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Christmas Day, Davey and Maggie came over to celebrate the holiday with us. As soon as they were in the door, I sat Davey down beside me on the couch and gave him the first of my gifts. He opened it, and looked at me in surprise. “It’s a recorder, Davey; sort of like a pipe or flute. You can play music on it. I’m going to teach you how.”

His eyes widened. “Really?”

“Yes, really. Then you can play the recorder while I play the guitar. We can play together…duets, dude. Hey,” I said with a laugh, “‘Dude Duets’…we’ll do a concert tour.”

Davey grinned happily. It was one of those times when I wasn’t sure whether Davey was happy because of the gift, or he was happy because I was happy -- which meant he was happy too.

Across the room, Maggie raised a wary eye. “Does this mean he’s going to practice all hours of the day on that thing?” she asked.

“Sure,” I said, winking at Davey. “He’ll need lots of practice; the noisier, the better.”

“Gloria,” Maggie called to my mom in the kitchen, “Is this recorder-flute thing revenge for the guitar?”

“Just because you said that,” I said, haughtily, “We may just give our first concert to a more deserving audience.”

“That would be nice,” Mom said as she came into the room. I knew she was kidding because I’d gotten quite good on the guitar. At least, I hoped she was kidding.

I also gave Davey three Indiana Jones action figures from Raiders of the Lost Ark. And, since Maggie had said her dad was going to give her a VCR, I gave Davey The Muppet Movie on VHS.

Davey had talked to Knox and gave me two books of classical guitar pieces, a fret, and a couple of new picks. The gifts meant a lot.

When Maggie and Mom were back in the kitchen, Davey brought his recorder over and knelt down in front of where I sat on the couch. A recorder does look a little like a snake charmer’s flute. Davey put it to his mouth and pointed it at my crotch. He began waving the end at my cock and blew out an awful noise.

I laughed and came off the couch at him, rolling him onto his back. I straddled his waist, looked toward the kitchen to make sure our moms were still in there, and then bent close over his grinning face. “Better be careful, Davey.” I warned. “That could bring up a really big snake.

He bucked his hips under me and laughed.

I cocked an eyebrow, “Maybe I’ll use it on you.” And then, I tickled him.

“Mickey! Mickey!” he gasped. “I’ve got another…present.”

I stopped. “Another one?”

Davey grinned up at me. “A special present,” he whispered.

I let him up and Davey walked over to his jacket. He took a long thin box, wrapped in shiny red Christmas wrap, from one of the pockets. He handed it to me nervously, and watched expectantly as I tore off the wrapper and opened the box. Inside was a guy’s gold link necklace. It had to cost a fortune.

My mouth dropped. I looked up at Davey who showed in his face how desperately he wanted me to be pleased. “Davey,” I asked, “how much did this cost?”

He looked disappointed. “You don’t like it?”

“Like it?” I gasped. “Davey, it’s…it’s,” I lowered my voice and stepped closer. “It’s incredible. I want to try it on in my bedroom mirror.”

He smiled and followed me. Once I shut the bedroom door, I threw my arms around him and kissed him hard. When I finally let him up for air, he was grinning broadly. “You like it.”

“I love it,” I said, handing him the box. “Put it on me.”

We stepped up to the mirror and Davey wrapped the link chain around my neck. We both admired it in the mirror. Then he tried to fasten it, but couldn’t.

“Let me try,” I offered. I spun the necklace around and worked on the clasp. “Davey, how did you buy this? Does your mom know? Did you use your mowing savings?”

“Mom knows. She…took me.”

“Oh? Was it her idea?” I asked casually.

“No,” Davey was offended. “It was my…idea.”

Looking up at his reflection in the mirror, I said, “I’m sorry. I just…well, it’s a very personal gift. I just wondered…what did Maggie say?”

“She liked it. She helped me…pick it…you know?”

The clasp hooked, and I spun the necklace back around. We both looked at it in the mirror. It changed my whole look. I liked it. Suddenly, I was this really cool looking Italian kid. In a way, it made me look even younger, but cool.

Davey began pulling up my shirt.

“What are you doing?”

He leaned to my ear, “I want to see it…no shirt.”

I laughed and helped him pull my shirt off. This time, as we stood at the mirror, I was surprised at how the necklace showed off my long neck and highlighted the hollows of my throat. My shoulders looked broader, if thinner, and the color brought out pale highlights from my skin.

Davey ran his hands over my shoulders and back, looking me all over. Then he glanced at me in the mirror.

“It’s beautiful, Davey,” I said.

He put his arms around my waist and pressed himself to my back. He said, matter-of-factly, “It wasn’t…’til…you put it on.”

The way Davey looked at things was sometimes surprisingly…romantic. I turned in his arms and kissed him. “Thank you, Davey. It’s fantastic.”

He hugged me and grinned, pressing his hard cock into mine through our pants.

“Uh, uh,” I said. “We need to get on back.”

When I walked into the kitchen to show Mom, I wasn’t sure how she’d take it, but Maggie had already told her about the neck chain. Mom looked at it, lifted it in her fingers, and nodded appreciatively. Then she gave me a look that was a little hard to read.

* * * * *

Before dinner, Mom and Maggie took us out to my mom’s car. Mom opened the trunk. Inside was a weight set; a really nice Sears weight set with real iron plates and not the plastic-covered concrete stuff.

“It was too heavy for Maggie and me to carry inside — even the two of us,” Mom explained. “Just promise me that you two will be careful using these things.”

I hugged Mom. I knew she’d give us the weight set. Though my anger had cooled since the incident with Brandon, I still thought pumping up would be a good idea for both Davey and me. Mom said, “You need to thank Maggie too. We went together on these. They’re for Davey as well.”

I thanked Maggie and Davey thanked Mom, though I wasn’t sure what he thought of the whole thing.

Mom added, “The young man at the store said you would need a weight bench too. I found a good one in the classifieds. I told the guy we’re buying it from that we’d pick it up later on this afternoon.”

After Mom did all that, I figured we’d really need to use the weight set.

Back inside the kitchen, Mom turned to me. “If you’re going to be a muscle builder, you need to start lifting things around here, and you can start with this turkey…Please take it to the table.” When I set it down, Mom looked with satisfaction at the feast she had spread on the table and then at us gathered around it.

“My goodness, Maggie,” she said as the realization set in, “Both boys are taller than us now and Davey is almost Mickey’s height. He might wind up just as tall.”

I snickered as I thought, “The better to fit together, my dear.”

* * * * *

That evening, before they left, I took Davey back to my room. “I have one more Christmas present for you,” I told him, and handed him a wrapped package. “I just wish it was a necklace now.”

He tore off the bow and ripped into the paper, and then turned over the package in his hand. “A jock?” he asked.

I nodded. “I figured we might get a weight set for Christmas, and well…you need a jockstrap to work out in. I got me one too. You can leave yours here and we’ll put them on when we do weights, OK?”

Davey held the package in his hands and examined the picture of the well-hung model on the front cover. He grinned at me. “You got one too?”

“Yeah. You’re going to look so good in yours. You like it?”

