Author's Introductory Notes:

I prefaced the last chapter by describing the editing process I was using on this story. And then I proceeded to shoot myself in the foot (as we say in Texas), and revealed one of my dark secrets.

What happened was, after I wrote that and everything was all edited-up and ready to be posted when I decided to make this one, final, tiny, non-consequential change to the chapter; just a little one. We authors do that, you know, the last minute change thing.

And now you also know my dark secret: Often, when I’m writing and the words are just flowing and I’m not watching what my fingers are up to, I write in homonyms. I don’t know why. I mean everyone will use a “too” for a “two” or a “to,” right? But “Davey and eye?” Where does that kind of thing come from? And it happens to me a lot. I guess Davey’s not the only one wired weird, huh?

Anyway, my apologies to everyone if you tripped over that. When I’m done, I think I’ll try to quietly slip in corrected copies of all the chapters.

As usual, I retain all rights, but am more than glad for anyone wishing to offer this story to others at no charge to do so with my gratitude and permission. Josh.


CHAPTER 7 — Separate Ways

The Nerd end of school year blow-out was to be at Heather’s. Hey, nerds can party too… well, maybe not all that well, but we had ambitions.

Davey and I hurried home after classes ended that last Friday. We showered together and shampooed each other, then I dried and brushed out Davey’s long hair until it fanned easily with my breath. When I was done, Davey set to work on his special project.

Ever since the movie Blue Lagoon came out, Davey had wanted to see if he could give me a Christopher Atkins hairstyle, but black instead of blond, of course. We’d bought some gel that was supposed to curl hair when it dried. Davey worked it in and blow-dried my hair while fluffing it, and wound up doing a damn good job of giving me a mop.

Brandon came by to pick us up just as Davey and I finished dressing. I opened the front door for him, he breezed in, and I closed the door behind him.

“Well, are my dates ready?” he asked, turning around. “Whoa! Cool hair, Bent.” He stepped closer and reached into my hair with his fingers. His eyes were inches from mine. He smiled. “Little stiff, though.”

I raised an eyebrow.

“Your hair,” he said. “What do you have on it? No — don’t tell me. Maybe I don’t wanna know.” He reached lower and fingered my neck chain, and then kissed me lightly on the lips. Suddenly his eyes widened and he whispered, “Your mom’s not home, is she?”

“Oh, Hi Mom!” I said, looking over his shoulder.

Brandon spun around, saw that Mom wasn’t there, turned back and gave me a friendly stomach punch. Next, Brandon turned to Davey, took him by the shoulders, looked him over, and then turned him around. Brandon whistled and reached down to squeeze Davey’s butt. “Yep,” he said. “I’ve got two hot dates tonight.”

“So that’s why you want us to get lost later?” I kidded.

“Hey, c’mon! I love you guys.” He threw an arm over Davey’s shoulder and pulled him along to throw his other arm over my shoulder. Then he squeezed both of our necks as he guided us toward the door. “I just asked if you guys could catch another ride home after the party, that’s all.”

“Yeah,” I groused. “So you could dump us for Geoff.”

“Quite givin’ me trouble, or I’ll take both of you to bed right now,” he said, and stopped. Hey, since I can’t later, lemme give you a kiss now.”

He wrapped his arms first around Davey and gave him a grinding kiss, then stepped up to me and gave me the same treatment. His face was hot, and I had to catch my breath when he finally let me go.

I was glad Brandon was coming to the nerd party. His dad had gotten the transfer he wanted, and they would be leaving for California almost immediately to look for a house. It was good to have a little more time with Brandon before he left.

Heather lived in a large, two-story stone house close to Trinity University and just off the Olmos Basin road. Not only was her house enormous, but the grounds were sprawling, occupying over two acres. The only problem with having the party there was that there were so few of us in such a large space.

When Heather opened the front door, she looked at me and gasped. “I love it!” she squealed, then stepped out on the stoop and fingered my hair. A moment later, she looked over at Davey and ran her fingers through his hair, then sighed. “Why is it that boys get all the great hair? It’s not fair!”

As we stepped inside, Davey elbowed me in the ribs. I turned and he smiled. “She likes your… hair. I did a good… job.”

I looked up at his hair. “So did I,” I said.

We walked inside to tables full of snacks, which for me, obviously meant this would be a great party. I hardly had a chance to eat though, because everyone wanted to play with my hair.

Star Wars played on the VCR in the den, and as guys arrived, they piled onto the couch in front of the big-screen TV. While they did that, Heather, Amy, Brandon, and I drifted out to the back terrace. The girls worked at the bar to set up the tape player and I leaned close to Brandon.

“So is Geoff going to come?” I asked.

“No,” he said casually, “He’s going to Kimberley’s party.”

I didn’t like it. Geoff should be with Brandon.

Heather cranked up the music and the girls headed across the patio toward us. I almost hated to admit it to my friends — after all, nerds do have their standards — but I liked to dance. I’d even been practicing a little sexy dancing in front of the mirror back home.

Heather grabbed Brandon’s hand and dragged him out to dance. Amy, who liked me from the start of school, grabbed mine.

Both girls had short brown hair. Heather was a little busty and thick in the figure for my taste. Amy though, was graceful and slim, with soft, feminine lines; all gentle curves and soft skin.

The girls were good dancers and I suspected they were doing their damnedest to scorch our pants. Amy’s movements were fluid and alluring. She pressed her breasts between her arms and swayed from side to side in front of me, then grinned from ear to ear. She danced and turned, backing toward my front with her swaying, sexy hips. A normal guy’s crotch would have burst into flames at this point. Mine almost did, but only because I was watching Brandon, a few feet to my left; he was a damned hot dancer.

Brandon caught me watching him. He looked me up and down, then gave me a thumbs-up and a wink.

When the music ended, the girls went inside to get us drinks. Brandon stepped close. “Damn hot dancin’, Bent,” he said. “Wish we could do a little… hot dancing, you and me.”

“Maybe sometime,” I said, grinning.

He stepped even closer, grabbed my arm, and leaned close to my ear. “Maybe we can try it together later,” he whispered. “Maybe if Geoff and I don’t hook up, I can visit your window tonight.”

“No,” I answered quickly. “Davey’s sleeping over and we’ve been planning to celebrate.”

“Oh,” he smiled. “And tomorrow night?”

I shook my head. “No, Brandon. You’ve got Geoff; I’ve got Davey.”

His lips almost touched my ear. “Michael, I may be in California by the end of the week. My mom wants us out there, now. I know you’re together with Davey. And there’s no fuckin’ way I can compete with him — not with his looks, let alone the friendship you guys have. But damn it, Michael… I love you, too.” His body slid behind mine, and his lips stayed close to my ear. “I mean it. And you love me. I know it. You and me — that wasn’t just sex. We made love together.”

His breath was warm against my neck. “C’mon, Michael,” he begged. “We may never be able to be together again. I might never even see you again.” His hand squeezed my arm and his lips brushed my ear. “Let me come to you tomorrow night. Please?”

I kept a nervous eye on the back door, which was mostly glass. Brandon stood so close. “Brandon,” I said, “I belong to Davey.”

The hand that wasn’t on my arm moved to the small of my back, and he said softly, “You love me, too.” He kissed behind my ear. “You’re my teen angel, you know.”

“Yeah, right,” I said, stepping away. ”Teen angel, huh? You’re the one who’s the stud.”

Brandon snorted and stuck his hands into his pockets. “Tell that to Geoff. He’s got the hots for you.”

My mouth fell open in surprise. “Geoff? Geoff has the hots for me?”

Brandon frowned at me. “Don’t get any ideas.”

“Hey, I was just a little flattered, ya know,” I said. “It’s just cool when one of you hot upper classmen comes on to one of us peons. I mean… Geoff’s almost as cute as you are.”

Chase came to the other side of the back door and waved me in. “I’ll be back,” I told Brandon.

When I stepped inside, Chase motioned with his head for me to follow him. He led us into the dining room where we were alone. He turned to face me, grinning, and lifted his loose, button-up shirt.

Pressed between the waist band of his pants and his flat belly was a pint flask. He lowered his shirt and grinned. “Vodka. My dad’s.”

“What are you going to do with it?” I asked. “Isn’t Heather going to be pissed if we get anybody drunk?”

“Nah, we’ll just share it around a little. She won’t care. We just need to keep her folks from seein’ it. Is there punch?”

I shook my head. “No punch. They’ve got sodas. Bring it out onto the back porch. Her parents haven’t been coming out there.”

When we stepped outside, we found the terrace all nerded up. Heather was dancing with Brandon. Amy and Janie stood together talking. And just ahead of us, Larice pulled Davey out to the middle of the terrace by the hand.

Larice was cool. I had no doubt she would whip my ass for valedictorian of our class, but she had more than just brains. She was slender and pretty, and was way too cool to hang around nerds. But there weren’t many other blacks in our school. Nerds were about the only repressed minority available. No — that’s not fair. Larice and Heather were already friends, and when Heather joined the nerds, so did Larice. Larice was a friend, as well as a class act.

And she’d always been nice to Davey. Now she led him out to the center of the patio and began to dance in front of him. “Come on, Davey,” she encouraged. Davey just stood shyly. Larice was tall, but Davey was taller. Like some elegant statue, he stood straight and beautiful before her. So Larice poured herself into a dance hot enough to melt a statue. Davey looked all the more tall, blond, and fine beside Larice’s black, exotic beauty.

Larice’s magic began to work. After a few moments, Davey tried to dance. But his movements were jerky and unnatural. No one teased, though. And I thought if anyone could teach Davey to dance, it would be Larice.

