even I would have been a little confused by just descriptions. The pictures helped both Davey and me. They also added a little…excitement to the lesson.

Davey particularly liked Knox’s review of frottage; rubbing was our favorite thing so far.

“Alright,” Knox said, closing the book and putting it back into his drawer. “That’s enough Gay Sex 101 for the day. Now here is your assignment for next time…I want you two to try out oral sex.”

Davey turned to me and grinned. I winked back.

“Don’t try any anal or anything else you haven’t done,” Knox continued. “Just frot and oral. Find out what you both like, and how to please your partner.” He looked seriously at both of us. “If you’re gonna be a good lover, find out how to please your partner. Tell each other what you like, and listen to each other.”

He stood up, rearranging himself. “Now it’s late,” he said. “Too late for your guitar lesson, Michael. Next time we won’t take as long.”

He came around his desk as we stood up. “No charge for the sex lesson guys, except for a hug.”

He hugged us both, immaculately, and then said, “Damn, I envy you guys. Go have fun.” And he patted our butts as we walked out the door.

On the way home, Davey said, “I want to…do you first.”

“Not today, Davey. It’s too late. You’ve got to study and I have to get supper ready. We have to wait till tomorrow.”

I recognized the look he gave me.

“No, you don’t,” I said, “You’re not going to get me all horny when we get home. I’m already horny enough and I still say we need to wait until tomorrow. I don’t want to rush things. It’ll do us good to wait.”

Davey stuck out his tongue at me. I swatted at his butt and he dodged.

* * * * *

The next afternoon, we talked about everything else but sex on the way home from school, but we walked real fast. Once we were inside the door of my house, we tossed aside our packs. Davey smiled at me and began making his attempt at a seductive strip. I thought I could do better than that and set out to try.

We both really tried to be seductive, but we simply couldn’t control ourselves, and we both started laughing and giggling. But when Davey started blowing kisses over his shoulder at me, while pulling his pants down over his wiggling butt, I found myself smiling at the kisses, but feeling a surge of desire from watching his naked butt. By the time we were naked, we were dead serious and our cocks stood stiffly in front of us. We danced closer until our bellies pressed our cocks to the side and we synchronized our grinds. As our hands went to each other’s butts, I reminded Davey of something Knox had told me in front of Davey during our ‘oral’ lesson, “Knox said I need to skin back my foreskin and clean up real good for you, remember?”

Davey grinned, ground hard, and then stepped back to grab my cock. He led me to the bathroom. “I’m gonna…do it for you.” He said, and led me gently over to the sink. There, we stood together, my arm over Davey’s shoulder, as he held my cock over the sink. He thoughtfully warmed up the water first, and then carefully skinned my foreskin back and rinsed me. Then he lathered up his hands and gently cleaned me.

It was nice, being washed. I watched, kissing the side of his face and his neck from time to time. I ran my hand down off his shoulder and felt the soft skin stretched over the muscles of his back, and then the firm, hairless mounds of his butt. He rinsed the soap off thoroughly, and then dried me with a towel.

“Thanks,” I said, wrapping my arm around his neck. I kissed his cheek.

We walked to my room and closed the door. My window faced on to the porch. I made sure the bottom row of shutters was closed. Then I turned and stepped up to Davey. We kissed and both dropped to our knees at exactly the same time. I laughed.

“I was going to do you first,” I said.

“But I wanna do you.” Davey insisted.

“Wanna try a sixty-nine?” I asked. “Like in the book?”

He grinned and nodded.

I took his hand and led him to my bed. We lay down on our sides, facing each other’s crotches. For a while, both of us simply touched and fondled the other. Davey’s equipment always flushed red when he was excited and it was really flushed now. Up close, his cock was thick and definitely on the long side of average. It curved upward slightly and tapered gently to a nice head. His balls hung loose in a hairless sack.

I enjoyed the feel of him in my hands -- the softness of his skin, the thickness of his cock. I put my nose closer and smelled. I loved his scent. I pressed my chin into his balls and my nose between his legs and took a deep breath, then announced, “You smell really good down here.”

Davey gave me the same treatment. “You smell like soap,” he complained.

“Well, what’d you expect? You just washed me.”

He pulled my balls to one side and pressed his nose into my perineum and took another breath. Then he rubbed me there with his nose and breathed deeply again. His cock twitched.

“So do I smell, OK?” I asked.

In answer, he pressed his nose more firmly between my legs and nuzzled in as he took a huge breath.