Davey took my hand and put it to his crotch. His cock was hard again. “I like it, Mickey,” he said quietly. “I want to see you wear yours.”

I gave his cock a squeeze through his pants and then said, “And I can’t wait to see you in yours.” We looked at each other for just the briefest moment, and then we threw our arms around each other and kissed. I said, “Merry Christmas, Davey.”

After Maggie and Davey left, Mom sat in her chair, not reading, not watching TV, just sitting, pensive.

“You OK, Mom?”

She looked over to where I sat on the couch and nodded. “Yeah, just thinking,” she said. She turned to look at me. “Tonight, Maggie asked me if I would be Davey’s guardian if anything ever happened to her. Her dad isn’t doing well and she just wants to be sure someone would take care of Davey for the next few years. She’s going to make out a will.”

“You told her yes, right?” I asked. “You’d be guardian for Davey. Wouldn’t you?”

Mom smiled, “Of course I told her yes. But it started me thinking about you…if anything should happen to me.”

I gave her a mock frown. “Nothing’s going to happen to you, Mom.”

She smiled. “I thought of your grandparents or maybe your uncles.”

I gasped. “Not my uncles.”

Mom laughed. “OK, maybe not them,” she conceded. “It’s just that your grandparents aren’t that young anymore.”

“How about Maggie?” I suggested. “She could be my guardian.”

Mom grinned. “I knew you would think of that. It would be hard to saddle Maggie with that kind of responsibility, though. Her income is really limited right now.”

I thought out loud. “I wouldn’t want to move to Chicago, but the only relative I would want to move in with would be Grandpa.” Then I had an idea. “Mom, I could still stay here if I worked part-time! I could earn money to help Maggie.”

Mom considered. “I have some insurance too, Michael,” she said. “And we have some other income. I’ll talk to Maggie. But if it’s alright with you, I think I’ll stick around for now.”

“You better.” I warned.

Mom turned to me, still looking thoughtful. “I was thinking of something else, too, Mickey.”

I thought I knew what might be coming and nervously answered, “Yes?”

“That necklace, or gold chain, or whatever you call a guy’s necklace, that Davey gave you…it looked expensive.”

I nodded. “I think it was.”

Mom nodded, and looking quite serious, said, “Maybe it’s different these days but it seems…unusual…for a boy to give another boy a gift like that. Maggie tried to talk him into something else, but Davey wanted to give you a necklace.”

“Mom, you know Davey. Even if he did understand what’s ‘acceptable’, I’m not always sure he cares. Besides, Davey’s more like my brother. A brother could give a gift like that.”

Mom considered that and shook her head. “I’m just a little concerned for Davey, that’s all. He’s spending a lot of time with you studying and you’ve always looked after him. I just think you might have to be careful of his feelings. Boys your age sometimes are a little confused about…well, just be careful for Davey. I don’t want to see him get hurt.”

“I’d never hurt Davey,” I assured her. “It was a neat gift. I may want to get him one too.” And that was the truth. After seeing the gold necklace on me, I was dying to see one on Davey.

I looked at the clock over the TV. “Mom, Grandpa hasn’t called today. It’s not too late. Is it OK if I call him to wish him a ‘Merry Christmas’? Oh, and you haven’t told him about my ski trip yet, have you?”

“Not yet,” she said. “But call him now. You know he goes to bed early.”

I nodded and happily dialed the number.

* * * * *

It had been a long day. Grandpa wanted to talk a long time and Mom went to bed before we finished. I locked up and turned off all the lights, retiring to my room.

After closing my door, I stood in front of the mirror and admired the neck chain again, fingering it over the hollow at the base of my throat. I pulled my shirt off and again studied the effect of the necklace on my body.

I really needed to work out. I needed to put on some muscle. But somehow, the neck chain gave me a young masculinity. I felt cool, seductive, and spread my legs for myself in the mirror, rubbing enticingly between them.

I stripped for myself until all I wore was the neck chain. Stepping up to the mirror, I pushed my hips forward and stroked my cock. I felt sexy, like a gift wrapped boy toy, and touched my cock to it’s reflection in the mirror. I really liked the neck chain.

* * * * *

The next day, Friday, Mom and Maggie both had the day off. They decided to check out the after-Christmas sales together and mercifully, allowed us to sleep in.

I got up around 10 AM, showered, brushed my teeth, and put on some “young men’s” cologne Mom had given me for Christmas, and, the necklace.

It was one of those warm December days we sometimes get in San Antonio. So I just pulled on shorts, grabbed my key to Davey’s house, and stuffed the tube of KY into my pants. Then I ran the three houses down to his.

Quietly, I let myself in, locked the door, and snuck back to his room. Davey’s room was bigger than mine and had two windows onto the thickly landscaped back yard and one on the side to their drive. The house had been built before air conditioning, and was well-windowed to take advantage of South Texas breezes.

The drapes were open, but between his bed and the windows was a folding studio screen. The effect was almost that of a garden room, but with some additional privacy from the screen.

Davey was asleep on his side facing the wall, with the covers pulled up to his waist. I stripped off my clothes and put the KY next to his bed. Then I crawled under the covers with him, trying not to wake him until I spooned his body with mine. I pressed my cock against the back of his briefs, pulled back his hair, and kissed his neck.

“Good morning, Davey,” I sang quietly in his ear.

He sighed contentedly and snuggled back into me.

“I’ve got a Christmas present for you,” I teased.

He turned his head to look at me through the slit of a reluctant eye.

“It’s your turn,” I whispered. “I need you to…fuck me…so we can both see how that feels.”

His eye popped open and he smiled. Turning, he put his arms around me. Then he saw the necklace, and threw the covers completely off me. I rolled to my back, my hard cock flat up against my stomach, and he knelt up beside me.

If the phrase “feasted with his eyes,” had not been around before, Davey would have started it then. He looked me over with hungry admiration, reached out his hands, and felt over my chest and down my belly. Then he stopped, “I gotta go to the…john.”

“Well hurry!” I said, giggling. “I’m all hot and ready for you.” I laughed and stroked my cock.

Davey laughed and crawled over me to head for the bathroom.

“And come back naked,” I called after him.

We didn’t use Davey’s house nearly enough I decided. His double bed wasn’t only bigger; it was softer than mine, and he had neater sheets and blankets. I quickly turned up the bedspread, grabbed a pillow for my ass, and laid back, legs wide, for Davey.

“What’s keeping you?” I called.

Davey came back in, hard as a rock. “I had trouble…going. You made me…hard.”

“Looks like you still are,” I said with a grin. “And so am I.” With that, I pulled up the end of my cock and let it flop back on my belly.

Davey grinned, whooped, and jumped onto the bed, laying himself down on me. We kissed, and I said accusingly, “Now I know why you took so long in the john. You brushed your teeth and put on some of that cologne Mom gave you.”

He laughed, “While I was…waiting…for my cock…to get soft so I could…go.” He brushed my hair back off my face. “I smelled you. In…bed. I wanted to smell good, too. For you.”