Meanwhile, Chase set up bar. He quickly poured off a little soda from several Coke cans and topped them with vodka. He handed me two. “Take one to Davey.” He nodded at the can, “See if that doesn’t loosen him up for dancing.”

I took a sip and felt every one of my sinus cavities throb. The vodka was floating on top of the Coke. “I don’t know, Chase,” I said. “I’m not sure about doing that to Davey.”

“Shit, go ahead. One drink will just loosen him up.”

Skeptically, I carried both cans toward the dancers. While I waited for the song to end, I tried stirring the Cokes with a straw. The song ended and I approached Davey, handing him a can. Larice reached for the other can. “Did you bring me one too?” she asked.

I let her take it, and began back-pedaling as both of them took a gulp. Davey gasped and his eyes immediately watered. Larice held her throat and her mouth dropped wide open, as if she had trouble breathing. I beat a hasty retreat.

Chase had prepared a few more cans. “Here,” he said, handing me a can. “This is a good one.”

“I’m not sure I need a ‘good one,’” I said. “I think those last two were already ‘good’ enough.” Taking another straw, I did my best to mix the vodka in.

Amy appeared at my side. “Oh, I think I’ll get a Coke, too,” she said.

“Here, have this one. I haven’t drunk from it yet,” I offered. “I’ll get another. Be right back.”

As I headed back to Chase, I heard a little squealing gasp from behind me.

Chase looked up at me. “What did you do with your Coke?”

“Gave it to Amy.”

“Oh?” he wiggled his eyebrows, “Good idea. Here. This one’s another good one.”

Janie stepped up beside me. “Chase,” she said suspiciously, “what are you up to?”

Chase held up the flask.

Janie looked at the bottle, then at the Coke in my hand. She took it from me and had a sip. Her face contorted immediately. “Damn, you’re supposed to mix it in, Chase. What is that — 200 proof?”

“I was about to stir it in,” I said, apologetically.

She handed me back the can. “Give me one with half that much of the vodka,” she told Chase.

A half hour later, Davey was definitely dancing better, and quite happily at that. He continued to dance with Larice, and I danced with Amy. It was fortunate that by the time Chase finished doctoring the first round of drinks, the flask was pretty well empty. We were all virgins to drink, and showed it.

Amy looked very good, and I began to wonder if liquor was somehow making me straight. Her eyes never seemed such a vivid green, and her lips were full and red. Her hair was thick and bounced lightly as she moved. And her hips and butt flared nicely from below her waist.

I looked over at Davey and Larice. Davey’s grin was even wider than normal and threatened to divide his face in two. Larice’s dancing had gotten so hot, I think even the girls were getting a little turned-on. And all around us, nerds giggled. We were all a little loose.

The music of a slower song played, and I wrapped my arms around Amy to dance. Somehow, we wound up together at a chaise lounge chair at the edge of the terrace and we reclined back into it together. Davey and Larice materialized in a twin chair across a small table from us.

Amy settled into my arms and looked up at me with that look girls get waiting to be kissed. Her lips parted dryly, and I put my mouth over hers. Across from us, I saw Larice give Davey a gentle kiss on the lips, and he wrapped a hand up her back.

The music continued. I noticed nerds sneaking glances at us as Amy and I kissed, and I stroked her arm and hair. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Chase sit in a chair farther down the terrace and Janie sit down into his lap. I remember thinking that if she felt his erection, it certainly would be nothing new. Across from us, Davey and Larice lay in each other’s arms, just talking.

Amy ran her fingers into my hair and opened her mouth. I pushed in with my tongue and wrapped an arm over her back. Her body was soft and compliant. Her breasts pressed against my chest, and there was a hollow between her legs, where my swelling package fit nicely.

The back door of the house opened and Heather’s dad came out onto the terrace. Amy and I sat up, as did the others. Amy took my hand and smiled at me, her face dimly-lit by the moonlight. And I thought she really was beautiful.

Davey and I left after midnight. As we were leaving, Larice put a hand on Davey’s shoulder and kissed him on the lips. When she began to pull back, Davey leaned forward and kissed her again, then he blushed.

Brandon stepped up behind me. “Hmmm,” he said quietly over my shoulder, “a bit o’ competition, huh?”

I elbowed his gut, knocking the wind out of him and laughed when he gasped. “Have a good time with Geoff tonight,” I told him.

“Yeah,” Brandon said. “And you guys have a great celebration.”

“We’ve got to go buy swim suits tomorrow… getting ready for the team,” I told him. “You want to go shopping with us?”

“No. Gotta help with packing, but thanks.”

He drifted away and I realized that I hadn’t exactly told Brandon “no” for tomorrow night. I made a mental note to call him, just to head him off at the pass. Just then Davey came over to me, grinning from ear to ear.

I walked out the door. Davey floated out, still smiling. Once we were out of the light and onto the dark road, I put my arm over his shoulder and pulled him to my side. I nuzzled his hair as we walked and breathed deeply. His hair still smelled of Larice. “Quite a ladies’ man tonight, Davey,” I teased. “And quite a dancer. You had a good time?”

He leaned against me and wrapped his arm around my waist as we walked. “I had a good time… Mickey. That was fun.”

“You liked dancing?”


“Think the vodka helped?” I asked.

He shook his head. “Made me dizzy.”

“Yeah,” I admitted. “Me too. Still am a little.”

We continued to walk hip to hip, my arm over his shoulder.

“You dance good… Mickey,” he said.

“You think?”

“Yeah. I watched you.”

“Maybe you and I can practice sometime.” I gave his shoulder a squeeze.

“Tonight? At your house?” he asked.

I giggled. “I don’t think Mom would like that. Loud music and stomping?” I shook my head. “No way. Maybe next week after swimming, sometime.”

We walked silently, all snuggled together. The road hugged the woods of the Olmos Basin.

I looked up to see a thumbnail of a moon hanging over us like a smile. Stars twinkled silently and the road was quiet. I stopped and took Davey into my arms. I kissed him and clutched him to me. Into his ear, I whispered, “We can dance here.” He wrapped his arms loosely over my shoulders and pressed his crotch to mine.

Davey kissed behind my ear. “Ummmm,” he said. “You smell good… Mickey.”

I softly hummed him a song I had written and moved my body against his. He moved with me, and our legs and bellies rubbed together. As we moved closer, our hard cocks bumped against one another. This kind of dancing, Davey knew by instinct. I hummed and we danced. Davey slid a hand down my back and pulled me tighter. We followed each other better than any girl partner could ever do.

I felt the fingers of his other hand run up the back of my neck and into my hair, and his lips brushed my neck. The breeze blew his hair across my face and blended it with my own curls, all dark, silent, and streaming.

I held his slender body in my arms feeling his strength and the way his muscles and limbs moved. I was glad he lifted weights and ran. His hand pressed the small of my back tightly, and his breath was hot on my neck as he kissed under my ear. Davey was all male — not soft and compliant like Amy, but hot and sensual; assertive and hard.

Davey and I had gotten a little comfortable in our sex together; maybe we were even in a little bit of a rut. But now, out in the moonlight and gentle evening breeze, I remembered what it was like to ache for him, to want him. His hair blew across my face, and we danced out in the night together.

I continued humming the song, and in my head, I orchestrated it, passing the melody to the strings. I could hear the music: a whole orchestra playing my song. We turned and swayed in the middle of the road. And in my mind, it was as if all the vast sky filled with my song to Davey.

I finished the song, then wrapped my arms around Davey’s back and lifting him, spun us to the side of the road. When I put him down, I squeezed him hard. “Davey,” I whispered. “I love you so much.”

His hot breath warmed my ear. “I love you, too, Mickey,” he replied. Then his lips were on mine and his tongue forced its way hungrily into my mouth. His hands dropped to my butt and he pulled us hard together.

There was no way we were going to make it home. I looked around, took Davey’s hand, and pulled him across a little clearing beside the road and into the woods. Once hidden from any passing car, we stripped off each other’s shirts, kicked off our shoes, and stepped from our pants and briefs. Davey backed me to a tree and pressed his body to mine.

We kissed and I ran my hands over the soft skin of Davey’s back, stretched so tightly over his hard muscles. I felt down to his smooth butt and grabbed, kneaded, and pulled. He groaned into my mouth.

For the first time, Davey and I made love in the outdoors. The silence and the darkness made my heartbeat sound that much louder and his skin feel that much warmer. I listened to the music of his sighs in the night and filled my nostrils with his scent. A young male made love with me in the dark that night, and there was nothing deficient about him.

The store clerk had to be close to forty. It was still flattering, though, the way his eyes kept drifting from our faces to our crotches and butts, but he was insistent. “I’m sorry,” he said, “but you have to leave your underwear on if you want to try swimsuits on. It’s state law,” he said in a firm voice. “You can’t try on swimsuits unless you leave your underwear on.”

I held up two Speedos, trying to decide between the blue one with the longer side seam and the black one. Nearby, Davey held up a white Speedo and looked in the mirror. The clerk clucked his tongue and shook his head. “You don’t want white,” he advised, then his face reddened slightly. “It’s, uh… too easy to see through when it’s wet.”

I glanced at Davey and conjured up that picture in my mind. Then I held up the two suits I was looking at. “Take ‘em both,” the clerk said, “If you’re going to be on a swim team, you’ll need a couple.”

“The team’s going to give us team suits,” I said. “They just won’t be in for a couple of weeks.”

“How about sweats?” he asked.

“Yeah, we get sweats and t-shirts too. We just need a practice suit and goggles.”

He looked at Davey’s hair, and then at my mop. “You guys want swim caps? And how about some swim shampoo, too… to get the chlorine out.”

Davey held up a red suit. “Oh, yeah,” the clerk said. “That will look good on you with your coloring. And I like the one-inch side seams… sexy.”