“Oh,” my voice quavered and I lifted my top leg.

Then he licked me there, right behind my balls. It was a jolt and I jumped. “Damn,” I gasped. Recovering, I gently pulled Davey’s balls out of the way and burrowed between his legs with my head and licked him hard in the same spot.

He spread his legs and moaned. We both began licking in earnest, and after thoroughly licking every bit of our perineums just like Knox told us, we moved on to the back of the scrotum.

Davey was the first to suck in a ball, but I was quick to follow. When I licked in the cracks between Davey’s legs and his scrotum, he did the same to me. We both moaned. Then we returned to our balls and licked them until they shone. When our hands weren’t moving things out of the way, we were feeling each other’s hips and sides.

We both arrived at the base of our cocks at the same time. I licked up the bottom of Davey’s and he followed on mine. I laughed when we moaned in harmony. I scooted down so that I could get easier access to his cock and pulled it toward me. Davey did the same and our tongues snaked out to our crowns at the same time. It was another jolt, to both of us. We tensed.

“Wow,” Davey said.

We kept licking. We licked all over the crown, swirling around like Knox had told us to. Almost instantly, Davey tensed, whimpered, and shot cum into my mouth and all over my face. I stroked him to help get it all out while I rolled his cum around in my mouth. His spunk tasted a little stronger than it did when I’d licked it off our stomachs over a year before. It was pretty clear like mine, and viscous. The taste was a little salty, but I liked it. When he finished cumming we looked at each other and he broke out laughing, pointing at my face.

“Sorry…Mickey!” he laughed.

“Yeah, I can tell how sorry,” I said, getting up to retrieve the towel I now kept in my room, having gotten the idea from Chase. I wiped my face off.

“Can we…keep going?” Davey asked.

“We can stop if you want a rest,” I offered.

He shook his head. “I want to…finish.”

Smiling gratefully, I returned to the bed. Davey was still thick, so I slowly stroked him as he returned to swirling my crown. When he put his mouth over my cockhead and his lips closed over the shaft behind it, I gasped. His mouth was hot and wet and his tongue cradled my crown.

Davey’s cock hardened, and I took it into my mouth. We both held one another in our mouths and gently sucked. I was surprised at how good his mouth felt on me, but even more by how good his cock felt in my mouth. It was all thick and rubbery with just the faintest tangy taste. His smell was strong now and made my cock harder.

We slowly sucked down each other’s shaft, trying to go all the way down, until we each took a turn gagging. We backed up and gently sucked. Our hands caressed each other’s balls and flanks.

I took a breath, “Damn, I never knew it would feel like this…oh…oh… Davey, take your mouth off! I’m going to cum!” I gasped. “Davey take your mouth off…I…I…Oooooh. Oh, Daveeeeee…Oh Shit! Oh Shhhhhit!” I tried to keep my hips still as I pumped my load into Davey’s warm mouth. His hand gently squeezed my balls and he kept his mouth over the end of my cock, licking as I felt excess cum roll down my shaft.

“Oh, damn that was incredible,” I panted and lay back to rest as Davey licked me clean. I took several deep breaths. “OK, now I want you to cum in my mouth, too.”

His cock twitched in my hand. I sucked him in again and put a hand on his balls. I began to bob like Knox said to try, and I kept my teeth covered with my lips. Davey began to make little thrusting movements, responding.

I tried bobbing deeper; I tried relaxing the back of my throat and opening it up like I was swallowing as Knox suggested. But it didn’t work. Experimenting, I found the absolute deepest I could go without choking and bobbed that deep. I used my tongue to slide across the top of his crown and down the top of his shaft each time I went down on him. Before long, his balls pulled up. I gently pressed my fingertips to the spot behind them, and Davey exploded, groaning loudly, into my mouth.

Even though it was his second orgasm, he still had a fair bit of cum. It could’ve tasted like Listerine and I would have liked it because it was Davey’s. But it didn’t taste too bad at all…no, not bad at all, and so I swallowed every bit.

Then I kissed his softening dick and asked, “So, do you like oral?”

In answer, he sucked my softening cock back into his mouth.


* * * * *

The next day we again hurried home. Once in the front door, we dropped our packs to the ground and embraced. I’d wanted to kiss his lips all day. We wrapped our arms around each other and kissed hungrily. As we began pulling each other’s shirt up, I glanced out the living room side window and saw Mom’s car in the drive way. I froze.