I’d been stroking his back while he talked and as I looked up into his blue eyes, I thought I could be happy like this for a long time. But…I patted his butt. “I’ve been wanting to do this since the other day,” I said. “You’re going to like this soooo much. Look.” I reached over to where I’d put the KY and handed it to him. “Merry Christmas.”

Davey smiled and knelt up between my legs. I pulled up my knees saying, “I want to try it the same way you did. I want to watch, too.”

Davey’s pink cock throbbed as he squeezed out the KY. He squeezed too hard and wound up with a handful. He giggled and held it up for me to see.

“Don’t get it on the bed,” I warned. “That stuff might stain. Just spread it on and swallow the rest.”

Davey’s eyes widened and he looked at me in surprise.

I laughed. “Just kidding. If you have too much left, give me some for my cock. It’s got to be as good as lotion for jacking off. And if you still have too much, you can shake it off into your cup of water from last night,” I said, nodding to his bed stand.

With exquisite care, Davey lubed my butt as I held up my knees. Then he carefully did his cock. Then my cock. Then my butt.

My heart was already racing, “Gees, Davey,” I said, “by the time you get started, I’ll probably have cum twice.”

He giggled and wiped the excess KY into my pubes.

I sighed. “Well that’s one way to handle it, I guess.”

His brow knit in concentration as he placed a finger at my hole. Looking down at his slender body, his white skin, his thick pink cock…I wanted him to do this. I wanted him between my legs. He tentatively pushed his finger in.

Nothing to it. I was surprised. He wiggled it around, pulled it out, and then stuck in two. I felt it, but it wasn’t bad. I could handle it.

As Davey wiggled his two fingers in me, he moved up between my legs, stroking his cock with his other hand. I pulled my butt higher. Davey pulled out his fingers, aimed his cock at my butt, looked up at me, pushed forward, and sort of fell all the way in.

I don’t know whether he expected my butt to really resist him or what, but suddenly he was in, all the way to the hilt.

“Oh, wow! Shit! Damn!” I cried out.

Davey immediately pulled out, his face ashen.

“Oh, gees,” I said, “Don’t do that! Put it back in.”

Davey quickly pointed and plowed back in.

“Oh, dammmmmn!” I groaned. “I meant slowly! Just stop for a second. Don’t…move!”

I adjusted and caught my breath. It burned a little, but was slowly becoming comfortable. Davey’s face was so concerned, I couldn’t help but laugh and ruffle his hair. “I’m OK, you tiger, you,” I said. “Just give me a sec…How does it feel for you?”

He shrugged.

“Move it in and out a little.”

He did, biting his lip.

“Does it feel OK?” I asked.

He nodded, “Yeah. You feel good to me…too…Mickey.”

“Go ahead. I’m OK now.”

Davey began to move in and out of me in a slow rocking motion. I could see the muscles of his legs, hips, and belly working as he moved. He was beautiful. Davey looked like he’d been made for this. He held the back of my legs and leaned his head back as he moved in and out. Davey almost made it a dance.

And I wanted to dance with him. There wasn’t much I could do on my back, but as best I could, I tried to move to meet him, and I began to stroke my cock. That loosened me a bit more, and I moved harder against him.

Davey released my legs and dropped his hands to either side of me so that he was basically on all fours, humping into my butt. I wrapped my legs tightly over him and began moving with him in a fluid, deep rhythm.

Davey moved his knees back, laying his body down on me so that when he pumped into me, he put his weight behind it. He pumped from the hips -- pressing, grinding into me, and the bed rose and fell with our humping, the bedsprings creaking with each of his thrusts. Each time he pushed in, I held my butt up for him.

Slowly, steadily, our pace quickened. He moved his knees forward again and rocked back on his haunches, grabbing my waist with both hands to hang on tight. We were really moving together now, like a dance -- a very athletic dance. I never knew it could be like this.

I began to feel a warm, pleasurable sensation from somewhere deep inside me and realized that he’d managed to hit my prostate, just as the book had explained. “Oh yeah, Davey,” I moaned. “Oh, that feels good. Oh that feels so good.”

His pace quickened yet again, and then he lost me as he began to pump so fast that I couldn’t match his pace. The sensations inside, and at my butthole, pushed me toward my own orgasm.

Davey wrapped his arms under the back of my waist and came up on his knees, lifting my hips up and forcing himself deep into me. I let go of my cock to brace myself as Davey moaned loudly and shook once, twice, three times. He held me there, buried deep in me, and his chest rose and fell as he caught his breath. Precum dribbled freely from the end of my cock onto my belly.

He eased me back down, and then, still in me, leaned forward over me until our lips met. I ran my fingers up into his hair as we kissed and he laid his body down onto me. His belly pressed against my balls and cock and I gurgled at the pleasure of the feeling. I ran my hands up and down his lats as he wrapped his arms under the back of my shoulders and continued to kiss me. I opened my mouth and his tongue plunged in.

He stayed hard and lazily pumped into me. When he paused for breath, laying his cheek against mine, I panted, “Damn Davey! Wow! You made this feel even better than when I was doing you.” I wrapped my arms over his back. “You like this?” I asked.

“Uh, huh.”

“Can you keep going?” I asked. “I really want you to keep going.”

He kissed around my ear and nibbled my neck. Then he grabbed my shoulders and started to pump harder, and I realized that like Davey, I was about to cum, just from being fucked.

* * * * *

Ed didn’t drive up in front until almost noon the next day. Besides a full top carrier, the back of their Suburban was packed so high, our bags could barely fit in. Chase’s mom, Debbie, a really pretty brunette chatted with Maggie and Mom while Ed worked our stuff in.

“Michael,” Mom called.

“Yes, ma’am?”

“Don’t you think you ought to leave your new gold chain here? You don’t want to lose it on this trip.”

I’d forgotten I had it on. “Oh, yeah. Guess you’re right.” I reached up to unfasten it. “Will you take it in for me?”

“Sure.” Mom held out her hand, and I dropped the beloved object in.

“That’s gorgeous,” Debbie said. She winked at me, “Did some girl give you that?”

I felt my face blush, “Nah, I said. No girlfriend.” And headed for the truck.

Ed finished and we hugged our moms goodbye. Davey and I climbed in to find the inside of the Surburban just as packed as the back. The middle seat had been cut back to a two-seater because they had folded down one of the seats and stacked it with more gear. So Davey and I crawled over into the back with Hunter, who would celebrate his eleventh birthday on this trip. Chase made Hunter sit in the middle.

Chase sat on the outside of the middle seat, while his five year-old little sister, Kim, sat in the middle. I’d say we were all settled in for the ride, but we were way too excited. Settled is not how we acted; not for about an hour, anyway.

Probably from experience, Debbie knew how to pack for a long trip. There were plenty of pillows and blankets and lots of snacks, along with some comic books. Not much to drink though, so that we wouldn’t need to make frequent stops.

Chase sat sideways so he could talk to us in the back, and he filled us in on skiing and Silverhorne. By three hours into the trip, Hunter and Davey had become best buds. Five hours into the trip, Hunter was sleeping on Davey’s shoulder. Davey gave me a happy grin, and I thought he really should’ve had a younger brother.