Davey turned to me and I nodded. “Try it,” I said.

“Go ahead and try them on,” the clerk said, encouragingly. “There are some dressing rooms around the corner there. But first,” he glanced pointedly at our groins, “you boys may need a larger size than you think. And,” he lowered his voice once more, “forget the law. There’s no way you boys will be able to try those suits on over underwear.” He winked.

Davey and I found a couple of larger suits to try as well and went around the corner to the dressing rooms. It was still early and the sporting goods store was quiet. We chose the back dressing booth, then locked the door behind us and stripped completely. Davey already had a semi, just like me. I giggled, trying to be quiet and pointed at his cock. “There’s no way, dude, that swimsuit is going to fit over that!”

He grinned and swung his hips back and forth, flopping his cock from side to side.

“Cut that out, Davey,” I whispered, stifling a laugh. “You’ll get hard and then you really won’t be able to try on the suit!”

I pulled on the black suit, pushing my cock out to the side. Damn it was tight. I definitely filled the suit, and the thickness of my cock pulled the top hem down to my pubes. Davey ogled me and hardened right up. “Damn, Davey,” I chided. “How are you going to get a suit on now?”

He picked up the red suit, and held it out to step into. I grabbed his hand, giggling. “You’ve already got precum, dude,” I whispered. “You’ll get it on the suit. Think of something else. Think about swimming.”

My own cock was getting damn hard. I wondered if I was permanently stretching the suit. Davey’s cock began to throb visibly. “Think about something else,” I whispered, admonishing him. “What are you thinking about?”

Davey giggled and his lips brushed my ear. “Last night,” he whispered.

Well that did it, especially when the tip of his cock pressed my belly just above the suit. I groaned and pulled the top of the suit under my balls. My cock stood out as straight as his and the suit held my balls tight under it.

I grabbed Davey’s cock and stroked as I leaned to his ear. “This isn’t going to work,” I said. “We’ve got to take drastic measures.” Holding his cock, I knelt before him. I licked his crown and quickly tongue-bathed his shaft before I took him in and began to bob up and down on him. Davey groaned quietly and ran a hand onto either side of my head to grab two handfuls of hair. He rocked into and out of my mouth. I sucked and tongued and used my hands on his balls and between his legs. It wasn’t romantic at all. I simply tried to work quickly and Davey was hot to cum. He didn’t last long, spurting powerfully into the back of my throat.

Once I sucked him dry, I stood up, my own cock dancing above the swimsuit with each heartbeat. Davey wrapped his arms around my neck and kissed me lovingly, before sliding his mouth down my chest and belly. He pulled the suit on down and held my cock with one hand and my balls with the other as he licked at the crown, and then swallowed the end into his hot mouth. My knees weakened, and I whimpered softly as Davey began to bob.

He worked just as hard on me as I had on him. But I was nervous and distracted, listening for anyone else in the dressing room area. Then Davey ran a finger into my butt and that did it. I slid back against the wall, and bit my lip as my load shot into Davey’s throat.

When he rose up off the floor to smile at me, Davey was still semi-hard. The last thing we needed was to get going again. Maybe if I don’t say anything about being hard, I thought. “OK, Davey. Try on the suit now.”

By the time Davey got the suit on, he was rock hard again. And yes, I got hard too. We tried on the larger suits and had to guess that they would probably fit better. It’s so hard to tell with Speedos when you have a roaring boner. I ran a hand up Davey’s bare back and pulled him close, brushing the hair back from his ear with my nose. “Maybe mom will be gone when we get home,” I whispered, “and we can put our suits on and break them in properly.”

Davey kissed my neck.

“I just hope we can learn to control ourselves once we’re at practice,” I grumbled good-naturedly.

* * * * *

I had actually forgotten about Brandon, until I was awakened by a gentle tapping at my window just after midnight. Not only was I tired, but Davey and I had shot five loads each in the previous twenty-four hours; we counted them.

I tried to ignore the tapping. It got louder. I sat up and opened the shutters to find Brandon on the other side of the glass. He was already naked and holding his clothes in his hands. He waved at me with his hard cock and wore a silly grin.

Groaning, I opened the window. Brandon climbed in and had me on my back in a flash, kissing my face and then my lips. His hard cock pressed my belly.

“Brandon, man,” I protested. “I’m really tired.”

“Relax,” he whispered, “I’ll do all the work.”

I yawned. “Come back in the morning, dude,” I said. “Davey’s going to Houston with Maggie for the day and my mom’s going in to the office to get some work done.”

Brandon’s tongue invaded my ear. “Great,” he whispered. “Then let me spend the night.”

“Oh,” was all I could think to answer. Mom had promised to let me sleep in; she wouldn’t be knocking on my door in the morning. I considered it. “OK. Fine. We’ll sleep now. I’ll see you in the morning.”

I rolled out from under him and turned on my side facing away from him. That was a mistake. His naked body spooned against mine and I felt his cock press into my crack. His skin was hot. “C’mon, please?” he asked. “I’ve been horny all day thinkin’ about you.”

I pulled my pillow over my head and groaned. That was no defense. He began probing my butt with the tip of his cock. So I got up, locked the door, retrieved the KY from the bottom of my rock collection box, handed it to Brandon, crawled back into bed, and presented my back to him once more. “Just let me sleep while you do it,” I muttered.

And I almost did fall asleep, while he rubbed lube soothingly into my butt. He rubbed quite a while, taking his time, kissing my shoulder and neck while rubbing KY into my crack, over my perineum, and, when I spread my legs, onto the back of my balls. He caressed my scrotum and I opened my legs wider. When he rubbed lube onto my cock that finished the job of getting me hard.

Then Brandon scooted forward. He wrapped an arm under my side and entered me slowly. Once in, he reached over with his other arm and took hold of my cock. He stroked me as he held me in his arms and began slowly thrusting into me. Brandon’s skin seemed even hotter than normal, and I relaxed into his heat. He moved slowly and lovingly. When he finished, he stayed in me, and his hand moved from my cock to rest on my belly. We fell asleep together.

When morning came, I awoke when I heard mom’s car back down the drive. Though my window was still open, only the foot of the bed was really visible from the street. Once I heard her car accelerate down the street. I closed the window and shutters. Turning, I found Brandon asleep on his belly, his smooth butt magnificent in all its bare glory. Between his spread legs, I could see his balls and the tip of his cock. His red hair covered the back of his neck and side of his face. If love was only about looks, Brandon could have given Davey quite a challenge.

I knelt between his legs and lowered my body so that my balls came to rest on the back of his and my cock rested in his crack. I laid my belly down on the soft skin of his back. “Fair is fair,” I said. “You had a turn last night.”

He murmured and flexed his butt under me.

* * * * *

By Monday morning, I thought I had cum so many times there would be no way I’d ever have to worry about getting hard in my Speedos at the pool. Ha! Dressing with all those fantastic swimmer bodies? I still had a battle.

Davey and I changed in a corner of the locker room with our backs to the others and quickly slid on our sweat bottoms and t-shirts.

Well Davey and I may have looked hotter than Rowdy Gaines in our Speedos, but the coach still started us in the lane against the wall with the little kids. That did help to deflate matters some — especially for me.

Nothing like a wounded ego to kill an erection. I had taken Red Cross training the previous summer before going to Chicago, and thought I was a good swimmer. But when we started laps and a couple of the younger boys flew effortlessly past, I shrunk all over. Lack of oxygen to the lungs shrinks cocks too.

* * * * *

By the second day, we were back at the sporting goods store. A different clerk was there but knew all about the swim shampoo and helped us find it. “You guys want swim caps?”

“Nah, we got team swim caps.”

He looked at Davey’s hair, “Well I’d sure wear them, and use this stuff,” he held up the shampoo. “The chlorine is murder on hair.”

I leaned back and gave Davey a surveying glance. “Give us two bottles.”

At the house, we climbed into the shower and washed each other’s hair thoroughly, using the swim shampoo. It didn’t feel any different to me from regular shampoo, but washing Davey’s hair was fun, especially when I washed it from behind and he pressed his butt back against me.

After we dried each other off, we took two brushes to my bedroom. I sat down first, on the middle of the bed, my legs splayed out in front of me. Davey climbed up on the bed and then sat down facing me, his legs over mine. We scooted forward until our crotches touched, cocks to the side, and began to brush out each other’s hair.

Four arms all vied for the tops of our heads, elbows were everywhere. “Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea, after all,” I said. “Sorry. I just thought it’d be fun to try.”

Davey didn’t show any sign of giving up, so I lowered my arms and bent my head forward to give him better access. As Davey began to brush my hair, now straight after all the styling gel had washed out, I stroked the top of his legs.

Davey brushed my hair with one hand and smoothed it down with the other. Every few strokes, he kissed the top of my head.

Our cocks were semi-hard, and as Davey brushed my head, I played with them. I touched the heads together, rubbing the crowns gently against each other. I stroked the end of my cock against his balls and his against mine. I stroked the length of his cock with the end of mine and did the same with his.

When we were both hard, I wrapped my hands behind Davey’s butt and pulled him more firmly against me. Then I put our cocks together and tried stroking them at the same time. Davey left off brushing my hair and dropped his forehead to my shoulder to watch. Then he kissed my neck.

I returned the kiss and grinned. “Are you ready for me to brush your hair now?” I asked.

Davey wrapped his arms over my shoulders and kissed my cheek. “OK.”

I put my mouth on his and held his ribs as we kissed. Then I picked up the brush.

And so I brushed Davey’s hair while he played with our cocks, cupped our balls, and stroked a cock in each hand. When I was done with his hair, I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and watched his hands.