We had come from the other direction and I hadn’t seen the car. I quickly pushed Davey away, and looked around to see where Mom might be. Davey looked at me, surprised. I pointed out the window. He looked out and turned back to me questioningly. I mouthed, “Mom’s car.”

He looked out the window again and his eyes widened. I walked through the house and guessed that Mom was in her room; her door was closed.

So, we tucked our shirts back in and set up to study in the kitchen. I told Davey, “We need to start checking the drive every time we come home; just to make sure the coast is clear.”

A short while later, I heard Mom’s door open and footsteps coming toward the kitchen. She was in her robe and looked flushed and puffy-eyed. Her hair was a mess. I jumped up and went to her. “You ok, Mom?” I asked. “You look awful.”

She nodded, “I feel lousy. I think it’s the flu. It’s been going around the office and came on fast like the flu. You better stay back, Mickey. You don’t want this.”

Mom reached up to take a glass from the cabinet and went over to the fridge. “Hi, Davey,” she mumbled.

Davey had been watching from his chair at the kitchen table. “Hi, Glor-i-a,” he said. “I’m sorry you don’t…feel well.”

“Mom,” I asked, heading for the refrigerator, “can I get that for you? You want a drink or something?”

She handed me the glass. “Seven Up with lots of ice. I’ll be on the couch.”

“Have you taken any medicine?”

She waved me off as she headed out of the kitchen.

I fixed her soup that night and Maggie stayed a while when she came for Davey. I normally kept some supper for Maggie anyway and she ate while talking to Mom in the living room. Then she fluffed Mom’s pillow, straightened her blanket, gave her fresh ice, and told me things to do for Mom. She also made Mom take some Tylenol and gave her an extra blanket.

Mom was home with the flu Friday as well. I offered to take Davey to his house to “study” after school, but Mom wanted us to stay. “It’s nice having you two around. I like the company.”

I threw Davey a quick, “Well I tried” look.

So, by Saturday, Davey and I were downright horny. Perhaps Knox was right -- maybe we were becoming addicted…to each other.

We had three lawns to mow Saturday. I wanted to start with the Stevenson’s because they were out of town. I knew that because I had a key to their house so that I could feed their cat for them over the weekend…nobody home.

The weather was cool and Davey and I wore long-sleeve pull-overs in addition to our shorts. That left Davey’s legs bare and I admired them all the way to the Stevenson’s house. We parked the lawn mower and trimmer in the back yard, went inside, fed the cat, stripped, and were into a sixty-nine position on the living room carpet before the cat was done eating.

After mowing all three lawns, Davey and I stopped back by the Stevenson’s on the way home to “check on the cat.”

We ‘checked on the cat’ on Sunday too. There’s something a little exciting about “doing it” at some one else’s house when they’re away. The Stevenson’s living room had a really plush leather couch -- a little cool when you first get on it naked, but definitely made for multiple comfortable positions.

* * * * *

I sort of blame myself for what happened a few days later. There was this jock in our school -- a really good looking red headed sophomore by the name of Brandon Fox. Most of the time he was alright. He’d been one of the few upper classmen to ever be friendly to Davey and me.

But I‘d seen the way Davey looked at Brandon, and I should’ve warned Davey to cool it. I think he had a bit of a schoolboy crush on young Mr. Fox. Unfortunately, Davey is so damn transparent, and after what he and I had been doing, I guess he got too transparent.

It was after the mid-morning class and something just didn’t feel right. Maybe it was a sixth sense. I knew where Davey walked between each class, so I quickly headed for where I thought Davey might be, but he wasn’t there. I looked around. Down the hall I saw Brandon’s red head facing off against a shorter blond one, and I heard a raised voice echoing down the hallway. I raced toward them.

Davey was looking downcast at the floor. A tear rolled down his cheek while Brandon called him names that nobody should call another person. “Hey,” I stepped between them, spreading my arms out, “What’s the problem, Brandon?”

He stopped his tirade and glared at me, then nodded toward Davey with a scowl. “He gives me the creeps the way he stares at me and follows me around. Tell him to stay the fuck away.”

“Maybe he just likes you,” I said evenly. “He doesn’t always have the best taste.”

Brandon glared at me. “The little creep doesn’t even belong in a school with normal people.”

That hurt. I balled my fists up and only my dazzling intelligence kept me from hitting him. Well actually, it took little intelligence. Not only was Brandon a jock, but, I was a fourteen year old freshman and he was a sixteen year old sophomore. I knew he’d just turned sixteen because somebody pointed out when he started driving.