One nice thing about driving through the night; you sleep and seem to get there faster. As the morning sun rose behind us, Davey and I awoke to our first real snow, along with our first mountains, which lay all across the horizon ahead. We wouldn’t need any more sleep that day.

We arrived at the resort just after 1:00 PM and practically exploded out of the Suburban. Not only were me and Davey South Texans in our first real snow, but we’d been cooped up in the back of that truck forever. By some miracle, my first-ever snowball caught Chase in the back of the neck. Davey caught me on the side of the head.

“Lucky shot!” I yelled, firing back.

Though Ed was perfectly willing to let us go at it while he opened the top carrier, Davey and I quickly learned that snow can make your hands hurt like hell.

“Damn, my hands are frozen solid,” I complained, and since Hunter was closest, I grabbed him by the neck to warm them.

He yelped and spun on me, grabbing up a handful of snow. I tried to back up and slipped onto my back. Hunter was on me in a flash, stuffing snow down my collar.

“Ayeeeeeee!” was all I could get out before Davey tackled Hunter off into the snow.

“Hold him, Davey,” I yelled, springing up.

Davey had Hunter on his side, straddling his chest. I grabbed up a painful handful of snow and pulled open the back of Hunter’s pants with my other numb hand and shoved the snow in, sealing it with a wedgie.

Hunter cried out with a stream of cuss words that was really impressive for an almost eleven year-old. When I knelt up to laugh, the back of my collar was jerked open and Chase stuffed a ton of snow down my back.

While I invented a backbending dance that Kim thought was really cool, Chase tackled Davey to the ground, and he and Hunter began stuffing snow in everywhere they could. I waited until after Chase stuffed snow into Davey’s crotch before I knocked his legs out from under him.

I was giving Chase a snow shampoo when his dad called us to start unloading.

As we stood up and shook off the snow, Chase said, “Of course you know, this means war.”

I smirked, “Yeah, I’m shaking in my boots.” Then I laughed, “Come to think of it, I am shaking in my boots!”

Ed had rented half of a vacation duplex. The light blue wood siding gave no clue that inside was a thoroughly modern, well-furnished apartment. The four of us boys shared a room with two sets of bunk beds; Chase and I got the top bunks. Kim had a room of her own, and Chase’s parents had the master bedroom down the hall. There was nice-size kitchen, a little dining room, and a living room almost as large as ours back home.

The duplex had a deck and steaming hot tub in a “U” formed by the two apartments. Across the front ran a wooden porch, and we could look out through the front windows onto snow-covered mountains. That first day, the sky was blazingly clear.

Since we had less than a half-day, instead of skiing, we headed downtown for lunch, followed by tourist shops, and then a grocery to pick up supplies. Back at the rooms, we discovered that the other half of the duplex had been rented by a bunch of college guys.

The four of us guys drifted over to meet them. A couple were cool, all were good-looking, and all were drinking beer. Three of them were in the hot tub. Ed called us back inside as it was getting dark. I was surprised at how early it got dark in the mountains.

Debbie fixed steak and eggs for supper and Ed made us drink lots of liquid because of the elevation. By the time supper was done, it had gotten quiet next door. The college guys had all taken off for somewhere.

After cleaning up from supper, Ed asked, “Are you boys gonna hit the hot tub?”

“Ummm,” I said, “Davey and I didn’t bring a swim suit.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Ed said. “We’re putting Kim to bed pretty quick and Debbie and I are tired too. Once we’re in bed, just wear your underwear, or if nobody’s home next door, just go naked. Nobody’s gonna care.

The four of us guys exchanged “Cool” glances.

“What about Hunter, Dad?” Chase asked. “Doesn’t he need to get to bed?”

“Dad!” Hunter protested.

Ed grinned, “Hunter can stay up with you guys. You all need to get to bed soon anyway. Don’t forget, we’ve got a big day on the slopes tomorrow.”

“Shit,” Chase said under his breath.

We played cards while the others watched TV. Ed was interested in the weather because the slopes needed snow. Afterward, they showered, and went to bed. Debbie left us a stack of towels before saying good night.

We waited a few minutes, then finally, Chase turned to the three of us. “Wanna turn off the lights and get naked for a swim?”

We all chorused, “Yeah!”

Chase hit the lights and the four of us stripped off our clothes. There was just enough light left through the windows, to see that Chase, Davey, and I were all semi-hard. Hunter sprouted an outright woody, and a damn nice one for an eleven year-old. He was well on the path to manhood, even though he was still completely hairless.

Chase opened the door and we dashed whooping across the cold deck to the tub and jumped in. The hot water felt terrific. Once we were warm enough, Chase jumped out to turn on the jets and jumped back in.

I sat by Davey, and once the jets were going, snuck my hand over for a quick feel. He giggled.

“Hey,” Chase teased. “No ball-grabbing in the hot tub!”

“I missed his balls,” I said, then thought, “Damn, did I really say that?”

Chase laughed.

Hunter was on my other side and I felt his fingers dig into my side. I yelped and moved sideways.

“What?” Davey asked, concerned.

I turned on Hunter, “He tickled me!” I grabbed Hunter by the ribs, tickling back. He slid under a second before popping up. As he did, I felt Davey’s fingers dig into my sides and I yelped again.

Davey grinned and said past me to Hunter, “He’s real…ticklish.”

I was trying to push Davey’s hands down off my sides, so was totally defenseless as Hunter jumped into my lap and began tickling me from the front. He was still hard and his cock poked my belly. Well tickling or not, that started my own erection climbing up under him.

The two of them had me gasping. “Aren’t you going to help?” I shot at Chase.

He folded his hands behind his head and leaned back. “Nah…I’m resting up for tomorrow.”

The top of my cock came up hard under Hunter’s firm butt and the kid grabbed it! He reached behind and grabbed it! As Davey tickled me from behind, Hunter slid forward so he could feel up and down my length, which, when he did, pushed his hard cock against my stomach. “Wow,” he said.

“Wow, what?” Chase asked.

“He’s hard and he’s got a big cock,” Hunter said out loud.

“Shsss, not so loud,” Chase said. I would have shushed him too, if I could’ve breathed. Davey was being merciless.

Chase slid across the tub to us and I felt his larger, stronger hand on my cock. “Lemme check,” he said.

Davey quick tickling and I felt Chase’s hand push Hunter’s aside as he stoked down my length. My laughing ended in a sigh.

“Hey,” Chase said in a low voice. “You guys wanna jack off together?”

“Yeah!” Hunter said.

Chase scowled at his younger brother and snapped, “You need to go to bed.”

“Not gonna! No way!” Hunter said.

“Go on. Go to bed.”

Hunter hung on to me in defiance. “No. I don’t have to! Dad said.” He pulled against me, which put his hard cock square in my stomach.

So, I reached down to feel it. Revenge, I told myself. Hunter’s cock was sort of fascinating in a way — well on its way to man-size, but naked without pubes. I tried to remember when mine was like that. Hunter turned to me and grinned.