He looked up at me, and our mouths met. Holding the kiss, I slowly pushed him down onto his back and lowered myself onto him. As I wrapped my arms under the back of his shoulders, my hair fell down around his face. I looked into his eyes. “I like brushing our hair this way,” I murmured.

“Me too.”

* * * * *

By our second week on the team, I was swimming well enough to have finally moved off the beginners’ wall. I even got used to being almost naked with other boys — well, almost used to it. At least I got to the stage where I could watch other Speedos underwater as we swam, and still manage to not get too hard. Besides, if I got an erection, there’d be too much resistance in the water, and I wanted to work up my times.

Coach liked me, maybe because I worked hard to improve. I was determined to swim at least as fast as the other guys my age. Coach even had me stay a half-hour after practice to work one-on-one with me, three days in a row, and said I had potential; something about big hands and feet.

I knew for sure coach liked me when he got me a job as an assistant life guard at the pool. It was a city pool and at barely fifteen, I was only semi-legal...and so “officially” only an assistant. But still, it was a job.

I really needed the money, and the pool manager was willing to work around my swimming schedule. They even gave Davey a pass; he could swim while I lifeguarded or he could just go home after team practice. That third week of June, my first “on the job,” Davey stayed every day to swim until I got off work.

Brandon was back for a couple of days that week with his family. They had found a home just outside of LA and were ready to move, and he came by the pool to say goodbye. I asked another guard to watch for me as I pulled Davey from the pool and he and I took Brandon into the showers. We went into a stall and closed the door to kiss and hug and say our farewells. Davey cried, and that made Brandon and I tear up.

It was just two days later that Geoff showed up at the pool in a well-filled black speedo. He came by himself and swam up right away to hang around in the water just below my guard stand. When Davey saw him, he swam up to join the conversation.

As we talked, I watched Davey and decided I would need to talk to him again about being so obvious. His eyes never left Geoff’s face, his body, his Speedos.

Geoff, however, pretty much ignored Davey, and I tried to ignore Geoff. I didn’t want to get in trouble for talking with friends when I was supposed to be guarding. From the water, Geoff pointed out which girls he thought were hot, asked what movies I liked, and asked about the swim team. Davey just watched Geoff.

When my rotation to the next guard stand came, Geoff followed me, staying on the deck beside my stand to talk. Davey swam away to play with a couple of the younger boys he had become friends with.

Now, more confidentially, Geoff pointed out a few hot guys, then asked how Davey and I were doing. Eventually, he got to what I suspected brought him to the pool.

“So, ah, Michael,” he said casually. “How ‘bout you and me goin’ out for a burger or somethin’ tonight? We could even hit a movie if you want.”

I looked down at his smiling face. There was no denying that Geoff was good-looking — damned good-looking. His gray-blue eyes sparkled in the summer sun, and he kept his curly dark hair short. His features were fine and even: his hips were narrow and his butt high under a well-muscled back. His shoulders were broad and his chest and gut were all well-defined, and he had an athlete’s legs, long and muscled. His tight swimsuit left no doubt as to his other accomplishments. I wasn’t sure why I didn’t like him, other than possibly because of the way he treated Brandon.

I smiled apologetically. “I’m sorta committed, Geoff,” I said, nodding towards Davey, who splashed in the water ten feet away. “I appreciate it, though.”

He laughed and rested his forearm against the side of my butt as he leaned closer. “Committed?” he asked. “That’s not what Brandon told me.”

My face reddened. “Well, Brandon was wrong.”

Geoff had a toothpaste ad smile, and he flashed it at me. “Brandon told me how hot you are, Michael… and I’ve, like, always liked you.” He rubbed his forearm just slightly against the side of my butt. “We could be hot together.” He winked at me, then looked very sincere. “Let me show you, Michael,” he said in a low voice. “I’ll make it special.”

“Geoff,” I said, looking out over the pool and purposely ignoring my shifting cock. “I shouldn’t have said ‘sorta committed.’ Make that all-the-way committed.”

“So ‘committed’ means you and Davey?”

I looked at him and nodded.

He rubbed his forearm against my leg. “That’s cool,” he said with a shrug. “I don’t need to mess that up. You and Davey can still be boyfriends. Hey, maybe we could try a three-way, like you guys did with Brandon.”

“Brandon’s got a big mouth,” I said, annoyed. Then I flashed back to seeing Davey’s face framed by Brandon’s strong shoulder and remembered how wrong it felt to have Brandon between us. I shook my head. “No three-ways,” I said firmly.

“OK. No three-ways,” Geoff said. “You and I can still fool around on the side.” He pressed his arm more firmly against my thigh and leaned closer. “I can take over for Brandon at your window at night. Think about it.”

I was torn between being furious with Brandon and being surprised by the appeal of having a hunk like Geoff trying to seduce me. But just then, I saw Davey splashing in the pool with his younger friends. His hair hung wet and stringy down the sides of his face, framing his blue eyes and wide smile. Davey was happy, and my choice was absolutely clear.

“Geoff,” I said, angrily. “What happened with Brandon is over. And it was different to begin with. Davey is my boyfriend. I belong to him, OK?”

Geoff shaded his eyes with his other hand as he looked up at me. “Yeah, I know,” he said softly. “I know Davey’s a hot-lookin’ guy, and you two are friends and all. But Davey as a boyfriend?” He made a wry face. “I mean… come on! You could have your pick of any guy in school, including most of the straights,” he smiled. “I mean, you’re like a genius, and you’re totally hot on top of that. But Davey…well, Davey’s a nice guy, but we could be so hot together, Bentolli. I mean, if you have to make a choice, pick me, dude.”

I’d had all I was going to take. “Lay off Davey, Geoff,” I said, controlling my voice. I leaned over the side of the stand and leaned down closer to him. “I love Davey, and I don’t love him half as good as he deserves.” Sitting back up, I glanced at Davey in the pool again and was so grateful for him.

I looked back to Geoff, who looked hurt. “Look,” I said apologetically. “If you want to talk about a good-looking guy, you’re already the best-looking guy in school. At least I think so.”

His expression softened.

“If I wasn’t already hooked up with Davey,” I continued, “I’d want that date tonight — a lot.” Which was as much the truth as a lie. “You’ll find somebody. Brandon can’t have been the only other gay kid in our school.”

Geoff looked doubtful and glanced over to where Davey was playing in the pool. Davey was already turning gold and tan from the sun. “I don’t blame ya,” he finally said, and walked away.

* * * * *

When swimming season began, Davey had begun sleeping over with me at my house, or vice versa, so that he and I could “go to the pool together” in the morning. We didn’t make love every night, but invariably I’d wake up at some point to find Davey with an arm across my chest and a leg over my middle, his head beside me on the pillow, and his breath on my shoulder. I think those first couple of weeks were as happy as any I ever had.

It was a couple of days after Geoff had approached me at the pool when Mom had a question for Davey and me at breakfast. “Davey’s bed roll is always rolled up so quickly after you boys get up in the morning,” she asked. “Do you do that, Davey?”

Davey blushed. “Davey’s not real comfortable on the floor,” I quickly answered. “He usually shares the bed with me.”

“Oh,” Mom smiled. The smile looked a little hollow. “Well, I guess that’s still no big deal at your age.”

I got us out of there quickly.

That afternoon at the pool, Geoff was back. Only this time, instead of talking to me, he immediately joined Davey in the water, playing around and wrestling. At one point, I thought I saw Davey with an erection when Geoff tossed him over the water.

They left together before my first break, Davey waving happily at me. I felt like I had been slugged in the balls.

I thought about jumping up and running to catch them, but was paralyzed, unable to figure out what I could say or do. As they left the locker room, the bottom dropped out of my stomach. My eyes began to water. I wiped them dry with my hands and pulled my cap lower down over my face.

All afternoon, I couldn’t think. Twenty kids could have drowned right in front of me, and I wouldn’t have noticed. I never knew one afternoon could be so awfully damned long.

As soon as I was off duty, I changed and ran, literally ran to Davey’s house. I knocked and rang the doorbell, but there was no answer. I thought about going around looking into his windows, but dreaded what I might see; what I might see in our bed.

I stood on his front porch and fought back tears. Why was I crying? Why was I so jealous? He and I both had fooled around with Brandon, and I’d done Brandon on my own. We’d both jacked-off with Chase and Hunter. Davey was as hot-blooded a teenager as me, and I had to expect that sometime he might want to be with another boy. That was logical. It’s not like I owned him.

Fuck logic. A sob escaped from my throat. I turned and ran home.

In my gut, this seemed different, different from Brandon. I couldn’t put my finger on why, but I half suspected that Geoff wanted to steal my boyfriend! And hell, I had only just turned fifteen; I had no idea how to fight him. Davey was already wowed by Geoff. He was big, he was beautiful, he was older. And he could be seductive — very seductive.

It wasn’t until I was fixing supper later that Davey came bouncing into the house, all happy and giddy. “Well, did you have a good afternoon?” I asked, afraid to ask.

“Yeah. A good afternoon.” He came up behind me as I worked at the stove, wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed the back of my neck. “I had… a date with… Geoff. It was fun.”

I stiffened my back in his arms. “Oh, a date? What did you guys do?”

Davey squeezed me again and laid the side of his head down on the top of my back. “It was fun… Mickey. We went for a… soda. Then we went to… my house and Geoff and I,” he lowered his voice, “did it.” Davey giggled.

My heart was in my throat. I shrugged him off and stepped over to the counter to chop carrots. I managed to clear my throat. “I knocked on the door at your house when I got off work.”

“Oh, was that… you? I thought… it might be you. But we were… you know,” he giggled. “And Geoff said it was… probably a salesman.”