But I was still pissed. I leaned forward and through clenched teeth said, “We know who’s the creep here, Brandon, and it’s you, not Davey.”

He laughed, “You’re sick, Bentolli!”

“I may be sick, but I’m not stupid. You jocks all have balls for brains, you dumb asshole.” Alright, so nerds can’t always come up with good put-downs.

It was good enough to get him mad, though. (Sometimes even smart people do stupid things.) Brandon’s professional coat-holder, Geoff, a tall, well-built (and strikingly good looking), boy, snickered. The crowd around us was growing in the hallway.

Brandon flushed red and stepped closer to me. “Listen you little nerd, I’m twice the man you are.”

“Not by anything you can measure.” A couple of kids laughed.

He grabbed my shirt and jerked my face up to his, “Listen Bentolli, get out of my face and take your little retard with you.”

As I said, smart people can do stupid things. Without thinking, I threw a right hook at his jaw as hard as I could. I was much too close to do any good, especially since he shoved me back and I missed him completely. The next thing I knew, a blow to my solar plexus doubled me over, a dropped elbow punched me to the ground, and a kick to the ribs winded me. Groveling on the ground, I had no idea what Davey did next, if he did anything. I just felt the wind knocked out of me even more when his body dropped onto mine.

I struggled to catch my breath and tried to turn to make sure Davey was OK. Suddenly, his face was in mine, his brows knit in concern. “Mickey? You OK, Mickey?”

“Michael,” I tried to breathe. “I told you that in school it’s Michael.”

Poor Davey looked so concerned for me; so serious.

I groaned, “Shit, call me Mickey.” I sat up. Kids stared as they walked past. Brandon’s crowd was way down the hall, but I could still hear them laughing. “You OK, Davey?”

He sat down beside me. “Uh, huh. I’m sorry, Mickey.”

“It’s not your fault, Davey. He’s just a prick.”

I struggled to my feet, my breath returning. “You just need to be careful how you look at other guys.” I whispered. “Don’t stare at their bodies. Besides,” I said, trying to smile, “I might get jealous.” Watching his eyes, I suddenly wondered if Davey could understand jealousy. That is, I doubted that he was capable of outright, green-eyed jealousy.

That afternoon at my house, Davey worried over the bruise on my back and on my side. He kissed them tenderly before his kisses moved on to other tender areas.

Later after supper, Mom was washing dishes when I leaned against the kitchen counter and said, “You know how you’ve been asking me for weeks what I want for Christmas?”

“Yeah,” she glanced up at me, “And, you still haven’t told me anything except socks.”

I grinned, “That’s because I knew you were gonna buy clothes anyway.” Of course what I didn’t say was that I knew she didn’t need to spend any money because things were tight. But since I was still mad about what happened with Brandon, I said, “I’d like a set of weights. They don’t have to be expensive. But Davey and I need to start working out.”

Davey looked up at me from where he was reading on the floor, not sure what I was proposing for us.

Mom looked surprised and shook her head. “Boys! Do you really want a set of weights for Christmas?”

“Well, not if we can’t afford them. I mean, we’ve got mowing money and can maybe buy them ourselves. Or maybe Davey and I can just do pushups and sit-ups and stuff.”

“Well,” She mused, “I can see if anyone has some on sale.” Then she looked me in the eye, “If I get the weights, will you promise to use them?”


Perhaps more important than bulking us up, was going to be me training Davey to try to be more discreet — and that was going to be a definite challenge. I’d begun watching him when we were together. Davey looked at a lot of guys at school and his looks were sometimes too lingering. The best plan, I figured, would be to stop him every time I saw him look that way. Maybe we could train him.

* * * * *

The next day was a great day. First, Brandon passed me at the lockers, stopped and came back.

“Hey, Bentolli,” he said.

I turned around to look at him.

“No hard feelings about yesterday?” he asked and then gave me a small smile.

“Well, yeah. I have hard feelings.” My hand went to my sore gut.

He frowned. “I could’ve hit you harder, you know…a lot harder. It was more like a reflex. I wasn’t really trying to hurt you.”

I raised my eyebrows. “Damn, remind me not to get you really mad.”

“Well I’m sorry. Fuck your hard feelings,” he said and turned to leave.

I grabbed his arm, “Look, Brandon. I’m sorry…”

He looked angrily down at my hand on his arm.