“Let’s get in a circle and jack each other,” Chase suggested.

But when we moved into position, he stopped. “I’m not touching my brother. He can get between you two guys or go inside.”

So we rearranged, and Hunter slid over to my left, between Davey and I. As he did, he grabbed my cock and hung on. I know he was only turning eleven and all, but his smaller hand felt good, and he sure seemed to know what he was doing.

I could tell when Chase grabbed Davey’s cock because they both sighed. And I could tell when Davey grabbed Hunter’s because Hunter leaned his head into my shoulder and moaned softly. I found Chase’s cock, and our circle was complete.

Jacking off in a hot tub, even at fourteen can be a pretty casual and relaxing thing. We all sat or squatted and slowly stroked and enjoyed the sensations. We looked up at the stars through the steam off the water and talked about skiing tomorrow. And I leaned back to enjoy Hunter’s hand. The kid didn’t do too bad. He had to be jacking off on his own already.

After a while, Chase turned to me and said, “I think I wanna go ahead and cum, then get to bed.”

“Cum in the hot tub?” I asked.

“Yeah, why not?” he asked. “There’s chemicals and the tub has a filter.”

“Cool,” I said, picking up my pace.

The quicker pace passed around the circle until I felt Hunter’s hand speed up. His head was still pressed to the side of my shoulder though he turned to lean back on me to give Davey better access. I wrapped my free hand over his to keep it working.

A hot tub takes a bit out of you and it was a few minutes before we all got off, but we did, one at a time. Davey cried out too loudly and I had to shush him. Even Hunter had a little something of what I assumed was a dry orgasm. By the time we were done, we were all like wet noodles. The dash inside wasn’t bad at all since we were all so warmed up.

Later, I woke up to Chase shaking me. It was still dark. “Come on,” he whispered in my ear, “You’ve gotta see this.”

So I slid out of bed and followed him into the living room. He ducked behind the couch and dragged me down after him. Then we peeked over the top. Outside, someone had turned on the hot tub lights and a naked couple was in it. I recognized the boy as one of the college students next door.

The girl sat astride the boy’s lap and they were obviously going at it, her breasts rising out of the water on each thrust.

“Damn,” I said.

“Yeah,” Chase agreed, his eyes riveted on the girl’s body.

Another naked guy and girl ran across the deck and climbed in behind them. I got a glimpse of a long, side curving cock and a tall, lean body. The girl was short, with big tits. There was laughter as their bodies crowded the others.

The new couple began kissing and cuddling.

“You hard?” Chased asked hoarsely.

“What the hell do you think?”

I felt his hand feel across my waist to my underwear and reach in. “Do me too,” he said. So we both knelt up and dropped each other’s underwear and began stroking as we watched.

The first girl began bouncing faster. She threw her head back and I could hear her small squeals.

“Damn,” Chase breathed.

She began bouncing higher, than stopped and she reached down.

“Came out,” I observed.

“Yeah, that wouldn’t happen with you,” he chuckled and squeezed my cock. “This thing’s too big for that.”

The second girl turned around and backed up to the lap of the second guy and he reached up to hold her by the breasts as she sat down on him.

“Doggy style,” Chase said.

Remembering Knox’s book of gay positions, I thought, “There’s doggy and then there’s doggy.”

The second couple was much quieter, moving slowly, her head back on his shoulder. We watched him caress her breasts as he moved up into her. Meanwhile, the first couple was definitely getting there. They were bouncing hard, and she began to cry out louder. Then they both locked up at the top of a bounce and I guessed he was cumming into her.

Suddenly, Chase’s cock started throbbing and I could hear his jism splatter against the back of the vinyl couch. His hand on my cock slowed, so I grabbed his forearm and fucked into it as I came too.

We both relaxed just as the first couple also relaxed. They kissed and then began watching the second couple.

“If we stay out here,” Chase said, “I’m probably gonna need to cum again.”

“Me too.”

“Better get to bed”


But at that moment, the first guy pulled himself up on the side, and the girl dropped her head between his legs. The second guy lifted his girl even higher on a thrust.

“On second thought,” I said.

“I gotta get laid,” Chase said and stroked my cock.

* * * * *

Ed was relentless the next morning. The more I tried to burrow into the bed, the more he shook me. Finally he slapped my butt. “C’mon guys! How late did you stay up anyway? Don’t make me go get snow.”

Hunter trotted by adding, “and he’ll do it, too.”

My cock felt raw. I hoped Chase’s did too; fair is fair. I struggled to open one eye. Across the way, Chase appeared comatose. Suddenly a huge face rose in front of my eyes and Davey’s smile came into view.

“They have sweet rolls…for breakfast,” he said.

Damned chipper, I thought. And nothing was to change my mind on that score all day.

It’s a good thing that skiing is done in such cold weather. The temperature helped me wake up enough to pay attention at the lessons. Once the intro was done, and Davey and I had snowplowed down the practice slope enough times to learn how to stay up a few minutes at a time, Hunter dragged Davey off toward the closest beginner’s ski lift.

Chase shuffled up. “How you feel?”

I looked up at him from under my eyebrows. “Raw. You fucking skinned my cock.”

“Yeah,” he nodded. “My forearm muscles are sore.” He turned and began pushing off on his skis.

I followed. “Your muscles are sore?” I did my best to glare at him. Until then, I didn’t realize how much effort glaring took. “Did we drink anything last night? I feel hung over.”

“That would be altitude and the fact,” he said, glancing back at me, “That you came FOUR TIMES last night!”

“Tell everybody, why don’t you, asshole,” I hissed back and looked around nervously. No one was close. “Besides, it was three times.”

“Nope,” he shook his head. “You’re forgetting the hot tub. I came three times; you came four.”

“I may never cum again,” I groaned.

We arrived at the line several back from Hunter and Davey. They were laughing and shoving each other.

“I’m not taking a piss today,” Chase said.

“Why?” I asked, hoping his cock was as worn out as mine.

“Because of all these clothes. I’ve got so many layers, I’ll never find my cock in there.”

I saw the guy ahead of us in the line snicker.

We stayed close to Davey and Hunter most of the day. It was fun watching each other. I was better at the sit-down wipe-out; Davey was better at the cart-wheeling type. At least by the end of the day I was numb.

That night, both Chase and I headed for bed when the “grown ups” did. Davey and Hunter were going to hit the hot tub. There could’ve been a hundred couples fucking out there for all I cared; I was going to sleep.

* * * * *

The sun came out the next day. Oh, it did the day before; I was just more convinced of it the next day. And Davey and I got our ski legs -- sore ski legs, but they worked.

That afternoon, the college guys were replaced by a family with a college-age son and daughter, Alex and Brenda. We met them, and they were friendly, but I’d been looking forward to another show from the other group.

That night, I was on my stomach, playing cards with the guys when somebody straddled me and sat down on my butt. I looked up surprised because Davey, Hunter, and Chase were all in front of me holding their cards.

It dawned on me that it must be Ed just as I heard him say, “Well Michael, Davey says you’re real ticklish.”

“Oh, no!” I groaned.