Davey sat at the table all animated. “Geoff likes doin’… everything! He wants to be… my boyfriend… too. Just like you… He likes kissing.” Davey giggled. “It was fun! And he likes hugging… He likes me a lot… Mickey.”

“Damn!” I almost yelled, as my knife slipped and cut my left thumb. “I’m busy working here, Davey! Go play solitaire in the living room. Watch TV or something.” It was all I could do to keep my voice from breaking.

Davey left silently. I finished the food prep, got everything on the stove, composed myself, and then went out to the living room. Davey was watching TV. I sat beside him, facing him on the couch, and took his hand. “Davey,” I said quietly. “You know I love you?”

He nodded.

“I’m happy for you that other guys like you,” I began. “I mean, you could chosen from a lot of guys for a boyfriend.” My voice caught and I had to breathe deeply to continue. “You could even have a girlfriend if you wanted. I think Larice likes you.”

I watched his face carefully as I tried to think through what to say. “Look Davey, just because we’ve been boyfriends, it’s not like you ever had much of a choice, I know. But,” I said, looking into his eyes. “You can only have one boyfriend at a time and that’s me. I’m your boyfriend.”

Knitting his brow, he asked. “Why can’t Geoff be… my boyfriend… too?”

“Because,” I said. “Hell, I don’t know, Davey. Because guys always have only one boyfriend at a time. Maybe it’s just hard to love two guys at one time, and really love them both.” But then I thought about Brandon. I loved him, too, but not as much. No, not nearly as much. And Brandon was different than Geoff. “Besides,” I said, “I just don’t trust Geoff. I don’t like him, Davey.” Just then, I heard a pot boiling over on the stove and ran to turn down the burner.

That night, when I crawled into bed, I rolled to my side and faced the wall. Davey crawled in behind and spooned me. He kissed the back of my neck and snuggled close. He did feel good against me. His breath smelled of toothpaste as it came over my shoulder.

“Mickey?” he whispered.


“I told Geoff that… I’d go to the movie with him… tomorrow.”

“Don’t,” I said, biting my lip.

Davey was quiet. Then he rolled away and faced the other direction.

I could tell from his breathing, that he couldn’t sleep either. I brooded. Then I heard the door knob jiggle. A couple of minutes later, there was a scraping at the door handle, and then a click. The door open behind me and I saw Mom’s shadow on the wall in front of me. For the first time I could remember, she had unlocked and opened the door while Davey and I were in the room. Damn! I hoped she hadn’t done that before while we were sleeping.

At least this time, things had to look innocent, what with Davey facing one way and me another. The door closed.

* * * * *

The next morning, we dressed in silence and didn’t speak until we were on the way to the pool. “Mom opened my bedroom door last night,” I said.

“Yeah, I know.”

“It might be better if we slept over at your house for a while. We don’t need mom figuring out things.”


“No — wait,” I said, reconsidering. “If Mom’s suspicious about us, she might get Maggie to check on us, too. Maybe we better sleep apart for a few days.”

We were almost to the pool when I asked, “What are you going to do about Geoff today? I can tell him to leave you alone if you want me to do it.”

Davey glared at me. “I can do it… myself. Why are you being… so mean? Geoff just wants to be… my friend.”

I shook my head angrily. “He just wants your ass, Davey. He’s just fuckin horny.”

Davey hung his head. “That’s not true… he likes me.”

“Don’t trust him, Davey. He doesn’t mean what he says,” I told him. Why wouldn’t he understand?

Davey looked at me, almost angrily, and his eyes began to water. Damn, Geoff, I thought.

Then Davey said very softly, “He could… mean it. He could… like me.”

That afternoon, the pool manager put me in the snack bar to help out because they were short-handed. It was crazy busy, and I worked the window away from the pool. When I had a break later, I looked for Davey, but he was gone. I asked one of the guards where he went.

“Oh, he left a while ago with that friend of ya’ll’s; the big hunk with the black, curly hair.”

I was stunned. I tried to concentrate when I got back to the snack bar, but it was useless. For the next two hours, I made change so badly, they’d probably never ask me to work there again.

Davey didn’t come to supper that night. Maggie was surprised when she stopped by, and headed on home.

I didn’t see Davey until we both showed up at the pool the next day, and we couldn’t really talk until after practice. Then I pulled Davey aside as he dressed in the locker room. “What’s going on?”

Davey turned away. “I’ve gotta go.”

“What do you mean, you’ve gotta go?”

He began dressing, his back to me. “I promised Geoff.”

I stood behind Davey, hands on my hips. “I thought you were going to tell him to bug off!”

He shoulders bowed. “He likes me,” Davey said in a small voice. “He’s taking me to the… mall. Geoff’s going to buy me… clothes.”

I grabbed him by shoulders and spun him around. “I’ll buy you clothes,” I pleaded. “Please don’t go, Davey.”

Davey twisted from my hands and turned away to pull on his shirt. “He likes me… Mickey. He makes me feel… good.” Davey glanced back at me. “I want to be his… friend.” He looked down then, “Geoff says I can have two… boyfriends. He says… you can come with us too.”

I sat down on the locker bench and ran my hand through my hair in frustration. “If I’m your boyfriend,” I said, “you belong to me. And I belong to you. That’s the way it’s supposed to work.”

Davey sat down beside me. “Mickey.” He put a hand on my leg. “Please. I… I don’t know… how to say… ” He rubbed his forehead hard and groaned in frustration. “Mickey… Geoff’s the first one… the first one to be… my friend. He likes me.”

“I’m not sure what you mean, Davey,” I said and sighed, honestly perplexed. “You already have friends! You have lots of friends.”

He shook his head. “Your friends.”

“What do you mean by that?” I asked. “They’re your friends, too! Or do you mean a friend who is only yours? Like Hunter is your own friend?”

Davey shook his head, frustrated. “No, Geoff’s in love…” Davey patted his chest, “with me… Mickey, with me. He makes me feel… special. He wants to buy me… things… and take me on… dates. He gave me this.” Davey pulled a silver bracelet from his pocket.

I took his other hand. “But I’m in love with you, too, Davey. Haven’t I ever made you feel special?”

He shook his head. “You don’t understand,” he said, angrily. “It’s different.” Davey took a breath, and then put a hand to my cheek. “Please, Mickey. Let me have Geoff… just for a little while.”

I took his hand from my cheek and kissed it. “But I love you, Davey.”

Davey suddenly looked over my shoulder and quickly pulled his hand away. I heard coach call from the door, “Bentolli, they say you’re supposed to be on guard duty.”

Davey picked up his shirt. “I’ve gotta go… he’s waiting.” And he left.

* * * * *

Davey didn’t come over for supper again that night. Neither did Maggie. I assumed he had called her to tell her he was already home.

The next morning, Davey wouldn’t talk to me. He seemed gloomy, subdued. I hoped he had broken up with Geoff. As he dressed after swimming practice, I pulled on my lifeguard shorts. “Everything OK?” I asked.

He looked at me angrily. “No.”

I sat down on the bench next to where he was dressing. “What’s wrong?”

“You lied to me,” he said, turning away.


“You don’t belong to me.”

“What? What do you mean?”

“You said,” he frowned at me, “that you belonged… to me. You don’t want me to have… Geoff. But you had Brandon… and you never… told me.”

I felt the blood drain from my face.

“Geoff told me.” Davey said. “He told me… everything. About Brandon… comin’ in your… window… at night.”

A couple of swimmers walked past. I tried to think while they went by. “That was different, Davey.”

His eyes flashed at me. “You nevertoldme!” He grabbed up his shirt and left.

* * * * *

Davey completely quit staying at the pool in the afternoons. We each walked alone to swimming and barely said a word when we saw each other there. A couple of times, I saw Geoff picking him up afterward in his 240Z.

Davey and Maggie quit coming over. Mom asked what was going on, and I told her that Davey was spending the afternoon with “friends” while I had to lifeguard.

My mind became consumed with Davey and Geoff. I tried not to think about them, but I did. As far as I knew, over the next two weeks, Davey and Geoff were together every day. And I didn’t even get to hug Davey. I couldn’t sleep. I barely ate. I was losing him, and I had no idea what to do.

I called Knox and poured out the whole story to him.

“Of course it’s easy for me to say, especially since I’m not a hot-blooded fifteen year old,” Knox told me, “but you shouldn’t have gotten it on with Brandon.”

“Thanks, Knox. Bye.”

I hung up.

Knox called back. “I’m sorry,” he said.

“Yeah, whatever.”

“C’mon, Michael,” he said. “Don’t be a prick. I’m tryin’ to help here.”

“Sorry Knox. Things are just so fucked up. What can I do?”

“Honestly? I’m not sure. Let me think on it. If Geoff is like you describe him, then this thing won’t last. Just be ready to try to win Davey back.”


“Be there for him. Be the friend you’ve always been. He’ll need you when it happens.”

If it happens, I thought.

* * * * *

At the end of the week, we had a Friday swim meet. Geoff came to watch from the stands. I was surprised to see Amy and Larice there too. Maybe Geoff’s being there is what gave me the anger, the adrenaline to push myself to third place in the fifty yard butterfly. It felt good to swim hard, and the roar of the crowd filled me with exhilaration.

When I climbed from the pool, coach patted my butt and said, “Good job!” Then Davey was the only other one to come up to me. He patted back. “That was good, Mickey. You looked… good. And… fast.”

“Thanks, Davey,” I said, gratefully. “That means a lot.”

Geoff avoided me, but Davey asked me to come with them for pizza after the meet. “I can’t,” I said. “I’m… I’m going to see if I can go over to Amy’s.”

Davey grinned happily for me. “I like Amy, Mickey.”

I bravely smiled back. “Have fun, Davey. And thanks for asking me.”

Amy was still in the stands and I headed for her.