I released his arm, and quickly said, “It’s just you were a real turd about Davey. He didn’t deserve that.”

He turned to face me. “Look Bentolli. You got guts...stupid, but you got guts. You’re going to need them if you’re going to keep sticking up for your…friend. The kid acts queer.”

I opened my mouth to tell him to “Fuck off,” but before I could, he warned, “Don’t…Look, I know he’s your friend. Just help him get his act together, alright?”

For a moment, for just a moment, his look softened and I realized that Brandon was even better looking than I had thought. Then he turned and left.

* * * * *

Then there was Chase.

As we sat down in our first class, Chase leaned close. “Hey, I’ve got something to ask you and you sure as hell better say ‘yes’,” he grinned.

“OK,” I cautiously replied. “What?”

The teacher stood up and closed the door.

“Not now…after class.”

Frustrated, I punched his arm.

But by the time class ended, I’d forgotten about it. That is, until Chase caught my arm as we got up to leave.

“Let me tell you my question,” he said, obviously excited again.

I turned back and we stepped to the side as other kids walked past. “What’s the question?”

“Well…” Chase grinned and stepped closer. “Every year my family goes skiing in Colorado between Christmas and New Years. Dad says the place we have this year is big enough to take you and Davey too. The question is, do you want to go?”

“Wow! Really?”

“Hell yes. So?”

“Hell yes,” I said. “But I’ll need to check with my Mom.”

“Well find out. We’ll leave the Saturday after Christmas and be back the Sunday after New Years.”

“Is your family driving? Because Davey and I have money saved. We can buy our own plane tickets.”

“Nah, we’re driving. We’ve got a Suburban. Dad likes to drive straight through. You might need your money for clothes for skiing. Dad says he’ll take you guys shopping this weekend if you need some.”

“Damn,” I said thoughtfully, “I’ve never seen mountains.” I glanced at Chase. “My mind’s going to be wasted all day now.”

“Forget the mountains for a sec,” Chase said as he looped an arm over my shoulder and we headed for the classroom door. “I hear you’ve been pickin’ on Brandon Fox. Tell me all about it.”

That night, I was ecstatic after Mom said yes to the trip and so did Maggie. That weekend, Ed Armstrong, Chase’s dad, took us shopping for “ski apparel”. Mr. Armstrong was in his late thirties with sandy blond hair and Robert Redford-type good looks. He used his dazzling smile a lot and clapped our backs or squeezed our shoulders when he talked to us. He was just what I pictured a perfect dad would be and I was happy for Chase, and a little jealous.

Ed made sure we were outfitted as well as his kids, and wouldn’t let us pay for any of it. Best of all, Ed treated Davey really well, and Davey glowed more and more with each shoulder hug.

* * * * *

“Well,” Knox asked as we settled into our seats across his desk. “So how did your homework go?”

Davey and I smiled at each other. “We like oral,” I said.

“Better than frotting?” he asked, raising an eyebrow.

I shook my head.

“How about you, Davey?” Knox asked. “What do you like better? Frotting or oral?”

Davey cocked his head to one side and rubbed his chin.

Knox smiled. “I take it you like both.”

“I like frot better,” Davey decided.

“Why is that?”

“Because we can kiss when we…frot.”

“Oh, ho! That’s a good reason,” Knox smiled. “You two little love birds.” He rocked back in his chair. “So did you each learn what you like and what your partner likes?”

“Kissing,” Davey said without hesitation.

Knox nodded, “Well I guess that isn’t a surprise…but it’s not exactly what I had in mind with my question, though.”

“We like to sixty-nine,” I answered. And then sheepishly added. “I like the over and under, especially when Davey’s the over.”

Knox looked at me and raised an eyebrow, “Way to go, Michael,” he said softly. Then Knox rocked forward, “Well, are you guys ready for the next step?”

We both nodded.

What do you want to do next? Anal? Or sensual massage?” Knox asked.

“Anal,” I said. “We both really want to try that.”

“How did I know?” Knox asked the ceiling. “OK, open your backpack, Michael.”

I did as Knox instructed. He reached into a drawer and quickly shoved a box of condoms and a medium-sized tube of KY lubricant across his desk at me.

“Hide those in your back pack and don’t you dare tell anybody where you got them.”

“Thanks, Knox!” I said, quickly putting them away.