His strong fingers grabbed my sides just below my ribs. Cards flew everywhere while I did my best to buck him off. Damn, how do broncos do it?

“Davey, you big mouth,” I called out. “HELP!”

Davey giggled and sprung at Ed. The next thing I knew, Davey was pinned on top of me and Ed was tickling both of us.

“Chase!” I yelled. “He’s your dad. Help us!”

Both Chase and Hunter jumped in. It had to be one of the most titanic struggles in history. It sure felt like it, anyway. I had no idea that an old guy could be so strong. When we finally had him on his back with Davey and Chase each on a leg and Hunter and I each on an arm, I held my outstretched hand over Ed’s face and, giving a maniacal laugh, I flexed it like a claw and looked toward his ribs.”

“Debbie!” He called to his wife who sat quietly reading only a few feet away. “Help me.”

“Oh, no,” she said. “You brought this on yourself.”

I had just picked the spot to apply my claw, right under the arm, when a small heavy body fell onto my neck and took me over; Kim had decided to save her dad. Suddenly it was all arms and legs again until we all wound up collapsed in a heap on top of Ed.

Everybody was panting.

“Who took away the oxygen?” I gasped.

“I did,” Debbie said. “Time for bed.”

Well not until the guys hit the hot tub, I thought. One glance told me the other guys had the same idea. We waited until Ed, Debbie, and Kim had all headed for bed and then we made sure the hot tub was empty. We doused the lights, stripped, and scrambled out the door.

It felt good to sink into the hot water. “Damn, I’m sore,” I complained to the others through the rising steam.

“You said it,” Chase agreed.

Davey and Hunter started giggling in one corner and I had just settled in for a soak when the son and daughter from next door dashed out in their swim suits, turned on the spa lights, and jumped in.

Even though the bubbles hid us, we all clamped hands over our crotches.

“Hi,” they both said, settling across from Chase and me.

“Uh…hi,” we all answered quietly.

Alex, who I guessed to be about eighteen, asked, “You guys don’t mind if we join you do you?”

“Ummm,” I said. “We sort of didn’t bring any swim suits on the trip. We didn’t know anybody would be coming out here tonight.”

Alex laughed and tried to see down through the water. “So you guys are naked?”

“Yeah,” Chase admitted.

“That’s cool,” Alex said, glancing at Brenda, “No big deal. My sister’s seen it all.”

Brenda grinned, “Yeah,” she said casually, “No sweat guys.”

“So where are you guys from again?” Alex asked.

Turned out they were cool. We got into quite a talk about skiing and colleges -- all of us, that is, except Hunter and Davey who periodically giggled from the corner.

We talked so long, my wrinkles had wrinkles and I was getting cooked. Since Alex and Brenda showed no sign of getting out. I finally just pulled myself up to sit on the side to cool off.

The two of them stared at me a second, then Brenda said, “Well I guess now I have seen it all.”

If I wasn’t so red, I would have blushed, and I slid back into the tub.

“Relax,” Brenda laughed. “I was just kidding. You can get out again. Go ahead.”

I slid back up on the side. Brenda’s look was blatantly admiring. When Chase saw that, he pulled up on the side, too. Brenda gave him a good look over and Chase slid back in as his cock started to rise. Brenda chuckled.

* * * * *

It snowed later that night, but Davey and I didn’t get to see it. I really wanted to see snow falling.

When I got up in the morning, low clouds hugged the rocky tops of the mountains. Light from the rising sun hit the clouds and rocky outcrops, making the clouds look like puffs of bright gold slipping through giant fingers of rock. I hoped we would get up on the slopes while the clouds were still there.

We didn’t make it, but managed to put in our longest day of skiing yet. When we got back to the duplex, as if we weren’t tired enough from skiing, Ed wanted to toss a football around while Debbie fixed some supper. Well, he, Chase, and Hunter tossed. Davey and I mainly chased and got embarrassed.

Finally Ed asked, “Didn’t anybody ever show you boys how to throw a ball?”

I started to walk away, “You guys go ahead. I’ll just sit over here and watch.” Damn, I wish I had some coordination.

Ed walked right over to me. “C’mon. Get up. You and Davey are gonna learn, right now.”

I looked up at him, trying to gauge whether he was teasing.

“C’mon, it’s easy.” He turned and pointed. “Chase, you stand there and toss here to Michael. Davey come here. Hunter, you stand there and toss that other ball to Davey.” He put an arm across each of our shoulders and said, “Ok boys, you’re gonna learn how to toss...a…football.”

And that became our fixing supper activity for the rest of the week.

Alex and Brenda joined us in the hot tub again that night. They both had really nice bodies, but when I suggested they get naked too, they just said no. That was a shame, because I had come up with this fantasy where Chase took care of Brenda while I handled Alex.

That night, when I got out a few moments to cool, I lay on my side and let my cock lie down and touch the deck. Brenda kept looking at it and I liked that.

* * * * *

Thursday was Hunter’s eleventh birthday. That night, Ed announced he was taking us all out for a fancy supper. We were told to dress nicely.

I helped Davey look through his bag for the right clothes. He had some clean pants, but had already worn his better shirts.

“Look,” I said, “I packed two shirts Mom gave me for Christmas.” I retrieved one from my bag, still in it’s packaging, and tossed it to Davey. “Here, wear this.”

Chase had been watching. “Here,” he said, tossing me a really nice sweater, “Wear something of mine.”

I held it up. It was one he’d worn once before, sort of a Native American pattern. I’d admired it on him, but as I held it, I doubted I could fill it as well.

“Go ahead,” he said. “You’ll look good in it.”

I changed to a clean shirt and pulled the sweater on over it. Davey looked at me and smiled. Chase gave a thumbs up. “You look better in it than I do,” he said. “Totally hot.”

I went to the mirror. The sweater’s light wheat color brought out the darker coloring of my hair and eyes. I turned back to Chase and grinned, “Thanks. You won’t mind if Brenda rapes me because I look so hot, right?”

“Yeah, right,” Chase said. “Wait till you see what I’m wearing.” And with that, he pulled out a long sleeved turtleneck and then pulled a V-neck sweater down over that.

I gave him a thumbs up. “Damn, you’re right.” I said, admiringly. “Brenda will have trouble choosing between us if all she looks at is sweaters -- but then, she’s seen more than sweaters.”

He gave me a hip bump as he went by and I fell onto Hunter’s bunk.

* * * * *

The restaurant sat by a frozen lake behind which mountains rose in the dark, vaguely visible more as shadows and dim reflections, than anything you could actually see. In the summer, it must be beautiful.

They sat us at a large table next to the fireplace. The roaring fire felt really good on my back. Davey sat between me and Ed, who sat at the head of the table, and Chase sat to my right.

Ed gestured toward the menu. “Boys,” he said, “I want you to get anything you want on the menu. Put some meat on those bones. Get something you really like and don’t often get.”