“Congratulations!” she said. “You did great!”

“Thanks, but I didn’t do that hot,” I sat beside her, and noticed that she looked over my bare shoulders and chest. “I was wondering if I could come by tonight.”

I ate supper with Amy’s family, and afterwards, we sat on her front porch swing. When her parents went back to the den to watch TV, she turned off the porch light and we sat side by side, holding hands and talking. I could tell she wanted to kiss, and so I kissed her. And we kissed again. We kissed for quite a while, and I pressed my chest against her breasts. We shifted and I pressed more of myself to her. She probably felt my erection against her. I almost didn’t care; my heart wasn’t really in it even if my dick was.

Amy put her hand on my leg, just as the front porch light came on.

“Amy!” called her mother. “It’s getting late. Time to come inside, sweetie.”

When I got home, Mom told me that Davey and Geoff came by to get Davey’s sleeping bag because they were going to camp out over the weekend.

“They said they would’ve asked you,” Mom said, “but Davey said you were on a date with Amy. Was it a date? I didn’t know until you called to say you weren’t going to be home for supper. You really need to let me know these things.”

“It wasn’t a date, Mom.”

She smiled and mussed my hair. “My boy’s growing up,” she said, then walked back to the living room.

* * * * *

Saturday night family dinner was just the three of us. It didn’t take them long to get around to ‘the subject.’ “Michael,” Maggie asked casually, between bites, “what’s with you and Davey?”

“What do you mean?” I replied, knowing exactly what she meant.

“Who’s this new friend Geoff,” Mom asked, “and why are they leaving you out of things?”

I shrugged. “I’ve got a lot of work to do at the pool.” I picked at my food. “Besides,” I said, “Grandpa says Davey and I each need to get our own friends.” I put down my fork. “May I be excused?”

“You’ve barely touched your food, Michael,” Mom protested. She turned to Maggie, frowning. “He’s barely eating these days,” she said. They exchanged knowing looks.

I ignored them and grabbed my dirty dishes and carried them to the sink.

“Michael,” Maggie “Tell me about Geoff.”

“He’s alright,” I said, trying to get out of the kitchen. “He was Brandon’s best friend and you liked Brandon. Geoff’s just another jock. Real popular with the girls.”

“How did he and Davey become friends?” Mom asked as I tried to back out the door to the living room.

I shrugged. “They already knew each other from school, Mom,” I explained. “They were clowning around at the pool a couple of weeks ago and just hit it off.” I started to leave.

“Are you alright?” Maggie asked. You and Davey have always been together. This has to be hard for you.”

“I’m OK, Maggie. Thanks for asking.” I forced a smile. “But Davey should have his own friends, too. Been a busy summer for me, anyway.”

“You’re still his best friend, Michael,” Maggie said reassuringly. “Just wait. Things’ll be back to normal soon.”

I nodded, walked through the living room and opened the front door.

“Where are you going?” Mom called after me.

“Just out for a little while,” I yelled over my shoulder, as I went out the front door.

There was a light evening breeze, and a full moon was rising silvery-gold through ghostly white clouds. Above, a few stars were bright enough to be seen through the glare of city lights. I ambled out to the sidewalk and just started walking.

I wondered how many stars Davey could see, and whether there was a breeze where they were camping. I wondered if the moon was as beautiful, and if there were white clouds.

Sometimes when you’re really down, you feel more than you think. I walked aimlessly down the street, just sad, just mulling things over. Somehow, I found myself in front of Brandon’s old house. There was a lump in my throat when I saw the ‘For Sale’ sign on the front lawn. I missed him, the big-mouthed asshole.

I turned and jogged in the other direction. Minutes later, I found myself in the park across from SACC. I came up on some lovers there, humping half-clothed in the dark, and hastily retreated.

There were two figures sitting on our front porch when I returned. At first, I saw the blond hair and for the briefest moment thought it was Davey. I hurried up the steps, but my heart sank when I realized that it was Maggie. She had never stayed so late at our place before.

“You alright, Michael?” Mom asked.

“Yeah, Mom,” I said. “I just felt like a walk.”

“It’s late, honey. You need to be careful, out by yourself at night. And now you really ought to get on to bed.”

“Sure, Mom.”

As I headed for the door, Maggie gently put her hand out and touched my arm. “I’m going to talk to Davey, Michael,” she said. “I’ll get him straightened out.”

“No,” I turned toward her. “No, Maggie. Don’t do that. Davey has a new friend and that’s good.” I couldn’t believe I said that, but I knew I didn’t want Maggie stepping in for me. “Don’t say anything to Davey. We’re still friends. We’ll work it out.”

“Maybe,” she said skeptically.

“Maggie,” I knelt by her and took her hand. Her kind eyes were so like Davey’s… “Please don’t,” I pleaded. “I just know that’d be the wrong thing to do.”

She looked at me. “Why don’t you talk to him then? Tell him how you really feel. He needs to know. After all,” she smiled in the dim light, “You’re his best friend.”

Nodding, I rose to my feet. “Maybe I will. OK?”

“Do it, Michael,” Mom said. “Good friends are worth fighting for.”

I nodded. But I wasn’t sure how much fight I had left in me.

* * * * *

I saw Chase first. It was the next day, and I was on guard duty. Chase came from the locker room in baggy swim trunks. A small, sexy tuft of dark hair now showed between the low-riding waistband and his navel. It held my attention as he walked to my stand.

When he was close, I shifted my eyes to his face and gave a small, casual wave and a big smile.

Chase grinned back. “Guess who I brought,” he said as he stepped up beside me.

“Janie?” I guessed.

“Well, yeah. Besides Janie.”

“Hunter?” I asked, looking around. “Davey’s not here.”

Chase scrutinized my face as if trying to decide if I was being purposefully dense. “No, not Hunter. Amy, you asshole!”

I grinned. “That’s cool. You going for two girls at one time now?”

He slapped my thigh. “Man, you’ve been in the sun too long. That brain of yours is all fried. You know why Amy’s here.”

Just then, a dark-haired girl a year or two younger than us, with hips that were already sweetly rounded and breasts that were budding out, walked past. She was one of the girls who often hung around in the water beneath my guardstand. She flashed me a shy grin and dove into the water.

Chase followed her with his eyes and gave a low whistle. “Shit, Michael! Can I get a job here?”

Janie and Amy came from the girls’ changing room together, and both wore revealing bikinis. Amy’s was dark, with lines of bright colors fanning up and out from between her legs. As she walked, her hips made that swaying roll that’s so pretty when it’s natural, and so slutty when it’s not. Amy’s was natural.

She had a sunny smile and her eyes were bright. Her breasts were… well, I guess what you’d call ‘perky.’ They looked firm, and stood out all proud on her. Her smile was for me, and her eyes never left my face as she walked toward us.

Janie’s bikini was a bright floral, which matched her personality. Janie was one of those smaller girls who are all energy and smiles. Of course, Janie’s smile was always impish. She was a girl who liked mischief, and, if you followed her eyes, boys.

And guys really liked her. She was cute and she knew it, a natural flirt, with dark blonde hair, large breasts for her size, and a firm little butt. The girls joined Chase beside my stand.

“I really can’t talk much while I’m on duty, guys,” I said, apologetically. “How long are ya’ll staying? I’m off duty in about half an hour.”

“Really?” Chase asked with a devious grin, “So you’re off early today?” He gave me a wink that was hidden from the girls. “We’ll be here a while.”

“Come over when you’re off,” Amy said and flashed me a parting smile. As she walked away, I watched her firm little butt sway back and forth until she faded into a crowd. She really was pretty.

When my shift ended, I tossed my guard trunks in with my clothes and joined my friends. Walking over to the side of the pool closest to them, it was funny to see all three pairs of eyes on my black speedos. I jumped in before I could get hard.

Chase was leaning back against the side of the pool and Janie had an arm thrown behind his back, sorta floating in his lap. Amy faced them, squatting enough to keep her shoulders under water. I moved up beside Amy.

“Damn,” Chase said. “I need to start swimming. You look like somebody out of Sports Illustrated, dude!”

Janie kissed his cheek. “You don’t need to swim, Chase,” she said reassuringly. “You’re already hot enough. Too many girls look at you as it is.”

Amy leaned over and put her lips to my ear. “No way he could ever swim enough to get a body like yours,” she said, giggling.

I put my arm behind her back and smiled. Then I leaned to her ear. “You look really nice today. I like the swim suit.”

She smiled and put an arm over my shoulder. Holding on to me, she floated up into my lap, much like Janie was in Chase’s. I floated her away from them.

“How’s your summer going?” I asked. “What have you been doing?”

“Waiting,” she said, giving me a small smile.

“For… ?” I asked

“Oh I dunno,” she said casually. “Just for something to do.” And with the hand she had over my shoulders, she ran her fingers up into the hair on the back of my neck, then she gave me a pointed look.

I smiled. “Maybe we can do something together,” I suggested.

She cocked an eyebrow. “If you aren’t too busy.”

“No,” I said, trying not to sound sad. “I’m not too busy. Sorry… I guess I should’ve called you.”

Her fingers began a little dance in my hair. “After the way you kissed me at Heather’s party, I was surprised you didn’t. And then after coming over and hanging out with me Friday night, I thought I might get a call yesterday.”

Just then, I felt something slip between my legs and strong shoulders come up under them. Chase planted his feet and lifted my legs up so that Amy sank me. We came up sputtering and I immediately went after him.

That started a push, tag, throw, and splash free-for-all. Chase was the first to cop a feel of my package, and I gave his balls a revenge squeeze. Then, surprisingly, Janie let her hand slip and rest for a ‘lingering moment’ on my Speedo pouch. I half expected Amy to give it a shot. When she didn’t, I decided to press myself against her firm butt. But then I started to get hard, so I backed away from the fight.