Again, Knox’s lecture came complete with pictures from the Joy of Gay Sex book. He talked about positions and about lubricant and about going slow. He also told us to only make love with each other, and use a condom with anyone else because of some of the STDs out there. He was pretty insistent. When he was done, his assignment was to try anal for the next couple of weeks and, “Go slow and take turns.”

“Don’t forget,” I reminded him, “we’re going to Colorado for a week. We may need more time for our ‘homework.’”

Knox patted my back. “I don’t think we need any more sessions. You boys are off to a roaring start. Just do the assignment the next couple of weeks and you’ll be fine. You’ve got plenty of time to learn.” He stopped and lifted his eyebrows. “Colorado, really? Skiing?”

“Yeah.” I replied. “A friend of ours from school is taking us up with his family.

“We got…ski clothes,” Davey added.

“Marvelous, guys,” Knox said. “OK, you’ll have to tell me all about it, but later. We’ve run long, but I don’t have anyone else scheduled today, so let’s move on to your guitar lesson. Can you guys still stand up?’

I laughed.

The small practice rooms that professors and students used for lessons surrounded a larger waiting room. I left Davey there while Knox and I took one of the glass-doored practice rooms. That way Davey could watch us without crowding us. He’d brought a book with him, and sat down to read it.

Knox and I had been working a little while when I looked up to see Joel sitting with Davey. He saw me and gave a big thumbs up. I smiled and continued to listen to Knox.

When I next looked up, Joel had moved his chair to right in front of Davey and had his hands on Davey’s thighs in a very friendly way, while he talked to him. I missed the next few notes completely. Knox looked at me, and then out to the anteroom. “Damn college students,” he fussed. “Continue Michael. Ignore them.”

Well I tried. But Joel kept moving his hands on Davey’s legs. When he stood up and took Davey’s hand and they looked like they were going to leave the room, I stopped playing all together. Knox followed my gaze out the window and said, “Shit.” He jumped up and opened the door, calling “Joel!” just as the two of them were almost out the waiting room door. Knox walked out and the glass door shut, so I didn’t hear what Knox said, but after a few words, Joel smiled ruefully and left. Knox had Davey bring another chair into the practice room where he joined us.

“I think when Davey’s with you,” Knox said, “it might be better if he sits in here.”

I nodded in whole-hearted agreement.

* * * * *

The next day, Wednesday, was Christmas Eve and Mom would have to work a half-day. That morning, I knelt nervously behind Davey. He was naked, on all fours, on the floor of my room. I hadn’t ever seen anything hotter in my life than Davey ready for me to climb on.

His skin gleamed white. The muscles of his lean butt and legs were relaxed. I ran my hand over his butt and down the sides of his legs. His back swayed slightly as he relaxed even more, and I ran my hand up over the strong muscles along his spine. Then I cupped his balls and caressed them.

I literally shook with excitement. But first, I wanted to just feel him. I pressed the length of my cock into the crack between his firm butt cheeks and rubbed it up and down. And then I bent over Davey, kissing the back of his shoulder and trying him on for size.

“I am sooooo ready,” I breathed.

Picking up the tube of KY from where I’d placed it on the floor, I opened it and squeezed some out onto the fingers of my right hand. Then I carefully spread it onto Davey’s anus and rubbed. Then I squeezed out some more, skinned back my cock, and lubed it. Finally, I squeezed out a little more onto my fingers and rubbed once more on Davey’s butthole.

As I began to rub, I whispered to the back of his blond head, “I’m going to try to put a finger in.”

He nodded.

“I don’t want to hurt you, Davey. Just tell me if it hurts and we’ll stop.”

“OK, Mickey,” he nodded.

I pushed gently with my forefinger. Slowly, the tip went in. “Are you relaxing like Knox said?”

He nodded, and I slid my finger slowly in until it was fully buried. Davey was warm inside. His sphincter gripped my finger tightly, and I gently began to feel around. I’d studied every diagram of male anatomy I’d ever seen and decided to look for where I thought the prostate should be. I was pretty sure I found it when Davey said, “Oooooo,” and rocked forward.

“Does that hurt?” I asked.

“No,” he answered, his voice a little tight. “It feels…good.”

I couldn’t take it any more. I wanted to do it. “I’m going to pull my finger out and put my cock in,” I told him.

When I pulled out my finger, he gave a little gasp and rocked forward once more. Then he gamely rocked back and I placed my cockhead at his entrance. But then Davey dropped to the floor and rolled to look back at me.