Davey and I looked at the menu, and then at each other. Well none of it was Italian…or Japanese…or as far as I was concerned, recognizable. Well I recognized the salads. But everything had a fancy name, like Chicken Ravenhill. What the hell was that? I tried reading the descriptions, but wasn’t sure from any of them what I’d like. I looked over at Davey and saw where he was looking on the menu. “Save the dessert for later, Davey,” I whispered. “We’ve got to pick something.”

Ed smiled at me. “Do you want some help?” he asked.

“Yeah…Yes, sir. Could you?”

“Sure. Do you like prime rib? They have great prime rib here.”

I looked at Davey who looked blankly at me. “I don’t know,” I answered. “I’m not sure I’ve ever had it.”

“You like beef? Steaks? Roast? Hamburger?”


“Then it’s settled. I’ll order for the two of you,” he said. “Trust me. You’ll like it.”

And boy, did we. Davey and I each got a large slice of pepper and rock salt encrusted prime rib with a large au jus cup, a large baked potato, au dent vegetables, bread and salad. Davey and I liked prime rib, a lot, but couldn’t finish it. We tried. Ed watched us with a smile and encouraged us to “eat up.”

That night, we were pretty numb in the hot tub and went out more to keep up that week’s tradition than anything else. When Alex and Brenda showed up, we all mumbled our hellos.

“Hard day skiing?” Alex asked

“Yeah,” I said, gently rubbing my stomach. “That and we just totally stuffed ourselves.”

Chase groaned. “Yeah, my dad took us out to celebrate Hunter’s birthday.”

“Oh, happy birthday, Hunter!” Brenda said. “If we’d known, we’d have given you a card or a gift.”

As soon as she’d said that, I just knew Chase would come up with something — and he did. He lifted his head from where he’d been leaning back on the side and I saw that his eyes were twinkling. “You can still give him a gift,” he said coyly.

Brenda looked at him suspiciously.

“I was just thinking,” Chase continued, “that you could get naked with us. I mean…we’re all in our birthday suits. You guys said yourselves that it was no big deal. That way, Hunter could get his first look at a cool girl’s body.”

“That’d be a great gift,” I chimed in. “Damn nice gift. I would’ve liked a gift like that when I was eleven.” Of course a male body would be more what I would have had in mind — preferably one with a long hard cock.

“Go ahead,” Alex said, grinning. “You’ll make his day. And we really should be in our birthday suits to celebrate.”

“What about you,” she challenged. “I’m not going to if you don’t.”

“Fine,” Alex said, and stood up on the seat. We all watched as a college-thick cock and balls fell loosely when he pulled down his suit. He swung it over his head, doing a little hip grind, and then laughed, sat down, and put his suit on the side. Then he looked at Brenda, “Well?”

I glanced at Chase and thought, “So that’s what lust looks like.”

Brenda shrugged, “OK,” she said. “I guess I had enough wine with supper to do this.” She stepped up onto the seat and stood over the water. She pulled off her top and our eyes all locked on her nicely-upturned breasts as she smiled down on us like some proud goddess.

Then she pulled off her bottom and stood, legs slightly apart, hands on hips. Our eyes all moved down to her damp pubic hair and barely visible lips. She looked down at Hunter. “Well happy birthday, Hunter.”

“Yeah,” I gasped. “Happy Birthday.”

Brenda laughed and sat down, covering her breasts with her folded arms.

“And a kiss,” Chase said, as he cleared his throat. “A birthday kiss. You need to kiss Hunter.”

She looked skeptically at Hunter, whose eyes were still wide. “OK,” she said. “Come here, Hunter.”

He just sat there.

“Come on,” she encouraged.

He got up from the seat, but stayed crouched in the water as he scooted over to her. He bent to give her a kiss. She put an arm over his shoulder and pulled his face close, kissed him sweetly, and giggled. Then she gently pushed him back, “Happy Birthday, Hunter,” she said softly and winked.

We all sat there a moment, all hard as hell, and then I said, “I had a birthday, too.”

She laughed. “Yeah, when?”


She laughed again and then looked at me. “Sure,” she smiled. “Come here.”

So I scooted over as Hunter had done. As she did with Hunter, she looped an arm over my shoulder and kissed me, but for a noticeably longer time. I turned my hips to keep my cock aimed away so I wouldn’t poke her, but it was hard as a rock. When Brenda released me, she said, “Happy Birthday, Michael.”

As I backed away, a bit dazed, I managed to blurt out, “Uh…Davey had a birthday in June, too.”

Brenda looked at him and rolled her eyes. “Oh, hell, why not?” she said, and then crocked her finger. “Come here Davey.”

He looked at me nervously and I nodded in Brenda’s direction. “Go for it.”

Davey scooted across and stopped in front of Brenda. She had to reach out to pull him to her. When she did, he sort of fell forward and in steadying himself, accidentally put a hand on her breast just as their lips met.

Davey pulled back, horrified. “I’m…I’m…sorry…Brenda.”

Brenda smiled. “It’s OK. That was my fault, Davey. Come here. Let’s try again.” She smiled encouragingly. “C’mon.” She held out her hand. He took it. As she pulled him closer, she said, “You sure are sweet.”

Davey moved his face closer, and she said, “I’m going to give you a real kiss.” She took his head in her hands and pulled his lips to hers. She pressed her mouth over his and began a passionate kiss. After a second, I could see Davey’s mouth open and Brenda’s eyes flutter in surprise as he must have pushed his tongue into her mouth and their kiss deepened.

Chases’ mouth hung wide open.

From how he knelt in front of her, I wondered how Davey’s cock wasn’t touching her somewhere. Finally, she gently pushed Davey away, and took a deep breath. “Damn, Davey. That was so not your first kiss.”

Davey sat back down, flushed. I could see his hand move to his cock underwater.

Across the tub, I could see Chase eyeing Davey with a combination of curiosity and respect, but then his eyes quickly returned to Brenda as she brushed her hair back. “Well,” she took a breath. “Happy Birthday, Davey.”

Chase moved forward. “How about me?”

Brenda eyed Chase warily, like a female recognizing a male in heat. She smiled, but warned, “OK, stud, but you better behave yourself.” He slid up to her and put his hands on her angular shoulders. He kissed her and held it. Then he opened his mouth as Davey had done and slid closer. Their kiss deepened and Brenda put a hand on his chest to gently push him back. But when she leaned back away from him, his hold on her shoulders pulled him forward, and his body fell against hers. Suddenly he tensed, gripping her shoulders even more tightly. He moaned and it became obvious he was spewing his cum into the tub.

“Oh shit,” Alex said, getting up onto the edge.

Brenda pushed harder against Chase’s chest. Chase trembled for a moment, then caught his breath, broke the kiss, and backed away sheepishly. “Sorry,” he said, quietly.

Brenda smiled broadly, looking quite amused, and watched as Chase sat down and hung his head. Chase avoided looking at any of us.

Stretching and yawning loudly, Brenda got up and stepped from the tub, her pubic hairs hanging wet and dripping. She wrapped her towel around her, picked up her suit, and flashed a huge grin at us. “Think I need to go shower,” she laughed. “Have fun, boys!” she called over her shoulder and then left. All of us watched her towel-draped body slink back into the duplex.