Afterwards, we walked to McDonalds for sodas, and then I walked Amy home where we sat on her porch swing and talked about summer, and friends, and each other. It was really tempting to tell her about how much I missed Davey. She was so easy to talk to. But I wasn’t that crazy.

* * * * *

Tuesday, Davey came by for supper. He found me working at the stove and came up behind me. He put his hand on my back.


I turned. He stood there, his eyes sad. “Mickey… I miss you.”

I put my arms around him and pressed my cheek to his. “Yeah,” I said. “I’ve missed you too.” And then I wondered if Geoff loved Davey’s embraces as much as I did. Davey kissed me lightly, hesitantly on the lips.

I returned to the stove and Davey sat down. “So,” I said. “What’s up?”

Davey told me about their camping trip, about the movies they had gone to, about bowling and roller skating, and about the gifts Geoff had brought him. As he talked, Davey warmed up. Begrudgingly, I admitted to myself that Davey really seemed to be enjoying being the object of so much attention. I thought it interesting, though, that they had all their dates across town, or out of the area. I wondered if Geoff didn’t want to be seen with his new boyfriend.

“Davey, do you guys ever do anything with Geoff’s other friends.”

Davey frowned. “No, I’m his… boyfriend. He does different… things with me.”

“Yeah, right.”

Davey protested, “He really loves me… Mickey. He tells me… all the time.”

I kept my back to him. “I love you too, Davey,” I said in a low voice.

I heard Davey slap the table. “It’s not the... same,” he said. “But he does… love me, Mickey. Can’t you be… happy with me? Can’t you let me be… happy.”

“So you’re happy?”


I raised an eyebrow. “Why?”

“Because you don’t want me… to be.”

I turned and looked at him. He was right, of course. I walked to the table, sat down, and took his hand. “I’m sorry,” I said. “I’m really sorry that I didn’t tell you about Brandon, Davey. Hell, I’m sorry I ever did anything with him.” I looked into Davey’s impassive eyes, took a deep breath, and continued. “But how would you have felt about it, if I had told you? Would you want me to be happy with him?”

He shrugged. “Maybe… I like Brandon too.” Davey leaned toward me. “Geoff says he wants you… to… be with us. Why don’t you… Mickey?” He patted my hand. “Why don’t you come? Geoff is fun… and,” he lowered his voice, “he’s good… at sex.” Davey giggled nervously.

I shook my head. “Davey, what Brandon and I did, well… we only did that a couple of times. He was having trouble with his dad, Davey, and none of his friends would have anything to do with him. Brandon was hurting. I didn’t think I should turn him away.” I held his hand tighter. “I’m sorry. I should’ve told you about it. But Davey, Brandon knew I loved you. There was never a question as to who my boyfriend was.”

“You love Brandon… too.”

“Not in the same way.” I stood up angrily. “Not the same at all, Davey. I’ve had one boyfriend in my whole life,” I pointed right at him, “and that’s you. Brandon knew that.”

I turned back to the sink.

Behind me, I heard Davey say in a small voice, “Please?” Then I heard Davey slide back his chair. I couldn’t help tensing as he came up behind me. He ran his arms around me and pressed his body to mine. He kissed my back and ran his hands down to my thighs, reaching in to caress the insides.

“I’ve missed you, Mickey,” he whispered.

One of his hands moved to my crotch while with the other, he pulled my shirt up. I felt his lips press against the bare skin of my back. He pushed my shirt higher, kissing up as he went. His hand found my cock and squeezed. I put my hands on the counter to brace myself.

Now, using both hands, Davey pulled my shirt off over my head and returned his mouth to my back. His hands dove into the front of my pants and easily found my stiff cock. Davey licked down my spine and when his mouth came to the back of my pants, he reached to the front and unfastened them, dropping them along with my underwear to my ankles.

Then, while he spread my butt cheeks with his hands, he did something new. He pushed his tongue into my crack and licked my hole. He pushed against my sphincter with his tongue. I sucked in my breath. I didn’t know what to make of it. It felt… different. But it had to be a Geoff thing. I turned around.

Davey looked up at me past my cock. While his eyes stayed on mine, he reached up to grab my shaft and held it while he licked the crown, and then took it into his mouth. It was all a little strange. Somehow it was happening differently than we did things before.

Davey took me into his mouth. He used a new, twisting motion with his head. And I wondered how long and thick Geoff’s cock was. How did it feel in Davey’s mouth compared to mine? Davey’s mouth felt so good after so long. I needed to cum. But I thought of him and Geoff, and gently pushed Davey away. Then I pulled up my pants.

As I fastened them, Davey stepped back and pulled off his shirt. Then he came up to me again and wrapped his arms around me, then pressed his bare chest to mine. He kissed me, and while his mouth covered mine, he pulled my arm from behind my back and took my hand, placing it over the hard bulge in the front of his pants. I caressed it. And then Davey took me by the hand and led me out to the living room.

He pushed me down onto my back on the floor and bent over me, kissing down my chest. He unfastened my pants again, and pulled them open to kiss my belly down to my pubes. Reaching in, he fished out my cock and took it into his mouth. While he bobbed on me, he pulled my pants down. When I kicked them off, he pulled off his own.

I watched Davey and wondered if Geoff loved that body as much as I did. Davey looked at my belly and chest, and I wondered how my body compared with Geoff’s. Davey knelt between my legs and bent over me, licking my balls and kissing up the underside of my shaft. He took me into his mouth and I tried not to wonder how he made love to Geoff.

With no more lube than his spit on my cock, Davey knelt over me, pointed my cock at his hole, and sat down on me, taking me all the way in. Geez, I thought. He had to be looser than he use to be to do that without lube. I tried remember how he used to feel as he began to rock up and down on me. I wondered if Geoff always topped or if he let Davey have a turn. Davey stroked himself as he rode me, and he tossed his head back.

It felt good, but not right. The usual intimacy… the fire we had just wasn’t there. It was as though Davey and I were going through all the physical steps necessary to get each other off, but only that. It was… mechanical. I thought maybe it would seem better with me on top, so I rolled us so that he was on his back, and I was over him, between his legs.

I bent to kiss him and Davey held me lightly by the shoulders while I thrust in and out. When he let go of my shoulders to stroke himself, I wondered if Geoff and Davey ever used this position to make love. I rose up on my knees and held Davey’s hips as I pumped in and out. He moaned and closed his eyes, stroking. I wondered if Geoff made Davey feel good, inside.

It was sick, but I couldn’t help wondering if I compared at all to Geoff. I hated the thoughts that kept coming. Even when Davey came, I wondered how it compared to his orgasms with Geoff. And when I came in him, I moaned, and then immediately wondered if Geoff had more cum.

Why had I even done this? Why did I have sex with Davey this way? I had to admit to myself it was probably just to get my rocks off.

When we were done, I pulled out and rolled onto my back beside him. Davey rolled onto his side and put his head on my shoulder. He put an arm and a leg across me like he always did when we slept together. “Thanks, Mickey,” he said, then sighed and kissed my neck.

He kissed my neck some more and began to absently pick at my chest, almost like he was picking at chest hairs; I didn’t have any chest hairs, not back then. But Geoff did.

He stopped, and moved his face up so that his eyes were level with mine. I turned my head and we looked at each other. “Not the same, was it?” I asked.

He slowly shook his head.

“Would you ever want it to be the same again?”

He looked at me earnestly and then burrowed his face in beside mine. “Yes.”

I rubbed his shoulder. “I don’t know if it can be, Davey. I really don’t… But I do know that there’s no hope of things ever being the same unless something changes. Nothing will ever be the same with us along as Geoff is still your boyfriend… and not me. That would have to change.”

He lay there quietly so long, his head under my chin, I didn’t think he was going to say anything. But after a few moments, he sighed. “I’m not… ready,” he said.

“Not ready to drop Geoff?”

“No, Mickey… I… love him.” His warm breath flowed over the skin of my neck and chest as he continued. “Why won’t you… understand?” He sighed heavily. “Everybody likes you… Mickey. Everybody always likes you. You…always have friends.”

“We’ve already been through this. You have friends too, Davey,” I countered, stroking his hair.

“No,” he said simply. “You have friends. They just let me… hang around.”

“That’s just not true,” I protested. “What about all the nerds?”

He sighed and his breath blew across my pecs. “Chase wouldn’t be my… friend… if you hadn’t… made him.”

I shook my head. “Davey,” I admonished. “Chase really likes you. How can you say that?”

He didn’t say anything but then I remembered how Chase was ready to be cruel to Davey last year, until I made it clear that Davey was my friend. But that was before.

“He likes you, Davey,” I said. “He really does.”

Davey didn’t say anything, and I held him tightly to me by his shoulders. “And what about Hunter?” I asked. “He wanted to be your friend from the start. And Larice; she’s always liked you.”

“Geoff,” Davey said. “He likes me. He’s big, and he’s… handsome. He’s a football player. And he likes me… Mickey. He likes me a lot.”

I thought of Brandon, and how he made me feel. And I tried to understand how Davey might feel. I knew it hurt to be teased and looked down on. People weren’t always kind to Davey. And here, a prince charming of a guy was romancing Davey and buying him things, taking him on dates, telling him he loved him. I hadn’t the heart to tell Davey that Geoff hit on me first. I wouldn’t ever tell Davey about that now. I wouldn’t hurt him like that.

I rolled my body into his and wrapped my arms around him. His head stayed nestled against my neck, and I could smell the pool chlorine in his hair. I held him and loved him and decided I would not deny him this.