“I want to…see you,” he said. “I want to watch.”

“You want to try it on your back?” I asked.

He nodded and rolled over. I picked up his legs and pushed his knees up like Knox showed us. Davey grimaced a little.

“You want to try the bed?” I asked.

“Yeah. The floor’s…cold. And hard.”

When Davey lay back on the bed, I stuffed a pillow under his butt like the book said to try, and Davey pulled up and spread his knees. His flushed red cock and balls lay in the valley between his legs. His butt pointed invitingly at my cock. He looked up at me.

I bent down over him, laying my cock between his two balls, and gently kissed his lips. “We don’t have to do this. I love what we do already.”

“I’m ready.” He said. “Please?”

I kissed him once more and knelt back up. Once again I lubed everything. I watched his face as I pushed my forefinger in one more time. He grimaced briefly, then relaxed.

“It’s OK,” he said.

I pulled out my finger and placed my cock at his hole. When I glanced up at Davey’s face, his eyes were fixed on where I was about to enter him. I looked back down and watched as I pushed. My crown pressed his butthole and began to stretch it. Then suddenly it gave and my whole crown popped in.

Davey tensed and I stopped. But he relaxed and quietly said, “It’s ok.”

Looking back and forth from his face and down to where my cock was entering him, I pushed in slowly. The exquisite pleasure slid over my crown and slowly down my shaft. “Ooooh. Oh, Davey. You feel really good.” I whimpered…I didn’t know it could feel so good. “Oh, damn, Davey, I can’t wait till you try this on me. It feels…oh man…it feels great.”

And it did. His tight butt ring squeezed my cock as it slid down the shaft, while inside, he felt warm and close. It was all I could do to control myself and not shove all the way in.

Whenever Davey winced, or even frowned. I stopped. When I was over half-way in, I decided that might be far enough, and slowly pulled back, and then pushed in again. I watched my cock slide in and out of his hole, and I began to fuck Davey.

I looked up at his face. He’d arched his head back, his blond hair fanned over the pillow, and his neck muscles all stood out. “Are you OK?” I asked.

“Yeah,” he said.

I spread my own knees a little wider and moved them up along either side of the pillow so that I cradled Davey’s butt in my crotch and I moved a little deeper. Davey winced and I moved back, making my strokes shallower.

Then I bent over Davey, lowering my upper body toward his. He looked up at me, and reached his arms up over the back of my neck, pulling me down. We kissed and I moved in him.

I don’t know how I managed not to cum right away, but I didn’t. And we relaxed more and more until my belly was on Davey’s cock and balls and we had each other wrapped up in our arms. I kept pumping and suddenly realized my pubic bone was hitting against Davey’s perineum; I was all the way in!

I groaned, then looked at Davey. My throat was thick, I cleared it and asked, “How does it feel?”

Davey’s brow was knit. “Ok,” He said. Then he adjusted his butt on me and said, “Good. I…I like it.”

“It feels good to you?”

He hugged my head to his and said into my ear, “Yeah.”

“It feels really good to me too.” I moaned. “Oh, Davey…it feels really good. But if we keep doing this, I’m going to cum. You want to try doing it to me?”

He ran his hands through the hair on the back of my head. “First you cum…in me.”

That was fine with me. I began pumping harder, faster—with that almost animal reflex you get when your pelvis starts thrusting almost on its own. I yielded to the reflex and burrowed into Davey at the bottom of each thrust.

As I pumped faster, I arched my back up and Davey’s hands slid down my sides. My hips began to fly as my orgasm began to trigger. Davey groaned loudly and I didn’t want to hurt him. But I needed to cum. And when I came, I cried out, thrusting all the way in, and pumped my load into Davey.

‘My load into Davey…’ The thought was so cool -- like we were joined and I was putting my seed into him, and he was going to do that to me. The thought passed as I pumped out the last of my cum into him before collapsing down on top of him.

“Oh, Davey,” I moaned into his neck. “You gotta try this.”

“Gotta wait,” he said.

I lifted my head to look at him.

He grinned sheepishly, “I…cummed.”

“Really?” I lifted myself off him to look at our bellies. There was definitely somebody’s cum there, and all mine was inside him.

“It felt that good?” I asked.

He nodded. “It hurt a little…bit. But only…a little. And some of it…some of it felt…real good…Mickey.”

“Hell, all of it felt real good to me.” I pushed all the way back into him and hugged his body in mine. “Still feels real good.”

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