Chase looked really red, and it wasn’t all because of the hot tub; the poor guy really was embarrassed. He glanced uncomfortably at Alex and then said, “I think I’ll head in too.” He jumped up and trotted inside.

Alex smiled down at me and asked, “You do know he came in the water, right?”

I had put my head back on the side and looked at Alex from half-closed lids as my own hand found my cock. “Sure Alex,” I said. We’ve been circle jerking in here all week.”

He laughed. “No shit. No wonder my skin has felt so soft.” And then he laughed louder at his own joke. He slid back into the water and leaned back. From the look of it, he began to feel up his own cock. “I haven’t done a circle jerk since I was your age. Can I join you?”

Davey, who sat next to Alex, quickly said, “Yeah.”

I thought I should warn Alex, “We’ve been jackin each other off.”

“That’s cool,” Alex said with a shrug. “I was in the scouts for four years.”

Davey slid across Alex to take the seat on his other side, where Brenda had been sitting, so that Davey could use his right hand on Alex. Alex sighed as Davey’s hand found him.

Then Alex looked at Hunter who was now to his right. “You’re a bit young, kid.”

I slid across to sit between them. Alex smiled and reached for me as I reached for Hunter. Alex felt my balls before he grabbed my cock. His hand was large and he knew what he was doing. I reached back and felt around Davey’s hand to find that Alex had a long fat cock and I stroked with Davey.

Hunter closed the gap on Davey and we made a tight circle. Our stroking began at a much faster pace than before. Brenda and Chase had definitely sown the wind, and we were reaping the whirlwind, or um, whirlpool.

* * * * *

Friday night, Hunter went to bed early. When it became obvious that Alex and Brenda weren’t coming out and we had the hot tub just to ourselves, Chase suggested a final JO for the road.

This time, I got Davey’s cock and he got Chases’. As Chase took my cock into his hands I hissed back, “Not too rough this time, OK?”

We all began to soak and stroke. Chase turned to me and asked, “Hey, how about tellin’ me the rest of the story about your cousin? You know – the one you fucked last summer?”

Davey looked up at me, questioningly.

I gave him an apologetic look. “It was last summer, Davey. Before we…” I caught myself. “Well it was last summer — with my cousin, Rachel.”

“Davey doesn’t know about it?” Chase hooted. “Tell him the story.”

So I did, stressing for Davey’s benefit how much I avoided Rachel and I made her sound a little grosser than she was. However, I did start getting into the mood of the story, and made the second time Rachel and I fucked sound even hotter than it was. Then Chase told Davey about the couples in the hot tub earlier in the week. Within a few moments, the three of us each spewed our cum into the churning bubbles and relaxed back into the water.

The steam rose up toward the stars, and the quiet hum of the spa pump was making me sleepy. But just then Chase got out and headed inside, which left me alone with Davey. I slid over beside him.

“Look, Davey,” I said, “I’m really sorry. I’m sorry about not waking you the other night when Chase and I were watching the college guys, but I didn’t know we were going to be watching so long. And I should’ve told you about Rachel. But that happened last summer before you and I…you know…were together.”

Davey nodded. “It’s OK.”

I knew Davey. He didn’t sound like it was all OK.

I turned to him and put my hand on his thigh. Looking into his eyes I said sincerely, “I’m sorry, Davey. Are you mad I didn’t wake you the other night?”

He laid his head back on the side of the spa and rolled back to look at me. “I would have…wanted…to see that.”

“I’m sorry. If we ever get another chance, it won’t happen again. I’m sorry…Are you mad about Rachel?”

He sat there looking at me. I wondered what he was thinking, how to apologize. He put his hand on my forearm and squeezed. And then he said sadly, “I can’t be…a girl…for you.”

I looked at him in surprise. “Why would you want to do that? Why would you want to be a girl for me?”

He moved my right hand to his crotch and pressed it to him with his own hand. He was thick, but soft. It was almost more a comforting thing he wanted, for me to hold him there.

He looked at me and said, “You fucked Rachel…and you like…Brenda. I watched…you.”

“Me?” I gasped. “What about you? That was some kiss you gave Brenda.” I gave his crotch a playful squeeze.

He looked away. “It just sorta…happened.”

“Well, now you know. It just sorta happened with me and Rachel too. When a guy gets hard, he doesn’t always think about things.”

He looked at me uncertainly. So I asked, “Are you really worried that I might prefer girls?”

He nodded, “Maybe…Maybe I didn’t make…you…gay…after all.”

I laughed and moved a hand under his butt. Then I lifted and floated him over to sit across my lap. There I held him close to me with my left arm, while I fondled him intimately with my right hand. I kissed behind his ear. His body settled onto mine.

“Damn, I love you so much!” I grasped his shoulder with my left hand and pulled him hard to me. “You didn’t make me gay, Davey.” I said, quietly. “I was already gay. I told you that. I prefer guys to girls and I prefer you to guys.” I stroked up his back with one hand and lovingly caressed his balls with the other. “You’re perfect for girl, or guy, even comes close.”

He laid his head back on my shoulder and nested his forehead in my neck. Reaching up, he stroked my cheek with his hand. “I’ve missed you…Mickey.”

“Yeah, I’ve missed you too, Davey.” I held him snug with my arm around his shoulders and gently caressed his balls with my right hand. He remained soft, but somehow, holding him down there was comforting, I think for both of us.

We just sat there and suddenly snow began to quietly fall. “Oh Davey — look!” I said, pointing up. “Snow.”

He looked up as the flakes began to fall thickly all around us. He smiled at me, then moved his face closer, and we kissed. Davey wrapped his arms around me, and put his head back on my shoulder.

As he nestled his forehead back into my neck. I said, “I’ve missed holding you.”

His slender body in my arms, and his firm butt resting in my crotch, were at that moment, not so much erotic as comfortable. I took my right hand from his balls, put it over his thigh, and pulled him onto my lap better.

I hoped no one would look out a window and see us, but really didn’t care. I hadn’t held Davey all week. He rested against me and we watched the snow fall and watched the flakes quickly dissolve on the side of the spa, or instantly disappear into the water. Halos seemed to form around all the distant street lights and the world grew strangely quiet.

My south Texan heart filled with the wonder of it all and I lost track of time. I pulled Davey closer and realized he was asleep on me. I held him and watched the snow until I thought that I should be concerned about overheating. I gently woke Davey and took him inside, dried him off, and tucked him into bed.

* * * * *

In the back of the Suburban late the next afternoon, Davey and Hunter slept. Hunter lay leaned up against Davey’s side and Davey’s arm lay over Hunter’s shoulders.

I was sitting with my back to the corner of the seat as Chase, sideways in the seat in front, talked with me. He nodded to Davey and Hunter. “Looks like Davey has a new best friend.”

I looked at them. “No.” I shook my head. “I think Davey has a new little brother.”

We both looked at them a moment longer. Then I said, “I think I’m the one with a new best friend,” and glanced at Chase.

“Nope,” he said, grinning at me. “A brother.”

I caught Ed’s eyes in the rear view mirror smiling back at us.

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