Because in that moment, I saw it as clearly as if it was a door before me: a door labeled, ‘Be Davey’s Friend.’ I would go through that door. It felt so damn noble. To my fifteen year old heart, it seemed somehow heroic.

“Alright, Davey,” I said. “I won’t ask you to break up with Geoff.”

I pushed him back by the shoulders until I could look into his eyes. His beautiful face was creased with stress. It came home to me how much I loved him. I kissed him softly on the cheek. “We’re best friends, Davey,” I said. “And we’ll always be best friends, no matter what. And I’ll always love you, no matter what.”

He smiled. “Me too, Mickey.”

I didn’t smile back. “But I don’t want to do this again for a while, Davey. Not sex. It didn’t feel right. Just now, it felt… wrong. Like I was using you. And I don’t want to feel like that. I’m not gonna.”

He nodded and snuggled back into me. We embraced, our flaccid cocks pressed gently together. Then I rolled to my back and pulled Davey back onto me. We rested.

Surprisingly, I felt better after that. It was almost like the longing I had for Davey diminished, and it took me a couple of days to figure out just why.

I decided it could be one or both of two things. First, I had been so desperate, almost sick, over losing Davey that when I realized that Davey was still my best friend and always would be, it somehow made a difference, at least to me; I wasn’t completely losing him.

The second possible reason my desire for him had lessened was a bit darker. Davey was not the same Davey any more. We’d somehow lost something special between us, something that had been just been between us. We knew what each other liked, how to please each other. I knew his body and spirit and he knew mine. We’d given our virginity to each other and taught each other how to make love. And we’d belonged to each other completely.

Now, Geoff had stolen and spoiled that. Even worse, Geoff had discovered ways to pleasure Davey that I had never learned, and taught Davey things I didn’t know. Davey had moved beyond me.

I didn’t exactly think of Davey as ‘spoiled goods,’ but I felt like it just wasn’t the same anymore. There were times I thought that maybe I didn’t even want to have sex with Davey. He wasn’t mine anymore — not really, anyway.

But I loved him no less. In my heart of hearts, in fact, the very next day after our talk, I snuck out to Geoff’s car while Davey was changing back in the locker room. Geoff eyed me warily, and was slow to respond when I motioned for him to roll down the window of his sports car.

When he finally did, I looked him in the eye. “Treat him right, Geoff,” I said. “Davey… he really loves you. Please — treat him right.”

Geoff stared, in surprise. I turned and walked away, and hoped that Geoff would treat Davey right.

* * * * *

So Davey and I stayed best friends after that day. Whenever Davey wasn’t with Geoff, he and I hung out together.

Mom and Maggie noticed the difference at the next family dinner. When Davey left for the bathroom, Maggie turned to me. “You and Davey had your talk, didn’t you?” she asked.

“Yeah,” I said. But not quite what you had in mind, I thought.

“So everything’s OK?”

I shrugged. “Yeah. We’re cool.”

“Good,” Mom pronounced. “It’s not good to let those things drag out.”

The next day when Davey didn’t come over because he and Geoff got together, I went out to the garage to work out with the weights. It was while working on my bench press that the sadness came over me. I let the weight clank back on the stand and slid off the bench onto the floor where I curled up. I cried hard because of what I had lost.

Later, in my bedroom, I took the photographs off the top of my dresser, the ones of me and Davey, and put them away. It hurt to see them up there every day. I’d hide them to look at, only when I needed to. I took off my necklace and put it into the drawer with them.

Over the next few days, I couldn’t shake my depression. But I clung to the belief that Davey and I were still best friends. I could even stand back and be honest with myself about Davey’s relationship with Geoff. Maybe it was simply because Davey was getting older or maybe the swimming helped, but I suspected it might also be because he was loved by the biggest hunk in school.

And as the summer went on, Davey was standing taller. He walked more like a normal teenage boy. There was something more alive in his eyes. He seemed more talkative and outgoing.

He even began doing well at swimming. He never placed in a single event, but he kept up with most of our teammates, and kept looking better and better in those Speedos, especially as the pool chlorine made them more and more sheer. I’d watch him as much as I could as we swam. Seeing his slender body as he gracefully moved through the water, and the way his balls and cock washed around in his suit… as far as I’m concerned, it was enough to turn grown men gay.

And his skin. His tan grew darker and his hair grew whiter. Fine white hairs adorned his calves and forearms. In the showers, the lighter skin of his butt fairly glowed. His cock seemed to hang longer.

I saw all these things, and because we were best friends, I could be glad for him and proud of him. Those times when jealousy or longing threatened to rise up, I rejected them by sheer will, and reminded myself that Davey was my best friend, like nobody had a best friend. I had a strong mind; I would choose to be happy for Davey.

That didn’t keep me from being a little devious. Twice, when I was off from guarding and Davey wasn’t going to be with Geoff, I arranged for him and me to meet up with Larice and Amy for a movie and a sort of double date.

On both dates, Amy and I held hands and even did a little kissing in the theater. Davey and Larice did, too — which was what I was hoping for. I mean, any possible wedge I could put between Davey and Geoff seemed like a good idea. But also, in my heart, I wanted Davey to know that there were others who liked him for himself. Larice was one of them.

After our second movie, we walked over to Olmos Park and sat at a picnic table as the late afternoon cooled. We sat in our pairs on each side of the table, kissing and petting. Then Davey saw a rabbit, and left to follow it. Amy got up to stretch and drifted Davey’s way. I smiled at Larice.

She studied me a moment. “You really like Amy, don’t you?” she asked.

“Yeah,” I nodded, realizing with the question that I really did. Amy was cool; she was pretty, she was smart, and she liked me. And she was fun to talk to.

Larice came around the table and sat by me. “You know,” she said thoughtfully, I wanna ask you something personal. This is gonna sound funny, so promise me you won’t be mad.”

My heart began to race. She couldn’t know!

“But to me,” she continued, “it’s so obvious that you and Davey...” She paused for a moment and took a deep breath and looked at me. “You two really love each other. I thought you and he might be — don’t get mad, now — that you two were gay lovers.”

I felt her eyes on me, and I felt my face grow hot. I started to say, truthfully I thought, that we weren’t gay lovers, at least not right then.

But Larice gasped when she saw my expression. “Oh my god,” she said, her eyes wide. “You really are, aren’t you?”

I watched as Amy disappeared after Davey, who had disappeared after the rabbit, which had disappeared down a creek bed. I turned to Larice and sighed. “We were,” I said honestly. “But we aren’t now.” I looked her in the eye, “For Davey’s sake, please don’t tell anybody.”

Larice smiled at me and put her hand on the middle of my back. She rubbed it affectionately. “No,” she said. “I won’t tell anyone. In fact, I almost wish you still were lovers,” she said. “I always thought you belonged together. But I’m glad that you aren’t lovers anymore, if that means Davey is… available.” She smiled hopefully. “Is he?”

I turned to her. “I don’t think so. There’s another guy.”

Her hand froze on my back and her mouth dropped. She considered what I said. “Somebody else? Other than you? You’ve got to be kidding!”

“I wish I were,” I said, looking back to where Davey and Amy had disappeared. “The other guy’s an upperclassman, and Davey’s just sort of taken with how somebody older and cuter than me fell for him.”

Larice resumed rubbing my back. “Sorry,” she said. “And that’s for both of us.” She thought for a moment, then grinned. “But I doubt he can be cuter than you.” She patted my back.

We sat for a moment, listening to the sounds in the distance. I heard Davey call out, and Amy giggled in the distance.

Suddenly, Larice slapped my back hard. I looked up in surprise.

“Then what the hell are you and Davey doing asking Amy and me out?” she snapped. “Are you still gay, too?”

“Shssss,” I said, looking around nervously. “C’mon, Larice! Not so damn loud.”

She lowered her voice. “Alright,” she said. “Then tell me what you’re up to. Are we just giving you a straight front? Is that what you’re using us for?”

“No, I swear,” I shook my head earnestly. “Honestly, I never really thought about using you guys that way. No! I really like Amy. And I don’t have ‘another boyfriend’ like Davey does. Not even on the horizon.”

Larice looked at me hard. “Well, Amy is all starry-eyed over you. If you’re still gay, it’s really fucked up to lead her on.”

Larice’s hand had left my back, and was on the table beside me. I put my hand over hers. “I really do like Amy, Larice,” I said, then I sighed. “And I really have lost Davey — at least for now.”

Larice put her other hand over mine. “Do you think I stand a chance with him?” she asked.

I looked at her beautiful black face and quite honestly answered, “Yes. I think you might.”

She watched my eyes a moment. “Michael,” she said, taking a deep breath. “If you think you two are ever going to get back together, don’t lead us on, okay? Because…” She paused, then looked at me sincerely. “I love him to death.”

I bent to her face and lightly kissed her cheek. “Thank you,” I said softly. “Thanks for loving him, too. He needs that.”

When I pulled back from her cheek, I watched her eyes narrow. “And don’t you dare take advantage of Amy unless you’re really serious, Michael.”

“I wouldn’t ever take advantage of Amy.”

“Oh?” she snapped. “You’re a boy, aren’t you?

I’ve watched you two together,” she continued. “You treat her right, now.”

And I thought of how I used much those same words with Geoff. “I will,” I promised.

We both turned around to watch for Amy’s and Davey’s return.

“Do you think anyone else knows about Davey and me?” I asked.

Larice pondered. “I don’t know.” She said. “I guess the signs were all there — still are, for that matter. You haven’t lost him yet, you know.” She took her hand from mine and rubbed my arm soothingly. “But I don’t know if anyone else has guessed,” she said, soothingly.

She patted my arm again. “The big question,” she said, “is gay or straight. Amy or Davey. You think about what I said.”

It was my turn to ponder.

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